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The Reasons of Attend College or university People attend college or university can be interpreted to obtain higher education after

finishing elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. They have a variety of reasons why they want to attend college or university. There are three reasons people attend college or university such as to improve the knowledge, to get a job, and to build relationships. The first reason people attend college or university is to improve the knowledge. Knowledge related with skill and ability of person. When people attend college or university it will be a lot of new knowledge that will be get if do study earnestly. In addition, this is an opportunity to hone and master the profession that will be undertaken. or e!ample nursing students, material about how to become a professional nurse will only get when we are continue education or attend a college or university in the faculty of nursing. "upported with great willingness and high motivation to continuous study earnestly. "o the aim to improve knowledge and hone professional skills will be achieved with the ma!imum. The second reason people attend college or university is to get a job. #raduates employment opportunities so far higher than high school graduates. Typically, education level also determines the position of his job. In comparison, graduates will receive a higher job position than high school graduates. or e!ample in a company, graduates could have got a position as a manager, but a high school graduate may just will accepted a position as a regular employee or even just as office boy. $ecause of its ability felt not enough or does not yet meet the standards of employees. %!cept a high school graduates who have the ability to e!ceed graduates, it could be the person will be placed in the higher position. The third reason people attend college or university is to build relationships. &elationships are very important when we are faced with the world of work. 'uring attend college or university, the tendency to know a lot of friends that can be said to build relationships. When it has graduated relate with friends in college who had first successful, could be a channel to help develop our careers in the world of work. (rgani)ations participating in college is also very effective to building relationships. (rgani)ation is the container that can hone our skills in interacting with others and learning to relate with friends in organi)ation. When we have a lot of relationships, everything will seem easy to do. or e!ample, when there is a need hospital visit, if we have a relation in the hospital the licensing process and other related visits will be facilitated. This is where the meaning of building relationships are formed. Thus the reasons why people attend college or university. It can be concluded that many reasons that encourage people to attend college or university. *mong them is to improve knowledge, to get a job, and to build relationships. *ttending college or university is very important for the future progress. "tudy earnestly and surrender to #od+s best to ease any given matter.