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Binge drinking is a pattern of heavy drinking spread all over the world, on different levels, especially in Europe, our continent being the heaviest drinking region in the world. Although binge drinkers choose to live in the moment and not think about the consequences, most of the times they regret it afterwards. Our campaign aims to reduce heavy alcohol consumption by making the target aware of the mistakes they make when they drink too much. We have all heard the expression: “I’ll probably regret this tomorrow but...” followed by people drinking large amounts of alcohol disregarding the later consequences. This is where we come in. Our campaign comprises three stages. As regards the first one, we want to advert to a specific effect of binge drinking: the regrets caused by mistakes. We don’t want to be moralistic or preachy; we don’t want to criticize our target, to scare them or to forbid them to drink. In the second phase we want to directly engage the audience in our campaign and turn them from thinking‛ I have to get drunk in order to have fun ‛ to “I can drink less and still feel good” . Our main focus is to efficiently communicate to our target that they could have fun, relax and socialize also by drinking a reasonable amount of alcohol, therefore drinking less. The third phase’ key word is „ACT‛. Our target is informed and aware, engaged and motivated to drink less. Now, they have to act. There is a gap between wanting or planning to drink less and really doing it, therefore our campaign will re-run after a period of time, having in concern the results of the running period.



In any shape or form a mistake comes. the binge drinker’s health or social life is always affected. Example: o o o o o o break-up with (girl)boyfriend. So. therefore he has regrets. Carrying a big amount of regrets is burdensome to anyone. 3 . destroy things. make a fool of themselves. tending to become self-destructive. forget things they’ve done. they make MISTAKES that turn into REGRETS. get arrested. get sick. have unprotected sex.• • • Binge drinkers enjoy the moment by drinking a lot and by taking advantage of all the benefits of alcohol consumption BUT usually they cross the line. drive drunk.

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we support them in making better choices concerning the amount of drinks/mistakes they do in the future.We want our target audience to think about their actions. 5 . analyze and take attitude. The message we want to communicate is “don’t be so heavy weighted with regrets. our campaign emphasizes the importance of our target audience’s real experience. drink less”. providing us the best insights for the future stages of the campaign. Therefore. Instead of telling the target audience what to do or forbid them to drink by using an authoritarian tone. that we highlight “to be less regretful. The call-to-action of the campaign is to involve them by sharing their regrets and get aware of a fact. we created an interactive online platform. Lose some of that weight (of regrets)” ‟ By creating consumer generated content.

INFORM ONLINE • Series of flashmobs near Universities and student facilities. share their experience and offer guidance to the target audience PRINT ONLINE II. • Outdoor: Bus shelter. • Bus shelters/Subway • Testimonials from ex-binge drinkers • Volunteering opportunities for exbinge drinkers: become online advisers. Subway • Campaign website • Facebook page • Twitter profile • Google adwords • Students’ magazines • Contest : website and facebook • Story sharing: website and Social Networks • Application: website and Youtube • Smartphone application • Announcement of The Best Video Rewards and prizes • Outdoor: Billboards.BTL OFFLINE I. ENGAGE OFFLINE III. Billboard. ACT ONLINE 6 .

Our target audience does not spend time watching TV. It provides us the best insights that will be very useful in the future campaign actions. they surf on the Internet.Consumer generated content is the best approach in running this campaign. 7 . It reaches three out of three objectives of our campaign. It does not require as much money as TV ads do in other campaigns.

” STORY SHARING EMPATHETIC SOLVING tone of voice 8 .THE BIG IDEA “Decrease the number of your REGRETS by drinking LESS.

for being sick and for hurting people around me. therefore I should drink less. I do make tones of mistakes when I drink too much and I do have an awful mood afterwards. Maybe I will try to drink less next time. for the worst decisions I could ever make. After all it’s all about me.” “I really hate it when I wake up and feel sorry about the night before.” 9 . I could try making better decisions about this.“This campaign has its part of truth.

AIM: This will allow people to hear the sound of regret in a group of binge drinkers. 10 . Eventually. gesturing accordingly. and afterwards very loud. There will be placards on the ground with the following text “DRINK the beginning resembling a swarm of bees. REGRET LESS!” In order to stop the dancers from saying I’M SORRY.DESCRIPTION: These flash mobs will be put into effect by dancers acting as if they were drunk. REGRET LESS. by seeing the placards and raising them up they are receiving the advice our campaign is proposing: DRINK LESS. people around them have to get these placards and raise them above their heads. all the dancers will simultaneously shout/say I’M SORRY. but gradually .

inebriety. youth. alcohol consumption. health. alcohol in blood. alcoholism . mistake. degenerate. bar. I’M SORRY DAILY SITUATIONS. to inform. NONALCOHOLIC RECIPES. I’M SORRY HEALTH SITUATIONS. CONTACT. we made an interactive and very realistic website platform. car accident. friends. drinking. The website will have five sections: ABOUT CAMPAIGN. apology. I’m sorry. intemperance. alcohol. REGRET LESS! INTERNET: SEO/SEM keywords Binge drinking. party. risk. to share drink-related regretful stories ‟ to highlight our campaign’s message : DRINK LESS.DESCRIPTION: : As for showing a detailed image of what are considered to be the damages of alcohol on people's behaviour. AIM: To directly engage the target audience. fun. drunk. accident. 11 . regrets.

2. as well as recurent contests: 1. Create a video which should comprise the way you would make up for a mistake made while you were drunk.Tell us the worst “I’M SORRY” situation produced by excessive drinking that you had previously experienced or heard of. its purpose and a brief insight into the campaign`s background. Tell us your drink-related I'M SORRY story and we will illustrate it into an ad. starting interesting topics and contests and sharing our updates concerning the campaign. As a reward/motivation our involved target audience will be awarded with trips. 12 . our target audience will find the campaign description.DESCRIPTION: Our Facebook page is named I’M SORRY CAMPAIGN. 3. AIM: To inform and to engage our target audience by linking it to our website. Here.

The result will show the alcohol percentage in blood and a button underneath that will display the video generated by the application.DESCRIPTION: To see the situation generated by this application. then click on the MIX button. 13 . the user has to select as many drinks as he wants. Different situations (positive/negative) are generated. AIM: The meaning of this application is to engage our target audience by allowing them to select the amount of drinks they want. to inform them about the alcohol percentage at a certain number of drinks and to show them the most common situations that could happen when you have different percentage of alcohol in blood. according to alcohol percentage in blood.

14 .DESCRIPTION: Our user has the option to upload his photograph. as he would be drunk. click on generate I’M SORRY portrait. The application generates the photograph with a slide bar that allows the user to see his portrait modified. AIM: To engage our target audience to see on themselves an I’M SORRY situation through this kind of portraiture.

SO DURING THE CAMPAIGN. presenting the I’M SORRY drink-related situations and to direct it toward our website. which is the main platform of our campaign. for instance. IN THE FIRST STAGE OF THE CAMPAIGN OUR ADS EXPRESS ONLY THE MOST COMMON DRINK-RELATED REGRETFUL SITUATIONS.DESCRIPTION: The print ads will illustrate the "sorry moments" to be shared by our target audience on the campaign Website and Facebook page. AIM: The purpose of the ads is to engage the target audience. 15 . OF MORE I'M SORRY SITUATIONS. The most popular scenes will be placed on the subway walls. PROVIDED BY THE PICTURES AND STORIES SHARED BY OUR TARGET AUDIENCE ON OUR WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE. THERE WILL BE MORE ADS TO COME.

16 .

17 .AIM: To communicate our campaign's message and establish a link between our target and our website.

AIM: To get the audience's attention.. arouse their curiosity and attract them to our website. 18 . And also to make the situations presented on the panels retainable.DESCRIPTION: The outdoor advertising panels comprise testimonials and images of mistakeful situations.

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adventure-competition.adventure-competition.mp4 http://www.2 . http://www.1 .eu/library/38/11/SAMPLE .eu/library/38/11/SAMPLE .mp4 20 .DESCRIPTION: The videos are examples of what the I'M SORRY generator would render. AIM: The purpose of the videos is engaging the target audience.IMSORRY GENERATOR VIDEO. presenting the I’M SORRY drink-related situations. We only captured two of the many situations the generator would render.IMSORRY GENERATOR VIDEO.

http://www.BLOGS. It will be placed on each country’s most known blogs and on tv shows websites. AIM: To have a better reach towards our target and to attract them to our .mp4 21 .DESCRIPTION: The banner is an animated gif. It comprises the stages of getting drunk.

Month Calendar week ACTION ONLINE Website Banner Man in the mirror contest SEO/ SEM keywords SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Twitter Youtube Channel January 2 3 4 4 February 5 6 7 8 March 9 10 11 12 April 13 14 15 16 May 17 18 19 20 June 21 22 23 24 MOBILE App OFFLINE OUTDOOR Billboard Bus Shelter Subway Flashmobs PRESS Student magazines 22 .

„ The number of likes and shared regrets on our Facebook page „ The number of retwitts on Twitter „ The number of unique visitors and feedback from our website „ The number of visualizations on our Youtube I'M SORRY generator application „ The videos submitted in the contest on Facebook/website „ Questionnaires questions regarding the amount of alcohol consumed during certain periods of time. the retainability of our campaign's message „ The number of likes and shared regrets on our Facebook page „ Reviews/ news articles of our campaign „ Statistics about the alcohol consumption within the period of the campaign „ Reviews/ news articles of our campaign 23 . 5 http://www.PRINT.adventure-competition.adventure-competition.jpg http://www.LINKS: http://www.adventure-competition.adventure-competition.jpg http://www.mp4 1 .jpg http://www.jpg http://www.ADS.IMSORRY GENERATOR 2 .AD .jpg http://www.IMSORRY GENERATOR .jpg http://www.jpg http://www.adventure-competition.jpg http://www.jpg http://www.mp4 24 .AD .eu/library/38/11/BANNER .IMSORRY GENERATOR.jpg 6 .eu/library/38/11/MAGAZINE.AD .1 .eu/library/38/11/FACEBOOK .adventure-competition.jpg 3 .jpg .eu/library/38/11/WEBSITE.PRINT.jpg .eu/library/38/11/EPISODE 4 .eu/library/38/11/BUS APPLICATION.jpg http://www.jpg http://www.AD .adventure-competition.AD .2 .PRINT.jpg http://www.COVER.