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1. When does the Invoice price variance arise? What is the accounting entry?

Invoice Price variance is the difference between the Purchase Order Pric e and Price entered in AP Invoice for PO Matched Invoices. The difference is Debited or credited to Invoice Price Variance Account Ex : Po price =10 qty=10 Receipt and Invoice price =11 qty=10

A. When received material Receiving Material A/C dr 110 AP Accrual A/C cr 110 B. When we matched the invoice with receipt, The Accounting entry is, AP Accrual A/C dr 100 Invoice price variance A/c dr 10 Liability A/c cr 110 2. Segment qualifier types and usage Allow Posting - Posting will be allowed Allow Budgeting - Budgeting will be allowed Control Account - Account will be controlled at Supplier/Customer Level Account Type -Expense/Revenue or like any other value Reconciliation A/C -Required for Localization country specific 3. can u make payment across two legal entity ? ex:- one primary ledger, two leg al entity and one legal entity have "A" operating unit and another legal entity have "B" Operating unit .. i posted invoice in "A" OU, can i make paymen t through "B" OU ? if Yes what is mandatory setups ? Yes,We can do it using Payment Manager. Payment Manager :At the time of creating payment proceess profile templa te we should give the other legal entity or ALL but that reponsibility have Access to other legal entity and operating unit. Five Steps involved in Payment Manager: Selection Build Re-Build Format Confirm 4. what is use of auto copy button in general ledger l recurring journal and whe re its effects in the real time process By using Auto copy function we can copy journal which ever already exit in system and what ever we want, so instead of enter same journal again we can copy same and we can save time. Recurring journal nothing but for repeated transactions we will create t emplet and we will post journal by using templet. Ex: Rent,salary...

if you will give security profle after doing some setups that may not work somw times.once you create BG the first thing You have to do is Assign Your BG to HR by using profile option HR:Security Profile. Invoice onhold report 5.ap trial balance report Please check the below payments processes.Data Extraction is the a ctivity of extracting the data from the source. We need to run Pay on receipt auto invoice program to create a REceipt m atch invoice.payment register report(payed amount report) 9.immediate step is to give security profile to your HR MS as your name of BG. What is the difference between data converson and data migration Data conversion is the subset of Data migration. .system parameters 2. Can any one please share the answer for "What is the Journal Approval Process in Oracle Apps General Ledger"? It is a feature to ensure that journal entries and batches are approved by appropriate management personnel before the journals can be posted to your account balances. 10. your BG is not appearing in financial options means you did a misatake m ulti org set transaction codes 9.invoic hold report 3.ap trial balanc report 7. b)at ledger level operating units page whenevr adding my OUs vision corp orations are showing instead of my BG.create accounting 6.invoice validation 2. Migration on the other hand involves Data Conversion activities in addit ion to all the activities required to move the application successfully to utilize the target data. Tell me cash management mandatory setups 1. 7. 6. 3)Tell me after create my BG assign profile classe to my RESP then wht i s the next step with BG Ans: when you create BG. tell me the ap period end process 1. Transforming the data and loading it to the target system. Unaccounted transaction report 4.for that we need to do minimal set up at supplier site level. What is an ERS ERS stands for Evaluated Receipt Settlement also Known as PAY ON RECIPT AUTO Functionality. 8. I created a business group BG and assigned profile classes to that and my qu estion is a)In purchasing financial options under human resource tab unable to see my BG but VISION CORPORATION is coming.invoice register report(current month liability) 8.

You can define as many invoice hold and release names as you need. In payables we have two types of holds. 4.this type of hold cannot release system hold and manual hold. Deliver: Receiving Inventory a/c Dr To AP Accrual a/c Item Expenses a/c Dr To Liability a/c AP Accrual a/c Dr To Liability Liability a/c Dr 3. 1. AP_payment_schedules_all In R12 there are four tables:1. Manual hold are created by user.t hey are used to hold a invoice before payment. If payments are un-started status go to edit and delete those payment batches. format) cancel those paymen t batches 2. System hold is placed by system during validation of a invoice if ther is any validation errors example d istribution variance .1. 14. What is a Hold and Release You cannot pay an invoice that has a hold applied to it. 3. Receive: 2. If payments are in-process status (built. 4) Link the security profile to the newly created responsibility by usin g profile option MO: Security Oracle Financial terminology ? 1. AP_invoices_all 2. 11. 12. Matching / AP Invoice: 4. AP_invoices_all AP_invoice_lines_all AP_invoice_distributions_all AP_payment_schedules_all 13. AP_invoice_distributions_all 3.should be updated. (a) Payment: . What are the tables associated with Invoice in AP? ap_invoices_all ap_distributions_all ap_holds_all ap_interface_rejections Invoice Header Information Line details There are three Tables getting impacting while you entering the Invoice in System for R11. MOAC Setups 1) setup security profile in HRMS 2) Define a payable responsibility 3) Attach a new responsibility to the username. 2.they can be released manually by user. What are the Accounting Entries in P2P.

what are the documents need to be prepare as functional consultant. can you explain aim methodology. exceptions Inventory flexfields. You can also customize the suspense account as per your requirements whe n this setup is done the account which is specified by the user will come instead of suspense account and the suspense line will be added. You can simply enable 'suspense account' at 'set of bo oks' level and specify the same account in the respective filed. CRV can be applied to KF F only. explain about gap. documents and Templates and the Implementing C ompany can decide on which are the steps. 16. Security rules for restricted segment values that user can enter during data ent ry. This has so many steps. AIM provides the Basic Outline with which the wholeImplementation Process needs to be handled after the Contract to Implement the solution is signed with the Customer. Define suspense account in Oracle apps and why is it mandatory? As far as i know. CRV rule d define whether segment values of particular segment can be combined with other segment values of other segment of same key flexfield. Cross-Validations Rules are used to define valid flexfield combination.e 'double entry system'.To Cash Clearing a/c (b) CM clearing: Cash Clearing a/c Dr To Cash a/c 15. Is it necessary to enable the SECURITY RULE check box along with CROSS VALID ATION SEGMENT RULE in flex field structure while setting up the CROSS VALIDATION RULE. The list of values will only display that are not restricted by security rul es assigned to the responsibility whenever your user logged on as. CRV is required after enabling dynamic RD-50 BP-80 BR-30 BR-100 TE-40 TE-110/120 TE-130 PM-80 Operational analysis: Solution Design: Build: Transition: . documents and templates to be used Steps: Definition: Conduct current business base line RD-020 Develop high level process design BP-70 Gather business requirement Develop future process model Map business requirement Define application setups Develop system scripts Perform system testing Perform acceptance testing Begin Production Production 17. Security rule s can be applied to KFF and DFF. Well technically it is not mandatory but it's preferrable because while entering journals whenever "A debit line is entered with out it's correspo nding credit line or credit line is entered with out it's corresponding debit li ne the suspense account will come into play to balance the entry as per the accounting convention i.

try to get the information with the below Navigation. 1. 5. Legal Entity. So its not mandatory to enable security rule check along with cross validation segment rule in flexfield structure while setting up CVR rule 18. How to see the structure of organization?ie which LE connected to which ledg er and which OU connected to which LE? In Release 12. Check the Legal Entity Name 4. Click on Operating Unit Update option under "Primary Ledger Region" below the "Legal Entity" Region. Click on Update on Operating Units under "Setup Step" 6. You will find Business Group. Login to GL Super User Responsibility (N)Setup --> Financials ---> Accounting Setup Manager ---> Accounting Setup 2. Operating Unit .insertation. Click on Update Accounting Option 3. Query with the Ledger Name 3.