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. transmission planners. Discoms.36%).plus service tax (@12. instrument transformers and teleprotection systems l Calculation of balanced and unbalanced short circuit currents and voltages in effectively grounded and non-effectively grounded systems. and is technical in nature. l An overview of protection systems including relays. payable at Bangalore.36%) per participant for faculty members of Educational institutions & Rs 10. a part of this brochure. engineers with some experience in power system protection will also benefit from participation. Managers responsible for the operation and maintenance of power generation systems. Notwithstanding the introductory nature of the subject. Principles of differential protection including specification of current transformers.000/. Distribution systems. circuit breakers. TOPICS The following topics will be covered in the Workshop. This understanding is critical for the reliable operation of power systems in the presence of disturbances. Transmission systems.36%) per participant for Utilities/Electricity boards. transformers. Group discount for an organization for minimum 3 participants is 10% of the total amount plus service tax and for 4 or more participants is 20% of the total amount plus service tax. CPRI. Registration form. Research/Academic Institutions and note that this workshop is primarily an introduction to the subject of power system service tax (@12. Rs. capacitors and reactors Protection of medium voltage distribution feeders Protection of transmission lines Protection of generators against short circuits and abnormal operating conditions Advantages and disadvantages of modern Numerical Protection relays Protection System Testing GPS synchronized End To End testing of Distance Protection Scheme Disturbance analysis l l l l l l l l l l l WHO SHOULD ATTEND? The workshop is aimed at Engineers. Principles of distance protection and line current differential protection. service tax (@12. Genco's. college students.000/. batteries. Rs.ABOUT THE WORKSHOP The objectives are to provide the attendee with an understanding of the important factors to consider when specifying protection equipment and when preparing settings for relays.36%) per participant for Research scholar/Engg. Application and setting of directional and non-directional phase. 14. Transco' service tax (@12.20. ground and negative sequence overcurrent relays.000/. REGISTRATION Registration fee per participant for the workshop is Rs. 14. consultants. complete in all respect shall be sent to the course coordinator along with the registration fee in the form of crossed DD drawn in favor of Accounts Officer. Use of teleprotection for transmission lines Protection of station equipment such as busbars.000/.

000/2. and participant from National may transfer fee to SBI A/C No. Downloaded/ Photo copies of Registration form are acceptable. Furthermore the Division is accredited by ISO: 9001-2008. Power Systems Division has carried out for the first time in the country the pilot project on “Protection system study and Protection audit” of selected DTL transmission system.000/1. To carry out such studies the division possesses Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS). The Registration fee includes kit.10356553310. .118. IFSC code: SBIN0010370. 2005. Rail and Air. 10270577483. Workshop material-CD.Pa r t i c i p a n t s f r o m i n t e r n a t i o n a l m ay t ra n s f e r t h e f e e v i a Sw i f t c o d e N o. RT Lab and various Power System Analysis Software Packages. Field testing of protection relays is also carried out for major power stations and utilities and also undertakes pre-dispatch Third Party Inspection (TPI) on Relay and Control panel. including real time performance analysis of various types of controllers such as FACTS. Kindly use separate form for each participant.000/- 8 4 2 1 TRAVEL & ACCOMODATION l l l Bangalore is well connected by Road. HVDC. Beneficiary Name: CPRI.50. It has been conducting power system studies for the past two decades for its own needs and at the request of utilities and manufacturers.00.000/50. Participants have to make their own travel arrangements. : SBININBB425. The laboratory conforms to ISO/IEC 17025-2005 requirements. SVC and protection relays. tea/coffee with snacks and working lunch on both days.00. POWER SYSTEMS DIVISION Power Systems Division with its state-of-the-art facilities and latest software tools offers a wide range of power system simulation services. SBI A/C No. Bangalore under intimation to the workshop coordinator. The Relay Testing Laboratory is also established facility for carrying out performance evaluation of Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) as per Standard IEEE C37. The Relay Testing Laboratory (RTL) is equipped with sophisticated Computerized Relay testing systems for testing of Protection relay for all its characteristics/functions meeting its accuracy requirements as per IS:3231 series and IEC:60255 series of standards. Guest house accommodation on twin share basis can be provided on chargeable basis subject to availability. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Category/Type Amount in (Rs) Privileges Free delegates Advertisement* Pages in Proceedings 4 2 1 Nil * to be provided by the sponsor Platinum Gold Silver Event 5.

he holds the Post of Engineering Officer Grade 4 with Power Systems Division of CPRI. Presently. and the United States. CPRI is a member of STI (Short Circuit Testing Liaison) of Europe and is accredited by M/s ASTA of . CPRI courses have made substantial impact on the level of training and education to India's electricity utilities. By upgrading the occupational skill of technical workers. Bangalore – 560 080. He is a past chairman. Raman Road. electrical system reliability an overall competitiveness of Indian industry. CPRI is a leading provider of Training and Continuing Education to Utilities.B. He also is a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and a distinguished lecturer of the IEEE Power and Energy CPRI'S Profile Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) set up in 1960 by the Government of India. Bangalore. CPRI also provides consultancy services on various facets of power sector. as well as extensive experience in presenting courses/seminars. plus 8 years of experience as a consultant in power system protection. Sir.cpri. transmission and distribution companies. B. South Africa. CPRI training courses have improved the career path of many electrical personnel as well as contributed to an improvement in electricity efficiency. Diagnostics of equipment. Registration form shall be sent by E-Mail / Fax / Post to Shri.). (this Committee being the nsor of all IEEE standards related to electric power system protection). Materials engineering. He has 19 years of experience with CPRI working in the area of Power System Protection.:080-2360 4465 Web: www. Mobile: +91-9449149924 Power Systems Division Central Power Research Institute (Govt.Kaliappan. India Phone: 080 -2360 2919/2360 2829/2360 1454. CPRI officers have gained lot of practical knowledge concerning to testing and operational problems of the industry. manufacturing companies.No. C. Short circuit testing. Protection & Control (WAMPAC).B. He is well versed in delivering training to practicing engineers. CPRI has expertise in the area of Simulation. Extn: 2446 Fax No.V.Sc(Phy). functions as a National organization for applied research in power sector and also serves as an Independent Laboratory for testing and certification of power equipment. CPRI is continually setting new standards in training and continuing education from basic theoretical information to practical hands-on electrical equipment training. PSUs across the country for the past 50 years. Ministry of Power) Prof. plant productivity.E(Instr. System Analysis and Testing.Tech(Elect. CPRI laboratories have modern equipment needed for Power system simulation. Note: Questions regarding workshop content may be sent directly to Charles Henville by email at: chenville@dccnet. He has 30 years of experience in a large Canadian electric utility. having delivered seminars in Abu Dhabi. of the IEEE Power System Relaying Committee. P. Canada. Seismic qualification etc.).WORKSHOP PRESENTER Charles Henville is an internationally recognized expert in power system protection. Programme Coordinator: P. Philippines. of India Society. P. His area of interest includes Synchrophasor Technology & Wide Area Monitoring.M. Kaliappan E-Mail: kaliappan@cpri. Karnataka. 8066. CPRI has experienced faculty in different subjects concerned to power sector with practical experience in their areas of interest. Over the

more than 7 working days before the tutorial to get refund. BANGALORE 560 080 Phone: +91(0)80 2360 4683. C.1000/-per delegate will be deducted as handling charges. Dr.” Signature: (participant or nominating authority) Name: Designation: Date: Note: Kindly mention your Name. Kindly use separate form for each participant. full refund will be made. No. Mrs. CPRI” payable at “ Delegates may transfer the fee to: State Bank of India Swift Code No. Bangalore – 560 080 Karnataka. RAMAN ROAD. Rs. Prof. PO BOX 8066. INDIA E-mail: kaliappan@cpri. In case this event is cancelled. Kaliappan.B. downloaded/photocopies of this registration form is acceptable. Request for cancellations must be received in writing. Ms. SADASHIVANAGAR PO. If the fee has been paid in full.: SBININ SBI A/c No. Others (please specify)________________________________ Full Name of the Participant ______________________________________________________ Designation__________________________________ Nationality________________ Full address of Organisation _____________________________________________________ (for correspondence) _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Country:____________________ZIP/PIN Code:___________ Phone/Fax Nos.: (Please Mention Country & STD Code) Office:_________________________________Res(Optional):_________________ Fax:___________________________________Mobile/Cell:__________________ E-mail:______________________________________________________________ Enclosed is a Demand Draft No:___________dated________for Rs. substitutions can be made with prior intimation with no extra cost. Bangalore IFSC code: SBIN0010370 CANCELLATIONS & SUBSTITUTIONS: Registration without payment does not confirm the reservation for the event.REGISTRATION FORM CENTRAL POWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE PROF. CPRI reserves the right to postpone or cancel this event.: 10356553310 (National) Beneficiary Name : CPRI. .:10270577483 (International) SBI A/c No. Name of the Company and Name of the workshop behind the Demand Draft Completely filled forms & DD shall be sent to: Shri P.V. SIR. Sir C V Raman Road P. Coordinator Power Systems Division Central Power Research Institute Prof._________ drawn on _____________________________________bank towards delegate fee drawn in favour of “Accounts Officer. However. 8066. Fax: +91(0)80 2360 4683 / 1213 Workshop on Power System Protection November 18-21. 2013 Mr.