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PART A - MULTIPLE CHOICE TASKS I For each numbered gap choose ONE of the four offered answers to make

the sentence both grammatically correct and logical: It was the day of Henry Ground’s funera ! Re at"#es who had not s$o%en for years s&" ed at ea'h other and $ro&"sed to stay "n tou'h! And( of 'ourse( e#eryone had a fa#or"te story that they were ))))) *+, to te a-out Henry( the wor d’s .reatest $ra't"'a /o%er! 0I ))) *1, w"th h"& "n a $osh restaurant(2 sa"d one! 03hen the w"ne wa"ter the w"ne( he $oured a dro$ "nto Henry’s . ass and wa"ted w"th a su$er"or e4$ress"on on h"s fa'e as "f ))) *5, Henry 'ou dn’t $oss"- y %now anyth"n. a-out w"ne! So( Henry d"$$ed h"s thu&- and foref" "nto the w"ne "n h"s . ass( ))) *6, tast"n. "t( as any nor&a $erson wou d do! Then he $ut h"s hand to h"s ear and ro ed h"s foref" and thu&- as "f he ))))) *7, to the 8ua "ty of the w"ne9 Then he nodded to the wa"ter so e&n y( )))))) *:,! ;ou shou d ha#e seen the w"ne wa"ter’s fa'e9 And how Henry &ana.ed to ))) *<, fa'e( I’ ne#er %now92 The awyer to read out Henry’s w" ! 0=ear fr"ends(2 he 0I ha#e set you a "tt e 'o&$et"t"on! Ea'h of you )))) *>, ))))) *?, the funn"est /o%e he or she 'an th"n% of( and the one who $ro#o%es the &ost au.hter w" "nher"t &y fortune! My awyer ))) *+@, the -est /o%e2! 0So( ad"es and .ent e&en(2 sa"d the awyer( ))) *++, the w" down on the ta- e( "t’s u$ to you now! 3ho w" .o f"rstA May I )))) *+1, .o "n a $ha-et"'a order of surna&esA2 The f"rst $erson stood u$ and to d a #ery funny story a-out an En. "sh&an who fe "n o#e w"th h"s u&-re a! 3hen he f"n"shed( he was "n tears of au.hter( )))) *+5, h"s own /o%es! The rest of the 'o&$any re&a"ned a-so ute y s" ent! ;ou 'ou d te fro& the"r red fa'es and the"r s'rewed u$ eyes that they found the /o%e funny( ))) *+6, au.h( and ."#e h"& the 'han'e to w"n the 'o&$et"t"on! The se'ond to d a story a-out a ))) *+7,! 3hen she sat down( the others 'ou.hed( $retended to sneeBe( dro$$ed $en'" s under the ta- e( anyth"n. to 'o#er u$ the"r au.hter! And so "t went on( /o%e after /o%e( ))) *+:, that &a%e your s"des a'he! And no-ody dared ))) *+<,9 ))) *+>, the ast /o%e had -een to d( e#ery one of the twe #e $eo$ e attend"n. the read"n. out of Henry’s w" ))) *+?, $erfe't y st" ( des$erate y ho d"n. "n the au.hter that was -urst"n. to .et out! Cy then( the su$$ressed au.hter ))) *1@, a $ressure that "t was "%e a #o 'ano ready to eru$t! S" en'e! Pa"nfu s" en'e! Sudden y( the awyer sneeBed! Then he too% out a ar.e red s$otted hand%er'h"ef and - ew h"s nose! C--rrrrr$$$! That was enou.h! So&eone ))))*1+, ( ))) *11, to ho d "t "n any! That started the others off! ))) *15, ( they were a dou- ed u$( ro "n. )))) *16, au.hter( tears strea&"n. fro& the"r eyes! Of 'ourse( they d"dn’t f"nd /ust the sneeBe funny( nor e#en /ust the /o%es! They found "t ))) *17, that Henry had ed the& "nto h"s ast( and funn"est( $ra't"'a /o%e( sett"n. the"r need to au.h a.a"nst the"r .reed for &oney! + 1 5 a, d"e"n. -, dye"n. ', dy"n. d, day"n.

a, on'e had d"nner -, on'e had a d"nner ', was on'e ha#"n. a d"nner d, was on'e ha#"n. d"nner a, to say that -, say"n. that ', to su..est d, to "&$ y


-. wou d ha#e to de'"de on a. -e"n. was "sten"n. -. "stened d. has to te a.y &ore funny '. $". Dor a se'ond -. the sorts of /o%e -.o d. '. '. Eo t"&e at a '. that was f"ne d. su. who wasn’t a. that’s f"ne a. "n turn d. ha#e to te '. were s"tt"n.y &ore funn"er d. d. was s"tt"n. -u" t u$ su'h '. In no t"&e a.h"n. $utt"n.e '.hed at -.h"n. -e'ause he a ways au.. "n $erson -. %ee$ a stra".. &ore 'ons"dera.e d. a way of d. su. wou d ha#e to de'"de d..h '. dares au.hed to a. three-year-o d $".e a. $utt"n. -urst out au. &ore 'ons"dera. 'ons"dera.o -.est you . fro& -. that had -een f"ne '. a. has -een s"tt"n. had -u" t u$ su'h a. dared to au. '. -e'ause he a ways au. una. a.y funn"er II For each numbered gap choose ONE of the four offered answers to make the 1 . -ursted out to au. oo% at the wa"ter fa'e to d. not one of the& was $re$ared to d.y funny -.hed fro& d. none was $re$ared to '. who was una. dared au. -y '. 'ons"dera. '. $".o '. "n order a.h"n. no one of the& was $re$ared to a. "nstead of '.ht '. ha#e to say -. Dor no t"&e at a a. -. the sorts of /o%es a. su. a. a. to d. Cy the t"&e a. una.h a. has to say d. for he a ways au. that’ -e f"ne -. when $utt"n. were "sten"n.h d. the sort of /o%e d. w" ha#e to de'"de on '.6 7 : < > ? +@ ++ +1 +5 +6 +7 +: +< +> +? 1@ 1+ 11 15 16 17 a. w"th d. '. had -u" t u$ d. -ursted out au. "n s$"te of a. sat d. no -ody of the& was $re$ared to -.o"n. dur"n. that had three years d.est you to . w" ha#e to de'"de -. -. dares to au.est you . $utt"n. -u" t u$ -. who had three years a. su. -urst out to au.hed to '. the sort of /o%es '. for he a ways au. &a%e a a. "n "ne '. "n the 'ourse of -. It was when -. d.h"n. -. not -e"n.. a. h"de h"s -. Dor se#era &"nutes after '.est you’ . has -een "sten"n. three-years-o d $".h d.e -. It was not unt" -.

"n the e4tent that =.! In Cou e’s story there was a $ anet where a$es and &en had 'han. h"s 'ous"n( a few fr"ends( and the .es south where )))))*+6. wh"'h ha#e oo%ed to =.e A. "n so'"ety! In the f" &s( howe#er( th"s the&e was "n%ed to )))))*:. the one that "s of nu' ear war C. sa#es the& fro& h"s father’s an. the nu' ear war’s one =. far so &u'h as C. ea'h other’s $ a'e =. e"ther C.e =. "s what we 'a Eew Gea and! + 1 5 6 7 : A. effe'ts of the ho o'aust! 3hen the 'h" dren a$$ea for he $( the See anders res'ue the&! See and( )))))*1@."r he o#es )))))*+<.was res$ons".e aws of the 'o&&un"ty( )))))*+@. to ha#e oo%ed "nto =. the $ a'es C. was the ato&"' -o&.ht -ut the -oy’s un' e( who "s a sa" or( te s h"& of #oya. sett e&ent "n the A&er"'an 3est! On y as the no#e de#e o$s )))))*?. nor A. a 'o&&un"ty "n northern Canada )))))*+5. that the stran.ned the&se #es )))))*>. see& to you "%e tota $ess"&"s&( has a &essa. ne"ther C. wh"'h ha#e oo%ed "nto A. the s a#es of a$es "t "s -e'ause of a nu' ear 'atastro$he! A &ore su-t e treat&ent of the sa&e the&e o''urs "n Fohn 3yndha&’s no#e ( The Chrysalids! The hero "s a -oy . $ a'es and they &a%e &enta 'onta't w"th so&e $eo$ e "n a $ a'e 'a ed See and( wh"'h has a so es'a$ed ))))) *+?. It $ ays a &a/or $art( howe#er( "n The Planet of the Apes and "ts se8ue *at east )))))*6. to ha#e oo%ed to C.! 3hat )))))*+1. "n that C. u$ "n a str"'t Pur"tan"'a 'o&&un"ty rather "%e a $"oneer"n.e "n )))))*++. the"r $ a'e A. as far as A."na -oo% are 'on'erned.e was the ato&"' -o&C. of years after an ato&"' war! Here the effe'ts ha#e -een 'o&$arat"#e y ". the f" & #ers"ons ta%en fro& P"erre Cou e’s or".e of ho$e( too! The -oy( )))))*+:.res$ons". the future and seen d"saster! Cut ne"ther "n Brave New World )))))*1.row"n. was res$ons". -ut . that -a-"es -orn w"th any $hys"'a a-nor&a "ty are "&&ed"ate y %" ed( are hard y e4$ "'a. te e$ath"' .sentence both grammatically correct and logical: Hu4 ey and Orwe are not the on y &odern wr"ters )))))*+.ed )))))*7. "n 1984 )))))*5."fts! The"r a-" "ty to read )))))*+>. the ato&"' -o&. th"s nu' ear war C.a'%ened ashes! 3yndha&( "n s$"te of )))))*+7.( )))))*<. that of nu' ear war 5 . &ore to$"'a ! The astronauts e#entua y rea "Be that they ha#e returned to Earth two thousand years ater! If &en ha#e res". the res$ons". or C.e the ato&"' -o&C.

there 'an -e seen anyth"n. to -e'o&"n. 'an -e seen C. that &ade the& to -e A. $ast ter&s C. one of wh"'h "s =. to ha#e -e'o&"n."n to understand A. do we -e. there 'an -e seen noth"n. 3yndha& "s des'r"-"n. has es$e'"a C. the worst C. C. "t "s C. the& to -e =. noth"n. what 'an C. "t turns out C. one of the& "s C.hts of ea'h other A. C. a few hundred A.ether w"th =. "s =. wh"'h 'an C.hts C. ter&s of the $ast A.hts =. that turns out =. ea'h others’ thou."n to understand C. ea'h other’s thou. we -e. one of wh"'h "t "s A. the thou. we -e. "s des'r"-"n. d"d we -e. A.hts C. wh"'h 'ou d ha#e =. A. "s des'r"-"n. to. the $ast’s ter&s =. ha#e e4'e$t"ona A. 3yndha& "s des'r"-"n. 3yndha& "t "s to understand =. &a%"n. to ha#e -e'o&e =. out of the worse C. the& C. a so "%e =. to -e'o&e C.< > ? +@ ++ +1 +5 +6 +7 +: +< +> +? 1@ A. one of the& "t "s C. s"&" ar than A. &a%"n. 'an -e seen =. 3yndha& "s C. what 'ou d ha#e C. out of the worst =."n to understand C. that &ade the& C. the worse A. "t turns u$ C. the $ast ter&s C. a few hundreds C. has e4'e$t"ona C. so&e hundreds =. so&e hundred C. the sa&e that C. ha#e es$e'"a A. ea'h other thou. that turns u$ III For each numbered gap choose ONE of the four offered answers to make the sentence both grammatically correct and logical: 6 . anyth"n.

tens-do ars C. A -"rd C.e for a )))))))))))))) -" ! A. )))))))))))))))) are sa"d to -e #ery #"ta as a s$e'"es -e'ause of the"r e4traord"nary $ower of &". as ate C. $a"n "f ))))))))))))))) to 'on'entrate on other a't"#"t"es! A. use to eat C. The -"rds C. =. It wasn’t )))))))))))) I was a 'o e.e student that I earned to r"de a -"%e! A.e of ".et u$ 1. As a safety $re'aut"on( a '"ty 'a.e for &any $eo$ e at the a. at a hote 'osts ))))))))))))))))) rent"n.ot u$ C. 'e u ar $hones -y 1@1@! A."n w"th( I ))))))))))))))))) at ha f $ast f"#e( -e'ause I had to -e at a #ery "&$ortant &eet"n.rat"on! A.dr"#ers 'arry on y enou. Most the C. unt" C. -y > AM! A. they a owed C. had the %"ds .nor"n. as tw"'e as C. ten’s do ar 7. . Un "%e &ost Euro$eans( &any A&er"'ans ))))))))))))))) /ust a -ow of 'erea for -rea%fast! A.h &oney to &a%e ' u$ C. as soon as =. unt" then ?.esterday I had a rea y awfu day! To -e. In Gree'e( stay"n. a owed the& 5. are used to eat :. are they a owed =. ten-do ar =. The &ost of =. Many 'onf "'ts( "n $r"#ate "fe as we as "n -us"ness s"tuat"ons( o''ur ))))))))))))))) &"sunderstand"n.e of +@ or so to -e a. tw"'e as &u'h as =. are used to eat"n. an a$art&ent "n a house near the -ea'h! A. a owed u$ =.+. I do not th"n% "t $oss". &ade the %"ds .s are 'a$a. ))))))))))))))) $eo$ e on th"s $ anet w" -e us"n. of =. tw"'e as &ore than <. C"rds =.e to $red"'t the"r future w"th )))))))))))))))))) 'erta"nty ! 7 . and -ad 'o&&un"'at"on! A. -e'ause C. used to eat C. Most C. . That -"rds 6. ten-do ars C. s"n'e for C. tw"'e &ore than C. Phys"'"ans ha#e shown that hu&an -e"n. &ade the %"ds to . Most of +@. due to >.ot the %"ds .

'o&&anders’es TURN T E !"#E FOR !"RT $ OF T E TE%T&&&& PART C . So d"ers &ust a ways res$e't the"r )))))))))))))))))) orders! A. 'o&&anders C.A. "n s$"te C.hts and wee%ends! A. Ce'ause of a terr". "e +6.e -oys! A. not ++. She too% the roses out of the #ase( )))))))))))))) the& on the ta. Ce"n. In the"r fort"es( &any &en enter a stran.e snowstor&( the e4$ed"t"on fa" ed to ' "&. as "f C. ay C. the =."'a state( and they often -eha#e )))))))))))) teena. a nurse &eans ))))))))))))))))))))) on.the &ounta"n $ea%( ))))))))))))) a the"r efforts and ste$--y-ste$ $re$arat"ons! A. des$"te to C. ha#e to wor% +5. 'o&&ander C.e( and went to fet'h so&e fresh water! A.e $sy'ho o. as C. "ed C. des$"te +7. a"d =. any C. an C. des$"te for =.DILL-IE TASKS I !ut the 'erbs in brackets in the correct form( : . "%e they are +1. to wor% C. wor%"n. "%e =. wor%s C. =. hours( n". 'o&&ander’s =.

( I )))))))))))))))))))))))))) *.)))))))))))))) *ho d.)))))))))))))) *"n#"te.)))))))))))))) *&ustHre&o#e.s *<.u( -ut on th"s $art"'u ar o''as"on she *+<. used to ))))))))))))) * "#e. -etter( heI start study"n. a s$e'"a s".)))))))))))))) *-e. w"th 'aut"on( for any ' u&s"ness *>. "n &y d"re't"on! If you ))))))) *au4!.)))))))))))))) *'at'h. "n Ca "forn"a! Conse8uent y( I *+5.ers were aston"shed ))))))))))))) *f"nd.)))))))))))))) *eat. "n the $o"son *?. the f"sh( these -a. "tse f! At the t"&e of &y &other’s death( I *+1. "n the se4ua . the truth( he wou d not -e "n trou. fu.htn"n.)))))))))))))) *&a%e.o.)))))))))))))) *eat.)))))))))))))) *not earn.)))))))))))))) *resu t.u"de wou d rather we ))))))))))))))))) *%ee$. su''essfu y on y -y *++. an e4'e$t"on( *+>.( +! I don’t ha#e any -rothers and s"sters! I a& ))))))))) on y 'h" d! < . the -us( Fane was fur"ous! +5! Most tea'hers do not "%e )))))))))))))))))) *as%.))))))))))))))))))*$re$are. "n Fa$an yet! ++! As soon as he ))))))))))))) *fee .! 5! 3hy d"dn’t you te &e you )))))))))))))) *.e now! III Fill in the gaps with ON)* ONE +OR.)))))))))))))) *notHoffend.! II !ut the 'erbs in brackets in the correct 'erb form( +! =o you w"sh you )))))))))))))))))))))))))) *not -e.h *6. you a "ft! 6! Cy the t"&e &y -oss a$$eared( I ))))))))))))))))))))) *ty$e.)))))))))))))) * ea%. -ornA 1! The #" a. one! The $o"son *7.)))))))))))))))) * "#e. throu.u "s a %"nd of f"sh *+.)))))))))))))) *return.)))))))))))))) *d" *'arry out.! +7! If he )))))))))))))))))) *te .ou 'an te whether or not th"s o$erat"on *+@.o. -y an o d s'hoo -fr"end who& she *+?. -y ". to To%yo two years ater! A$$arent y( &y &other *+7.)))))))))))))) *a waysHrefuse. *+:. the road( and ))))))))))))))) *d"sa$$ear. e#en "f IId had the &oney! ?! She was &ade )))))))))))))))))))) *re$eat.! +1! )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) *o#ers ee$.)))))))))))))) *eat.Du. on the Pa'"f"' shores of Fa$an! The f"sh *1. ands of the f"sh! 3hen *:."#e.)))))))))))))) *res"de. "nto the #e"ns! . an4"ous *1@. 8uest"ons -y the"r students! +6! Th"s t"&e ne4t year( the wor% on the new hos$"ta )))))))))))))))))) *f"n"sh. "nto the $ost-off"'e! <! My off"'e ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) *de'orate. at the &o&ent! >! I ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) *'anH. that the sa'red tree )))))))))) *str"%e. the who e story! +@! I ))))))))))))))))))))) *notH. of the '"r'u&stan'es of her death unt" I *+6.ether! :! I wat'hed h"& ))))))))))))) *'ross. to.n"f"'an'e for &e e#er s"n'e &y &other *5. a the etters! 7! The .

1! I ordered on y sou$ and stea%! The for&er was too sa tyJ the )))))))))))) was too tou.e )))))))))) &e! ++! The /eans )))))))))))) . the $r"n'"$ e! >! If I do the e4a& "n Fune( I’ -e! Lu'%" y( )))))))))))) of the dr"#ers was hurt! <! She had ))))))))))))))) h"story "n s'hoo -efore -e'o&"n.e to s$end the su&&er w"th &y fa&" y! On the other )))))))))))))( "f I ea#e "t unt" =e'e&-er( I’ ha#e &ore t"&e to $re$are! ?! He tra"ned e#ery dayJ )))))))))))( he 'ou dn’t "&$ro#e h"s s$eed! +@! My -rother "s the sa&e! +1! Th"s 'offee tastes ))))))))))))))))))! Put so&e "n "t9 > .hter! 7! 3ou d you &"nd )))))))))) &e your ro er.ett"n.h! 5! She as%ed &e ))))))))))) the hote was "%e! 6! He "s -oth 'on'erned )))))))))) and $roud )))))))))) h"s dau.hway ast n".adesA :! Two 'ars 'rashed on the h". t".