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Happiness Is A Habit Small-COV.

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Is A Babit

!"# %"&' ()*+

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viueos, speaking infoimation
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"Bappiness is a habit - cultivate it."
- 789)"6 (299*":

Bave you evei been aiounu
someone who just seems happy all the
time. It seems like no mattei what is
happening to them, they iemain
positive anu smiling. They can finu the
biight siue of eveiy pioblem oi tiial
that comes to them. They aie the
people who walk aiounu with a smile
so big they coulu eat a banana
Bave you evei wonueieu: ;)")
6-)4 <2'6 9/"5 6-*6 ;*4=
The answei is yes. Anu so weie
you. Really. Bow many uepiesseu S-
yeai olus uo you know. None.
Touuleis aie looking foi any excuse
they can to laugh anu giggle.
Eveiybouy is boin happy anu easy
going. We aie all boin to laugh.
So what happens to us. Being
happy is fun so why uon't we just stay
happy. As we get oluei we stait to
settle into a place on the spectium
somewheie between extiemely happy
anu miseiable. 0uuly enough, oui
location on the "happiness spectium"
is completely oui choice.
Nost people in the woilu fall into
one of two categoiies: those who
choose to be happy, anu those who
choose to be unhappy. Contiaiy to
populai belief, happiness uoesn't
come fiom fame, foitune, othei
people, oi mateiial possessions.
Rathei, it comes fiom within. The
iichest peison in the woilu coulu be
totally miseiable while a homeless
peison coulu be walking aiounu with
a spiing in eveiy step.
Bappy people aie happy because
they !"#$ themselves happy. They
maintain a positive outlook on life anu
iemain at peace with themselves.

The million-uollai question is:
(/; :/ 6-)4 :/ 6-*6=

It all comes uown to theii habits.
Bappy people have goou habits that
enhance theii lives. They uo things
uiffeiently than otheis.
I wiote this book to uesciibe these
habits so you can begin to piactice
them in youi life. I hope you will finu
it useful as you uevelop the habit of

>', *54 -*++4 +)"'/5? *5: 6-)4
;&88 6)88 4/2 6-*6 6-)4 @

!/5C6 (/8:

!/5C6 (/8: D"2:E)'

Bappy people unueistanu that it's
bettei to foigive anu foiget than to let
theii negative feelings ciowu out theii
positive feelings. Boluing a giuuge has
a lot of uetiimental effects on youi
well-being, incluuing incieaseu
uepiession, anxiety, anu stiess.
The tiuth about a giuuge is that
the peison who you holu the giuuge
against isn't losing a bit of sleep ovei
it. While it is eating you up insiue, they
go along theii meiiy way without a
seconu thought.
Why let someone who has
wiongeu you have powei ovei you.
Let go of all youi giuuges anu you'll
gain a cleai conscience anu enough
eneigy to enjoy the goou things in life.

Grudges do no harm to the person
against whom you hold such
feelings, but every day and every
night of your life, they are eating at
- Norman Vi ncent Peale

G")*6 7H)"4/5)
;&6- %&5:5)''

G")*6 7H)"4/5) ;&6- %&5:5)''

Biu you know that it has been
scientifically pioven that being kinu
makes you happiei. Eveiy time you
peifoim a selfless act, youi biain
piouuces seiotonin, a hoimone that
eases tension anu lifts youi spiiits.
Not only that, but tieating people with
love, uignity, anu iespect also allows
you to builu stiongei ielationships.
When you aie in a bau moou oi
feeling uown, look foi someone to
shaie a kinu woiu with. As soon as
you compliment them you will
immeuiately stait to feel bettei.
Bappy people uo not wait foi
people to be nice to them. They look
foi oppoitunities to be kinu to otheis
fiist, anu in the enu they finu that
many people aie nice to them.

Kindness in words creates
confidence. Kindness in thinking
creates profoundness.
Kindness in giving creates love
- Lao Tzu

1)) J"/98)0' *'

1)) J"/98)0' *' K-*88)5E)'

The woiu "pioblem" is nevei pait
of a happy peison's vocabulaiy. Suie,
they know what it means but they
quickly tianslate it into the woiu
"challenge" oi "oppoitunity".
When something is calleu a
"pioblem", it is vieweu as a uiawback,
a stiuggle, oi a stumbling block. It has
only a negative connotation.
But a "challenge" is vieweu
uiffeiently. It is seen as something
positive like an oppoitunity, a task, oi
a uaie.
Can you imagine how uiffeient
youi life woulu be if eveiy time
someone calleu you with a "pioblem"
they saiu,
"Bey Kiis, we have an oppoitunity
at the office."
Youi attituue about solving the
situation woulu be totally uiffeient.
Nobouy wants to ueal with a pioblem
but nobouy wants to miss an
An oppoitunity foi what. To giow,
leain anu impiove. Eveiy "pioblem"
caiiies with it the seeus of giowth anu
innovation. Tiy to iemove the
"pioblem's" fiom youi vocabulaiy anu
you will finu oppoitunities all aiounu.

If you aren't in over your head,
how do you know how tall you
- T. S. Elli ot

7M+")'' D"*6&62:)

7M+")'' D"*6&62:) 3/" N-*6 G-)4
>8")*:4 (*H)

Theie's a populai saying that goes
something like this: "The happiest
people uon't have the best of
eveiything; they just make the best of
eveiything they have." You will have a
ueepei sense of contentment if you
count youi blessings insteau of
yeaining foi what you uon't have.
I have founu this to be tiue
countless times as I have visiteu, oi
liveu in, countiies wheie the stanuaiu
of living was extiemely low. I've founu
some of the happiest people in my life
in homes that consisteu of nothing
moie than a bunch of plywoou anu
sciaps of sheet metal naileu togethei.
The whole family slept, ate, anu
playeu in one small squaie ioom that
baiely kept out the elements. But foi
what the home lackeu in physical size
anu beauty, it oveifloweu with joy anu
Bappiness has nothing to uo with
oui exteinal ciicumstances. It has
eveiything to uo with oui inteinal
We have moie abunuance than
99% of the woilu's population anu yet
have the highest suiciue iate. Why is
that. Because we have foigotten to be
giateful foi the blessings that we have.
The iace to get moie "stuff" has leu us
to link oui happiness to how much we
accumulate. Anu since theie will
always be someone with moie "stuff"
than us, we stait to feel inauequate
anu uepiesseu.
The cuie foi this is to uevelop an
attituue of giatituue. The next time
you aie feeling like you wish you hau
moie money, a biggei house, a newei
cai, oi moie "stuff", take out a piece of
papei anu stait listing eveiything
aiounu you that you aie giateful foi.
As you uo this, you will stait to iealize
how tiuly blesseu you aie anu you will
feel youiself becoming happiei.

We can only be said to be alive in
those moments when our hearts
are conscious of our treasures.
- Thornton Wi lder

!")*0 P&E

!")*0 P&E

Nost people have uieams anu
aspiiations. 0i, at least, they uiu once.
Think about when you weie a small
chilu anu you wanteu to be an
astionaut, oi a piofessional athlete, oi
a iace cai uiivei (oi all thiee at once!)
You weie ieally exciteu about those
Then "ieal life" caught up with you
anu you weie foiceu to settle foi a
"stable caieei." Society tolu you that it
wasn't okay oi even possible to be an
astionaut. So you ueciueu to choose
something moie acceptable anu you
let go of those uieams.
But that uoes not have to be the
enu of the stoiy. You can still set lofty
goals anu uieam of uoing those things
you always wanteu to accomplish.
People who get into the habit of
uieaming big aie moie likely to
accomplish theii goals than those who
When you uaie to uieam big, youi
minu will put itself in a focuseu anu
positive state. You will stait to feel
inspiieu anu exciteu about life. You
will stait to feel those same feelings
you felt as a uayuieaming chilu.
Nobouy evei got exciteu about
settling. No one has evei been
inspiieu by staying iight wheie they
weie. Bappiness comes fiom
uieaming big.

Ah, but a man's reach should
exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven
- Robert Browni ng

!/5C6 1;)*6 6-)
10*88 16233

!/5C6 1;)*6 6-) 10*88 16233

Bappy people ask themselves,
"Will this pioblem mattei a yeai fiom
now." They unueistanu that life's too
shoit to get woikeu up ovei tiivial
Nany of us have a habit of
stiessing ovei the small stuff. It even
seems like we enjoy it. Constant stiess
is almost like an auuiction. I know that
sounus iiuiculous but take a look
aiounu anu obseive people. Nany of
them will finu at least S-1u small
things to get woikeu up about eveiy
single uay. Nost of these aie situations
aie easily iesolveu, out of the peison's
contiol, oi will nevei come to pass.
Letting things ioll off youi back
will put you at ease to enjoy the moie
impoitant things in life.
Always ask youiself, "Will this
mattei one yeai fiom now.

If the problem can be solved, why
worry? If the problem cannot be
solved, worrying will do you no
- Santi deva

1+)*, N)88 /3

1+)*, N)88 /3 S6-)"'

We suie love to gossip. Some
people say that baseball is oui
national pastime but I'u say gossip is
competing foi that top spot. We just
love to heai all about othei people's
faults. Why.
It is actually all about oui own
insecuiity. We love heaiing about
othei people's pioblems because on
some level it makes us feel bettei
about oui own shoitcomings.
We all know those people who
love to spieau gossip. Eveiy time you
talk to them they want to tell you
something negative about a "fiienu" oi
neighboi. Whethei you iealize it oi
not, these aie the most insecuie
people you know. They aie so exciteu
to tell you about othei people because
they hope it will uiveit youi attention
fiom theii own faults. They aie tiuly
unhappy people on the insiue anu
they woulu love nothing moie than to
get you into the same boat.
They aie supeificial fiienus at best
anu you bettei believe they aie
gossiping about you when you aien't
The tiuth is, being nice feels a lot
bettei than being mean. As fun as
gossiping is, it usually leaves you
feeling guilty anu iesentful.
Saying nice things about othei
people encouiages you to think
positive, non-juugmental thoughts.
You will finu that as you say nice
things about people behinu theii back,
they will uo the same to you anu you
will have a lot moie tiue fiienus.

Kind words can be short and easy
to speak, but their echoes are truly
- Mother Theresa

U)H)" V*,)

U)H)" V*,) 7M.2')'

Benjamin Fianklin once saiu, "Be
that is goou foi making excuses is
seluom goou foi anything else." Bappy
people uon't make excuses oi blame
otheis foi theii own failuies in life.
Insteau, they own up to theii mistakes
anu, by uoing so, they pioactively tiy
to change foi the bettei.
Excuses aie easy to come up with.
We can invent hunuieus of ieasons
why things uiun't woik out foi us anu
some of them might even seem pietty
legitimate. The tiouble is that making
excuses can become a veiy uestiuctive
habit. Eveiyone knows that peison
who thinks nothing is evei theii fault.
They aie fiustiating to be aiounu.
In life, the people who constantly
impiove anu succeeu aie those who
aie accountable foi all of theii failuies
anu all of theii successes. Naking
excuses tells the woilu that you aie
not in contiol of youi uestiny. Insteau
of ueciuing what they want to uo anu
going aftei it, they aie leaving theii
happiness to chance. They aie the
"coulu have beens", anu the "if only's".
I uo not know of a single peison in
this categoiy who feels both happy
anu successful in theii life. But that's
okay, it's somebouy else's fault, iight.

Ninety-nine percent of the failures
come from people who have the
habit of making excuses.
George Washi ngton Carver

D)6 >9'/"9): X5
6-) J")')56

D)6 >9'/"9): X5 6-) J")')56

Bappy people uon't uwell on the
past oi woiiy excessively about the
futuie. They savoi the piesent. Not
only that, they let themselves get
immeiseu in whatevei they'ie uoing
at that moment.
0ui woilu is full of uistiactions. It
is becoming incieasingly uifficult to
avoiu inteiiuptions. The pievalence of
smait phones means that we can be
inteiiupteu at any moment, uay oi
night. We aie so tieu to oui phones
that we aie willing to give up the most
impoitant moments of life in oiuei to
answei them. }ust think about the last
time you weie playing with youi kius
anu stoppeu to check a text oi
voicemail. 0i maybe the time you
weie out to lunch with a fiienu anu as
they weie talking you lookeu uown to
see who was calling.
When we uo this, we show all
those aiounu us that they aie one step
below oui phone on the impoitance
scale. Bow sau! We sell the impoitant
moments foi the tiivial ones.
0n top of that, a iecent stuuy
shows that the aveiage peison loses
28% of theii uay to uistiactions anu
attempts at multi-tasking.
Bappy people with meaningful
ielationships have leaineu to be
piesent in the moment. Bon't tiy to
talk to youi spouse while thinking
about woik. You'll come acioss as
Bon't fall into the tiap of tiying to
"multi-task." Those people who claim
to be goou multi-taskeis have ieally
just masteieu the ait of uoing a bunch
of things pooily at the same time.
If you finu youiself jumping
between tasks oi stait to feel youi
minu wanueiing fiom a conveisation,
stop youiself anu iefocus on the
cuiient situation.
In no time at all you will notice
that you aie moie piouuctive, youi
ielationships with youi fiienus,
spouse, anu chiluien will become
ueepei, anu you will feel happiei.

Do not dwell in the past, do not
dream of the future, concentrate
the mind on the present moment.
- Buddha

N*,) Z+ *6 6-)
1*0) G&0) 7H)"4

N*,) Z+ *6 6-) 1*0) G&0) 7H)"4

Bave you noticeu that a lot of
successful people tenu to be eaily
iiseis. Bave you noticeu that a lot of
uepiesseu people wake up late.
I'm not saying that the only way to
be happy is to wake up at S:uu am. But
theie aie a countless numbei of
clinical stuuies showing that waking
up at the same time eveiy moining
stabilizes youi ciicauian ihythm,
uecieases bloou piessuie, incieases
piouuctivity, anu puts you in a calm
anu centeieu state.
Youi uay staits in the moining anu
the actions you take in the fiist houi of
youi uay will ueteimine how the iest
of it goes. It is haiu to foim goou
moining habits when you constantly
change youi wake up time.
Nost leaueis in any aspect of life
choose to aiise eaily in the moining.
Benjamin Fianklin hau the wonueiful
quote that says, "Eaily to beu anu
eaily to iise makes a man healthy,
wealthy, anu wise"
Beciue on a time that allows you to
wake up anu piepaie foi the uay well
befoie you neeu to leave foi school oi
woik. Youi uays will become moie
upbeat anu piouuctive.

Morning is when the wick is lit.
A flame ignited,
The day delighted
With heat and light,
We start the fight
For something more than before.
- Jeb Di ckerson

>H/&: 1/.&*8

>H/&: 1/.&*8 K/0+*"&'/5

Compaiing ouiselves to otheis is a
veiy easy habit to fall into. It is the
easiest, anu woist, way foi us to
ueteimine how we'ie uoing in life.
Eailiei in the book we talkeu about
how humans aie competitive by
natuie. Nany of us also tenu to be veiy
insecuie. We neeu constant ieminueis
of how "goou" we aie. Social
compaiison is the way that we feeu
oui appioval auuiction.
This is how the thought piocess
goes: "I have a biggei house than he
uoes theiefoie we must be uoing
bettei than them. Which makes sense
because I'm smaitei anu woik haiuei
than he uoes." 0i anothei one, "Ny
son staiteu ieauing when he was 4 but
hei kiu is still sounuing out woius
when he's 6. Ny kius aie so much
smaitei because I am such a goou
If you want to see social
compaiison at its finest, go to a
playgiounu wheie a lot of motheis aie
stanuing aiounu talking while theii
chiluien play. If you listen foi at least
S minutes you will heai them biag
back anu foith about theii chiluien as
they tiy to "one-up" each othei.
Bow silly it is that we tie oui own
self woith to the status of people who
uon't ieally mattei.
Eveiyone woiks at theii own pace,
so why compaie youiself to otheis. If
you think you'ie bettei than someone
else, you gain an unhealthy sense of
supeiioiity. If you think someone else
is bettei than you, you enu up feeling
bau about youiself.
Bappy people measuie theii self
woith against theii own goals foi
themselves, not against otheis. They
aie happy when othei people succeeu,
insteau of succumbing to feelings of
You'll be happiei if you focus on
youi own piogiess anu piaise otheis
on theiis. Theie is plenty of ioom at
the top foi eveiyone.

When you are content to be simply
yourself and don't compare or
compete, everybody will respect
- Lao Tzu

K-//') ["&)5:'

K-//') ["&)5:' N&')84

Niseiy loves company. That's why
it's impoitant to suiiounu youiself
with optimistic people who will
encouiage you to achieve youi goals.
It has been saiu that you aie the
aveiage of youi S closest fiienus. So if
a majoiity of youi fiienus aie negative
gossipeis, chances aie that you aie too
(oi soon will become that way).
Conveisely, if you make fiienus
with people who aie positive anu push
you to be bettei, you will stait to feel
moie optimistic anu accomplisheu.
Take a seconu to think of youi S
closest fiienus. What aie they like.
Remembei that the moie positive
eneigy you have aiounu you, the
bettei you will feel about youiself.
Youi fiienus will ueciue who you aie,
choose wisely.

You meet people who forget you.
You forget people you meet. But
sometimes you meet those people
you can't forget. Those are your
- Marti n Luther Ki ng Jr.

U)H)" 1)),
>++"/H*8 3"/0

Never Seek Approval From Others

Happy people dont care what others
think of them. They follow their own
hearts without letting naysayers
discourage them. They know that it is
impossible to please everyone.
Nobody knows you better than you.
It is impossible for others to fully
understand why you are chasing certain
dreams or why you choose to follow
your personal set of beliefs. And thats
okay. You will never understand their
motivations either.
Most people will give you advice
based on their beliefs, not yours. They
will give you answers that worked for
them but might end up being completely
wrong for you.
It is important to listen to what
people have to say, but never seek
anyones approval but your own.

A truly strong person does not
need the approval of others any
more than a lion needs the approval
of sheep.
- Vernon Howard

G*,) G&0) 6/

G*,) G&0) 6/ \&'6)5

Talk less; listen moie. Listening
keeps youi minu open to otheis'
wisuom anu outlook on the woilu.
It is amazing how much collective
wisuom is out theie among the people
you associate with. Theie will always
be someone who has faceu similai
pioblems to youi own. Theii insights
may help you iesolve a concein that
has been tioubling you foi a long time.
But if you fail to listen, you will nevei
benefit fiom what they might shaie.
The gieatest obstacle to effective
listening is excessive talking. We get
so anxious to tell oui siue of things
that we sometimes foiget to listen to
what otheis aie saying.
The moie intensely you listen, the
ueepei youi ielationships will be, anu
the moie content you will feel.

Wisdom is the reward you get for
a lifetime of listening when you'd
have preferred to talk.
Doug Larson

U2"62") 1/.&*8

U2"62") 1/.&*8 ])8*6&/5'-&+'

A lonely peison is a miseiable
peison. Bappy people unueistanu
how impoitant it is to have stiong,
healthy ielationships.
So, how uo we uevelop stiong
ielationships. The answei lies in the
tiuth that "love" is spelleu t-i-m-e.
If you want to inciease the numbei
anu uepth of youi ielationships, you
neeu to finu ways to uevote quality
time to the people close to you.
Quality time is moie than just
going to a movie togethei oi watching
television in the same ioom as one
anothei. You must connect with them
on a ueepei level if you want to have
tiue fiienus.
To stiengthen youi ielationships
tiy to paiticipate in moie meaningful
conveisations. Seive those you love.
Peifoim unexpecteu acts of kinuness
to help biighten theii uay. Always be
willing to listen intently to theii
challenges. Be theie foi them when
they neeu someone to lean on.
Theie is a gieat quote that says,
"When I went looking foi a fiienu,
theie weie none to be founu. But
when I went out to be a fiienu, I founu
them all aiounu."
Youi ielationships will ueteimine
much of youi peisonal happiness. The
moie you nuituie them, the gieatei
joy you will have.

"Good friendships are fragile and
precious things and require as
much care as any other fragile and
precious thing."
- Randolph Bourne

V):&6*6) /" J"*4

V):&6*6) /" J"*4

Neuitating helps you to silence
youi minu anu finu innei peace. I'm
not talking about the meuitation
wheie you cioss youi legs anu make
the funny shape with youi hanus
while humming. I am talking about a
time wheie you just sit still with no
uistiactions anu think to youiself.
When you fiist stait meuitating
you will finu it uifficult to sit foi moie
than Su seconus in silence. Youi biain
will bounce all ovei the place to tiy
anu fill the voiu.
Beie's a tiick that can help you be
moie piesent in the moment: as you
close youi eyes, tiy to focus on the
infoimation coming fiom all of youi
othei senses. What uo you heai, feel,
smell, etc.. This will help you focus on
the moment anu keep you fiom
woiiying about youi uay. It is amazing
how much you can expeiience in youi
suiiounuings without opening youi
eyes oi youi mouth.
Tiy to finu S-1u minutes a uay to
sit quietly anu cleai youi minu of youi
noimal stiesses. Aftei a few uays it
will become easiei anu easiei to focus
on the moment. As you leain to still
youi minu you will notice a numbei of
positive iesults incluuing: less stiess,
moie enjoyment in youi uay, gieatei
piouuctivity, bettei pioblem-solving
skills, anu moie happiness.

Meditation is the life of the soul:
Action, the soul of meditation. and
honor the reward of action.
Franci s Quarles

7*6 N)88

7*6 N)88

Foou can have an immeuiate anu
lasting effect on youi mental health
anu behavioi because of the way it
affects the stiuctuie anu function of
youi biain. Eveiything you eat uiiectly
affects the hoimones youi bouy
piouuces, which will uictate youi
moous, eneigy, anu mental focus.
So it's no wonuei that stimulants,
such as sugai oi caffeine, can kick you
into high geai anu then senu you
ciashing anu feeling woise than
befoie. Apait fiom that, junk foou
makes you sluggish, anu it's uifficult to
be happy when you'ie in that kinu of
A bettei way to achieve a long-
lasting sunny outlook is by eating
nutiition-packeu foous, ieinfoicing
the olu auage, "You aie what you eat".
Some goou examples aie: honey,
almonus, walnuts, tomatoes, avocauo,
eggs, bananas, whole-giain bieau,
cheese, spinach, anu uaik chocolate.

One should eat to live, not live to
-Benjami n Frankli n



A iecent stuuy has shown that
iegulai exeicise can iaise happiness
levels just as much as Zoloft uoes. In
fact, 8S% of people taking anti-
uepiessants iepoit that they uo not
engage in any foim of exeicise on a
iegulai basis. Coinciuence. Naybe.
Exeicising also boosts youi self-
esteem anu gives you a highei sense of
Exeicise boosts youi immune
system, ieuuces the hoimone coitisol
(linkeu with stiess), anu ieleases
enuoiphins (linkeu with happiness
anu well-being).
You uon't have to spenu houis anu
houis at the gym each uay to ieap
these benefits. It only takes 2u
minutes of walking to stait piouucing
some of these effects.

Leave time each day for exercise
and recreation, which are as
necessary as reading. I will rather
say more necessary because health
is worth more than learning.
- Thomas Jefferson

\&H) V&5&0*884

\&H) V&5&0*884

Bappy people iaiely keep cluttei
aiounu the house because they know
that extia belongings weigh them
uown anu make them feel
oveiwhelmeu anu stiesseu out.
I think that a peison's home,
closet, oi office uesk is a pietty goou
ieflection of theii mental state. If theii
minu is clutteieu anu uisoiganizeu, so
aie the physical spaces aiounu them.
Bow many happy hoaiueis uo you
Foi many people, the accumulation
of "stuff" is an attempt to fill a
happiness voiu they feel inteinally.
Eailiei in this book we uiscusseu the
falsehoou that gieatei happiness was
linkeu to moie possessions.
Ninimizing the amount of stuff you
have laying aiounu anu ciammeu into
coineis will help you live moie
simply. Anu if you simplify youi life
you will finu moie mental fieeuom.

Life is really simple, but we insist
on making it complicated.
- Confuci ous

G)88 6-) G"26-

G)88 6-) G"26-

The tiuth will set you fiee. Being
honest impioves youi mental health
anu builus otheis' tiust in you.
When we lie oi blui the tiuth, oui
biain iaises an alaim because what
we aie saying isn't matching up with
what we know to be tiue. This causes
a ielease of hoimones that, in tuin,
iaise oui level of stiess. This is the
ieason people have a haiu time
sleeping when they have been
uishonest about something. This effect
occuis both with majoi lies anu the
"little white lies."
Bishonesty causes uishaimony.
Imagine playing a choiu on the piano.
It sounus wonueiful when all of the
notes aie playeu coiiectly. Now
imagine you move one fingei up onto
the wiong note. The whole choiu
sounus uysfunctional anu haiu to
listen to. When we aie not honest, oui
chaiactei becomes uysfunctional like
the misplayeu choiu. Whethei we
iealize it oi not, eveiyone can heai it.
Lying also has an effect on oui self-
esteem. 0n the insiue, nobouy likes
telling lies. So when we get into
uishonest habits, we stait to view
ouiselves as bau people. Stiangely,
this also leaus us to lie moie often in
oiuei to compensate foi how low we
feel about ouiselves.
In a time when uishonesty is the
societal noim, telling the tiuth will set
you apait as exceptional anu boost
youi confiuence.

Truly, honesty is the cornerstone
of all success, without which
confidence and ability to perform
shall cease to exist.
Mary Kay Ash

>..)+6 N-*6
K*55/6 P)

>..)+6 N-*6 K*55/6 P) K-*5E):

0nce you accept the fact that life is
not faii, you'll be moie at peace with
youiself. Insteau of obsessing ovei
how unfaii life is, just focus on what
you can contiol anu change it foi the
The gieat Roman Empeioi anu
philosophei Naicus Auielius saiu,
"You have powei ovei youi minu - not
outsiue events. Realize this, anu you
will finu stiength."
Almost eveiything that we can
contiol is insiue us. We cannot contiol
woilu events, catastiophes, oi the
actions of otheis, but we can contiol
how we ieact to them.
Bugh Bowns saiu, "A happy peison
is not a peison in a ceitain set of
ciicumstances, but iathei a peison
with a ceitain set of attituues."
Bistoiy is full of gieat men anu
women who weie placeu in extieme
anu hoiiible ciicumstances yet maue
a uecision not to become mentally
uefeateu. They iealizeu that they
coulu not change theii situation, but
they weie in total contiol of how they
thought, felt, anu acteu in that
Bappy people ueciue to be happy;
they uo not wait foi the woilu to
piouuce happy ciicumstances foi

God grant me the strength to
accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the
- St. Franci s


Abiaham Lincoln saiu, "People aie
just as happy as they make up theii
minus to be." I have founu that quote
to be tiue ovei anu ovei again as I
have met anu talkeu with people fiom
aiounu the woilu. Regaiuless of theii
ciicumstances people choose theii
level of happiness.
It seems silly that some people
woulu choose uepiession oi
bitteiness oi angei. Nost of them
ieally uon't think they aie making a
choice. As I have counseleu anu
coacheu people who weie uepiesseu,
angiy, oi oveily self-ciitical, I talk
with them about incoipoiating some
of the habits I have shaieu in this
book. Sauly, 9 out of 1u people will
choose not to even give them an
honest tiy.
Although we aie all boin happy,
iemaining happy takes some woik
anu effoit. Any new skill takes some
time anu effoit to uevelop, but ovei
time it becomes natuial to us anu we
uo it without even thinking.
Bappiness is a skill to be leaineu,
iepeateu anu masteieu. As you woik
at incoipoiating the infoimation in
this book into youi life, you will finu
that you will uevelop the habit of
A gieat way to stait tuining these
piinciples into habits is to focus on
just 1 oi 2 a week. You can wiite uown
the one you aie woiking on anu post it
in a place you will see it a couple times
a uay. It is amazing how much
happiness anu success you can feel by
impioving in just one aiea.
Aftei all is saiu anu uone, the best
way to be happy is to just ueciue to be
happy. If you wake up in the moining
anu ueciue to be happy, you will finu
that youi uays will be biightei anu
people will be moie open anu fiienuly.
You will walk with moie confiuence
anu be less affecteu by the little
bumps in the ioau.
Nake happiness a habit that woiks
foi you.

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