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Progra e S0ecification

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Awarding Institution Teaching Institution Professional body accreditation Final Award Subsidiary exit awards

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Progra e Title "#AS code -or other coding syste relevant. S#%F &e'el )ode of deli'ery and duration


Queen Margaret University AKMI Metropolitan College None BSc Hons Dietetics-Athens BSc Nutrition Studies Diplo a Higher !ducation "#$% credits& SCQ' level () Certi*icate in Higher !ducation "+#% credits& SCQ' level ,) BSc Hons Dietetics-Athens N/A BSc Hons Dietetics-Athens0 SCQ' level+% BSc Nutrition Studies-SCQ' level 1 'ull ti e Nor al ti e periods *or co pletion2 $-3 years BSc -Hons. Dietetics-Athens 4-5 years BSc Nutrition Studies 6une #%++

+ate of 'alidation,re'iew e

1-. /ducational Ai s of the 0rogra

7o provide a progra e o* study that develops a sound understanding o* the issues and concepts related to Dietetics2 health& 8ell-9eing and disease at individual& co unity and population levels: 7o develop the a9ility to integrate contri9utory disciplines in the analysis and interpretation o* *actors in*luencing the aintenance or i prove ent o* health and distur9ance o* the 9ody;s *unctions in relation to disease: 7o develop in students the capacity *or critical& analytical& re*lective and independent thin<ing so that they 9eco e e**ective pro9le solvers and continuing learners 9oth as students and in their su9se=uent careers: 7o encourage a research indedness on the part o* students so that they ay 9etter understand and evaluate relevant research& co pare erits o* alternative hypotheses and 9e a9le to underta<e research the selves and in turn contri9uting to evidence 9ased practice to support clinical intervention: 7o *acilitate the progressive develop ent in students o* a range o* trans*era9le s<ills relevant to the 8orld o* 8or< including ethods o* co unication& the co it ent to li*e-long learning and a pro*essional and ethical approach to 8or<ing 7o develop e>peri ental and practical s<ills related to their *ield o* study 8ith associated s<ills in design o* investigations& data collection& analysis and reporting: 7o develop a student 8hose approach is proactive and *le>i9le& has the a9ility to 8or< 8ithin a diverse and ulti-pro*essional do ain and can recognise and respond positively to changing needs or de ographics:

11. 1ench ar2 state ents,0rofessional and statutory body re3uire ents co'ered by the 0rogra e Standards o* ?ro*iciency& *or Dietitians Health ?ro*essions Council -888:hpc-u<:org. Standards o* !ducation and 7raining& Health ?ro*essions Council -888:hpc-u<:org. Curriculu 'ra e8or< *or the ?re @egistration !ducation and training o* Dietitians& British Dietetic Association -888:9da:u<:co . Bench ar< State ent2 Health Care progra es2 Dietetics& Quality Assurance Agency *or Higher !ducation -888:=aa:ac:u<. Code o* ?ractice2 Aor< 9ased and place ent learning& Quality Assurance Agency *or Higher !ducation -888:=aa:ac:u<. !uropean Acade ic and ?ractitioner Standards *or Dietetics& !uropean 'ederation o* Associations o* Dietetics -!'AD. -888:e*ad:org. 12. &earning 4utco es of the Progra Bn co pletion o* the progra e

e the student 8ill 9e a9le to2

Integrate <no8ledge o* Dietetics and related su9Cects relevant to Dietetics especially in the conte>t o* i proving and sustaining health as 8ell as treating disease& at individual& co unity and population levels: De onstrate critical understanding o* ultidisciplinary and interdisciplinary *actors in*luencing the 9ody;s *unctions& eta9olis and overall health or disease: Analyse& interpret and evaluate data and in*or ation 9oth 8ithin and across disciplines: De onstrate research indedness through the a9ility to evaluate current research and to underta<e research the selves: De onstrate the capacity *or sustained independent 8or<& pro9le solving and anage ent o* their o8n learning: Display co petency in a range o* trans*era9le s<ills relevant to the 8orld o* 8or<: De onstrate a proactive& *le>i9le& responsive approach to patients& clients and e 9ers o* the ultipro*essional tea

Undergraduate progra es at QMU also ai to *oster graduates 8ho have& in addition to the <no8ledge and s<ills re=uired *or their discipline& social and personal attri9utes to e=uip the *or li*e: In addition to the a9ove& QMU and there9y AMC aspire to develop graduates 8ho2 have acade ic& pro*essional and personal s<ills *or career anage ent and personal develop entD underta<e and use research2 understanding the nature and 9oundaries o* <no8ledge creationD applying s<ills o* en=uiry& critical analysis& synthesis and creative thin<ing to investigate pro9le sD syste atically collecting and evaluating evidenceD and proposing solutionsD conduct the selves pro*essionally and ethically& respecting the diversity o* othersD have the capacity to help 9uild a socially Cust and sustaina9le society& striving *or high levels o* social& ethical& cultural and environ ental conductD are ind*ul o* their role as glo9al citiEens& contri9uting positively to society at local& national or international levelsD de onstrate high level s<ills o* in*or ation literacy and co unication to create and share <no8ledgeD pro ote the principles o* ulti-/inter-disciplinarityD are con*ident& responsi9le& autono ous and critically re*lective li*elong learners: 13. Teaching and learning ethods and strategies A variety o* teaching and learning approaches are utilised 8hich are tailored to the level o* study& the speci*ic learning outco es o* the odule and the content o* the odule: 7hey ai to ensure the that the appropriate develop ent o* <no8ledge and trans*era9le s<ills occurs:Approaches used through the progra e include lectures& tutorials& la9oratories& 8or<shops& case studies& pro9le 9ased

learning& patient si ulations& on line discussions via Ae9C7& practice place ents -co petency 9ased practice. and underta<ing research/audit proCects: Both directed and sel* directed 8or< -individual and group. are utilised 8ith the ai o* developing a student centred and student led approach: 7rans*era9le s<ills are developed such as 8ritten and ver9al co unication& I7& presentation s<ills& research and disse ination s<ills& port*olio anage ent and re*lective practice: 14. Assess ent strategies Assess ent strategies are designed to 9e *air& valid& relia9le& use*ul and transparent: Assess ent strategies 8ithin the progra e include 8ritten e>a inations& o9Cective structured clinical e>a ination -BSC!.& integrative assess ent -Clinical Sciences.& co petency 9ased assess ent in the ca pus and practice setting -?lace ent 9loc<s A& B& C.& re*lective 8riting& si ulated case studies& la9oratory report 8riting& presentations -group and individual.& scienti*ic research 8riting and posters: 15. Progra e structures and features5 curriculu units 6 odules75 credits and award re3uire ents 6including any 0eriods of 0lace ent7 7he progra e is designed as a $ year *ull ti e progra e and is delivered in a across $ years -+#% credits in each year& over # se esters a year.: odular structure

Modules are delivered at each level as single odules -+% credits. or ultiples thereo*: 7here are three 9loc<s o* practice place ent integrated through the progra e 8ith the *irst -$ 8ee< . 9loc< occurring at the end o* year #& the second -+# 8ee< 9loc<. occurring at the end o* year 4 and the third -+# 8ee< 9loc<. occurring in the second se ester o* year $:: Success*ul co pletion o* $(% credits *ro all $ years plus satis*actory co pletion o* practice place ents leads to the a8ard o* BSc Hons Dietetics-Athens: Success*ul co pletion o* 43% credits *ro the *irst 4 years o* study leads to the a8ard o* BSc Nutrition Studies: Success*ul co pletion o* #$% credits leads to the a8ard o* Diplo a in Higher !ducation: Success*ul co pletion o* +#% credits leads to the a8ard o* Certi*icate o* Higher !ducation:

7he progra e is not approved 9y the Health ?ro*essions Council -H?C. and there*ore does not con*er direct eligi9ility *or @egistration 8ith the H?C Ho8ever students can individually apply *or @egistration 8ith the H?C via the International route: 1!. #riteria for ad ission 1$. Ad issions to the course are carried out 9y a selection co ittee consisting o* the Director o* the College& the ?rogra e Feader and selected course tutors: 'inal decisions are ade 9y the selection co ittee: Candidates ust 9e at least +( years o* age in the year o* entry: 7his is the age o* graduation *ro secondary education: All Applicants should have a Fyceu certi*icate: Ad issions sta** 8ill *ocus on ?hysics& Che istry& Biology and !ssay Ariting grades as ore relevant to the course: 7hey also have to provide t8o re*erences 9y t8o Fyceu tutors concerning their per*or ance and diligence in the a9ove odules: All other candidates 8ho do not co e *ro secondary education& li<e pro*essionals 8ithout undergraduate studies or other special cases& 8ill 9e evaluated 9y the Director o* the College& the Course Feader& the e 9ers o* the Course Co ittee& and *inal approval 8ill 9e given 9y QMU: Apart *ro those candidates& the *ollo8ing candidates are also eligi9le *or ad ission to the course&

Gree< Universities graduates in Health Studies 8ho are interested in dietetics and have the necessary pro*essional e>perience:

7he applicants 8ill 9e accepted a*ter a *inal intervie8 8hich 8ill ta<e place during the enroll ent period: 7he ?rogra e leader and t8o tutors 8ill discuss 8ith the applicant regarding the reasons o* choosing this progra e o* studies and this pro*ession: !nglish Fanguage @e=uire ents Bn ad ission to the progra e HApplicants ust 9e a9le to co unicate in !nglish to the standard e=uivalent o* level 5:5 o* the International !nglish Fanguage 7esting Syste -I!F7S.& 8ith no ele ent 9elo8 5:5:I 7he *irst t8o years o* the progra e 8ill 9e taught and assessed in Gree< and that the 4 rd and $th year o* the progra e 8ill 9e taught and assessed in !nglish -8ith the e>ception o* the place ent 9loc<s.: Students; co petence in !nglish should 9e o* I!F7S -score 3. or e=uivalent& in order to progress into the 4rd year

Cri inal Conviction Chec<s Applicants 8ith serious cri inal convictions& nota9le those convicted o* violence& se>ual or drug o**ences& ay 9e e>cluded *ro progra es as they ay 9e una9le to underta<e certain clinical education place ents or *ind e ploy ent on co pletion o* the progra e: !>clusion should not ho8ever 9e auto atic: Most e>-o*enders are essentially la8-a9iding citiEens and 8ill not re-o**end: In reaching a decision a9out an applicant& there*ore& progra e tea s are as<ed to ta<e into account the age& nature and relevancy o* the conviction& the applicants; attitude to it and his or her achieve ents since the conviction: Dependent on the case students ay 9e ad itted to the progra e& 9ut 8ould 9e in*or ed that& su9se=uent progression to practice place ents and success*ul registration 8ith the H?C via the International route cannot 9e guaranteed: Students 8ill 9e responsi9le *or and re=uired to declare any cri inal convictions during their period o* registration: All applicants 8ill 9e o9liged to co plete and sign the cri inal convictions sector in the application *or : Health Screening All students ad itted to the progra e 8ill under go a *or al Health Screen underpinned 9y an o**icial edical certi*icate signed 9y a physician clari*ying that they do not su**er *ro an in*ectious disease: Students are also advised that any changes in health that occur during the progra e 9et8een these ti e points should 9e noti*ied to the ?rogra e Feader: Students 8ill 9e ade a8are on ad ission that 8here necessary and relevant any such in*or ation regarding health or cri inal records ay 9e disclosed to relevant third parties eg ?ractice ?roviders: AMC in line 8ith QMU is co itted to the provision o* a policy o* e=ual opportunity in student selection: All applicants regardless o* race& ethnic origins& religion& gender& se>ual orientation& arital status or age& can e>pect e=ual treat ent: 1(. Su00ort for students and their learning AMC in line 8ith QMU progra es 8ill nor ally provide the *ollo8ing student support2 ?ersonal Acade ic 7utors 8ithin ca pus and the practice setting ?ersonal Develop ent ?ort*olios Student hand9oo<s Mentors/Supervisors 8ithin the practice setting Jirtual learning environ ent -JF!. Access to Student Fearning Services& Fearning @esource Centre -F@C. and I7 support Access to Student Services2 careers& counselling& disa9ility advice @epresentation through Student-Sta** Co ittees 1(. %uality Assurance arrange ents 7his progra e is governed 9y QMU;s =uality assurance procedures: See the QMU 8e9site *or ore details2 http2//888:= u:ac:u</=uality/

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