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to sit down

to put

to fall asleep (unintentionally)

to wake up

to sell

to know (be aware of, get to know)

to remember, recollect, recall

turn on [the lights]

turn off [the lights]
open [the door]
close, shut [the door]
to hurry

to stop, park (trans.)

to stop, park (intr.)

turn [to the right]

to take, pick up, steal

to help (with a task)

to tell [an address]

to start, begin (trans.)

to be started, commence (intrans.)

to pick someone up (to go to pick someone up)

to send [a letter]
to enter [a coffee shop]
to go out, exit [of a coffee shop]
to become less crowded

is thirsty
;to dry up
to take time or money

to remember, memorize [I don't remember]

to receive (a gift or help)

to fill out forms

to lend out

to die

to be decide, settled (intr.)

to decide, settle (trans.)

to borrow

to go and take <someone> with you

to lead, take someone with you

let's do it, get going, continue on

to soak, dip in/ to wear, put on

to cut/slice

to send

Dave and I gave a souvenir to John on Friday.

to get drunk

to check out, investigate

to repair, fix (an object)

to finish [homework] (intrans: to come to an end)

[] (intrans: )
to get someone to come back, summon someone (via calling, or going and getting t

to get invited, receive an invitation

(-to summon + -to receive)
to invite (someone else)

to accept
- popularity, favor- put in
to injure [injure arm]
to get fat

to lose weight

to ride

to get off

to take a shower

to push, press, enter info by button

to lose something, misplace something

to leave behind, forget, misplace

to leave something behind (intentionally)

to drop, lost, let fall (and leave behind)

to take back, collect, claim

to remain, be left over

to leave as it is, leave to chance, leave alone, neglectBack off! or Leave me alon
to pay

to give back, return something

difference between kaeru's trans. and intrans. versions?

Trans: Group 2, to change/alter/exchange ; Intr: Group 1, to return/go home
to go out

to take off (shoes, etc)

to work overtime

to be on a business trip

to collect, gather (trans.)

to throw away

to drive

to reserve, to book

to visit some place for study/investigation/audit

to climb

to stay (physically in a location)

to clean (a room)

to wash (clothes)

to practice

to need, require
to be enough, be sufficient

to change (trains, etc)

quit or reture from [a company], stop, give up
[] (II)

take [medicine]
take a [bath]
sing [a song]
to fly, jump

to dive (skuba, under water)

to dive into
; jump + become crowded
to stand upside down, handstand/headstand

to crawl

to kick (also refuse or reject)

to wave a hand (at someone)

[] furu (furu - to shake)
to hold up (to show people something)
; publish/release info + raise up
to get a raise (to salary)

(salary is raised)
to pick up (and hug, for example: a baby)

to lift (like a box or something that you aren't just raising up)

to throw

to pat, massage, strike, knock

to pull

to bend

to extend, lengthen, grow long (beard)

to fall down

to look back (ex. over your shoulder)

to climb [a mountain]
to stay [at hotel]
clean (a room)

to wash (clothes)

to practice

to be required [a visa] (not iru)

check out, investigate
repair, correct, make better

repair (mechanical)

to be enough, be sufficient
to win

to lose, be beaten
to be useful

to put on [a shirt]
to put on [pants, or shoes]
to put on [a hat]
to put on [glasses]
[] (II)
to be born
to ask [the teacher]
to turn, spin

to touch [a door]
[change $] come out
to work, move, function [a watch works]
to cross [a bridge]
[] /
pay attention [to cars], take care
move, relocate (home location)

to give [to me, from her] (or to my family)

[] (II)
to give [to him, from her]
[] (II)
to receive [from her, to him, souvneir]
to bring (someone)

to escort [someone], go with

to go to pick someone up, welcome, greet

to welcome [someone]
to go to pick something up (to go to take something)

to introduce [self introduction]

to show around, show the way, provide guidance


make [coffee] (not for food)

[] (II)
to prepare

to think about, consider

to arrive [at the station]
to study abroad

to look for, search

to find (intrans: to be found)

(intrans: )
to be late [for an appointment]
[] (II)
to be in time [for an appointment]
to attend [a party]
to apply for, propose

transitive: to put in order [boxes], tidy up (intrans: to be put in order)

[] (intrans: )
to put out [the trash]
to be burned [the trash]

[] (II)
to keep/raise (a pet)

to build
to run, drive [along a road]
[] (I)
to take [a holiday]
[a sound] can be heard
[] (II)
[an airport] be made, be completed, come into existence
[] (II)
to set up [a class], open, hold
to attach to, put on
to be sold [bread] (transitive: to sell)
[] (II) (trans:)
to dance

to chew [gum], to bite

to choose

to go to and from, commute [to university]

to take a memo

to chat (chatty person)

to be open [door] (transitive: to open)

[] (trans: )
to be closed [door] (transitive: to close)
[] (trans: )
to come on [light] (transitive: to turn on)
to go off [light], disappear (transitive: to turn off)
[] (II) (trans: )
to be crowded [road]

to become empty [road] (same as hungry)
to become broken [chair] (intrans)
[] (II)
to become broken, smashed (into pieces) [a glass] (intrans)
[] (II)
to become broken, snapped [a tree] (intrans)
[] (II)
to tear [paper] (trans)
[] (II)
to get dirty [clothes] (intrans)
[] (II)
to be undone, disconnected, out of place [a button] (intrans) (trans: to unbutto
[] (II) (trans: )
to make a mistake (trans)
to drop, lose, push over the edge

to be locked (intrans)

to unlock (trans)

to point

to fall down, fall, collapse, be defeated (game or by illness)

to put up, post, paste, stick [a map to a wall]
to hang
to display, decorate

to arrange, line up, itemize

to plant, grow
to put ~ together, put ~ in shape, summarize, unify

to decide (trans)
to inform, notify
to consult, discuss

to prepare one's lessons

to review one's lessons

to open one's eyes, come to senses, wake up (intrans)

[] (II) (trans: )
to smear, spread, apply (something) [to paint]
to spill, overflow, shed tears, let one's feelings show (intrans: to be spilled)
(intrans: )
to begin (intrans) [and trans.]
to continue (intrans.) [and trans.]
to take [an exam], receive damage, feel influence
to arrive [train]
to depart [plane]
enter [a university]
graduate [from a university]
to be in trouble, be in a bind (intran) (those two are trouble/troublesome)
attend [a meeting]
take a break, take a rest

to remain, be left
to close, shut, to put to a close (book, eyes, meeting) [not shimeru]

keep a promise

break a promise

make a promise

to gather, collect, assemble [at a place] (reunirse)

to exercise

to succeed

to fail [an exam]

[] (or)
pass [an exam]
[] (or , or )
return (volverse)
( - return an object)
[rain] to stop
to clear up (e.g. sky)
(sunny = - it is clear)
to get cloudy
(cloud - , cloudy - )
[wind] to blow
[] ( also means cold [the sickness])
recover from [sickness], get well
to be fixed, be repaired [not working, failure, out of order] (intrans.)
[] (trans. = )
[high temperature] continues (intrans.)
to catch [a cold], to pull
to cool off [something] from room temperature, chill, refrigerate
to get burned

to get injured

to have a cough

to work more than one's capacity, overwork

( = more than ones capacity = impossible)
to take one's time, do something thoroughly (resting, talking, etc)
(eg. )
to win, to hit [lottery] (not katsu)
to run away, escape

to make noise, rustle(intran)

to give up (trans)

to throw, toss
to keep, follow, obey, protect (like guardar)
to raise, lift up

to lower, pull down

to convey (a message)

to be careful [of the cars]

to slip away, be away [from ones desk/seat]
to pass away [also: object disappears]

to utilize (a resource, meeting room, [cafeteria], etc)
to brush [teeth], to polish (shoes, metal, etc)
to assemble, set up

to bend, fold, break, snap

to notice, become aware of [things left behind]


to put in, dip [something, in soy sauce], touch

to ask a question (not kiku)
to make green tea (uses verb for to wisk, whip)

to place on, load onto, give someone a lift

to put on the stove

to cook, simmer, boil (trans.)

to be cooked, be simmered, be boiled (intrans.)

get drunk from drinking too much sake

my packages arrive on Saturday

to get angry [I'm getting mad]

to calm down [calm down!]

to be popular

to bake, fry, grill

to blossom

to wake someone up

to set [the clock], match rhythm, unite

to break [a bone] (to be broken)

to fish

to pin down, staple together

so that I can read a book, I want to go to a quiet place

so that I can use the net, I want a smart phone

to ask someone out [may I ask you to go get a drink?]

to stay [at a hotel]

to laugh

to smile

to confirm

May I have a blanket? (more polite: Can I receive a blanket?)

haven't even done it once

a car is wanted (by a 3rd person)

he wants to eat sushi