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© 2013 - Present Written by Dr.Bojan Kostevski Editing and Cover Design by Sahil Mulla Published by Flawless Fitness Media on March 28 2013 – All Rights Reserved. ISBN Pending. No part of this book may be republished or sold (or resold) without written consent from the author or publisher under any forms of media (including print, internet, video or audio transcription). Doing so is a violation against copyright law and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. A Warning For Idiots Because Legality Demands It: The information found in this book does not constitute medical advice and should not be taken as such. Consult your physician before taking part in any exercise program. The dietary modifications and exercise recommendations found in this book are extreme and assume a healthy body. If you have medical considerations that require special nutritional practices, please consider reviewing this book with your nutritionist and physician before starting a diet or exercise program. Any application of the recommended materials in this book is at the sole risk of the reader, and at the reader’s discretion. Responsibility of any injuries or other adverse effects resulting from the application of any of the information provided within this book is expressly disclaimed. The author, Flawless Fitness Media or any of its affiliates shall not be responsible for the actions you take due to the material in this book.

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"LIZA Phase 1 is by far the most effective strength training program I've ever done. After some workouts, I'm just lying in my own sweat, focusing on breathing. But it's been worth every second. I've gotten so much stronger, for example, adding 30 kilos (66 lbs.) to my bench press in 12 weeks. Also, the difference I see in the mirror is big, and I love it! Super stoked to move on to LIZA Phase 2 and keep progressing. I can't be without my LIZA. First you get raped, then you fall in love…" - Daniel Petterson*

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“LIZA Phase 1 has been something that can only be described as revolution for my training. I used to do some ‘incredibly hard training’ before starting on this project. Now that kind of training has a new name: warm-up. However, just as much as I’ve developed my physique so has the mindset grown and I’ve been taught the value of effort and hard work and completely re-define the meaning of those words. In the beginning, it was incredibly hard, with constant fear before every L1-workout. But eventually I taught myself to grind through and the feeling after a murder workout is beyond words. People around me constantly comment on my recent muscular growth, I’ve also out-grown the final pair of jeans and my t-shirts fit noticeably tighter over my shoulders and I’m getting ‘to wide’ for most of them. “ - Robin Andersson* Strength stats during Liza Phase 1 (working weights in kilograms):
Body weight Bench press Chin-ups Standing press Squats Deadlifts Before Phase 1 88,5 90 88,5 45 110 100kg Before Phase 2 92,5 102,5 112 52,5 140 125kg Change +4 kg +12,5 kg +23,5 kg +7,5 kg + 30 kg + 25 kg

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in the overhead press I’ve managed to nail PR after PR. Other’s that has not known what the LIZA project is has been so curious and really looking forward to finally getting this out to the masses.5kg 90kg 17.5 125kg Change +6. Finally.“My physique has improved a lot since starting LIZA. it’s been a mental shift for me.Henrik Viberg Forsgren* STATS: Body weight Bench press Chin-ups Standing press Deadlifts Before Phase 1 75.).com | All Rights Reserved . As you can see in my stats.” .5kg +12. Simultaneously..5kg +15kg +17.5kg +25kg 5 © 2013 www.5kg 50kg 100kg Before Phase 2 82kg 105kg 35kg 62. and my perspective when it comes to training has completely changed in a direction that I couldn’t have found myself.lift-heavy. All while improving my technique in both bench press and chin-ups (guess a shitload of volume does that.. my strength has increased a lot in just 12 weeks.

In the bodybuilding community this kind of training is nonsense. For years I’ve been doing traditional bodybuilding splits. And later this year. I’m stepping up on the stage for the first time. 6 © 2013 www. I can barely believe that’s me. My physical development has increased fivefold. even if I cut my time in the gym by half. Looking at myself in the mirror. If I’ve added any muscle to my frame? Hell yeah.“My thoughts bout LIZA? I can’t find the right words that justify the incredible physical development this far into my LIZA journey. Since I started LIZA though. When I tell people about my training they laugh. Today my lats are as wide as | All Rights Reserved .” – Robin Andersson. Show them. My lats and legs have always been my lagging body parts and the reason I’ve yet not stepped up to a bodybuilding stage. natural bodybuilder* Note: this is a different Robin Andersson than the one you read about previously. One day of rest per week tops. A word of warning: I train in one of the biggest bodybuilding gyms in Sweden.lift-heavy. I’ve been twice as exhausted. When I take off my shirt their criticism fades out and they as they drop their jaw. Don’t tell them. doing one-two body parts per day with 6 days of training per week.



This newfound love for heavy weights resulted in an intensive hunger for knowledge and education in the field (thank god). a few friends and I started lifting heavy weights in order to achieve the very noblest of all manly goals – getting laid. 9 © 2013 www. It might seem absurd in retrospective. I would hound them for information till they had to swat me away with their shaker cups. When I hit 17. I idolized super heroes and as such. I loved | All Rights Reserved . If I came into contact with anyone that even looked like they lifted. that it wouldn’t develop my chest even if I took every pharmaceutical under the sun.lift-heavy. And we knew muscles were the quickest. one-way ticket to all of our happy endings. Growing up. I did some pretty moronic things such as 16 sets of bicep curls and bench-pressing with such low volume. Most of my spare time was spent reading muscle magazines. It’s safe to say that I knew what I wanted to look like at a very early age. and old-school bodybuilding books.Introduction – Who Am I? I’m your fellow friend and coach in the quest for muscular glory. but at the time. muscles have always fascinated me. My life was consumed with figuring out the most efficient way to achieve that superhero body which had captivated me since childhood.

how to access it. and can finally call myself a Medical Doctor (since the beginning of 2012). So naturally. the limitations of it. | All Rights Reserved . but I’m damn good at what I do. so that I could test my knowledge in the field. I taught myself how to understand experimental science. and how to apply it in the real world. after a while it just wasn’t stimulating enough for me. where to find it. I help them look as sexy as humanly possible. And I hope you don’t mind me saying this. During the daytime. I decided to take things one step further and enrolled in Medical School. just as you would increase the weight of a lift that has become too easy. One year later. I then went on to become a personal trainer. While at first I enjoyed personal training. 10 © 2013 www. I found myself at Lund University. I work in a local hospital using my knowledge in internal and emergency medicine to help the less fortunate. During the night.lift-heavy. I put on my Lift-Heavy cape (sold separately) and help people reach their body composition goals through online personal training. Fast forward 7 years and I’ve now finished my medical studies. Basically.As I dug deeper into the subsets off fitness.

I loved the heavy strength training that allowed me to move massive amounts of weight. I realized that as long one stays consistent and puts in 100% effort. Truth be told.Who Is LIZA? During the years leading up to LIZA. Doggcrapp and other cluster set based principles. And I made sure to log my results very carefully. and parts that I hated. and the cluster-sets which made it impossible to walk without looking like the victim of a jail cell gangbang. There was just one issue – every program I tried had parts that I absolutely loved. heavy loads. and create a hybrid system unlike anything the world had ever seen. often resulting in a giant mess that would send more people to “snap city” than your local CrossFit gym. light | All Rights Reserved . I tried to tie it all together in my head every chance I got. 11 © 2013 www. I tried numerous weightlifting programs such as body splits. the 10x10 German Volume Training which left me collapsed on the floor with endorphins squirting out my ears. German Volume Training (GVT). the super-setting that turned my arms into spaghetti. high volume. High Intensity Training (HIT). If only I could dissect and cherry-pick the enjoyable aspects from each of the programs I loved. I actually got pretty decent results with most of the programs I attempted. And I’m the kind of person who doesn’t bother doing shit that’s not enjoyable. So from there onwards.lift-heavy. most programs will deliver some sort or result… some better than others. Now here’s where LIZA differs from the rest: This is not one of those I-Tried-Everything-But-NothingWorked-Until-I-found-THIS-Program stories. For example. “functional” training.

inspired by you. “what’s that?” “This is my masterpiece. she smiled. Just as I was finishing the last little bit. during a gynecology lecture on the last semester of Med School. this beautiful girl named Lisa turned to me and asked. love and sometimes hate. LIZA!” After telling her how I name all my programs after beautiful women I've met.lift-heavy. it hit me! I started scribbling the program down on my gynecology lecture handout faster than it takes for the average teenager to get a rise in the presence of bare tits. Three minutes later I had the outline | All Rights Reserved . And that’s how the woman you will come to know. and seeing if on paper looked fantastic. 12 © 2013 www. I shall call it.Then miraculously. was born.

my masterpiece was complete. that would be about 22 pounds. To my amazement. that would be about 44 pounds! When was the last time you added 20 pounds to your max bench let alone double that amount? But it wasn’t just my pressing power that became super-human. I added (you ready for this?) 20 kilograms to my bench – which had been a lift that I had struggled with for years. this is after almost a decade of strength training experience and without the use of any illegal substances. my squat also increased more than I had ever expected. and I put on a solid 10 kilograms of bodyweight while maintaining a visible six-pack. And remember. I also tried Liza Phase 1 on the poor bastard who is always subjected to my crazy experiments – my younger brother. by “younger brother” I mean he’s only 10 years 13 © 2013 www. For my American friends. So I did. Again.lift-heavy. but it still had to be tested in the real | All Rights Reserved . And just to clarify. No “newbie gains” here.Testing The LIZA Project In theory. for those who’re scratching their heads.

don’t worry). As I currently write… lest you think I was doing mad experiments on a helpless child. I wanted to make sure my brother and I aren’t some kind of Swedish outliers that just happened to respond really well to this beauty. he was 16 years old with one year of training experience under his belt. I opened up 10 spots. At the time I unleashed LIZA upon him (he loved it. his progress kept on impressing the hell out of me. gets his jimmies rustled. and the ones who were chosen would get to try the program under my supervision. we do share a couple of genes here and there (such as my handsomely great hair. basically). That first year in the gym was spent learning the basics of the big lifts. It’s only a matter of time till I go from being a prouder older brother to someone who can’t keep up with is progress and as a result. After all. I wouldn’t let LIZA have her way with him without such a prerequisite. 14 © 2013 www.) The mass testing of LIZA began with me sending out an email to the awesome bunch of people that are subscribed to LiftHeavy. because I am very research-driven. he ended up deadlifting 150 kg (330 lbs. he is 17 years old and deadlifts 180 kg (397 lbs) still without any sort of equipment. Over the trial period.lift-heavy. as he progressed through LIZA’s second and third phase.not even a belt! Then.) with an overhand grip and without any equipment .com | All Rights Reserved . I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I decided LIZA needed to be tested on the masses in a highly biased pseudoscientific (people like yourself. for a bizarrely low fee. developing his base strength and being the proud owner of a solid muscular frame. Now.

get stronger. the response was massive. Because to the weak-willed. we were going to break through new barriers. I ended up with 10 willing guinea pigs. My main criteria for selection was whether or not I believed the person had the dedication to follow through on the workout. The LIZA diamond got cut and polished.lift-heavy. LIZA would make them her little bitch. The plan was simple . Personality and work ethic are usually my top two priorities when taking on subjects for any work our asses of and motivate each other when needed. to be honest (remember that). But most of all. After an exhaustive selection process. and also develop their mental capacity and work | All Rights Reserved . Because of the help from the beta testers. Together. I wanted guys who were ready to step up their game. both physically and mentally. and is now the masterpiece you are holding in your hand today (or reading on your screen.To put it humbly. it was of utter importance to me that we had a shitload of fun.) 15 © 2013 www. I learned some invaluable lessons and improved the program further. gain a bunch of muscle. To say that The LIZA Project was a success is a massive understatement.

this is not to say that that I think women are weak or shouldn’t do LIZA. However. Bring it on ladies! 16 © 2013 www.If you apply what’s written in this book and let LIZA become the dominant woman in your life for the next few weeks. women can absolutely use LIZA to get in incredible shape. I would love to hear about your progress and throw in your personal story of success in this book. So. It’s also not every day that you’ll encounter females willing to attempt volume training that can possibly make them puke. I know that you’ll achieve that muscular body you’ve been dreaming of. please get in touch with me. Since men and women are physiologically | All Rights Reserved . if you’re a lady who’s got the spirit to step up to the plate and want to give LIZA a shot. but I do have a good reason for it: I just couldn’t find chicks with a strong enough starting base to benefit from LIZA.lift-heavy. Consider this a challenge. Side note: You’ll notice that I didn’t take on any women during the beta testing.

You are familiar with. When I wrote LIZA. Those who won’t settle for putting in 20% effort for 80% of the results. Basically. and have access to the necessary equipment to perform the following exercises: • • • • • • • Barbell bench press Squat Deadlift Standing overhead barbell press Chin-ups/pull-ups (at least 15 consecutive reps) Romanian/ stiff legged deadlifts Rows (barbell. discipline. Some pre-requisites for LIZA (after all. know how to correctly perform. I pictured somebody who had been training for a few years and had gotten decent results. dumbbell) 17 © 2013 www. and human sweat.lift-heavy. but those who prize hard work. but is now willing to try something completely new in order to reach a level they didn’t even think was possible. Those who don’t brag about how little time they spent in the gym for mediocre | All Rights Reserved .Are You Committed? This program is for those who have a pit-bull mindset towards achieving their goals. it’s mean for those who want to be the cream of the crop. but are ready to work their ass off for the last few percentages. chest supported. she does have standards you know?) 1.

And training hard is something you | All Rights Reserved . You are willing to train in the gym 4 days/week 3. So if you meet these pre-requisites then welcome aboard. and you shall be ever-so rewarded. You understand that this is an extremely intensive program and that maximum effort and consistency is of utter importance to get the desired results. I cannot wait for you to be my next success story! 18 © 2013 www.2. You accept weight maintenance or controlled weight gain (this is NOT a fat loss program) 4. Take a moment and commit the next 13 weeks (at the minimum) to put into action what I have to say.

” If that is the case.fitnessblueprint. then I’ll look over your information and we can talk about the best solution for your needs – so don’t be afraid to get in touch. If you need someone to check up on you and keep you accountable. Online Personal Training: While the Fitness Blueprint above is great. what your goals are for the future. If you’re dying to try out LIZA but want to fast-track through the beginner stages. It’s extremely detailed and bullet-proof. then online training might be the solution you’ve been looking Note: The initial consultation for the Fitness Blueprint or Online Personal Training is completely | All Rights Reserved . and I’ll produce a fully customized. You fill out the form. Fitness Blueprint: You tell me where you are today. visit: http://bojan. allow me to suggest a few options… 1. and how soon you want to get there. the Blueprint is perfect for you. handcrafted fitness plan that you just read and apply. I can totally understand if at this point you’re thinking to yourself… “I’m not sure if I’m ready for something this hardcore.If LIZA Is Not For You… While LIZA is designed for a majority of my readers and followers. supplementation plan. For more information. You can find out more information about Online Personal Training right here: http://flawlessfitnessmedia. It includes everything from a custom meal plan. There are no obligations. workout plan and whatever else you’ll require. it is more of a 2. 19 © 2013 www. but it’s meant for those that already have a decent level of self-motivation.

To me it’s just proof that the abuse I’ve put my body through has given me the wanted | All Rights Reserved . Pause for a moment and think what a plateau really is. Yup.LIZA Progression Structure I believe all successful training programs should be constructed as pre-defined linear systems with a clear progression scheme. you heard that right. LIZA consists of a linear system with a preparation phase. You’ll go fast. Why? So plateaus can be welcomed. overconsuming alcohol and bitch slapping themselves with their girlfriends stilettos. 20 © 2013 www. personal trainers direct all the focus on pushing the gas pedal as hard as possible (effort. Every phase builds on the gains you developed from previous phases. It’s like trying to top-out your brand new sports car on an unfinished racing track. followed by 3 clear progression steps. Does anxiety race through your body by the mere mention of the “p” word? A plateau is generally considered to be a setback amongst 99% of the population. sweat and tears) when the true reason people fail is due to a systematic error. Sometimes. Therefore. But I want you to entertain a new way of thinking about plateaus. No? So it was just me that used to do that? Ok then. When people hit plateaus and realize their lifts aren’t improving. and possibly hit multiple pot holes that will throw you off course. but chances are you’ll also severely damage the car. most end up whining.lift-heavy. A plateau is nothing but a new status quo. motivation.

I’ve basically tried them all. phase 1 and de-load) are what’s covered in this E-book. The duration of the 3 phases were created after careful analysis of the data I accumulated from all the participants. What this means is.The plateau is a natural step in the progression model and means it’s time to switch gears and take on the next phase. and what lies below is what has worked the best.lift-heavy. The first three parts (prep. Below is the whole LIZA program progression model from a bird’s eye perspective. don’t bother messing around with the timings. Don’t try and re-invent the wheel when what you have in your hands already works wonders. This is why LIZA is a linear type of gal. along with my own personal experience. 21 © 2013 www. rep schemes or any other | All Rights Reserved .

Recovery & Technique work Liza Phase 1 8 weeks De-load Liza Phase 2 1 week 8 weeks Added cluster-sets and lower rep. De-load Liza Phase 3 1 week 8 weeks Recovery & Technique work Reducing workload while increasing weight on big lifts.lift-heavy. 22 © 2013 www. higher intensity GVT supersets. 3x5 heavy strength training. Heaviest strength training phase. superset GVT training and intensive high-volume work.The Bird’s Eye View Phases Preparation Phase Duration 4 weeks Phase characteristics Gradually increasing intensity to prepare for the upcoming | All Rights Reserved .

So take it as doctor’s orders. 100 extra reps per exercise is a big increase in volume. Heaviest strength training phase. I realize your temptation to skip this prep phase and dive directly into the meat of LIZA. Recovery & Technique work Reducing workload while increasing weight on big lifts. Ahem. But. superset GVT training and intensive high-volume work. Your elbows. higher intensity GVT supersets.lift-heavy. there must be sweet talking and foreplay before you can close the deal. wrists and knees will thank you if he heed my advice. Also. If you are not used to doing 10x10 Squat/Romanian deadlift supersets (which you aren’t) the stress on your stabilizing muscles are beyond what you can imagine. However. Recovery & Technique work Deload Liza Phase 2 Deload Liza Phase 3 1 week 8 weeks 1 week 8 weeks Added cluster-sets and lower rep. Just like a well-executed | All Rights Reserved . 23 © 2013 www. 3x5 heavy strength training. the real technical reason is that this is an extremely taxing program and it is of unreserved importance that you prepare your musculoskeletal system for the madness that is about to come. don’t be stupid.The Preparation Phase Phases Preparation Phase Liza Phase 1 Duration 4 weeks 8 weeks Phase characteristics Gradually increasing intensity to prepare for the upcoming phases.

com | All Rights Reserved . • Blue: Accessory work 24 © 2013 www. and optimizing your cardiovascular system. or read FJ’s article on how to accurately find your one rep max.) more weight within the same distance. Now. I realize that you may not know your exact 1 repetition maximum (1RM) for every exercise. Like a well-trained monkey. GVT supersets. compared to the previous week for that single exercise alone. while strengthening the stabilizing muscles of your torso. On the following pages are week-for-week workouts that you can blindly follow without much thinking. and add 2. you’re now moving 250 kg (550 lbs. • Green: Volume & Hypertrophy. in the same time span. Color clarification • Red: Strength.5kg (5lbs. To solve this issue you can either estimate it. think about the following: As you’re progressing in your 10x10 lifts.) to an exercise. Main exercises. The aim of the preparation phase is to gradually increase the volume in order to give your body a chance to prepare for that enormous increase in workload.Also. Intense? Better believe it.lift-heavy.

Side plank 1A. Bench press 2. Lying triceps extensions 4. Leg press 3. One arm Farmer’s Walk Sat + sun 5.Week 1 Exercise selection | All Rights Reserved . Standing military press 4. Chin-ups Thursday 2. Bench press 1B. Romanian Deadlifts Tuesday 2. Farmer’s walk 1. Farmer’s walk 5. Chin-ups (weighted) Monday 3. Plank Rest Volume and load (SetxReps@Load) 3x5 @ 50% of 1RM 3x5 @ 50% of 1RM 3x5 @ 50% of 1RM 2 x max distance 2 x max time/side 5x5 supersets @ 50% 1RM 5x5 supersets @ 50% 1RM 2x12-15 2x12-15 2 x max distance/side 5x5 supersets @ 50% of 1RM 5x5 supersets @ bodyweight 2x12-15 2x12-15 2 x max distance 3x5 @ 50% of 1RM 3x5 @ 50% of 1RM 2 x12-15 2 x max distance/side 2 x max time 25 © 2013 www. 45° lying Biceps curls 3. Standing calf press 4. Deadlifts 3x5 Friday 3.lift-heavy. Squats 3x5 2. One arm Farmer’s Walk Wednesday Rest 1A. Good mornings 4. Squat 1B.

One arm Farmer’s Walk Wednesday Rest 1A. Leg press 3. 45° lying Biceps curls 3. Good mornings 4. Farmer’s walk | All Rights Reserved . Standing military press 4. Farmer’s walk 1.Week 2 Exercise selection 1. Chin-ups Thursday 2. Bench press Chin-ups (weighted) Monday 3. Deadlifts 3x5 Friday 3. Side plank 1A. Lying triceps extensions 4. Squats 3x5 2. Bench press 1B. Squat 1B. Plank Sat + sun Rest 6x6 supersets @ 50% of 1RM 6x6 supersets @ bodyweight 2x12-15 2x12-15 2 x max distance 3x5 @ 60% of 1RM 3x5 @ 60% of 1RM 2 x12-15 2 x max distance/side 2 x max time Volume and load (SetxReps@Load) 3x5 @ 60% of 1RM 3x5 @ 60% of 1RM 3x5 @ 60% of 1RM 2 x max distance 2 x max time/side 6x6 supersets @ 50% 1RM 6x6 supersets @ 50% 1RM 2x12-15 2x12-15 2 x max distance/side 26 © 2013 www. Standing calf press 4. One arm Farmer’s Walk 5.lift-heavy. Romanian Deadlifts Tuesday 2.

Leg press 3. Romanian Deadlifts Tuesday 2.Week 3 Exercise selection 1. Bench press 1B. Deadlifts 3x5 Friday 3. Lying triceps extensions 4. One arm Farmer’s Walk Wednesday Rest 1A. Chin-ups Thursday 2. Farmer’s walk 1. Standing calf press 4. Squats 3x5 2. Farmer’s walk 5. Chin-ups (weighted) Monday 3. Bench press 2. Standing military press 4. Squat | All Rights Reserved . One arm Farmer’s Walk 5. Side plank 1A.lift-heavy. Plank Sat + sun Rest 7x7 supersets @ 50% of 1RM 7x7 supersets @ bodyweight 2x12-15 2x12-15 2 x max distance 3x5 @ 70% of 1RM 3x5 @ 70% of 1RM 2 x12-15 2 x max distance/side 2 x max time Volume and load (SetxReps@Load) 3x5 @ 70% of 1RM 3x5 @ 70% of 1RM 3x5 @ 70% of 1RM 2 x max distance 2 x max time/side 7x7 supersets @ 50% 1RM 7x7 supersets @ 50% 1RM 2x12-15 2x12-15 2 x max distance/side 27 © 2013 www. Good mornings 4. 45° lying Biceps curls 3.

Good mornings 4. One arm Farmer’s Walk Wednesday Rest | All Rights Reserved . Leg press 3. Lying triceps extensions 4. 45° lying Biceps curls 3. Squats 3x5 2. One arm Farmer’s Walk 5.Week 4 Exercise selection 1. Standing calf press 4. Standing military press 4. Chin-ups (weighted) Monday 3. Farmer’s walk 5. Bench press 2. Bench press 1B. Farmer’s walk 1. Romanian Deadlifts Tuesday 2. Chin-ups Thursday 2. Squat 1B. Deadlifts 3x5 Friday 3. Side plank 1A.lift-heavy. Plank Sat + sun Rest 8x8 supersets @ 50% of 1RM 8x8 supersets @ bodyweight 2x12-15 2x12-15 2 x max distance 3x5 @ 75% of 1RM 3x5 @ 75% of 1RM 2 x12-15 2 x max distance/side 2 x max time Volume and load (SetxReps@Load) 3x5 @ 75% of 1RM 3x5 @ 75% of 1RM 3x5 @ 75% of 1RM 2 x max distance 2 x max time/side 8x8 supersets @ 50% 1RM 8x8 supersets @ 50% 1RM 2x12-15 2x12-15 2 x max distance/side 28 © 2013 www.

superset GVT training and intensive high-volume work. 3x5 heavy strength training.LIZA. The volume might seem crazy. because it’s supposed to. You will train 4 days per week on an upper/lower | All Rights Reserved . Phase 1 is how it all started.lift-heavy. only you get to read it with fancy colors while I had to bring my gynecology lecture handout to the gym right after writing it to try it out. Recovery & Technique work Added cluster-sets and lower rep. Heaviest strength training phase. higher intensity GVT supersets. But don’t worry. the intensity might seem absurd.Phase 1 Phases Preparation Phase Duration 4 weeks Phase characteristics Gradually increasing intensity to prepare for the upcoming phases. and the program probably looks a lot different than anything you have tried before. Your week might look something like this: 29 © 2013 www. Liza Phase 1 8 weeks Deload Liza Phase 2 1 week 8 weeks Deload Liza Phase 3 1 week 8 weeks I know what you’re thinking – FINALLY! And I couldn’t agree more. Recovery & Technique work Reducing workload while increasing weight on big lifts.

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Workout Upper 1 Lower 1 Rest Upper2 Lower 2 Rest Rest Focus Strength Hypertrophy Weekly weigh in! Hypertrophy Strength Program Components Strength (Red) These are the most important exercises to keep track of.lift-heavy. Once you’ve reach the desired 3 sets of 5 reps for a certain load. Progressing in these 5 exercises is the biggest priority during the program! Focus on long rest periods (more than 3 minutes) and give it everything you have during all the sets! Start at 80% of you 1RM and increase weight slowly week by | All Rights Reserved . Volume (Green) 30 © 2013 www. you increase the weight and keep striving for another 3x5.

sets and rest periods. along with their reps. These exercises will be changed from phase to phase. In the first phase though. just try and remember why you started in the first place. The compete training split can be found on the next page. Perform the first exercise and immediately move on to the next one. you worked yourself up to 8x8 on 50% of your 1RM. this is also where the magic cluster sets will be added.) Once you reach the desired 10x10 on a given exercise you increase the weight with the smallest available | All Rights Reserved . 31 © 2013 www.lift-heavy. If you find them too hard (the chin-ups might be challenging if you aren’t very strong) you can start with 5 reps x 10 sets and gradually work yourself up to 10x10 before increasing the weight. During the preparation phase. you will be exhausted and you will (maybe) hate me… but if you ever feel like quitting. These volume workouts are going to be unpleasant. In LIZA Phase 2. The reason volume training exists is because I have found it to be very valuable when adding size.You are going to superset two compound exercises with 90 seconds of rest between each superset. you will start doing 10x10 on 50% of your 1RM (better to start too light and increase the weight slowly every week. Accessory work (Blue) 60-90 second rests between sets. You will be sucking in wind harder than a hand-held Dyson. it is pretty straightforward with 2 straight sets of each exercise in mediumhigh rep scheme and some super-setting. then rest and start over again. From now. You might want to take a deep breath.

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat 5. Bench press 1B. Standing calf press Sat Sun Rest 10x10 supersets 10x5-10 supersets 2x12-15 2x12-15 2x12-15 superset.lift-heavy. Reverse curl static holds 1. Bench press machine 1A. Farmer’s Walk Wed Rest 1A. Chin-ups (weighted) Mon 3. Cable pushdowns 5. Leg press 3. Good mornings 4. Lying triceps extensions 4A. Seated calf press 5. Squat 1B.TRAINING SPLIT Exercise selection 1. Standing military press 4. Romanian Deadlifts Tue 2. Rowing machine 5. Standing calf press 4. Bench press 2. Cable curls 4B. 2x12-15 superset. 45° lying biceps curls Thu 3. Deadlifts 3x5 Fri | All Rights Reserved . Chin-ups 2. 2x15 second holds 3x5 3x5 2 x12-15 2x12-15 2x12-15 60sec 60sec 3min 3min 60sec 60sec 60sec 90sec 60sec 60sec 3x5 3x5 3x5 2x12-15 2x12-15 10x10 supersets 10x10 supersets 2x12-15 2x12-15 2x12-15 2 x max distance 90sec 60sec 60sec 60sec 60sec Set x Reps Rest 3min 3min 3min 60sec 60sec 32 © 2013 www. Squats 3x5 2.

It’ll be our little secret. If you don’t have access to one of these. isn’t demanding form-wise will do. Just make sure you don’t tell anyone online. If you’ve ever read FJ’s post where he talks about the hierarchy of training. Bench press machine? Another SL exercise such as the one above. this would be known as SL exercise (stable + load). but allows you to just push yourself past exhaustion. often in the form of a seated bench press-like movement that does not require any thinking. without risking form breakdown. Most gyms have | All Rights Reserved .Common Questions About The Exercises Rowing machine? Any rowing machine (chest-supported row is my personal favorite) that does not require a lot of stabilization and thus. You’re supposed to blast those muscle fibers that are standing on their final leg. use a smith machine. 33 © 2013 www.lift-heavy. Nor should you log it on Fitocracy.

narrow stance). high bar.lift-heavy. hold for 15 seconds. then rack the weight. Rest. wide stance. Farmer’s walk: Just pick up a pair of heavy dumbbells and walk a pre-set distance (15-20 paces). shoulder with or slightly narrower. then repeat. I think they all have their advantages and limitations so pick whatever you are used to and stick to it for the whole duration of the program. Increase weight every week until you can’t perform 2 sets of 15 second holds and progress from there. you pick the style that suits you best. Difference between Chin-ups & Pull-ups? Chin-ups: palms facing you. Do a reverse bicep curl until forearms are parallel with the floor.Squat style? You pick whatever style you prefer (low bar. and stay with it for the entire duration of LIZA. Pull-ups: Palms facing away from you. Increase the weight you are carrying (or the distance travelled) from week to week. WTF are reverse curl static holds? This is when you have a thumb-less overhand grip on straight | All Rights Reserved . Deadlift style? Should you do conventional or sumo? Well. 34 © 2013 www. the answer is similar to the one above.

Q section.A.lift-heavy. Happy lifting! 35 © 2013 www. You will survive. More Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the online F. Some Final Notes Take a deep | All Rights Reserved . the photographer did a pretty good job of making sure I don’t look like a total bro) A collection of YouTube videos showing some of the other exercises can be found here. Relax.(even with baby weights.

superset GVT training and intensive high-volume work. I think one of the reasons so many people (mainly guys) avoid de-loading is because they think they’ll lose their gains.lift-heavy. 36 © 2013 www. Liza Phase 1 8 weeks Deload Liza Phase 2 1 week 8 weeks Deload Liza Phase 3 1 week 8 weeks After 12 weeks of putting yourself through constant abuse. one step backward followed by two steps forward. And | All Rights Reserved . Recovery & Technique work Reducing workload while increasing weight on big lifts.De-load Phases Preparation Phase Duration 4 weeks Phase characteristics Gradually increasing intensity to prepare for the upcoming phases. aside from being hit by a bus and drinking 24/7. Heaviest strength training phase. Well. Recovery & Technique work Added cluster-sets and lower rep. as long as it allows me to keep on progressing thereafter. 3x5 heavy strength training. higher intensity GVT supersets. that’s exactly what we’re about to do. My mantra has always been that regression is OK. I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that your body is probably screaming for a de-load before pushing onwards.

Focus your full efforts on hammering in perfect technique for each and every rep. double the sets and focus on perfect technique and movement patterns. 200% sets My definition of a de-load: It is not just time away from the gym. and focus on technique. preferably). which is why I want you to go in and double your sets with the 50/100/200 system. and perform your sets in a braindead.there’s not much you can do to diminish your gains that you’ve worked so hard to get. don’t just go in. However. getting enough sleep and being nice to people. I want you to focus on the following steps for the de-load: 1. This is a perfect opportunity to get some low load. high volume technique training in.lift-heavy. eating well ( | All Rights Reserved . 100% reps. Cut the accessory and superset work 2. Liza Phase 2 is where we’ll introduce another set of crazy progressions such as heavier supersets and super intensive cluster sets. double volume. 37 © 2013 www. zombie-like fashion. decrease load to 50 % of your one repetition max. Focus on technique 3. while reducing the stress on your body for physical and mental recovery. 50/100/200 – 50% weight. And finally. But for now. the 3 steps are: lower load. don’t forget about other factors that are important for proper recovery: staying active. So again. but a specific set of actions that will still take you closer to your goal(s). The De-load Details Cut all accessory work.

Squats 2.Exercise selection Monday 1.lift-heavy. 38 © 2013 www. Deadlifts Rest Set x Reps 6x5 @ 50% 1RM Rest As needed As needed Tuesday 6x5 @ 50% 1RM Wednesday Rest Thursday 6x5 @ 50% 1RM As needed Friday Sat + Sun 6x5 @ 50% 1RM As needed Regressing is always the right thing to do. Deadlifts 1. Standing military press 1. Bench press 2. Squats 2. if it allows you to keep progressing | All Rights Reserved . Standing military press 1. Bench press 2. Chin-ups (bodyweight) 3. Chin-ups (bodyweight) 3.

Since LIZA is a muscle-gaining program.5 kg/week (0. at least on training days (you are going to need it). Or you could eat carbs other than | All Rights Reserved . that should be fine in most cases. What? Not good enough? Fine. The end.I know I do. Also.1 lbs. As for protein. I’ve created the following food pyramid… 39 © 2013 www.5 .lift-heavy. aim near the higher end (2 grams/kg bodyweight minimum) along very high potato intake. uncomplicated and fun. Shoot for an increase in body weight of 0. Just make sure that you are gaining weight at a slow pace without getting unnecessarily fat in the progress. I’ve come to realize that the majority of the population hates counting calories . Training should be easy. but they are most likely inferior. As such. for Phase 1 I actually don't find nutrition guidelines to be as fundamental as most people (and trainers) like to believe.) More is usually not necessary unless you are very thin to begin with or you’ve chosen to expressively eat at maintenance in order to achieve body-recomposition (burn fat while building muscle resulting in a no weight gained or lost).0. Meal frequency? Meal timing? Clean eating? I really don’t give a shit. So as long as you keep track of your weight on a weekly basis and notice that it is increasing.25 .Nutrition Guidelines Eat more potato.

If you are training 4 times per week this will equal 4 high calorie and 3 low calorie days per week. below is an example from one of my clients: 40 © 2013 www. To illustrate. if you want to keep notorious track of your calorie intake no problem.lift-heavy. In that case I recommend cycling between a pretty big calorie surplus on training days and a slight calorie deficit on rest days. This is to ensure that you get a lot of nutrients when your body needs to rebuild (hello new muscle gains) but also keeps your body fat levels as low as | All Rights Reserved .Now.

Some don’t. Add carbs until you find a calorie level where you gain weight in the desired rate. Can I do intermittent fasting? Let me repeat: I don’t really care about meal preferences and meal frequency as long as you get enough food in your mouth. The next priority is that it should be challenging and fun. Number one priority for LIZA is that your training should be obsession-free. Calculate your protein intake (2grams/kg bodyweight) 2.Calorie intake Low day High day 2500 kcal 4000 Kcal Protein 220g 220 g Carbohydrates 290 g 670 g Fat 50g 50 g Average/day: 3357 kcal / 220g protein /507g carb /50g fat How to set up your macros during LIZA: 1. My experience from The LIZA Project is that intermittent fasting works if you manage to get the needed amount of calories | All Rights Reserved . And please don’t turn into an obsessive calorie counting police officer. Add 50 grams of fats 3. Most do. 41 © 2013 www.

I would like to reveal some simple tips on supplements that have scientific backing and/or I believe they might be worth considering. if not most of my client transformations without the use of any supplementation. If it’s not included in the list below. Also. Multivitamin Pills: I’m not sure if these are absolutely necessary when living in an industrialized country.Supplementation First of all. you should check out this awesome website called www. It is the Wikipedia of supplements and there is no better resource available on the web at the moment. Note: the supplements below are the only supplements I consider worth using so don’t ask me what I think about supplement X. If you want to incorporate supplements.lift-heavy. but if you don’t eat a variety of food sources. it’s better to be safe then sorry. below are the few that I think will benefit you during | All Rights Reserved . But since supplements are such a hot topic of discussion. let me get one thing completely clear: Supplements are by no means essential to getting great results. I’ve done don’t forget to track the potential energy content of the supplements and include them in your calculations of total daily intake if you are a calorie counter. 42 © 2013 www.

and so I prefer that you use cow (or anything that had parents. Just make sure to check the concentration of the fish oil supplement before buying. Some water retention is not unusual but once the scale balances out. if you are one of those people who struggle with the prescribed protein intake. as dosing will vary depending on the concentration of EPA and DHA in the capsules. Creatine: Can help to increase performance.unless you eat a lot of fish. yes it is safe. as you | All Rights Reserved . That being said. Those that prefer to do LIZA in a fasted state (kinky) can also benefit from the intake of amino acids pre. I believe this is one supplement that every living person should take . fasted workouts is not something I normally recommend. the weight change should still be constant.Fish Oil: The health benefits of fish oils are many and thus. Caffeine as also shown to reduce soreness when taken post-workout. this might be a good idea. EAA/BCAA: Can be used in the pre and post workout window to stimulate protein synthesis. or prefer them for their low cost. Caffeine: Coffee or caffeine pills for pleasure or performance enhancement can be used. and considering the hardcore nature of LIZA. And.lift-heavy. Protein Powders: Liquid protein sources are not as satiating as solid food. Though. 43 © 2013 www. then I have no problem with my clients using protein powders.and post-workout. really) as your primary protein source. are really busy.

lift-heavy. Now it’s time to advance to the next phase which will build on the foundation you’ve created over the past 13 weeks. when you had the option of choosing amongst thousands of others. Congratulations! If you’ve managed to get this far (doing the actual workouts that is. Heaviest strength training phase. Recovery & Technique work Added cluster-sets and lower rep. not just reading). Phase 2 is going to be even more bad-ass.Now What? Phases Preparation Phase Duration 4 weeks Phase characteristics Gradually increasing intensity to prepare for the upcoming phases. Maybe not enough people say this. then you’ve experienced exactly what I experienced a few years ago – partial enlightenment. 3x5 heavy strength training. the supersets are slightly less | All Rights Reserved . Recovery & Technique work Reducing workload while increasing weight on big lifts. superset GVT training and intensive high-volume work. but I’m proud of your ass and very appreciative that you’ve given my program a chance. higher intensity GVT supersets. Liza Phase 1 8 weeks Deload Liza Phase 2 1 week 8 weeks Deload Liza Phase 3 1 week 8 weeks First of all. but you’ll instead add some very cool 44 © 2013 www.

I’ll give you early pre-sale access and a steep discount. If you do phase 2 without completing the prep and phase 1. Because I want to minimize the amount of people being admitted into “snap city”.lift-heavy. but hey. In fact. So keep a lookout for the Phase 2 announcement in your inbox. It allows me to offer premium support. But as they say. Not that you would do such a thing.cluster sets that will make your arms feel like overcooked spaghetti. 2. I seriously thank you in advance! “So when exactly will you release phase 2. Phase 2 is going to be a premium product and will ONLY be available to those that have gone through Phase 1 – people such as yourself. 45 © 2013 www. you’re asking for injuries. we all know there are dorks out there. and I’ll let you know the moment it is available. The gains are going to come even faster and ever harder. Now. I won’t be able to beat the numbers. I only put out quality stuff. There are 2 simple reasons for this: 1. So questions and support about phase 2 will be for serious LIZA practitioners only. along with bills to pay. so I can promise you it will be worth the wait. I wish I could sit at home in my PJ’s. I’m going to do my due diligence as a Doc and separate people from their own stupidity. the book is currently going through the editing process (unless you feel like reading the chicken scratch that resides on the scanned copy of my gynecology lecture sheet). Dr. Potato?!” Good question – While the actual phase is | All Rights Reserved . coffee in hand and do nothing but talk about LIZA all day long. And as you know. If you’re thinking about supporting me. While I’ll try and help out as many people as possible. time is money and I have a day job.

Bojan Kostevski P. I promise to make it worth your while . I urge you to visit http://www.lift-heavy. in advance. updates to LIZA.lift-heavy. you’re probably missing out on a boat load of exclusive content.Dr.If you got your hands on this Phase 1 book through a friend. .Here’s to you and the countless women (and men) we will inspire with our sexy new and subscribe. early release dates for programs (such as this one).com | All Rights Reserved .welcome to the Lift Heavy family.S . new articles about elite strength training and of course. 46 © 2013 www.

Q: I have an injury and cannot perform exercise X. if you want a completely personalized program. visit: http://www. The question will be answered on the online FAQ.fitnessblueprint. Will I? A: No you won’t.A. It will get better eventually.lift-heavy. visit: http://bojan. Have a question of you own? Feel free to contact me (after checking the online F. And remember. All the information about Phase 2 will be revealed 47 © 2013 www. Grind through. so others also can benefit from the answer.lift-heavy. What can I do instead? A: Sounds like you need a personal | All Rights Reserved .Frequently Asked Questions Q: I think I am going to die.Q) via the contact form on Http://LiftHeavy.flawlessfitnessmedia. See below for more information For more Frequently Asked Questions check out the interactive online LIZA Phase 1 FAQ. Q: I’m done with LIZA Phase 1 and have had gotten some amazing And if you want to become a personal online client. Where can I found more information about the next phase? A: Be sure you’re part of my subscriber list over at

and may not reflect the typical user’s the share buttons | All Rights Reserved . Bojan Kostevski * The testimonials found in this book are unverified by third parties. it is possible that even with perfect use of the program. We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in typical results information supplied to us by manufacturers or other reputable third parties.lift-heavy.Please Consider Sharing The Love Liza was born to serve the masses. and know that her and I will forever be grateful. If a product or service is new. She just happens to love everyone equally. and should not be taken as the results a typical user will get. They are meant to be a showcase of the best results the program has produced. That is not to say that she is an icecold heart breaker. However. you should presume that the typical results as stated are more reliable than the testimonials and other examples found in this book or at liftheavy. she has no attachment towards any one individual – not even me. If we have disclosed typical results based on information provided to us by a manufacturer or other reputable third party source. They have been forwarded by actual users of the LIZA program. No. While many fall in love with her scandalous ways. you will not achieve the results described in So if you feel like she serviced you well. 48 © 2013 www. please do me a favor and introduce her to everyone in your circle of friends .Dr. may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Again. . you should always perform due diligence and not take such results at face value. you understand that it may not have been available for purchase long enough to provide an accurate results history.