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For each numbered gap choose ONE of the four offered answers to make the
sentence both grammatically correct and logical. JUST CIRCLE A, B, C or D.
DO NOT fill in the numbered gaps. The first one (0) has been done for you.
The sign / offered as an option in some sentences means that no word is missing.
Berti Felstaed, the last survivor of (0)______ First World War Christmas Day truce
when British and German troops played football together, has died (1)______ 106.
Mr Felstaed, (2)______ person in Britain, was by his own account (3)_______
average man (4)______ experienced an extraordinary event. His whole life (5)______ by
that moment in history in 1915 when the guns went silent and British and German troops
emerged from the trenches (6)______ football in the snow.
He was even included in the book Centurians, a list of the (7)______ figures of the
20th century.
Born in Highgate, north London, (8)______ Oct 28, 1894, Mr Felstaed was a novice
in the army when he and his colleagues put down the rifles and climbed out of (9)______
icy trenches to greet the enemy.
Soldiers who (10) ______ at each other for months stopped the killing for
(11)______ hours.
He (12)______ his first Christmas Eve in Northern France (13)______ he and his
comrades, shivering in a trench near the village of Laventie, (14)______ the carol Silent
Night wafting over from the German lines 100 yards or so away but were told by the
superiors that it (15)______, most probably, yet another provocation from the Germans.
''It (16)______ before we were singing as well. Good King Wenclas, I think it was,''
he said in an interview two years ago. ''You couldn't hear each other sing like that without it
affecting your feelings for the other side. Remembering that event, my good friend who I
was together with in the trenches told me many years later that he (17)______ more deeply
moved in his life than at that very moment back in 1915.
''(18)______ next morning, Christmas Day, there was some shouting between the
trenches. 'Hello Tommy, Hello Fritz,' that sort of thing, and that (19)______ a lot more ice.
(20)______ I can remember, a few of the Germans came out first and started walking over.
I do remember a whole mass of us just (21)______ up and going out to meet them. Nothing
(22)______ . It was spontaneous.''
If Mr. Felstaed (23)______ to Paris on Nov 11 to be present at the central ceremony
marking the end of the First World War, to which President Chirac invited him last month.
Berti Felstaed (24)______ next (25)______ in Highgate.
London Mayor has just announced that a monument in honour of this great man
(26)______ by Remembrance Day next year.

he would certainly have gone . he would certainly go C) had lived two months more.0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 2 A) a C) / B) an D) the A) at age of C) aged B) aging D) ageing A) a second oldest C) a second most old B) the second oldest D) the second most old A) / C) an B) a D) the A) which C) witch B) who D) wich A) dominated C) was dominated B) dominating D) was dominating A) to play C) to having been playing B) play D) to have played A) culturaly biggest C) culturally bigest B) culturally biggest D) culturaly bigest A) by C) in B) on D) at A) thier C) their B) there D) thear A) have been shooting C) had been shooting B) shoot D) were shooting A) few C) little B) a few D) a little A) was spending C) is spending B) has spent D) has been spending A) although C) even if B) despite D) when A) heard C) herd B) heared D) hurd A) is C) will be B) was D) could to be A) didn't pass much time C) passed no much time B) didn't take no time D) didn't take much time A) has never been C) is never B) had never been D) was never A) / C) an B) a D) the A) broked C) breaken B) broken D) broke A) As distant as C) As far as B) As much D) As long A) geting C) have got up B) getting D) have gotten up A) hadn't been planed C) wasn't planned B) was planned D) has been planed A) lives two months more. he certainly goes B) lived two months more.

D) lives two months more. he will certainly go 24 A) will have been buried C) will be berryed B) will be berried D) will be buried 25 A) Wednesday C) Wensday B) Wendesday D) Wendsday 26 A) will be completing C) is completed B) will has been completed D) will have been completed 3 .

On the whole. Such character building costs money: Britain is one of the few countries in the world where parents (14) _____ pay for their children to live in poverty. an Englishman is left to (10) _____ shortly after birth. B. Men brought up at Public Schools are obsessed (19) _____ being honest and decent because at school (20) _____ were the cardinal sins (murder was far more acceptable). however. DO NOT fill in the numbered gaps. the English (7) _____ to children is different: while an Italian guy can (8) ____ his mother’s ironing and cooking until he is well into (9) _____. in fact. C or D. It has always been difficult for them to come to terms with the Englishman’s cold formality and his bizarre sense of humour. The name in itself is something of a paradox (12) _____ these schools are. though. In the first place. they are terribly (21) _____ by any display of emotion because when they left home. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 4 A) the British B) British A) you eat B) eating A) why they had had to B) why do they have to A) food practice B) table manners A) awfully B) horribly A)explain B) account A) the most satisfactory B) strong A) attitude B) manner A) delight B) enjoy in C) Briton D) Britishmen C) you are eating D) eat C) why must they D) why they have to C) meal behaviour D) eating manners C) bad D) bed C) interpret D) clarify C) the most believing D) most competent C) view D) standpoint C) benefit in D) enjoy . is usually quite (18)_____ later on in life. For centuries foreigners have been baffled by (0) _____. English children are sent to Public Schools. private. Life in a highly disciplined all-male community tends to produce an emotionally repressed individual who. The first one (0) has been done for you. In addition. In order to (11) _____ the spirit of tough independence. visitors have never understood (2) _____ display such good (3) _____ when the food tastes so (4) _____. (13) _____ in these institutions are deliberately Spartan: sport is plentiful. (6) _____ explanation can be found in the English education system. food appalling and heating non-existent.II For each numbered gap choose ONE of the four offered answers to make the sentence both grammatically correct and logical. Just circle A. Many sociological theories have been put forward to (5) _____ for these phenomena. the last thing they could do was cry in front of their schoolmates. When (1) _____ in England. In my opinion. (15) _____ in a Public School (16) _____ to leave a permanent mark on (17) _____ character. the typical English male turns out to be really quite a good chap once you get to know him.

Most people are scared ______. A) stop reading B) stop to read C) stopped to read D) stopped reading 3. Although his spelling is quite good. his speaks English much ______ I do. he would have been fired D) goes on being late. The manager warned Robert that if he ______.9 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8 1 9 2 0 2 1 A) the thirties B) his thirties A) look about himself B) lead an account of himself A) take B) give A) as B) although A) Conditions B) Situations A) actualy B) actually A) Bringing up B) Having brought up A) looks like B) tend A) ones’ B) one’s A) succesfull B) sucessful A) for B) about A) lying and cheating B) lieing and cheating A) shy B) embarrassed C) the thirtyes D) his thirtys C) take care about himself D) take care of himself C) realise D) promote C) despite D) however C) Conditionals D) Standard of living C) truely D) truly C) Being brought up D) Having been bringing up C) seem D) appears C) pupil’s D) a pupils’ C) sucessfull D) successful C) at D) with C) lying and cheatting D) lieing and cheatting C) uncomfortable D) ashamed III For each numbered gap(s) choose ONE of the four offered answers to make the sentence both grammatically correct and logical. A) worst than B) worst then C) worse then D) worse than 5 . It’s high time you ______ such stupid books. A) to have pulled out their teeth B) of having pulled out their teeth C) to having their teeth pulled out D) of having their teeth pulled out 2. Just circle A. C or D: 1. A) goes on being late. he would be fired C) had gone on being late. B. he will be fired B) went on being late. he would be fired 4.

I wish I ______ Ann was ill. A) to have B) to be having C) to have had D) to having had 11. They asked me if I ______ high heels.5. She ______ with her sister at the moment until she finds somewhere else to live. A) knew B) have known C) had known D) would know 7. You’ll be in big trouble unless you ______ the truth. The wanted man ______ to be living in NY. A) thiefs/ roofs B) thiefs/ rooves C) thieves/ roofs D) thieves/ rooves 13. How long ______ when the bus finally came? A) have you been waiting C) you waited B) had you been waiting D) did you wait 6. We had ______ while we were on holiday. A) is staying B) has been staying 6 C) will be staying D) stays . A) a very nice weather B) a very nice whether C) very nice weather D) very nice whether 10. He ______ his way. A) raised B) rose C) risen D) arose 14. A) is believed B) doesn’t believe C) has believed D) is believing 15. He knows the town quite well. The ______ escaped over the ______ of the near-by houses. She jumped up and her voice ______ sharply. A) am used to wearing B) was used to wearing C) used to wearing D) was used to wear 9. A) tell B) say C) don’t tell D) don’t say 8. A) mustn’t have lost B) can’t have lost C) mustn’t had lost D) can’t had lost 12. I would have gone to see her. She is known ______ at least five husbands.

He’d rather move to another city than look for a different job. she (2)___________________ (lay) it down. pronoun or an adverb) is also given in the brackets – you have to put it in the right place. In some cases an additional word (a noun. read) was so familiar to her. ACTIVE OR PASSIVE.) Several minutes later.FILL-IN TASKS I TENSES AND VERB FORMS Put the VERBS in brackets in the CORRECT VERB FORMS. Tin rhymes with bin and enough rhymes with ______. No sooner ______ her hair than she regretted it. (Two newspapers (1)___________________ (deliver) at her house every morning. Cry rhymes with fly and met rhymes with _______. I always get nervous on a plane before it ______.16. (8)____________________ (glance) out of the window towards the garden. glanced idly through an article on fashion while (3)___________________ (do) her best (4)____________________ (remember) why the name Rafiel she (5)____________________ (just. she (9)___________________ (withdraw) her gaze and (10)__________________ (try) to put 7 . The first one (0) has been done for you. In the afternoon it (0)______was_______ (be) the custom of Miss Jane Marple to read her second newspaper. A) lifts off B) takes off C) lifts up D) takes up 18. ______? A) wouldn’t he B) hadn’t he C) would he D) had he 17. A) hat B) wet C) hurt D) that PART B . It could almost (6)______________________ (describe) as a crossword puzzle with no clues (7) ___________________ (give). A) stuff B) although C) laugh D) half 20. A) had she dyed B) did she die C) she had dyed D) she died 19.

her niece-inlaw. The island of St Honore. of course. (7) ____________________. she picked up her knitting bag and (16)___________________ (take out) a small pink child's woolly jacket in the process of (17)___________________ (come) to a conclusion . owing to the fussiness of doctors.(5) _______________________. But. 8 . A sandy beach. Sunshine. Her garden (11)___________________ (be) the source of great pleasure and also a great deal of hard work to Miss Marple for many. fit in)?''.the garden out of her mind. Aunt Jane! It isn't good for you. working in the garden (12)___________________ (forbid) to her. (6) ______________________. (9)_____________________ and Northern (10) ________________________ and explore further their people and culture. whereas it is eating meat that I prefer. First of all. and other great (4)______________________ and comedies admired all over the world. ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Rafiel. it was fascinating to be able to see Big Ben.'' II Read the following text carefully and fill each of the gaps with a suitable WORD or a GROUP OF WORDS. the famous author of ‘Hamlet’.. And she remembered Joan. after (13)___________________ (try) once to fight this ban. Mr. And secondly. Raymond's wife. Actually. carrots. However. better (15)___________________ (do) as she was told. That trip she (19)___________________ (make) several years before in the Caribbean. wait a minute! Where (18)_____________________ (that. at that time. ''Pink wool! Now. (20)__________________ (say): ''(21)_____________________ (not get mixed up) in any more murders. Last summer I went to Britain and was absolutely impressed by everything I saw but it is two things in particular that I would like to single out here. after all. (1)________________________. (2)________________________ and other well-known London sights. she (14)___________________ (come) to the conclusion that she had. Herself knitting and. tomato. Sighing. many years. relying on the context. A blue sea. A treat from her nephew Raymond.. she asked herself and answered right away: ''Yes – yes – it fits in with that name from the paper!'' Pink wool. The only thing I didn’t like there was the impression (wrong maybe) I got that the British tend to eat vegetables very much – especially potato. that tiny detail has certainly not prevented me from wishing to go back there at least once again and visit not only London and England but also the three other parts of the (8)_____________________ Kingdom: Scotland. the thing I actually liked most about my stay there is the visit I paid to Stratford-upon-Avon – the birthplace of (3)________________________.

________________________________________________ ? 5. My friends and I are going to travel to Greece this summer. _______________________________________________ ? 3. IV Make a question for each of the given sentences. At fifteen months some are even (7) ________________ (ABLE) to recognize either their names or (8) _________________ (BASE) words like ‘cheese’ or ‘bread’. What did she buy yesterday? 1. The first one (0) has been done for you. Dr Ward’s (9) ________________ (ADVISE) to parents is to turn off the TV and start talking to their children. so that the answer is the part that is underlined. The wind broke the window. flashing lights and (4) ________________ (SPECTACLE) colours from TV can be very (5) _____________________ (HARM). Her research showed that background noise. (0) She bought a new dress yesterday. She has proved that all this causes (6) ______________ (CONFUSE) and stops children learning to speak as early as they should.III Fill in the blanks in the text below with the CORRECT FORMS OF THE WORDS IN BRACKETS to make logical and grammatically correct sentences. _______________________________________________ ? 4. ________________________________________________ ? 6. She had her old brown boots mended. There is an example (0) at the beginning. who is considered to be the country’s (2) ________________ (LEAD) authority on the verbal (3) __________________ (DEVELOP) of young children. _______________________________________________ ? 2. Any damage done can be (10) ________________ (QUICK) repaired and children can be helped to reach the desirable language standard. This message must be forwarded to John at once. It’s my turn next on the computer. The film we saw last night was so exciting. ________________________________________________ ? 9 . believes babies under two years old should not watch TV or videos at all. Dr Sally Ward. It seems that (0) __exposure (EXPOSE) to too much television is slowing down the process of children’s (1) _______________ (SPEAK) acquisition.

A 7. given 8. C 11. D 17. A 20. C 16. Don’t get mixed up . D 2. A 13. A 14. coming 18. took out 17. A 26. B 2. D 10. D 19. C 5. had just read 6. trying 14. B 6. C II 0. A 7. D 3. B 10. does that fit in 19. B 14. C 10. C 6. A 19. A 21. Having glanced 9. B 12. D 9. A 15. doing 4. withdrew 10. laid 3. D 19. B 4. do 16. were delivered 2. D 25. C 13. D 1. was forbidden/had been forbidden 13. B 9. A 13. B 18. B 20. B 5. A 16. D 17. B 3. C 4. B 4. D 14. B 9. B 8. saying 21. B 22. C 2. C 24. B Part II I 1. tried 11. had been 10 12. C 11. B 23. B 18. came 15. B 18. be described 7. to remember 5. D 12. D III 1. C 21. A 8. C 7. D 20. had made 20. A 1. A 15. A 17. A 8. D 11. B 12. B 16. B 15.KEY Part I I 0. D 3. D 5. B 6.

) 8.. leading 3. peas. etc. tragedies/dramas/plays/works of art 5. onions. speech 2. Which boots (of hers) did she have mended? 6. unable 8. beans.. Wales 10. (William) Shakespeare 4. Who must this message be forwarded to at once?/To whom must this message be forwarded at once? 3.) 3.g. What happened? 5. Victoria and Albert Museum. any London sight (e. 6. spectacular 5. Whose turn is it next on the computer? 2. advice 10. confusion 7. any vegetable (e. United 9. garlic. cabbage. Westminster Abbey. What was the film we saw last night like? 11 .II 1. etc. basic 9. Trafalgar Square. Ireland III 1. harmful 6. London Eye. development 4. and 2. quickly IV 1. Who is going to travel to Greece this summer? 4. Buckingham Palace. and 7.g.