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Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights


Christmas Cash
How You Can Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights
Brought To You By Tanner Larsson

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Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights


I m going to kee! each section o" this re!ort as short as !ossi#le$ I" you re like me% you re #usy% and you don t want to s!end the ne&t week trying to su""er through '(( !ages o" e)#loat in the ho!es that you get a "ew nuggets o" wisdom that you can really use$ *ith that in mind "eel "ree to ski! to the meat o" this re!ort$ Be"ore I go on% let me tell you a #it a#out mysel" so you know where I m coming "rom and why I know what I m talking a#out$ My name is Tanner Larsson and I own and o!erate one o" the largest Christmas light installation com!anies in my state$ My com!any generates in e&cess o" +,((%((( o" gross income each year during the Christmas season$ I am also the author and creator o" #oth a window cleaning training kit and holiday lighting #usiness !ackage that hel! !eo!le start their own success"ul #usinesses$ -ow I am not here to sell you on the .irtues o" my !ackages in "act I will make only a "ew re"erences to them in the "ollowing !ages$ My !ackages sells and don t need an e&tra sales !itch$ The reason I wrote this re!ort is that I am constantly emailed #y !eo!le who are looking to start a #usiness and are considering Christmas light installation or holiday lighting as a .ia#le o!tion$ The !ro#lem is that due to the scarcity o" in"ormation a.aila#le and the su# !ar /uality o" the in"ormation that is a.aila#le0 these !eo!le are getting the wrong im!ression a#out this #usiness and wind u! either u! or starting a #usiness without the "aintest idea o" what they are getting into$ There"ore this re!ort will !ro.ide an in"ormati.e look into the Christmas lighting industry as well as !oint out the true #ene"its o"
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Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights


starting a holiday lighting #usiness so that you can make an in"ormed decision o" whether or not this #usiness is right "or you$

*hy Install Christmas Lights1
O" all the home #usinesses out there% Christmas light installation #usinesses may #e one o" the #est ke!t secrets around$ Most !eo!le think o" hanging Christmas lights as a hassle they must deal with each year and e.en consider the "act that they could make .ery good money #y installing lights "or other !eo!le$ But% in reality lighting and d2cor installation is a highly !ro"ita#le% low o.erhead% easy to start and run #usiness$ The holiday lighting #usiness is growing to #e one o" the most !ro"ita#le seasonal #usinesses in the world$ *ith home and #usiness owners s!ending in e&cess o" +,((%(((%((( each holiday season and with and with industry growth !ro3ections e/ualing ,,$45 each year it s easy to see that there is !lenty o" money to #e made in this #usiness$ 6ro"its are huge in this industry with the a.erage "our man work crew #ringing in #etween +'4(( and +7((( each day or more$ Most residential installations !rice out with a la#or charge o" +8(( to +'((( and commercial 3o#s are much hire than that$ From a strictly hourly !ers!ecti.e you should earn less than +8( to +'(( !er hour during the entire season$ Com#ine that with low start u! costs% low o.erhead% low market saturation% high !o!ulation growth and a 84 to 94 day high demand
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Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights


and high !ro"it season and you can see why holiday lighting #usiness is #ecoming so !o!ular with entre!reneurs$ The holiday lighting #usiness is also an e&ce!tional add on or #usiness "or most #ased #usinesses as most #usinesses e&!erience a huge slow down in work during the Christmas season and money can get e&tremely tight$ *hat #etter to o""er your customers than one that is designed to #e the most !ro"ita#le during the slowest !art o" your year1

A#out The Industry
*hether this is your .ery "irst #usiness o!!ortunity or you are an e&!erienced #usiness owner who is adding Christmas light installation as an additional to your e&isting #usiness% I am willing to #et that you .e e&!erienced an industry /uite like the holiday lighting #usiness$ This is an industry where within a .ery short window o" o!!ortunity a massi.e amount o" money changes hands "or a high end lu&ury that !ro.ides no lasting #ene"it and then the market dries u! com!letely until the same time ne&t year$ This section will !ro.ide you with the knowledge you will need in order to ca!itali:e on and !ro"it "rom this uni/ue o!!ortunity$ The "irst thing you need to understand a#out the holiday lighting #usiness is that it is a seasonal #usiness$ -ot only that% #ut it is only !ro"ita#le during the e&tremely short winter holidays% which means that you ha.e less than a three month window to work with% so literally e.ery second o" that time counts$
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Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights


The Christmas light installation season ty!ically starts the day a"ter Halloween as on a.erage this is the earliest that !eo!le will let you start installing their lights$ The installation season then runs right on u! until ;ecem#er ,7rd% and then you ha.e a little downtime where all you ha.e to handle is the occasional call until <anuary ,nd o" the -ew Year which is when you return to your customer s houses and take down and store their lights$ The takedown !eriod ty!ically lasts u! until <anuary '(th% #ut should last more than the "irst two weeks o" <anuary$ Two weeks is a#out all the !atience many o" your customers will ha.e% so the sooner you can get their lights down the #etter$ *hat this means is that your holiday lighting com!any is only !ro"ita#le "or #etween 8( and 9( days% so e.ery a.aila#le working hour during this time !eriod is worth its weight in gold$ Most Christmas light installers work 8 or 9 days a week during this short season to ma&imi:e their !ro"ita#ility as the more 3o#s you can com!lete% the more money you will make$

To! '( things you should know #e"ore you start a Christmas light #usiness
1. Take advantage of your existing customer base.

I" you already own a #usiness% start talking a#out Christmas lights and decorati.e lighting to your customers right now$ Aside "rom the "act that time always !asses more /uickly than
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Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights


you=d e&!ect% !eo!le use Christmas lights "or a lot more than 3ust Holiday decorations$ There are trees to #e wra!!ed "or !arties$ >a:e#os to #e accented "or weddings$ Christmas lights are an easy way to make e.ery !arty more "un ) so let your e&isting customer #ase know that this is a that you o""er$
2. Surf the web to find out the latest trends in lighting.

As a !ro"essional lighting installer% you=ll want to #e aware o" the di""erent styles and ty!es o" lights a.aila#le so you can s!eak like a !ro"essional when you start your seasonal ad.entures$ C9 and C? Christmas light #ul#s are a traditional "a.orite that you must understand$ These glass #ul#s with "ilaments are the #rightest o" the Christmas lights and de!ending on your region o" the country are the most e&!ected$ They are #est !urchased #y the !ro"essional in cases o" '((( with se!arate cords so that you can tailor the sets to your customer=s .ision$ Clear and multi #ul#s are generally the "a.orite$ Mini lights are incredi#ly .ersatile and come in a huge array o" wiring and #ul# colors$ Match the lighting wiring to their #ackground i" you can$ Most mini lights can only #e run in sets o" 7 #ut some commercial .arieties do allow you to run 8 in series @kee!ing in mind that you don=t e&ceed any #reaker limitsA$ Commercial LB; Christmas lights ha.e #een on the scene "or a#out 7 years and make installation really easy$ Their incredi#ly low !ower consum!tion means that you can connect u! to ',4 sets o" lights together in a single run$ They use a single !ower ada!ter at the #eginning o" each run$ Twel.e% ,(% and 4( "oot 3um!ers are a.aila#le to 3um! #etween trees% doors and windows$

Start Your Own Christmas Light Installation Business Learn More Here

Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights 3. Use a good quality commercial clip.


The last thing you want to do is re.isit an installation #ecause some cli!s #roke in a storm or "ace an homeowners e&treme disa!!ointment @can you say understatementA #ecause you thought installing lights with a !ower sta!ler would #e 3ust "ine$ Some cli!s and attachments can #e !ermanently installed ) es!ecially on stucco and .ertical sur"aces$ Be sure to re.iew these o!tions with your client$ I=.e gi.en my customers a ta#le o" common a!!lications and the a!!ro!riate installation hardware to use #ased on the ty!e o" dis!lay they want% this way you ensure that the customer knows what they are getting$
4. Order some lights right away to see what they look like

in real life$ Think o" yoursel" as a lighting designer$ Trying to descri#e lights and their colors without actually holding them is like trying to descri#e a color the !hone$ You=ll #e on the hook "or !urchasing all the materials "or your lighting 3o#s$ Minimi:e disa!!ointment #y showing your customers sam!les$ You 3ust cannot underestimate the .alue o" this ste!$ For e.ery !erson who the ethereal glow o" LB; lighting there will #e a neigh#or who re/uires the su!er no.a /uality glow o" a run o" C? trans!arent #ul#s$ The colors o" the LB; lights tend to .ary and are a little di""erent than traditional incandescent lighting$ The white and #lue colors tend to ha.e the most color shi"t$ LB; lights come in , kinds o" white ) warm white and winter white$ *arm white led lights look white until you com!are them to something #lue$ The winter white or !ure white led lights ha.e a #luer look to them and are !o!ular with "olks who like #lue or are com#ining them with halogen landsca!e or commercial lighting$
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Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights


Again% actually !lugging them in "or your customers a"ter dark is the #est way to hel! ensure that they like the "inal color o" their installation$ I" you start early enough% you might e.en consider installing one set o" the lights they choose on their house #e"ore you !urchase all the materials re/uired "or their 3o#$ As a new installer% you 3ust can=t a""ord to take the chance o" !icking out what you like and "illing your garage with !roduct #ecause your customers may not share your o!inion and your .endors won=t take them #ack$

nstall the lights on your own home$ -ot only can you ha.e your customers dri.e #y @you can coordinate turning them on so all your neigh#ors won=t start turning you into your homeowner=s associationCA #ut you can !ractice and make any mistakes on your own home$ *alk the measurements o" the roo"line and start #y adding 7(5 o" the length "or the ele.ation o" the$ I" you "ind yoursel" working with a !articular ty!e o" architecture ) i$e$ Danch Es Tudor ) you=ll "igure out !retty /uickly what you need to allow "or in the !itch o" the roo"$ As you are hanging your own home% time yoursel" to gi.e yoursel" an idea o" how long it will take to com!lete a lighting 3o#$ -othing is worse than coming u! short in an installation where a"ter you !ay your crew you take home a #ig thank you and nothing at all "or #uying Christmas !resents this year$

6. !ave as many of your orders as you can lined up by

October$ All the country% Christmas light im!orters and distri#utors start their Christmas light !roducts in Se!tem#er and
Start Your Own Christmas Light Installation Business Learn More Here

Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights


Octo#er$ The most !o!ular light sets and lighting !roducts with 8 and ', inch s!acing can run out #y the #eginning o" -o.em#er$ ;on=t e.en think that you are going to "ind hea.y duty e&tension cords in stock on -o.em#er '$ They will most likely all #e gone$ And the ones you "ind won=t #e chea!$ More than likely% i" there aren=t .ery many Christmas Light installers in your area% once you start doing your installations @and they are starting earlier and earlier in -o.em#erA you=ll start re"erral calls so make sure that you ha.e good relationshi!s with your .endors and order early$ Be"ore Octo#er '4th% orders are generally !rocessed and shi!!ed within ')7 days$ A"ter this magic date% shi!!ing times can e&tend to F)4 days #ecause o" the incredi#le demand$ Sa.e on e&!edited shi!!ing and order early$
7. "ive your first few customers a discount if they#ll let

you display a yard sign. A !otential customer #y a #eauti"ully lit house and sees your sign in the yard% you can #et that they ll #e you a call "or an estimate$ *ord o" mouth and dri.e #y ad.ertising #eats e.ery other kind o" marketing ) ask any real estate agent a#out the !ower o" cur# a!!eal$ Be ready to answer your !hone and change your !hone message to re"lect your new sideline #usiness$ You=ll #e sur!rised to see your #usiness grow$
8. $e ready to say %&o%.

I hear a#out this e.eryday$ Be ready to walk away "rom the grand F((( s/uare "oot mansion with guest house 3o# where the "olks think your e""orts are worth +,(($ In this #usiness @or any other "or that matterA its not worth it to work "or chea! !eo!le$ And as you will o"tentimes the chea!est
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Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights


customers are the ones with the most money$
9. Try to build your business to continue year #round and

be innovative in your marketing. As I mentioned #e"ore% there is always a demand "or decorati.e lighting$ Call on nurseries to wra! their dis!lay trees ) great "or drawing in customers$ B&!eriment with !atio lighting$ Medium #ase cords and #ul#s are great "or this ty!e o" a!!lication$ Call all the local wedding !lanners and let them know the ser.ices you can !ro.ide$ Setting u! your own sideline Christmas light #usiness can #e !ro"ita#le all year long$ You are only limited #y what you want to do and how much time you want to gi.e to it$ As sel" em!loyed !eo!le% we can all use that e&tra stream o" income$
10. Seek education and training before you 'ump into this

business. This is im!ortant G This #usiness is relati.ely sim!le to o!erate once you get o"" the ground% #ut trying to start your #usiness without "irst knowing the ins and outs o" the industry% installation !rocedures% legal re/uirements% and #usiness o!eration s!eci"ics% you are setting yoursel" u! "or a .ery rough start i" not dooming yoursel" to "ailure$ Take the time to do some research% #uy a "ew #ooks or a training !ackage like Cashing In On Christmas and really educate yoursel" as to what you re getting into and what is actually re/uired to run a Christmas light installation #usiness$ -ow !lease understand that I am not saying this to scare you% #ut to instead hel! you make an in"ormed decision so that your #usiness .enture is !ro"ita#le and success"ul$
(earn )ore *bout Starting * Christmas (ight nstallation Service

Start Your Own Christmas Light Installation Business Learn More Here

Make A Fortune Installing Christmas Lights


Start Your Own Christmas Light Installation Business Learn More Here