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The DeKalb County School District Workers Legal Fund needs workers to aware of the following

We have some concerns with this document;
1. There is no letter head.

2. Georgia laws are being addressed without citing references or specifics. 3. There is no signature or any other identifying characters as to where this form came from. 4. We were not aware that DeKalb County School System had the authority to prosecute for perjury, as it is not stated in the


5. This could be a wage and hour issue with the Department of Labor due to the delay or withholding of an employee's paycheck.

6. We find this ironic and very disturbing that we are told to put down hours PRIORto working them on a time sheet, and then asked to fill out this document. 7. Can DeKalb County provide proof that ALL employees have been paid for their hours worked?




Employee ID #



Employment Verification Audit Certification
i "


hereby certify that I am a current employee of

the DeKalb County School District, currently assigned to work at

_________ " under the supervision of

, in the position of ~
(PrincipalJD~partment Head)


_ _

*"1 further hereby Y£.ti1X' under penalty of perjury of the "laws of the State st
Geor . that I have actuall
":ke.:fi r the houts that I have been" aid.)/-



Human Resources Official


J .------.-_



..._. __ ._.




...- ..

----------Control No.: 13453451



Secretary of State
Corporations Division 313 West Tower #2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Atlanta, Georgia 30334-1530



I, Brian P. Kemp, The Secretary of State and the Corporation Commissioner of the State of
Georgia, hereby certify under the seal of my office that

a Domestic Limited Liability Company is hereby issued a CERTIFICATE OF ORGANIZATION under the laws of the State of Georgia on October 01, 2013 by the filing of all documents in the Office of the Secretary of State and by the paying of all fees as provided by Title 14 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.

WITNESS my hand and official seal in the City of Atlanta and the
State of Georgia on October 04,2013

Brian P. Kemp Secretary of State

Tracking #: c92mfPdr


._._ .....•..•.. -----_.

-.~-' "-:-"


DeKalb County School District Workers Legal Fund

To DeKalb County Board of Education and Superintendent

Michael Thurmond:

The DeKalb County School District (DCSD)Workers legal Fund members received new forms on Friday, November 8, 2013 within the Transportation Department which caused great concern. According to the School Bus Operations Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)on page 1-1,time sheets and all supporting documentation (requisitions, statement of leave, etc.) must be submitted to a driver's Supervisor before 12 noon on Monday. However, several fellow bus drivers delivered documents for the employees (bus drivers) to sign which include: • Memo dated November 7, 2013 from Joseph Johnson stated there would be a meeting on November 15, 2013 at Miller Grove High School and also detailed a change in the policy involving the method drivers filled out their time sheets. • The memo stated that the drivers are to turn in time sheets on Friday morning following the am route. If the drivers have a field trip on Friday night or over the weekend, drivers may turn in their time sheets first thing Monday morning. • • There were no supervisors available to answer questions concerning this document especially since this new policy contradicts the written SOP. The Employment Verification Audit Certification sheet required we sign our name, job

position, and that we are employees of the DeKalbCounty School District.

The Employment Verification Audit Certification sheet had a second section that required drivers verify, under penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of Georgia that the employees have actually worked for the hours that they have been paid.

The DeKalb School Bus Driver & Aide Timesheet has a section in the shade box that stated the drivers "understand that the above timesheet will be used for payroll purposes and certifies that they have worked all of the hours reported on the timesheet".

The calendars given to the bus drivers states that the drivers' timesheets are due each Monday except on holiday.

These new forms cause a large amount of confusion among the employees. We request an opportunity to speak with a supervisor. By signing three of these documents, the bus drivers are committing perjury because three of the documents contradict each other. We also have the following concerns:
A. The documents change the policy within our school bus operations; however, there are

no signatures or letterhead on the documents disseminated by fellow co-workers. There were no meetings given to the employees to explain these new policy changes by a supervisor and department director. The employees received less than 24 hour notice of these policy changes and had no supervisor available to answer questions. B. The drivers request more information and documentation on the prorated pay and the amount each driver has in his/her account. Until documentation is presented to each driver detailing the amount of money withheld from each person's pay check and the total amount owed each employee, the bus drivers refuse to sign that they have been paid the full amount they are due. C. The drivers have every plan to follow up on the common practice of altering the bus drivers time sheets without the driver's permission especially when drivers' actual work time is cut and the drivers are not given credit for all the time they have worked. Members of the DeKalb County School District Workers legal Fund request a meeting with the supervisors to make these concerns known and find an alternative to signing the section dealing with the issue of perjury. Sincerely,

Mary Marshall
Executive Organizer