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MMS SEMESTER III (2007 Batch) SEMESTER END EXAMINATION B2B MARKETING & CRM Time : 3 hours 26/11/2008 Marks: 60

Note: 1. Question No. 1 is compulsory. 2. Attempt any four from the remaining questions. Q.1 Q1. CASE STUDY. ABC LTD was established in the early 80”s in a joint venture with a leading American company to manufacture engineering and automotive components for the growing Indian markets. By the mid- 90”s the company established two plants in western and southern India to cater to the growing demand. During this period, the company absorbed considerable technology from the JV partners and was able to commence exporting its products to the various markets in Africa, Middle East and SE Asia, under its own brand with direct competition with the partner. This event lead the partner to withdraw from the JV agreement. It was however agreed that the partner would be free to establish its own operations and market its products in India. Forseeing increased local competition, ABC LTD was now considering exporting its products to developed markets in Europe, Japan and the USA. Mr Dilip Panchal was recruited to head the International business and to work out a strategy to expand the exports business very rapidly. He identified a lack of expertise in design and certain manufacturing technologies as key constraints to the company for entering the highly competitive markets in Europe etc. The market situation was such that no prevailing competitor was willing to offer their designs or technology to avoid potential competition. On the marketing front, Mr Dilip recommended that ABC establish its own representative offices in these countries to have direct contact and to gradually build a local distribution system. Each markets has its own channels of distribution and to create confidence, it became necessary to have the company representative offices in these countries. He also recommended that the company focus on replacement market rather than on original Equipment (OE). Segment.. Traditionally the OE segment has large volumes, but at very low margins. The replacement markets in these countries were dominated by large chains of distributors with their own brands. These chains usually bought components from companies who were Tier 2 OE suppliers and often marketed the products under their own brand names.

many copy cats products manufactured by some of the smaller non OE players with similar brand name and packaging. and b. How it should tackle the menace of low priced competition from spurious manufacturers? DISCUSS AND OFFER YOUR SOLUTIONS TO THE MANAGEMENT WITH JUSTIFIABLE REASONS? Q. leading to a situation where the same products could be bought from a distributor in one country and sold in another country in a profitable manner. Exchange in B2B and its types.. Macro Segmentation. as a mediumterm. 10 10 . The company had a good collaborative relationship considerable expertise and term measure. but of much lower quality and significantly lower prices. 3. since ABC had established its brand . Mr Dilip was asked to look into the problem and resolve it quickly. which had were acknowledged leaders in the field. The dealers of ABC complained to the management about their eroding market share and margins by unauthorized players and threatened to quit if not resolved. given that the company ABC ltd wants to make a a. They advised the management to seeek a with leading Italian designs bureaus. it was necessary to build in. c. b. Modified rebuys. Industrial Marketing Environment. e. In the long opined. New purchase.2 Write short Notes (Any three) a. R&D team. CRM Technology vs Strategy. he The management of ABC Ltd was concerned about the following : expertise.Due to varying market conditions ABC Ltd had to price its product differently in different markets. Whether it should agree to sell its products under the distributor”s brand and what impact this could have in the long run. What channel of distribution should they use ? Should they be the same in all markets? 4. Consumer vs Industrial pricing. What short term or long term strategy should they follow in order to achieve 30 % revenues from exports. d. Q. Besides. 2.3 Explain in details the various phases of purchasing decision process? What should be the appropriate strategy for a marketer. entered the markets.

How to improve customer loyalty? b.?. List the various activities involved in Industrial selling? b. Explain in details the steps involved in pricing strategy. Types of buying situation? Q. What are the different types of Negotiations? d.4 a. Write a short note on CRM? Q.7 Explain the steps involved in pricing strategy? Explain with relevant examples. Key Account Value Model? c. in context of an Industrial product? Q.6 Answer any three a.5 a. **************************** 10 10 10 10 .Q. What is B2B marketing? What are the objectives and elements of B2B communication? c.