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DECK DEPARTMENT File No. Title Certificates/Documents Content Class survey status and report list Class quarterly list Class certificates Interim certificates Class directory Cargo gear book Ship trading documents ( anama! Sue"! #akes! etc$ %aker&s certificates Statutory (#oadline! Safcon! Safety equipm'! Safety (adio! %arpol! etc'$ #oading devices (spreader! grabs! etc$ )*lag State! +I ) ort State Control ) ,C) %S.! others ort Information %aster&s voyage reports /oyage (eport! #oading/0nloading lan! Cargo plan! S1*! Stevedore Damage (eport! ,otice of (eadiness! -/#! Cargo %anifest! etc' Cargo checklists Cre2 lists (empty and filled out forms$ 3eneral declarations from Immigrations! Customs! etc' Sto2a2ay Search Checklist ortage -ill Summary of 5ages 4ccount 5ages 4ccount -onded Store 4ccounting Catering 4ccounting -onded Store rice #ist Invoice copies for supplies and cash purchases %aster&s (epresentation Stock of rovisions Stock of -onded Store

Inspect' (eports

ort Information


ort 1fficials Sto2a2ays

%onthly 4ccounting Statements

File No. Cre2


Content Seaman&s employment contracts

page 6 / 4 I.e2s %edical reports 4ccident (eports Cre2 Copy of countersigned (epatriation #etter In + 1ut Delivery .otice #etters #etter of Indemnity travelling by o2n arrangement Seaman&s Discharge *orms Insurance Sea protest Cargo damage reports 7ull + %achinery damage statements Damage/4ccident reports to 8rd parties #etter of rotest (Cargo contamination! damage ship or her equipment$ Directory for 7+% representatives Directory for +I representatives (incl' cargo$ #etter of Indemnity in case family members''' #etter of Indemnity in case of guests''''' 3eneral + ersonnel 3eneral Instructions Circular #etters %4(I.otes In + 1ut %essage protocol Shipboard oil pollution emergency plan D/D preparation #ist of repairs by cre2 / shipyard %easurements #ist of repairs for ne:t D/D for Spares! Consumables! Stores Delivery (eceipts Communication *a:es! #etters Communication .* contracts (C-4! S4$ 4llotment notes 5arning + .ele:' S1 9 Dry Dock Deck Supply #ist File No.9 / I%1 Circulars -I%C1 5eekly .e2s Cre2 %edical Circulars -I%C1 . Title Deck 9quipment 7istory Content 9quipment condition reports %ooring ropes history file 5ires history file 3rabs history file .

on)conformities! customers& complaints! corrective actions Shipboard management minutes of meetings 9mergency situations and ha"ardous occurrences ) records Drills< fire! abandoning ship! S1 9 ! emergency situations 4nalyses of emergency situations! etc' and drills 7a"ardous 1ccurrences! 4cci) dents! Drills and 4nalyses .page 8 / 4 %aintenance %aintenance laning %aintenance (eports Deck (painting! greasing! overhauling$ 7old condition report 7atch cover hose + ultrasonic tests Shore -ased %aintenance 4greement (adio traffic accounting (private / %S.raffic + 3%DSS Safety + Safety 9quipment Inventories aint assengers 3arbage -allast . / time charterer$ #ife saving equipment inspection check lists #ife rafts! #ife boats condition 5ork permits Deck .avigation .avigational check lists (ecords of 4ctions carried in 4ccordance 2ith Checklists 1n board training log! video training program log *amiliarisation *orms (adio .raining Deck/9ngine Cre2 Title Safety and .autical! etc' 7andover (eports aint stock inventory aint consumption report ainting plan Delivery receipts (paint$ a: list a: instructions a: house rules /ehicle transport information + manifest 3arbage disposal (3arbage (ecord -ook$ (eceipts -allasting/deballasting (-allast (ecord -ook$ assage planning .uality System Content 3eneral Internal and third party audits .

est 9quipment 3eneral/Deck Cargo Charter arties (epair (eports .avigat' 9quipm' %easuring and test equipment 3eneral Information! etc' .page 4 / 4 %easuring and .