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Katie Melua
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Katie Melua

Katie Melua at !ractor !avern, "eattle, Wa hington, on # May $%%# Background information Birth name Ketevan Melua &' "eptem(er &#)* +age $#, Born Kutai i, -eorgian ""., "oviet /nion Genres 0lue , 1a22, folk3pop Instruments -uitar, piano, violin,4&5 vocal Years active $%%67pre ent Labels 8ramatico Associated acts Mike 0att, 9va :a idy Website Ketevan ;Katie; Melua +9ngli h pronunciation /ˈmɛluː</ li ten +help=info,> -eorgian: ქეთევან ;ქეთი; მელუა> (orn &' "eptem(er &#)*, i a -eorgian30riti h inger, ongwriter and mu ician. "he moved to ?orthern @reland at the age of eight and then to 9ngland at fourteen.4$5 Melua i igned to the mall 8ramatico record la(el, under the management of compo er Mike 0att,465 and made her mu ical de(ut in $%%6. @n $%%', he wa the /nited KingdomA (e t3 elling female arti t4*5 and 9uropeA highe t elling 9uropean female arti t.4B5 @n ?ovem(er $%%6, at the age of nineteen, Melua relea ed her fir t al(um, Call off the Search, which reached the top of the /nited Kingdom al(um chart and old &.) million copie in it fir t five month of relea e.4'5 Cer econd al(um, Piece by Piece, wa

relea ed in "eptem(er $%%B and to date ha gone platinum four time .4D5 Melua relea ed her third tudio al(um Pictures in Ecto(er $%%D.4)5 Fccording to the "unday !ime .ich Gi t $%%), Melua ha a fortune of H&) million, making her the eventh riche t 0riti h mu ician under thirty.4#5 @t wa reported in $%%# that he may have lo t million a a re ult of the glo(al economic downturn.4&%5 F of May $%&&, Melua could have a H&$m fortune and he came econd in the under 6% rich li t.4&&5

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& 9arly life $ ?ationality 6 Ier onal life * :areer o *.& 9arly tage o *.$ 0.@! "chool and Mike 0att o *.6 William Er(it B .ecording o B.& Call Off The Search o B.$ Piece By Piece o B.6 Pictures o B.* The House o B.B Secret Symphony o B.' Ketevan ' Ether work o '.& Fcting and modelling o '.$ World record holder o '.6 :harity work o '.* Mu ical ta te D 8i cography o D.& "tudio al(um o D.$ Fppearance on oundtrack o D.6 Fcting role ) Conour and award # .eference &% 9Jternal link

Early life
Ketevan Melua, known a Ketino to her family,4&$5 wa (orn to Fmiran and !amara Melua4&65 in Kutai i, -eorgia, which wa then part of the "oviet /nion.4&*5 "he pent her fir t year with her grandparent in !(ili i4&B5 (efore moving with her parent and (rother to the town of 0atumi, F1aria, where her father worked a a heart peciali t.4&*5 8uring thi time Melua ometime had to carry (ucket of water up five flight of tair to her familyA flat4&'54&D5 and according to her, ;?ow, when @Am taying in luJuriou hotel , @ think (ack to tho e day ;.4&B5

"utton. Melua attended the . aying that 9ngli h literature. Melua tated her pride at her newe t nationality.. hi tory and phy ic would (e her cour e of choice hould he have the chance to go to univer ity. Melua attended "t.4&)5 Whil t living in 0elfa t.4&)5 where he tran formed the pare (edroom into a recording tudio. When a ked a(out Melua (eing an Aadrenaline 1unkieA. (ut in life her emotion are alway in .4$%54$&5 8uring the "outh E etia War in $%%). Melua (ecame a 0riti h citi2en with her parent and (rother. :atherineA Irimary "chool on the Fall . though he ha often tated her de ire to do o. .4&$5 "he i a (apti ed -eorgian ErthodoJ :hri tian. until Melua wa thirteen.oad. he en1oy eJtreme . We till con ider our elve to (e -eorgian. !he family remained in 0elfa t. Melua moved out of her parent A home in Maida Kale to an apartment in ?otting Cill. (ut @ am proud to now (e a 0riti h citi2en. Mike 0att aid. we have (een very fortunate to find a happy life tyle in thi country and we feel we (elong. "urrey.4$5 Ffter completing her -:"9 at the all3girl A grammar chool ?on uch Cigh "chool in :heam. ?orthern @reland.4&65 8uring her time in ?orthern @reland. and @ return to -eorgia every year to ee my uncle and grandparent .4$*5 Personal life Melua i occa ionally referred to a an Aadrenaline 1unkieA (ecau e he en1oy roller coa ter and fun fair and often paraglide and hang glide . Melua wa due to travel to -eorgia her elf le than a month later. and ome time later moved again to .edhill. where her father took up a po ition at the pre tigiou .4$*5 En gaining 0riti h nationality. !he citi2en hip ceremony took place in Wey(ridge.@! "chool for the Ierforming Frt in the Gondon 0orough of :roydon. and in $%%* he wa lowered from a $%% metre (uilding in ?ew Lealand at '% mph.F a family.4$65 Nationality En &% Fugu t $%%B. Melua attended the 0. . !(ili i. "urrey.4$'5 "he ha kydived four time and taken everal flying le on . in the aftermath of the -eorgian :ivil War. Ffter the ceremony. Gondon. (ecau e that i where our root are.4$B5 0ecoming a 0riti h citi2en meant that Melua had held three citi2en hip (efore he wa $&> fir t "oviet. then -eorgian and finally 0riti h. while her younger (rother attended Irote tant chool . @n $%%). MeluaA (rother and mother were taying with relative in the -eorgian capital.u ian and 9ngli h fluently and i partly of :anadian4&#5 and .oyal Kictoria Co pital. Fortwilliam. . undertaking a 0!9: with an F3level in mu ic. Melua peak -eorgian.4$$5 Melua ha not attended univer ity.oad and later moved to 8ominican :ollege.u ian ance try.oman :atholic chool "t :atherineA Irimary "chool and 8ominican :ollege. living clo e to Fall . !he Melua family then moved to "utton. the family moved to 0elfa t. Fortwilliam. Melua wa eligi(le for a 0riti h pa port.@n &##6.

1a22 and (lue in an intere ting way.46%5 !he couple married on & "eptem(er $%&$ in the ?a h :on ervatory at the . (ut @ knew all @ had to do wa let my elf go and it wa going to feel ama2ing. Mike 0att.@! "chool for the Ierforming Frt in the Gondon 0orough of :roydon. @ wanted the mu ic to (e in pired (y the future.4$#5 @n January $%&$.oyal 0otanical -arden in Gondon. @ wa really Nuite nervou . @t wa more a(out going toward omething. 0att igned the &) year3old Melua to hi mall 8ramatico recording and management company and took her into the tudio. re ulting in her ho pitali ation for iJ week .46)5 Ffter hearing Melua ing . producing her fir t three al(um during the en uing year 46#5 William Orbit For her al(um The House +$%&%. (ut at the ame time .46*5 Melua won the conte t (y inging 0adfingerA . Melua (egan to write ong and met her future manager and producer.Without Mou. with which he (ought a chair for her father.check. +a ong he wrote a(out the death of her idol 9va :a idy. !he pri2e wa H6B% worth of MF@ voucher . at the age of fifteen.. he would have (een gunged.46B5 Cad he lo t the conte t.4665 !hi changed in $%%%. all touring and promotional activitie were po tponed until the following year."tar /p !heir ?o e . Melua confirmed her engagement to World "uper(ike racer Jame !o eland. Melua caught the eye of ongwriter and producer Mike 0att.46$5 Melua initially planned to (ecome either a hi torian or a politician.Faraway Koice. Melua wa ordered (y her doctor to top working for a few month after uffering a nervou (reakdown. Melua worked with producer William Er(it.46&5 Career Early stage 8ue to her up(ringing in politically un ta(le -eorgia and trou(led 0elfa t.46'5 BRIT School and Mike Batt Ffter completing her -:"9 . Melua came near to drowning after he (reathed in and choked on a lungful of water when diving in a lake near Ceathrow Firport..465 @n ?ovem(er $%%#. a part of the childrenA programme Mad for It . 0att wa originally looking for an acid3rock (and. Melua attended the 0. +a poof of Stars in Their Eyes. @t wa the ame feeling @ had the fir t time @ went kydiving. undertaking a 0!9: with an F3level in mu ic. when Melua took part in a talent competition on 0riti h televi ion channel @!K called . "he aid a(out the eJperience: . (a player46D5 and a inger capa(le of inging . @ wa nAt trying to get away from anything.!he whole thing ha (een really eJciting..4$$5 While performing at 0. omething unknown thatA never (een heard (efore.4$D5 @n "eptem(er $%&%.4$)5 F a re ult. When tudying at the chool.@! "chool howca e.

!he other iJ ong on the al(um were (y Mike 0att... .Gilac Wine.4*&5 @t wa initially difficult for Melua and 0att to o(tain airplay for the al(umA lead ingle. it entered the top *% /K al(um chart.0elfa t +Ienguin and :at ... !he ingle achieved the num(er &% pot in the /K chart.. @t old 6. a ong a(out MeluaA eJperience of her time in the trou(led capital of ?orthern @reland. and Jame "helton +. ..# million copie .hold on to the value of the mu ic of the pa t. and pent iJ week at the top of the /K chart . in $%%* Call Off The Search Main article: :all off the "earch Call off the Search featured two ong written (y Melua: . Ffter an appearance on the .andy ?ewman +.. if we went far enough in (oth direction .. @ thought that. top twenty in ?orway and top thirty in a compo ite 9uropean chart. !hi changed when 00: . originally a /K hit for inger 9lkie 0rook . "ilver +. we could end up in the ame place.Faraway Koice.4*%5 Recordings Melua at igning.GearninA the 0lue . Melua al o covered ong (y 8elore J.oyal Kariety "how the al(um wa further (oo ted and 0att continued a relentle marketing campaign which aw the al(um hit the num(er one pot in January $%%*. to try and tap into omething thatA o ancient and old that it kind of forgotten. a ong a(out the death of 9va :a idy. WoganA upport rai ed MeluaA profile and when Call Off The Search wa relea ed in ?ovem(er $%%6 upported (y a !K campaign financed (y 0att.. and .!he :lo e t !hing !o :ra2y.@ !hink itA -oing to .4*$5 Wogan played .!he :lo e t !hing !o :ra2y. @n the /K the al(um old &.:rawling up a Cill. freNuently in the ummer of $%%6.' million copie .ain !oday. John Mayall +..adio $ producer Iaul Walter heard the ingle and played it on the popular !erry Wogan (reakfa t how... Call Off The Search reached the top five in @reland. making it iJ time platinum.

@celand. hould have known (etter.?ine Million 0icycle . Melua and "ingh appeared on the 00:A Today programme.. Piece By Piece. "outh Ffrica. 8enmark and @reland. which wa relea ed a week (efore the al(um on &# "eptem(er and wa num(er 6 in the /K ingle chart. amid t a di cu ion a(out cientific accuracy ver u arti tic licence. and the third ingle . $O platinum in -ermany. !he al(um de(uted at the num(er one pot on the /K Fl(um :hart on the week of 6 Ecto(er $%%B.?ine Million 0icycle . (ecau e he u ed to (e a mem(er of the a tronomy clu( at chool4*)5 . "u( eNuent ingle from the al(um did not repeat the ucce of the fir t 7 the econd ingle and al(um title track . !hey were interpreted (y "ingh a an a ault on the accuracy of the work of co mologi t 4*'5 which parked a erie of letter from other !uardian reader . Colland and -ermany. Fu tralia and "wit2erland and -old in ?ew Lealand and Cong Kong. En 6% "eptem(er $%%B. @t lead ingle wa . reached num(er &#. 0elgium. MeluaA econd al(um. got to num(er *&.worldwide.. MeluaA di puted lyric were: We are &$ (illion light3year from the edge. wa relea ed on $' "eptem(er $%%B. 6O platinum in ?orway. Worldwide ale to date are in eJce of 6.4*B5 7 no3one can ever ay itA true..B million. ?ew Lealand and "weden. Ilatinum in "outh Ffrica.:rawling up a Cill.. Fnd with the availa(le information. Piece By Piece Main article: Iiece (y Iiece +Katie Melua al(um.?ine Million 0icycle . !hatA a gue (ut @ know that @ will alway (e with you.D (illion light3year from the edge of the o( erva(le univer e.:all Eff !he "earch. Colland. agreeing or di agreeing. and Melua unveiled a re3recording of the ong which included "inghA tongue3in3cheek amendment to the lyric : We are &6. !he al(um contain four more ong written (y Melua her elf. @ predict that @ will alway (e with you.4*B5 0oth ide amica(ly agreed that the new lyric were le likely to achieve commercial ucce . 6O platinum in ?orway. one 0att/Melua colla(oration and three more ong de cri(ed a new ver ion of . Fu tria.9uropean. 8enmark.4*D5 En &B Ecto(er. @t wa *O platinum in /K and in @reland.4*65 !he al(um achieved 'O platinum tatu in /K. al(um chart. four more (y 0att +including . !he (and line3up wa the ame a on the fir t al(um. !hatA a good e timate with well3defined error (ar . Melua came under critici m in The !uardian from writer and cienti t "imon "ingh for the lyric of the track .. Melua aid that he . $O platinum in Ioland and "wit2erland and at lea t platinum or gold in France.4**5 !hi al(um (roke Melua acro 9urope where it old & million copie in -ermany alone and achieved the num(er one po ition in 0ill(oardA .great ong .

at lea t temporarily.4)5 Melua relea ed four ingle from the al(um: ."piderA We(.4)5 @t al o feature MeluaA friend Molly McPueen. Pictures.. Melua relea ed the ingle.F dou(le F3 ide of the Melua3penned . "cotland on $% January $%%'.. the former frontwoman of !he Fader ..Mary Iickford. written (y Mike 0att. Melua em(arked on a concert tour in upport of Piece by Piece.. and .. wa relea ed on &D Fpril $%%' and peaked at num(er B$ in the /K.@ :ried for Mou./nder the :herry Moon. a(out how we all have great ideal (ut in reality we end up conforming.@f Mou Were a "ail(oat. which i the theme ong to the film "ust li#e Heaven.8irty 8ice..4B%5 F third ingle.@f the Gight -o Eut. . . Melua al o colla(orated with Fndrea Mc9wan on the al(um.What @ Mi F(out Mou.o(in on. wa a(out the ilent film tar of the ame name.4B$5 !hi wa followed (y the relea e of . following everyone el e.. wa relea ed in the /K on & Ecto(er $%%D4B*5 and wa announced to (e.Mary Iickford. MeluaA third al(um.4B65 Pictures Melua at :am(ridge :orn 9Jchange.4*#5 wa relea ed in the /K on B 8ecem(er and peaked at num(er 6B. Melua aid of the cover.. part of her $%%' /K concert tour Main article: Iicture +Katie Melua al(um. who wrote the lyric for . the /K leg of which tarted in F(erdeen. and ."hy 0oy. wa MeluaA fir t reggae3 ounding ong.4BD5 !he i!une ver ion of the al(um include a cover of the Irince ong . wa in pired (y a meeting with the writer of Holy Blood$ Holy !rail. .4B'5 .@ :ried for Mou. a a (onu track. +&#)).Ierfect :ircle. which wa written (y Mike 0att. . .4&65 . the la t of her al(um in colla(oration with Mike 0att a lead writer and producer. and a cover of !he :ureA .4@t5 completely got to me.@n My "ecret Gife.@tA Enly Iain.4B&5 !oward the end of $%%'. (y Geonard :ohen and "haron . al o written (y 0att.4B)5 . ...-ho t !own.. a co3writer of .4BB5 !he al(um al o featured a cover of .Ju t like Ceaven.-ho t !own.

Melua aid in a tatement: .4'B5 MeluaA concert i commemorated in the 8K8 relea e Concert &nder the Sea.. directed (y 9dgar Wright and produced in the tyle of a &#D% A Cammer Cou e of Corror film trailer.the mo t urreal gig @ have ever done. Melua entered the !uinness Boo# of %ecords for playing the deepe t underwater concert 6%6 metre (elow ea level on the ?orwegian "tatoilA !roll F platform in the ?orth "ea. Melua later de cri(ed achieving the record a . entitled .. @ had alway wanted to do thi one day> inging other peopleA ong (ring omething out of you and your voice that i nAt perhap where you would have gone vocally with your own material.4B#54'%5 Secret Symphony Main article: "ecret "ymphony +Katie Melua al(um.4'*5 World record holder En $ Ecto(er $%%'. Other or! Acting and modelling Melua appeared in a egment of the $%%D film !rindhouse. MeluaA fifth tudio al(um.The House Main article: !he Cou e +al(um. wa relea ed on &' "eptem(er $%&6. 9ric 0ompard. !he egment in which Melua appeared.!hi al(um wa going to (e my A ingerA al(umA. Secret Symphony wa relea ed on B March $%&$. The House. MeluaA iJth tudio al(um.o(ert . "ongwriter include Gauren :hri ty.8onAt.8o !hey Know @tA .ick ?owel . -uy :ham(er and . relea ed in June $%%D. wa relea ed on $* May $%&%. wa a fauJ trailer.4'$54'65 @n $%%#.odrigue2. written (y Puentin !arantino and .4'&5 Ketevan Main article: Ketevan +al(um. !he al(um wa recorded in colla(oration with orche trator and conductor Mike 0att. with William Er(it producing. Ketevan.. MeluaA fourth al(um.4''5 Charity work @n ?ovem(er $%%* Melua wa a ked to take part in 0and Fid $% in which he 1oined a choru of 0riti h and @ri h pop inger to create a rendition of . Melua wa named a the new face of the leading French ca hmere de igner. Melua and her (and underwent eJten ive medical te t and urvival training in ?orway (efore flying (y helicopter to the rig.

which entered the /K ingle chart at ?o..?o Iarticular Ilace to -o. o performing with May wa a reali ation of a childhood dream. Jeff 0uckleyA ver ion of Geonard :ohenA . no health in urance and very little pay> every year people are in1ured and even killed doing thi ha2ardou work. 4&5. with 0rian May at the *'''* concert in a tramp. Melua went to "ri Ganka where he o( erved the work the charity wa doing for children in the area after the civil war and @ndian Ecean t unami.!he Ilea ure @ Fll Mine. "u2anne KegaA . with one of her memorie of mu ic (eing her uncle playing record (y ..Killing in the ?ame.Fu Iort.Callelu1ah. Melua cho e fourteen piece of her favourite mu ic that he en1oyed and had the (igge t mu ical influence on her.4&D54')5 Gater in $%%B..ed :ro .4D%5 En D July $%%D. Musical tastes @n Fpril $%%'. the organi ation that i trying to top eJploitation of cone picker in Fm(rolauri.4'D5 !hen in March $%%B."piderA We(.:aramel. through her role a a goodwill am(a ador to the charity "ave the :hildren.4'#5 @n $%%' Melua donated all the proceed from her ingle ... to the charity.4&'5 "he ha tated that thi i related a much to her di like of pending and glamour a it i to her upport for the charity..4&D5 and admit that he look . Finley PuayeA . in which he ang with a recording of the late 9va :a idy..Marcie. Melua ang .What F Wonderful World. Fll profit from the ingle. /ntil Fair !ree came along the e cone picker were given no afety eNuipment or training. !he local people in thi region of -eorgia are paid a pittance to ri k their live clim(ing 6%m high fir tree to collect the cone from which the eed are eJtracted and ent to :hri tma tree nur erie in 9urope.:hri tma Q. 01RrkA . Fair !ree grow and ell the only fair trade :hri tma tree in the world +certified (y the WF!E.-lory 0oJ.Fuck Forever. "outh Ffrica for ?el on MandelaA C@K charity..Ma ter of War.. 0o( 8ylanA .!oo Much Gove Will Kill Mou.. 0o((ie -entryA .9ven Ffter Fll..4D$5 Melua ha vi ited EJfam charity hop for many year . Iorti headA . !hi cau e i clo e to KatieA heart a he wa (orn in -eorgia.. and 0a(y ham(le A . :huck 0erryA .. !he piece he cho e were Iaul "imonA .Fancy.age Fgain t the MachineA . Melua had (een a fan of Pueen ince her childhood in -eorgia when her uncle played the (andA mu ic. :amilleA . Joni MitchellA . & on &' 8ecem(er $%%D.4D65 Katie i al o patron of Fair !ree . Melua performed at the -erman leg of Give 9arth in Cam(urg4D&5 and in 8ecem(er of that year. and that her hairdre er playfully call her look . u ing them freNuently to (uy her clothing. went to the . for The Sun new paper. . -eorgia (y the 9uropean :hri tma tree indu try. Melua relea ed a cover of the Goui Frm trong ong .4D*5 Melua ha aid on numerou occa ion how Pueen were a huge influence on her a a child/teenager.Ceart and 0one . and are campaigning to change thing in -eorgia. to rai e money for famine relief in Ffrica...omanian window cleaner.Cow "weet @t @ +to 0e Goved (y Mou. Jame !aylorA .the .

:all off the "earch. A earances on soundtracks Year Film Song $%%B "ust li#e Heaven .?o Fear of Ceight .4DB5 "he performed with Pueen at the *'''* concert in "outh Ffrica in March $%%B. $%%' Miss Potter . Piece by Piece +$%%B.4D'5 Melua appeared on the 00:A The Culture Sho' in ?ovem(er $%%' advocating Iaul Mc:artney a her choice in the earch for 0ritainA greate t living icon. $%&% The Tourist ..!iger in the ?ight. Call off the Search i the )Dth (e t3 elling 0riti h al(um in hi tory.8onAt. $%&& . $%%D )ancy *re' . Secret Symphony +$%&$. *ays of -ar .. $%%# +aintheart . M(a Sarah . The House +$%&%.@! Fward 0e t Iop Fct ?ominated4)&5 0e t @nternational Female Frti t ?ominated4)$5 9:CE Fward 0e t @nternational ?ewcomer Won4*5 Melua wa the (e t3 elling /K female arti t of $%%* and $%%B. Pictures +$%%D.Ju t like Ceaven. Honours and a ards Year $%%D $%%' $%%B • • • !eremon" !ategor" esult 9:CE Fward 0e t @nternational Female Frti t Won4D#5 -oldene Kamera Iop @nternational "olo Won4)%5 0e t 0riti h Female "olo Frti t ?ominated4)&5 0.?o Fear of Ceight .4*5 @n $%%'.4)65 Fccording to KC&. Ketevan +$%&6.Pueen and Ged Leppelin.When Mou !aught Me Cow to 8ance. Acting roles Year Film ole $%%D !rindhouse Murder KictimA Friend + egment . Melua had a tulip named after her.!oy :ollection.4DD54D)5 "iscography Main article: Katie Melua di cography Studio albums • • • • • • Call Off the Search +$%%6.Gooking for :lue . .4)*5 .

.@FI@ confirm Katie Melua a 9uropeT highe t elling 9uropean female arti t in $%%'. Frchived from the original on &% January $%&%.!he hitman and her.. Fndrew +$* January $%%'. . /ancouver Province.. . &#. The )ational.Mu ic giant A Afortune dwindleA. Friel +B ?ovem(er $%%'. $%. Mandy +& Fugu t $%%'.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%... Press release. The *aily Tele. &*. The Observer +Gondon. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. #um$ u$ % 8erdeyn. ..etrieved $%&%3%$3&%..My grandmother i half . Herald. their re pective fortune down **U and B%U on la t yearA e timate . S Jump up to: a b c Mc:ormick.. Mou!u(e.Katie Melua: @ want to tart afre h. ..etrieved $%%)3%*3$#.. . . The Official Katie Melua 'ebsite. .etrieved $%%)3%'3%). &'. &%.. ?eil +$# May $%%*.Katie Melua worth a taggering H&)m. . S Jump up to: a b 8ramatico +$%%6.. allmusic.. &% Fugu t $%%)... .review of Piece by Piece. .u ia conflict."ucce on her own term . S Jump up to: a b .:hilling eye witne account of the co t of the -eorgia conflict. D. ?eil +&B "eptem(er $%%D. Katrina +$D May $%%B.Katie Melua: -etting her own Iiece of the pie. Will +&% Fugu t $%%).ca. .. I +) June $%%). .review of Call off the Search.. . .etrieved $%%)3%)3&%.. . however..etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. . Johnny +$%%*.etrieved $%%)3%)3&%. . Jame :hri topher +$ "tuart +# ?ovem(er $%%'. do e. $. :arl +$D Fe(ruary $%%B..etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.. &% May $%%B. S Jump up to: a b "tewart. .. S Jump up to: a b c :arter. #um$ u$ % ..Katie Melua and Fmy Winehou e fare le . S Jump up to: a b c Go(ley.. S Jump up to: a b Kennedy..etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. . *aily Mail +Gondon.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. S Jump up to: a b 0illen.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. &B. ). . .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. My/illa.9a y doe it.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. . (ut donAt a k a(out my eJuality. The *aily Mail +Gondon. France +&' ?ovem(er $%%D. 6. S Jump up to: a b Geve.Melua "hun GuJuriou Giving. (elfa ttelegraph. The Belfast Tele. The Times +Gondon.. S Jump up to: a b Wilkin on. #um$ u$ % . . allmusic...References &.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. The Sunday Times +Gondon. $' Fpril $%%). S Jump up to: a b c Cardy. .Katie Melua: @Am 1u t an ordinary girl. contact music.u ia. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. .e. .. The Sydney Mornin.@nterview: Katie Melua.... &6. &). E#stra Bladet. Herald. '. #um$ u$ % Monger.. B. The Sydney Mornin. #um$ u$ % Goftu . #um$ u$ % ..@ till hop at EJfam.... $* Fpril $%%#. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. &$ ?ovem(er $%%'. . #um$ u$ % . &D. &&. F(u 8ha(i Media :ompany. #um$ u$ % Mc:ormick.Katie Melua talk a(out the -eorgia3. #. . +fla h video. .. .raph +Gondon. . BBC )e's. #um$ u$ % "how(i2 V Gondon 9vening "tandard &$.-eorgia peach. *.raph.(iography..-eorgia on her mind.

Katie Melua. Fndrew +&& Fugu t $%%'. $' Fe(ruary $%%B. Epiphone. $ "eptem(er $%&$. S Jump up to: a b .etrieved $%&$3%&3&#.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. 66.ichard +&' June $%%*.efrain.s#ra0ruv0is. #um$ u$ % . . #um$ u$ % .. The -ashin... && May $%%B.Katie Melua.Katie Melua @n -unfire 8rama. .Melua trivia page.. ?eil Mc:ormick.etrieved $%&$3%#3%6.What a (eautiful (rideW Katie Melua tie the knot with World "uper(ike champion Jame !o eland. &) January $%&$. #um$ u$ % Iurcell.. 6#. #um$ u$ % ...etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. Johnny +$%%6.. $#. . da.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. . &$ ?ovem(er $%%'.:all off the "earch.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. #um$ u$ % . $6 ?ovem(er $%%'.raphy channel. Gondon. #um$ u$ % -rime . 8aily !elegraph.etrieved $%&%3 %$3&%. $%%B.ton Post.Katie in @celand.. #um$ u$ % .ichard +$& Fe(ruary $%&&.eview..@Am !he :lo e t !hing !o :ra2y.. *$.!alk the talk.. 6'. The *aily Mail. ..Melua Irofile. &% ?ovem(er $%%6. 1CBS23P4...etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.. $D.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. 6). 6$. $6. :ourtney +&# July $%%B.. $'."inger Katie Melua: @Ave had a (reakdown. .etrieved $%&%3%$3 &%. ApiecingA together glo(al fame. $B. #um$ u$ % .$&. allmusic. ."inger Katie Melua play down diving AfrightA. #um$ u$ % . 00: ?ew .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. 6&.Katie Melua: F 8e(ut With a Familiar . 5ouTube. #um$ u$ % Goftu .A!he :lo e t !hing to :ra2yA: Fn @nterview With /K .. #um$ u$ % .. .etrieved $%&&3%$3$'."inger Melua made 0riti h citi2en.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. Mike +$%%6.. #um$ u$ % .etrieved $%&%3&%3%*.Katie Melua cancel everything thi year. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.. !he 8aily Mail. #um$ u$ % .ocker Katie Melua. *aily %ecord. * 8ecem(er $%%#.. S Jump up to: a b .Melua !ake !ime Eut !o "tudy.My Gife @n !ravel: Katie Melua. 6B. B May $%&% *&. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. contactmusic0com. dramatico site. . . . 6*. #um$ u$ % Fulton. #um$ u$ % Katie Melua interview.. . . The Independent +Gondon. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. .. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. . $$. .ick +$* "eptem(er $%%B. $%%D. *%. ) July $%%'.. . .4dead lin#5 6D. . BBC )e's.Kideo of the performance how on 0elgian !K. $*. 6%. $). . Contactmusic0com. * Ecto(er $%&%. . ' Fugu t $%%'. #um$ u$ % Kay. purevolume.. eventnew . . #um$ u$ % . The !uardian +Gondon. && Fugu t $%%B. #um$ u$ % . . *6... . . Sound !enerator. +emale +irst. . #um$ u$ % Carrington. Bio."econd :up :afX: Katie Melua....etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. e. . #um$ u$ % . BBC )e's.?ew Mu ic: Katie Melua.Katie MeluaA 8elight Ever 9ngagement.. . #um$ u$ % 0att.

. .etrieved $%&%3%63&D. #um$ u$ % 8ramatico.. .Katie Melua at the E$ Frena.. The Official Katie Melua 'ebsite. .etrieved $%&%3%$3 &%.raph.. .J... The Official Katie Melua -ebsite..etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. . Gewi . '%. #um$ u$ % Kerrico.**. &B "eptem(er $%%D. #um$ u$ % 0att..etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.. . The !uardian +Gondon.. .. Gi a +&% ?ovem(er $%%).etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. . B). #um$ u$ % !hrower. Cear t Maga2ine /K. #um$ u$ % . .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.. $% January $%&%. #um$ u$ % .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.Katie MeluaA (ad cience. . ..@ngXnue . . '6. . &B Ecto(er $%%B. The Trades.e(ecca +$$ Fugu t $%%B.Katie Melua ingle . +&* June $%%'. BB.@tA Enly Iain. #um$ u$ % Murray.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.. January $%%'. Kim(erly +&6 Fugu t $%%#.. Frchived from the original on && January $%&%. $' "eptem(er $%%B. . . B#. . The Times +Gondon.ital SPy.Gate t 0log 7 Dth March $%%D. $ Ecto(er $%%'. Maureen +&# July $%%D.@n The House with Katie Melua. . .. Frchived from the original on $D January $%&%.. & 8ecem(er $%%).etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. Mike +' Ecto(er $%%B.MeluaA deep ea gig et record..etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.raph. #um$ u$ % . The !uardian +Gondon. #um$ u$ % :orner. . #um$ u$ % 8ramatico +&& "eptem(er $%%'....Katie Melua pay homage to the wonder of C8 home cinema. BBC %adio 6. B&. 4dead lin#5 B$.. .4dead lin#5 B*... '&.. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. #um$ u$ % "ingh. Frchived from the original on $) Fe(ruary $%&%. '*. #um$ u$ % 8ramatico +$% ?ovem(er $%%'. alt sounds.. *i. #um$ u$ % :arter. #um$ u$ % .. #um$ u$ % Melua.F few million light year hort of reality.. . . #um$ u$ % . Katie Melua on Mou!u(e *'.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. *#. #um$ u$ % . The Belfast Tele. #um$ u$ % :olin Iolonow ki +&D March $%&%. .raph +Gondon.. Katie +D March $%%D. . 'B.Katie Melua announce new al(um A"ecret "ymphonyA.Katie true to her heart on new al(um.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. #um$ u$ % . B%.. BD.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. ..@nterview...etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.. The Belfast Tele. .Katie Melua make mellow come(ack. The *aily Mail +Gondon.Ju t Gike Ceaven. 3bout Movies.etrieved ' March $%&$.. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%... . 8ramatico. Movie "oundtrack ?ew .!oday Irogram. BBC )e's. BBC )e's.4dead lin#5 B6. . . '$.. The *aily Tele. "imon +6% "eptem(er $%%B.. #um$ u$ % :oleman./nder the :herry Moon.. teen today. *D. B'."hy 0oy. . .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.PYF @nterview with Fndrea Mc9wan. The Official Katie Melua -ebsite. S Jump up to: a b Michael "hermer v .i ing.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. My"pace. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. .Katie Melua named a the face of 9ric 0ompard ca hmere. *). The Music +i7. *B. #um$ u$ % .Katie Melua announce tour date .

.-eldof hail new 0and Fid ingle.... &B Fe(ruary $%%'. $% "eptem(er $%%B. 00: ?ew .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. #um$ u$ % I. #um$ u$ % "pahr. D%.4dead lin#5 D#..Cow Melua found her voice.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. Maureen +B July $%%D. contact music. DD. #um$ u$ % .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. #um$ u$ % Jack on. $ Fe(ruary $%%D.. Katie +&B June $%%B.. $% March $%%B. .Pueen Fnd Katie Melua !eam /p.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.raph. .What Katie did neJt. +&$ March $%%B. #um$ u$ % . . . D'. )$. . 5or#shire Post. Monsters and Critics.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.0rit Fward $%%': !he winner . .4dead lin#5 E#ternal lin!s Wikimedia :ommon ha media related to Katie Melua. && Fpril $%%'. BBC )e's. . +emale +irst..Giving @con .. .eceive -erman Conour.Melua duet headed for num(er one. .ock to the "ound Ef 9choe .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. Katie +?ovem(er $%%'. D*.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. Irish Independent. BBC Top of the Pops. Keronica +$* May $%%D. Frchived from the original on &' January $%%). contact music. D&.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%..4dead lin#5 '#. #um$ u$ % .. The Belfast Tele. .. . . )*. #um$ u$ % 8W taff +nda....Melua !o 8onate "ingle Iroceed !o :harity. #um$ u$ % Melua. .. :hri +&' ?ovem(er $%%'. BBC )e's. Wolfgang +$D March $%%D.Fnother honour li t for 0ritainA (e t3 elling rock tar .Katie Melua Fnd ?ic :age . .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. . The Sun )e'spaper. #um$ u$ % Moung .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. The Times +Gondon. .. #um$ u$ % "chmidt. Hello . .Katie Melua !alk F(out Iaul Mc:artney. BBC )e's..... #um$ u$ % . WikiNuote ha a collection of Nuotation related to: Katie Melua .@ Gook like a tramp. .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. #um$ u$ % .etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. BBC. . ...etrieved $%&%3%$3&%.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%."tar unite for Mandela concert. . #um$ u$ % Melua.0erlin .. S Jump up to: a b .. Joe +& Ecto(er $%%'. &$ 8ecem(er $%%D. *eutsche -elle. #um$ u$ % 0ond. Mou!u(e.?ine Million 0otani t . )6. #um$ u$ % . .... #um$ u$ % . D6.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. &% March $%%B. BBC. #um$ u$ % Melua. )&. 'D.. Katie +$B January $%%D. Save the Children. #um$ u$ % :oleman.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. . . . . DB. .Katie MeluaA concert under the ea.4dead lin#5 )%. .9cho Fward handed out in 0erlin.. D$.etrieved $%&%3%$3&%. Fpril $%%'.. ').Katie Melua in "ri Ganka. @an +&B ?ovem(er $%%*. D).''. .Katie ing to ave the planet. "teve +* May $%%'..

.:all Eff the "earch.!oy :ollection.@ :ried for Mou. ."hy 0oy. . .• • • • • • • • Katie Melua 7 official we( ite. .!o Kill Mou With F Ki .?ine Million 0icycle . . . .!wo 0are Feet.@tA Enly Iain. .Mary Iickford.@f the Gight -o Eut. .!he :lo e t !hing to :ra2y.!he Flood."piderA We(. . owned and maintained (y 8ramatico Katie Melua at FllMu ic Katie Melua di cography at 8i cog Katie Melua at the @nternet Movie 8ata(a e Katie Melua di cography at Mu ic0rain2 Katie Melua 3 eJten ive di cography on Mu ic :hronicle Katie Melua on My pace $6 ong on youtu(e at 8ramatico channal &hide' • • • v t e Katie Melua • • • • • • Studio albums Call Off the Search Piece by Piece Pictures The House Secret Symphony Ketevan The Katie Melua Collection 8ive at the O9 3rena ./.@f Mou Were a "ail(oat.Ju t Gike Ceaven.:rawling up a Cill. !om$ilation albums Live albums • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Singles . . . .F Cappy Ilace. .

.!he Wall of the World. .!he 0it !hat @ 8onAt -et.0etter !han a 8ream.-old in them Cill .org/wiki/0etter_!han_a_8ream .@! "chool • -eorgian emigrant to the /nited Kingdom • ?aturali ed citi2en of the /nited Kingdom • Ieople from 0atumi • Mu ician from 0elfa t • Ieople from Kutai i • Ieople from "utton. .u ian de cent • 0riti h inger3 ongwriter • Ieople educated at the 0.What a Wonderful World.• • • • • • • . . Gondon • "pani h3language inger • !orch inger • Ieople educated at ?on uch Cigh "chool http://en.@ Will 0e !here.wikipedia. . +with 9va :a idy.Moon hine. . .Forgetting Fll My !rou(le . 8i cography 8ramatico (ther singles elated • • • Authorit" control • • • • • World:at K@FF: *D%6#6%* G::?: no$%%*%'6D#D @"?@: %%%% %%%6 ')B# *&%% -?8: &6B*&&6)' :ategorie : • &#)* (irth • Giving people • 0riti h female inger • 0riti h 1a22 inger • 0riti h people of :anadian de cent • 0riti h people of -eorgian de cent • 0riti h people of .

from her fifth tudio al(um "ecret "ymphony. Contents • • & !rack li ting $ :hart . +$%&$. +$%&$. earch +Better )han a *ream+ Single b" Katie Melua from the album Secret Symphony eleased # March $%&$ Format 8igital download. i a ong performed (y the -eorgian3(orn. !he ong wa written and originally recorded (y Mike 0att who e ver ion wa u ed a the clo ing credit theme of the &##% animated erie . . !he ong ha charted in 0elgium. the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation.Better )han a 8onAt -et. 0riti h inger Katie Melua. !he ingle wa relea ed on # March $%&$.Better )han a *ream.Better )han a *ream From Wikipedia. :8 ingle ecorded $%&& Genre Fcou tic/0lue Length 6:&% Label 8ramatico Writer.roducer Mike 0att Katie Melua singles chronolog" .sMike 0att .!he 0it !hat @ . *ream. !he 8ream tone.

/ltratop.. 6.• • 6 . +in French. +in 8utch. Length 6:&% Charts !harts . $.1231Belgium . % .4ltrati$ Wallonia-&1' .eference Trac! listing /o0 )itle &.4ltrati$ Flanders-&3' Belgium .elea e hi tory * ./ltratop.0etter !han F 8ream. /ltratip. .eak $osition *) $6 Release history egion *ate Format Label 465 0elgium # March $%&$ 8igital download 8ramatico References &. % .(e 7 Katie Melua 7 0etter !han F 8ream. % i!une 3 Mu ic 3 0etter !han F 8ream 3 "ingle (y Katie Melua &hide' • • • v t e Katie Melua • • • • • • Studio albums Call Off the Search Piece by Piece Pictures The House Secret Symphony Ketevan The Katie Melua Collection 8ive at the O9 3rena !om$ilation albums Live albums • • ..(e 7 Katie Melua 7 0etter !han F 8ream.

@ :ried for Mou.Moon hine.Forgetting Fll My !rou(le . ."hy 0oy. .a2lyric .F Cappy Ilace. .Mary Iickford.?ine Million 0icycle .!he Wall of the World.@tA Enly Iain. . . . . .!wo 0are /katiemelua/(etterthanadream. . . .@f Mou Were a "ail(oat. .What a Wonderful World.ingtone to your :ell .0etter !han F 8ream.:all Eff the "earch. 8i cography 8ramatico (ther singles elated • • • :ategorie : • $%&$ ingle • Katie Melua ong • "ong written (y Mike 0att • "ong recording produced (y Mike 0att[meKi"k9vN?gYli t[. . ."piderA We(.:rawling up a Cill. ./.!o Kill Mou With F Ki . .@f the Gight -o Eut.-old in them Cill .youtu(e. . .!he :lo e t !hing to :ra2y. +with 9va :a idy.Better )han a *ream.@ Will 0e !here.8meKi"k9vN?g Katie Melua 3 0etter than a dream 7 Mou!u(e http://www.Singles • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . . .!he Flood. . . .html K$T%E &E'($ ')R%CS "end .!oy :ollection. . http://www.Ju t Gike Ceaven.!he 0it !hat @ 8onAt -et.

. . :ra2y and in confu ion. or magic carpet could 9ver (e thi good. Ca2y like a (eautiful illu ion. 8ok ne nai^e na ovom putu ko1i 1e doveo do va . @ knew there mu t (e more to life. Fnd (etter than a dream. 1er am ]iveo u crno3(elo1 tehnici . cau e @ lived in (lack and white. or @ndian (rave .+Better )han A *ream+ @ u ed to dream my elf to omewhere el e each night @ dreamed in colour. ?o dream of pirate cave . Cigher than the moon. 0ol1e od na . . /ntil @ chanced upon thi road that led to you. @ u ed to wi h @ wa (eyond ome di tant door. Ca2i kao lepa ilu2i1a . :ra2y and in confu ion. and now @Am ure. 0etter than a dream "tranger than my wild imagination @f thi i a real en ation. Ki_e od Me eca . @tA (etter than a dream. Fnd (etter than a dream. @tA (etter than a dream. ?ekad am an1ao da negde drugde vake noc\i Ja an1ao u (o1i . ni am mogao da vidim Kako (ilo _ta mo]e da (ude 0ol1e od na "tranac od mo1e divl1e ma_te Fko 1e ovopravi en2aci1a . !o 1e (ol1e od na . Cigher than the moon. @ could not ee Cow anything could (e 0etter than a dream "tranger than my wild imagination @f thi i a real en ation. Gudi i u konfu2i1i . Ca2y like a (eautiful illu ion. Fnd (etter than a dream.

Gudi i u konfu2i1i . ZZZZ . Ca2i kao lepa ilu2i1a . ?ema novi o pirat kim pec\ina . 0ol1e od na "tranac od mo1e divl1e ma_te Fko 1e ovopravi en2aci1a . @ (ol1e od na . !o 1e (ol1e od na . @ (ol1e od na . a ada am iguran . Kori tio am da (ih da am (io i2van neke udal1ene vrata .@ (ol1e od na . Lnao am da mora (iti vi_e u ]ivotu . ili magi1a tepi i mogu @kada (iti to do(ro . Ki_e od Me eca . ili indi1 ki 1unaci .