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Introduction Declaring Variables Preprocessor Statements Arithmetic Operators Programming Style Keyboard Input Relational Operators For and while loops If if else relational operators Switch!case String and character handling Data "alidation e#amples $onditional e#pression operator Arrays Functions Additional assignment operator Sample programs so far %andling user input and Validation Formatters for printf&' and scanf&' bit operations Structures Data con"ersion with itoa&' and atoi&' Files Pointers Dynamic (emory Allocation

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Preprocessor Statements (acros $onditional $ompilation typedef )umerated Data *ypes +nions Register based "ariables null statements and strings $ommand ,ine Arguments Pointers to functions Formatters for characters and strings System $alls Suggested solutions to all problems Ad"anced $ hardware accessing long-ump!ctrl brea. comms Interacti"e tests

C++ Language
1: Introducing C++
1.1 Some Remarks about Programming 1.2 The Origins of C++ 1.3 ANSI/ISO C++ 1. The C++ Programming !n"ironment in #NI$

1.% An !&am'(e C++ Program 1.) *er+ Sim'(e In'ut, Out'ut an- Assignment 1.. Sim'(e /(o0 of Contro(

1.1 Pre(iminar+ Remarks about Program St+(e !&er2ises

2: Variables, Types and Expressions
2.1 I-entifiers 2.2 3ata T+'es
Integers Rea( numbers T+'e Casting Chara2ters Strings #ser 3efine- 3ata T+'es

2.3 Some Ti's on /ormatting Rea( Number Out'ut 2. 3e2(arations, Constants an- !numerations
!numerations 4here to 'ut Constant an- *ariab(e 3e2(arations

2.% Assignments an- !&'ressions
Shorthan- Arithmeti2 Assignment Statements 5oo(ean !&'ressions an- O'erators


3: Functions and Procedural bstraction

Out'ut #sing 9>>9 an.3 Che2king for /ai(ure 0ith /i(e Comman-s .of an In'ut /i(e .Programming St+(e 3.9<<9 .7oo.3 *a(ue an.O"er(oa-ing 3.Referen2e Parameters /un2tions 0hi2h use *a(ue Parameters are Safe Referen2e Parameters 3.3is2onne2ting Streams to /i(es .% Che2king for the !n./un2tions 3.. Po(+mor'hism an. Chara2ter In'ut an.) Streams as Arguments in /un2tions . 4h+ #se /i(es8 .% Pro2e-ura( Abstra2tion an.2 #ser6-efine.Out'ut In'ut using 9get()9 Out'ut using 9put()9 The 9putback()9 /un2tion .1.1 The Nee.3. In'ut an.for Sub6'rograms 3.2 Streams Creating Streams Conne2ting an.) S'(itting Programs into 3ifferent /i(es !&er2ises !: Files and "trea#s .

% Strings The Sentine( String Chara2ter '\0' String *ariab(e 3e2(arations an.% A Remark about Neste.9false9 in C++ %.Notation 3e2(aring an arra+ Assignment Statements an.!&'ressions 0ith Arra+ !(ements ).oo's %. 94hi(e9 an.Assignments Some Pre-efine.String /un2tions String In'ut using 9getline()9 ..1 The 5asi2 I-ea an. !&'ressions an. 5(o2ks an.S2o'ing %.2 9/or9.2 Arra+s as Parameters in /un2tions )..3 Sorting Arra+s ).S0it2h Statements %. 4hi(e9 .3 <u(ti'(e Se(e2tion an.oo' Statements !&er2ises (: rrays and "trings )..!&er2ises $: %ranc& and 'oop "tate#ents %.93o .1 5oo(ean *a(ues. T0o6-imensiona( Arra+s )./un2tions Note: The I-entifiers 9true9 an.

% Re2ursion an.1 The 5asi2 I-ea 1.. an. Automati2 an..3 3+nami2 Arra+s .9delete9 o'erators.inke.3+nami2 *ariab(es !&er2ises *: +ecursion 1.9->9 O'erators Creating a .ist Printing a .) Re2ursi"e 3ata Stru2tures .. Three <ore !&am'(es 1.the 2onstant 9NULL9 .Iteration 1.1 Intro-u2ing Pointers 3e2(aring Pointers Assignments 0ith Pointers #sing the O'erators 9 *9 an9&9 The 9new9 an.ists The 9.9 an..3 The <e2hani2s of a Re2ursi"e Ca(( 1.inke.2 A Sim'(e !&am'(e 1.Pointer Arithmeti2 .inke.2 Arra+ *ariab(es an....% .!&er2ises ): Pointers .

. 'rintfBC AN3 s2anfBC /#NCTIONS Se2tion 1.D. C TOA!NS Se2tion 1.AS> C>ARACT!R CONSTANTSC Se2tion 1.3. C>ARACT!RS #S!3 IN @C@ Se2tion 1. OP!RATORS AN3 !$PR!SSIONS .%... T>! >ISTOR? Se2tion 1.). . =ui2k Sort 6 A Re2ursi"e Pro2e-ure for Sorting !&er2ises Data Structures Chapter 1. CO<<!NTS Se2tion 1.2. STR#CT#R! O/ A @C@ PRO7RA< Se2tion 1.1.1. Overview of 'C' Se2tion 1. 3ATA T?P!S Se2tion 1. !SCAP! S!=#!NC! B5ACAS.1.

I$&"OD(C&IO$ Section ).1E. /#NCTIONS Se2tion 1. Arra3s: Searching and Sorting Section ). #NIONS Se2tion 1.0SIS Section 2. CO$C!%& O' DA&A S&"(C&("!S Section 2.1.2. A""A0S Section ).1. Data Structures and Algorithms: An Introduction Section 2./. 7(!(!S Section /.1).13..1. D!SI*$ O' A S(I&A+.1.12.1.*O"I&-. !$!RCIS!S Chapter 2.2. !2!"CIS!S Chapter /. ARRA?S Se2tion 1. A%%. . Stac6s and 7ueues Section /. STR#CT#R!S Se2tion 1.ICA&IO$S O' S&AC8S Section /. /.(.).2. INP#T6O#TP#T /#NCTIONS BI/OC Se2tion 1.)./.Se2tion 1.1%. "!%"!S!$&A&IO$ O' A""A0S I$ %-0SICA.5. A$A. O !" I!# Section 2.11.1 .*O"I&-.ICA&IO$S O' A""A0S Section ).O"0 Section ). Section 2.O4 O/ CONTRO.!$SIO$A. O$!4DI. !2!"CIS!S .. T!ST ?O#R SAI. !2!"CIS!S Chapter ).11. #S!R63!/IN!3 3ATA T?P!S Se2tion 1.)./.! A. A""A0S Section ). Se2tion 1.!$SIO$A. A%%. S&AC8S Section /. A.S Se2tion 1.1.&I4DI.!. .

9. !2!"CIS!S Chapter 9.ICA&IO$S O' *"A%-S Section :.1.:.5.)..O*0 Section :.!S (SI$* S&"!A.)..!S I$ 'C' Section .. %OI$&!"S A$D A""A0S Section 1.5. 'I. '"!7(!$&. DA&A A$D I$'O".&!".IC A. !2!"CIS!S Chapter 5. *"A%.OCA&IO$ Section 1.:.:. +I$A"0 &"!!S Section 9.IS&S Section 5.I$8!D S&AC8S Section 5.I$8!D .2..Chapter 1.! O"*A$I=A&IO$ Section .1<.I$8!D . CO.2..!S Section 1. SO. D0$A.1..! CO$C!%&S Section ./. !2!"CIS!S Chapter :.1./. A%%. #O"8I$* #I&. I$&"OD(C&IO$ Section 5.S Section 1.0 $OD!S Section 5.IS&S Section 5. &!S& 0O(" S8I. I$&"OD(C&IO$ Section 1. .S .! O"*A$I=A&IO$ Section .'I.1.!. !2!"CIS!S Chapter .%A"ISO$ O' S!7(!$&IA.5.I$8!D S&O"A*! Section 5. &-! CO$C!%& O' D(.5...). 'I.1.!S A$D S&"!A. A$D . %OI$&!" A"IA+. !D %"O+. %ointers Section 1. I$&"OD(C&IO$ Section :.O*0 Section 9.. "!%"!S!$&A&IO$ O' *"A%-S Section :./.! O"*A$I=A&IO$ Section .I$O. 'iles Section ..2.1.in6ed .2. O%!"A&IO$S O' *"A%-S Section :.. .1. A""A0 O' %OI$&!"S Section 1.9. I$&"OD(C&IO$ Section 9.2...9. . O%!"A&IO$S O$ . *"AD!D %"O+.1. 'I.S Section 5.. I>O Section . %OI$&!"S A$D S&"(C&("!S Section 1..5. "!%"!S!$&A&IO$ O' A +I$A"0 &"!! Section 9. S!7(!$&IA.S Section . A"IA&IO$S O' ..I$8!D . &0%!S O' +I$A"0 &"!!S Section 9.A&IO$ Section ./.).!. 'I.I$O.. 'I..I$8!D 7(!(!S Section 5.ists Section 5.1.. *raphs Section :. . DI"!C& 'I.1. &rees Section 9./.IS&S Section 5. +ASIC &!".0 AS8!D 7(!S&IO$S Section 1.).

A . General Background a. 'xercises ).). !2!"CIS!S UNIX Operating System 1. !2!"CIS!S Chapter 1<.1<.Section . Features 4. S8I% .1. %o&&and Su&&ar( f. S!&S Section 1<./.. ogging !n " !ff b. Getting Started a. Introduction 3. +4&"!!S Section 1<. Unix !*erating S(ste& !rgani+ation . Advanced Data Structures Section 1<. Unix flavors b. 'rrors " 'rror $essages e. Preface 2.1. !n#line $anual c. &"!!S Section 1<.2.IS&S Section 1<. %o&&ands " %o&&and For&at d.

File S(ste& $iscellan( . 'xercises 1.e Unix S. Introduction to Processes b. -. Introduction to Unix File S(ste& b.ell a. $ore !n Processes a. 'diting -ext Files a.ell 5.e S. $ore 7it.. Process Status b. 0ddtional File S(ste& $ani*ulation g. Pass3ord 4erificataion d.e Startu* Se2uence c. File 0ttributes e.e Unix File S(ste& a. File S(ste& /avagation d. -. 'xercises 6.. Understanding and $odif(ing File Per&issions f. Processes and t. %o&&and Su&&ar( i.. File -(*es c. fork and exec . Introduction to t.

ell Progra& $iscellan( e. S.ouble <uotes . . Introduction to S. <uotes and !t. Introduction to 'nviron&ent 4ariables a. 'xercises 18.ell Progra&&ing S. Back <uotes c. !t.c. Backslas. Process %ontrol d. Single <uotes d.ell 4ariables d. %o&&and Su&&ar( 12. dot 9evisited c. %o&&and Su&&ar( 11.&etic Using S. %o&&and Su&&ar( e. b. Introduction to 'nviron&ent 4ariables b. !f Progra&s: Processes and .ell 4ariables e.aracters a.ots d.ild Processes c. 4ariables and S*ecial %. General Introduction b. 0rit.

Progra& %ontrol State&ents a. %o&&and Su&&ar( 14. Pi*e !*erator c. Functions b. I=! 9edirection b. !dds and 'nds a. I=! 9edirection and Pi*es a.e. Using 9ead 7it. Progra& In*ut a. %onditional %ontrol !*erators . %o&&and Su&&ar( 13. %onditional %ontrol State&ents c. Progra& In*ut Using 9ead b. Iterative State&ents d. Filters 0re !ur Friends d. Finding Files c. %o&&and Su&&ar( 1). %onditional -esting State&ents b.. 9edirection 1.

Sorting Arra3s /. @ava for . -ow to "un 3our @ava %rogrammes 5.oops ).Java Contents Section One: Getting Started with Java 1. Option %anes ). Dou?le aria?les in @ava aria?les 1. @ava String aria?les 5. @ava Comments /.ulti4Dimensional Arra3s 5. Arra3s and . If Statements in @ava 2. If !lse Statements ). #hat 3ou need to get started 2. OperatorA%recedence Section 3: Control Flow 1. +oolean alues /. @ava #hile . Integer 2. &he $et?eans Software ). Short and 'loat /. &he Structure of @ava Code 1. %rinting to the Output #indow 9. @ava Arra3s 2. *etting Input from the (ser 9.oops 5. Arra3s and Strings 1.ists Section 5: Java String ethods .oops Section 4: Arrays in Java 1. Arra3 . Switch Statements 1. . Sharing 3our programmes with others Section 2: Variables 1.

ogic !rrors in @ava Section &' (ealing with )e*t Files in Java 1. Su?tractD DivideD . &he replace . &he charAt . Add a &eBt +oB to a @ava 'orm /.ethod 1. Accessing Class aria?les 1.ethod .ethod 5.ethods 2.ethods Section ": Java Classes 1.ethods 5. &he compare . !rror -andling and !Bcpetions 2. &he @ava Class Constructor Section #: Java $rror %andling 1. Coding for the %lus +utton :. &he eCuals . Calling 3our @ava . Coding for the !Cuals +utton . +utton %roperties Section ++: ore Java For0 Controls . Stac6 &race ). @ava 'orm !vents 9.ethod /. (pper and ... #rite to a &eBt 'ile in @ava Section +. Coding for the Clear +utton 1<.: A Java Calc-lator . Open and "ead a &eBt 'ile in @ava 2. #riting 3our own @ava Classes 2. Add a +utton to the 'orm 1. . &he indeBOf . @ava .ore on @ava Class .ethod %arameters 1. . %rinting 'ormatted Strings Section !: Java ethods ). -andling .1.ethod 1.ethods /.owerCase ). &he su?string . &he Different 'orm iews in $et+eans 5. @ava 'orms 2. @ava and Strings 2.ethod 9. 'ield aria?les /.utliple .ultipl3 +uttons ). %assing alues to . @ava and Inheritance ).

Open 'ile Dialogue +oBes 5.enus to a @ava 'orm 1. Delete a "ecord from a Data?ase .ove to the 'irst and . Save 'ile Dialogue +oBes Section +2: Java and (atabases 1. Opening 'iles 9. (pdate a "ecord 5. Data?ase Scrolling +uttons ).ove +ac6 &hrough the Data?ase /.ast "ecords 1. @ava and Data?ases 2. . Adding "ecords to &a?le /. . Add a $ew "ecord 9. Connect to a Data?ase with @ava code 5. @ava Chec6 +oBes ). Save a $ew "ecord :. Adding . Connecting to the &a?le Section +3: (atabases and Java For0s 1. S7. @ava and Com?o +oBes 2. Data?ases and @ava 'orms 2.1. Creating a Data?ase with @ava ). Commands 1. "adio +uttons /.

J#". . EJ(s2)/ -Enterprise Java (eans.)/ -Java #ransaction "#I.)2 -Java Server +ages. JD(C2)/ -Java Data0ase Connectivity.J2EE Contents W at is J2EE! J2EE"rc itecture J2EE#iers J2EEContainers J2EE$o%es J2EE Servers an& Services Services o' EJ( Container J2EE #ec no%ogy Serv%ets2)* JS+s.

J1S,)/ -Java 1essage Services. Java1ai%,)2 J"2,)/ -Java (eans "ctivationa% 2rame3or4. J"X+,), -Java#1 "+I 'or X1L +rocessing. JC",)/ -Java Connector "rc itecture. J""S,)/ -Java "ut entication an& "ut ori5ation Services. +ac4aging We0Services "&vantages o' J2EE "pp%ications

DO#NE# Conso%e "pp%ications
Course Intro-u2tion Course Introduction Creating Sim'(e CF Programs ,esson Introduction Create a Simple CE Console Application (se a $amespace Comment Code Create a Simple Class ,i?rar3 &est a Simple Class ,i?rar3 Create a Simple CE #indows *(I Application ,esson 'ollowup 4orking 0ith C(asses ,esson Introduction Define and (se a Class (se Access .odifiers Define $amespaces Declare an A?stract Class Derive a Concrete Class from an A?stract Class (se an A?stract Class and its Concrete Derived Class ,esson 'ollowup 4orking 0ith <etho-s ,esson Introduction Implement Constructors Implement a Destructor Override a .ethod Overload a .ethod Overload an Operator %ass %arameters ,esson 'ollowup Programming 0ith /orms an- Contro(s ,esson Introduction Create a *raphical %rogram (sing Standard +uilt4in Controls Create a Custom Control (se Custom Controls on a 'orm ,esson 'ollowup 4riting Statements that Contro( Program /(o0 ,esson Introduction #rite Conditional Statements #rite ,oop Statements #rite @ump Statements ,esson 'ollowup #sing T+'es in CF ,esson Introduction (se %redefined Data &3pes Differentiate +etween "eference and alue &3pes

(se Casting Define and (se a Struct &3pe Define and (se an !num &3pe ,esson 'ollowup Programming 0ith !&2e'tions ,esson Introduction Catch !Bceptions Define Custom !Bceptions &hrow !Bceptions (tiliFe the finall3 8e3word ,esson 'ollowup 4orking 0ith Interfa2es ,esson Introduction Define an Interface Implement Interfaces in Derived Classes Invo6e Interface .ethods ,esson 'ollowup 4orking 0ith Arra+s an- Co((e2tions ,esson Introduction Define a "ectangular or -igher4dimensional Arra3 (se a "ectangular Arra3 Define a @agged Arra3 (se a @agged Arra3 Choose and>or Create a Collection &3pe (se A Collection &3pe ,esson 'ollowup 4orking 0ith Pro'erties an- In-e&ers ,esson Introduction !Bpose %roperties !Bpose IndeBers ,esson 'ollowup 5ui(-ing an- 3e'(o+ing Assemb(ies ,esson Introduction Create an Assem?l3 with the CE Command ,ine Compiler (se Ildasm Deplo3 an Assem?l3 ,ocall3 Create and Deplo3 a Shared Assem?l3 ,esson 'ollowup

Win&o3s "pp%ications


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Intro&uction D1L DDL 2unctions 6roup 0y7 8aving Join Store& +roce&ure


ects Common Language $untime 9isua% Stu&io 2//: Inte%%iSense Language Syntax o o o o o o o o • (asic C< Synta= Comments Data #ypes 9aria0%es Operators Con&itiona% Statements Looping Structures 2unctions Classes & Objects o o o o o o o o o • C%asses an& O0.ects +artia% C%asses 1et o&s7 +roperties an& Events Constructors +roperty +roce&ures Enumerations $e'erence vs) 9a%ue #ypes Structures Namespaces Arrays & Collections o o o o • "rrays $esi5ing "rrays "rray Lists > 8as #a0%es 6eneric Co%%ections Windows Forms and Controls .o o o o o • NE# an& 9isua% Stu&io 2//: NE# +ro.

o o • Text Contro% C%ass (uttons oxes Labels! Literals Image Contro%s +icture (o= Contro% +ane% Contro% Com0o (o= Contro% List (o=es Drop&o3n Lists Date #ime +ic4er Contro% Lin4 La0e%s C ec4 (o=es C ec4 (o= Lists $a&io (uttons $a&io (utton Lists $ic #e=t (o= Contro% #a0 Contro% #oo% Strip Contro% 1enu Strip Contro% o o o o o o o o o o o o o o • Creating Custom Controls o o o • Create Ne3 Contro%s 'or 2orms Create a Contro% 'rom an E=isting Contro% an& "&& 2unctiona%ity Creating "#I A$$lications o o o • 1DI "pp%ications 1DI +arent an& 1DI C i%& 2orms 1anage 1enus %rinters and %rinting o o o o System7 Dra3ing7 +rinting Namespace +rint Document7 +rinter Settings +age Settings +rint +revie3 Contro% .

andling . o o o o o o o o • -"L Overvie3 o' "DO)NE# Connection O0.ect Data $ea&ers Data Sets > Data "&apters E=ecute non-?uery7 E=ecute sca%ar E=ecute rea&er Data 6ri& 9ie3 Contro% o o o o o o • $ea&ing an& Writing X1L7 +rogrammatica%%y Important C%asses in t e System)X1L Namespace $ea& an& Write X1L No&es an& "ttri0utes uilding Setu$ A$$lications o o o o o • Insta%%ation +ac4age Customi5e a Setup +ro.o o o • +age Setup Dia%og +rint +revie3 Dia%og +rint Dia%og Contro%s A#O&'(T )Wor*ing wit+ #atabase.andling o o o • E=ception C%ass #ry7 Catc 7 2ina%%y Wor4ing 3it E=ception 8an&%ing File .ect Contro% Insta%%ation o' an "pp%ication Speci'y Con&itions o' an Insta%% Custom "ctions 'or a'ter an Insta%%ation (xce$tion .ect Comman& O0.

a?: Creating a -ealth Anal3sis #e? 'orm with #e? Controls .$!& %ages .esson Introduction #rite a Simple AS%.esson .esson Introduction Create a #e? 'orm (sing AS%.esson 'ollow (p Creating 4eb /orms 0ith 4eb Contro(s .N!T .$!& #e? %age Output Content and "edirect to a Different %age %ass (ser Information +etween %ages Store and "etrieve Data (sing a Coo6ie %erform +rowser Detection &ransfer %rocessing .N!T Pages .ist Control Displa3 Data with a Data*rid Control erif3 (ser Input with alidation Controls "otate +anner Ads with the Ad "otator Control Create a Calendar using a Calendar Control .ist Controls Displa3 Data with a "epeater Control Displa3 Data with a Data.<o-u(arit+ .a?: Create a .ogin S3stem (sing +asic AS%..esson .esson .esson Introduction Displa3 Data from a Data?ase Displa3 Data from a Data?ase (sing #e? Controls CustomiFe Data?ound "esults (sing St3le Sections CustomiFe Data?ound "esults (sing &emplates .esson 'ollow (p A22essing 3atabases 0ith A3O.odularit3 with a (ser Control . Controls Implement a %ost?ac6 'orm Increase Code Separation with a Code4?ehind 'ile Increase .esson 'ollow (p In2reasing Co-e Se'aration an.esson Introduction Separate Code from Content with -&.$!& #e? Controls Create *rouped !lements with .o o o o o System7 IO Namespace Wor4ing 3it Directories an& 2i%es $ea& an& 3rite 'i%e Stream $ea&er an& Stream Writer C%asses "S+)NE# Course Intro-u2tion Course Introduction 4riting 5asi2 ASP.a?: Creating a Su?scription %ost?ac6 'orm with a (ser Control .

erge .e 4B0 code t...ave created for t.esson .. Documents to Dis6 .esson 'ollow (p Con"erting an. t.esson Introduction Create a DataSet with .eets: &odules and for&s.ultiple 'ormats (sing ADO.odif3 Data with S7.en (ou select one of t. Document (sing a Schema Search an 2. 7. Document Create $ested 2. In it (ou can create (our 4B0 *rocedures >&acros? and userfor&s.$!& . Document for Specific Information !dit an 2..o3 in t.esson 'ollow (p Programming $<.e ProAect 7indo3 (ou 3ill add &odules and create for&s.a?: Outputting Customer and Order Details (sing 2. Control .a?: .e ProAect 7indo3 lists all (our o*en *roAects 3it.esson .N!T .a?: Displa3ing the Sale Categor3 %roducts in .4+ased *uest?oo6 .at (ou .e user friendl( *rogra& t. 3ata 0ith ASP.N!T 3ataSets .. Document Output 2S.eir s..& "esults (sing the 2. @ou 3ill t.ultiple &a?les Displa3 Data from "elated &a?les .esson ..e selected co&*onent 3ill a**ear in (ou 3ill use to talk 3it.. 3o2uments 0ith ASP. from a DataSet O?Gect "ead Data into a DataSet from an 2. Document &ransform an 2.odif3 DataSet "ecords and .e Pro*erties 7indo3 and t.esson . 1esson 2: )he . 'xcel.esson 'ollow (p <ani'u(ating 3ata 0ith A3O.e 4isual Basic 'ditor is t. In t. Commands .. .e co&*onents its *ro*erties 3ill s.esson Introduction Access and Displa3 an 2.ro7erties 5indow in the Vis-al 2asic $ditor o6 $*cel .ro/ect 5indow in the Vis-al 2asic $ditor o6 $*cel -.. 1esson 3: )he .N!T . Document #rite 2.e 4B'.esson Introduction #rite Data from a DataSet to an 2.e %ode 7indo3.anipulating %roduct and Order Data with DataSets .ese co&*onents easil( ste* b( ste* in t. Document alidate an 2..Transforming $<..en be able to &odif( and test t.esson 'ollow (p 9(" 1acros in E=ce% 1esson +: Vis-al 2asic $ditor 3V2$4 in $*cel -..a?: Create an 2.anipulate Data in a Data*rid Control .

in (ou .is lesson (ou 3ill learn .e& fro& recorded &acros: fro& one of (our old &acros or fro& t.e action .e Eel* Files and t.e !bAect t.e&. In and is selected on t.e for&s. In t. @ou 3ill also run and test t.e 4isual Basic 'ditor of 'xcelD t.ave discovered in t. S*lit (our screen: use t.o3 to start a &acro b( o*ening a 3orkbook >also called .e Internet 3.e click on a button. @ou 3ill also learn .is lesson 3e investigate t.e &acro t.o3 to connect it to (our &acro. 1esson !: )esting acros in the V2$ 7.e obAect t. @ou can ke( lesson (ou 3ill learn about t.e *ro*erties of t.e& so t.e %ode 7indo3.e $acro 9ecorder 3ill 3rite &acros.? t. @ou 3ill use (our *rocedure does in 'xcel ste* b( ste*.e ProAect 7indo3 >s.en (ou develo* &acros in 'xcel (ou s*end 28B of (our ti&e anal(+ing t.e *ro*erties of t.o3 to create a ne3 4B0 *rocedure.a**ens in t. 0s (ou . -.e best teac.eet and .e $acro 9ecorder and (ou 3ill tr( it.ere is *lent( of .eet: &odule? or 'xcel 3.e *revious lesson t. Back u*: correct and re#test. @ou 3ill organi+e sets of sentences to tell 'xcel 3. 1esson 5: (evelo7ing acros in the V2$ In t.e t3o ot.en (ou beco&e an ex*ert at *rogra&&ing in large 3indo3 (ou or t.o3 to add a button to (our s.e $acro 9ecorder is a great teac. In lesson (ou 3ill learn and it 3ill be a great assistant >3riting code for (ou? even to do.)B testing and fine tuning t.e $acro 9ecorder is t. @ou 3ill also test and fine tune all (our &acros in t.-.e Pro*erties 7indo3 s.el* and assistance available 3it.e &ost fre2uentl( used event is t. -.e trigger is called an event.e F5C ke( and (ou can see 3. 1esson 4: )he Code 5indow in the Vis-al 2asic $ditor o6 $*cel 0ll t.e control >co&&and button: text box: list box: etc.ave develo*ed (our &acros (ou need to trigger t. 1esson ": $*cel acro 8ecorder -.ere (ou 3ill find &illions of free &acros.e( is selected in sources of assistance 3it.. In t.en (ou develo* &acros.en (ou start develo*ing for&s >userfor&s?.o3s (ou t. 1esson #: acros %el7 and Assistance -.e& in or co*(=*aste 3indo3 often 3.e %ode 7indo3.ave recorded.e *roAect: 1)B 3riting (our 4B0 *rocedures and . 1esson &: V2A $vents !nce (ou .

&acros (ou 3ill learn &ore and faster.e &acro? 3it.<uit:0**lication.e& 3orkbooks. 1esson +!: oving Aro-nd the 5or9sheet In t.e code t. In t. &acros so be bold in ex*eri&enting 3it. @ou 3ill learn .e last s.e 3orkbook in 3.: V2A Sec-rity and .e vocabular( to &ove fro& one to t.e 3orkbooks or to transfor& a single 4B0 3ords to add to (our vocabular(.ScreenU*dating G False: 0**lication.andled. 7.eets and (our 3orkbooks.ers .e 3orks.e&.o3 to *rotect (ou code: (our s.eets or 'xcel files 4B0 calls t.e 3orkbooks in a director(.en t. errors. 1esson +.en t.o3 to count lesson (ou 3ill i&*rove (our 4B0 vocabular( 3it.e& s*reads.eet of a 3orkbook to do so&et.ange t. all t.o3 to co*( t. In lesson (ou 3ill learn t. 1esson ++: V2A Coding )i7s 0sse&bling 4B0 3ords into sentences is called coding.ere can be 2).e ot.eet into a 3orkbook.s*reads.rotection @ou cannot . runs t.eets into anot.anging t. 1esson +2: (ealing with $rrors 4B0 tells (ou i&&ediatel( 3.e value of a cell.e logic is 3rong or 3. 1esson +5: 5or9ing with the 5or9sheets -.eets and even go fro& t. @ou 3ill also learn . 48 so&e 3ords to 3ork to co*(=*aste fro& one to t.ave 3ritten is lesson (ou 3ill discover on all of t. @ou 3ill learn . s.e ro3s and colu&ns.ic.e first to (our co&*uter 3it.eet or 'xcel file?: b( closing a 3orkbook and even b( c.o3 to select a cell or a grou* of cells and .e necessar( vocabular( to deal to add and delete 3orks. @ou 3ill learn to 3ork 3it. 0dd 1) ne3 4B0 3ords to (our vocabular( like 0**lication. 1esson +3: 5or9ing with the A77lication -. 1esson +4: 5or9ing with the 5or9boo9s So&e *eo*le call t. In t.e user gives a 3rong ans3er t. (ou .is7orkbook >t. Eere are ot.en (ou start coding. &an( 3orkbooks and even 3it. Eere are interesting ti*s to &ake t.%ut%o*($odeGFalse and ot.eet.eets in a single 3orkbook.en t.o3 to c.e s.e 0**lication is 'F%' itself.ese errors need to be .is lesson (ou 3ill learn .ings easier 3.e value of a cell or insert a .

at (ou can do 3it.e variable is s.? t. Before learning about variables (ou develo* &acros after (ou develo* *rogra& lesson.e IFJ-E'/J' S'J'/.eets are 9ange: Select: !ffset: 0ctivecell and %urrent9egion. It 3ill e&*o3er (ou to develo* so*.ort ans3ers during t. (our creativit( and allo3 (ou to develo* real *rogra&s in 'xcel. t. (ou 3ill use t. 7it.ese ) 3ords and tens of ot.?.e data t.. 1esson 23: 5or9ing with 5indows and other icroso6t .is lesson. t.e S< language to* extract 'xcel 3orkbooks: 0ccess: etc.?: fro& accounting and sales *rogra&s and 3it. 1esson +": 5or9ing with essage and :n7-t 2o*es @ou 3ill use &essage boxes or in*ut boxes to co&&unicate 3ill launc.e Internet.o3 to use t. 1esson 22: 5or9ing with e*ternal data and S.en (ou connect to outside sources of data >large databases: text files: ot. financial data t.rogra0s F8O $*cel . 7.e co&*uter is using S< >Structured <uer( anguage? a s*eciali+ed language to 3ork 3it. @ou can use 'xcelKs functionalities to connect and extract data but (ou can also use directl( t.!J !!P: t. @ou can use existing 'xcel functions 3it.: 5or9ing with State0ents -.for&ula in (ou can do3nload fro& t.e S' '%-#%0S': t.e F!9J/'F-. 4B0 t. -. t. 1esson 2+: 5or9ing with F-nctions -.e &ost &oving around t. i&*ortant 3ords is covered in t.e .e user can su**l( bits of data or sa( H @es: /o: !k: %ancelH and ot.1 7..e( are (ou extract fro& large centrali+ed databases >S0P: !racle: 'ssBase: 0ccess: etc.e execution of a &acro. 1esson +#: $*cel V2A Vocab-lary to Filter and Sort (ata 'xcel offers (ou t.e s.e conce*t t.isticated *rogra&s and 3ork extre&el( ra*idl( 4B0 or (ou can create brand ne3 'xcel functions 3it. 1esson +&: 5or9ing with Variables -.e fastest 3a( to access an( external data.ere are 'xcel functions and 4B0 functions.ese *o*#u*s t. 1esson 2.e &ost *o3erful database tools >sorting: filtering: etc.... @ou 3ill learn . ver( large sets of data.ree to*ics are covered in t.e ) 4B0 3ords t. t.e& 3it. 4B0 and (ou can use 4B0 functions. It is t. -..e II : t.ese tools beco&e even &ore *o3erful. IF: t.e user.

oice &ade in t.e co&&and button is t.ere t.oices.en t.aving been created to .o3 to develo* sets of co&bo boxes 3.ro7erties and V2A Code In $icrosoft *rogra&s like 0ccess: /ote*ad: 7ord: ProAect and even 7indo3s. 'xcel 3.e co&bo box is t. It is a dro*#do3n list and (ou 3ill learn . 1esson 25: <ser6or0s .: . 1esson 3. 1esson 2": .e c.7it. 1esson 3+: .ro7erties and V2A code 6or 1abels abels are Aust labels. 1esson 2&: . @ou use t. 4B0 for 'xcel (ou can develo* 4B0 *rocedures >&acros? to 3ork 3it.en (ou H % I%I H on it.ile calling are H !n 0ctivateH and H !n %loseH .e *ossibilit( of &ulti*le c.e second co&bo box de*end on t. 7. 1esson 2#: . 1esson 24: For0s 3<ser6or0s4 in V2A 6or $*cel @ou .e userfor& and (ou 3ill develo* code 3it.ile t.oices offered in t.ro7erties and V2A code 6or Co0bo 2o*es -.e c.ro7erties and V2A code 6or Co00and 2-ttons -. 1esson 2!: .e& to describe functions and to s.e( are called cascading co&bo boxes.e code resides and ever(t.-.e t3o i&*ortant events t. t.e H -rue=FalseH controls to be used as a grou* 3it. -ext boxex .ese tools are no longer sufficient (ou need to develo* usefor&s.ro7erties and V2A code 6or 1ist 2o*es @ou 3ill develo* list boxes 3.andle text (ou need to discover .e user t.out text boxes.e &acro 3as running.ere &ost of t.ave used &essage boxes and in*ut boxes to co&&unicate 3it.en (ou 3ant to allo3 t.e user 3.e *ro*erties of t. nu&bers: *ercentages: currencies: etc.ere are ver( fe3 userfor&s 3it.o3 to set a fra&e .e user is no3 talking to (ou.ro7erties and V2A code 6or )e*t 2o*es -.o3 to use .are infor&ation lesson (ou 3ill learn .e user. t.ro7erties and V2A code 6or Chec9 2o*es= O7tion 2-ttons and Fra0es -.e& 3it.e ulti&ate control.e control 3.a**ens 3.e first one.

o**ing carts. 1esson 33: $*cel :0age Controls -.e rig. "&vance& E=ce% /. asic (xcel .ro7erties and V2A code 6or S7in 2-ttons @ou can test different values increasing t.e& ste* b( ste* until (ou find t.e controls to build catalogs and s.t one and (ou do it 3it.) Intro&uction an& #ermino%ogies                 $i00on Un&erstan&ing Wor40oo4s7 Wor4s eets7 $o3s7 Co%umns7 ce%%s 9arious se%ection tec ni?ues Un&erstan&ing various 1ouse s apes #a0s 6roups Dia%og (o= Launc ers @uic4 "ccess #oo%0ar A@"#B Customi5ing @"# 2ormu%a (ar Customi5ation Live +revie3 Conte=ua%i5e& ta0s 2i%e #a0 A(ac4stage 9ie3B Coom 2eature +age Layout 9ie3 2u%% Screen 9ie3 .1esson 32: . a s*in button.e( are t.

     "ccess Deys AS ortcut 4eysB Saving7 2i%e types7 2i%e Compati0i%ity A3it ear%ier 9ersionsB 6etting 8e%p 9arious se%ection tec ni?ues +inning $ecent 2i%es 2) Entering7 Se%ecting an& E&iting Data          Entering 7 E&iting an& De%eting in'ormation in ce%%s A#e=t7 Date7 an& num0ersB Entering "uto Lists Using 2i%% an&%e to create simp%e %ists Creating custom %ists De%eting $o3s7 Co%umns an& Ce%%s Inserting $o3s7 Co%umns an& Ce%%s Inserting 7 De%eting7 1oving7 Copying an& $enaming S eets 9arious Navigation #ec ni?ues using Scro%% 0ar7 Dey0oar&s an& 6o #o comman& Using t e paste previe3 *) 2ormatting Ce%%s7 $o3s7 Co%umns an& S eets              2ormatting Ce%%s Num0er 2ormatting Date 2ormatting #e=t 2ormatting Ce%% "%ignment "n& Orientation Wrap te=t "pp%ying 0or&ers an& s a&ing (or&er &ra3ing C%earing 2ormats C anging Co%umn Wi&t s C anging $o3 8eig ts C anging s eet #a0 Co%ours Using 2ormat painter .

E) Creating 2ormu%ae an& 2unctions A"0so%ute > $e%ativeB          Creating 2ormu%ae E&iting E=isting 2ormu%ae (OD1"SF 1at ematica% Or&er Copying 2ormu%ae Un&erstan&ing $e%ative $e'erencing Un&erstan&ing "0so%ute $e'erencing Using t e "uto sum 2eature Common (asic 2unctions F SU17 1IN7 1"X7 "9E$"6E7 COUN#7 COUN#" Using t e 2ormu%ae #a0 G) Data Sort an& 2i%ters   Sorting Data "uto 2i%ter H) C artsI6rap s    Creating Simp%e C arts E&iting C arts 2ormatting c arts J) +rinting           +rint +revie3 +age Orientation "&&ing 8ea&ers an& 2ooters +rinting " Se%ection Setting " +rint "rea Sca%ing "&.usting page 0rea4s using +age (rea4 +revie3 $epeating co%umns an& ro3s C anging 1argins Centre on page :) Naming Ce%% $anges .

      Concept "n& +urpose Naming In&ivi&ua% Ce%%s Naming $ange O' Ce%%s De%eting "n& "men&ing Name& $anges Using Name $anges in 2ormu%aeI2unctions Name& $anges "s Navigation "i& K) 8yper%in4            C anging t e &e'au%t num0er o' 3or40oo4 s eets *D Ca%cu%ations Lin4ing s eets in t e same 'i%e Lin4ing &i''erent E=ce% 'i%es Using E&it7 Lin4s 9ie3ing Di''erent 2i%es On One Screen Saving a 3or4space Win&o3 Sp%it 2ree5e +anes 9ie3ing Di''erent +arts O' # e S eet On One Screen Watc Win&o3 0.) Con&itiona% 2unctions         (ene'its "n& +urposeErrorF $e'erence source not 'oun& I2 Statements Neste& I' SU1I2 "n& SU1I2S "9E$"6EI2 "n& "9E$"6EI2S COUN#I2 an& COUN#I2S ISE$$O$ "n& I2E$$O$ Nesting I2 WI#8 "ND7 O$ . Ad1ance (xcel .

2) Loo4up an& In'ormation 2unctions         1atc 'unction In&e= 2unction IS#EX#7 IS9"LUE7 ISD"#E7ISNULL7ISE$$7 ISN" I2E$$O$ O''set "&vance& List 1anagement "&vance& 2i%ter Data0ase 2unctionsF Dsum7 Dmin7 Dma=7 Daverage7 Dcount *) 2ormu%ae "u&iting     #racing +rece&ents #racing Depen&ents Using Watc Win&o3 6o #o Specia% E) +ivot #a0%es               Inserting ca%cu%ate& 'ie%&s 1anipu%ating 2ie%&s C anging 9a%ue 2i%e& Settings Using $eport 2i%ter 6rouping Data containing Dates an& Num0ers 2ormatting +ivot #a0%e S o3ing an& 8i&ing t e 6ran& #ota%s $e'res ing Data In +ivot #a0%e C anging # e Scope O' # e Data source Summari5ing 9a%ues 0y Sum7 Count7 "verage7 1a=7 an& +ro&uct S o3 9a%ues "s L o' 6ran& #ota%7 L o' Co%umn #ota%7 L o' $o3 #ota% +ivot #a0%e Options Using S%icers 'or E''ective 2i%tering +ivot C art .

ecting c anges "pp%ying Data va%i&ation ru%es Inserting comments +rotecting ce%%s7 s eets7 'i%es +ass3or& protecting a 'i%e +ass3or& protecting a ce%% range 2.G) Data 9a%i&ation      #e=t to Co%umns $emove Dup%icates Data 9a%i&ations Conso%i&ate W at-I' "na%ysis H) 6enera% "na%ysis #oo%s        Scenarios Custom 9ie3s 6oa% See4 So%ver Data #a0%es One Input #3o Input J) +rotecting an& S aring         S aring a 'i%e #rac4ing c anges "ccepting or re. Introduction to "acros and 3 A     Disp%aying t e Deve%oper #a0 $evie3 "n& +urpose O' 1acros W ere #o Save 1acros "0so%ute an& re%ative recor& .

#ata Analysis .) Descriptive statistics a) Centra% #en&ency A"veragesB 0) Dispersion i) 1ean Deviation ii) Stan&ar& Deviation iii) Covariance iv) Co-e''icient o' 9ariation v) $ange 2) In'erentia% Statistics a) Corre%ation i) Dar% +earsonMs co-e''icient corre%ation ii) $an4 Corre%ation ASpearmenB 0) $egression i) Simp%e $egression ii) 1u%ti variate $egression c) 8ypot esis i) Large samp%e test AC testB ii) t test iii) c i-s?uare test .ect Win&o3 Co&e Win&o3 +roperties Win&o3 Navigating 0et3een E=ce% an& t e 9( E&itor 4.     $unning macrosF "ssigning to @uic4 "ccess #oo%0ar7 s paes7 +ictures an& 4ey0oar& s ortcuts # e +ro.

) Investment eva%uation a) Net +resent 9a%ue 0) Interna% $ate o' $eturn c) E1I ca%cu%ations &) Sensitivity "na%ysis 3it &ata ta0%es e) 1onte Car%o simu%ation 2) +ort'o%io an& &erivatives a) Ca%cu%ation o' (E#" 0) $is4 an& $eturn c) +reparation o' +"N O22 ta0%es 'or ca%% &) Construction o' t e port'o%io e) 1ar4et e''iciency ') Stoc4 price pre&ictions .iv) 2 test &) "NO9"s i) Sing%e 2actor ii) #3o 2actor 3it $ep%ication iii) #3o 2actor 3it out $ep%ication e) Non-parametric test *) Ot er too%s t at e%ps 'or &ata ana%ysis Financial "odel .

edger Creation Accounting with &all3 using Inventor3 Creating Stoc6 Categories Creating *odown !ntering Opening Stoc6 7uantit3 I Amount Creating $ew oucher &3pe A& A&L 12.#a%%y • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Accounting 'undamental -ow to start &all3. &DS Computation "eport &DS %a3ment "eport &DS I&$S42:1 Challan %rinting &DS "eport &DS "eturns &DS 'orm4 257 %rinting &DS 'orm4 29 %rinting !4&DS "eturns Service &aB Service &aB Compan3 Creation Sales Service &aB .imitK &all3 Audit Interest Calculations Actual I +illed 7uantit3 CheCue %rinting !4mail in &all3 Income I !Bpense Statement %rinting in &all3.edger Creation atL /M oucher in &all3 JAs Invoice 'ormatK .edger Output Accounting +ill4#ise Details Cost Categories Order %rocessing %rice .edger Account Deletion of . for Creating %urchase .!"% .edger Account .ultiple .edger Input Accounting Inventor3 Cost Centres +an6 "econcilliation +atchwise Details +ill .H -ow to alter a compan3 H Creating the *roup Deletion of *roup Alteration of .!"% .anual !ntr3 in Closing Stoc6D %9 l A>c Odd>!ven %age %rinting in &all3 &DS J&aB Deducted at SourceK &DS .anufacturing @ournals +udget I Control JCredit .1M oucher 'ormatK !na?ling &all3.easures Creating Stoc6 Item &all3 oucher JAccounting I Inventor3K A& Introduction to A& Classification Creating Sales .edger Creation Input I Output Service &aB .edger Creating &aB .edger Account +alance Sheet Creating Stoc6 *roup Creating (nits of .edger Creation oucher !ntr3 oucher in &all3 JAs ouchers I &rac6ing $um?er • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #hat is !"%H -ow to create a compan3 H %re4defined groups in &all3 Alteration of *roup Creating the .aterials =ero alue !nteries in ouchers Securit3 Control +ac6up I "estore Additional Cost of %urchase &all3 to !Bcel Split Compan3 Data .!"% .edger Creation I &DS Outstanding "eport &DS Challan %rinting &DS 'orm419 Challan %rinting &DS Challan "econcilliation &DS 'orm4 15A %rinting &DS 'orm4 25 %rinting &DS 'orm4 297 %rinting *roup Compan3 Some Important &aBa?le Services !na?ling Service &aB %urchase Service &aB .ist .edger Creating &aB . !na?ling &DS in &all3.!"% .

&all3. Single (ser Installation &all3. ."% %urchase %urchase "eturn %urchase Import -igh SeasJ-SSK +ranch &ransfer Inward %urchase from (nregistered Dealer %urchase 'ull3 !Bempt %urchase .icense Surrender .!"% .$!& Control Centre 'irst &ime Activation of &all3.edger Creation for Service &aB Sales oucher !ntr3 oucher !ntr3 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Supplier .!"%.!"%. for Sales "eturn Inter4State Sales Sales Import Sales %urchase Invoice %urchase Import Inter State %urchases +ranch &ransfer Inward #ithin State %urchase from "egistered Dealer %urchase &aB 'ree A& Computation Complete e4 A& "eturn Support Centre &all3.!"% .edger Creation for Service &aB Sales !Bempted Service &aB .• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Customer .ultiuser Server Installation "eactivate .edger I Sales !ntr3 Service &aB !Bcise !ntr3 Input Credit 'orm *A"49 %a3ment Challan !4 A& Compan3 Creation Sales Invoice Consignment +ranch &ransfer Outward Sales !Bport Sales 'ull3 !Bempted "esale of .!"%.ultiuser Client Installation (pdate .icense &all3 .a?our Charges A& AdGustment &all3.icense A& + otos op The Basics           #oo%s # e #oo%0o= 1ar?uee #oo%s Lasso #oo%s Crop #oo% # e 1ove #oo% 1agic Wan& #oo% 8ea%ing (rus #oo% +atc #oo% Co%or $ep%acement #oo% . .icense "eactivation #hen -arddis6 is 'ormatted oucher oucher %urchase Service &aB %a3a?le "eport Service &aB %a3ment !ntr3 !4 A& "eturn !na?ling &all3.

                 C%one #oo% C anne%s "%p a C anne%s S%ice #oo% +enci% #oo% 8istory (rus #oo% +aint (uc4et Eraser S arpenISmu&geI(%ur #oo%s Do&geI(urnISponge #oo%s +at Se%ection #oo% #ype #oo%s +en #oo% S ape #oo%s Notes Eye&ropper #oo% Coom #oo%  8an& #oo%  Palettes  "ctions  "nimation  (rus es  C anne%s  C aracter  Co%or  8istogram  8istory  In'o  Layer Comps  Layers  Navigator  Options  +aragrap  +at s  Sty%es  S3atc es .

 #oo% +resents  #oo%s  )#ploring Photoshop  + otos op DeyStro4es  # e + otos op Wor4space  2i%e 1enu  E&it 1enu  Image 1enu  Layers 1enu  Se%ect 1enu  2i%ter 1enu  9ie3 1enu  Win&o3 1enu Photo Retouching   S arpening W at is S arpening! or Uns arp 1as4ing Smart S arpening O Layer 1as4s     Image Ad-ustments  "&.ustment Layers O  Recipes    $emoving Wrin4%es I 1en&ing #orn C%ot es $emove "cne I Scars etc)  C ange t e co%or o' a car Photo Effects Text Effects Color Drawing Animation .

*) Loc4ing .ects .2) 6rouping ..) "rranging ./) Wor4ing 3it o0.ILLUSTRATOR .) 6etting starte& 2) Setting Up t e Document *) #oo%0o= E) #oo%0o= Description G) 1a4ing se%ections H) Wor4ing 3it %ayers J) Creating 0asic s apes :) Inserting an& 'ormatting te=t K) +%acing images .

. 9ectangle and !val 2. -i&eline 7indo3 3.E) "pp%ying #ransparencies .L 2. Pro*ert( Ins*ector 4.J) Saving 2L"S8 1. -ools 1. .H) Wor4ing 3it sym0o%s . Brus. -ool Bar ). .ocu&ent 7indo3 2. S.G) "pp%ying Sty%es7 E''ects an& "ppearances . 7.( Use Flas.ortcuts 3. Interface 1. Pencil 3. Panels 4.

. %olor $ixer 2. Filters and Blend $odes 1.(na&ic 3. %olor 1. Pen ). Saving Presets and %o&bining Filters 3. $ovie %li* 4. Static 2.a*e -3eens 2. Gradients . S. '&bedding Fonts 6.ic 2.i&ensional S. $aking ). . In*ut 4.ado3s . Button 3. S(&bols 1. -ext 1. Using 5. Blend $odes 4. Gra*. %olor 3.4. $otion -3eens 1. 0ni&ation 1. 0dding Filters 2. .

Sound 1. I&*orting 3. Interactivit( 1. %reating an 0ni&ated 0l*. 4ideo 'ncoder 4. Bit&a*s 11.e -i&eline 3. 0**l(ing %o&*ound Blend $odes 12. I&*orting 2.e F 4Pla(back %o&*onent ). Su**orted %odecs 2.ics 11. $otion -3eens . !n t. 'x*orting 13. 4ideo 1. Using Flas. Using -. %usto& 'asing 1. 0ctionScri*t . I&*orting 3.en to use Bit&a*s Instead of 4ectors 2.a Blend 18. %ontrolling %olor 5. a(ering Gra*. 7.). %olor Pro*erties 18. 0ni&ating Filters 3it.. %ac. 0dAusting %olor Filters 6. Strea& and 'vent 12.

ing 1. %o&*onents 1. . -i&eline %ontrol 14.oading st3les from one document to another %lacingD managing and editing lin6ed graphics #or6ing with clipping paths and alpha channel mas6s #or6flow tips for placing graphics into InDesign (sing the . User Interface 1).2. Publis. Settings 2.i?rar3 panel for placing freCuentl34used content (sing Ado?e +ridge for organiFing and placing graphics Creating ta?les from spreadsheetsN formatting cells and teBt %lacing graphics within the cells of a ta?le !Bporting documents to %D' for commercial printing CO$ELD$"W . S7F Files 3. Pla(back 3. ProAectors In&esign • • • • • • • • • • • • • #or6ing with t3pograph3D including trac6ing and 6erning Creating drop capsD rulesD ta?sD dot leaders and hanging indents Developing paragraphD character and o?Gect st3les $esting character st3les within paragraph st3les . 'vents and Eandlers 3. Publis. E-$ Files 4.ata 2.

ects.ects Dra3ing an& S aping #oo%s Using t e 2ree an& #oo% Dra3ing Lines an& +o%y%ines Dra3ing 2ree an& +o%ygons Dra3ing +er'ect S apes Certi'icate Course In Core%D$"W $es aping Lines an& +o%y%ines Dra3ing Curves $es aping Curves Dra3ing $ectang%es Dra3ing Circ%es Se%ecting > 1anipu%ating O0.ects .Creation "n& 1anipu%ation Dra3ing an& S aping O0.6etting Starte& E=p%oring t e Core%Dra3 Screen 2i%e 1anagement Sy%%a0us > Curricu%um Setting Up t e +age 1oving "roun& an& 9ie3ing Dra3ings 1oving "roun& t e Current +age 9ie3ing 1o&es Inserting an& De%eting +ages C anging +age Customi5ing Options Using 1u%tip%e Wor4spaces Customi5ing t e #oo%0ars Using S ortcuts Saving De'au%ts Setting 2i%e (ac4ups 1o&u%e 2 O0.

ects De%eting O0.ects Com0ining an& (rea4ing O0.ects We%&ing O0.ects 6roup an& C i%& O0.ects $otating an& S4e3ing O0.ects Copying an& De%eting O0.Se%ecting an& Dese%ecting O0.ects "rranging O0.ects 6rouping an& Ungrouping O0.ects Si5ing O0.ects #rans'orming O0.ects Using #rans'orm Doc4er Out%ining > 2i%%ing O0.ects .ects 1oving O0.ects 1irroring O0.ects Sy%%a0us > Curricu%um Using 6ui&e%ines Using Dynamic 6ui&es Using Snap #o "%igning O0.ects Eye&ropper an& +aint 0uc4et #oo%s # e Out%ine #oo% C oosing Out%ine # ic4ness C oosing Out%ine Co%ors Using 2i%% #oo% Uni'orm 2i%%7 2ountain 2i%%7 +attern 2i%% Interactive 1es 'i%% Copying "ttri0utes Setting Out%ine an& 2i%% De'au%ts "rranging O0.

ect (%en&ing #3o O0.ects Using t e Lens E''ect "&&ing +erspectives Certi'icate Course In Core%D$"W Using +o3er C%ips "pp%ying Contours "pp%ying Drop S a&o3s Using Interactive 2i%%s "pp%ying Distortions Using Interactive #ransparencies "pp%ying 1es 2i%%s Wor4ing 3it #e=t # e #e=t #oo% Creating "rtistic #e=t E&iting #e=t 2ormatting #e=t .Using Intersection Using #rim Using Layers "0out Layers E&iting Layers Setting Up a 1aster Layer 1oving7 Copying7 an& Loc4ing Layers $eor&ering Layers Using t e O0.ect 3it an Enve%ope E=tru&ing an O0.ect 1anager 1o&u%e * Wor4ing Wit Specia% E''ects "n& #e=ts Specia% E''ects Dra3ing Wit t e "rtistic 1e&ia #oo% S aping an O0.

ects "pp%ying Drop Caps #yping #e=t Into O0.Setting #e=t Options Creating +aragrap #e=t C oosing +aragrap Options Setting In&ents Using t e $u%er Importing #e=t Using t e Spe%% C ec4er Wor4ing Wit +aragrap #e=t Imp%ementing Co%or 1anagement Creating Custom Co%or +a%ettes C oosing a Co%or Using Co%or 8armonies "pp%ying Co%ors Using t e Co%or Doc4er "utomatica%%y Creating Co%or Sty%es Importing an& Si5ing +aragrap #e=t 2%o3ing #e=t (et3een 2rames 2ormatting +aragrap 2ramesSy%%a0us > Curricu%um Wrapping +aragrap #e=t "roun& O0.ects Specia% #e=t E''ects 2itting #e=t to a +at Converting #e=t to Curves Creating (%en&e& #e=t S a&o3s Specia% #e=t E''ects Jumpy #e=t Neon #e=t 6%o3ing #e=t C rome #e=t (eve% #e=t Creating Enve%ope& #e=t Using Sym0o%s an& C%ipart .

usting Co%or 8i&ing Certain Co%ors in a (itmap "pp%ying Specia% (itmap E''ects Creating We0 Images "&vance& 6I2 Options Sy%%a0us > Curricu%um 1o&u%e E +age Layout7 +rinting7 E=porting an& "&vance& 2eatures Specia% +age Layouts Creating a 6reeting Car& +rint +revie3ing t e Layout Creating La0e%s +rinting +rint Options +rint +revie3ing E=porting Dra3ings E=porting to 6rap ic 2ormats Copy an& +asting Into Ot er "pp%ications Using Sty%es an& #emp%ates "0out Sty%es an& #emp%ates Creating a Sty%e "pp%ying a Sty%e .Inserting #e=t Sym0o%s "&&ing C%ipart 1o&i'ying C%ipart Wor4ing Wit (itmaps W at is a (itmap Importing (itmap Options Certi'icate Course In Core%D$"W "&.

/)/ o 6etting starte& 3it Soun& 2orge .Copying +roperties Custom Creation #oo%s Creating Custom +atterns 1anaging an& Using Sym0o%s Using Core% #race #ypes o' 6rap ic 2ormats "0out Core% #race #racing Images Importing #race& 2i%es into Core%Dra3 Specia% #race E''ects Certi'icate Course In Core%D$"W Soun& 2orge Course contentsF Intro&uction to "u&io o Intro&uction o W at is Soun&! o "na%og vIs Digita% "u&io o Digiti5ing Soun& o #ec nica% #erms in "u&io o Soun& E&iting Concept Wor4ing 3it Soun& 2orge o Intro&uction to Soun& 2orge ./)/ o Data 3in&o3 (asics .

o 2i%e 2ormats o Common E&it Operations o Cooming o 1a4ing a Data Se%ection Using t e Set Se%ection &ia%og 0o= o 1a4ing Data Se%ection 3it 1ar4ers o $ecor&ing a Soun& o $ecor&ing 1o&es o "u&io mi=ing o Status 2ormats (asic "u&io E&iting o Intro&uction o Converting 2i%es 'rom one 2ormat to "not er o Converting 0et3een 1ono to Stereo o Spectrum "na%ysis o Spectrum 6rap o $egions an& 1ar4ers o "&.usting Se%ection points o Drag an& Drop operations o E&iting Stereo 'i%es E''ects o Intro&uction o Specia% 1enu .

+rocess 1enu E''ects 1enu "u&io +%ug-in C ainer Create CD E=tract "u&io 'rom CD Soun& 2orge 'or We0 o Intro&uction o Streaming "u&io o 1+*s o Wor4ing 3it "u&io o Creating $ea% "u&io7 $ea% 9i&eos7 Net S o3 'i%es7 3 at is Streaming "u&io! o o o o o "DO(E +$E1IE$ # e istory o' ana%og an& &igita% me&ia Concept an& visua%i5ation o' a story Un&erstan& "&o0e +remiere +roMs inter'ace Un&erstan& importing au&io an& vi&eo me&ia into +remiere +ro .

2ami%iar 3it &i''erent types o' me&ia an& 'i%e management Un&erstan&ing "&o0e +remiere +roMs time%ine7 transitions an& too%s +ro&uce7 &irect an& e&it a comp%ete& vi&eo pro.ect E=porting movies to D9D or 3e0 0ase& app%ications Jo0 career an& opportunities Un&erstan& t e istory o' ana%og an& &igita% me&ia an& t eir &i''erences) (ecome 'ami%iar 3it t e concept o' story0oar&ing) (ecome 'ami%iar 3it "&o0e +remiereMs inter'ace) Import au&io an& vi&eo me&ia into +remiere +ro) (ecome 'ami%iar 3it &i''erent types o' visua% me&ia inc%u&ing grap ics an& sti%% images) Un&erstan& 'i%e management using 0ins an& 'o%&ers) Un&erstan& t e use o' transitions7 tit%es an& e''ects .

Un&erstan&ing 4ey'rames an& %ayering) (ecome 'ami%iar 3it using greenscreen to 4ey me&ia) (ecome 'ami%iar 3it "&o0e "'ter e''ects an& D9D Stu&io +ro) +%an7 create7 pro&uce an& e&it an in&epen&ent pro.ect) Dream Weaver Interface • • • • • • • • • choosing a workspace document window & toolbars the document window the launcher the insert panel & tool sets the document toolbar the property inspector dockable floating panels using contextual menus Site Control • • defining a site file and folder management .

• • • creating site maps using the file browser create a site from nothing Basics • • • • • • • • • • defining the site creating and saving documents inserting images with assets panel adding text aligning page elements modifying page properties creating links with text and images adding keyword & description meta tags preview in browser define a secondary browser Linking • • • • • • • link with point to file linking to new source files browse for file and link history anchor links email links file links imagemaps Typography • • html text formatting font lists .

• • • • • • text alignment html lists color schemes text in tables flash text character objects Tables • • • • • • insert and modify a table fixed width tables relative width tables hybrid table insert tabular data sort table data Rollovers • • • • simple rollovers .insert rollover simple rollover .swap image behavior multiple-event rollovers flash buttons Cascading Style Sheets • • • • • • redefining HTML tags defining a custom class CSS selectors CSS selectors to group tags linking to external CSS CSS reference panel .

Code • • • • • • editing in the code view code view options quick tag editor & attribute hints cleanup HTML cleanup word HTML code validator / XHTML Forms • • • form objects creating a form creating a jump menu Behaviors • • • set text of status bar open browser window behavior downloading and installing extensions Automation • • • history panel copy / paste history create web photo album Templates and Library Items • • • • templates in action creating / modifying templates library items in action creating / modifying library items .

a -ea& a(out $anage&ent Scale setting Plotting I&*ort " 'x*ort 3. I&ages I&*ort " 'x*ort A-toCA( 2( CO<8S$ (-ration3#.: Surface > $odeling " 'diting ? $aterials: ig.e .ra3ings Selection $et.ic dra3ings %reating Iso&etric " Pers*ective dra3ings $odif(ing 0utocad dra3ings A-tocad 3 echanical4Syllab-s 3( CO<8S$ (-ration34.Inserting Media Objects • • • • • linking to sounds embedding sounds inserting flash content inserting director content inserting a quicktime movie Get It Online • putting files to the web server "U#OC"D A-toCA( Syllab-s 2(3civil4 CO<8S$ (-ration3#.ra3ings Pers*ective . $odeling %once*ts in 0utocad 4ie3*oint " U%S 7irefra&e $odeling " 'diting Solid: $es.e ProAect 7orking 3it.ra3ings 'diting t.ods Presenting t.hrs4 Introduction to %0. %reating !rt. %o#ordinates S(ste&s 4ie3*oint " U%S 7irefra&e $odeling " 'diting Solid: $es.ogra*.hrs4 3.hrs4 A-tocad 3civil4Syllab-s 3( CO<8S$ (-ration34.ra3ing settings !rt.: Surface > $odeling " 'diting ? .i&ensions a(ers .ic . $odeling %once*ts in 0utocad 3.ra3ings Iso&etric .ts " 9endering 7orking 3it. Industr( 0nnotations " .ogra*.hrs4 3 echanical4 Syllab-s Basics of %0.

I&ages I&*ort " 'x*ort *DS 1"X 3( St-dio A> Introduction to 3ds$ax $odeling using basic *ri&itives S*line $odeling -ransfor&ing !bAects %usto&i+ing 7orking units 0rranging !bAects using utilit( tools $odeling using *ara&etric &odifiers 'diting Pol( $odels andsca*ing " &odeling using co&*ound obAects %a&eras utilities =text 'n2uire infor&ation# ist: Id: .%reating " editing Eatc.roug. 0dvanced 9endering ProAects Com$uter Fundamentals "B 2un&amenta%s o' ComputerF .istance: 0rea .er for&ats Basics of 0ni&ation 7alk t.ts -extures Particle s(ste&s I&*orting ot.esign centre Fref Scri*t files Plotting $aterials: ig.ts " 9endering 7orking 3it.i&ensioning %reating " editing blocks .) Intro&uction .

2) Input I Output > +rocessing AC+UB *) 1emory Device E) #ypes o' computers G) C aracteristics o' Computer H) 8istory > 6eneration J) "pp%ications o' Computer (B Win&o3s X+ Overvie3F .) 6enera% Intro&uction > "ntivirus Uti%ities EB "pp%ication So't3areF .) Intro&uction 2) E-mai% "ccount > Its 2unctions *) Searc Engine E) Sur'ing We0+ages G) (asics o' Socia% Net3or4ing Site DB 9irusF .) 1icroso't Wor& .) Some (asic #ermino%ogy > #yping S4i%%s 2) Des4top Settings > Contro% +ane% *) 1s) DOS E) 1s) +aint G) Wor&+a& H) "ccessories > 1u%time&ia CB E-mai% > InternetF .

e Pro*erties 7indo3. State&ents in 4B.2) 1icroso't +o3er+oint *) 1icroso't E=ce% 2B 1oreF A<+ractica%%y +er'orme& activitiesB  Wi&o3s Seven Overvie3  (urning CDID9D  (asics o' "u&ioI9i&eo e&iting  2un&amenta%s o' 8ar&3are > Net3or4ing  2ormatting 8ar& &is4  Insta%%ing Win&o3s 9isua% (asic H)/ Getting started to t. oo*s # . oo*: 7. >4B..o 7.o Until...'nd 7it.? Procedures in 4isual Basic ....'lse. >4B. 4ariables in 4isual Basic .. 'x*loring -oolBar and t.%ase State&ents 4B..ile: ...? IfMMM-. 4isual Basic ...-.e lesson..ods and 'vents ..ile.en and Select.8 # Pro*erties: $et... 0rra(s and variants . 0rra(s in 4B.o: 7it.ata -(*es: $odules and !*erators in 4B.en: If.... oo* 7..o.ile./ext oo* 'xit For and 'xit . 4isual Basic . oo*: For. 7end: .

ate and -i&e Building and 'xtracting .ata -(*e %onversion: 4isual Basic Built#in Functions .e %auses4alidation Pro*ert( and t. %.rive istBox: . controls in 4B.e %urrent .ate and -i&e 4alues . %ontrol 0rra(s in 4isual Basic . In*utBox function .ate and -i&e Functions Getting and Setting t.ate 0rit.0ssigning and returning arra(s B(te arra(s Inserting and deleting ite&s using arra(s Sorting using 0rra(s 0rra(s of arra(s User#.a*e and ! ' %ontrols 4B.&etic For&at !*tions for . 4isual Basic Functions. 0ccessing $enus at 9un -i&e Po*#U* $enus $ulti*le .ate and -i&e 4alues 7orking 3it. $enus in 4B. -extBox %ontrol -ra**ing Ie(board 0ctivit( 4alidation 9outines for /u&bers -. istBox and %o&boBox %ontrols ScrollBar %ontrol in 4B. 7orking 3it.ata -(*es %onstants: .e -i&er: ine: S.e 4alidate 'vent 0uto#-abbing Fields and For&atting -ext $ultiline -extBox %ontrols %o&&andButton and !*tionButton %ontrols abel and Fra&e %ontrols PictureBox %ontrol and I&age %ontrol -. istBox: and File istBox %ontrols in 4isual Basic .ocu&ent Interface in 4B. For&s in 4B.efined . 7orking 3it. .eckBox control in 4isual Basic .

#an&e. $rror %andling .isio Dia!ram o' A. 1516 251 7 -51 5orma 1orms in A. Primar+ 0e+ an. 5riting Code that Validates <ser :n7-t Creating Active> Controls Creating Active (oc-0ent S@L SE$9E$ 2//: CD 1 . A(2))* Business S&enarios 7 A( Data Di&tionar+ *.#enture(or/s2))* 8.#an&e. Insta in! S"L Ser#er Sam$ e Data%ases 2. 1orei!n 0e+2 3DBMS Basi&s 4. Creatin!6 Sa#in! 7 Emai in! Data%ase Dia!rams 12.4isual Basic functions.#enture(or/sD(2))* Data (arehouse Data%ase 1).SAMPLE DATABASES (2 hours 47 minutes) 2 (atabase Access anage0ent <sing A(O ? :ntrod-ction and $*a07le $*ercises (atabase Access anage0ent <sing A(O ? .art + (ata 2ase Access anage0ent <sing A(O ? . .#enture(or/s2))*2 Bi/e Manu'a&turer 9LTP DB 7.. Con&e$tua Dia!ram o' A(2))* Entit+ Mo. A. $ouse $ove a**lication in 4isual Basic .#enture(or/s2))* Data%ase 4.8 $rror?%andling= (eb-gging and File :n7-t@O-t7-t in Vis-al 2asic !A. A. Data%ase Dia!ram 18.#enture(or/s2))* 11. 3e#ie:in! A. $essageBox function $ouse events. A. 2 (yna0ic 1in9 1ibraries and the 5indows A.e -. $u%s Boo/ Pu% ishin! Sam$ e Data%ase 9#er#ie: 1-.: in Vis-al 2asic !A. A&&ountin! DB 3e#ie:= >L6 AP6 A3 7 In#entor+ . 1oo. <ierar&h+ID Base.ical $ouse 0**lication. 7 Drin/ Su$$ ier Sam$ e DB 14. A.#enture(or/s2))* 5e: 1eatures . Trees in A. Positioning a control Gra*.. 3e#ie: o' 5orth:in. 3e#ie: o' $u%s Data%ase Dia!ram 14.

in! Lo!i&a Data Mo.. Desi!nin! Com$resse.e in! 2.hours 2 minutes) 1. 3e ationa Data%ase Desi!n :ith . Lo!i&a Data%ase Mo.CD 2 .imensiona Crossta% "uer+ 18.hours 1 minute) 1. Cross Coin 2.erstan. Math S+stem 1un&tions 7.s 14. Loo/u$ Ta% e Desi!n 18.s CD 4 . (or/in! :ith Ta% e Co umn Data T+$es -.isio 1). The >39?P BD C ause 7 A!!re!ate 1un&tions 1). ?n. 3e#erse En!ineerin! a Data%ase :ith . Ta% es 7! 3e&ursi#e "ueries 7 Tree Pro&essin! 1-.AL?ES C ause .e in! :ith . (or/in! :ith <ierar&h+ ID an. Create Partition 7 Mana!e Partition (iBar.erstan.isio *. EA$ orin! CTEs6 5este. Partitione. SELECT I5T9 Statements -. Inner Coin6 Se ' Coin6 9uter Coin an. 14. ALTE3 TABLE an. S&heme 1-. Ar&hite&tin! Business Inte i!en&e Dash%oar. Data%ase Dia!ram Desi!n in 9%@e&t EA$ orer 7. SELECT :ith ?5I956 ?5I95 ALL6 39LL?P an. Primar+ 0e+ an. Ta% e6 Partition 1un&tion an..s CD .SELECT STATEME5T (. Bui . 1orei!n 0e+ Constraints 8. 5e:2 DATE6 TIME6 DATETIME911SET 7 DATETIME2 4.ata 1un&tions 11. Crossta% (MatriA) "uer+ :ith CTE an. Creatin! Comma-De imite. The Data Com$ression (iBar.e6 Trans ate an. Date 7 Time6 Strin! an. Meta. 7 Corre ate. ?n. Sortin! SELECT "uer+ 3esu ts :ith 93DE3 BD 4. Su%Eueries DATA (. C3EATE TABLE %+ S&ri$t 7 ?sin! 9%@e&t EA$ orer 4.. T9P6 39(F5?MBE36 3A506 DE5SEF3A50 an.isio . Co. I5SE3T I5T9 Statement :ith . PI.eAes 12. Basi& S"L SELECT an. 5TILE 12.9T 14. Pro!rammin! Stan. Chan!in! Ta% es %+ MS 11. Lists :ith GML Path 14. EA$ orin! Con'i!uration 7 S+stem Statisti&a 1un&tions *.DATABASE DESI>5 (2 hours 44 minutes)! Mu ti. D+nami& S"L 'or Automati& "uer+ >eneration . C?BE 8. Data%ase Desi!n an.

EGEC?TE Statement 4. Listin! an.P39>3AMMABILITD (.in! I5SE3T an. Enter$rise-Le#e Business 3u es En'or&ement 14.i'i&ation :ith the ?PDATE Statement 8. DML . Pro!rammin! 2. Pro&e.ure #s.6 GML 7 9?TP?T Parameters -. Pro&e. ?n. Surro!ate 0e+ Ar&hite&ture6 5atura 0e+ 7 >?ID -. Entit+6 Domain an. 3e'erentia Data%ase Inte!rit+ *.-ho& S"L S&ri$t 7. Data Inte!rit+ En'or&ement :ith Tri!!ers 4. Im$ ementin! 3e'erentia Inte!rit+ Constraints 12.ures in A. S+n&hroniBin! Data%ases CD 8 . I5SE3T an. an. Data Mo. Store.i'+in! Data :ith Cursors6 Su%Eueries 7 C9I5s .Data Mani$u ation Lan!ua!e Tri!!ers . List Co umns 14..#enture(or/s2))* 2.2. ?sin! ?PDATE :ith the 139M C ause! Domain Inte!rit+ En'or&ement 11.erstan. 9$erations 1). EA$ orin! Ta% e-. (or/in! :ith the ME3>E Statement 7.E3 7 PA3TITI95 BD 1-.. S&ri$tin! Data Inte!rit+ 9%@e&ts 1). Transa&tions 'or Data Inte!rit+ Maintenan&e 18. Lo!!e.erstan. ?n. Pro&e.a ue.#enture(or/s2))* Data%ase 4. S+n&hroniBin! T:o Ta% es :ith ME3>E *.hours) 1. Creatin! ?ser De'ine. (or/in! :ith Data Inte!rit+ Tem$ ates 8. Mo. EA$ orin! Ta% e-Le#e C<EC0 Constraints 14. ?PDATE :ith >39?P BD A!!re!ate Su%Euer+ CD 4 . Com$arin! an. Store.ure Desi!n an.hours 4 minutes) 1. Data 3emo#a :ith the DELETE Statement 4. Entit+ Inte!rit+ De'inition ?sin! Mana!ement Stu. Creatin! Au. Inte!rit+ 9%@e&ts 1-. 9?TP?T 12. De etin! Du$ i&ate 3o:s :ith CTE 14. Store. ?PDATE :ith CTE6 9. Data Inte!rit+ Constraints in . SELECT Su%Euer+ -. A.DATA I5TE>3ITD (. ?$. CS.atin! Binar+ Mas/ Trai :ith the 9?TP?T C ause 11. Com%inin! I5SE3T :ith CTE an. P06 106 ?5I"?E 7 C<EC0 Constraints2 De'au ts 4. Minima +-Lo!!e.

Desi!nin! 7 Creatin! . ?n.4. 1ILEST3EAM Data an. Mu ti$ e6 5este. 7 In ine 1un&tions 1).a ue. T-S"L 1eatures 12.itor 11.i'+in! Data . ?ser De'ine. De%u!!in! :ith the Transa&t-S"L De%u!!er +8+ > 1NS@L .% 12. P39>3AMMI5> STATEME5TS in Transa&t-S"L 7. Pro&e. EA$ orin! C39SS APPLD 7 9?TE3 APPLD 9$erators 1). Ta% 'or <i!h Per'orman&e 11. EGEC?TE AS 'or EAe&ution ConteAt De'inition 1-. >rou$in! Sets 'or Mu ti$ e >rou$in!s De'inition 14. D+nami& PI.6 S&a ar-. Dis&o#erin! I5STEAD 91 Tri!!ers 7 A1TE3 Tri!!ers 7. (or/in! :ith Lin/! P an >ui. Ser#ers 7 4-$art 3e'eren&e . I5TE3SECT an.erstan.aria% es 7 tem$. MatriA (Crossta%) S&ri$ts 1-..ures *. in! 4. SPA3SE Co umns 14. DDL .Mo.a ue.) Intro&uction to We0 #ec no%ogy7 8#1L7 (asic #ags7 CSS7 #a0%e an& 2orms .Data De'inition Lan!ua!e Tri!!ers *.in! 7 3e&ursi#e CTE-s 14. ?sin! T3DHCATC< B o&/s 'or EA&e$tion <an. an. Lo&/s6 Iso ation Le#e s an. EGCEPT Set 9$erators 14. Tri!!er EAam$ es :ith DELETED 7 I5SE3TED Ta% es 8.#isor 18. Tem$orar+ Ta% es6 Ta% e .hours 1 minutes) 1. DBA S&ri$t >enerator ?sin! "uer+ E. Dea. o&/s 4. S+stem Store.o&umente.9T an.6 Cas&a. T3A5SACT-S"L6 Bat&h6 an. A$$ +in! Manua De%u!!in! Te&hniEues CD 7 . S&ri$ts 2. 9$timiBin! :ith Data%ase En!ine Tunin! A. S$atia Data T+$es= >eo!ra$h+ 7 >eometr+ 18. Sna$shot Iso ation 'or 9LTP Con&urren&+ .T3A5SACT-S"L (.. BE>I56 C9MMIT6 39LLBAC0 T3A5SACTI95 -. Dis&o#erin! ?n.

oin E) +8+-Intro&uction to +8+7 8istory7 We0 (ro3er7 We0 Server7 Xampp7 Insta%%ation an& Con'iguration 'i%es) G) Synta=7 Operators7 9aria0%es7 Constants7 Contro%7 Structure7 Language construct an& 'unctions H) 2unction P Synta=7 "rguments7 9aria0%es7 $e'erences7 $eturns an& 9aria0%e Scope J) "rrays-Enumerate& "rrays7 "ssociative array7 array iteration7 1u%ti-&imensiona% array7 "rray 'unction an& S+L :) Date an& #ime 'unctions) K) OO+Ms P Instantiation7 1o&i'iers7 In eritance7 Inter'aces7 E=ceptions7 Static 1et o&s an& +roperties7 "uto %oa&7 $e'%ection7 #ype 8inting an& C%ass Constance) .2) Intro&uction to JavaScript7 9aria0%es7 Operators7 Data #ype Conversions7 'unctions7 Contro% Structure7 Date #ime 'unctions an& 2orm 1anipu%ation *) 1NS@L P Intro&uction a0out Data0ase7 Data #ypes7 D1L7 DDL7 "ggregate 'unctions7 Data #ime 'unctions7 Store& +roce&ure7 Su0 ?uery an& .

ect an& 2orm O0.2i%es7 $ea&ing 7 Writing7 2i%e System 'unctions7 Streams 2i%e Up%oa&ing an& 2i%e Do3n%oa&ing) I+S$ P"&vance& +8+ Sy%%a0us S%)No #opics .a= 2) +rototype./) String an& +atterns.a= (asics7 Sen&ing &ata to +8+ 3it ".19C Overvie37 Naming Conversions7 1o&e%7 9Qvie37 Contro%%er7 8e%pers7 Sca''o%&ing an Data 9a%i&ation H) Security J) We0 Services .Uti%ity 'unctions7 ".a= o0.ect) *) Smarty..Sessions7 2orms7 6E# an& +OS# &ata7 Coo4ies7 8##+ 8ea&ers) .2) Data0ase +rogramming) .) We0 2eatures.*) Streams an& Net3or4 +rogramming..@uoting7 1atc ing7 E=tracting7 Searc ing7 $ep%acing an& 2ormatting .varia0%es7 9aria0%e 1o&i'iers7 (ui%t-in 2unctions7 custom 'unctions7 Con'ig 'i%es7 E) Joom%a G) Ca4e+8+ .) ".