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Prometheus Case Study Challenge Youth Finance

India has the world’s youngest work force with a median age way below that of China. 315 million young people aged 10-24 years in India represent 30 per cent of the population. Half the population of India is expected to be younger than 25 years by 2022. Access to youth finance therefore assumes an increasing importance, as determined by the choices of goods and services they consume, the technology savvy transaction medium they prefer, the financing options they choose for funding their higher education, or even supporting their parents in financial planning. Options to pursue higher education, start enterprises and shouldering responsibilities are often annulled due to lack of access to finance or more importantly lack of knowledge to access finance. Most banks and institutions are yet to propound youth finance as a vehicle to inculcate financial discipline as well as to be seen as a potluck for future business growth. It is in this backdrop, India has prepared a National Strategy for Financial Education (NSFE). The need of the hour is therefore to enhance financial inclusion drive for the youth, through financial literacy design and enhance access which will empower the youth to take important decisions. What needs to be addressed by policymakers, financial institutions, academicians, business leaders and banks is how the service providers can see the value proposition in youth finance and enhance access through well planned and conducive products, packages and services. The benefits should be captured with a win-win situation: youth gaining access to finance and banks and service providers gaining on such goodwill.

In case of any other queries. Your final presentation should contain 10 slides NOT including the title and introduction slide.Deliverable: An appropriate business model for the service providers with an efficient delivery mechanism and suitable products. stimulating on the demand side – making people aware of what they can demand. 3.How to increase financial awareness mainly among the youth. 2. 3. Sustainability . educated and uneducated. 2. You are required to be ready with the following – 1. Primary and Secondary research should be indicated in your presentation. Secondary Research Data Teams are encouraged to think out-of-the-box for any supporting documentary evidence.Financial responsibility and planning skills to achieve financial goals for a life time. Primary Research Data 2. Embed financial service delivery with financial education through appropriate product and process innovations. visuals or a game along with the presentation that incites youth to think and learn. Kindly note: 1. Some key aspects to keep in mind - 1. Appendix slides are allowed over and above this limit. please feel free to get back to us. Literacy design . . skit (2 minutes).