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Gazette Date: 31/12/2012 Last Date: 06/02/2013 Category No: 722/2012

Applications with photo uploaded are invited on-line only exclusively from qualified physically handicapped (deaf) candidates for the undermentioned post in Kerala Government Service. 1 epartment ! "arious epartments # $ame of post ! %ler& - 'ypist ( Scale of )ay ! ` **+,-1-./, + "acancies ! District wise !ysica""y #a$%ica&&e% 'Dea( (1) Alappu0ha - 1 (#) )ala&&ad - 1 (() 1du&&i -1 Note : (i) Separate 2an&ed lists will 3e prepared and pu3lished for each district in pursuance of this notification. 'he 2an& 4ists5 thus prepared and pu3lished 3y the commission shall remain inforce until candidates are advised and appointed a6ainst the a3ove mentioned vacancies are earmar&ed for them 3ut remain unfilled due to the paucity of candidates durin6 the currency of 2an&ed 4ist pu3lished for the post in the followin6 districts. %andidates will 3e advised from the 2an&ed 4ist for appointment a6ainst the head quarters vacancies also. Such candidates will 3e eli6i3le for transfer as per the terms and conditions in G.7 (8S) $o. ++#9/,9GA dated #-.,*.1*/,. $ame of istrict Alappu0ha )ala&&ad 1du&&i (ii) ate of )u3lication of 2an&ed 4ist (,.,(.#,11 ,*.,#.#,11 1/ ; ,1 - #,11 %ate6ory $o 1:9,1:9,* 1:9,-


'he selection in pursuance of this notification will 3e made on a 2evenue istrict 3asis5 su3<ect to the special conditions laid down in G.7. (8S) $o.1.+9:19) dated5 #:...1*:1. A candidate advised for appointment in one 2evenue istrict from the ran&ed list prepared is not eli6i3le for transfer to another district unless he9she completes . years continuous service from the date of commencement of service in the former district. =ven if transfer is allowed after . years5 it will 3e su3<ect to the rules in G.7. (8S) $o.+9-19) dated5,#-,1-1*-1. %andidates already in Government service holdin6 this post in any district are prohi3ited from applyin6 a6ain for this post5 3ut they can apply to hi6her posts when notified. Applications shall not 3e su3mitted to more than one district in response to this notification. %andidates should note the name of the district concerned in the relevant column. 1f applications are su3mitted contrary to the a3ove direction5 and if he9she is selected5 his9her name will 3e removed from the ran&ed lists and disciplinary action will 3e ta&en a6ainst him9her.


+et!o% o( a&&oi$t,e$t! irect 2ecruitment from amon6 )hysically >andicapped( eaf) candidates.

have to 3e produced as and when called for. =n6lish 'ypewritin6 4ower Grade KG'=98G'= or equivalent. %andidates are responsi3le for the correctness of the personal information and secrecy of password.itti$g a&&"icatio$! %andidates shall re6ister as per B7$= '18= 2=G1S'2A'17$ B system on the 7fficial Ce3site of Kerala )u3lic Service %ommission Bwww.-.&eralapsc. ?@or conditions re6ardin6 the a6e relaxation please see )ara # of the 6eneral conditionsA. /* +o%e o( s.1( Cednesday up to 1# midni6ht 10* A%%ress to w!ic! a&&"icatio$s are to 0e se$t: www*2era"a&sc*org 11* 1f a written test 9782 test is conducted as part of the selection5 hall tic&et of eli6i3le candidates will 3e made availa3le in the we3site of the Kerla )u3lic Service %ommission. %andidates who have re6istered shall apply 3y lo66in6 in to their profile usin6 their Dser.1-.4. ocuments to prove Fualification5 community5 a6e etc. Note:' %andidates shall ta&e a print out (receipt ) of their su3mitted application and retain the same with the 3arcode num3er for further reference and communication.. )ass in S.%. or its equivalent qualification. Applications once su3mitted will 3e received as provisional and particulars shall not 3e deleted or altered after su3mission.a"i(icatio$s! (i) (ii) Note: ' @or =x-Service candidates service as %ler&9writer in the defence forces for not less than 1.#. (18% certificate is not accepta3le) *C*3INO4 56C76TA74 867ALA 93LIC 567:IC6 CO++I55ION . %andidates shall clic& on the BApply $owB 3utton of the respective posts in the $otification lin& for applyin6 for a post. %andidates are instructed to download their hall tic&ets as per the instructions in the we3site.6* Age Li. %ertificates o3tained from the Government will alone 3e accepted as proof of typewritin6 qualification. years will 3e deemed as sufficient =n6lish 'ypewritin6 qualification for this post.. Applications su3mitted not in accordance with the conditions of the notification will 3e summarily re<ected.1 for further communication with the %ommission. 1* Last %ate (or recei&t o( a&&"icatio$s! .#. %andidates can view and have a print-out of the details in the profile 3y clic&in6 the lin& 2e6istration %ard5 if required.. $o application fee is required. 'hey must quote the Dser. Eefore applyin6 for a post5 candidates must ensure correctness of the information in their profile. 7* -.1-1*-# and .or6B for applyin6 for the post.1-1**+ (3oth dates included) are eli6i3le to apply for the A6e1/-.1 and password.S. %andidates 3orn 3etween .