Unique iCAT3 Online Content Management Software Caltron’s iCAT3, all-online content management software is specifically designed

to wor wit! t!e M"-#$%$& &etwor '( (igital Signage "layer) T!is unique software is capa*le of updating content t!roug! any we* *rowser and can update content remotely, if t!ere is a sta*le internet connection) +remont CA - ,!en wor ing wit! ad-ertisements or displays, *ot! small and large doo! .digital-out-of !ome/ company pro0ects will loo for a digital signage player t!at !as a -ery user friendly interface to wor wit!, especially if it is a networ player -ersus a standalone looping player) Caltron’s M"-#$%$& uses an all online content management software system to manage t!e player’s sc!eduling and playlist of all content t!at is needed for display)T!e iCAT3 online content management software was designed to manage Caltron’s M"-#$%$& easily and accurately) T!e online software allows for users to manage and update content con-eniently t!roug! a remote location) "ro-iding an all online content management system allows for players to *e place anyw!ere in t!e world and can *e easily updated if and w!en t!ere is new content t!at needs to *e s!own) T!e simplicity and easy-to-use online management software allows for users to con-eniently update playlists and sc!edules for eac! player, located anyw!ere, wit! minimal to no assistance wit! setup as t!e software is designed to *e e1tremely user friendly and simple to operate) Since iCAT3 is an all online content management software, anyone wit! a steady internet connection can access t!e software at any location to update content as needed) T!e M"-#$%$&, &etwor 'ig! (efinition (igital Signage Media "layer is a -ery unique player, as it requires t!e iCAT3 online software to function) T!e player was *uilt specifically to operate t!roug! t!e iCAT3 software only) 2CAT3’s main function is to allow media to *e uploaded onto t!e ser-er, create a playlist for eac! player or a group of players, create a sc!edule for designated playing times and pro-ide status updates of eac! player t!roug! t!e software) 2CAT3 also ser-es as a content layout tool since t!ere is an option to add in desired features to t!e program t!at will tell t!e player w!at to play) T!e content management software is designed so t!at users can utili3e t!e software wit! ease t!roug! ela*orate functions t!at is designed to *e easy to used and understand for configuring content and designing layouts for any display) Templates can *e c!osen to create menu *oards to !a-e 3oning options to !a-e multiple content displaying at one time on t!e screen) Unique functions in t!e online management software also allows a date, weat!er, company logo and 4SS feed to *e added as well) An easy to use drag and drop allows t!e user to resi3e 3ones selected for t!e user to c!oose w!at si3e eac! 3one s!ould *e) iCAT3 also ser-es to manage eac! player *y pro-iding constant log updates of any new acti-ity incurred on t!e M"-#$%$&) A ey special feature t!at t!is software !as it t!at it can tell t!e player w!at to play during t!e sc!eduling and will !a-e t!e ne1t playlist and sc!edule download into t!e player in t!e *ac ground so t!at t!ere is no delay w!en it is time to switc! to a new playlist or sc!edule, s!ould it *e different from t!e current one) As wit! all players wit! free software, t!ere are generally some limitations to eep t!e costs at a minimum) 5ac! registered account will !a-e a #$$M6 storage limit pro-ided *y Caltron 2ndustries) 7enerally #$$M6 will suffice for most applications, *ut sometimes will not *e suita*le for all applications) +or applications t!at require more t!an #$$M6 of online storage, t!ere are special options a-aila*le for t!ese circumstances) 8icensing options are a-aila*le to applications t!at require a larger storage space) ,it! licensing for applications, t!ere is a licensing fee t!at will *e c!arged to do t!is) 5ac! application can t!en modify and update t!e software accordingly to meet t!e needs of t!e pro0ect) T!is can *e *eneficial for any pro0ect t!at requires content t!at !as a large file si3e) 8icensing t!e 2CAT3 software for company use can allow for custom designs and features for t!e user and9or

company) T!is allows for iCAT3 to *e unique for eac! user) +or questions or concerns, please contact a Caltron sales representati-e *y calling :#$-;;$-#%$$ or *y emailing sales<caltronind)com) Press Contact : Stanley "!an Caltron 2ndustries, 2nc) ;#=$ Clipper Court +remont CA >;:3% USA .:#$/;;$-#%$$ sales<caltronind)com !ttp?99www)caltronind)com9articles9w!at-icat3-does