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Llb. 6. !bs Boril.o Croae Ulcorercd,


Tbc Placca, llcrplce, eld llvLelblc

boly Eoueee, Gaatlce, dlfor Alchy-

llouatel.ns of the Brethroa to the Iorld,

ecovcrcd eed couualcetcd the full rJ'etsl aatlefactlon AetruaDtere,

of Phlloeophere,

Geouancers, Pbyslcals

ald AstDoDoDerB.


1e eddcd,

A Bar to etop TEOI,IAS STREETfron hl's lnpudclt Attcupte, a.nd nad clanber{.Eg up to Aatrothat bl,e TAB-

Dory; to rbl'ch 1s deuoastrated, ULA COK)LIXA ls all b!.s lutbors, etudhg falee,

aad that be belyee be lae aJ'ae Jrcers

ble ora 1dn{ js{


By roEf,EErDor cEnr. OdO?WJr

a ser-

va.nt of god, and a Sccretary of Xature.

Iondoat H.ated by T.!1. 1662.


H( ) L Y



PhysicLan t"."nirg the knowledge of aII things, tait, Present and yet to Cone, Diz, of Pleaeure, Long f,dfe, Eealth, Youth, Blessedness, Wisdqn and Virtue, andl to Cure, Change and Rernedy all Dieeases in both Yorng and Old.

A ccrpleat

By John Heydon, Gent., 6tAoyor.ot, of God, and a Secretary of Nature. a sernrant

'And he tosb th,e go2aen cal{ wLtch theg had, mad.e, and bunned tt in tfre F-tste, and, giand tt tq- powd,et, ahd ttnewed upon the 0laten, and nade t[lu- Chttdnen og ltn b o [ i t" . n a e l d n i-Lt EX.o. 32, V. 20. J LONDON Printed by T.l!. and are to be sold try !ffroas Whittlesey at the Globe in Cannon Street near london-Stone, and at all Booksellers and Shops. 1682.

Llb. 5. fo ry rucD' hoaourcd trtlcnds, ol DIIRTOX ulnn thc letcr of GIOCESTER Eaqul'rc, r.ld Gcntlcnrn !trOltAS IEMPLE

lD the Couatry RIIPERf,

Pege to Prhcc

of tbc Eln6a Prlvte



CERfSTOPEER RODDol EEREF0RD nSQ; ead 1n CLfFFDRDS-If,f,, oae of tbe lttouraeye tbe Klage BencL. AII Cclcatlal ald terrcstrlal Eapplneee of

be rlabcd.

Oeatlcnea, Ae toylab Ayres please trlvlal bctray tt; but behold rtthout Ears, eo tbey tbe feacy aad or crpectatloa of ga1n, f glve


you e.B urbeard of p1.cce of ROSfE CRUCfflf PEIIOSOPEI aad PtrTSICK, I do lot cry Eal'l flret, aad after cruclfleg f preeeat lt to you, becauee I ahall not to coue

IOU ARE IUO OUARDS OF SAFEN; eDd 1f tou crcept 1t aot, tbercfore eo plala be ea6ry, but queetlon le relf Deforc fISDOll and VfRIIE;

for tbJ.e preeuuptloa,

you taye le tD,e llret


ead ly PEIIOSOPEI returne to dlscernr

to tou for Patronage; f koor your IBILITIES tbe

to defend; you beve ARt ald ClXmUR, let rad f,NOWLEDGE thc OTEERD(CUSE. hunble Scrvaat

OfE JUDGE, let Juae 9. 166?.

Iour rost

John Eeydoa.

Llb. 6. lor el Ep11o6uc.



I aball

here tcll

you rhrt


end tbrt

I4oSES raa


Fethcr, ead be rae e6'y 11a.5; soDc e1y tbey rcre of the order of
otheDs deilac tbeu to be

E[,IAS, aole ley tb Dd.aclples of EEKfEt;

- r t f _t r47a, ir fY


&fty pxydll p,utq

zrevtu 2t cirurca5 I

that ere ae tbe they are

1.o Tbe Ofttcora

of tbe GEilERAIJSSIINO of tbe rorld,

cJre6 aad ears of the 6reat Elag, aeelag ead beer{.trg el1 tblnge; Serapblcally 1llual-aated, re IOSES rae, asssid{r8 to laterr later to l1r1

to thl.e order of tbc l1r to Elre; ao of a rlD

EIEMEI|TS, Earth rellned

to be one of the EEROES,of e EEROES a DAElOt, or tood OEI|IUS, of a OEIfIUSa partakcr of Dlvlne thlager ald a GoDprn{en of the holy coEpar:r to thelr vehlcles,

of uabodlqd. Souls a.ud lnnortlal e veraatlle llfe, turnlng

Angele, ead rccdrdlag



any ebape.

But tLere 1a yet Ar6uneate to procure Hr. IILFORD, aad T. trILLfA!{S, Rosl'e Cruclale by e1ectloa, and thEt le tbc r5.reclea that rere done by

theu, l.n ly etght; l'tt'atcd rorklng ttd, lato

for 1t should eeen ROSfE CRUCfAI|S rere not oaly lnlfbcoryr but Leve errlvcd deo to tbe lnrer of

tbe l{oeelcal


ea I{OSES, ELIAIi, EZEKIAI, rad tbe eucceedlag Prophete rbere they pleaeer aa EABIIGIIK ras fron JEWRI bo had babtlled, tbe EUITfCE,to AZOTUS, of ulnc ta DEVOI{SEIRE, rnd

ea bclag traaaported

to BABIITil, or rB PEILIP, efter a^adone of theee rent care end brou6ht

fron re to a frlcnd

ae e! lrsrer

to IOnDOll the eale da3r, rhl.cb 1e four predictloas of Aatrology, aad

daye Journey; tbey taugbt re ctcel'lcnt

L1b. 5. Dertbquekca; thcy rhck ft.lde ead tclpcata; tbc Ple8uc 1D C1t1ce; tbct .llcDcc thc vlolcat thcy ralk thcy cure

thcy cdr

tbc regc of tbc Sce rad Rlvms; repcctg ol lltchcg;

ln tbc l1r, ell

tbcy fruatrate

tbc lelrcloue

Dleceroa; I destrcd one of tbeee to tcII

re rbctber !y Couplerlon

rerc cepable of the aoctety of ly tood CElffUS? Uhea I aec you agala, aal.d bel f l1.ll I haor lot tell you, rhl.cb 1ar (rbcn bc plcaece to cole to lc, tben be rald, ao greater lor lor

rbere to 6o to h1l) Iben f arr Dlr,

Ic abould Dore IGG-

pray to God; for a good ald boly Ea! cen offer cptable Sacrlflce Ee eald aleo, ruadag to God, tben tbe oblatlon tbat the 6ood GEI{II ue rlth

of blnse1f,

bls soul.

rE the bea5.tDo oyes of Godt beboldln6 tbe laaoeyer rcady to do

to aad fro 1a the rorld,

love and plty rcn;

ccnt eadcavoura of haruleas and alngle-hearted

then good, and to belp then; aad at his 6olng arey be bld re berare of ry secnlng frlende, rbo rould do le all the hurt tbey couldr ead, cauge

the OoverDore of tbe llatlone llberty: lore rbl-cb truly

to be Jr6ry rltb

re, e.ud aet bouads to uy llaDy tLtags

lappened to lel

ee tb,ey dJ'd lndeed: lot

be told For ttts

ne before re parted,

but f ehall

nar tbea ber6. I bapply ead ulexpcctof bealtb to call

ROSfE CRIICIAI(Pbyetck or l{cdlclnee, spon 1n ABABIA, rhlch rlll rltb

cdly l1.6lt all

prove a restoratloa rhlcb

that are effllcted

tbat glckaeas,

re ordl'narlly


and alL othcr Dlaeascol la tbe Goutl Dropslc, Leprosle and erd tbeee len leJr be gal'd to bave ao elall taslgbt


1tr tbe body, aa'd tbat III,FDRD, ffLLfAilS, aor llrl-ng, Dlrtae lay bear up ta the aane llkely thelr

ead othere of tbc trlaternlty Equlprger rItL thoee aoble ln reu


Predecceaora; thougb the ursk5.llfirllaeas

Llb. 5. rorc of rutruDatrurl rthDchol:/, otD ltutr rlrlgtucr 1E hot uascttlcd ead dlttlnct uee ot

coEoDlJr rckEollcd6c felcyar ud pcrllercd lor rlae

tLca tn tbc ceh but aot rttbont

tcesoD; yct Jud6clcutar eld rorc

eubal'saloa to bctter rea truly lasplrcd, etr-

I look uPoD tbeee ROSfE CRUCIAISebove all

then rny that profeaeed or preteuded tbeueelves ao, thlr 1dr{jgtton of thclr

tcea huadrcd' yearEr aad I el ravl.aberl rtth ud, traaeccndent ln tbe rorld; tecbrnlcel lnvcntloue, offence


for thc aolvla8


I lay rlthout


coDpare tbcn rtth

IEL ead AEOLfABTthoee eklllful lbo, ae I'OSEStcatlfieer of aa crcellcnt tcre

aad cuu1a6 rorkers fllled rltb the Splrlt

of the Tabernacle, of God, aad therelaaaer of cur-

fore lere toue tolh.


to flad out all

llor ls aly lore ergrueatr becauee they do lot


theee ROSfE CRUCIAJ|S are not lnsplred,

say they ere; tben tbat otbers are 1aeptred, becauee to le ls no arguneat at aII; but the euppte6gand rodesty;

they eay tbey are; rblch 1oa of rbat

eo bappened, rould artue uuch rore aobrtety rltb

rbea aa the procesed,oa of lt ptece of relaacholy

eobcr leDr tould be suspected of sone cepeclally crerctee lu thcee tb1agsl rbere of reasoa, not e bare tbere te ao

and dletractlon,

tb'e grand plcaeure 1e tbe crldeDce ud bcl:lef, tnrc or rD lneffabl.c Benae of llfe,

!.n resBect rbcreof rly


but be te lneplred; rlgbteousesa, raatlag

but lf eltber

rore zealous pretender to or eblltty to cranlne elther veu-

prudence ud tlcse


BOSIE CRUCIII lledlclaea thet,

to the bottor,

sDell notrlthetaadlng

coldana tben or ldr{re

be hatb uabccoaiagly ead ladeecreetly

tured out of hle ora epbere, ead f caaaot acqult

Dl'a of 1'aJuettce or

tlb' folrt: 6. for er r r tosrE cRocrlf,r ror do r rpcrk of rDtto, t|rch iattcr; tbcrs le lo clule, God raora, lor or hopG ot r cnrLc Do DGvr rea!

6e1!r or for rly ll!1

bc Lc rbet hc rllr

bc, r el no PbyeLcrB, Dcvcr rl!, la to ry profcealon.

to be: rbet r ar lt hatlyr cet lrcct rclt

relrce lo retter

tbegc holy ead Sood ren rould bavc le haor, rad pcrfectloa of e vcrtuoue loul', 1a tnre rladol


the 6rcateccorprtebtbcae ulr-

l.e tbe hladly love; rld

of hcr ora aature, thlt

ald dlrtnc lre, of,

eculoug thhge

are doae by tber, nay be takea aotlce they ue;

thet tDet rortb

aad klorled-

ge tbat 1e ln tbel be 6lorltlcd,

aad tbat God tbereby uay

rhoee rltacseee but thrt

but lo otber happlness accruea eapeclty of

to tbeu frou thre, rddlg

bcreby tbey lay be la a bcttcr

otbere bapDy.

SpLttle-f1elde fOth.


of Hay, 1662.

iloDa Ecydoa.

LLb. 6. !bc Doelc Croaa Ulcovcred.

Ihe Slrtb


Oodr bccauac hc raa toodr dtd aot 6r1cve to bave otbcre coodaeeer (tlat of ell 1t, to be ead to be rell)

caJoy hla firll ead

neanlag to nake a forld, Elrat togetber, nade ell,

klnds of everlaatln6

ead cbrr'8eablc thln6e; coafireed rasa aad hup ae1f.

blcaded thel 1n one rbole hla ora relght,

bora up by

bcadlag round upo! lt lay ettll, ead tlat

Than seelag lt lt eelf;

nougbt could bcget aad rork upo!

he eortod out, end erudred a tay round about, a flae rlvely tbcy call EEAVEI|) for the IiALE lOVm aad tORKfItG; Iearlag loyes !'n oplnaltlon to LfGET,

Plcce (rhlcb atlll ud

tD,3 rcst 1a called

aa 6roas aad deadly, rhlch DIRKIESS, tbe rerard tbe rorklag

of tbe rlcked; eld faaDlonlag,

aad belor t11's lles rLlcb re terl the

tbc EEltAIf,

to recelve

four bcgj.aalnte (or Elsleuts) aprtaga tbe Ipve lhlcb

EAnfB, IATER, AfR ald FIRE; lad thereof

te lce get bctreea then, and the great dcstre

to bc Johed agala tad couplcd together. Ihenr tlat but all thesc dght be no lfiuber of Coafugtoa la rtolag cauaes, force of rork-

to f;Ior tron one Lead, ae be la Oae, Le drer all of be6etthg lnto oDc natrot

lng ead vlrtue re call

ead rouad colpaaa, rhlcb about uade one

SOL; frou thelce

bc aent out, rhicb

apreed eld beatorcd eIl atah leetlag togctber,

tLc rorldr

Dotb ebove aad, belor,

Llb. t.Dcnl 6. LfgE:[, EEI,T, IATIIRE, IIFE rDd lnUL of tbc lorldr thc ceuas of

AI,L lEItrOS. lad bcceusc lt rdre rad rslc tote bccorcth tLc lll0Ef, ffSDOl,t eld PLEISIIREot God to aad not ryeF-

thc latLnl'te ttrlag:

varl,cty of chelgcg bcre belor, f,e collalded that


(oae LIGET l'n lAay) to ru ray and tlet rsyr fttly that rork

hl'a ctcraal by thelr

ald restleae

Rece to ead, fro,


var{.eble prEence, lbaeace aad rcetl-ag they nlght chalge of fl1ttla6 Creature.

the coathual Iatsd

So WRGIL rtnge:

Tbus traae-

by EUGEIVIUS TEDODfDACTUS. tbe Eeavens, Earth, aad llqul.d

Ald fl'ret Plala,

fhe lboue br{gDt al'en, A Spl'rtt rhole, ADd rlth 8ou1: f,eace l.larr ud tbelr etraln,

Olobe, ead Stars lDl,ta-

fed rlthla,

spread ttrough


thc huge heap ntrt

1nfueed a

Beaats, aad Btrds derlve

.lnd ltolstcrs !|afu.


1a the rarbled

Tbeee geede bave flery Of Beavcaly race, Eartb.

v16orr eld e birtb heavle

but clogged rftb

*9 Ll,b. 6.
for tlcrc uc r hlnd of rclr Frrtcrdty tbrt rB tbcy thcrgclvca labebltc rcDort, lrnrd ROSIE

CRUCIAXS,r dlvlDc tLcss uo

the Suburba of Ecevoa, ead forld, thrt er 16

thc Otflccre

of the OEIERILISSIIO of tle

tbe cyce ead cara of the 6rcat f,1agr ecelag aad heerlag ell tbey eey tbcse ROSIE CRUCflIfS ere eerepbJ.cel'ly tf]nn{1atcd, raa, lccordlag latcr to Alr, to thla l1r ordcr of tbe Elercata, EutI rctlned

tblage: ea IOSES to letcr,

to Elre.

So of a Dln to be onc of tbc EEBOES, of r of Dlvlac th{ng6t lag-

a DAEl()f,, or tood GEilIUSTof e GETIUS e partdrer EEROES

ead a Coupan{on ol tbe holy Conpaay of unbodled Soule e.ud lnnortal ela, ald accordlng to tbelr eelveer PROTEITS-11ko, lnto But tbe rlcbcat acdlclne; lt Vehlclee, l vcreatlle el5r ahape. llfe; turnlng


happhees they ceteen ls tbe glft great labour aad travel

of healtng and before tbey could

ras a long tlue,

arrLye to thle

Bllae above aet; they rcro at flret

poor Oeltleuen tbat acelng

gtudled God aad Xature, ea they thenselvee coafess; (saflag) the only rl'ee end lerclful rlcbly lore tuatly bl.e rercy God tn theee lettcr

days hatb tpured out eo rore ald that

erd 6oodncae to, rhereby re do ettaln kaorledge of hl'a Son Jeaua CLrlat rhereln

to the perfcct

eld lature;

ta ralr boeet of the hrppy tlne,

tLere te not only dl'eu!k!or! ead hath

covered uato ue tbe helf ead blddca;

pert of tbe lorld,

rhJ'cb rae heretofore ulto u8 rany londcrfirl ead loreoyor rclet

but be betb eleo rade ladfest

Dcysr bcretofors ralscd

aooD rorke ead Crcatures of f,aturc, great rlador, our Ager slnttcd rblch

lcD, ladued rlth Arta (1n tLlc ra.n dtht

rJ.6ht pertly

ead re-

duce all

eld tlperfcct)

to perfectton.

Eo ElaaIIy

tbereby uaderetand hle orn I()BLEIESS ald UORIE,

Llb. 6. IIICROCOSUUS, rad Lor frr knorlcige rrtcBdcth la

ead tby he 1a callcd Ittu^rg. tltbou6h rether

tbe rude lorld



bc but lttt1c

plce,aed, but

er1le ead ecoffe tbcreat; 1t rlll

elso tbc prtdo ald covcteousncee of aot auffcr tbcn to egree together; rLlcb 1n thls but our

tbe Lcarncd 1s ao gteatr lre tLey ualtedr

tbey rlght

out of ell

thoee tDlnga,

egc God dotl perfect

ao r{.cDly beetor upon ua, collcct otber Arts, rbereof thls

tLe H)OK OF ttlTltRE, or a 1s the chlef; thrt aad therethey attll

aethod of all

fore called R.C. AXIOMATA, But euch 1s thelr h,eep; eld are loath


to leave tbe old course eateenlng PORPBORY, ARISehcr of lcarnlug, they rere Dorr But bere

fi)TLE aad GALEf,Tlea aad that rbtcb bath but e leer lole thcl tbe clear safl rar{ fest llgbt aad truth;

rbo lf



uucb Joy rould leave tbelr

erroEeoua doctriaes.

1e too great reakaeee for auch a gteat lorh. lad although dotb oPPose lt craft ta TEDOIfGfE, PEISICK, AttD TEE IIAI'EEI{ATfCKS,th,e truth leverthelees tbe Old e!e!y by h1s eubtllty aad

1t eelf;

doth eher hlneelf

ln hlader{.ng eyerv tood purpo:e by hls lagtnr(raverlag people.) To eucb an lntent tflur{astcd of a general Fatber, out hath

reats aad coltentloas refornatloar Brother, tbe rost

godly and eerapblcally aad Orlgtaal

C.R. a GERI{AII,thc chlef

of otir Fratenlty,

ruch ald loag tlae OentLclaa borl,

raboured, rho by reason of bts lnverty

(although a lroar of bls thc

aad deacended of lfoble perenta)

1a the ftftb

Age ras placed ta a Cloleter, Greck ead Latla yet 1a Dls trorllg d,etenfued

rhere he bad loaned


tonguesr (rho upon hls earaeet deed,rc ald rcqueet) belag Jrearor rag aesoclrted to a Brothet P.l.L. rho bad

to go to APAI'IIA.

llt Llb. 6. llttougb yct olr llr brotbcr C.R. ild lrol {ycd 1a CI?RUS, eld !o Dcvcr clre aot rcturu but ahlpDcd hl'uclf to APA.}SA,


ovcrr tnd rcat

to DI!{ASCO, rladlng

tbcace to to to lPll[A 4t111 there,

but by rcaeoa ot tbc e.nd by hl'a ak1ll la

fccblcacea of hl'e body bc relalacd

PEISfCK, Lc obta1aed rucb fevour rltb be bccue Dy cbeacc rcqua1atcd rlth

tbc ISEI{ALfTS. In the neaa tllc tLc rlae rca of Dll{CAn ta AMBfA, ead bor f,eture rae dlacovof brother C.R.

eld bcbcld rLet greet rondcra tbcy rrougbtl crcd uato thclr ao etlmcd

bcrcby rae that hlgh aad aoblc aptrtt

up tbat APAIfIA rae aot ao ruch nor 1a hle liud brldle hte deelree uy


also be could lot rttb

1on6er, but lade e bargaln for a certah au! of loaey

tbe ARAEIANS tbat

tbey ehould carry bh

to DAlfC.[R;tbla tee 1a tbe l6tb. hl.u (as be b:lneclf rttneeeeth) bad long expccted; tbcy called aecrete out of hJ'e Cloyeter, Ee lcarncd tbere better 1ng be lralslated EI|OLISE, rear{.lg

Jreer of bl.e Age, rhen tbe rlee recelved not as a Stranger, but aa one rhou they hl.n by hle aale, aad abered blu otber londer.

rhereat be could not but dgbtly

tbe ARABIAIT tongue: eo that tbe year folloreld f bave put lt lnto

the Eook l{ l'nto 6ood Latln, tbe tLtle

of IBE IISEUAI|S CROft; rbcreunto 1e addcd,

A trET I.IETEOD OF ROSIE CRUCIAI PEYSICK. llLta la tbe place rhere he dld letra Lla Phyetck ead Phlloeophle hor to ral'ee the dead; for exalple, l,n duatr rtll everJr plcce prove a furtLcr lattere, of aad

la r Silfi(E cut 1a plcces eld rottcd rbolc rld SnAtrEatalDr blrde & ctc. tDrt

ead tbca thcy bcgaa to practlae

to kl'll

ere brcd by force of aeed ead conJurctlon bcfore

l{fLE eld, EE]iALE; e.od to Dura tbel eo rottcdr

tbey ere cold la a 6laee,

ead thea lacloecd 1l e shell,

to hatcb 1t uadcr e Een; and

Ll,b. 6. toltorc tbe ruc; lld otbcr ttrugc p!ofs cornrptlo! thcy trd! to nl.!r of Do6r, Eogs, ttcl up t6alD, coutso, A6eei tbe

ol Eorscar eld by tbc l:ll,c khdly ud tucr tbcr: lrld rt leet tbst

could rcatorc,

by thc luc raly

.verJr tsotbcr nrJ'ca tou illd

thet dl'cd to l:lfc la tLc fourtb eld ao contlnuc

Dook. I en rc ROSIE CRUCIAil) of tLla letter

Lct rc tpeek e rord ead, raucr colatder of rcator{.ag rbet tlat

(altbough of e tu;

Lct US CALL fT BEIORE REASOII,etld aad the place rhere bc ls

SEED1e thet lakee ral, tbc rork, 1e lt

rade: rbat 1e eII cept ll e rlnd) EEAS? Ie 1t lot

aay thl,ng else but a part of uan (erglfEf,, cEtrTLE, tOfST, aad TATIIRAL bodvr rottcd l.n llke ttDler, aad 1a

rooted 1l a COfTffUlL, ILke that ehall thc rbole

e roub agrecebler thlag?

arln out,

at last

qul'ckca, aad ar:lee tbc aale a^adnade bl'n IOIIlfc AGAII, tDls laDter rateed

ae I{EDEAfouad true uDo! TIASOXS fatber,

es TIIf,,LI ealtbr


froa dcatb to Llfe;

ao taa ItfRGfL the Poet: but tbe SFATISE Earl falled, of ble H.cad tbe artlet that rlctook tbe beat, booh. NATIIBE

througb tb'e tgroragce roleturer

aad teaper of tbe rork,

ea lrou heard ln the third

EUT f CAilSOTTELL' I IILL IS DEEPr eld ronderful ead, ra5r gulfer tDler


la Lcr deeds, lf but aot RELIOfOil. tlc rcrld

tDey bc aearcbcd to the bottou, Eut to our R.C. rbo learned hls

HATEEUATICKS Lere, rbereof thcre rero Dore loye, egeln

battr tuet cruae to reJoyce, lf llter three lrcare he returaed

errd lcee cDylr

6ood coa"eentr ahlpped hl.leelf

oyer SIIIUS ARABICUS l'nto EGYpt; there, of tbe

rberc Le relalncd Plalte

aot longr but only took Detter aotlce of ld,neral l{edlclreB, the falous

ead Creatutee,


IJ.b. 6. tlet curcr ell ltca eteclrce ln body eld d.Ddr eld of thc O1l of 6old. l{cdltcrm!,ru h1r. Sce, lor to colc uato ahane ulto

Lc rel'lcd

ovcr tbc rholc Lrd dlrectcd

FEZO rbcro

thc lRlBfAf

lad 1t l.e e great

ue thet rtec

roDl !o tar relotc

tbc oae fnon tbc othcre rrtttate;

abould aot only

bc ol oae op!'n!.on, batllg lag eld rced5r, ulder EverT yelr

r11 coatcntlous

but eleo be eo rlllthclr accrets to others. lnqul'r-

the Scal sf Sccrecy to lqlart

thr IRABfAIS eld AFRfCAXSdo aend oae to enotbcrr

1ag oae of aaothcr out of thetr


SOT{E BETTERfEIIIGS; OR TF EXPERIEI|CE EAD TEAfiEITED TEEIR REASONS, YeaTIY tbere (tor crre eonet!1ag to l16bt, rbereby tbe HAIf,EMATICA, CBfSfR and ll,AGIR rere aneaded; aa therc l'e

1n tboee are tbey of EEZ noat aklllful)

nor edaSre La CEm{Aff no raat

of learned uea, CABAIfSTS, PEISICAtrS, ASTR0-

IOGERST GDOUAI|CERS, aad PEIIOSOPEERS, rere tbere but love aad nore klndlcas ruolg eecreta: tbenl or that tbe nost prt dght of tbeu rould not keep thelr 6ather to6ether DeBy tLlnge, lf

ea te gERltAl{Sllkerlee ualty:

there rere the llke


aad deelre of eearchlag out of aecrete anongst




Brother C.C. departcd the C1ty FEZ, end galled SPAII|, hoplng rell; tbat bc eo rell


leDy coetlJr thlngs


aad eo profltably

apent hls tlne 1l Travel, Jolce rttb

the learned la EUROPE rould h16hly reorder ell tbelr Studlee, coaferred accordrl,tb

lrlar eld be6aa to RuIe, ud

1Dg to tDoec eould ald sure fouadatlons: tbe lcaroed

Be tlerefore

1l I'IADRID, ebcniag then the frore


eld Lor tl.e faulta

of the Church by EPISCOPACI, and the rbole

IA IORALIS ras to be a.uended.

514 IJ.b. 6. Brt bcceu! tbclr rtloDr rcccptucc btppclsd to b1n contrary all to htg rrlrGctp

bc1n6 thea rtady boultlfully

to tlpart

ll.s Arte ead Secrete to rrltc thcu, If,E IRUE llke a GIOBE

to tbc Lcarnedr tf ilfD IilFALLIEE

tbey rould bave but uadertalcl be krer rould dLrcct

fl(rOldATA, rblcl

or CfRCLE, to tLe only dddle

Dotat end centrru,

aad (es lt

1e usual

rloDg tbc ARABIAXS)1t abould ooly aerye to the rlse Buler that also there nlgbt bc a eoclety

aad Learncd for a ebould have

1n C.Cf,l.0lIrLtch

Coldr Sllver, Elags for tbelr

end precloue Stonee, suftlclent DecessarJr uae, and larful be brougbt up to learu

for to bcstor tbeu ou rblcb euch ae

purpoEes: rlth all that

be Ooveraoure rl.gbt ered, raa to ktot.

rhl,ch God bath auff-

Brother C.R. after returaed atlonr agaln lnto

!a:Dy Travele, ead hls fruitless

true lnetructloas, bablt-

GERI.|A$I,ead tbere bullded

a neat aad flttln6

upon a LfTILE EILI or l0Ulff,

aad oa the E.111 tbere reated alrays or lnvlelble, at his

a cloud; ora d.ll

ead be dld tl,cre render DJ.ueelf rlstble aad dlecretlon.

Ia tbl's houae be epeat a great tlne ln tbe Iaetr rents, Ef OUilfHtS EIUUS ARTfS

tlATtrEl,tATfCKSr and uade laDJr flne PIRTIBITS. lfter flve yearg clte llto

hle d.nd the rlabed return of the cbLldtbcn out of bondage rltb to rhl'ch be bare hln to llOSES,

tca of ISRAET out of DGI[{I, bor God rould brlng tb,e Iaatruleat affectlour

I|OSES. Thea he rent to hI.s Cloyeterl

aad dealrcd three of hls Dretbren to go rtth I.A.

tEE CEOSEN SERVAI{T OF CODBrotber G.V. Brother rho beeldea, tbet tlre laly

ead Brother I.O. tbea at tbat to be

they bad lore knorledge ln tbe arte,

othere bad, be dJ.d blnd tboee three unto hheelf,

Llb. 6. dlIlgcntr eld sccret; eIl rB rlao to corult carcfirlly to rrlttat fdtltttr

IEAT IOSES DID; e^ud elro ttrcu 1q to thc cad that

tbet Le rrbonld dl'rcct tcre to cole,

ead laatruct

thoee rblcb

eld through eepecaot be

1al Revelatloa

abould be recclved ayllable


tbJ's FRATERI{III, nlgbt

decelved of tbe leaet lftcr thle lalDct

ead lord. of thc ROSIE CROSS,tlret Chrlat, ud tLon tbsy

be6aa the fateralty

by four Psrlolar

rho dlcd aad roae egeln ulttl

caDe tq ;speh{p aa the Star gr[ded theu to BEIELE{ of .IIIDErA,there lay our SAWOIIRIIY EfS !f,rTEmS AR}IS; aad then tbey opeaed thelr end prceented uato Dlr GIIIS, Treasure

GOLD, FRAI|KII|SEIISE,rad I|ARBTEE, end by habltatloa. Daly buadrede of yeare, re

tbe Gonnaadnent of God rent boue to thelr

llhese four ra:dng youDg agalu succeselvely nade a I{AGICALLAIfGttAGE aad WRfTItrG, rltb tet lrrlJr uge to Gods pralse and tlory;

a large DICTIORARY,rblch and do flnd

6reat rl'ed,oa tberela; I rlll ehortly publleh

they lade also the flrst by tbe Tltle

part of tbe book H. rLlcb

of IEE TfSEDIAXS CROUtr. Brotber C.R. rae !'n a proper ronD quLckcala6, t!.cy coayet ot!,ers lore l'ato thelr Fraternlty: To tbl'e

trol rhllest

clsd,ed to drar ald recelve

cad ras chosea Brother R.(I. b1e deccased FATEERS BROTEERS SOlf; Bnother B.8 elr|llful Palnter, G. thelr Secretary, aad P.D. aaotber Bnother go l.a all they

clceted lcre dae

by coneent; aad E,F. all 1a nurberr a volula all

GERIiAIIS,ercept I.A.

BATCEEIORS and of UOTED VfRGfMTY; by thoee of all tbat rblcb Ea!, ea! deeil.rel rlah or bope

ras collected lor. after

euch a rost


eort they dl'd spend tbelr



L1b. 6.

frcc ud lrol ell 4lecl!c8 tlnc ud pdnr fot utrtttbetqld{rt of 0o0: So thcy ell rDd thelr Sp-

eltbough tbey rcre tbcy coul.d not llve

lnee tbclr


dlcd,r et tLc dcath of our lprd lrI.te attsadcd bl.l l.nto glory.

ead Sarlour rtcaus Clrlatr

Xor tbc eccond ror of tLcse len by laDt

rore called

tbe Tlse lea of the Eeet; eld clgbty oDc ycare the Sccrets rere colccelcd. Rclatt'oa ol ttadlng the rcrorlr of tbe

of thla llatcralty Ior llaterll'ty

tbe tnrc ead fuadmcatal

of tbe ROSfE CROSS te thLe.

reut A learaed raa la GERI{,A$I, lary Couatrlee, but coul.d l.lc4lc-

to flnd out tbe rlse

uen of tbe East lnto

Dever hear of aalr of tben: So bellg 1nee, tlnctures


of GoId aad Sllver,

ead Teleelee, be cboae r llaeter of f,ruberg A. to be L1s r! old rtrange ta rhlcb habitrtloa, thcl tbey eet tbeneelulnn the aentbe aalcs of the to aaother

Conpadon: aad flad1lt ves to alter tlle


renerJ,ng, be llgbted

or{.al Teble, rLlcb Bretbren,

ras caat la Brase, end coata1aed all thls De traleterrcd

rJ'tb roDe teu other thlngs; Vault

Dore fl.ttt'ag tertltyr

great Joy; for Le Lad aever heard of thte lrafn thts lable force or plaeter-

bcla6 all

dcad elghty oae ysere before hl's tlne. aorerbat lt etrong,

stuck a great nallr

ao that rhea 1t rae rltb

drara outr l't took rl'tb

a atone end a plece of thl.n rall, for, of tbe Dlddea door, ead eo, udoohcd fore rc dl'd rlth clcared Joy aad 1on61ag tDlor

ulcovcDcd the door; rhereof the ralll aad

dora the rest

tbe doorr trpol rLJ.cb rae rrltten rltb

J'n 6rcat Lcttere,


Af,l3OS PllErc, lberefore

tbc year of our loDd rnder 1t. aad let tbc rest tbrt eale dg[t; la

r 6ave God thraka,

tLe follorlag

rc opcDed tbe door, ead tbere tppared to our

l,l,b. 6. r16Dt r Yeult of !Gte! eld ths bclgbt Yeultr ol dlc eldea rld foot. corotr!, thr rltb cvcay !1d6 flvc foot broad,


Sua Doycr ehl'acd ln thlg raothcr Sun rhlch had leara-


1t rae oallghtcncd

cd tLta of tbe 8ua1 eld ras altuated of the cclllnt; terr la the ddat, rltb

l.n the uppcr part la tbe ceuter rla I round Al-

1natcad of e Iolb-atoae,

covered ovtt

e Plete of Braeg, end thcreon ras tbl.s cntreyrL.


c. R. c.

Eoc uf,rvERsl ooltPEIfDIItu umus !tI8I


Round ebout tbc flrat


or brln


.t,EsusMIBI OtfirA.

Ia tbe nlddle clrcuuecr.l,ptloa


four Elguree,


l.a four Clrcles,




lthl'e all

clear ead br"J.6ht, ee rlso

the aeventb alde, aad the 2. ald tavc thenke to tbe aole then

EEPTA@f,I: do tc knceled al'l llaer aII eolc l{lghtyr leae rit

dora together,

aad eole Eteraal

God, rbo hath taugbt trs lore

could Deve found out, eld pralsed be h1e holy lfane: llhle

ttE Lf.b. 6. YAITLTrc tlutcd llto thrcc Inrttr tbc uppcr Drat or cclllatr tht trll

oD !il,dc, tbc 6rould or floor. Of thc uppcr put you ahelI uadcrgtald Do rorG of 1t et tlle t1ue,

but that 1t raa dlv1dcd eccordlng to the EcveB aldce la thc Trlaagle, rhlcb raa la the brLgbt Ccater: but rbat thcreh (that ere dcslDoua of our Soctety) 1a contalacd, you sball,

god rlUlagr

bchold tbe sane rltb tea aquares, eycry sberedt

lrour orD !rea; but cyorlr alde or rell oae rltb tbelr

le parted tato

eeveral El6uree ead Seateacee, es tbey are truly Conceatratun bere ln tble Book.

ald set forth

Tbe botton agaln ts parted la tle dcecrlbeil mn{ f6s!


but because tbereln


the porer ald rule of the lnferlour the eale,

Goveraours, re leave to

for fear of tbe abuee by the evL1 ald unto&Iy rorld. tbe beaveDly Aatldote, tbe old, aad EYery atde or especlally tb.ey

But thoee tbat are provtded aad atored do rltbout evtl rall all fear or burt

tread on the bead, ot O/ rcUe$ our Age ts reLl fltted, for.

Serpent, rh1ch thle

bad a door for a Gheat, rherela

there lay dlvere thiage,

tbe lorhe of C.R. hor !e e.d hls Eretbren ra1eed cach other to Llfe la tbose Books tete rrltten rld of thelr to uor6otEg to BEIELEEAI'I


ship our Savlour rfceue Cbrlatr ln elotDer Cheet tcre

of the ITI,IERARIUM, srrd tlfllfi,t of C.R. of dlvere vlrtues; lf as aleo !.n otber flnaad


placcs tore ltttle gcrr be geencd lor ell


aad R1n6e, rhlch

a.ay raa put upon hls

11 6reen, tbcn la rhtte

end blue, red ald bloon,

naaaer of colours;

tbue r11l hte Oarneata shanto lnto e.ud tonderful

a pure colour Sougs,

sverJr nonent: tbere rere burnlng Lalpe, rhlcb


tbcy barl kept oyer alnce Ood apake to IIOSES1l tbe l{ouat: tfbey

Ll,b. 6.

hopt tbc old Tcatucnt cbolc rtltloua forty tlvc rcrc


eld GrDrctcd CERIST to be borl; to thc lncredulous lorld cruclfilcd


to bcer rltncee

end sulrcrat

Scctar tbet

CD'rlet ls the Son of Ood, rad rrs tbese Brctbreu eLl the ronderful

rDd lctt TIERUSALEM; tbe lcte eftcr rothllg; rltlees of TSSESud

Uorks of G,odr ead lt ebould heppcl,

tbe Prophete, to tbe end, that lf tbe Order or Frrternlty

laay buadrede of ycaral e.ld lf

abould cone to rhlcb tbey bear oDly Vault

Tyraate ehould burn thc old Teatareat, of God, tbet tber they ntght

to be tLc lord agalu.

by tbla

be reatorcd

lad tbere la eaother Yrult leet

or Eabltatloa

of the Bretbren ln tbe the lfer Teeta^uent, aad cvert

of ENGL/If,D,aad, tbere la recorded all

Ghepter crplal'ucd. lor ee yet re had not aeeD tbe dead body of our carefirl reuoved tbe Altar and rlse aslde, there body rlth alt

Fetber la tbe GERllLF-EfLL; re therefore rc llfted rbole

up a strong Plate of Bnaes, a^ndfouad a falr

aad rortby

aad uacoleuned, ee tbe seoe l's here, Ilvely ead Attlree; tbe flrat


tLe Orlrueate llto tro lnrter

tn bl'e bald be held a Parchneat book dlvlderl rae the old Testanent, ead cvery Cbapter tatcruert tato tbe Bdble 1g our

pretatedr 8reatest rorld. lt

aad the otber 1e the Book I1 rblcl trcaeurcr rhlcb ougbt to be dellvered Book etaadetb thle

to tbe ceaeurc of the follortn6 EIOGfUM.

tbe cad of thle

C.R. of C. Et Ioblll dnsr v1r sul eecull lbuel fadcfeeele

atque epleadlda Gcruaaae R.C. Fardlta revelatloulbue, Subttllaedde




Laborl,bue ad, Goelestla atque bune.a lgreterla,

Llb. 6. Dostqur rcCa! lurl (qurn fnfBICO & fl:Rlcfm, lapcretorLen Gecrr luo rcculo & tar autrur IIfERIBUS @I.LEGERA!) aoadul Coavsalctcl ut & nonlaLe

rdi.ltNrtr plulquer Doltcrltatc tldca llctlbul lrutr


cnrcndar cudodl.yleeet,


lc contulctlsehoe

Ecredea lastlgulaaet,

ruadun ltLautut oualbus

lletao 1111 rcapoadentcr Preeacntlua & futurerua

Febrl,caaect, hocquc taaden PraeterltloD lnfeetall-

reruD Conpcadlo, Ceutcaerlo llalor, crat, anr.uquaatelloe

rorbo (quon lpae luDqua! Corpore erpertua are ghebat) ral (lnter ullo pclleate,

aed Splrl.tu Del evocaate, lllurlnatan & u].tlna Oecula) Eldellselno

Fratuun elplenrs

Greator{. Deo

reddldleeetr buer

Petcr dllectlesluue,

Fra. suan{ eelauer Preceptor Eldellee-

adcue lategenlnus,

ar rula ad l4OO. .0anoehlc ebecondltue est.

Uaderaeatb they had subscrlbed





a. Fra. c. E. Fre. r. E. Electloac flaternltatls

Caput. 2. 5. 4. ,I}a. Ila. G. Y. l{. P. C. S. R. C. Jrulor P. l. baeree S. SptrJ.tue. Plctor & Arcluttectus. c. A. ll. cabbarLeta F. u. f,.

Fra. B. ll.

l.ra- G. G. F. E. M. P. r.

Q. A. Z. B. X. O. tr. P. E. D. L. E. K. H. Z. A. S. C. R. Secuadl Clrcull. l. ?. ,. belt. !ta. Fe. Fa. T. E. Succceeor, Era. p, A. Hatheuatlcua. f. O. Succcesor, Era. A. D. P. R. succeasor Patrla c. R. c. cu! cbr-r,eto Tr{.rup-

Llb. 6.

l't thc old trs rrlttca. Er Doo araclrur, llcl.rua. ta Jcau l{ortrur, Der SDlrltur Selctun rGvly-

At tLle tbetr

day tbe ROSIE CRUCIAIIS tbat Lrve bcea atace Cbr.Let, EaVr labablte the IEST OF htlaDd; ead thcy tave llkerlse


Dorer to rener tbcraelvea, the blrtb ol Jeeue Cbrtat,

ead rar tour6 rgalne ea thogc dl'd before ra tou ray read J'a raay Booke. of EI|GLAXD,

Aad Dr. F. saltb, 1l tbe carthr guerded rltbout

aonerbere tbere 1s a Caetle ln tbe lest

ald not on the earth, ralla,

aad tbere tbe ROSIE CRUCIAIIS drell, thlnta;

aad lnescselug aothJ'ag, tbey enJoy ell falr

la thle Castle ls great Rlchee, tbe Eallc tbe Cbalbere are nade and coaposed ol rhlte Eall treer Llatcl tbcre ls a Cblueyr rbereof

and rl'cb to behold, end et the cad of tbe auateln the l{antlc-


tbe tro Plllare


are of flae Jaaperr ead tbe l{ant1e 1e of rlch ls rade of flne EueralCr trelled ead all rlth e rlng

Calcedoay, aad the of ftne GoId, ead

the grapee of flae


tbe Plllarg

la tbe EalI ere of red

Calcedonle, ead thc pavelent le of tlne lrber. Tbe Cbarbere arc banged rlth ateede ere all of rblte Ivory, rlch rlehly clothee, aad tbc belcbea and bedprccloua atoaee; all

6aralahed rlth

tbe Beds tere rlcbly lalDer

covered; tbcre ere fyory Preaeea, rhercon uc rroughtr

of Bil.rde cunalagly flnc

aad 1a tbeee Presece erc Gorae and llaatles, I\ured rlth SaDlee, rad

Bobee of roet all

Goldr and roet rlcb Oarneatg.

ranaer of tlch

lad tbere 1a a Vaultr

but 1t ls b16ger tben that ln OERI{,AIfY, rhlcb

Ll,b. 6. tg ee clcu, et tol tcl thls; rlth r! thoutD thc Sua 1a tbc diet yct 1t 1r rcvcatcorc of tLc drt brd catcrcd 1n |ld thcrc lre


etcpe uldcrtroutd: yoult ren: lld be) f uy

Scrvr.Dts of tLc ROSIE CRUCflfS, fel'r rbea I flret tro loutbe, crle rllch

C. B. rcports e great Oveu four youlg

to tbe Socicty (ealtb

dld cast out great-clearaeaEr dellvcrcd cloth

by rhlcb

rcn lade Paatc for Bncad, ead tro rad tbcy rlt thsa dora upon e rlch

thc Ipevee to other tro, thcn tbs otber tro Loaves at

of elll,;

nsl took the loaves,

aad d.ellvered tbea uato oDe lan by tlo

oDce, ald be dl.d eet then lnto

tbe Ovca to bakc, ead at tbe other loutb drer out the rhlte recelved Ioavee aad Peetst thelr end put tbel

of the Oyea, there rae a laa thrt ald bcfore hl'n ras elothcr lato

young raD, tbrt patatcd.

baeheta, rLlch tere rlchly C. B. rent lato

aaother Cbanber cltbty

one Cublte frou tbls,


thc ROSfE CRUCIAI|S relcoaed Lln; the cloth

for be fouad a Table ready eet, aad

1a1d,, aad tbere etood Pote of SJ,lver, e.o,d Veesele of Gold, preclous Stoaee aad Pcarl, aad Baeone and Elers of GoId Dalrer of Eleah, tbcre they had pleaty, of tlne: Thl.e Chal-

bordered rtth to raeh thelr Forlr

baad,s; tbcn rc reat to dJ.aler; of all !e!Dt of llcet la tbe rorld, precloue Stonee full rltb

aDd Eleb, of ell

eld Pota of Gold.6aralabed ulth ber rae rade of Chryetal, npoD the rallr to coucr and all rre rrltten

aad palated rlcbly ead eagravcn dI

Gold aad Arure, and aad

tblnge paet, preseat,

ranrre! of toldea l{edlctaee

for the diaeaeed, rs Jrou

rcad J'a the Prcface3 upoa thc Pavenert ra6 BpDeedrbroad Roeee, Elorers, aaO Eerbe ereet-enelllag CLauber rre dlvers ebove all eavours l'n thc rorld; aad ln thl.s ereetly.

Bil.rds flylag

about, aad s1ngl'nt larvellous

lJ.b. 5. fa tll,r Dhcc bevc f e dcsl!! to 111c, 1f 1t rcre eppltcd for no otber taEOSPRII{-

eonr but rhat tbc Soptrlet ronctllcg

to the llouatrlna, r{E[,

uu sol. $ILUTAT, IILTil,OSQUEDESERIT. QUrS IOCUU tor EfBElfTEll. But of thl.s placc f dll rer


aot epeek ely rorc lceat e lreplclou

dcra ahoultl rlatakc thl.e Order. !0BIAS IILLIA|IS, ln all ere tblrty

8o la to caterteln

that I el of

ilOAE UALFDRD, Fa. that bear rltaees

8. f.

V. C. B. I.

rnd thesc


of Ghrlat.

lad Fa.

N. cboee C. B. for b1s Suceasorr saylngl I have long exllve, aad re rlII teacb you

pccted yout con1n6; 1a tLte place you aball all

th1a6e1 eld you ahalL learn our AI(IOIIATA. Elratr you ruetr aa le do, profess lfedlclue, aad cute tbe elck, aad

tbat GRATfS. ?. Iou aball not be conetralaed to rear oae certatn klnd of Eablt, follor tbe custon of the Couatry.

but lay tbereln 5.

Every yGat upoa tbe day C. you aha1l reet us Ln tbl'a Eouse, 5. the cruee of your ebsencc, ead rben I aa dead lay ue irtaln, a6 Jrou are

SPIRIIUST or rt{.te 1a a glase,

rad rsaet t accordtag to lfatnre to llve

taugbt by ue. 4. lad tou luat look ebout for a rortbrJr poraot, rho efter your

d,ecsase rust aucceed you. 5. 6. lbe rord R. Co lrgt Our Feternity ehall be your llark, Scal, eld CLaracter.

be coaceelcd royen J/Grra, ead Do lore. only four aad the Brcatbren T. U. l. rDd thelr eeryrnts

Ald tbl.rty

of tLe Brctbren


ald Il. f,. rerelned rltb

the Fetbct Era. R. C. I.

,24 Llb. 6.
e rbolc ud Vour rld !f . 1.1 dlcd,, ead Frtbcr ble Llfc. botb of Dtvlne of otbers: f . A. put Llr la e 6hes,

burlod blr lftcr

for rcncrlas

fcr yeara thcrc r11I bc e 8cEcral Rcfornettol rccordlag tbat to our dealrcr

ead Bureac tllnger For lta tlttlngr

aad the expcctetlon

before tbe RlalB6 of the Suae tbere ehould eppear la tbc dry, end so 1D tbe neaa

end breek forth tlae rote fcrr

AIIRORA,or Dlv1nc Ll6bt sbrll 61ve thclr

Dereo, ray Jol.u togetb,er, tbereaad ldre a

by to clcrrae

tbe au.aber rad reepect of our Frateralty, for be65,nnlag of our Phllosophlcal R. C. aad De ynrtakcre or be raated) ead not ralk la aIl rltb

happy aad, rlehcd

Caaons preecrlbed

to us by our brothcr (rbtcb Dovcr caa fal'l labour,

ue of our treaeuree, and love to be eaeed of the


of tbl's rorlde ronderfirl

eo bltndly

ln the klortedge

rorka of God. ray klov of rhat Re1161on and bell,ef

But that eleo Gvry Chrlatlan

te arer f,e coafese to have tbe kaorledge of JESUSCERIST, alon6 Lts Dl.ectp1esl rnd be le tbe SONOF GOD, ald ras cruclfled JERUSALEI|,hlr dJ'd our EIES aee and rorehlp, lor l{ankind at

belag gulded by a STAR. uoet clear

Ald EPfS@PACI le tbe beet loru of Cburch Governnent, bclat ead purely profceeed, aad cleansed fror


TELLIAX AIIAB.APTTSTS, itESItrTICAt QUAtrERS, ArD FALSE PROPEEES. AIeo te uae tro Secra.lents ee they ere lnstltuted atrd CEREI.OIIIES of the fLrst renered Cburcb tr rlth all FORMS

Ef,GLAlfD, le acknorledge

CIROLUSIiACXUSSECUilDIIS,for our CffiISTfAIf EEAD: ard ta POLfTIA, re tckaorlcd8c I'IENT; albelt the PROTESIAtrI EN{PfRE ead QUARTIilI'0I|ARCEIAMlor our GOVRI{re kaou rhat Alteratloas be et haad, 1665t 16641 156j,

52, lJ.b. 6.
f666r 166?t l66Er 1669r rDd lould bcertr to othcr Oodly Lceracd tcnr out trltlnte rhtcb 1g 1n our lrads !o na (crcept tel'l lrpert tDr rrrc rlth rLI our


God eloae) crn rake lt rcrve na of lt; ra Ood lDell

Connon, Bor rDJr uarortby

Pcreon 1a eble to beth1e ao 6ooi e cauae,

but re sball belp rttb

accret rl'd,


or hl'ader ua: lor our God 1e aot bl1ad rs tbe BeerDd the honour ol tbe Telbut as ADAII

thcaa trl0RIUXA, but l.e tbe Churcbea Orueleutr ple: efter 1t;

Our PEIITSOPEI of nunbere eleo 1s Dot I Der laveatloa, Dle FaIl hath recelved 1t,

and ae IIOSESald SOIOlilAl{ our l,lea uged or contra4lcted by other

also ebe ought aot ruch to bc doubted of, or reanlDts; her self

oplaloasr ehagre llke

but the Trutb te pcaccablel la all th1a6s, aad especlally uelbers:

brl.ef and rlth


JESUS il{ OUilf PIRTE aad all ao 1e sbe lle Phlloeophyr flage;lt

Aad. es be le tbe fna6e of the Father, 1s true accordJ'ag to

eball aot be eal'd thls

but true eccordl'ag to TEIDIOGIE; ead rberelu 41d hlt tbe lark, ead rherela but eepeclally tbat


PYIBA@RASr end othcre

EltOCH, ABM^H.A.I'!, frereritb tbat

IOSEST our Hear ald SOIOHAI| dl.d crcell; roaderfiil ead taketb EOOEtLe Bi.ble agreetbr ell

aate coacrurGtb togetber, parta ere cquJ-dlata.nt fron plaln ehall bc spoken la

a SPbcrc or Globe, rboee total at lar6e,

tbe Ceaterr aB hercof lore Chr1ettrnr y CoafcrDGo

a^ld lore

But aor coacer.nlng (aad chl.efly la thla lccursed Cotd lahlngr rhlch hath tottea

our a6e) the ulgodly,


go lucb tbe upper held, rbereby

uadcr colour of lt, lenleer

reDy Bcna8adee ald RogUlsL Pcople do uge grcat Vilrb!'ch la 6!'vcl tbcn, lrea Dot

eld cozca and ebuee tbe credlt

,26 Llb. 6.
rdrys rc! hlgbcat of elecrctlon Co Lold tbs treatrutrttoD 1a PEIIOSOPEI, thla of Hetde 1a ell thclr to bc the lateat

Polat eld Fertlglru

eld dealrc; rblch

end tbat Ood rould be aoet ceteened by thcrr

ead honoured,

could rake greet atorc of GoId, ead ln ebuadaacer tbc rb1cb rltb Praycra, they hope to obtala rc therefore of tbc lll-klorlng 0odt


rnd searcber of ell tcet1f;Ls, llttle Ibet


do by theee preaeate publlcy cetcedng

tbo tnrc PEIIOSOPEERS ere far of eaotbcr rlndr

tbe raklBg of Oold, rhJ.cb ts but a Parergon; th1a6e. Aad re eay rltb

for bealdee tbat our Fore-

tbey have a tboueard better fatherel

PEI. l'ltRItU, I|IHI QIIAITUMAURITU;for uato tb,en tbe rbole lfature be doth not rcJolcer that he caa rake 6oldr a.nd that as but 1s glad

le detccted; ealth tbat

Chr{,et, tbc Af,GELSeld Dgt/ILS tre obedlent uato hlr,

he eecth tbe EeaveDs open, ead the Aagels of God ascending and ln tL,e Book of Llfe.

dcscendlag, aad bls la.ue rrittea Aleo re do testltle Plcturee ere set fortb

that under tbe ae^le of CEYI{IA naay Booke and l-n C0ilTUI,IELIAU OIORfAE DEI, aa te rtll nare ln

tbet-r due eeaeon, ead r11I glve to the Pure bearted a Cataloge or Regleter of thel; re pray all leaned ren to take heed of THE AURUT'I ead eucb klnd

CEy}lrCttl.tBRITAffCUH, publtabed of Booke aa tbeee; for thc hery tl'll. a atrongcr oDe doth root lt

by ELIAS AIiEI,OLEEequlre, Deyer reeteth, out.

but aoteth Lte reeds

To coacluder the ROSIE CRUCIAtrS sayr PEARLDelpeth aroonlnta, rltbetelda the Plague of Poleont ead tbat


SI{ARAGE and JACfITB belpe the

Plaguet ead heele the rouads of venenous et1n6e. Se IATR OF XILE uakee the rouan of EGIPI qulck of concelte ead

tr'f,b. 6. trultftlr rad tolotlDee thcy bear asvca chlldrea vtrtue at r Bi.rtb, ead thlc

le Srlt-pctor-tatcr: ln tbe tlacture 1n Connoa Saltr

fherc 18 r rouderful 1n thc florer

lD tbc O1l of Tobecco:

of Saffroa,

of Enlaatonc, ln Qutck-sllver, Ellla the poleou

end Copperaer nolten aad lade a later,

of tbe Toad-atool; a bard clauy the falllng

ead Julce of Poppy, Lubcr, rLtcb la ao atone, but sallcd 8il.tunen, eaectb the Iabour o l ronea, and


elckaeee tn chlldren. J't 1t be true, rhlcb eII fashlon, of all nea graat, that precloue and porer

f,or for l{etale,

etoncs 1n tbat bard aad ungentle of beallngr rhat eball

cher aucb vtrtue

the nl-rturea

these Metale under a fortunora PLANEDS do, rhicb 1111 cure the Cranp, Dropsle, lf lt be

ate Constellatloa tbey call

lade ia the Gonverelon of thelr

EIECTRIIMT SfGIL, or TELESHE,aayln6, lt Falllng-sLckaess,

Beaunning Palele,

Gout, Leproslel

torB ou the bcart-fLDget; & ctc. The thlrd tbe AEEBERT lf the llay-atar 1vc facurty;

otbers tbey rdre to cauee beeuty la Ladlee,

perfir.ue of R. C. le coupounded of tbe Saplulrlck eartb, lt be brougbt to lts full eraltatlonl lt


1111 shlae ltke attract-

1a ber freah Daetern 61or{.ca; lt for lf you erpoae lt

batb e faectnatlng lt rrrl

to tbe opcn llr, Splrlts.

drar to it

Btrds aad Baaster eld drlve aray evtl R. C. ltlacral ltcd eartb; lt

fSmUlt SOLfS, or tbe

Sua 1e colporuded of tbe AEIEER, eld a bloodyr flery-splrappeara ln a OuranyConalsteucy, l't le gubetaatlally but rlth e tlery, hot, couplerloa, DlvLae Salt,

a certaLa purple,

rnt6st6d, Coaeunptloas,

aad cureth aII

lanner of VeaereaL dletcnpera,

ead dleeaaea of tbe lllad.

lJ.b. 6. lc 61vc rDotbcr the trlncture Balabor; llce llcdiclnc, rDich le ea &urc, ead brtgDt, reter lt rcllcctr or Sky-colourcd ratcr, r rolt bceltLy; beeutlful ln thle ratcr

ol 1t le ttght

ead tlo

drope of thla

kccpe l re!

e blood rcd cartb of 6rcat vlrtue. Ihe other llcCtcJ'ae la thc EcavoLly UnfA ead IOOX of thc lllne, etuplfyla6 euDstalcc: tt la aot etrplc but rlrt: lekce tt a

vcrJr atrelge

Tbc AEIEEB, groaeer,

eld a eubtle rtr1tc Eartb ere lte

Coaponcnta: ead tbla

tben the AlltEB t't self ; l't appeare t'n tb.e forn of en crceedl'u6 rhlte o1l, but ln vry truth a certala vegetant, flor1ng, suootb, aoft salt,

aad tLLa reneretb


and causeth uledou ead rtrtue. eld ao atone;lt efterla tbe for

1e a laterr 'Ite Pa.ntarya of ROSIE CRIICIAI|S dgbt dlecovere e Clre as brlght Lt dazzlee th.e eye rlth

es day; aad 1f you look on lt certaln

day tlne,

gleaae or Conuscattoae;

l'a 1t le a SptrJ,t sf idn{rgble tror I r[Il aber rbo taught

porer to 1ou6 Llfe,

Uladou, aad Virtue:

thcse Secrets,

ead ehered ue tbeee thlngs.

f,grk{19 upoD tbe plaln

ol BULVEnfi)lf EfLL to atudy l{unbere aad tbe I could see bctreo! ber fraae lelther re aad tbe Xlght, but a a

nature of tbJ.aga, oae evcnllg, roet rer! thet erqulette beauty; attlrcd

loag aor ahort,

deacent gtature;

sbc res la thl'a looee Sllka,

but eo 6reeB la eone places tbe Sua a thla

I aever aar th,c Ilhe, rltb told

for the colour raa aot earthly, & gllver of treae;

1t rae fancled, ud Lllll'ee

Rlbbandar rhJ'cb looked llke Ler lead tas oyercaet rltb

1a tbc tlcld rblch



ahe held up, rlth

one of hcr haade, tad looked treab, eld Celestlal, a euddea

aa 1t rerG fron uaAei tt;

ber eyes rere qulck, ae lf

but bad eonetblng of a Startl occurre|lce.

ebe had been puzzled rlth

Llb. 6.
llol tbcy lra curlce hcr vell dleD.velcd dld hcr looka Drce! out, to ber bceat, ud tlca llkc Sru bcera trol to lcr r l6st,


cbcckt 1a

eld r1'l6s of SoId; bcr balr r elall ehort rplre Dute rntlrc

bcLlnd bcr ree rollcd rltb

to e curlous colour

Olober rltl Ilots; ud


purple rad ty

bcr Blnta terc

Ecraldep Il

tor ghe valued lo Hctal, br{.ef bcr rbolc heblt raa

bcr peldDte

of bnrnlng Carbuaclee. 1t euelt llke

youthfirl rltb rlch

rad floreryr

thc Eest rad raa througblt



ead no otber ras her rDpearetce at

tbat t1ue. &rt rLllet I adn{rcd ber perfectloaa, a voluntary ead prepared to rake !y addapproecb; Lcrc lndeed f cxpectrDd e1lently

rceae r lDe prevente le rlth

cd rone d{scouree fron her, but gbe looked vcrJr eerlouely ln ry face, takee ae by the Dand ead aoftly 6tve your aad rltb


15r love r freely tbe oac opeDa, ra for the lyettbare teach f have 5lou


these tokeas, ry f,et ald slgnet, ilecretlon;

the other shute, be eure to uae botb rlth crlea 1e lot

of tbe ROSIE CROSST you hrve ly Llbcrty rlly thrnt bcre, but r rllr 8rrdry

to poruae thcu ell; to you, r rlrt

reveel lt

you the tLrtuc ole prcccpt cbtU

of Ifiubere of f,area, of |lgcls 1t la,

rDd Oeail of rca;

to colaarld to you, rad thle

you ruat be allent; relerber

not 1D tour rrlthge

crtead ry alloratce;

tbat I aD your

loYe, end tou 1111 aot rake De l Proetltutc. lervl'ceable lattcal to tboee of your ora dlepoal.tloa, vlZ.

hrt becauee f rlah you I bere tlve you an hble-

TyPc of ry Salctueryl a lurr

Tbc arroHATA of thc R. C. Tbe cecrets to pubrleh tt. lhla te ell, aad Goddeeses,

ol f,uubcre, rltb


nor I al 6otag to tbe lavlslble

Regtoa, elolt8t

the lDgbcrlal

[.1b. 5. trl,c phcc your Onrt of dghtl


aot tbc Prov.rb


ort of rlnd;


rc ead bc hrppy. fevour re rlth ber lere; to thle ahe

f,or I eahed Ler 1t rhe rould rcplyed vrJr farl'llerlyr es lf

ahe had kaora re long betore,

l{y dcar

tH,cnd E. I trrve ralJr lhlce,

but ry bcet bcloved 1g EUTERPE.

Obacrve la yonr R. C. AXIOII|'TAtbet tbc OEIWfI|E tlue of llpreselon of Claractcrs, prlnclplB perfect old tlre Xelcs, lagela, f,urbcrs, eld Gcnll of rtt, 18, rben tD,e

end CAIIAIO; but belng oace coagulated to a are SPERIIADE le past. f,or the R. C. ln rtth

body; tbe tlue of etelllflcatlon used straage Aetrologlcal

Ianpsl fuagesl R1n6e, and Plates, houre rould produce be tdses a

tbe nulbere eld Ea.Ecaa!6raven, lncredlble ertraordlaary effecte.

rtulcb et certaln

|[he connon Astrologer

plece of Hetale,

eaotber rhlallg

Aaeoclate be belps h1n rlth rldlculoue Cbaractersr

a Chrystal

Stoner and tbcee tbey f16ure rltb tbeu to the Plaacte, not rbatl ln thelr rbea thle practleer

a.ud then erlroBe

not ln an.lLI(El{USf, but ae they Drean they kaor ls doaer all 1e to ao pual,oee; Dut tbough tbey fall

of Vot they bel:lcve they uad,erstaDd the AICIOIIATA f,or ry beloved J. E. thst you ray kaor rbat to

lluuberg rell dor I rlll and dry,


teacb you bJr Elralple; GrIroBe lt

Tdce e 6rala of Corn tbat 1e bard

to tbe Sun bcale 1n a 6lass or aDy otber yeaael, aad for Gyer; but lf rolgture you do bury lt ln the Eartb, tD,ea

l-t 1111 be a dry graln thrt the Xltroue Saltleh

of the Eleaent ray dleeolve lt, rprlag

the Sul rl11

rork ulnn 1tr

eld reke lt

e.u,daprout to a aer body; he exlneeth to the Planets to perforu rorlds. tbe ROSIE

1t 1a Juet tbne r1tb e perfect

tbe Conaon letrolotcr;

Corpacted bo(y, ead by tLte reara thlnke the IaferLour

CnUCIAtr OAI'IAEII,ead larry

aad Superlour

L|'b. 5. It lotttutor ray bo rt Ifature. ruat bc r body reduccd lato rhlcb rccclvce llberty, lLte SPERtt, tbrt the flprcea thc Ecevrdy of tbc letrll Fcalnlne l6cnt, of

eld retalaa

and tuedtetcly

cxpoacd to the Heacullae flre

ls the 6rouad of tbe Bor1l; rlthout

but you nust reaeuber, tbat

nothlag caa bc steIllfled rbet tbey uo

tbe Jolat l{egaetleu of three Eeavene; lhea ebe had tbue aatd, abe took out lluobers and ltauea oD tben, tbey dld I coucelve

you knor alrcedy.

of her boaon tro rlreculous tore aot Hetalliner

Hcdels rltb

but euch ae f had never EeeD; neltber

there ras ln Nature eucb pure ead glorloue tbey tere

eubetaaces; Ia ny Judgeuent, tbeu Saphrlcks of the aad etopt

tro l{aglcal TELES}IS;but ghe called Tbeae ulreclee

Sul ead flooD.

EUTERPE couaend,ed to ry perusal,

la a rute Cernony; for I rae to be left sllent to part; rnllar drt rith

alooe; ehe looked upon ne ln

a pretty klnd of sadness, for re rere unvl]llag as f tbougbt

but ber bour of Tranelatloa ra6 cone, aad tdrlag

our Last leaye, sbe paseed before Ey elres tato crcuelag ber eelf es betag sleepy, otherrlee te; I lookedt ad.ulredr and rearted ly self


ebe had expouaded theu to their

ln tbat Coatenplatlon;

couplcd.oB ta6 Eo beeyGnllr, thelr tell

contlauanc ao uyeterlous,

I dtd not

knor rbet to lake of thea, I tnrned aelde to ece, lf but ebe ras toDer aad thla dld lot a llttle

sbe ras etlll I er-


trouble re.

pected ber returnr at laetr ttrlng

t111 tbe day rae qulte epeat, but ahe dld not appear:

ry GyB oa that place, rbere ehe eonetlnee reeted, I pleces of Goldr fuIl of lfirnbere ald Xales, rhtcb a Letter.

dlecovcred certaln sbe bad left

behlad herr ead herd by a Paper folded llke the algbt epproachlng,

'llbaee I took up, aad lor

the cvealBt Star tlnaed

Ll,b. 6. 1a thc lcst; lrol lba! trkh6 ry hlt luryay of ber f,Lorery plIlor I parted

1t ta theec yrEe8o


Oreca Baak, farcrcll

& aayat thou rear ell tD,e lrear;

Sru-bcena, aad Roael ead Lltllce SLc elcpt on tbee, but aeeded lot Xcr GoId, ftlas Sy

to shed

prJr cDougb to bc ber bcd: for thJ-e lovrd day her dtd play;

Elorcre ate Favonrttee; ny RJ.vals, aad dth

They tet

lhey fouad thclr

heavta et bead, and la her eyee abeeat Bkles. true Glorlea Trade,

EJoyf d a CoDy of tbelr fhel'r la{ reakcr palat vltb

dld rltb


ber cheeks, one poste lade; akln conflue tbelr prlde, dlvlde;

lDd dtd aot her soft Aa'd rltb

a EcDeea of Sllk her florera

.|Ihey bad auckrd ltfe heat Bororrd

fron thence, aad fron ber

a eoul to aake tbeu eelvee conpleat. thou6b tbou ert la1d eyeD a heavea;

O Dappy Plllort UI'th dust,

ahe nad,e thee up alnost

Ecr breatb ral'ntd Of hcr brlgbt Sprlng; llat Earthe lot

Splcee, a.nd eacb Atber R1n6 Bracelets are thy

Iocka, strertd

poor, dl'd such a Treaeure hold,, rltb Luber, Splce aad Gold.

Drt thrlce



IJ.b. 6. lhue rucb et thls EUIERPEto publleb: rc tou do earaeatly ead eare of all tbat tlre, ead Do rorc el I rllorcd tcltle by rt lllatrcaa tbat rlth

Bo tbcrefore,

Rcedcr edmdebcd

pray to 0,0d, that lt

plcaas hl'n to opea the bearts


peopler ead to 6raat uato thca hla bleeslD8r rlth lenril4g ss1-

they uay be able to kaor hl'n la hl's Onalpotcacy, ol lfaturer to LLe Lonour rad Pralee, of our aelgbboure;

telplatloa Corlort aII

rad to the love,

Eelp, of

aad atreagtbenlng

eld to the reatorlng

the dleeaeed, by the lledlclaee above taugbt. f had 61ven you a lore large accouat of tbe MSteter{.eeof lfature, f etudled ltettclnee to cure othere, ny abe ald

tle ROSIE CROSS: but rhllest dear Steter

Allf,E EEfDOil dled, and f leyr frou le)

beard ebe rae (for rld

ras IOO rdles

rh1ch puts a.n eud to uy rrJ.tlagsr I ehall rrlte Do !ore,

tbus I tate

ly leave of the rorldr and thls I nlte

you kaor ny Books by llaue, books ln ny f,ane,

(tDat non nay abuae re) by priattng to ny llret

as @LE doee CIILPEPPERS.But retura

bappy Solltudes.


Llb. 6.

fhe Rosle Cruclel


to 0od.

Jcaue l,llhl- Orata.

Oh TEOUeveryrbere beeecch TEEEr that rhlch

aad tood of lLLr rhateocver

I do, renenbcr, f

I a.u but DUS[, but ea r VAPOUR sprutrt fron EAR1I, BREATE caa ecatter; let that TBou haet gtvea !e a sr, tbou dldst flrst

eveD thy

aad LIITS to 8overo tt; rplnlat 1a all

ESERI{AL RULE, rhlch reke le cerefur

to eray llaN, order re; lJr tryai ead rhcre

to p,oht at tby Grony

I cannot rlgDtly

kaot TEEE, tbat not oaly ly

uadst'6tard{D8, be perfect;

but ly l8aoralce

Day hoaour thee, Thou art AII tbat caa o Dtrtae

llby Rcvelatlon

hath nade re happy; be not a!6ryr lf lt

oner o God the lost

bleb creator,

pleaee tbee, suFFm TEESEREDut to tby Glory,

vEalED sEcREtts, Thy Glfts to nar'{ feat tbeugelves. not falI tnrtbs lnto

alone, not tor ry pralee, r beeeecb thee loet

gracloue God, they nay cloud tbeee

tbe Daads of l6aorant

cnrLous lroraona, tbat

to thy ilagracer

say1-ag, they are not rarfur

to be pubrlebed,

because rbat God rcveaLe, ls to be kept secrct. aopbers lay up thls to ladfeet clearly Secret lato aad plalnly. 1tr tbat

But RosrE cRUcrAIf pll'lof lave preauned lt lay be prlnt-

tbe boeone of Godl rhlcb f beacecb tle H.atty,

ed aa I have rrltten rnbl5uon5 lenguage. SeIf lato

the Truth ray !o lore be darkened rlth 1a. ob etrean t\r aad

Good God, beald,es tbee nothb8 lt rtth

ly Soulr ead flor

thy Orace, thy fllurlaatlone,

thy Revealatlon.

l,hke re to d.ependon Tbee: Tbou dcllghteet

tbat l{aa



6. rccorut Thcc rt hl-. El-atr e.nd lot ry ecll 1a lhce, hldc rht Boncy of ltaorlcdtc thy fcct. of ell

.hould bc letb

rcvcelcd. lt

I ctlt

ra rD honourcr of lhoc rt for tlou ert tbc fouateln

O eetebllab


bouatyr ead caaet aot but be lerclful, bled Soul tbat unleee I }lve tnrata aftcr Thec: lld thy larer ead thlt

Dor caaet tbou dccelve tb,e hrur

Decauac I ca.uot bc dcteadcd by thee, O ry SOIILS SOYERAIGII, l'n the y1ce,

hecp rcl

obedl'eace of thy ll1lr and hldl,Dg t\y Glfts

I rould aot ry Gonscleace rltb

aad Graces bestored upou re; aad lake thy Illunhatlng rrerved Sptrtt

lor thl.e I kaor rtll leave le: f an afrald

destroy ue rltbl'nl

I Dave already llfl'altely Oulder thlch

frou tbe Rcvealatlone

of that Dlvlne and for thls

tbou haet coananded to dlrect aad Penltent

re to tbe Trutb;

f al a ead Proetrate

et the foot of thy Throne; f appeal O llr God, I kaor 1t le a nydeep enough

only to tbe abundance of thy Reul.sstoDe.

eterLe beyond the vaet Soule appreheneloa, al'd tberefore for I'taa to reet tn eafety 14. rork ty self to tbee, end lato For outrerd O thou Betng of aII the rece1rlng ltla

Bel.nge, cauae ue to of thy pateraal Mer-

cles tDru ry eelf. f 61ve uato otherer rltbout

thlnge I tbed< tbee, ald eucb as f have

ln the Datre of the TRfmTY freeLy aad faltbfu1ly,

Lldl-ng any thta6 of rbat taB reyealed to ne, ead erperlenced to Deluelon or Drean, but tD,e ADIECTAI.{Eil|TA of tby rlcher are both ta thy baads. llto In rhat thou lV Soulr glve

be ao DLabollcal

Gracee; tbe'aee and d,cprlvatloa laet gl.vea re I ar colteat.

Good God ray tby aelf

re but a heart to plcaee tbeer f beg Do rore thcn tbou baet gtvea, aad tbat to coatlDu re, uacoatennedly aad, uaplttledly Loaest. Save ae

frou thc Derll,

Luate, eld l,teat aad for tboee fond dota6ee of l{orta}ltyr

,16 ll.b. 6.
thlcL rculd tcl6h dora ry Soro to Ipraesa ry .olf rld Debeucblcat; lct tt be

ry 6lory thcr.


ln e lfob1c hclght eld tLll re rltb

tboyo thoa) to coatela tbee. Sun up thy bleeela6e

Trkc lc tro,

frou ly relfr tret

ln tloee cternel

r ray be rl6htly

good rad rLse; lad theee for thy

'lfnrtbe aeke graat eld rakc gretctll.


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