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Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe and Peace and Blessings be upon the Leader of the Prophets and

the Commander of the Mujahideen: Muhammad (SAWS) and upon His Family, His Companions and whoever pursues their method, follows their way and wages Jihad until the Day of Judgement. It is more difficult, and it calls for higher energies of soul, to live a martyr than to die one. I gt a chance to voice my thoughts for the architects of glory of a nation,for the past who breathes in living souls;the martyrs.indeed they r the pride of a nation It is the cause, not the death that makes the martyr.Napoleon . The life of the Muslim Ummah is solely dependent on the ink of its scholars and the blood of its martyrs The concept of martyrdom can only be understood in the light of the Islamic concept of holy struggle n jihad.jihad may only be appreciated if the concept of doctrine of enjoining right n discovering wrong is properly appreciated and good n bad,right nwrong can b understood if the independent divine source of righteousness ,truth n goodness is honestly n properly convyed to human through prophethood.we can thus see how the concept of martyrdom in islam is linked with the entire religion of islam. Jihad is an inclusive struggle for the cause of the truth.a mujahid dies the death of a martyr even though he doesn’t fall in the battle field.he is mujahid while he lives for the cause of truth and a martyr if he dies or killed for it. Tipu sultan, one of the great martyres of islam has rightly raid these words that lions single day life…… History does not write its lines except with blood. Glory does not build its loft edifice except with skulls, Honour and respect cannot be established except on a foundation of cripples and corpses. Empires, distinguished peoples, states and societies cannot be established except with examples.who rthese examples n what r they??????? A small group: they are the ones who carry convictions and ambitions. And an even smaller group from this small group, are the ones who flee from the worldly life in order to spread and act upon these ambitions. And an even smaller group from this elite group, are the ones who sacrifice their souls and their blood in order to bring victory to these ambitions and principles. So, they are the cream of the cream of the cream….i can give here exemplary names of our khulfa rashideen,who were at the service of islam n truth,the name of a turkish hero Mustafa kamal ataturk who served the cause of truth n dignity for nation n glorified it.there r a number of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Pakistan in her creation,her establishment n now for her sovereignty .tariq bhatti ,Rashid minhas,the martyrs of gyari in siachen n many more. . It is not possible to reach glory except by traversing this Path. It is not possible for the structures of this Deen to be established, nor for its banner to be raised, nor for its vessel to be launched, except by traversing this Path. This Path is one. In fact, there is no Paradise without this Path:

Assistant and Chief Advisor to the Supreme Leader Yahya Safavi. those who fight in His Way and those who are patient?" [Quran 3:142] the architects of glories are few. At a memorial service for the Nafa 2 martyrs in Tehran. We are very proud as members of this august nation who presented us with our land in which our glorious flag is flapping with pride and with numerous victories. were too glorious and huge to be written off in the pages of history . said that the blood of the martyrs today has led to the collapse of the enemies outside the region and in the Islamic region. The blood of the shahids has empowered the Islamic nations. bestowing honor and pride on them. The martyrs by sacrificing themselves."Do you really think that you will enter Paradise. . before Allah has decided from amongst you. as well as the victory of the Islamic resistance in Palestine and Lebanon. And glory cannot be architectured except by traversing this Path: the Path of the Blessed Jihad.