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THE WILD BLACK HEN ________________

"The Wild Black Hen" is a play in three acts abo t ho! the indi"eno s Kre n" #onta"nards o$ Ca#bodia s cceeded in resistin" the Kh#er %o "e e$$orts to !ipe o t their &ery identity by obliteratin" an ancient reli"io s c lt re' traditions' and entire !ay o$ li$e !hile $or"in" the# into Kh#er %o "e s b(ects) Written in *+,-' the play has not yet been sta"ed)

by .atrick / H "hes


Cast o$ Characters .AN .HEA3 %ANT4I ANCE5T6% KHAWN A Kre n" #an in his late 1+s) .hea&2s $ather' and %ant i2s h sband) A Kre n" #an in his #id *+s) A !o#an in her #id 1+s' !ho is so#ethin" o$ a shre!)

Ne&er seen on sta"e) Can be a !o#an 7Chala n !o ld be her Kre n" na#e8) I$ so' then Narin' the body" ard !ill also be a !o#an 7%i# !o ld be her Kh#er na#e8) 6ne actor9actress can play both roles since neither Kha!n nor Narin speak onsta"e) C6/%ADE 64/ NA%IN NA/ ;< =%AK !i$e' and onsta"e she plays an #oti&ations o$ the other actors) A Kh#er #an in his early -+s) The Kh#er %o "e Co## ne Leader) 64/2s body" ard) Ne&er speaks) A #an or Chala n a !o#an in #id *+s) A Kre n" #an in his early :+s) ;< =%AK2s brother in la!) A !o#an priestess in her #id >+s) 5alorn her da "hter is e?pected to beco#e .hea&2s tho "h she ne&er co#es i#portant role in the

Historical Back"ro nd @ro# the $o rth cent ry h ndreds o$ clans li&ed alon" the Anna#ite ran"e $ro# 3ietna# to B r#a) These peoples had di$$erent lan" a"es' and dialects) They called the#sel&es "chon chiet", b t they !ere ne&er an or"aniAed nation' or e&en or"aniAed tribes !ith a central a thority) The @rench na#ed the# #onta"nards c ttin" borders thro "h their re"ions to #ake Ca#bodia' 3ietna# etc)) The play is set in the &illa"e o$ one clan' the Kre n" (Krung) o$ %atanakiri .ro&ince' N)E) Ca#bodia) The Kh#er (Kehmyre)' the lo!land Kh#er are the #ain ethnic pop lation in Ca#bodia) @ollo!in" the @rench colonial era' .rince 5ihano k !anted to nite the ne!ly independent nation) Hopin" to #ake the #onta"nards #ore Ca#bodian he na#ed the# Kh#er Loe (Loo)' or pland Kh#er) He also tried to Kh#eriAe the# b t !itho t s ccess) Then in the ,B:+2s' 5ihano k sent Lon Nol2s troops to brin" %atanakiri rebels nder control) %esidin" in the ninhabited north' these !ere a #i? o$ Ca#bodian 3ietna# style co## nists' the #ore secreti&e .ol .ot Kh#er %o "e nationalist co## nists' 3ietcon" and so#e #onta"nards resistin" Kh#eriAation) When Lon Nol beca#e dictator in ,BC+' this #ilitary assa lt on the Kh#er Loe contin ed) He !as o&erthro!n in April ,BC1 by a Ca#bodian Co## nist .artyDKh#er %o "eD5ihano k con$lict ridden alliance) @or a year Co#rade ;a' a Kh#er lo!lander and 3ietna#ese style co## nist enco ra"ed the Kh#er Loe to keep their traditional !ay o$ li$e) B t in April ,BC:' .ol .ot and his secreti&e associates in the ANEA% created the state o$ De#ocratic Ka#p chea &o!in" to $or"e an a"rarianDbased Kh#er co## nist society) /any co## nists $led to 3ietna#' !hile others' incl din" Co#rade ;a !ere # rdered) Dri&in" e&eryone o t o$ the cities to the $ields' the Kh#er %o "e la nched their "$o r year plan" !ith the ob(ecti&e o$ prod cin" three tons o$ rice per hectare) @or the #onta"nards' the Kh#er %o "e r le ,BC: to late Dece#ber ,BCF in&ol&ed an e$$ort to obliterate their identity' c lt re' and entire !ay o$ li$e) The a thor2s in$or#ation concernin" ho! the Kh#er %o "e operated in this Kre n" &illa"e is based on in$or#al chats !ith so#e Kh#er Loe and Kre n" $riends !ho li&ed thro "h the terror) Ho!e&er the characters and e&ents in this play are entirely $ictional) His Kre n" $riend' Cho n" .hea& !ho !as Chie$ /a"istrate in ,BB*9- took hi# to the &ario s killin" $ields) .an' the &illa"e chie$ and .hea&2s $ather had #any stories' as did ;G Arak the priestess' and Na#' her !itty brother in la!)

5ETTINE The entire play is sta"ed in the inside .an2s Kre n" #onta"nard ba#boo h t !ith a roo$ o$ !o&en lea&es' "rass) .hotos o$ sta"e ite#s are a&ailable) There is a $ire 45% b ilt on a $lat rock !ith a lar"e black iron pot !ith a kerosene la#p han"in" behind the $ire) The hi"hlanders sH at on their h nkers) There are three b nks #ade o$ ba#boo poles D5L' 45L'45%) Abo&e the bed D5% there !ill be a secret !ay $or so#eone to e?it the h t) There are Kre n" desi"ned #ats han"in" on the !alls' and (ars o$ riceDbeer D5L) D5% there is a ba#boo chimrung, !ith a !o&en ba#boo "altar" on top' !here #onta"nards place bits o$ $ood $or the spirit birds) Han"in" on the !all abo&e each b nk there is the traditional basket sed by #en and !o#en) There are three $l tes han"in" on the !all 45L) There is a set o$ s#all "on"s !ith little c d"els to strike the# on the !all C5%) Traditionally' #en play instr #ents and !o#en sin") There !ill be a $e! Kre n"Dstyle a?es9hatchets han"in" on the back !all to the ri"ht o$ the door) 4psta"e is the $ront !all o$ the h t $acin" the &illa"e circle) %oo$tops can be &isible thro "h the $ront door 745L8 and !indo! o$ the h t 745%8' and behind the# a settin" s n' or #oon and stars) The h t is b ilt on stilts and thro "h the door one can see the deck railin" on the other side o$ the crosso&er' !ith a !ooden #ortar $or po ndin" rice at the !indo!) When lea&in" the actors !ill t rn le$t at the door and be seen passin" the !indo! be$ore "oin" to "o do!n &ia an nseen ladder) TI/E /ay ,BC:D Dece#ber ,BCF

5cene Breakdo!n ACT ,I 5cene , Inside .an2s h t' it is late a$ternoon early /ay ,BC: !hen the Kre n" are co#pletin" the b rnin" o$ the $orest in preparation $or the rice plantin") ACT ,I 5cene * In .an2s h t it is Jan ary ,BCC a$ter the $irst har&est season nder the Kh#er %o "e) It is d sk and the $a#ily is co#in" back $ro# the $ields) All the traditional ite#s are "one $ro# the !alls' b t are hidden nder the b nks) The chi#r n" re#ains D5%) ACT *I 5cene , In .an2s h t it is late a$ternoon' one year later at the end o$ the second har&est season #ana"ed by Co#rade 64/) The Kh#er Loe see little o$ it d e to orders $ro# Co#rade N #ber ,) /oreo&er e&eryone no! realiAes that it is 64/Ks inco#petence that has res lted in a har&est !ell short o$ the desi"nated tar"et) The s n is settin" behind the h t in early @ebr ary2s dry season' the $irst #onth o$ the Kh#er Loe year) 2Tis the ti#e $or sacri$icin"' $eastin" and drinkin" !ith the spirits' b t they ha&e nothin" to sacri$ice' no rice beer to celebrate) ACT *I 5cene * In .an2s h t it is later that sa#e e&enin") The sta"e is se#iDdark) The chi#r n" is still D5% b t closer to center o$ sta"e) Then !e see %ANT4I' .AN' .HEA3 rise p and sit on their b nks) ACT -I 5cene , In .an2s h t it is one year later' Dece#ber ,BCF and the har&estin" is done' tho "h once a"ain they ha&e $ailed to reach N #ber 6ne2s H ota) ACT -I 5cene * In .an2s h t it is Dece#ber *1' ,BCF' early #ornin")

ID,D, ACT , 5cene , 5ETTINEI Inside .an2s h t)

It is late a$ternoon early /ay ,BC: !hen the Kre n" are co#pletin" the b rnin" o$ the $orest in preparation $or the rice plantin") %ANT4I and .HEA3 are d cked do!n belo! the !indo! 45%) .AN is 45L short o$ the door 45L peepin" o t in s ch a !ay as to let the a dience see his $ace) We hear shots in rapid s ccession' "renades e?plode' sho tin" and screa#in"' and the so nd o$ people r nnin" e&ery !hich !ay) @ace side!ays to the a dience' !ide #o th open' .AN peeps o t the door' and then across the sta"e to!ard %ANT4I and .HEA3 !ho are lookin" o t the !indo!) .AN 7Whisperin")8 What do yo seeL 7/ore shots' rapid " n$ire' screa#in"' and sho tin" N6 N6M %4N'%4N' "roans' and the " tt ral so nds o$ people dyin") There are sH a!kin" chickens' barkin" do"s' shriekin" #onkeys and sH ealin" pi"lets) There is the so nd o$ ba#boo cane lashin" naked backs) Thro "ho t this #ayhe#' the actors onsta"e speak in lo d !hispers)8 .AN 7Hands raised to the sky)8 Kray Ea &M They shot hi#M %ANT4I 7Terri$ied)8 Da& /a# is tied naked to the chi#r n" stakes) 7We hear the lash o$ the cane' her screa#s' la "hter' and then silence)8 .AN 7Bo!in" his head in sadness)8 TheyKre dra""in" Kapek a!ay into the $orest) .HEA3 WhatL Kapek $o "ht !ith ;orn"' Co#rade ;a and #ysel$ a"ainst Lon Nol) (/ore shots)8 He !as e&en a co## nist) Who are these ani#alsL %ANT4I (An"ry' terri$ied' and bitter)8 These beasts !ere concei&ed in ;a2s co## nist belly)


.HEA3 Co#rade ;a2s co## nists let s li&e o r !ay o$ li$e in peace) 7The so nds $ro# o tside "ro! lo der) /ore shots)8 .AN 7With a sense o$ i#pendin" doo#)8 Co#rade ;a !as "ood to s' b t this))) 7We hear a rapid b rst o$ $ire' and screa#s)8 %ANT4I 7%ant i looks o t the !indo!' p llin" her head back in i##ediately)8 They $ired thro "h Nan" 5ean"2s !indo!) .AN 7@eelin" that they2re doo#ed)8 They2ll kill s all) %ANT4I We2re ( st #o ntain people) We2re no threat to anyone) 7E&eryone $reeAes in position and post re) ANCE5T6% KH4N 5A KHAWN speaks $ro# behind the sta"e)8 ANCE5T6% KHAWN Ancestor Kh n 5a Kha!n proclai#s E&il is abo t to spa!n 7.a se)8 5pirits !eep like #onsoon skies 5tran"e !hirlin" !inds arise Ai#in" to brin" an instant clos re To $a!n and ti"er To clan and c sto# Birthed that day a bald yo n" o"ress @o "ht her lo&er in lethal a""ress Hatchets c ttin" Le"s into trees Ar#s into paths Blood into ri&ers To o tline o r lands Establishin" $ore&er The nity o$ spirits Ancestors the li&in" Those not yet born 6 r Kre n" co## nity) No! here co#es a s#ithy

ID,DTo re#odel this !orkpiece With bello!s and blo!s Will ha##er to harden Destroy !hat is di$$erent) 6h' let hi# co#e The $oolish one His eyes can2t see What #akes s $ree 7Actors n$reeAe and look to!ard !indo!) There are #ore shots and sho ts) We see a #an' 64/' char"e past the !indo! and stride into the h t to center sta"e) He is carryin" a short ba#boo stick in the le$t hand' !earin" the checkered scar$ o$ the Kh#er %o "e) He is in ni$or#' and bare$oot) Another ar#ed #an' NA%IN' holds p a lon" thin ba#boo cane in his ri"ht hand' $ires t!o shots in the air !hen passin" the !indo!' and steps in 45L behind 64/) NA%IN is !earin" a ba""y "reen ni$or# and the checkered scar$ o$ the K%) NA/' a nei"hbor $ollo!s the t!o K% into the h t' and is in character' playin" the $ool) He is t!itchin" his head and slo!ly rollin" it back and $or!ard as he stands on the balls o$ his $eet starin" at 64/ 45% $ro# behind) E&ery no! and a"ain thro "ho t this ne?t scene !e hear shots' sho ts' #achine " n b rsts $ro# o tside) .HEA3 #o&es $ rther D5%)8 .AN (5peakin" in a cal# &oice and lookin" at 64/)8 ;es) 64/ (Harshly lookin" at .AN D5L and pointin" at hi# !ith his stick)8 5o they call yo the &illa"e chie$L .AN And !ho are yo L (NA%IN di"s hi# in the ribs !ith the b tt o$ his " n) .AN $alls to his knees' b t "rad ally "ets p a"ain)8 64/ I a# Co#rade 6 #' Co## ne leader) .HEA3 7Interr ptin")8 Co## ne leaderL Co#rade ;a let the elders and chie$ .an resol&e proble#s in o r co## nity) (NA%IN slaps hi# !ith the cane)8 64/ Ne&er interr pt #e)

ID,D> (Bra""in")8 I o!e absol te obedience to .ol .ot' #y co##ander in chie$' Co#rade N #ber ,) .HEA3 Co#rade N #ber 6neL Who2s heL (NA%IN slaps hi# a"ain)8 64/ Co#rade N #ber , is the s pre#e leader o$ the An"kar .ade&at' (%aisin" his &oice' pointin" his stick)8 e&eryone2s #other and $ather) .AN And I' 5ir' a# Cho n" .an' an elder' and still chie$ o$ the Kh#er Loe in this &illa"e) (NA%IN b tts hi# a"ain) This ti#e .AN stays on his $eet)8 64/ 75peakin" like the rattle o$ a " n)8 Do not call #e 5ir) There are no elders) No chie$s) We are all eH al s b(ects o$ the An"kar) NA/ 7In character his $ace contorted in a sH int #o&es 4.%)8 It2s #e' 5ir) Na#) ;esM 7Tri #phantly)8 I a# an An"kar eH al s b(ect !ith ne! #other $ather) 7As i$ co#pletely be!ildered' scratches his head)8 B t ho! is that di$$erentL Kh#er Loe ' chie$' priest' #e' !e al!ays li&e as eH alsL 64/ 7An"rily)8 Why ha&e yo been $ollo!in" #e aro ndL ;o Kre an idiot Na#) NA/ AhhhhhM 5o no! !e2re all eH ally like #eL 64/ 7Enra"ed' points to NA%IN' !ho !hacks NA/ on the ar#)8 NA/ I2# con$ sed) 5o there2s Co#rade N #ber ,' yo rsel$' and this one here) 7.ointin" to NA%IN)8 Do yo all ha&e #ore eH ality than the rest o$ s eH alsL 64/ 7Taken aback' b t then sticks o t his chest)8

ID,D1 We kno! the scienti$ic thinkin" o$ the An"kar) NA/ Ahhhhh) Eood thin" yo ha&e s to do the !ork !hile yo 2re doin" all the thinkin") .HEA3 Co#rade 6 #) Accordin" to Kre n" tradition !e are eH als beca se the spirits reside in each and e&ery one) NA/ B t .hea&M 6 # is in co##and) The rest o$ s !ill !ork $or the s ccess o$ the An"kar2s scie 7si"hDhee8 thinkin") 7Clappin")8 HeheHehe) %ANT4I 7I"norin" NA/)8 Elder' Chie$' priestess al!ays !orked like e&eryone else) 64/ 75i"nals NA%IN to !hack her)8 ;o !ill be silent !o#an) %ANT4I 7Witho t displayin" her sarcas#)8 It is tr e' Co#rade 6 #) I speak too # ch) .HEA3 B t it is o r c sto# that !o#en speak the sa#e as #en in o r "atherin"s) 64/ 75i"nals NA%IN !ho !hacks .HEA3)8 5ilenceM .HEA3 And !o#en also sin" o r son"s in the $ields) Narrate o r #yths in the e&enin") NA/ @ro# no! on the spirits o$ the Kh#er Loe !ill !ork $or the An"karM HeheHehe) 64/ The Kh#er Loe are no #ore) There are no $orest spirits) .HEA3 The spirits #ay be nseen' b t they are e&ery bit as real as all !e can see)

ID,D: %ANT4I 7Terri$ied)8 And !e # st #ake sacri$ice to thank the# $or all that !e ha&e' and all that !e shall recei&e or !e !ill die) 64/ 75ho ts)8 5ilence !o#an) There !ill be no #ore sacri$icial rit als) 75i"nals to Narin !ho !hacks %ant i)8 NA/ 7Disappointed and in 64/2s $ace)8 No rit als) B t ho! !ill !e drink' la "h and #ake #erry !ith o r ancestorsL 64/ (E?asperated)8 /ake #erryL @ool) H #or is also prohibited) NA/ B t yo brin" s ch "ood ne!s) 5ho ld !e not s#ile and la "hL HeheHehe) .AN 7Eerie) Not hi#sel$)8 /en play the "on"s that char# the spirits) .HEA3 We all dance to"ether aro nd the chi#r n") 64/ There !ill be no nonDre&ol tionary entertain#ent) (Narin $ires a shot thro "h the roo$)8 .AN 7Be!ildered)8 B t !e # st sin"' dance' drink rice beer to thank o r spirits $or the dry har&est) 64/ 75i"nals Narin !ho !hacks .AN) %ANT4I is obser&in" all this !ith terror in her $ace) 64/ rattles o t the #antra to all onsta"e)8 Co#rade N #ber , has la nched the "$o r ;ear plan" to prod ce three tons o$ rice per hectare' and tons o$ potatoes here in %atanakiri) 6 r science and technolo"y !ill b ild an a"rarian topia) 7Al#ost sho tin" and raisin" his $in"er)8 This is the An"kar !ay) NA/

ID,DC 7T!itchin"' he opens his ar#s !ide' bo!s deep' and' and a#aAed' he speaks tri #phantly like 64/)8 5eeM HeheHehe) 7He looks abo t at e&eryone' pointin" !ith his $in"er)8 @ro# no! on it is Co#rade 6 #' not the spirits that !ill "i&e s so l po!er thro "h the scie 7si"hDhee8 !ay) 64/ @or once yo are ri"ht' $ool) .HEA3 .otatoesL The $orest is $ ll o$ potatoes) 64/ Not the tons yo !ill "ro! in $ields $or the An"kar) .AN 7In horror)8 ;o # st not c t do!n the sacred tall trees or clear the holy hills) 64/ 6ld #an) ;o !ill be reDed cated) 75i"nals NA%IN !ho !hacks .an)8 .HEA3 7Di&ertin" attention a!ay $ro# .an)8 Who !ill prod ce these tons o$ rice thro "ho t Ca#bodiaL 64/ The capitalist prostit tes ha&e been dri&en o t o$ .hno# .enh to !ork in the paddy $ields) The #onks are de$rocked' and bend their backs like e&eryone else) NA/ HeheHehe) 7I#itatin" a #onk)8 No #ore Kh#er 7E#phasiAes Kh#er' i)e) like 64/)8 #onks holdin" o t the bo!l) HeheHehe) .HEA3 What "ood is science i$ !e ha&e to bend o r backs as al!aysL 764/ si"nals NA%IN !ho b tts .HEA3' !ho $alls to his knees)8 NA/ 75teps in bet!een .HEA3 and NA%IN' and drops to one knee)8 .hea&M 5i"hDhee !ill be o r #a"ical so rce o$ ab ndance)

ID,DF 7Eets p' and $aces 64/)8 The spirits and ancestors !ill clap and cheer $or yo r si"hDhee !ay) We2ll play the "on"s' sin" o r son"s) 7He bo!s the Kh#er !ay' hands to"ether in prayer $or#' and a sli"ht bo! o$ the head)8 64/ There !ill be no "on"s' no sin"in") And donKt "i&e #e that B ddhist bo!) 75i"nals NA%IN)8 .HEA3 7Has "otten p and is cal#)8 I $o "ht !ith Co#rade ;a2s co## nist ar#y' and !hen Lon Nol !as de$eated' he s pported o r traditional !ays) 7NA%IN holds p his ba#boo and takes a step to!ard .HEA3)8 64/ NarinM 7He stops NA%IN !ho !as abo t to strike .HEA3)8 .HEA3 Co#rade ;a !as happy to see s prod ce o r har&ests as e&er be$ore) 64/ 7Looks at .HEA3 s spicio sly)8 And !ho are yo L .HEA3 /y na#e is Cho n" .hea&' the son o$ chie$ .an) 64/ I heard o$ yo ) ;o Kre a traitorM Abandoned o r $orces) 75i"nals NA%IN' !ho b tts .HEA3)8 .HEA3 I a# no traitor) A$ter #y elder brother ;orn" !as killed' Co#rade ;a "a&e #e per#ission to ret rn ho#e and help #y parents) %ANT4I 7Interr ptin" hi# sharply)8 ;o t!o sho ld ne&er ha&e disobeyed yo r parents and le$t the &illa"e) .AN %ant iM 64/ 5ilence !o#an)

ID,DB 75i"nals NA%IN !ho !hacks %ANT4I) We hear so#e shots in the distance thro "ho t the $ollo!in" tirade) Addresses e&eryone)8 Co#rade ;a !as a traitor) Tort red by Co#rade D ch in To l 5len" prison' he ad#itted to bein" a 3ietna#ese spy and !as shot) .AN 75tartled' shocked and be!ildered)8 Co#rade ;a sa&ed s) I do not nderstand) 64/ All co## nist traitors are dead) NA/ 5ee) Co#rade 6 # is ( st like s) He is not a co## nist) He !ill not be shot) 64/ dly)8 We are the Kh#er %o "e) .HEA3 I heard o$ yo !hen I !as in the $orests p north) 64/ No! yo !ill hear #ore o$ s) @orei"n % ssian and 3ietna#ese co## nis# !ill be rooted o t) This is a Kh#er re&ol tion) NA/ 7Tri #phantly)8 We # st be Kh#er %o "e no!M .AN B t !e are Kh#er Loe ) We ha&e al!ays been di$$erent) 76 # si"nals Narin' !ho !hacks .an)8 .HEA3 We are the Kre n" a#on" the #o ntain peoples) It !as 5ihano k !ho na#ed s Kh#er Loe ' pland Kh#er' b t !e are not Kh#er) 7NA%IN $ires a shot thro "h the roo$' e&eryone d cks do!n in terror)8 64/ 5tand p e&eryone) 5ihano k is nder ho se arrest) .AN 7Eerie' as he be"ins to "et disoriented)8 The tall trees shed no tears in the dry season)

ID,D,+ 64/ I$ yo do anythin" in the Kh#er Loe !ay' anythin" that is not the An"kar !ay yo !ill be reDed cated) NA/ HeheHehe) Chie$ .an) ;o said !e are di$$erent) ;o !ill be h))reDeded)))!hate&er Co#rade 6 # said' and be the An"kar !ay) 64/ 7I"norin" NA/) Lookin" at .HEA3 and !arnin")8 And another thin" yo n" #an) Lo&e h ts $or sin"le "irls !ill be torn do!n) There !ill be no #ore se? !ith sin"le "irls) NA/ I al!ays said it) 7Wise ad#onishin" tone)8 As !ell lea&e a #an alone !ith a sin"le "irl' as a ti"er in a $orest $ ll o$ deer) 64/ Displays o$ a$$ection !ill not be tolerated) NA/ 7A#aAed)8 B t !hat !ill !e do at ni"htL 64/ 7I"norin" NA/)8 Ad ltery is p nishable by death) NA/ 7.ointin" a $in"er at the# all)8 I al!ays said so) 64/ 6nly the p re are H ali$ied to b ild the re&ol tion) NA/ . re as rice beer' that2s !hat !e # st be) 64/ %ice !ill be "ro!n in paddy $ields' the ancient Kh#er !ay' b t !ith ne! scienti$ic #ethods) %ANT4I 75hocked' speakin" to 64/)8 B t !e "ro! the dry riceM


NA/ 7B ttin" in)8 That #akes p re rice beer) HeheHehe) 64/ .addy $ields prod ce # ch #ore rice that yo r cha#kar) And !ill prod ce e&en #ore !ith o r #odern technolo"ies) NA/ And o r hard !ork) %ANT4I 7Dis#issin" NA/)8 The #onsoon rains !ill be here soon) We2&e al#ost cleared the $orest) 5oon it !ill be ti#e to plant the cha#kar) 64/ 5ilence !o#an) DonKt yo dare H estion the science o$ Co#rade N #ber ,) 7He si"nals to NA%IN' !ho !alks o&er to %ANT4I and strikes her) .HEA3 be"ins to #o&e' b t .AN holds p his hand) 64/ contin es)8 EoodM ;o no! kno! r le o$ N #ber 6ne) Absol te obedience) 7He stares at .HEA3 !ho does not lo!er his eyes)8 NA/ 5ee) We are all eH ally obedient no!) .AN 7Interr ptin")8 B t ho! can !e keep rice plants on o r slopin" hillsides d rin" the rainy seasonL 64/ Insolent Kh#er Loe ) I !ill tell yo ho! to do e&erythin" ri"ht) 6 r science can o&erco#e e&ery proble#) %ANT4I 75arcastically)8 ;o !ill $ail) 64/ 75i"nals NA%IN to strike her' and sho ts)8 5ilence !o#an) .AN 7Eerie)8 The spirits !ill be an"ry) We !ill star&e)


64/ @ool) 75harply since he $ears reDed cation $or $ail re)8 I !ill #ana"e e&ery step o$ the scienti$ic !ay in total obedience to Co#rade N #ber 6ne) NA/ 5ee' his obedience !ill be re!arded) With the scie !ay !e !ill ne&er be h n"ry a"ain) 7NA/ dances p and do!n' "ri#acin" and actin" the $ool)8 Co#rade 6 # is no! in char"e) 7He be"ins to bo!)8 6opsM 7He stops the bo!' and raises his head hi"h stickin" o t his chest)8 As yo say' 7Th #pin" his chest)8 !e are all eH al' Co#rade 6 #) 64/ 5h t p) 7Threatenin" all)8 By cane and tort re' reDed cation and death' yo too !ill obey N #ber 6ne) I shall s cceed) .HEA3 The $orest !ill $eed s i$ the rice $ails) 64/ 75i"nals NA%IN to !hack .HEA3' and contin es threatenin"ly)8 Takin" $r its $ro# the $orest $or yo r $a#ily is indi&id alistic enterprise' to be p nished by death) .HEA3 7Ironically)8 .an can brin" the Kre n" to"ether and order 7E#phasiAes order)8 e&eryone to !ork yo r !ay) 64/ 7With a !arnin" tone)8 Any s ch "atherin"s o$ the Kh#er Loe are $orbidden) I alone a# in co##and) Anyone !ho does not obey the orders o$ N #ber 6ne !ill be taken to the $orest) .AN 7Incred lo s)8 B t it is the spirits that al!ays told s !hat !e # st doL


64/ 75i"nals NA%IN) Contin es sharply)8 5ilence) 5pirits' ancestors' traditional !ays are no #ore) 7.ointin" the stick at each one in t rn)8 ;o !ill all start preparin" paddy $ields $or !et rice to#orro!) 764/ si"nals to NA%IN' pointin" to the chi#r n" D5%) NA%IN t rns o&er the chi#r n" &iolently) %ANT4I "asps in horror) He points to the "on"s) They are ripped o$$ the !all) NA/ stands in a bent pose !ith one hand held as i$ he had a "on"' and the other hand is beatin" the "on") .AN is shocked) 64/ points to the orna#ental #ats !ith sy#bolic desi"ns that re$lect their Kre n" identity) NA%IN in rips the# o$$ the !all) 64/ points to the (ars o$ rice beer) NA%IN kicks the# o&er)8 64/ 75ho ts)8 A# I deadL NoM 5eeM The spirits ha&e nothin" to say) 7.ointin" to all the thin"s on the $loor)8 Eet rid o$ this trash) No!) 764/ t rns on his heels and stor#s o t) NA%IN $ollo!s' and $ires shots alon" the crosso&er and do!n the ladder) Actors $reeAe in position)8 ANCE5T6% KHAWN 7In sco$$in" tone)8 This stran"er rides on ra"in" !ind Belie&in" only !hat can be seen An arro"ant $olly r les his #ind 5o it2s i#possible $or hi# to "lean 6r kno! !hat al!ays #atters #ost 5o o$$ he "oes to sho t and boast And does not see the spirits prance Abo t his $eet to play and dance) With cane in hand he beats his prey To !ork in paddies they do not cherish The shoots !ill die and $riends perish These $iends !ill $ail in e&ery !ay) While terror rei"ns yo r pain !ill "ro! I2ll stand beside yo all the ti#e What2s done in secret he cannot kno! We2ll play the $l te and sin" the rhy#e We shall $orbear this ranter Who !ill not hear the banter Nor see the ni"htly la "hter The Kre n" today herea$ter 75co$$in" la "hter to $ade a!ay) Actors n$reeAe)8


NA/ 7NA/ #i#ics 64/ chest o t' #o th t!isted !ide open' and speakin" in a hissin" !hisper)8 No! !e2re all eH ally insi"ni$icant like the spirits) %ANT4I 75hocked)8 Don2t yo dare talk like that) NA/ 7In character' #i#ics 64/)8 ;o %ant i !ill obey $ro# no!' and yo Kll hold yo r ton" e tooM Hehehehe) .AN 7Hi#sel$ a"ain' !hisperin")8 5hhhhhhhsh Na#M He2s "one) 5top playin" the $oolM NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 I did e&erythin" b t stand on #y head) .AN When he b rst in that door' I tho "ht !e !ere dead) NA/ I tho "ht he2d belie&e !e !ere all $ools like hi#sel$) 7La "hter all ro nd' e?cept $or %ANT4I)8 .HEA3 I tho "ht I2d ne&er la "h a"ain) %ANT4I 75harply)8 La "hL La "hL What are !e "oin" to doL NA/ 7NA/ t!istin" and t rnin" in a #eanin"less craAy !ay and !a&in" his ar#s e&ery !hich !ay' shakin" and bobbin" his head' C5%.8 What are !e "oin" to doL Hehehee) What !e ha&e to doM Heheheheee) .AN 7Hi#sel$)8 Na#) 5top !ith these antics) NA/

ID,D,1 7Hi#sel$)8 It2s alri"ht .an) We all # st resist oppression' and each in their o!n !ay) We cannot allo! $ear to "et inside s) .HEA3 That2s i#portant) We # st see# to obey' b t !e can sho! a little spine) NA/ 7In character)8 /eL 5pineL 7Walkin" like a bent old #an !ith a stick' and lookin" #iserable)8 /e spine is bent) .HEA3 7La "hs)8 Thanks Na#) ;o shore p o r so l po!er) .AN We ha&e no !eapons) .HEA3 We ha&e the spirits and ancestors on o r side) %ANT4I 7In a c ttin" tone)8 .hea&M ;o and ;orn" disobeyed yo r parents and (oined the co## nists to $i"ht Lon Nol) ;o abandoned the Kh#er Loe !ay) And no! looks !hat2s happenin") .AN %ant iM .lease) There is eno "h $i"htin" o tside) Dissension in o r h t !ill dri&e o t o r spirits) .HEA3 6 r traditions call $or nity a#on" o rsel&es and the spirits) That2s the Kh#er Loe !ay) %ANT4I 7Lookin" at .HEA3)8 4nityM ;o broke the &ery nity yo no! !ant to establish' and !itho t the protection o$ the spirits #y lo&ely ;orn" !as killed) .AN .hea& sacri$iced a !ater b $$alo !hen he ca#e ho#e to pay the penalty de#anded by the spirits' and reD establish har#ony) That too is the Kh#er Loe !ay) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8

ID,D,: %ant i' yo ( d"e yo r son too harshly) .lease) He !ill #arry #y niece 5alorn) 5he !ill be $r it$ l and prod ce #any "randchildren) .AN Co#e) Let there be peace bet!een s' the spirits and o r ancestors) 7The &illa"e "ro!s silent' and li"hts on sta"e be"in to $ade) .AN t rns o$$ the la#p) NA/ places a hand on .HEA32s sho lder and "oes o t the door) .AN' .HEA3 and %ANT4I "o to the chi#r n"' stand it p' and p t the $ood back on the altar) .HEA3 and %ANT4I "et on their knees' and p t their ar#s aro nd the chi#r n") .AN' standin" behind the chi#r n" $acin" the a dience stretches o t his ar#s and raises the# p slo!ly' and !ith hands to"ether in prayer' silently be"s $or"i&eness o$ the spirits and the ancestors' and pleads $or their help) When the li"hts on the sta"e are $ lly t rned o$$' the stars and a hal$ #oon can be seen abo&e the o tline o$ trees thro "h the $ront door and !indo! psta"e)8 .HEA3 7Whisperin")8 /other %ant iM To"ether !e !ill s r&i&e) %ANT4I 7Hissin")8 ;o sho ld ne&er ha&e le$t the &illa"e) .AN %ant iM Let yo r bitterness "o) %ANT4I 7To .HEA3)8 ;o bro "ht this tyrant to o r &illa"e) He !ill destroy the Kh#er Loe ) .HEA3 6 r priestess' ;G Arak' she !ill sho! s ho! to keep nity !ith the spirits that li&e in o r ho#e' in o r &illa"e' in o r $ields) %ANT4I 7Bitterly)8 Drea#s) Drea#s) NA/ 5ister Arak !ill drea#' and the spirits !ill sho! s ho! to practice o r traditions in secret !ays) .AN Let s be silent) 5hiiiiiish) Let2s listen $or their !ord) .HEA3

ID,D,C They are neither seen nor heard' b t speak thro "h the son" o$ a bird' a stick in the $ield' the !ind in the trees' raindrops $allin" into p ddles' the $ish ( #pin" in the ri&er) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 In stran"e and n s al e&ents) .AN And !hen !e drea#) (BLACKOUT) (END OF SCENE)

ID*D,F ACT , 5cene * 5ETTINEI In .an2s h t)

It is Jan ary ,BCC a$ter the $irst har&est season nder the Kh#er %o "e) It is d sk and the $a#ily is co#in" back $ro# the $ields) All the traditional ite#s are "one $ro# the !alls' b t so#e are hidden nder the b nks etc)) The chi#r n" re#ains D5%) 7E?ha sted' .AN sta""ers in and "oes to his b nk 45L co "hin") He is clearly ill' and has a &acant stare) %ANT4I $ollo!s hi# in' "oes to the $ire 45%' takes the lid o$$ the pot' and looks inside) .HEA3 $ollo!s her !ith a hatchet han"in" $ro# his sho lder' and han"s p the hatchet and "oes to his b nk 45L) ;G Arak their priestess' nei"hbor' and NA/s sister in la! enters !hile %ANT4I is speakin") ;G has a hatchet han"in" $ro# her sho lder and carries a bo!l o$ herbs) 5he "oes to D5%' sprinkles so#e herbs aro nd the chi#r n"' and places the bo!l in $ront o$ the chi#r n") %ANT4I looks aro nd at the# one by one as she speaks)8 %ANT4I The % # $a#ily !ere taken a!ay last ni"ht) .HEA3 They !ere "ood people) Like #any others they openly de$ied Co#rade 6 #) ;< The s#ell o$ death s rro nds the Kh#er Loe ) Tho sands died $or no reason at all) 75hots and sho tin" are heard in the &illa"e)8 .HEA3 We # st $ind a !ay to re#ain stron") %ANT4I The rice har&est has yielded little) ;< 2Tis as i$ the loc sts s!ar#ed o&er the land) .HEA3 The potatoes !ere better) %ANT4I .riestess ;G) We are star&in") ;< 5o too are the scra!ny pi"s' hens and do"s in o r &illa"e)

ID*D,B .HEA3 7Eerie)8 The creat res in the $orest en(oy ab ndance !ith the spirits' b t !e ha&e scraps and !atery rice so p) %ANT4I The little !e har&ested !as taken a!ay to $eed !e don2t kno! !ho) ;< We sla&e like the !ater b $$alo) .HEA3 With the cane on o r backs) ;< The elderly are dyin" o$$) .AN 75tarin" across the h t' not addressin" anyone)8 Heard a h n"ry boar "ro!l) .HEA3 @ather .an) %ANT4I ;G Arak) .riestess) Ha&e yo had any si"nL ;< Chickens and pi"s are co nted e&ery day) Blood sacri$ices to the spirits cannot be #ade !itho t do#esticated ani#als) Ho! can !e #aintain nity !ith o r spirits and ancestorsL .HEA3 The only blood bein" spilled these days is that o$ the Kh#er Loe ) .AN 7Eerie' not hi#sel$)8 Heard a disobedient !o#an ho!l) .HEA3 @ather .an' yo are not yo rsel$ any#ore) %ANT4I Is there no hopeL ;<

ID*D*+ With no sacri$ices it is #ore and #ore di$$ic lt to drea# and hear the spirits) B t yes' there is hopeM Last ni"ht I had a drea#) Walkin" tho "h a dense $orest I ca#e to a cli$$) 6n the other side o$ the "iant chas# o r ancestors !ere dancin"' birds $le! abo t the#' the deer !atched as they sacri$iced a co!) They be"an to eat) Then an "ly o!l ca#e and in&ited #e to cli#b into its stinkin" sto#ach) I !as $ ll o$ $ear' b t !ent in and !e took o$$ o&er the &alley) %ANT4I And did yo sit do!n to eat !ith o r ancestorsL ;< I re#e#ber landin" in their #idst) I did not $eel the h n"er any#ore) Then I heard a !o#an2s &oice) 5he told #e to o$$er $orest $ood to the spirits' this is ho! !e can s r&i&e) .HEA3 6$$er $orest $ood to the spiritsL ;es) 6$ co rse) We # st chan"e in the short r n) B t at ni"ht) We ha&e to appear to li&e the !ay o$ the An"kar) .AN Nothin" is as it !as) 7All actors $reeAe)8 ANCE5T6% KHAWN 7KHAWN speaks at $irst in eerie tone as i$ he !ere craAy .an)8 @ore&er the ri&er Ch # has $lo!n A!ay $ro# the risin" s n at da!n B t !hy' asks .an' are cat$ish barb The otter python eel and carb 5!i##in" to!ard the settin" s n No #ore by poison daAed or st n) A !ise old #an he sa! the heartless Alar#in" to ch o$ heedless careless 4topian reason that r les this spiritless 5ickenin" # rdero s !orld o$ s b(ects Coerced into $ailed collecti&e pro(ects) 5o Kha!n did spare .an2s ancient !isdo# The si"ht o$ this del sional &ision) Tho "h banned !e2ll stand sec re beside 6 r people !ith creati&e rit als I2ll " ide To harden yo r resol&e and $ly abreast Like ea"les ret rnin" to a #o ntain nest 7All actors n$reeAe)8 %ANT4I 7La#entin")8

ID*D*, .an #ay not be hi#sel$' b t he is ri"ht) Nothin" is as it !as) 75neerin")8 Co#rade 6 #' @riend %ant iM @riend ;G Arak) ThatKs ho! !e # st speak $ro# no! on) ;< This ne! lan" a"e o$ topia !ill blind s to the tr th) B t only i$ !e let it) .HEA3 I$ thatKs the !ay !e # st speak to s r&i&e' then let2s do it) It is the !ay o$ the "ly o!l) %ANT4I 5 r&i&e) 5 r&i&e) With nothin" in the potL With o r nei"hbors caned and shot e&ery dayL ;< The o!l and the ancestors ha&e sho!n s the !ay) We2ll li&e the tr ths o$ o r ancient li$e in ne! !ays) .AN 5o$tly stir the rice so p) %ANT4I 7Hissin")8 5o pL .HEA3 7T rnin" to ;G Arak)8 @riend ;G Arak) .ray !ith #e) ;< As al!ays) %ANT4I 7@ear$ l)8 What are yo "oin" to doL .HEA3 I # st "o to the $orest and brin" back the !ild $r its o$ the spirits) The spirits ha&e said so) ;< B t it is dark) .HEA3 That !ill be #y co&er)

ID*D** ;< The "ly o!l !ill sho! yo the !ay) .HEA3 There is a "ro&e near the sacred !ater$all) Wild &e"etables' potatoes' $r its' n ts o$ all kinds) ;< 7Tri #phantly)8 We can eat and sacri$ice to the spirits) %ANT4I 75harply in reb ke.8 6 # calls that pri&ate enterprise) They !ill kill s all' like they did Tep 5en" and his $a#ily) .hea&M Do not disobey #e a"ain) .AN 7De(ected' he contin es to stare across the h t)8 5la "hter' sla "hter e&ery!here) be"ins to !ander ai#lessly abo t the sta"e)8 The rat ate the chicks) The cat ate the rat) The do" killed the cat) The boar killed the do") The ti"er ate the boar) ;< %ant i' yo said !e star&e) .hea& # st "o i$ !e are to li&e' and sacri$ice to the spirits) .HEA3 I can slip o t tho "h an openin" in the ba#boo) %ANT4I The pi"s !ill "r nt and sH eal) The do"s !ill bark) The hens !ill sH a!k) Don2t yo dare "o) .HEA3 I can "et by the#) ;< Last !eek in a drea# I sa! a $ish ( #p in the pond to s!allo! a $ly) That is the !ay o$ the sacred $orest) .HEA3 75#ilin")8 5oon !e can #ake sacri$ice to the spirits' place $ood on the chi#r n" altar 7.oints to the chi#r n" D5%)8 and eat o r $ill)

ID*D*;< The ab ndance o$ the $orest !ill co#pensate $or the $ail re o$ o r har&ests) %ANT4I B t can2t !e $ind a sa$er !ay to #aintain nity !ith the spiritsL ;< I ha&e been told) This !e # st do) .HEA3 6ther!ise !e !ill lose so l po!er and beco#e !eak like children) ;< This terror !ill end' b t thro "ho t it all !e can re#ain the Kre n" o$ %atanakiri) .HEA3 E?actly) That !as the #essa"e o$ the o!l) In e?traDordinary ti#es' !e # st do e?traD ordinary thin"s to be o rsel&es) .AN Nothin" is as it !as) ;< ;es .hea&) The Kh#er %o "e !ill not capt re o r so lDpo!er) We !ill act to celebrate !ith the ancestral spirits' and this pled"e I " arantee !ith #y blood) 7Takin" her hatchet o$$ her sho lder' she raises both ar#s abo&e her head and !alks to!ard the chi#r n") 5tandin" !ith her back hidin" the ri"ht side o$ the chi#r n" $ro# the a dience' she p ts her ri"ht inde? $in"er on the altar' and !ith her le$t hand brin"s the hatchet do!n c ttin" hal$ the $in"er o$$) When she stands back the hal$D$in"er is &isible on the chi#r n") ;G lets her blood spill $ro# the $in"er !alkin" aro nd the chi#r n") .HEA3 r shes to her side ha&in" taken a b rnin" stick $ro# the $ire) They are on either side o$ the chi#r n"' ;< A%AK L and .HEA3 %) .HEA3 takes her !o nded hand in his and p ts the stick to the !o nd) ;< A%AK does not $linch)8 .HEA3 =rak yo are tr ly o r priestess) .AN 745L is lookin" at ;<2s back) It2s as i$ he had reco&ered his old sel$ $or a #o#ent' b t is horri$ied)8 ;G' #y $riend) ;o r sacri$ice is not o r tradition) This is #ost n s al) It #eans the past is tr ly past) ;< No .an) We !ill in&oke the spirits' e&en i$ this be a ne! !ay in a ti#e o$ terror)

ID*D*> %ANT4I In the past it !as the blood o$ a sacri$iced pi" or chicken that !e sprinkled aro nd the chi#r n") ;< 5o no! let #y blood take its place) 7;< points to the altar on the chi#r n"' and then raises her hands to the hea&ens holdin" p the $in"er in the air)8 Take this $in"er o spirits $or !e can no lon"er sin" o r son"s o$ praise' play o r traditional # sic on the $l te' harp and "on"s) .HEA3 ;G yo r sacri$ice is too "reat' b t no! the spirits and ancestors kno! that !e are tr ly one !ith the#) .AN 7In a daAe.8 The spirits !ill be happy no!) 7All actors $reeAe)8 ANCE5T6% KHAWN 7KHAWN speaks #errily)8 To"ether !e are $ore&er bo nd By c rlin" !aters !indin" ro nd These holy hills and by the so nd 6$ sacri$ice bled in to the "ro nd With son"s and "on"s and #erry "lance 6h 5pirits hold s deep in trance To re&el !ith yo and so perchance Brin" all to"ether in a dance That conH ers bitter br tal abs rdity Withstands the stran"er2s heartless cr elty Has 5pirits the li&in" and dead in nity To o&erco#e o r e&ery insec rity) 7All actors n$reeAe)8 ;< 7%aisin" her eyes to!ard the spirits.8 E&en tho "h Co#rade 6 # has ordered #e to b ry the #a"ic stick that I se to !ard o$$ e&il spirits' the $in"er I ha&e sacri$iced in yo r honor oh spirits !ill be #y spirit al !and) 7.ointin" !ith the $in"er st #p.8 Eo !ith .hea& to the $orest) Eo .hea&M 7%ANT4I t rns o$$ the torch and sits on her h nkers to the le$t o$ the $ire) ;< stays by the chi#r n") .HEA3 takes a basket !hich has been han"in" o&er the b nk' cra!ls o t the secret e?it in the !all) .AN stares a$ter hi#) Clearly he is no! in a state o$ deep shock as he !anders D5L)8


.AN It is ti#e to "o to !ork) Co#rade 6 # !ill be an"ry) He !ill kill e&en #ore Kre n") H rry) %ANT4I .an) .an) .an) 75he !hispers this last ti#e.8 .an' it is ti#e to "o to bed) ;G) .lease help hi#) I $ear his so l po!er is bein" capt red by an e&il spirit) ;< 75he "oes to .AN and stands beside hi# !ith her hand on his ri"ht sho lder) .AN contin es to stare o t at the a dience)8 .anM Can yo hear #eL .AN 75lo!ly in a sole#n &oice)8 The spirits said !e !ere not to sacri$ice creat res o$ the !ild' only ani#als reared in the &illa"e) ;< The o!l took #e to the ancestor2s holy hill' and I !as told !hat to do) .AN .hea&M Co#e back) Do not kill the !ild black hen) Let it $ly o$$ into the sacred tall trees) %ANT4I .an) What is happenin"L .AN 7C5 .AN stares at the $in"er on the altar)8 No! it is the spirit o$ Co#rade 6 # that protects s) ;< 7;< t rns .AN aro nd to $ace her' and leads hi# to the chi#r n")8 .an' yo r #anner is #ost n s al' b t I belie&e it is a "ood si"n) %ANT4I Eood si"nL Eood si"nL Ho! can that beL ;< The "ood spirits ha&e capt red his so l to protect hi#) Like craAy Na#' he !ill con$ se Co#rade 6 #) 7NA/ co#es on sta"e) He looks abo t hi#' and realiAes .hea& is not in the roo#)8

ID*D*: NA/ 7Hi#sel$.8 .hea&L Where is heL Wait) Don2t tell #e he2s "one to the $orest) 7Tri #phantly)8 I kne! it) We !ill not star&e) ;< And !e !ill ha&e $ood to sacri$ice to the spirits) %ANT4I 7An"rily)8 5hhhhhhhhhish) 5top talkin"' all o$ yo ) NA/ 7Lookin" at the altar he sees the $in"er) 5peaks in a nor#al &oice.8 ;G Arak) Witho t that $in"er' 6 # !ill say yo cannot !ork in the $ields) ;o ha&e si"ned o$$ on death) ;< 5ho ld that happen Na#' yo !ill look a$ter #y da "hter 5alorn) 5he lo&es .hea&' and he her' tho "h 6 # $orbids the# to be to"ether) I be" yo ) .AN Co#rade 6 # is no! o r chie$) A chie$ # st not act s perior) I$ not' o r tradition de#ands he be killed) 7.AN #o&es D5% to chi#r n".8 %ANT4I ;GeeeM ;o #i"ht be heard) NA/ .anM Do not speak o$ o r ancient !ays) ;G ArakN) 75tops short on seein" Co#rade 64/ pass the !indo!) NA%IN $ires t!o shots in the air) 64/ b rsts into the h t' arro"antly !a&in" his short ba#boo' $ollo!ed by NA%IN !ith a lon" cane in his ri"ht hand' and an AK >C in his le$t)8 64/ Is this a #eetin"L I said no "atherin"s) 7Lookin" at ;<)8 What are yo doin" hereL ;< I ca#e to "i&e .an so#e traditional #edicines) 75he picks p a bo!l $ro# beside the chi#r n" and sho!s it to 64/)8 64/

ID*D*C Traditional #edicinesL 7He si"nals NA%IN !ho !hacks her.8 The An"kar # st be p ri$ied o$ yo r $aith in thin"s past) ;o !ill be reDed cated and sho! repentance) .AN 75peakin" to no one)8 A chie$ # st not think he is s perior) 64/ 7He points to .AN.8 No! !hatKs !ron" !ith .anL %ANT4I 7Bitterly)8 He is "oin" craAy beca se o$ yo r #adness) 64/ 75i"nals NA%IN to hit her.8 Keep yo r ton" e to yo rsel$ !o#an) I$ I didnKt need e&ery hand in the $ield 7.a se.8 ;o !ill be re$or#ed thro "h e?tra labor) .AN 7Eerily)8 Co#rade 6 # "re! the rice shoots) Co#rade 6 # or"aniAed the transplantin" to the paddy $ields) Co## ne leader 6 # has shot the disobedient) He has caned the shirkers) This is the ri"ht !ay) In a $e! #onths o r bellies !ill be $ ll) The sparro!s !ill sin" once #ore) The pi"lets !ill chase one another) NA/ .an is ri"ht' e&en tho "h he be craAy) HeHeHehehe) 64/ What is "oin" onL A# I the only sane person aro nd hereL %ANT4I 75arcastically)8 6 r !hole !orld is insane) ;o ha&e killed hal$ the !ork$orce) The dibbled rice shoots !ent $loatin" do!n the hillsides' or rotted in the paddy $ields yo prepared e&er so scienti$ically) 64/ Wo#an) I kno! !hat I2# doin") 75i"nals NA%IN !ho !hacks %ANT4I' and t rns on ;<)8 ;G ArakM This rebellion is yo r doin")

ID*D*F 7Lookin" abo t s spicio sly)8 Where is .hea&L NA/ He is at #y ho se 7He dances like a $ool)8 With ;G ArakKs da "hter' #y lo&ely niece) 64/ I told hi# not to be !ith her) 5e? bet!een people not #arried is p nishable by death) NA/ 5e?L 5e?L 5e? on an e#pty sto#achL 7He looks abo t hi# in a craAy #anner)8 HeheheheM 64/ 6nly the p re can #ake the re&ol tion) NA/ 7No! hilario s)8 5e?) 5e?' Co#rade 6 #) I ha&e not heard those !ild screa#s in yearsM I a# p re) HeheheheM ;< ;o kno! Co#rade 6 #' .hea& and 5alorn are b t $riends) Not lo&ers) Na# !as !ith the# all the ti#e) He ca#e in here ( st no! be$ore yo ) 64/ I$ yo are lyin"' I !ill ha&e the "irl $lo""ed naked at the chimrung' and eat her li&er be$ore she dies) ;< 7Horri$ied' her hand to her $ace)8 N666666666oooooM 64/ 7A"ain lookin" abo t s spicio sly' sees her $in"er) 5tartled and a$raid' he asksI8 What did yo do to yo r $in"erL 7He looks to the altar)8 /ore !itchcra$t to #ake #y crops $ailL NA/ 7In character speakin" to all)8 Crops $ailL Beca se o$ a silly rit alL No one can do bt Co#rade 6 #2s scie #ethod) It is all po!er$ l)


64/ 73icio sly)8 ;G Arak) ;o !ant to h #ble #e in the eyes o$ Co#rade N #ber 6ne !ith yo r spirit doin"s) 7He points to the chi#r n"' and NA%IN knocks it o&er)8 NA/ 7Eettin" bet!een 64/ and ;<)8 ;o are o r #aster and #ost scie leader' Co#rade 6 #) 7He bo!s)8 ;o are the "iant in o r &illa"e) ;G Arak is b t o r tiny sister) Her $in"er has no po!er) 64/ 7@ear$ l)8 What other kinds o$ spirit doin"s are "oin" onL I !ill be dis"raced beca se o$ yo all) 764/ looks abo t hi# an"rily) 8 ;< What do yo #ean dis"raced) 64/ 7Enra"ed)8 ;o ha&e been tryin" to #ake the spirits an"ry !ith that $in"er) NA/ The spirits #ay be an"ry !ith s $or not li&in" the ancient !ays' b t not !ith yo ) B t !hat abo t N #ber 6neL 64/ 7Taken aback)8 He is o r $ather and #other) NA/ 7Leanin" back!ards)8 ;o #ay ha&e to be reDedded by $ather and #other) HeheHehe) ;< Na#M 64/ 7A$$ected by the tho "ht o$ bein" reDed cated' speaks !ith s spicion and $ear to ;<)8 Has .hea& "one to La 6rk &illa"e to betray #e to #y s perior Co#rade 5okhaL ;< 75he sees his $ear' and seekin" to ass re hi#' speaks in a &ery $riendly #anner)8

ID*D-+ ;o kno! &ery !ell he ad#ires yo ) There is nothin" he co ld say that #i"ht har# yo in the eyes o$ Co#rade 5okha) ;o ha&e done all that is ri"ht in the eyes o$ N #ber 6ne) 64/ 7Looks abo t hi#' scared)8 I ha&e $ollo!ed N #ber 6ne2s e&ery co##and) NA/ Then it is he !ho !ill be reDedded) 64/ 7In a ra"e)8 5top this talk' yo $ool) .HEA3 7.HEA3 is seen passin" the !indo! and enters thro "h the door)8 WhatKs the proble# hereL 64/ What ha&e yo been doin"L Did yo ha&e se? toni"htL Did yo "o to Co## ne Leader Chean" 5okhaL .AN 75lo!' starin" into the dark so to speak' he !anders abo t the sta"e)8 6 r ancient ca&es ha&e collapsed) 6 r ri&ers are $lo!in" back!ards) The rains are "oin" p into the clo ds) The hea&y skies are $allin" to the "ro nd) The tall trees ha&e crashed to earth) Elephants no lon"er roar) B $$alo speak) Ti"ers co! do!n be$ore s) The $ish !alk) Birds s!i#) The !ild black hen is seen no #ore) 7He sits on b nk 45L)8 NA/ 5eeM He' he' hee' heeM E&erythin" is topsy t r&ey' t r&ey topsy) Nothin" is as it !as or !as !hat it is) /aybe !eKre all craAy) HeheheHehe) .HEA3 75peakin" &ery cal#ly and deliberately' !ith the $aintest hint o$ a threat)8 Co#rade 6 #) It is o r d ty to !ork the $ields $or yo ) 64/ 73icio sly)8 That is the only reason yo are ali&e) .HEA3 7Contin es asserti&ely)8

ID*D-, ;o ha&e killed too #any) B t since I a# no! chie$' I !ill #ake s re yo r ne?t har&est is a "reat s ccess) 64/ 7Lookin" threatenin"ly into .HEA32s eyes)8 ;o ha&e $ailed this $irst har&est) Co#rade N #ber 6ne said that to keep yo is no "ain) NA/ 75tandin" bet!een 64/ and .HEA3) To break p the potential $or dan"er speaks in .HEA32s $ace)8 And to lose yo is no loss) HeheHeheHehe) .HEA3 7I"norin" NA/)8 Co#rade 6 #' yo need s all) ;o cannot a$$ord to lose e&en one #ore !orker) 64/ Alri"ht then) B t ;G' IKll c t yo r rations $or this sorcery) .HEA3 I$ yo !eaken s all' kill all those yo do not like' yo r har&est !ill s rely $ail) 64/ 764/ sho!s so#e $ear' b t then snaps o t o$ it to attack)8 .an cannot !ork' so he cannot eat) ;< He is b t an old #an) 64/ As Na# ( st said' to lose hi# is no loss) .HEA3 B t he is the #ost respected person a#on" the Kre n") 64/ 75i"nals NA%IN to !hack .HEA3' and sho ts)8 I a# the Co## ne leader) NA/ 5ee' Co#rade 6 # is #ost respectable one) HeheHehe) 64/ 7Eyin" the# all s spicio sly and e?asperated' saysI8 This h t is $ ll o$ conspirators)

ID*D-* ;< Co#rade 6 #' o r $a#ilies and their ancestors ha&e been $riends $or cent ries) 64/ 7Threatens !ith his short stick)8 IKll be !atchin" yo all the ti#e) 7And H ips)8 No #ore talk o$ ancestors) And keep that $in"er to yo rsel$) 7He #arches o t !ith NA%IN !ho $ires t!o shots into the air !hen passin" the !indo!) .HEA3 "oes to the !indo! and !atches the# "o do!n the ladder) He then t rns back to!ard the others)8 .HEA3 We # st be care$ l) %ANT4I Care$ l) Care$ l) He2s on to s) We2ll be # rdered $or this conspiracy) ;< It is only a conspiracy $or the s r&i&al o$ o r so l po!er) We ha&e no !eapons) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 I think !e ha&e hit the ri"ht tone !ith hi#) Not openly de$iant' b t also not totally s b#issi&e) ;< We are not alone in this) The spirits ha&e ass red s) NA/ ;o are no! the only priestess still ali&e a#on" the Kre n") We # st be"in to tell people abo t the o!l and yo r sacri$ice) %ANT4I 7Terri$ied)8 That is $ar too dan"ero s) .HEA3 Not i$ !e select people !ith "reat care) The real proble# is that 6 # kno!s nothin" o$ !hat !e really think' b t that #eans he can i#a"ine anythin") NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 He is a$raid' and $ear robs a #an o$ his reason) ;<

ID*D-When yo startle a sleepin" snake it #akes hi# dan"ero s) .HEA3 @ear #akes a do" snarl) NA/ A ti"er "ro!l) %ANT4I We # st !ear a #ask at all ti#es) ;< 75#ilin"' she bo!s)8 With #any displays o$ s b#ission to sooth his pride) NA/ .lay the chatterin" $ool like #e) HeheHehe) .HEA3 Eno "h) The $orest $ood) ItKs nder the h t) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 IKll "et it) 7He "oes o t the sa#e !ay as .HEA3 did' and cli#bs back in al#ost i##ediately)8 .HEA3 76n seein" ;< abo t to lea&e)8 No' ;G) 5tay and eat !ith s' and I !ill "i&e yo $ood $or 5alorn) ;< 7E#braces .HEA3)8 .hea& #y $riend) %ANT4I 7Bitter)8 6 # said .an !as to "et no ration) .HEA3 WeKll all share in "i&in" hi# a little to eat) 7He sits do!n beside .AN on the b nk 45L)8 @ather .anM @ather .anM DonKt be con$ sed) We kno! !ho !e are) The Kre n" o$ the Kh#er Loe ) WeKll be $ore&er !ith o r ancestral spirits in the $orest) .AN

ID*D-> 7.AN "ets p and !anders abo t' and then stops p $acin" the a dience) In plainti$$ tone)8 The so l po!er o$ the Kh#er Loe is e&er #ore di#inished) We are dyin") The spirits are dyin") 7.HEA3 !ho has "otten p' p ts an ar# aro nd his $atherKs sho lder and leads hi# back to the b nk 45L) NA/ brin"s in bananas' s!eet potato' pean ts' cashe! n ts etc)) ;< stands p the chi#r n") The !hole "ro p "athers the chi#r n" on their h nkers) They raise the bits o$ $ood to the spirits' p t a token bit on the altar' and "obble do!n the rest) In a "est re o$ solidarity they p t $ood in one another2s #o th e&ery so o$ten) .AN stands p) He does not look at the "ro p' b t stares D5% at the chi#r n") The sta"e slo!ly "oes dark)8 (BLACKOUT) (END OF ACT)

IID,D, ACT * 5cene , 5ETTINEI In .an2s h t)

It is late a$ternoon' one year later at the end o$ the second har&est season #ana"ed by Co#rade 64/) The Kh#er Loe see little o$ it d e to orders $ro# Co#rade N #ber ,) /oreo&er e&eryone no! realiAes that it is 64/Ks inco#petence that has res lted in a har&est !ell short o$ the desi"nated tar"et) The s n is settin" behind the h t in early @ebr ary2s dry season' the $irst #onth o$ the Kh#er Loe year) 2Tis the ti#e $or sacri$icin"' $eastin" and drinkin" !ith the spirits' b t they ha&e nothin" to sacri$ice' no rice beer to celebrate) 7.AN is sittin" on the bed 45L)8 .AN 7Lookin" at his e#pty bo!l)8 2Tis the #ost yo Kll "et) In the past !e !ere ne&er h n"ry) DonKt open yo r #o th) 5ilence) 7%aisin" his ri"ht hand abo&e his eyebro! as i$ lookin" into the s n as he stares across the roo# at the !indo! 45%)8 The spirits !ere e&ery!here' in e&erythin" and in e&ery Kh#er Loe ) No! they are no #ore) 7%ANT4I' ;< and NA/ enter in the #iddle o$ this soliloH y) They stare at .AN $or a #o#ent) They are e?ha sted' and h nker do!n aro nd the $ireplace' NA/ behind the $ire' %ANT4I L' ;< %) .AN contin es)))8 B t Co#rade 64/ has sa&ed s) OTis the end o$ har&est season) %ice' ani#als' $r its in ab ndance) 2Tis the $irst #onth o$ the year) A ti#e to celebrate the "enerosity o$ the spirits) LetKs stren"then o r so l po!er that this ab ndance #ay be rene!ed in the year to co#e) OTis ti#e to beat the "on"s) To play the $l te) To stroke the harp) 6pen the (ars o$ rice beer) LetKs all caro se) 7.ointin" to the chi#r n" altar) 8 Ti#e $or sacri$ice) Tie the pi" to the chi#r n") He dies' !e eat' !e li&e) There is li$e in death) Co#e) 7Wa&in" his hand in !elco#e to the three)8 Co#e all) LetKs be (oy$ l !ith o r ancestors) 7All actors $reeAe)8 ANCE5T6% KHAWN 7KHAWN speaks in sco$$in" tone)8 6h .an yo say this 6 # has bro "ht Ab ndance like the spirits o$ yore B t yo are not yo rsel$ since tho "ht No! ra#bles on !itho t its core

IID,D* @ro# !atchin" plantin" that is abs rd ;et carried on so ndeterred 6 # pays no heed to ancient !isdo# That spreads like #oss in a"es "ro!n Thro "h spores on !iry ste#s !ith lea&es 5o "reen in shady $orest "ro&es) Hence $a#ine rei"ns a#on" #y people The riceDshoots rotted in !atery "ro nd They ha&e no rice !hich is their staple B t !ait here2s ho! !e2ll all rebo nd I2ll tell ;e =rak in a drea# 6$ no&el rit als to please the spirits That bolster s to resist 6 #2s sche#e Help keep s stron" in stress$ l straits To bide o r ti#e ntil he "oes @or as this An"kor har&est sho!s Their reason st #bles as it "oes They $ail in all that they propose 7.a se and then $adin" a!ay sco$$in" tone)8 J st yo !ait and seeeeeee))) 7All actors n$reeAe)8 %ANT4I 7I"norin" .AN) 5he is both an"ry and $ear$ l)8 .hea& is "one three days no!) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 I hope he !as not taken to the $orest) ;< 7Terri$ied' b t hope$ lly)8 A $riend said he2s still at the reDed cation center) NA/ No #atter ho! terrible that #ay be' ;G' it2s better than bein" shot) %ANT4I HeKll ne&er be seen a"ain) ;< 7Hope$ lly)8 /any o$ the taken co#e back ali&e these days)


NA/ 5o #any !ere killed the $irst year they don2t ha&e eno "h people to do the !ork) %ANT4I Let2s !ait $or hi# then' tho "h I can2t help thinkin"))) .AN 7.AN is no! starin" across the roo# D5%)8 6ld !ays are not dead) 5oon I2ll (oin the ancestors to li&e in nion !ith the land o$ the Kre n") %ANT4I 7An"rily)8 The ancient !ay is not # ch help to .hea& no!) ;< 7%eb kin")8 %ant iM That is not so) %ANT4I Ho! !ill it helpL ;< 7Holdin" p her $in"er st #p)8 The spirits and ancestors stren"then his so l po!er and o rs) NA/ 7In character)8 We don2t look so "ood) HeheHehe) .AN Let2s drink Otill dr nk) Let the spirits occ py s) ;< .oor .an) He is no lon"er hi#sel$) NA/ 7In character)8 Neither are !e) HeheHehe %ANT4I 7Bitter)8 He !ill ne&er be hi#sel$ a"ain) ;<

IID,D> He !as al!ays !ise) %ANT4I No! he is craAy) NA/ 7In character)8 5o are !e) HeheHehe ;< He e#braced o r ancient !ays at all ti#es) .AN Born !eak in so l po!er' I "re! in stren"th as I e#braced the Kre n" traditions) %ANT4I Ero! in stren"thL Co#rade 6 # #akes s li&e and !ork in $orei"n !ays) ;< %ant iM We are doin" e&erythin" possible to retain the blessin"s o$ the ancestors) 7Holdin" p her $in"er st #p)8 They still reside a#on" s) . t yo r tr st in the spirits) %ANT4I B t hereL %i"ht no!' 6 # pre&ails) ;< Tr e %ant i) 5o #any dead) %ANT4I And !hat is le$t o$ the Kh#er Loe !ayL ;< When !e speak !ords that are not those o$ 6 #2s re&ol tion) NA/ When !e are not bein" !atched) That2s !hen) ;< When !e !alk !ith the spirits in o r drea#s) %ANT4I 75arcastically)8 Drea# a!ay in the past' b t !e # st li&e ri"ht here) ;<

IID,D1 The eyes o$ the Kh#er Loe can see the e&il in Co#rade 6 #2s topia) NA/ We al!ays celebrated the spirits) ;< /arkin" each step in o r li&es !ith (oy$ l o$$erin"s) NA/ @indin" nion !ith o r ancestors in death) ;< We ne&er be$ore i#a"ined an alternati&e !ay o$ li$e) NA/ 6r that thin"s #i"ht one day be di$$erent) ;< We had no need to) %ANT4I 75arcastically)8 B t here and no!L The blood o$ the Kre n" $lo!s like a strea# thro "h o r lands) .AN 7Eerie)8 The po!er$ l Chend spirit is co#in" do!n $ro# the #o ntain to destroy all !ho abandoned old traditions) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 Look ho! .an !alks sa$ely in his drea#) ;< At least he didnKt ha&e to har&est the "crops") %ANT4I 7Bitterly)8 What cropsL 6nce a"ain the har&est did not #eet the "oals set by N #ber 6ne) 6 # !as so s re o$ his si"hD hee #ethodsM ;< Like last year' they took a!ay #ost o$ the rice and potatoes !e prod ced) NA/

IID,D: 7In character' playin" 6 #' se&ere)8 ;o 2ll all think better on an e#pty sto#ach) HeheHehe) .AN 7In a drea#y &oice)8 He !ho kno!s !hat he kno!s # st be e&en #ore enli"htened) 5o said the red bird) NA/ 7In character) With a stern $ace)8 .an lon"s $or the past) He !ill be "i&en an An"kar "in&itation") HeheheheHehe) ;< Na#M ;o "o too $ar) .AN The pi"s and chickens are $at) Eet the# ready $or sacri$ice) 7.HEA3 enters) He is e?ha sted' b t sho!s no $ear despite the ob&io s #arks on his $ace' chest and back $ro# !hippin"s !ith a ba#boo) He e#braces %ANT4I !ho has stood p) They h ") %ant i sobs)8 .HEA3 I a# alri"ht /other) NA/ .a Lon" 3in !as in reDed cation) Told #e all abo t it) No! they think they ha&e broken yo r so l po!er !ith their si"hDhee #ethod) .HEA3 ;es) 5o#e o$ the others !ere tort red' $orced to di" a hole in the "ro nd' and b ried ali&e) ;< Ho! did yo s r&i&eL .HEA3 The spirits !ere !ith #e thro "ho t it all) I a# all the stron"er $or their cr elty) 75#ilin"' contin es)8 And I kept #y #o th sh t as # ch as possible) 7.HEA3 "oes to .AN' sits do!n beside hi#' and e#braces the old #an)8 .AN .hea& #y son) 75#ilin")8 Welco#e) 5o once a"ain yo bro "ht ho#e a !ild black hen $ro# the h ntL 7.HEA3 stands p and crosses o&er to D5%)8

IID,DC .HEA3 75#ilin")8 ;es $ather) /other %ant i !ill cook it later) NA/ 7In character playin" 64/)8 Are yo reDed cated .hea&L Hehe heheHehe) .HEA3 75#ilin")8 ;es' co#rade 6 #) NA/ 7In character thro "ho t this e?chan"e)8 Will the An"kar $or"i&e yo and !ipe the slate cleanL Hehe heheHehe) .HEA3 ;es' Co#rade 6 #) NA/ Did yo ad#it to $ail re in the rice paddy and potato $ieldsL Hehe heheHeheM ;< Na#M Can2t yo see he is in painL .HEA3 It2s alri"ht ;G) La "hter is "ood) ;es Na#) I a# $or"in" a ne! re&ol tionary character) NA/ 7I#itatin" 64/' pointin" !ith his $in"er)8 No! tell #e the tr th) Are yo ( st $akin"L .HEA3 Co#rade 6 #' I ha&e c t o t #y heart) Kno! no $eelin"s) No pity) 6nly cr elty) NA/ Wo ld yo kill .an $or the An"karL .HEA3 I a# an instr #ent o$ the An"kar) %e$or#ed thro "h labor) NA/ 7I#itatin" 64/)8 ;G Arak' yo !ill repent stealin" that potato) Ad#it yo r " ilt or yo !ill be s#ashed) HeheheheHehe)

IID,DF ;< 75#ilin")8 ;es Co#rade 6 #M ;Gee) ;o r si"hDhee is all po!er$ l) %ANT4I 7Joinin" in the $ n $or the $irst ti#e' and la "hin")8 ;o r thinkin" is rational' ration or !hate&er) NA/ 5ee' yo are la "hin" %ant i) H #or is $orbidden) .HEA3 B t !e ha&e reason to re(oice) I a# reDed cated) NA/ ;o ha&e beco#e rational' like Co#rade N #ber ,) %ANT4I ;es Co#rade 6 #) I too a# rationed) NA/ ;o 2&e all "i&en p yo r pri#iti&e s perstitions) .HEA3 6 r traditions blinded s to yo r rational !isdo#) ;< They #ake s see yo r ab ndance as depri&ation) %ANT4I ;o r #a"ni$icence as sH alor) .HEA3 ;o r leadership as a $ail re) %ANT4I ;o r instr ction as p nish#ent) .HEA3 B t no! !e kno! yo 2re the all kno!in" one) NA/ 7Holdin" p a $in"er to e#phasiAe it)8 I ha&e taken yo on the ri"ht path) ;<

IID,DB Tradition says the !ron" !ay is the ri"ht !ay) %ANT4I And the ri"ht !ay is the !ron" !ay) NA/ No! .hea&) ;o ha&e been reDed cated) Tell #e) What did ;G Arak doL .HEA3 5he stole a potato) NA/ ;o do !ell to rat her o t) 75tern' b t !ith absol te a#aAe#ent' incred lity)8 B t !hy do thatL Does she not co##and yo r respectL Is she not yo r priestessL 7Tryin" to "et .hea& to sho! his traditional belie$)8 .HEA3 6h no Co#rade 6 #) We no lon"er ha&e priests) I ratted her o t beca se she !as h n"ry and broke the r le) NA/ 76 tra"ed)8 No one is h n"ry in o r socialist topia) %epent o$ this lie) .AN 7Carryin" a split ba#boo rice bo!l to NA/)8 Co#e $ill the bo!l) Wo ld that the har&est !ere #ore plenti$ l) NA/ 7In character to .AN)8 @ool) 6$ co rse the har&est has been plenti$ l) ;< 7La "hin")8 ;o ratted o t on #e .hea&) IKll be disappeared) And $or a potatoM NA/ P iet !o#an) .an) %epent) E&eryone has a $ ll sto#ach thanks to scienti$ic $ar#in") .AN 5iNenN)$ar#in"L .HEA3 7Bo!in")8 6h "reat 6 #) WeKre all too $ ll to eat any#ore)


NA/ I said no bo!in") 7.retends to !hack hi# !ith a cane)8 We are all eH al) 5ee) 7.ointin" to .AN2s bo!l)8 5ee) His bo!l is e#pty) He has had his $ill) %ANT4I 7La "hin")8 Co#rade 6 #) It is o r (oy to la "h on an e#pty sto#ach) To celebrate ab ndance sober) To sacri$ice a do#estic cockroach) That is the ne! scie !ay o$ the Kh#er Loe ) NA/ 75tern reb ke)8 La "hin" a"ain) H nker do!n e&eryone) .HEA3 We all need #ore reDed cation) NA/ Do!n !ith yo all) ;o too .an) 7They all sit do!n in a se#iDcircle center sta"e) NA/ stands behind the#) .HEA3 t rns aro nd to look at hi#) NA/ pretends to cane his head' and contin es)))8 DonKt yo dare look at #e) Any o$ yo M ;G) ;o co##itted econo#ic sabota"e' stealin" a potato $ro# the collecti&e) ;< WeKll I did' and I did not Co#rade) NA/ 7Ei&es ;< a pretend blo! to the sho lder)8 ;o r petit bo r"eois indecisi&eness is nacceptable) %ANT4I .etty boor)))L NA/ ;o are al!ays "on the one hand" and "on the other hand"' all the !ay do!n to "on this little $in"er' and on the other little $in"er") ;< Co#rade 6 #) Who !orked hard to prod ce the potatoL NA/ ;o did)


;< Then !ho o!ns the potatoL NA/ 7.retend sho tin")8 6!nL 6!nL ;< 7B tts in)8 5o ho! co ld I steal a potato $ro# #ysel$L NA/ 6!nL ;o o!n a potatoL ;< And i$ there is no o!nership any #ore' ho! co ld I be said to stealL NA/ 7.retendin" to hit her)8 Wo#an) ;o !ill rid yo rsel$ o$ all &esti"es o$ capitalis#) %ANT4I CapitM WhatKs capitL ;< 7Tryin" to hold back the la "hter)8 Who is' are capitsL NA/ dly' tryin" to reco&er $ro# the hits)8 The An"kar !ill steer s) .HEA3 @ro# this ti#e $or!ard the trans$or#ation # st be total) 7La "hs)8 NA/ We li&e in an a"rarian topia) ;< Do !e ha&e topia already or !ill it be in the $ t reL NA/ 6$ co rse !e do) Can2t yo see it all aro nd yo L

IID,D,* %ANT4I 5ee Co#rade 6 # is ri"ht) The pi"s and chickens are $at as .an said) NA/ B t .an is craAy) %ANT4I ;o #ean !e see topia in the rice paddiesL NA/ What are yo all talkin" abo tL %ANT4I B t !here are !e to look i$ not at rice paddies' pi"s and chickensL Is topia like the spiritsL E&ery!here b t seen no!hereL NA/ 7Enra"ed pointin" to and tappin" his head)8 Here) Here) I a# enli"htened) ;o are enli"htened) %ANT4I Does enli"hten topi #ean !e star&e Co#rade 6 #L NA/ 7"5trikes" her on the back !ith the cane)8 We no! kno! the teachin"s o$ Co#rade N #ber 6ne) ;o are no lon"er irrational as in the past) ;< 6h) I can seeeeee' e&en tho "h I be irrational) 7All actors $reeAe)8 ANCE5T6% KHAWN 7KHAWN in (okin" tone)8 ;o la "h tho "h here in dire distress %e&i&in" so lDpo!er by #akin" #erry 2Tis ti#e that riceDbeer cheer and bless 4nb rden all o$ pain they carry 7No! t rnin" into satire)8 ;o kno! !e2re creatin" a socialist topia By sin" rational scie 7si"hDhee8 plannin" To $ill yo r sto#achs !itho t #yopia And ha&e a land e&er#ore enchantin" Shhhhhhhhh 7Lo!erin" tone initially)8 This har&est #akes the An"kar an"ry

IID,D,@or no! #oreo&er #y troops "o h n"ry 7Back to nor#al &oice)8 5o let #e here #ake this s ""estion That !ill $or certain ens re in"estion 2Till no! !e kill rebellio s Kre n" Then thro! their bodies in the $ield B t think #y $riends an ar# a ton" e A li&er or b ttock !ill al!ays yield Eno "h to $eed yo all !hen boiled And keep the soldiers $ore&er oiled To char# yo r spirits and raise a cheer /ake ti#ely sacri$ice pri#ed !ith beer @or s re !e2ll share so # ch ab ndance With tasty corpses in attendance Ei&e 6 # a little to please the An"kar %e&eal his re&ol tionary character 5ho! cr elty !itho t concern or pity And ne&er stand be$ore s bDco##ittee Nor be obli"ed to end re reDed cation Indo#itable tall #aintain his station With sto#ach $ ll like N #ber 6ne J st see ho! # ch !e care $or 6 # 5hhhhhhhhhhhh Alon" co#es 6 # to end o r $ n @or in topia la "hter is ndone) 7All actors n$reeAe) NA/ is abo t to speak' b t 64/ is seen and heard sto#pin" past the !indo!) He #arches thro "h the door' NA%IN behind hi#)8 64/ 7Lo dly)8 WhatKs "oin" on hereL 7He stands 45%)8 %ANT4I WeKre $inishin" o r dinner) Look' .anKs rice bo!l is e#pty) NA/ 7In character)8 2Till no! o r bo!ls !ere $ ll) B t no! they are all e#pty) We #ake #erry and la "h) HeheHehe) 64/ %epent this (oy$ lness) 7He points to NA%IN !ho !hacks NA/ !ith his ba#boo)8 .HEA3

IID,D,> The potato crop has been a "reat s ccess) 64/ 75 spicio s)8 What do yo #eanL What are yo s ""estin"L .HEA3 We are happy !ith the An"kar2s topia) 64/ The rice !ill be better ne?t year) This ti#e yo !ill obey e&ery co##and o$ N #ber 6ne) NA/ 7In character)8 Ahhh) .ro"ress) That2s the !ord) HeheheHehe) .HEA3 We e?ist only $or the happiness o$ the re&ol tion) 64/ 7Warnin" hi#)8 What is it !ith yo peopleL Do yo #ock #eL .hea&' yo ha&e been reDed cated) Are yo not s#ashedL 7.oints to Narin !ho !hacks .hea&)8 .HEA3 /y character is trans$or#ed) .AN 7Lost)8 What2s all this talk o$ pro"ress' chan"eL We li&e the eternal cycles that shape o r li&es) 64/ 7I"norin" .AN speaks to .HEA3)8 Trans$or#ed' yo say .hea&) B t I sense yo are not yet p re) .HEA3 I ha&e learned the obedience o$ the Kh#er %o "e) 64/ /aybe I need to be #ore pers asi&e) 7.a se and then tort rin" hi#)8 /aybe 5alorn sho ld #arry another) ;<

IID,D,1 75hocked)8 /y da "hter has been "i&en to .hea& already) 764/ si"nals NA%IN !ho !hacks her)8 64/ Insolent !o#an) 5o yo ad#it they had se?L ;< We ha&e not been allo!ed to b ild her lo&e h t) 64/ 5e? is only $or #arried co ples) .HEA3 We ha&e been !aitin" to "et #arried) 64/ 7Tort rin" hi# $ rther)8 ;o kno!' don2t yo ' that the An"kor # st endorse her partner) .HEA3 This cannot be) 64/ 75ensin" &ictory)8 I a# told that 5alorn is a "na "hty !o#an") .HEA3 7Enra"ed b t speaks cal#ly)8 Who said thatL 64/ /aybe she sho ld #arry one o$ #y soldiers) ;< Noooooo) 64/ Do yo !ant her to be "played !ith" by #y soldiersL ;< Noooooo) 64/ 7En(oyin" hi#sel$)8 Wo ld yo pre$er she #arry #eL


.HEA3 Co#rade 6 #) I$ she cannot be #y !i$e' then let her #arry Co#rade Teal o$ the Ta#p an) 64/ He2s another Kh#er Loe ) He cannot #ake her p re) ;< .lease) It is not o r c sto# to #arry a Kh#er) 64/ 7Threatenin"ly)8 C sto#L C sto#L I !ill con&ince her or she !ill $eel the red hot bar on her chest) ;< NooooooM 7An"ry' she opens her #o th to speak' b t .HEA3 interr pts) 8 .HEA3 Wait ;G) 75ensin" the potential $or 64/ to "ain a &ictory in #arryin" 5AL6%N)8 It2s best !e talk no #ore abo t this ri"ht no!) 64/ 7He looks at ;< threatenin")8 Any #ore to sayL 7;< bo!s her head)8 NA/ 7In character to di$$ se the sit ation)8 5eeeeeM 5ister ;G is happy to be silent Co#rade 6 #) %ANT4I 7Breaks in)8 5ee Co#rade) 5he obeys .hea& beca se he is o r chie$) 64/ I a# Co## ne Leader) %ANT4I B t .hea& is the chie$ o$ the Kre n") 64/ AndL

IID,D,C %ANT4I E&eryone looks p to hi#) 64/ 75ho!s so#e $ear)8 AndL ;< 7In an"er #akes a &eiled threat in retaliation $or 5alorn talk abo&e' she points her $in"er st b in the air)8 ;o !o ld do !ell to respect hi#' as do all the Kre n" !ho !ork $or yo ) 64/ 75ho!s so#e $ear' b t attacks ;< bra&ado style' and si"nals NA%IN !ho !hacks ;<)8 Do not raise that $in"er in the air) I ha&e nothin" to $ear $ro# any o$ yo ) ;< 7B sts o t in an"er)8 B t yo #ay ha&e reason to $ear N #ber 6ne) 64/ 75i"nals Narin a"ain) Enra"ed)8 He has e&ery reason to be happy !ith #y !ork) ;< 7.ointin" her $in"er st b at 64/)8 N #ber 6ne "a&e s rice shoots to prod ce three hectares per acre))) NA/ ;G))) 64/ 7Threatenin" ;<' b t no! he sho!s $ear)8 Are yo sayin" yo r spirits are better than N #ber 6ne2s scienti$ic #ethodL .HEA3 7Eettin" bet!een the#)8 No one can say he is abo&e the Co## ne Leader and the scienti$ic #ethod) 64/ 7.leased !ith hi#sel$) Lookin" at .HEA3 and p $$ed p !ith arro"ance)8 Not e&en yo ) .HEA3 Ahhhh) 5o no! yo are Kre n"L

IID,D,F 64/ 7An"ry)8 What do yo #eanL 7Boastin")8 I a# Kh#er %o "e) .HEA3 ;o are Co## ne Leader o$ N #ber 6ne2s re&ol tion' b t I a# chie$ o$ the Kre n") 64/ 7%ealiAin" that he has #ade a #istake takin" on the chie$)8 3ery !ell then) Let2s lea&e it at that) It see#s that yo r reDed cation is co#plete) 764/ sees that ;< is abo t to speak)8 ;o ha&e #ore to sayL ;< Bo!s her head) 64/ Eood) 7Happy to "et o t o$ this !hole con&ersation.8 N #ber 6ne !ill be pleased !ith yo r obedience) .raise be the An"kar) 764/ s!eeps o t' NA%IN behind hi#)8 ALL 7Bo!in"' bo!in"' bo!in")8 Co#rade N #ber , be praised) NA/ .hea&L ;<L What2s !ron" !ith yo bothL %ANT4I He #i"ht ha&e killed yo ) .HEA3 He "ro!s !eaker !ith e&ery har&est) @or no! !e # st not "i&e hi# any sense that he has $o nd a !ay to break s) ;< A soldier or 6 # to #arry 5alornL We cannot let that kind o$ talk stand) 6$ co rse not) And he !ill not carry o t this threat 7Wanderin" abo t the sta"e)8 .HEA3 nless !e pro&oke hi# into it) .AN

IID,D,B 5ho! no e#otions) That2s the ne! !ay) %ANT4I 7I"norin" .AN' to .HEA3)8 Ho! can yo be so s reL .HEA3 ;o sa! ho! he p t an end to the con&ersation) %ANT4I When I re#inded hi# yo !ere chie$) ;< And !hen I re#inded hi# o$ N #ber 6neM NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 ;G' I co ldn2t belie&e yo said that) ;< He !as bent o&er' and I ( st "a&e hi# a little p sh) NA/ HaHahaha) I sa! the $ear) He needs o r obedience to keep N #ber 6ne o$$ his back) .HEA3 When I "o abo t ad&isin" obedience' I !ill tell close $riends !hat the spirits told s to do) Ho! they too can keep $aith !ith the Kre n") ;< Eood) B t 6 # # st ha&e seen o r $ear !hen he threatened 5alorn) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 He dare not take her a!ay) He dare not kill .hea&) .HEA3 He !anted to belie&e #y reDed cation !as a s ccess' that N #ber 6ne2s !ays are s ccess$ l) .AN 7DaAed)8 The Kre n" are all Kh#er %o "e no!) NA/ /ore o$ 6 #2s si"hDhee thinkin"M


.HEA3 Ho!e&er i$ he threatens 5alorn I !ill ha&e to take her to the northern $orests) ;< No one li&es there e?cept !ild ani#als) .HEA3 I !as there !ith Co#rade ;a) ;< Tr e) ;o !ill both be alri"ht) .AN 7DaAed)8 The !ild black hen $le! o$$ into the $orest) NA/ 7Hi#sel$' i"norin" .AN)8 ;o can al!ays "o to 3ietna#) ;< 7In $ear)8 B t !hat !ill happen to s a$ter yo are "oneL %ANT4I 7Terri$ied)8 They !ill kill s all) ;< 73oice $adin")8 We #ay all ha&e to r n a!ay) .AN The !ays o$ the stran"er # st be sh nned or the spirits !ill be an"ry) .HEA3 7Is abo t to speak' b t reaches o t to ;<' takes her hand and they lead all the others in a circle o$ silent prayer aro nd the #iddle o$ the h t' and then aro nd the chi#r n")8 (BLACKOUT) (END OF SCENE)

IID*D*, ACT * 5cene * 5ETTINEI In .an2s h t)

It is later that sa#e e&enin") The sta"e is se#iDdark) The chi#r n" is D5% b t closer to center o$ sta"e) 7%ANT4I' .AN' .HEA3 rise p and sit their b nks) ;< and NA/ co#e in thro "h the door) .AN !anders abo t all the ti#e and speaks as i$ in a drea#)8 NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 6 # "ot dr nk) He2s dead asleep) .HEA3 He drinks beca se he hates hi#sel$) NA/ Co#rade N #ber , !ill ha&e 6 # taken to the reDed cation center) 7He la "hs as he li"hts p a kerosene la#p)8 ;< 4nlike that beast' !e drink to re(oice' and let the spirits take o&er to "ro! o r so l po!er) .HEA3 Wo ld that !e had o r riceDbeer (ars) ;< Co#e) Let2s sit aro nd the chi#r n" as !e ha&e done these past t!o years to tell stories o$ spirit doin"s a#on" s) 7They all sit aro nd the chi#r n"' e?cept $or .AN !ho !anders abo t the sta"e' !ith NA/ $acin" the a dience standin" behind the chi#r n")8 .AN Lies by day) Tr th by ni"ht) 5o shall it be) NA/ 7In character)8 B t .an' 6 # is hi#sel$ by day and tries not to be hi#sel$ by ni"ht) HehehHehe .HEA3 Who has a story to tellL NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8

IID*D** Today I !as collectin" the last o$ the potatoes in the cha#kar' !hen s ddenly' a !ild black hen ca#e $lyin" o t o$ the br sh' crossed o&er #y head' and contin ed on abo&e the open $ield to di&e into the $orest at the other end) ;< ;Geeee) This is #ost n s al) %ANT4I 7A!ed)8 A !ild black hen ne&er lea&es its o!n $orest) ;< 7H shed)8 It has to be a si"n) .AN 7In a drea#y &oice' starin" p to!ard the roo$)8 2Tis yo .hea&) 2Tis yo ) ;o are the only h nter that al!ays co#es back $ro# the $orest !ith a !ild black hen) ;< That is tr e) .AN .hea&' yo are at ho#e once a"ain' at one !ith s' nat re' the spirits and ancestors) %ANT4I 7An"ry)8 B t #aybe this #eans .hea& !ill lea&e s all once #oreL ;< No) Not at all) It #eans that he !ill lead s o t o$ these potato $ields' and back to o r !ay o$ li$e) 7They all clap so$tly and s#ile' and to ch one another on the back o$ the neck' and raise their hands in the air)8 NA/ B t "lead" ;GL That is not o r tradition) A chie$ !as ne&er allo!ed to think he !as s perior) ;< That is tr e) 6 # is a leader' not a chie$) B t the Kre n" # st be or"aniAed into a sin"le $orce) NA/ Desperate ti#es call $or desperate #eas res ;G' like !hen yo c t o$$ yo r $in"er)


%ANT4I A sin"le $orceL Don2t tell #e yo are thinkin" o$ takin" on Co#rade 6 #L ;< E&ent ally it !ill co#e to that or else !e are done $or) %ANT4I I don2t kno!))))) NA/ Ho! !ill !e "et " nsL .HEA3 I kno! !here so#e !ere b ried d rin" the !ar !ith Lon Nol) B t they !o ld not be eno "h) 7.HEA3 be"ins to think o&er ;<2s s ""estion' and !alks slo!ly 45L)8 .AN 7Eerie)8 The nborn' the li&in" and the dead are one !ith the spirits) That is the real topi) 7La "hin" craAily)) Ha'ha'haaaa) We ha&e seen Co#rade leader 6 #2s scie topiM NA/ 7In character he plays .HEA3)8 No! .riestess ;G) .an does not reco"niAe that I' Cho n" .hea& a# s perior) ;< ;es Leader .hea& 7"Whacks" .AN)8 He has disrespected yo r a thority) NA/ 7In character playin" .HEA3' stickin" his chest o t)8 I alone kno! the !ishes o$ the spirits) %ANT4I 7I"norin" .AN and NA/ and ;<)8 5top this) ;o all kno! there are traitors in o r #idst !ho !ill do anythin" $or a bo!l o$ so p) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 Those people are no lon"er Kre n"' and they are $e! in n #ber)

IID*D*> ;< They are Kh#er %o "e no!) %ape and kill like soldiers) %ANT4I They t rn children into spies) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 Tell on their parents) Ha&e the# sent to the reDed cation center) .HEA3 7Co#in" back into the "ro p)8 ;G) I a"ree that !e need to or"aniAe' b t an prisin"L Isn2t that a bit # chL %ANT4I We !ill ne&er be able to do that) NA/ .hea&) ;o are a Kh#er Loe soldier) %ANT4I 5oldier) 5oldier) He is #y son) ;< And .hea&' yo ha&e be" n to talk !ith people in the di$$erent &illa"es) They are listenin" to yo ) %ANT4I 5top this talk) NA/ And .hea& has kept s ali&e !ith $orest $ood) ;< It2s ti#e !e tho "ht o$ endin" this #isery) .HEA3 I s ppose that since !e ha&e reco&ered o r so l po!er' !e #i"ht be"in to reDthink o r sit ation) .AN The prod ction o$ so lDpo!er # st $ollo! the seasons o$ the year) .HEA3 .an @ather) The seasons no lon"er "o ro nd and ro nd) We li&e in a yearDro nd !inter' b t in ti#e !e can chan"e thin"s once a"ain)


.AN 76 tra"ed' al#ost as i$ he !ere hi#sel$)8 Ti#e) Ti#e) Where did yo learn this !ordL Chan"eL ;o look to a ne! $ t re $or the Kre n"L .HEA3 No) We # st #ake chan"es no! to restore the eternal ro nd o$ birth' li$e and death !ith the spirits in o r $orest lands) .AN We are lost) NA/ No .an) The spirits !ill speak to ;G in drea#s) They !ill " ide s) ;< ;es' and they still do) I too ha&e a tale to tell) %ANT4I Hope it2s better than yo r talk o$ re&olt) ;< I had a stran"e drea# in the early #ornin") .HEA3 Tell s) What happenedL ;< I !as on a "reat #o ntain) A ha!k $le! do!n $ro# its nest on the cli$$ top' and landed on a lo" beside #e) .HEA3 And !hat did it look like) ;< It !as like none I had e&er seen be$ore' !ith a !hite head' black bill' red back' short black tail and bandy yello! le"s) NA/ ;GeehM 5 rely it !as a spirit) .HEA3 7Clappin")8 Ereat ne!s)

IID*D*: ;< This sho!s that !e ha&e kept the spirits on o r side) NA/ B t !hat did the ha!k say to yo ) ;< It said !e !ere to contin e to $ollo! the Kh#er Loe calendar in secret rit als) .HEA3 And ( st as !e ha&e been doin"L ;< ;es) That2s !hat !ill "i&e s the stren"th !e need) %ANT4I 5tren"th $or !hatL NA/ 7Hi#sel$) A to ch o$ $ear in his &oice)8 ;GM I a# a$raid to e&en allo! #ysel$ think o$ endin" this terror) %ANT4I B t !ill o$$erin"s o$ $orest $oods to the spirits "ro! o r so l po!erL ;< 6$ co rse) The spirits ha&e spoken to #e) %ANT4I 7%aisin" a !arnin" $in"er)8 ;o are all $or"ettin" ; n") ;< That !as lon" a"o) Be$ore 6 # ca#e into o r li&es) NA/ 7La "hin")8 ; n" "ot so an"ry !hen he $o nd a chicken eatin" $ro# his rice bo!l) %ANT4I The $ool tho "ht it $ nny to sin" a sacred son" as i$ he !ere abo t to sacri$ice it) ;< ;es) He tho "ht it !as s ch a bi" (oke to #ake $ n o$ o r cere#onies' b t the spirits didn2t think so)

IID*D*C NA/ 75erio s)8 He !as screa#in" $or days) %ANT4I Are !e not doin" the sa#eL %idic lin" o r traditions !ith these petty rit alsL ;< Thin"s are di$$erent no!) The ha!k has #ade o r path clear) .HEA3 I a"ree) /any Kre n" "ro! stron"er by the day' e&en as 6 # "ro!s !eaker) B t ho! !ill !e t rn this stren"th into a &ictoryL NA/ ;es) Ho!L ;< ;o told s abo t .hea&2s !ild black hen) Well the ha!k looked o t o&er the tall trees' and I $ollo!ed his eyes) NA/ And !hat did yo seeL ;< A !ild black hen $lyin" a!ayM .HEA3 5ee) This s $$erin" !ill end) %ANT4I 75arcastically) 8 And ;G) Tell #e) When !ill all this happenL NA/ 7In character) 8 When Ot!ill happenM HeheHehe) %ANT4I /ore easy talk o$ re&olt) ;< 7I"norin" NA/)8 I do not kno! %ant i) The ha!k $le! back to the #o ntain !itho t tellin" #e) %ANT4I

IID*D*F And no! yo all !ant .hea& to or"aniAe an ar#y on the basis o$ this tale) Abs rdM NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 The spirits " arantee o r $ t re) .AN All !ill be the sa#e) 2T!ill be as it !as) %ANT4I 7E?asperated is abo t to speak' b t says nothin")))8 .HEA3 7A brie$ silence' then "ettin" p)8 Eno "h) We !ill $ind o t !hen the ti#e co#es) And no! let2s thank the spirits' ask their blessin"s' en"a"e in o r traditional rit als) %ANT4I I still think the spirits are pset !ith these rit als) ;< Co#e' !e ha&e been ass red) Join #e aro nd the chi#r n") 7They stand p and be"in a slo! circlin" o$ the chi#r n" !ith ;< in the lead' .HEA3' .AN' %ANT4I' NA/) .AN is !a&in" a hatchet p and do!n !ith one hand' and is "playin"" a !ooden $l te !ith the other) I s ""est that a CD o$ the Kre n" # sic co ld be heard so$tly in the back"ro nd) The other #en "est re as i$ they had a "on" in one hand' and a stick beatin" it in the other) The !o#en pretend they are sin"in") ;< has a ba" han"in" do!n by her side $ro# !hich she !ill take o t the ite#s and place the# on the chi#r n" altar) 5he is holdin" o t her st #p $in"er and !a&in" it as i$ it !ere her #a"ic !and) The !hole e$$ect is spirit al' eerie' and s ""ests their stren"th' nity' and the po!er o$ the sprits they in&oke)8 .HEA3 6 spirits) ;o !ho per&ade the #o ntains' the rocks' the trees' the !aters' the plants' birds and ani#als' that li&e in e&ery &illa"e and e&ery h t ))) ;< E&ery!here abo&e the earth and beneath the sky' in all that is seen and not seen) .HEA3 ;o spirits that ha&e "ro!n in e&ery Kh#er Loe thro "h their #other2s #ilk' and contin e to "ro! their so l po!er and ab ndance) ;< Ei&e s stren"th to end re)

IID*D*B .HEA3 5tren"then o r lo&e $or one another) .AN 6 r lands !ere $or#ed in "reat and $earso#e e&ents' li"htenin"' $loods' $ire that de#onstrated the spirit2s po!er o&er all thin"s) %ANT4I 6nly one !o#an s r&i&ed to "i&e birth to the land o$ the Kre n") NA/ It !as laid o t !ith its trees' lakes and ri&ers' paths' areas $or plantin"' the proper locations $or &illa"es' the holy hills that #i"ht not be to ched !ere na#ed' and $earso#e spirits ca#e to li&e in the #o ntains) ;< 2Tis ti#e to sacri$ice a pi"let to the Arak Na#' the spirits that inhabit o r ho sehold and keep s $ree $ro# illness) .HEA3 Arak Na#) We ha&e no pi"let to sacri$ice) We can o$$er $orest $ood instead to #aintain o r nity and o r health) Arak Brii' $orest spirits' I be" yo ) Take these !ild # shroo#s yo ha&e "i&en s) 7;< places the # shroo#s on the altar)8 .AN Arak 5arok take this sacred banana $ro# o r spirit "ro&e) 7;< places a banana on the chi#r n" altar)8 %ANT4I Arak Chend ' "reat #o ntain spirit) Take these stones and destroy the Kh#er %o "e) 7;< places a $e! stones on the altar)8 NA/ Arak Na#' 6h ho se spirits' take this (ar o$ honey' and brin" s!eet nity into o r bitter li&es) 7;< places a (ar o$ honey on the altar) Then she takes a boiled e"" o t o$ her ba" and holds it p !ith bet!een her st #p $in"er and another' and steps to one side D5%) The others "ot $ rther D5L' so she is $acin" L to a dience' as she enters into a state o$ deliri #' shakin" her head' and bo!in" do!n' s!irlin" aro nd' thro!in" her head back!ards) 5he then holds the e"" p hi"h' and in a state o$ trance' speaksI8 ;< There) There) 75he points !ith the e"" at a point o&er the a dience)8 I see a $lo!er "ro!in" bet!een t!o tall trees)

IID*D-+ 75he bends do!n' reachin" o t as i$ to pick it p' and then raises p her hand and brin"s it in a circle all aro nd the a dience)8 6h) Ho! !ondro s) There) There) I see a bi" !ater that stretches $ar $ro# the eyes' and it is bl e) And there. 75he points to the other side o$ the a dience)8 I see a spirit playin" a !ooden $l te) He is dancin" in the sand) It is Aracreh' the spirit o$ the Kre n"' and he is en&eloped in a "reat li"ht) No! !e can all be ass red that the Aranetha are content !ith o r sacri$ice and de&otion to tradition) There !ill be har#ony in the !orld o$ the Kre n" ))) spirits' ancestors' the li&in"' those yet to be born' the birds' ani#als and $ish' the land o$ %atanakiri) Co#rade 6 # shall not pre&ail) 7All actors $reeAe)8 ANCE5T6% KHAWN 75peaks #errily)8 6h .hea&' a !ild black hen o r seer A#on" the tee#in" $a na and $lora ;o kick and peck a liAard here A $at !or# there a!are o$ sonora Asleep and coiled on s nlit stone they drea# No need to cease yo r cl ck cl ck cl ckin" Contented $ora"e beside the $orest strea# Ahead yo see a shado!ed ha!k that2s $loatin" Abo&e the thicket2s "reen and race Across the $orest $loor to $ly Inside a treeDhollo! hidin" place With hatchin" speckled e""s that lie 6n lea$ and $eather in sa$e retreat @ro# !here yo speak $or yo are $ree Despite the br tal callo s conceit 6 r ene#y $la nts and yo $oresee Those days ahead !ith rit al #eat 6n e&ery chi#r n" and &illa"e bo!l With yo n"ster2s born to li&e not die When (oy ret rns to #ake s !hole We2ll !alk these lands !ith head held hi"h) 7All actors n$reeAe)8 .HEA3 Let s celebrate) 7He stands p' and "oes abo t handin" o t e#pty rice bo!ls)8 Eat yo r $ill) 7They all take $ood $ro# the chi#r n" altar' eat !ith their $in"ers $ro# a bo!l' at ti#es p ttin" $ood in each other2s #o ths) NA/ p lls an e#pty riceDbeer (ar b t $ro# nder the b nk D5L placin" it DC5)8 NA/

IID*D-, Co#eM Drink and #ake #erry !ith the spirits tho "h the (ar be e#pty) 7.HEA3 takes a hatchet do!n $ro# the !all) All b t $or %ANT4I !ho re#ains D5% "o to the (ar) In t rn they p t the ba#boo stickin" p o t o$ the (ar into their #o ths' and #ake a lo d s ckin" noise) .HEA3 takes so#e rice beer $ro# his #o th' and r bs it on the blade o$ the hatchet) Then each in t rn "oes reelin" o$$ to the le$t and ri"ht and sta"e' and they be"in to #o&e in a circle' the !o#en s!ayin"' pretendin" to sin"' the #en pretendin" to play their $l tes and "on"s) .HEA3 keeps the the hatchet by his side) They are in a trance' each one possessed by a spirit) They la "h' heads rollin" p and do!n' o&er and back in their happy dr nken parade aro nd the sta"e) .AN too' has risen $ro# the bed and s cks his $ill) NA/ is the last to s ck o t the rice beer) He re#ains C5 cond ctin" the rit al' pretendin" to play a "on")8 NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 The spirits "i&e s $orest $ood' b t Co#rade 6 # thinks ab ndance co#es $ro# the An"karKs scienti$s po!ersM ;< NoM 6 r stren"th co#es $ro# the "reat ha!k) NA/ The !ild black hen' and the o!l) ;< Co#rade 6 # has only "i&en s rice shoots $loatin" do!n the hillsides like lea&es in the ri&er) .HEA3 We ne&er had s ch h n"ry !inters be$ore) NA/ 7In character)8 Wo#an) Ha&e yo not had eno "h potatoesL HeheHehe) .AN 75ta""erin" to!ard the (ar)8 I !ant #ore rice beer) 7All b t %ant i la "h)8 ;< Is .an reco&erin" his old sel$) Al!ays liked a sip) %ANT4I 7Enra"ed)8 5top) 5top) ;o are all $ools like Na#) 5top this #ockery o$ the ri"ht !ays o$ the Kh#er Loe ) ;o !ill ha&e s all destroyed by the spirits)


NA/ OTis yo and Co#rade 6 # that are the $ools) The ri"ht !ay is not possible today) ;< .lease %ant i) This is only $or no!) The spirits nderstand) .HEA3 /other %ant i) I$ !e cannot li&e the Kh#er Loe !ay as !e ha&e done $or cent ries' it is not o r !ay to despair) Let s celebrate the loyalty o$ the spirits in the only !ay !e can and re#ain nbroken rather than lose o rsel&es to 6 #2s terror) .AN 7Ha&in" a l cid #o#ent)8 %ant i' #y !i$e' be !ith s) 7He takes her by the hand' and leads her aro nd the (ar' and "oin" back into his craAy sel$' shakin" his head and talkin" to no one in partic lar)8 Ha' ha' ha' haaaaaM We ha&e tricked Co#rade 6 #) Lies by day' tr th by ni"ht) 6 r spirits are a#on" s) We ( st lost si"ht o$ the# $or a little !hile) OTis all so stran"e !ith these ne! !ays) All that !as ri"ht' is no! taboo) La "hter is silenced in o r &illa"e) Ne&er #ind) 2Tis b t a passin" #o#ent) 6 r traditional cycle o$ li$e contin es) 7His !anderin" has taken hi# back to his bed) He lets "o o$ %ANT4I2s hand' lies do!n and contin es to # tter to hi#sel$)8



IIID,D, Act 5cene , 5ETTINEI In .an2s h t)

It is one year later' Dece#ber ,BCF and the har&estin" is done' tho "h once a"ain they ha&e $ailed to reach N #ber 6ne2s H ota) 7.AN is sittin" on his b nk' starin" across the h t) %ANT4I' NA/ and ;< co#e in $ro# the $ields as .AN speaks) %ANT4I "oes to the $ire 45% to look into the pot) ;< stands to the le$t o$ %ANT4I) NA/ "oes C5L)8 .AN 7In his eerie &oice)8 2Tis the end o$ the year) 6nce #ore the $ields are har&ested) 6nce #ore 6 #2s crops ha&e $ailed) ;< 7La "hin"' she hands %ant i a s#all ba"' and !alks D5%)8 %ant i' I stole a little rice $or yo r pot) NA/ 7In character.) A little is a lot these days) HeheHehe) ;< 7La "hin")8 Na# yo !ill be reDed cated) NA/ 7In character' no! playin" the role o$ interro"ator)8 ;o stole) It is yo that needs reDed cation) ;< To steal $ro# the Kh#er %o "e is a &irt e) NA/ 7In character)8 5o the &irt o s # st do !ron" to be &irt o s) ;< 7La "hin")8 We #ay be h n"ry' b t the " ards are scared beca se o$ the bad har&est) They don2t look at the sin"le "irls any#ore)

IIID,D* NA/ @ear has #ade the bad &irt o s) HeheHehe) ;< 6 # is scared they !ill rebel) %ANT4I Well that prisin" is #ore likely to be s ccess$ l than o rs) ;< 6 # no! has an AK >C h n" o&er his sho lder' and that2s not to protect hi# $ro# s) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 B t the " ards are also scared o$ s) They #ay ha&e been told o$ this talk abo t an prisin") ;< 6 # str ts aro nd s!in"in" a katana) 5ays he2ll c t o r heads o$$) %ANT4I 7Lookin" at ;G)8 5ays yo sabota"ed the crops !ith that $in"er) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 The $ool is !ise to belie&e in the po!er o$ the spirits) ;< E&eryone kno!s that his si"hDhee #ethod $ailed hi#) NA/ 7Lookin" at ;G)8 5ays yo r rit als #ade the Kre n" too !eak to !ork) ;< He !ell kno!s !hy !e cannot !ork) He killed too #any' and #ade the rest o$ s !ork lon"er and lon"er ho rs) .AN 7@earso#e and eerie)8 6 # an"ered the spirits' and reaped !hat he has so!n) %ANT4I And !hat abo t sL Will !e die $or his obedienceL

IIID,DNA/ 7In character)8 He is a$raid o$ bein" the $irst to "o) 6ne #ore disappeared by N #ber ,) HeheHeheHe) %ANT4I 7I"norin" Na#)8 He2ll take s do!n !ith hi#) NA/ 7In character)8 The An"kar !ill reDed cate 6 # in the Kre n" #ethod) HaHaHaHaaaaa ;< %ant i is ri"ht) Whate&er his $ate' !e # st #ake o r o!n $ t re) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 N #ber 6ne "a&e hi# a !arnin" last year) %ANT4I And !e !ere !hipped all the #ore $or that) He $ails' !e s $$er) .AN 7Eerie)8 The spirits are no #ore) 6nly Co#rade 6 # pro&ides) %ANT4I .an talks nonsense) 6 # pro&ides nothin") ;< 7In reb ke)8 %ant iM .an is still o r chie$) %ANT4I We no lon"er see .an2s so l po!er) ;< He is bein" protected by the spirits) %ANT4I 7In a ra"e)8 6 r spirits) 6 # spirits) No spirits) Eno "h) ;< .lease %ant i) Do not do bt the spirits) They ha&e #ade it possible $or s to be Kre n"' no #atter ho! terrible 6 #2s repression)


NA/ As they ha&e done $or all !ho listened to .hea& and ;G) %ANT4I 7Eest rin" a "$or"et abo t it si"n"' she chan"es tone)8 Does anyone kno! !hat2s takin" .hea& so lon" to "et ho#eL NA/ 7In a h shed &oice)8 He !as to see a n #ber o$ people in other &illa"es) %ANT4I 7@ear$ l)8 He didn2t tell #e abo t that) /o&in" $ro# &illa"e to &illa"e is prohibited) NA/ The Kre n" $ear $or the $ t re like the soldiers) They too are "ettin" restless) %ANT4I The Kre n" are h n"ry and desperate) ;< 7In a!e)8 And "ro! rebellio s) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 No !onder the " ards are a$raid) ;< They sense it) NA/ They are not so H ick to !hip s any#ore) ;< 5o#eti#es I think they ha&e beco#e #ore a$raid o$ s than o$ Co#rade 6 #) NA/ 7Hi#sel$' a#aAed at the re&ersal)8 And they are all #ore scared o$ Co#rade N #ber , than !e are o$ the#) ;< 7La "hin"' i#itatin" the " ards)8

IIID,D1 Their necks are in a knot $ro# "oin" abo t lookin" e&ery !hich !ay $or dan"er) @irin" shots !hen a bird $lies o$$ into the $orest) %ANT4I 7B ttin" in)8 .hea& is in dan"er beca se o$ all this talk abo t re&olt) 5o#eone is bo nd to betray hi#) ;< He !ill be here) I had a drea# last ni"ht) .hea& !ill brin" s "ood ne!s abo t o r $ t re) %ANT4I 7@r strated)8 Eood ne!sL Eood ne!sL With these killers on the pro!lL 6nly in yo r drea#s) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 ;G) .lease) Tell s !hat happened) ;< A "iant elephant ca#e crashin" thro "h the $orest and ran into the #iddle o$ the &illa"e) 5he thre! p her head' raised her tr nk to the sky lookin" abo t' and shakin" her #assi&e ears' roared a"ain and a"ain) W6AL W6AL W6AL) %ANT4I 7Terri$ied)8 Was it in a ra"eL ;< I tho "ht so at $irst) 5he be"an t rnin" and t rnin" aro nd' ch rnin" p the d st and !ent on W6AL W6AL W6AL) B t I noticed she did not ha&e the !icked eye o$ a ra"in" elephant) It !as all so stran"e) NA/ And then !hat happenedL ;< A baby elephant b rst thro "h in thro "h the trees and raced to its #other) %ANT4I 5o !hy !as she lookin" $or her baby in o r &illa"eL NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 This has to be a si"n)

IIID,D: ;< This is a "ood o#en) I2# s re o$ it) Not e&en 6 # can resist a $orce like this) NA/ ;o think !e are her babyL ;< The baby is o r $ t re) %ANT4I B t did the elephant speak to yo L 5ay anythin"L ;< No) ;o see I !oke p $ ll o$ (oy) %ANT4I That2s craAy talk) Ha&e yo been kidnapped like .anL ;< Ne&er do bt the drea#s) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 And ;G al!ays kno!s ho! to interpret the#) 7All actors $reeAe)8 ANCE5T6% KHAWN ;es Na#' I speak to ;G in drea#s @oretell a $ t re that !ill pset The c rrent r lers tri #phant the#es 5o $ar !e did not pose a threat B t !e ha&e learned to $ace ab se To $eel nconH ered inner peace To see abs rdity in this #is se 6$ &iolent po!er $or soon !ill cease This pro(ect o$ theirs to redesi"n Both land and s that cost a lot We ha&e been treated like $ilthy s!ine With bitter har&est that le$t s na "ht B t note yo !ell this baby ha!k Tho "h head be "ly !arts and all A "olden $ t re is born to !alk 6n bri"ht red cla!s to reDinstall Traditional ancient sharin" !ays %estore eH ality and tranH il days) 7All actors n$reeAe) They hear 64/ cli#b the ladder' and see hi# pass the !indo!) They si"nal each other to be H iet) NA%IN $ires t!o shots in the air) 64/ b rsts in !ith

IIID,DC NA%IN behind hi#) Both are holdin" a katana' and 64/ s!in"s it abo t #akin" the Kre n" spread o t to the !alls)8 64/ 7To ;G' pointin" the katana at her)8 What are yo doin" hereL ;< We ca#e to see i$ .an !as alri"ht) NA/ 7In character)8 And !e $o nd hi# all !ron") HeheHehe) 64/ 7To ;<)8 Ha&e yo been pointin" that $in"er at hi#L ;< 7Incred lo s)8 To c re hi#L 64/ 75arcastic nbelie&in")8 Don2t tell #e yo ha&e "i&en p all those abs rd rit alsL ;< No Co## ne Leader) 64/ 5o yo ad#it it thenL ;< No Co#rade Leader) 64/ 75!irlin" the katana abo t)8 Ha&e yo been pointin" that $in"er at the cropsL 7A little scared)8 Did yo #ake the# $ailL ;< No Co## ne Leader) 64/

IIID,DF 7He s!irls abo t to $ace %ANT4I !ho is behind the $ire) He points the katana at the pot)8 What are yo cookin"L %ANT4I J st o r rations o$ rice Co#rade 6 #) 64/ Looks like yo "ot bi" rations) NA/ 7In character)8 We re&el in yo r ab ndance Co#rade 6 #) HeheHehe) 64/ 7Lookin" abo t hi# s spicio sly)8 ;o all look !ell $ed) NA/ Thanks to yo r scie #ethod Co#rade 6 #) 64/ 7Nods to NA%IN !ho !hacks NA/)8 Where is .hea&L %ANT4I It is "ettin" dark' and !e are !orried) The soldiers #i"ht))) 64/ 75harp)8 The soldiers only p nish the i#p re) NA/ 7In character)8 The p re beca#e i#p re and no! they !ill be p red a"ain) HahaHaha) 64/ 7I"norin" NA/) 5 spicio sly)8 5o !hat is that .hea& p toL Is he talkin" !ith conspiratorsL NA/ 7Lookin" abo t)8 ConspiratorsL Conspirators e&ery!hereM HahaHaha) 64/ 73icio s)8

IIID,DB They prooted the rice shoots) No! they steal the little that s r&i&ed) NA/ They !ill all be ca "ht by scie #ethods) HeheHehe) 64/ 7I"norin" NA/) 5peaks in an"er)8 .hea& is one o$ the#L ;< No Co#rade 6 #) He !ent to the $ rthest a!ay $ields today) 75he opens her hands !ide and spread o t the le$t hand' !hile closin" all b t the !o nded inde? $in"er o$ her ri"ht hand indicatin" the lon" (o rney .hea& had)8 64/ 76 # #isinterprets) A$raid o$ her #a"ic he si"nals NA%IN !ho !hacks ;<)8 Don2t yo point that $in"er at #e) NA/ 7Dra!in" 64/2s attention to hi#sel$)8 Co#rade 6 #) Hehe) We hope .hea& did not r n into any bad people that #i"ht #ake hi# i#p re) Hehe) 64/ What do yo #ean bad people a#on" the Kre n"L Are they plottin" rebellionL NA/ No' no' no' Co#rade 6 #) I o&erheard so#e people co#plain abo t the# in the $ields) 64/ Then !ho are these people that co#plainedL NA/ I do not kno! the# 5ir) They !ere $ro# another &illa"e) 64/ 7Nods to NA%IN !ho !hacks NA/)8 Which &illa"eL NA/ I a# b t a $ool Co#rade 6 #) Nothin" stays in #y head' that is i$ there !ere anythin" in #y head in the $irst place) HeheHehe) 64/ I !ill p t a " ard o tside yo r h t to !atch $or .hea&2s ret rn) 7Warnin")8

IIID,D,+ 5o#ethin" is a$oot here' and I !ill $ind o t !hat yo 2re p to) And !hen I do' yo !ill $eel the cane on yo r backs' and #ore) 7He !a&es his katana at the#' and t rns to!ard the door !here .HEA3 is standin") His $orehead is bloodied)8 64/ Where ha&e yo beenL .lottin" and sche#in" to o&ert rn the An"karL .HEA3 No Co## ne Leader) I !as detained by soldiers !hen co#in" ho#e $ro# the cha#kar) 64/ Why did they detain yo L What !ere yo They are ( st an"ry) 64/ 75i"nals NA%IN !ho !hacks .HEA3)8 An"ryL An"ryL They ha&e no need to be (sarcastic) "( st an"ry") .HEA3 They are a$raid) 64/ A$raidL A$raidL A$raid o$ !hatL .HEA3 6$ Co#rade N #ber 6ne) 64/ 7In a ra"e #i?ed !ith $ear' he roars)8 The An"kar is o r $ather and #other) NA/ 7In character)8 And a "ood $ather # st p nish a son2s $ail re) HahaHaha) .HEA3 The soldiers say the Kre n" ca sed the bad har&est' b t they belie&e it is they !ho !ill be p nished) 64/ Don2t yo dare say the soldiers o$ the An"kar are a$raid o$ Co#rade N #ber 6ne) 7.ointin" at .HEA3' si"nals NA%IN once #ore to !hack .HEA3)8 p toL .HEA3

IIID,D,, NA/ 7Dancin" abo t dra!in" attention to hi#sel$)8 Co#rade N #ber 6ne is o r $ather and #other) We all ha&e nothin" to $ear) 64/ 6$ co rse not) Co#rade N #ber 6ne is a bene&olent leader) He s#iles on his children) NA/ He s#iles beca se the har&est has been so "ood) 64/ 75cared' co#es back real $ast)8 What are yo s ""estin"L NA/ Nothin" Co#rade 6 #) He has # ch reason to re(oice' as do !e all) 64/ 6$ co rse !e do) ;< 5o there is nothin" to $ear) 64/ @earL @earL NA/ Well) The spirits #ay not be !ith s) ;< 5ince yo told s not to in&oke the spirits Co## ne Leader) .HEA3 That #i"ht be !hy o r !ork prod ced no ab ndance) 64/ The Kh#er Loe cannot be tr sted' b t I ha&e nothin" to $ear $ro# yo r s perstitions) NA/ 7In character)8 5ee) ;G2s $in"er is b t a st #p) 5he is po!erless) 64/ 7De$iant)8 And yo r $orest spirits ha&e r n a!ay)


NA/ 7In character)8 The spirits are a$raid o$ Co#rade 6 #) .HEA3 They kno! yo !ell by no!' and $ear yo r an"er) 64/ And I kno! yo .hea&) ;o are the rin"leader) ;o #ay not lea&e the h t) /y " ard !ill see to it) 764/ threatens the# all !ith the katana and he #arches o$$ !ith NA%IN' !ho $ires t!o shots in the air) %ANT4I and ;< e#brace .HEA3) NA/ dances abo t) .AN raises his hands in the air' and e#braces .HEA3 !ho is no! C5) 5#ilin"' he speaks in a lo! &oice)8 .HEA3 Don2t be a$raid) The ha!k told the tr th) The Kh#er %o "e !ill soon be de$eated) 7The others' e?cept $or %ANT4I re(oice and raise their hands to thank the spirits)8 %ANT4I .hea&M The e&il spirits ha&e capt red yo r so l po!er too) ;o are craAy like e&eryone else aro nd here) 7We hear " nshots o t in the &illa"e' and screa#s and the so nds o$ people' pi"s and chickens r nnin" abo t)8 NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 .hea&) This is not a ti#e to play o r "a#es) .HEA3 Be ass red) No) 7He #o&es to C5)8 Do any o$ yo re#e#ber Biant anL 7Biantwuan) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 He $o "ht !ith yo and Co#rade ;a a"ainst Lon Nol) ;< When Co#rade ;a !as taken a!ay' he disappeared) We had no idea !hat happened to hi#) .HEA3 I kno! no!) 75#ilin")8

IIID,D,He $led to 3ietna#' and (oined the co## nist #ilitary) He is a Captain) %ANT4I 75 spicio s she !alks D5% to $ace o$$ !ith .HEA3)8 Why are yo talkin" abo t hi# no!L ;o didn2t #eet p !ith hi#' did yo L .HEA3 ;es) And he "a&e #e the "reat ne!s) The 3ietna#ese ar#y is abo t to in&ade o r .ro&ince) 7;< and NA/ are ecstatic and dance aro nd .HEA3) /ore shots and sho ts are heard $ro# o tside) .AN stands p' t!itchin" and shakin" his head' then he s#iles as i$ he is re"ainin" control o$ hi#sel$ once #ore and listens intently)8 %ANT4I 75 spicio s)8 And !hy is he here no!L 75ensin" her an"er' ;< and NA/ stand D5L near .AN !ho is still on the b nk)8 .HEA3 He is recr itin" Kh#er Loe to (oin the in&adin" ar#y later this #onth) %ANT4I 7An"ry)8 And yo L What did yo sayL .HEA3 I said he co ld co nt on #e) NA/ 7NA/' as hi#sel$' bo nces aro nd .HEA3 as he speaks in character)8 /e tooM /e tooM HahaHahaM %ANT4I .hea&M ;o did notM .AN 7Eerie)8 6 r !orld is t rnin" pside do!n once #ore) 5oon it !ill be ri"ht side p) ;< ;es .anM 7Clappin" her hands)8 The Kh#er %o "e !ay !ill die' and o r !ay o$ li$e !ill be restored) .HEA3

IIID,D,> We and #any others ha&e been ha&e been loyal to the spirits) 6 # and his hench#en are scared) Their ti#e has co#e' and I !ant to be part o$ #akin" that happen) %ANT4I Do not disobey #e a"ain .hea&) The spirits !ill be a&en"ed this ti#e) ;o !ill die) .HEA3 7He is not belli"erent' ( st $ir#)8 Better to die than to do nothin") NA/ 7In character)8 Better to play the $ool than do nothin") I$ yo can2t de$eat the#' con$o nd 2e#) HeheHehe) %ANT4I 7Desperate)8 B t .hea&) .an and I cannot c t and b rn the $orest $or the ne?t plantin"L .HEA3 I !ill only be "one $or a short !hile) Biant an ass red #e that the Kh#er %o "e !ill be !iped o t in !eeks) %ANT4I 7No! al#ost sho tin")8 5o !hy does he need yo L 7NA/ #o&es o t o$ the !ay 45L)8 .HEA3 The Kh#er Loe # st be $ lly en"a"ed' and #ake this in&asion o r o!n) %ANT4I 75peakin" harshly)8 And !hat abo t 5alornL ;o say yo lo&e her) The elders ha&e already assi"ned a $ield $or yo r $ t re $a#ily) 5he cannot !ork that $ield all alone) .HEA3 Listen #other) To $i"ht is the only !ay to re"ain o r so l po!er) 5ho! the spirits ho! # ch !e &al e o r traditions) %ANT4I 7Hope$ lly)8 With the Kh#er %o "e "one be$ore the ne! year' !e can sacri$ice a pi" $or yo r !eddin") Be #erry !ith the spirits) .HEA3

IIID,D,1 As I said' this !ar !ill be o&er in a $e! !eeks) %ANT4I .lease .hea&) I be" yo ) Do not "o) I ha&e a pre#onition abo t this) ;o cannot lea&e yo r parents and yo r $ t re bride) ;o are "oin" too $ar) The spirits !ill not protect yo ) ;< .hea& is ri"ht %ant i) The Kre n" and their spirits # st participate in this re&olt) %ANT4I .hea&) / st yo beco#e a soldier a"ain to be $ lly in&ol&ed) Is there no other !ayL ;o are #y only son no!) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 No %ant i) .hea& is not only o r chie$) He is o r leader) 6nly he can lead s o t o$ this darkness) .AN 7DaAed &oice o$ one !ho does not nderstand)8 A leaderL Not #e the chie$) Not priestess ;G) No one is leader) %ANT4I 75arcastic)8 6 # is a leader' and he led s into death) .AN 7Drea#y &oice)8 Co#rade ;a !as "ood to s) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 %ant i) /aybe yo are ri"ht) There ( st #i"ht be another !ay) %ANT4I Are yo playin" the $ool a"ainL NA/ No) .hea& is needed at ho#e' b t not ( st $or his $a#ily) ;< The Kre n" need hi# no!) NA/

IIID,D,: %i"ht) They ha&e been listenin" to hi#) They ha&e taken his ad&ice) They !ant hi# to lead s o t o$ this horror story) ;< It is the spirits that " arantee o r $ t re) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 B t !e # st !ork !ith the#) Listen) /ost o$ the elders are dead) /ost o$ those skilled in the arts o$ the Kre n" ha&e been # rdered) %eco&ery o$ o r traditional !ays !ill not be easy) ;< Brother in la! Na#) I ha&e not heard yo speak serio sly in three years) NA/ Well then' listen care$ lly) I a# sayin" that the spirits and the Kre n" need .hea&2s steady hand here at ho#e) ;< 6h Na#) Like the ha!k' the o!l' and the !ild black hen yo are the &oice o$ the spirits) NA/ The 3ietna#ese ar#y does not need .hea&) B t !e do) We need so#eone to brin" all the Kre n" to"ether) ;E We kno! there !ill be &iolence) %ANT4I 7A$raid)8 The e?iled Kre n" !ill co#e ho#e !ith !eapons) ;E They !ill ha&e to be disar#ed) NA/ A$ter three years in 3ietna#' they !ill not be the sa#e) %ANT4I They !ill ne&er be the sa#e) ;E Don2t say that) We !ill all reco&er) NA/

IIID,D,C We need a leader to deal !ith these proble#s) ;E B t not $ore&er) We # st ret rn to the old !ay o$ eH ality) NA/ %i"ht) B t $or no!' !e prepare $or the in&asion) ;< And .hea& # st recr it $or Biant an) %ANT4I And once the Kh#er %o "e be"in to r n' he can lead the reco&ery at ho#e) ;< /y 5alorn lo&es yo .hea&) 5he needs yo ) B t Na# is ri"ht) We all need yo ' and there are others to $i"ht the Kh#er %o "e) ;o r role as chie$ is here) In o r &illa"es and co## nities) .HEA3 6K) Biant an !ill nderstand) I !ill recr it Kh#er Loe in the co#in" !eeks) We !ill be ready $or this in&asion) NA/ 7In character once #ore)8 The Kh#er %o "e !ill r n all the !ay to the /ekon" ri&er) HeheHehe) .HEA3 No need to $ear) 6 # is $inished) .AN 7Eerie once #ore)8 Co#rade .hea& has co#e ho#e) NA/ 7In character' he stands strai"ht eyin" the in&isible 64/ D5C) .ointin")8 ;o Co#rade 6 #' the An"kar has "i&en yo an "in&itation") 6n yo r knees) Keep yo r head do!n) ;o are not !orthy o$ reDed cation) 7NA/ "oes center sta"e and playin" 64/' he drops to his knees)8 .lease' Co#rade N #ber ,) It !as the Kh#er Loe ) They co ld not carry o t yo r scienti$ic !ays) They ne&er "re! potatoes be$ore) They are i"norant) They are laAy no "oods) 7There is la "hter all aro nd) NA/ no! "oes back to playin" Co#rade N #ber ,and speaks to "64/")8 6$$ !ith his head) Witho t a head this $ail re !ill !ander ai#lessly abo t $or all eternity' ne&er to be reincarnated)

IIID,D,F 7La "hter)8 %ANT4I 7La "hin"8 Eno "h Na#) ;< Let s celebrate the "ood ne!s !ith the spirits) 75he leads the# all' e?cept .AN in a circle slo!ly dancin" aro nd the chi#r n")8 .AN 7Wanderin" abo t ai#lessly)8 .hea& is chie$' b t he # st #ake no sho! o$ s periority) The spirits reside in all Kh#er Loe ) We all ha&e the ancestors in o r &illa"es and h ts. We are all eH ally Kre n") 7He contin es to !ander # tterin" to hi#sel$)8 (BLACKOUT) (END OF SCENE)

IIID*D,B ACT 5cene * 5ETTINEI In .an2s h t) It is Dece#ber *1' ,BCF' early #ornin") 7.AN is lookin" o t the door) ;< is D5%) %ANT4I is lookin" o t the !indo!)8 .AN 7.erple?ed)8 ;G' so#ethin" stran"e is happenin") ;< /aybe yo are beco#in" yo r old sel$) Tr ly the spirits are a#on" s) .AN I !asn2t ( st talkin" abo t #ysel$) What is this "oin" on o tsideL ;< What do yo seeL .AN .eople are r nnin" $ro# h t to h t) Ereetin" and e#bracin" one another) %ANT4I And they2re not headed $or the $ieldsM .AN And the soldiers are not inter$erin"M ;< That is really n s al) Co ld it be the 3ietna#eseL %ANT4I It can2t be thatM The soldiers #ay be a$raid' b t they !o ld s rely r n i$ they had any idea the 3ietna#ese ar#y !as on ro te) ;< 6$ co rse) J st hopin") That2s all) B t yesterday e&enin" I sa! a b nch o$ soldiers #archin" o$$ to!ard Banl n")


.AN What do yo think %ant iL %ANT4I 7Walkin" D5L' ecstatic)8 I don2t kno! $or s re) bit I ha&e a "ood $eelin") /archin" o$$L Were they bein" attacked by the Kre n"L ;< No) B t they belie&e the Kre n" !ill c t the# to pieces) %ANT4I The soldiers in o r &illa"eL Why ha&e they not $ledL ;< 6 # is threatenin" the# !ith his AK>C) .AN 2Tis topsy t r&ey a"ain) %ANT4I I2# s rprised no one shot hi#) ;< They # st be a$raid o$ so#ethin" else) %ANT4I B t o$ !hatL .AN The &en"eance o$ o r spirits and ancestors) %ANT4I % bbish .anM B t I see a "reat chan"e in yo ) .AN And $or the better) ;< The spirits are "i&in" back yo r so l po!er) %ANT4I 75ittin" on the b nk D5L)8 This is all so stran"e) B t listen) I too ha&e chan"ed)

IIID*D*, 7.AN "oes to center sta"e)8 These past three years I be"an thinkin" I had o$$ended the spirits' ha&in" been so an"ry !ith .hea&) Tho "ht that !as !hy !e all s $$ered so # ch) I do bted the spirits s pport $or #e) ;esterday' a$ter !ork' I o&erca#e #y $ears' stole a chicken' !ent into the $orest to sacri$ice it to Arak Chend ) ;< What did yo ask $orL %ANT4I That he !ipe o t the Kh#er %o "e) This is the re&en"e o$ the Kre n") ;< Arak Chend is the "e# #o ntain p nisher) That2s !hy the soldiers are r nnin" a!ayM %ANT4I I also asked that I be p nished $or #y sin in $ailin" the spirits) ;< What did he ask yo to do to restore har#ony bet!een yo ' the spirits and the ancestorsL %ANT4I I !as to "o to the place !here o r ancestors al!ays s!a# in the ri&er Ch #' and !ash #ysel$ !hile be""in" the ancestors $or $or"i&eness) ;< That2s allM No need to #ake a sacri$iceL %ANT4I That2s ri"ht) And I $elt so "ood) As i$ I !ere !hole a"ain) ;< Tr ly yo are at one) %ANT4I And then last ni"ht I drea#t that a "reat spirit entered #y body) I heard traditional # sic' so#eone !as playin" a $l te) I !as ecstatic on seein" a $lo!er' a kachuk dilatin" in a pond) It !as !et and $resh) I a!oke this #ornin" $ ll o$ so l po!er) ;< ;Gee) 7.AN e#braces %ANT4I8 We are blessed) 7.HEA3 r shes in the door' !ith NA/ behind hi#) They "o D5%)8 .HEA3

IIID*D** They2re here) The 3ietna#ese broke thro "h the $orest and are headed $or Banl n") NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 The Kh#er %o "e ha&e be" n to r n) Hahaaaaa) They are not "oin" to $i"ht) They don2t !ant to die) 7J #pin" p and do!n in character)8 Co!ards) ;< The spirits be praised) .HEA3 They !o ld be $oolish to p t p a $i"ht a"ainst the 3ietna#ese) %ANT4I The traditional !ays !ill be restored) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 And !e $eared the Kh#er %o "e #i"ht ne&er be o&erco#e) 7They be"in to dance in a circle aro nd the #iddle o$ the sta"e) 64/ is seen passin" the !indo!' and stor#s into the h t) He is carryin" an AK >C) NA%IN is no lon"er !ith hi#) He is a little dr nk)8 64/ ;o ha&e betrayed Ka#p chea) All o$ yo ) 7D rin" the $ollo!in" e?chan"e .AN listens care$ lly' "rad ally stops shakin" his head etc))and then #o&es closer and closer to 64/ to!ard the end o$ the interaction)8 NA/ 7In character)8 BetrayedL BetrayedL Ha&e !e not broken o r backs $or yo in the $ieldsL 64/ ;o side !ith the $orei"ner a"ainst yo r o!n) %ANT4I 7D rin" the acc sations' all' led by NA/ circle aro nd 64/ !ho is center sta"e' and speak !hen co#in" $ro# behind hi# C5L and proceed D5L)8 ;o are the $orei"ner here) NA/ 7In character)8 ;o #ade s do e&erythin" as ne&er be$ore)

IIID*D*%ANT4I Ero! the crops o$ the Kh#er in o r $ields) ;< @orbidden o r sacri$icial $esti&als) .HEA3 Knocked do!n o r sin"le "irl h ts) NA/ ;o # rdered and tort red old and yo n") ;< ;o star&ed s to death) 7The Kre n" are lined p in a c r&e D5L) 8 %ANT4I Where is yo r body" ardL 64/ He $led) NA/ 7In character' speakin" into 64/2s $ace)8 The co!ard))))HeHehehe) B t his co!ardice #ade hi# !ise) Are yo not scared tooL 64/ 7@ires t!o shots in the air) I"norin" NA/ speaks to all)8 The 3ietna#ese !ill steal e&erythin" they can $ind) .HEA3 7Ironic)8 They2ll ha&e a to "h ti#e tryin" to $ind the "e&erythin"" a$ter three years nder Co## ne Leader 6 #) ;< 7Led by ;< they all circle in re&erse direction' and as they co#e o t ri"ht C5% $ro# behind 64/' they speak and #o&e to D5%)8 The birds no lon"er chirp in o r &illa"e) NA/ They ha&e no $ood on the chi#r n") 64/ The 3ietna#ese call the#sel&es co## nists' b t they are ( st like the capitalists)

IIID*D*> %ANT4I ;o kept e&erythin" $ro# s) NA/ 7In character' sni$$in" 64/2s breath)8 E&en o r rice beer) HahaHaha) 64/ 7A little dr nk)8 The 3ietna#ese are ( st like the % ssians) NA/ All co## nists drink too # ch) HeheHehe) ;< Co#rade ;a respected o r traditions) 7;< #o&es slo!ly to!ard the !indo! and looks o t)8 %ANT4I And yo killed hi# $or bein" a co## nist like the 3ietna#ese) NA/ 7In character' and in 64/2s $ace)8 6 #) I2# not s re yo 2re p to a sprint' b t the ti#e to r n is no!) Hehehehehe) %ANT4I He is too !ell $ed to r n) .HEA3 Ate o r potatoes by the ton) NA/ 7In character)8 HeheHehe) /aybe Co#rade 6 # can sta""er to Banl n"M 64/ @ool) I co ld shoot yo all) NA/ 7In character playin" dr nk)8 I$ yo co ld see s) .HEA3 Eo Co#rade 6 #) The 3ietna#ese are close) 64/

IIID*D*1 I !on2t allo! $orei"ners to r le Ka#p chea) NA/ 7In character)8 There2s riceDbeer co ra"e $or yo ) HahaHaha) 64/ 7%aisin" a clenched $ist' and $irin" a shot into the air)8 I2ll $i"ht to the death) NA/ 7In character' holdin" p a $in"er' and #o&in" it in a circlin" #otion)8 Ah yes) J st like yo r body" ardM 7The circlin" #otion stops)8 ;< Co#rade 6 #) ;o r soldiers are racin" o$$ across the 6 Ch # strea#) Who is "oin" to $i"ht alon"side yo L NA/ 7In character)8 They ha&e abandoned yo ) HahaHaha) They think yo are a $ail re) That Co#rade N #ber 6ne !ill " t the# alon" !ith yo ) .HEA3 They sa! yo r $ace "o !hite !hen that #essen"er ca#e $ro# N #ber 6ne) What did he say to yo L 64/ 764/ does not respond)8 NA/ AhhQ) And they see the Kh#er Loe take o t their hatchets) 64/ 75arcastic)8 A$raid the Kh#er Loe !ill kill the#L With hatchetsL I a# s rro nded by traitors and co!ards) NA/ 7In character)8 No! it is yo !ho # st be a$raid o$ sM HeheHehe) And !e ha&e no need to $ear yo ) 64/ 75l rrin" and in a boast)8 I !ill $i"ht yo and de$eat the 3ietna#ese)


NA/ 7In character' p $$in" his chest o t)8 Bi" #anM %ANT4I ;o only ha&e one !eapon) NA/ 7In character)8 And no ar#yM ;o are alone) HeheHehe) .HEA3 Co#rade 6 #' the 3ietna#ese ha&e co#e by the tho sands) NA/ 7In character)8 % n like the &illa"e pi"lets) HeheHehe) %ANT4I Like chickens ahead o$ the do"s) ;< Are yo not a$raid o$ sL 5ee ho! !e ha&e re#ained stron"' and resisted yo r e&ery si"hDee #ethod to bend s into Kh#er %o "e) 64/ A$raid o$ yo and yo r spiritsL Absol tely not) ;o are o$ no i#portance) B t 3ietna#ese co## nists) ;es) I $ear !hat they !ill do to o r Ka#p chea) NA/ 7In character) .ointin" to the hatchets on the !all)8 /aybe !e sho ld sacri$ice yo like a !ater b $$alo' and place yo r head on the chi#r n" $or the birds) HahaHaha))) .HEA3 Wait Na#) That is not the Kre n" !ay) Co#rade 6 #) Tho "h !e ha&e li&ed in terror' yo ha&e nothin" to $ear $ro# s) ;< 7.ointin" her $in"er)8 B t 6 #' yo sho ld $ear bein" capt red by the spirit p nisher !ho !ill capt re yo r &ery sel$' $or so it has been told) NA/ 7In character)8

IIID*D*C He !ill e&en steal yo r scie #ethod) HeHeHehe) ;< 6 r spirits and ancestors !ill ho nd yo r e&ery #o&e) %ANT4I E&erythin" yo to ch !ill be c rsed) .HEA3 Listen 6 #) We ha&e no need to lay a hand on yo ) 5o "o no! be$ore so#eone does the !ron" thin") 764/ t rns aro nd and sta""ers o t the door) All actors $reeAe)8 ANCE5T6% KHAWN 2Tis o&er and done yo 2re o t the door To i"nore o r pain yo did yo r best No! "olden ha!k is back once #ore To $loat on !inds o2er #o ntain crest Attend o r lands $ro# aerie hi"hs And speak in drea#s to o r priestess Who hears the spirit that clari$ies What " arantees har#onio s s ccess Like lea&es that "ro! in t ne yet hold An indi&id al personal h e @ro# each a carin" lo&e so bold Cooperation co#passion "re! Despite a tort red cane in$licted We stand to"ether nrestricted 7All actors n$reeAe)8 NA/ 7In character)8 % n) % n) % n) Co#rade 6 #) .AN 7He has $ollo!ed NA/ to the door)8 What2s yo r h rry 6 #L 5tay and ha&e yo r $ill !ith s) ;o can li&e and eat !ith the pi"s nder o r h t) NA/ 7In character)8 We2ll st $$ bits o$ $ood thro "h the cracks in the ba#boo $loor) HeheHehe) %ANT4I ;o !ill eat better than !e did)

IIID*D*F .HEA3 Co#e no!) We are the Kre n" o$ the Kh#er Loe ) There is no need to belittle the de$eated) .AN 7.AN co#es back center sta"e i"norin" .HEA3)8 The children !ill pelt yo !ith # d in the rainy season) ;< 5eeM I !as ri"ht) .an is backM 7%ANT4I and .HEA3 h " .AN !hile she speaks)8 The spirits capt red his so l po!er' b t no! .an $eels at ho#e) We are all at ho#e) .AN 7L cid holdin" .HEA3 o t $ro# his !ith his t!o hands' and lookin" into his eyes)8 .hea& #y son) I ha&e been "i&en ne! li$e' b t yo are no! chie$ in this &illa"e) And yo are ri"ht) No need to ho nd Co#rade 6 #) ;< And !e need both o$ yo to restore the ancient !ays) .HEA3 .an $ather) ;o are the !ise one as al!ays' and I still ha&e # ch to learn) ;< E ided by the spirits !e "re! o r so l po!er' kept o rsel&es intact' 75#ilin" at the tho "ht o$ their $oolishness)8 b t !e !ere a little $oolish to think o$ an prisin") NA/ 7Hi#sel$) Tho "ht$ lly)8 No! !e need #ore !isdo# and " idance $ro# the spirits to stand p to the 3ietna#ese) Who kno!s !hat they !ill do !ith sL %ANT4I A$ter the Kh#er %o "e' !e2re ready $or anythin") NA/ The Kh#er %o "e tried to s#ash the Kh#er Loe $or all ti#e) .HEA3 The 3ietna#ese cannot do !orse than that) .AN We didn2t !ant to be Kh#eriAed by 5ihano k' to be co## nist like Co#rade ;a' nor Kh#er %o "e)


NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 We can ne&er allo! $orei"ners dictate o r !ay o$ li$e) .HEA3 Ne&er) B t at least this last $orei"ner sho!ed s ho! to "ro! potatoes) 7La "hter all ro nd)8 NA/ /aybe this scie #ethod has so#ethin" to o$$er a$ter all) 7/ore la "hter)8 .AN I sa! lots o$ potatoes' b t $e! #ade it to #y bo!l) .HEA3 E&en the pi"s like the#) NA/ Looks like !e are "oin" to "ro! 6 #2s crop o$ potatoes i$ not his rice) .HEA3 B t I a# told that it2s tr e !hat 6 # said) He "ot his tons in the lo!lands o$ %atanakiri) The Kh#er !et rice #ethod does prod ce #ore and better rice that !e do in the cha#kar) NA/ No! yo tell s) B t !hen Co#rade 6 # !as doin" all his si"hDhee rational thinkin"' he !as thinkin" the !ron" !ay abo t o r hillsides d rin" the #onsoon rains) .HEA3 7La "hin")8 5o his reason !as irrational) NA/ Co#rade N #ber 6ne tho "ht e&ery!here !as the sa#eM B t e&ery!here is di$$erent) %ANT4I Wait) Listen e&eryone) What i$ 6 # is ri"ht abo t one thin"L 5ho ld !e $ear the 3ietna#eseL NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 I# hopin" the 3ietna#ese co## nists !ill be like Co#rade ;a) %ANT4I

IIID*D-+ B t as 6 # said' they too are $orei"ners) ;E And !e2&e all heard stories abo t the persec tion o$ the Kh#er Loe /non" (Minong) in 3ietna#) .HEA3 Biant! an told #e they abandoned the ancient !ays and rit als to $ollo! so#e A#erican reli"ion) The spirits # st be an"ry) That is !hy they s $$er) %ANT4I B t the co## nists are $orcin" the# to li&e like co## nistsM J st like the Kh#er %o "e coerced s to be like the#) NA/ They are bein" $orced to "i&e p the ne! reli"ionL That is also not ri"ht) %ANT4I Will they do that to sL @orce s to be co## nistL NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 We don2t !ant to abandon o r spirits) We are an ancient people) Here be$ore the Kh#er or the 3ietna#ese arri&ed) .HEA3 Na# #y $riend' yo are ri"ht) There is no reason $or s to abandon all the ancient !ays that ha&e ser&ed s so !ell' and the spirits ha&e ta "ht s to adapt) ;< 7Hope$ lly)8 Well Co#rade ;a !as a $riend) 5o #aybe))) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 Biant an is also a $riend) He !ill respect o r !ishes) .HEA3 ;es) Tho "h I think he is a co## nist no!' like #ost Kh#er Loe that $led to 3ietna#) %ANT4I .hea&' !e # st not $ollo! hi# in this) NA/ ;o # st rally the Kh#er Loe that ha&e not chan"ed)

IIID*D-, ;< Be o r leader) 5ho! s the !ay) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 Help s keep $aith !ith o r traditions) Like %ant i I $ear bein" o&erco#e by the 3ietna#ese e&en i$ !e ha&e nothin" to $ear $ro# Biant an) .AN .hea&' yo are the !ild black hen in the $orest) ;o !ill keep s sa$e) .HEA3 We !ill stand $ir#) ;< They can r le the Kh#er' b t not the Kh#er Loe ) .HEA3 That !ill be o r ne! !ay) ;< .hea& yo stood p to 6 #) %ANT4I I tho "ht yo !ere "i&in" in) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 2Tis !ise to appear !eak !hen yo are stron") %ANT4I 6 # tho "ht he had all the po!er) NA/ We led hi# by the nose) ;< 7La "hin")8 Don2t $or"et' the spirits !ere on o r side) .AN An ancestor capt red #y so l to #ake a $ool o t o$ 6 #) NA/ 7In character i#itatin" 64/)8 Co## ne Leader 6 # str tted abo t like a rooster)


;< No! he r ns like a !ild boar ahead o$ a ti"er2s cla!s) NA/ 7In character)8 5p rtin" aro nd the trees) %ANT4I 7Joinin" in the la "hter)8 He tho "ht it !as $ nny to deny the spirits' b t the spirits did not think he !as $ nny) ;< Like ; n" and the chicken) 7La "hter) 8 .AN 7La "hin")8 I re#e#ber hi#) He sho ld ha&e let the chicken eat his rice $ro# the bo!l) NA/ 7Hi#sel$)8 Then let2s re(oice) We ha&e little to sacri$ice' b t be happy' the rice beer (ars hidden in the $orest are $ ll) ;< We can #akeDdo as !e did these past three years) .HEA3 The little !e ha&e !ill be shared !ith the spirits and the &illa"ers) %ANT4I Be it e&er so poor' the har&est !as not taken a!ay) We !ill not star&e) .AN 2T!as a s#art spirit that #ade #e craAy) NA/ 7In character' dancin")8 2T!as a !ise day I played the $ool) 7The #en take o t their in&isible "on"s' $l tes) .HEA3 leads the# aro nd the chi#r n"' the !o#en pretendin" to sin" traditional son"s and dancin")8 ANCE5T6% KHAWN HoHoHoooooooooooHoooooooooo