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A Guide to
Internet Riches
David Lim
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Edition 1.2
Table of Contents
TabIe of Contents
Introduction 4
Chapter 1 Why Should You Start a Business? 7
- Advantaes o! Bein the Boss 1"
- #he $o%nside o! Bein the Boss 14
- #ypes o! &nline Businesses 1'
- &nline (s &!!line Businesses 1)
Chapter " *o% $o You Start an &nline *o+e-Based ""
- What is an &nline *o+e-Based Business "4
- Startin ,p "'
- $ecidin on a -roduct ."
- Your Inco+e Strea+ .4
- $o+ain /a+e .'
- Site $esin .)
- Search 0nine &pti+i1ation 4.
- -ro+otin Your We2site 43
Chapter . 04a+ples o! &nline *o+e-Based 35
- #he &pportunist 3"
- #he Copy%riter 33
- #he Co+puter -rora++er 36
Chapter 4 Articles '1
- Are You 7ivin on an Island o! 8ear? '"
- 8A9 - *o% do I :a;e a 7ot o! :oney on '3

A Guide to Internet Riches 2
Table of Contents
the Internet?
- <I a+ /ever 7osin Another =o2>< ')
- *o% to 0!!ectively :anae Your #i+e 7.
When You Wor; 8ro+ *o+e
- -hysics 04a+ 77
- Why do :ost -eople 8ail to :a;e :oney 7)
on the We2?
A2out #he Author 64
7icense 63
Re2randin In!o 6'
Operation Quick Money Handbook 3
A %ell-;no%n spea;er started o!! his se+inar 2y holdin up a ?"5
2ill and@ %ith a s+ile@ as;ed@ <Who %ould li;e this ?"5 2ill?<
&ne 2y one@ the hands %ent upA
7oo;in directly at a lady %ho did not have her hand up and %as
starin suspiciously at the ?"5 2ill in his hand@ he said@ <I
uarantee you that this is a enuine@ leal tender ?"5 noteA Are
you sure you are not interested in ettin this a2solutely !ree@ %ith
no strins attached?<
#he lady paused !or a +o+ent@ and put her hand up - alon %ith
+ost o! the rest o! the audience %ho did not put up their handsA
*e said@ <I a+ oin to ive this ?"5 to one o! you 2ut !irst let +e
do thisA< *e proceeded to cru+ple the dollar 2ill upA
*oldin up the cru+pled 2ill@ he then as;ed@ <Who still %ants this
dollar 2ill?<
#he hands re+ained up in the airA
<Well@< he replied@ <What i! I do this?< And he dropped it on the
round and started to rind it into the !loor %ith his shoeA 8or ood
+easure@ he even Bu+ped on it a !e% ti+esA *e pic;ed it up@ no%
all cru+pled and dirtyA </o% %ho still %ants it?<
Still the hands %ere up in the airA

A Guide to Internet Riches 4
<:y !riends@ you have all learned a very valua2le lessonA /o +atter
%hat I did to the +oney@ you still %anted it 2ecause it did not
decrease in valueA It is still %orth ?"5A :any ti+es in our lives@ %e
are dropped@ cru+pled@ and round into the dirt 2y the decisions
%e +a;e and the circu+stances that co+e our %ayA We !eel as
thouh %e are %orthlessA<
<But no +atter %hat has happened or %hat %ill happen@ you %ill
never lose your valueA<
#his anecdote is 2ut all too relevant in the Internet +ar;etin
I have %e2+asters tellin +e a2out ho% ood their site is@ ho%
they are oin to 2e the 2est in %hat they are doin@ etc@ etcA Si4
+onths do%n the road %hen I %ent to chec; on their site@ itCs oneA
What happened?
A lot o! the+ pro2a2ly ot 2usy@ or ot discouraedA 8or so+e@
%hen it %as clear that the +oney is not Bust oin to drop !ro+ the
s;y@ Bust +ove on to the ne4t et-rich-Duic; sche+eA
But I %ill 2et that !riends and !a+ily in!luenced a lot o! the+A #here
%ill 2e Duestions li;eE <*ave you +ade +oney on the net Y0#?< or
<When are you oin to stop playin around on the Internet and
et a real Bo2?< or <You are tryin to +a;e +oney on the AAAAA
We have all 2een thereA
It is up to us@ as Internet entrepreneurs@ to ;no% our !ield and
persevereA #he Internet is a dyna+ic place@ and set2ac;s and
!ailures are the nor+ rather than the e4ceptionA Believe in %hat
you are doin and donCt ive upA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 5
A !ailure is Bust a si+ple +iscalculation@ o! 2ein in the riht place
at the %ron ti+e@ or Bust a +atter o! 2ad luc;A A !ailure +ust not
di+inish your deter+ination and in no %ay re!lects 2adly on youA
Rather@ a !ailure Bust ta;es you one step closer to successA
#hat said@ %e +ust also continually learn and uprade ourselvesA
We +ust have con!idence in ourselves 2ut yet 2e open to ne%
ideas and suestionsA
<I !ind the reat thin in this %orld is not so +uch
%here %e stand@ as in %hat direction %e are
+ovinE #o reach the port o! heaven@ %e +ust
sail so+eti+es %ith the %ind and so+eti+es
aainst it@ 2ut %e +ust sail@ and not dri!t@ nor lie
at anchorA<
&liver Wendell *ol+es@ =rA
,S Supre+e Court =ustice

A Guide to Internet Riches 6
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
Chapter 1
Why ShouId You Start a Business?
e have 2een told +any ti+es that the ne% econo+y is
upon us@ or to prepare ourselves !or the ne% econo+y@ or
%hat ne% Bo2s %ill 2e created 2y the ne% econo+y@ or %hat Bo2s
%ill 2e lostA It has 2een iven di!!erent na+es@ such as ;no%lede
econo+y@ net%or; econo+y and the in!or+ation aeA
Rather than Dui22le over na+es and de!initions@ %e %ill all aree
that chanes are happenin in the %orld and %ill continue on in an
acceleratin pace !or the !oreseea2le !utureA #hese chanes %ill
pro!oundly a!!ect the %ay %e %or;@ play and do 2usinessA
7etCs spare a +o+ent to loo; at the chanes and ho% they a!!ect
FIexibIe Work Arrangements
:ore and +ore co+panies are adoptin %or; arrane+ents that
are not strictly ) to 3A It co+es in +any uises and is
advantaeous to 2oth e+ployees and e+ployersA
8or e+ployees@ it allo%s the+ ti+e o!! to ta;e a sic; child to the
doctor@ or to avoid the +ornin rush hourA
8or e+ployers@ it allo%s the+ to retain sta!! on a reduced
Operation Quick Money Handbook 7
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
%or;load@ %hile they peruse other interestsA #hey can also loo; at
their e+ployees as su2contractors@ e+ployin the+ to et a Bo2
done@ rather than on a per hour 2asisA
In so+e cases@ %ith a +o2ile phone@ a note2oo; and an Internet
connection@ the e+ployee can e!!ectively 2e the o!!iceA #he
e+ployee can %or; any%here she %ants and still 2e as e!!ective
as i! she %as riht there in the o!!iceA
(endin +achines are every%hereA 8ro+ sellin Coca-Cola to
snac;s@ there are no% so+e that %ill chare your +o2ile phonesA I!
you thin; a2out it@ those vendin +achines are doin %hat used to
2e so+e2odyCs Bo2A
:a;e a call to your local overn+ent depart+entA An ans%erin
+achine pic;s up the call@ riht? An operator %as put out o! a Bo2A
#a;e a loo; at yoursel!A You can pro2a2ly handle a %ord
processin prora+A I! you need to %rite a report@ you pro2a2ly do
it yoursel!@ includin the raphicsA I! you need to vie% a pd!
docu+ent@ ICll 2et that you %ill install the reader yoursel!A And IC+
uessin that your Bo2 has nothin to do %ith co+putersA With the
help o! a co+puter@ you have ta;en a !e% Bo2s a%ay yoursel!A
And it %ill et %orseA Co+puters are ettin cheaper@ +ore
po%er!ul and s+arterA Round the corner are co+puters 2etter a2le
to e+ulate hu+an a2ilitiesA Soon you %ill see co+puters that can
understand hu+an speech and read printed te4tA And IC+ sure that
you have seen ro2ots that can actually %al;@ on " lesA
Soon they %ill 2e on the streets and in your o!!ices@ and ta;in
a%ay even +ore Bo2sA

A Guide to Internet Riches 8
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
The Rise of India and China
<In the sa+e %ay that co++entators re!er to the 1)55s as the
A+erican Century@ the early "1st century +ay 2e seen as the ti+e
%hen so+e in the developin %orld@ led 2y India and China@ co+e
into their o%n@< said a $ece+2er "554 study 2y the ,ASA /ational
Intellience CouncilA
#he study !urther noted that there could 2e a <de!initive 2rea; %ith
so+e o! the post-World War II institutions and practicesA< #he
study also said that India <could e+ere as the %orldCs !astest-
ro%in econo+y< 2y "5"5@ overta;in ChinaA
With a co+2ined total population o! "A4 2illion people@ +ore than
one third o! the %orldCs population@ they cannot 2e inoredA
The Internet
Althouh the Internet has its 2einnins in the 1)'5s@ it actually
started to evolve into the net that %e ;no% in the early 1))5s %hen
the !irst properly developed %e2-2ro%ser@ :osaic@ %as introducedA
Since then@ Internet usae has e4ploded@ %ith an esti+ated 1.A)F
o! the %orldCs population connected as o! "553A #hat is a
staerin 66) +illion people>
#oday@ the Internet has 2eco+e an interal part o! our livesA 8ro+
e+ailin our colleaues and !riends@ to playin a+es@ to settin
up 2los tellin the %orld a2out our personal lives@ the Internet has
truly 2eco+e our constant co+panionA
All this has not escaped the attention o! the 2i 2usinesses and
corporationsA #hey have co+e online to reach +ar;ets they have
never 2een a2le to reach 2e!oreA With the Internet@ +ar;etin to :r
Gandhi and :s *iro;o has 2eco+e nearly as easy as +ar;etin to
:r S+ith in the ne4t o!!iceA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 9
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
With +ost o! their custo+ers online and easily accessi2le@ so+e
co+panies have decided to cut out the +iddle+anA Instead o!
appointin a distri2utor in a !orein country to deal %ith !orein
custo+ers@ they %ill ta;e over or at least +ini+i1e the role o! the
distri2utor@ pre!errin to deal directly %ith their custo+ersA
0ven the averae =oes on the street have Bu+ped onto the
2and%aonA #hey have set up 2usinesses on the %e2@ ha%;in
their %ares on the lo2al +ar;etplaceA And so+e have done pretty
%ell !or the+selvesA
So@ %hat does all this +ean to you?
#o put it in a nutshell@ the %orld is chanin and it %ill continue to
do so at a !aster and !aster rateA Your Bo2@ %hich you !eel is secure@
+ay not 2e in 3 years ti+eA What is %orse@ it +ay 2e rendered
o2solete 2y technoloy or chanes in the econo+yA
#o +eet these challenes head on@ you need to uprade and
diversi!yA ,prade yoursel! so that you are the 2est that you can 2e
in your chosen pro!essionA And you can diversi!y 2y ta;in on +ore
responsi2ilities at %or;@ thus +a;in yoursel! +ore indispensa2leA
I! you are sharp enouh@ you %ould pro2a2ly reali1e that upradin
yoursel! and ta;in on +ore responsi2ilities does not necessarily
+ean +ore payA But it %ill +ost certainly +ean +ore hours at
Which is %hy +ore and +ore people are loo;in to o into
2usiness !or the+selvesA And that is %hy you are here no%A
Startin a 2usiness 15 years ao %ould pro2a2ly have +eant
spendin a ood part o! your nest e@ or oin into de2tA But@ %ith

A Guide to Internet Riches 10
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
todayCs connected %orld@ and the riht choice o! products and
2usiness@ an online 2usiness can 2e started !or a pittanceA
#here are no uarantees in li!e@ Bust as there are no uarantees
that you %ill 2e a2le to 2uild a success!ul online 2usiness@ 2ut donCt
you o%e it to yoursel! to at least loo; into it?
Operation Quick Money Handbook 11
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
Advantages of Being the Boss
FIexibIe Hours
What is the !irst thin that co+es to your +ind %hen you sa%
<8le4i2le *ours<? (isions o! a!ternoons spent playin ol!@ or
shoppin at the +all? :ay2e you %ere thin;in o! %or;in . days
a %ee; and ta;in " days o!!?
Sorry to 2urst your 2u22le@ 2ut <8le4i2le *ours< +eans that you
have +ore control over %hen you %or;@ and not ho% +any hours
you %or;A
As the 2oss o! a 2usiness that is Bust startin up@ e4pect to %or;
+ore than 6 hours a day@ rather than lessA But you %ill have the
!reedo+ to ta;e a hour o!! !or a dental appoint+ent@ or to ta;e a
day o!! %hen you really need a 2rea;@ %ithout havin to as; !or
You are Working for YourseIf
0ver really stopped to thin; %here you are headin? I +ean@ really
stop %hatever it is that you are 2usy %ith and thin; a2out %here
you %ant to 2e !inancially in 15 years ti+e? Are you oin to 2e
a2le to achieve that oal? And 2e 2rutally honestA
I! you are holdin do%n a Bo2 riht no%@ I %ould 2e Duite sure that
your ans%er %ill 2e that you are not oin to 2e a2le to achieve
%hat you %ant in 15 years ti+eA Althouh you are earnin a
+onthly salary %ith yearly incre+ents and ood 2onuses@ that

A Guide to Internet Riches 12
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
drea+ o! a lu4ury yacht@ or retirin early is Bust not oin to
You can %or; 1"-hour days !or the rest o! your li!e@ 2ut those
drea+s %ill re+ain Bust that - drea+sA EG
#he co+pany can ta;e o!! 2ecause o! your hard %or;@ and you can
et nice !at 2onuses@ 2ut the only person that %ill 2e ettin that
lu4ury yacht %ill 2e your 2ossA You are never oin to et that
#hins %ill 2e di!!erent %hen you are runnin your o%n online
I! you %or; very hard@ the s;yCs the li+itA It %ill 2e a strule in the
2einnin@ 2ut in 15 years ti+e@ that lu4ury yacht can actually 2e a
You Can Make a Lot of Money
I ;no%@ this ties in %ith the previous topic a2out %or;in !or
yoursel!@ in %hich I i+plied that i! you %or; real hard@ you can
+a;e a lot o! +oney Glu4ury yachtHA But I !eel that the !act that you
can really +a;e a lot o! +oney is so i+portant that it deserves a
topic o! itCs o%n and it needs to 2e stated e4plicitlyA
I! you have the drive@ inenuity and resource!ulness@ runnin a
2usiness o! your o%n can really 2rin in the 2i 2uc;sA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 13
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
The Downside of Being the Boss
<You et to 2oss people around@ you can choose %hen you %or;
and you +a;e a lot o! +oney - there is a do%n side?<@ you as;A As
%ith practically all thins in li!e@ the roses %ill al%ays co+e %ith
The Buck Stops Here
8or+er ,ASA president *arry #ru+an had a sin %ith <#he Buc;
Stops *ere< inscri2ed on itA In so doin@ #ru+an %as announcin
that %hile those 2eneath hi+ could duc; responsi2ility@ as the then
president o! the ,nited States@ he has to 2ear the ulti+ate
As an e+ployee@ you %ould encounter +any pro2le+s %hich you
can sa!ely shir; responsi2ilityA So lon as it is not under your Bo2
scope@ you can say@ <#hatCs not +y pro2le+A< #he pro2le+ %ill 2e
solved 2y so+e2ody %ho is paid and trained to solve itA I! no2ody
clai+s responsi2ility !or the pro2le+@ the pro2le+ %ill ulti+ately
have to 2e solved 2y the 2oss hi+sel!A
So@ as the 2oss o! your 2usiness@ every pro2le+ is@ directly or
indirectly@ your pro2le+A
It's LoneIy at the Top
As the 2oss o! the 2usiness@ you have to e4pect a 2it o! isolation
!ro+ your e+ployeesA 0ven i! you have a consultative !or+ o!

A Guide to Internet Riches 14
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
leadership@ loo;in at your e+ployees as partners and peers
rather than su2ordinates@ you %ill not 2e one o! the 2oysA As the
2oss@ your priorities and oals are di!!erent !ro+ the+ and that is
%hat %ill set you apartA
In !act@ to ;eep your 2usiness runnin s+oothly@ it +ay 2e 2est to
+aintain a little distanceA #here +ay 2e ti+es in %hich you have to
do the unpopular 2ut necessary li;e !irin so+e2ody and you %ill
de!initely appreciate the distance thenA
FinanciaI Security
I! you are used to ettin a paychec; every +onth@ this aspect o!
runnin a 2usiness +ay 2e pretty hard on youA Instead o! enBoyin
a paychec; every +onth@ you are oin to have to hand out not
one 2ut +any paychec;sA EG
#his is oin to 2e e4tre+ely di!!icult and stress!ul at the 2einnin
%hen your 2usiness is not pro!ita2le yetA 0very +onth you %ill see
your operatin capital 2ein depleted@ %ith little prospect o! a
surplus the ne4t +onthA But then@ +ay2e this %ill spur you on to
achieve heihts even you didnCt drea+ possi2leA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 15
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
Types of OnIine Businesses
Althouh the Internet has 2een around !or Duite so+e years@ it has
evolved to the net as %e ;no% it less than 15 years aoA And in
that short ti+e@ it has truly 2eco+e indispensa2le@ !eaturin
pro+inently in our %or; and playA
And@ as is inevita2le in any +ediu+ in %idespread use@ the Internet
has also 2eco+e co++erciali1edA And that is %hy you are here
no%@ e4plorin the possi2ility o! utili1in the net !or your o%n
+onetary ainA
Be!ore %e loo; !urther into a 2usiness on the %e2@ it %ill 2e ood to
;no% a2out the di!!erent types o! online 2usinesses !ound on the
Extension of an OffIine Business. A lare esta2lished
co+pany +ay !ind that it is necessary to have a %e2
presenceA In +any cases@ this online venture %ill not 2e a
2usiness in itsel!@ 2ut +erely serves as an e4tension o! its
+ar;etin depart+entA
In so+e cases@ this %e2 presence +ay not 2e directly
related to +ar;etin or sellinA #he co+pany +ay use its
online presence !or +ar;et research or in!or+ation
distri2utionA &nline !oru+s +ay 2e set up to ather
!eed2ac;@ or the co+pany +ay +a;e their catalos and
product speci!ications availa2le online !or their custo+ersC
Large OnIine Business. #his type o! co+pany %ill start

A Guide to Internet Riches 16
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
%ith an entrepreneur %ith a 2rilliant ideaA *e %ill solicit !unds
!ro+ venture capitalists@ or even start %ith his o%n !undsA A
co+pany is 2orn and it %ill start hirin :BAs@ prora++ers@
syste+s analysts@ raphic desiners - %hatever it ta;es to
2e online in ' +onths ti+eA
I %ould not put +y +oney in such a co+panyA #he
pro!essionals hired@ %hile undou2tedly co+petent in their
o%n line o! %or;@ +ay not do such a ood Bo2 in the online
#a;e@ as an e4a+ple@ the raphic desinerA She %ould
pro2a2ly desin a very i+pressive !lash presentation !or the
ho+e pae o! the siteA It %ill tell o! the +erits o! the
co+pany and it %ill no dou2t 2e %ell received 2y all in the
But a %e2 sur!er Gtheir custo+erH is not oin to 2e at all
happy %ith the presentationA 8irstly@ it ta;es !orever to
do%nload even on 2road2andA Secondly@ it ta;es over the
co+puterCs spea;ers@ %hich %ill not 2e %ell received 2y
those that are listenin to +usic@ or on the phone@ or
%atchin televisionA #hirdly@ there %ill pro2a2ly 2e no option
to s;ip the presentation@ i! one so desiresA And lastly@ the
presentation tal;s only a2out the co+pany@ not a2out ho%
the co+pany can 2ene!it the sur!erA
*o%ever@ thins are chaninA -ro!essionals hired durin
the dot co+ cra1e at the turn o! the century have learnt that
the net is a di!!erent ;ettle o! !ish altoether and they are
#esta+ent to this is the turnaround o! A+a1onAco+A In
"551@ they reported a loss o! ?3'7 +illionA But . short years
later@ in "554@ they %ere in the 2lac; 2y ?366 +illionA
SmaII OnIine Business. A sinle individual typically starts
Operation Quick Money Handbook 17
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
thisA #his uy +ay already have a s+all part ti+e 2usiness
o! his o%n and is loo;in to the net to e4pand his salesA &r@
he +ay 2e attracted 2y spa+ he ot in his e+ail pro+isin
lare su+s o! +oney !or little or no %or;A
A!ter a !e% +onths +ost %ould have iven up in disustA
#hey %ould have tried out the so-called 2usiness
opportunities o!!ered@ +any o! %hich are outriht sca+s and
all o! %hich %ould have !ailed to live up to their clai+sA
A select !e% %ill re+ainA #hey %ould have developed a
discernin eye and seen throuh the et-rich-Duic; sche+es
!or %hat they really are - et-rich-Duic; sche+es !or the
starters o! the sche+esA #hey %ill !erret out the +ore
leiti+ate opportunities@ or start one o! their o%n@ and o
into 2usiness !or the+selvesA
#his e2oo; is a2out online 2usinesses that can 2e started 2y a
sinle person@ %ith li+ited resources@ %or;in alone in his araeA

A Guide to Internet Riches 18
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
OnIine Vs OffIine Businesses
ExtremeIy Low Startup Cost
-erhaps one o! the +ost attractive aspects o! 2usiness on the %e2
is the e4tre+ely lo% start up costA
I! you %ere to consider a nor+al o!!line 2usiness@ %eCd 2e tal;in
a2out so+e sort o! o!!ice space or shop space@ one or t%o
e+ployees at the very least@ so+e ;ind o! inventory@ +ay2e
renovations@ and lots o! other s+aller e4pensesA
0ven i! you %ere to %or; on a shoestrin 2udet@ you +ay need at
least ?35@555 to run !or a yearA
And a lot o! 2usinesses do not sho% a pro!it in the !irst yearA
$o you have ?35@555 to spare? And thatCs Bust !or the !irst year>
#he Internet@ on the other hand@ actually allo%s you to start a
2usiness at I0R& costA #here are lots o! !ree stu!! on the netA You
can use those resources to start a 2usiness at no costA
&! course@ it is hihly advisa2le !or you to pay !or certain thins@
li;e a do+ain na+e@ %e2 hostin and one or t%o services that %ill
help auto+ate your 2usinessA Your 2usiness %ill run +ore
s+oothly and ain +ore credi2ility@ and 2e +ore pro!ita2le in the
lon runA
Re+e+2er %hat they say a2out !ree thins@ <You et %hat you pay
Operation Quick Money Handbook 19
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
8or a start@ letCs tal; a2out ?35 to ?155 a +onthA You can a!!ord
that@ riht? Bet thatCs less than your ;idCs allo%anceA
In the o!!line 2usiness %orld@ even i! you have a product that
appeals across 2orders@ you are oin to have a +assive
orani1ational niht+are in !iurin out ho% to e4pand reionally@
not to +ention lo2allyA And thatCs assu+in you have the !inancial
+uscle to even consider itA
In an online 2usiness@ a lo2al reach is the nor+ rather the
e4ceptionA 0very online co+pany is e!!ectively a lo2al co+pany@
%ith the potential to sell lo2allyA
But i! you %ant to sell to any #o+@ $ic; and *arry on the %e2@ you
+ust choose your products or services care!ullyA GrannyCs
*eavenly Coo;ies %ill pro2a2ly sell to al+ost any2ody on the %e2
2ut i! you are sellin real estate in 8lorida@ you are oin to have a
very select and locali1ed audienceA
You Can Work Part Time
8or +ost o!!line 2usinesses@ %or;in part ti+e is not an option - at
least durin the startin staesA 0very day that your 2usiness is
runnin is costin you +oney - +oney !or the utilities@ +oney !or
the rent@ +oney to pay your e+ployees@ etcA
You are onna have to Duit your Bo2 and %or; on your 2usiness !ull
ti+e to +a;e sure it turns a pro!it - 2e!ore you run out o! +oneyA
8or an online 2usiness@ you can ;eep your day Bo2A Your +onthly
e4penses %ill 2e very lo% as co+pared to o!!line 2usinesses and
so there is no need to 2e pro!ita2le as soon as possi2leA

A Guide to Internet Riches 20
Chapter 1: Why Should ou Start a Business!
&nly %hen you !ind that your 2usiness is startin to enerate a
serious inco+e@ and you are havin pro2le+s copin %ith its
de+ands@ do you have to consider Duittin your day Bo2A
First Impressions Count
#he street location o! a 2usiness@ or the 2uildin it is in@ %ill ive
the visitor the !irst i+pression o! the si1e o! the 2usinessA In +any
cases@ this !irst i+pression %ill 2e the deter+inin !actor as to
%hether the 2usiness +a;es a saleA
When you are online@ ho%ever 2i or s+all your co+pany is@ you
%ill still occupy one screen o! your visitorCs +onitorA As a s+all
2usiness@ %ith a %ell-desined site@ you %ill have a +uch reater
chance o! i+pressin your custo+ers and stealin the+ !ro+ your
2ier co+petitorsA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 21
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Chapter 2
How Do You Start an OnIine Home-
Based Business?
Well@ you start riht at the 2einnin@ o! courseA EH
But seriously@AAA
An online ho+e 2ased 2usiness is not so+ethin you %ant to start
on a %hi+A It ta;es a lot o! %or; and plannin to +a;e it
And even then@ a lot donCt +a;e itA
As; yoursel! honestly i! you have %hat it ta;esA
Are you %illin to ris; your ti+e@ e!!ort and +oney on a venture that
+ay or +ay not succeed? $o you have the patience and s;ills
needed to plan and e4ecute an actual 2usiness? Can you stic; it
out %hen the oin ets touh? Can you co+e up %ith a 2etter
product than your co+petitor?
AndJAi! you !ail despite all your e!!orts@ can you pic; yoursel! up@
dust yoursel! o!!@ and soldier on?
So@ you as;@ %hy a+ I tryin to +a;e it sound so di!!icult to start
and run a success!ul online 2usiness?

A Guide to Internet Riches 22
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Because it isA
#he chances that an o!!line 2usiness %ill !old %ithin the !irst 3
years is nor+ally put at 65F - )5FA #hatCs Duite sli+A #hat %or;s
out to 1 to " uys out o! every 15 uysA
And i! %e apply the 65K"5 rule@ o! those still alive@ only "5F %ould
2e doin %ellA In other %ords@ out o! every 155 co+panies that
starts up@ only " to 4 co+panies 2e pro!ita2le enouh to +a;e the
e!!ort %orth%hileA
/o%@ ta;e a loo; at an online 2usinessA #he 2arrier to entry is very
lo%A #he online %orld is lo2al in natureA With the chanes in the
%orld econo+y@ +ore and +ore people are loo;in to start a
2usinessA And %here do they loo;? #he InternetA
So@ you %ill have a lot +ore co+petitors in an online 2usiness@ and
the success rate %ill dropA In an online 2usiness@ the success rate
%ill 2e less than 1 uy out o! every 15 uysA -retty 2ad odds@ i! you
as; +eA
I hope you are convinced that it is oin to 2e a strule to start
and run a success!ul online 2usinessA /ot i+possi2le@ 2ut hard
%or;@ perseverance and inenuity are reDuiredA
But i! you are prepared@ letCs continueA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 23
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
What is an OnIine Home-Based
A lot o! you +ay %ant to start an online 2usiness %ithout ;no%in
%hat it really isA You +ay have heard o! so+e uy startin a
2usiness online and +a;in li;e a a1illion dollarsA &r@ perhaps a
co+puter !riend %as tellin you that heCs da22lin in an online
2usinessA &r@ +ay2e you really donCt ;no% and youCre here to !ind
Well@ letCs de!ine a 2usiness as an entity created %ith the o2Bective
o! +a;in a pro!it !ro+ the sale o! oods or servicesA
Which +a;es an online ho+e 2ased 2usiness as a 2usiness that
+ainly conducts its activities online and operates !ro+ ho+eA
$e!inition o! an &nline *o+e Based Business
1A An online ho+e 2ased 2usiness is a entity created %ith
the o2Bective o! +a;in a pro!it !ro+ the sale o! oods or
services that +ainly conducts its activities online and
operates !ro+ ho+eA
#here are +any sites that advertises ad placin as an online
2usinessA Basically@ in ad placin@ you are paid to place ads !or the
siteA #he a+ount that you are paid depends on the nu+2er o! ads
that you placeA
Is that really an online 2usiness?

A Guide to Internet Riches 24
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
I thin; that it depends on your attitudeA #a;e an ad placer that loo;s
at ad placin as a Bo2A What do you thin; this ad placer %ill do
durin the course o! his day? -lace ads@ o! courseA And thatCs a2out
all that he %ill doA
7etCs ta;e another ad placer %ith a 2usiness attitudeA $urin his
day@ he %ould pro2a2ly place adsA But a sini!icant part o! his day
%ill 2e spent in loo;in !or %ays to place ads !aster@ or to outsource
his ad place+ent@ or even investiatin the !easi2ility o! startin a
si+ilar 2usinessA
:any 2usiness o%ners %ill !all into the !irst cateoryA #heir
2usinesses are +a;in a ood inco+e@ 2ut they are not loo;in to
i+prove their processes@ or 2rea; into ne% +ar;etsA #hey are doin
the sa+e thin day in@ day out@ and earnin the sa+e a+ount every
+onthA #heir 2usiness has actually 2eco+e a Bo2A
In an online 2usiness@ %ith the Internet in constant !lu4 and ettin
+ore co+petitive 2y the day@ i! you are not +ovin !or%ards@ you
are +ovin 2ac;%ardsA
#o ha++er ho+e this point@ letCs add a second clause to our
de!inition o! an online 2usinessE
$e!inition o! an &nline *o+e Based Business
1A An online ho+e 2ased 2usiness is a entity created %ith
the o2Bective o! +a;in a pro!it !ro+ the sale o! oods or
services that +ainly conducts its activities online and
operates !ro+ ho+eA
"A #his entity +ust@ over ti+e@ !ind %ays and +eans to
enerate +ore pro!it !ro+ less e!!ort andKor resourcesA
-ay close attention to the second clauseA It is the di!!erence
2et%een achievin success or +erely +a;in a livinA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 25
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Starting Up
I re+e+2er a ti+e a !e% years ao %hen I %as as;ed to desin
and 2uild a proBect !ro+ scratchA #he proBect %as a si+ple
distri2uted control syste+ controllin +ultiple ceilin !ansA And it
has to 2e !inished li;e@ yesterday>
I rushed throuh the proBect li;e +y li!e depended on it and a
+onth and a hal! later@ it %as co+pleteA Actually@ I %as Duite proud
o! +ysel!A It %as !inished in record ti+e and I donCt thin; any2ody
could !inish a si+ilar proBect that !astA I %as %onderin i! it %as a
ood ti+e to as; !or a raise@ 2utJAA
:y 2oss too; one loo; at it and as;ed@ <Would it have 2een 2etter
i! you had net%or;ed the +odules toether %ith a sinle ca2le?<
And he %as rihtA I! I had desined it the %ay he suested@ it
%ould have 2een cheaper@ easier to desin and !aster to co+pleteA
What happened?
In +y 2lind rush to co+plete the proBect as !ast as I could@ I started
desin %ith the !irst !easi2le concept I thouht o!@ and Bust ;ept
oinA I! I had Bust %aited a day or t%o@ considered alternatives@ I
%ould have co+e up %ith the 2etter desin that +y 2oss
By rushin@ I had actually %asted ti+e@ instead o! savin itA
/eedless to say@ I decided it %asnCt a ood ti+e to as; !or a raiseA
But I had learnt the lesson %ell and in !uture proBects@ I +ade sure I

A Guide to Internet Riches 26
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
spent enouh ti+e plannin 2e!ore startinA
IC+ sure you are all rarin to oA But 2e!ore you o charin into
the Internet sellin anythin that +oves@ spend a 2it o! ti+e
preparinA It %ill ta;e loner 2ut in the lon run@ you %ill 2e +ore
Believe +e@ I have 2een thereA LH
We shall continue %ith preparations that you should do as you plan
your 2usinessA
Internet Access
You %ill 2e online a lot o! the ti+eA It %ill 2e 2est to et a
2road2and connection %ith unli+ited accessA
A lot o! your %or; %ill 2e done on your co+puter and it has to 2e in
ood %or;in orderA Good %or;in order should 2e de!ined as
● You can %or; on the co+puter !or 6 hours continuously
%ithout it crashinA #his includes 2ein a2le to connect to
the Internet continuously !or 6 hours %ithout ettin
● It doesnCt ta;e !orever !or an application to loadA I %ould loo;
at anythin up to 15 seconds as typical %hile 13 - .5
seconds is a little too lonA
● :aintain a ood 2ac;up routineA #here are +any options
availa2le@ 2ut I %ould reco++end usin a porta2le hard dis;
or thu+2 drive@ or %ritin to C$ R&:sA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 27
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
● Bac;up at least once a %ee;A
● :a;e sure the co+puter is availa2le %hen you need itA Any
;ids chattin@ or hu22y chec;in up on the sports ne%s
+ust +a;e the+selves scarce@ %hen you sho% upA
0ach and every 2usiness is di!!erent and so are their so!t%are
reDuire+entsA I have co+plied a short list to et you startedA You
%ill have to add to it as you +ove alon in your 2usinessA
● Word -rocessorA I! your co+puter doesnCt already have one
installed@ you could try Word-adA It doesnCt have a lot o!
!eatures@ 2ut it co+es !ree %ith Windo%sA
● *#:7 0ditorA You are oin to have to do so+e !or+ o! %e2
pae desin or editinA 0ven i! you %ere to start !ro+ a
ready +ade te+plate@ you are still oin to have to put in
your contentA
● Graphics 0ditorA At so+e point you are pro2a2ly oin to
need a raphics editorA You can try the -aint prora+ that
co+es %ith Windo%sA
● 8tp -rora+A You %ill have to upload your site onto the
%e2A 8or +ost %e2 hosts@ you %ill use 8#- to do thatA
OnIine Security or Viruses, Spy Ware and Other
When I !irst sat do%n to %rite this section@ I %as thin;in o! a
pararaph or t%o advisin you not to 2e co+placentA #his %ill 2e
!ollo%ed 2y a short list o! si+ple@ co++onsense advice on ho% not

A Guide to Internet Riches 28
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
to et in!ectedA
But as I %as searchin the Internet !or so+e statistics on virus
in!ection@ I 2ean to reali1e the actual scale o! the pro2le+A
Althouh viruses are still a 2i threat@ a +ultitude o! other threats
li;e #roBan horses@ $$&S attac;s@ phishin has e+ered in recent
#hese threats are +ore sinister than the co++on virus in!ectionA
In the old days@ a lot o! viruses are there Bust to cause +ischie!A
You %ill et a +essae tellin you that you have 2een in!ected@ or
the virus %ill auto+atically re2oot your co+puter@ or@ +y personal
!avorite@ your screen %ill !ree1e and 2its and pieces o! it %ill drop to
the 2otto+A
#he intent %as to tell you that you have 2een in!ectedA #hat %as
the end in itsel!A #he virus %riter has no other +alicious intentA
Security threats these days are not so <2enin<A
I! you are not care!ul@ your user na+es and pass%ords can 2e
co+pro+isedA I+aine %hat a hac;er can do %ith the user na+e
and pass%ord to your 2an; account> It is also possi2le !or a hac;er
to ain control o! your co+puter@ copyin or deletin !iles at %illA
&r@ he can use your co+puter to launch an attac; aainst another
When no2ody is at ho+e@ you loc; your door@ donCt you?
What a2out your co+puter? What are you doin to +a;e sure
no2ody 2rea;s into your co+puter?
$onCt 2e co+placent a2out online securityA 7earn as +uch as you
can and ta;e the necessary steps to protect your co+puterA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 29
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
#he !ollo%in are so+e si+ple tips are start you o!!E
● Install anti-virus@ spy %are and !ire%all protection !or your
● Stay up-to-date %ith so!t%are patches
● /ever open attach+ents o! any e+ails !ro+ an un;no%n
Computer Literacy
You %ill spend a lot o! your ti+e on the %e2 loo;in !or in!or+ation@
e+ailin and chattinA #he rest o! your ti+e +ay 2e spent in %ritin
articles@ desinin %e2 paes or +ay2e even %ritin prora+sA
0very sinle one o! the a2ove activities reDuires a co+puterA :ost
o! those activities %ill reDuire that you 2e loed on to the InternetA
I! you are not ood in co+puters or the Internet@ you have to do
so+ethin a2out itA
It %ill 2e a lot to ta;e in 2ut Bust learn it one thin at a ti+e@ one day
at a ti+eA In a !e% +onths I uarantee that co+puters and the
Internet %ill 2e li;e second nature to youA You %ill still have a lot o!
thins to learn 2ut you %ill have acDuired the 2asicsA
Runnin an online 2usiness is very cheap as co+pared to o!!line
2usinessesA I %ould loo; at ?35 - ?155 per +onth Gnot inclusive o!
Internet access charesH as +ore than enouh in +ost casesA $o
note that +ore +ay 2e needed at the start !or the purchase o!
so!t%are@ co+puter hard%are and e2oo;sA
It is usually reco++ended that you %or; on your 2usiness on a

A Guide to Internet Riches 30
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
part ti+e 2asis until it starts to enerate a sini!icant inco+eA &nce
that happens@ you can then consider Duittin your Bo2 to %or; on
your 2usiness !ull ti+eA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 31
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Deciding on a Product
You have decided to try startin an online ho+e-2ased 2usiness -
%hat you lac; is a productA
#ry to et ideas !or a product 2y sur!in the %e2 and seein %hat
other people are sellinA Go to eBay and see %hatCs 2ein
auctionedA #ry Boinin an online !oru+ and as;inA
Re+e+2er that you are sellin the product online@ so i! possi2le@
ta;e advantae o! itA #he ideal online product should 2e
do%nloada2le or accessi2le online 2y your 2uyerA -ay+ent should
2e online@ althouh you +ay %ant to o!!er o!!line optionsA #here
should 2e no need !or +aintenance or servicin !or the productA
$o 2ear in +ind that you %ill 2e %or;in lon hours pro+otin and
sellin this productA 8ind so+ethin that you can 2e truly
passionate a2outA You %ill de!initely 2e a2le to sell it 2etterA
7etCs ta;e a loo; at so+e o! the products that can 2e sold onlineE
● PhysicaI Product. Actually@ anythin that can 2e sold
o!!line can 2e sold onlineA But@ iven the lo2al nature o! the
Internet@ it %ould 2e 2est that you choose a product that is
s+all and can 2e sent to +ost parts o! the %orld %ithout too
+any custo+s restrictionsA You +iht also li;e to consider a
product that is consu+a2le@ to increase the chance o!
repeat 2usinessA
I! you are really considerin a physical product@ you +ay
%ant to chec; i! the product can 2e dropped shipped to your

A Guide to Internet Riches 32
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
custo+erA 0ssentially@ %hat the drop shipper does is ta;e
over the %arehousin and shippin o! the product !or youA
#he drop shipper %ill ship the product direct to your
custo+er@ %ith your co+panyCs na+e and address as
senderA #o the custo+er@ it %ill 2e as i! your co+pany
shipped the productA
● InformationaI Product. #his %ill 2e an e2oo; on a certain
su2BectA #his is an ideal product to sell online as you do not
have to %orry a2out inventory or shippinA &nce your
custo+er pays !or the product@ they %ill 2e directed to a site
%here they can do%nload the e2oo; i++ediatelyA
I! you are inclined to@ you can %rite the e2oo; yoursel!A
*o%ever@ there are also e2oo;s %hich you can do%nload !or
!ree or a s+all !ee@ that ives you the riht to resell it !or
● Software. I! you are a prora++er@ and you have a reat
idea !or a so!t%are application@ you can o ahead and ive it
a tryA *o%ever@ li;e e2oo;s@ there are also so!t%are
applications %hich ives you the riht to resell it !or pro!itA
● Advertising. Your product does not have to 2e tani2leA It
can si+ply 2e advertisin space on your %e2sites@ or your
Operation Quick Money Handbook 33
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Your Income Stream
So@ no% %e co+e to every2odyCs !avorite topic@ ho% to +a;e
+oney !ro+ an online 2usiness? LH
,nli;e an o!!line 2usiness@ %here usually the only pro!its %ill co+e
!ro+ the sale o! your products@ an online 2usiness o!!ers you the
possi2ility o! +ultiple inco+e strea+sA
#he !ollo%in lists the various %ays you can earn !ro+ your online
● SaIes. A pretty traditional %ay o! +a;in +oney is to sell
your productA Wor;s as %ell online as it does o!!lineA EH
● AffiIiate Programs. You can Boin a!!iliate prora+s to
pro+ote another co+panyCs productA When you +a;e the
sale@ you %ill 2e entitled to a co++issionA #his is a ood
%ay to start i! you donCt have your o%n product@ or donCt
%ant to ;eep stoc; or receive pay+entsA
#a;e your ti+e and shop around !or an a!!iliate prora+ that
pays %ellA ItCs not easy sellin on the net and I %ould e4pect
to 2e %ell co+pensated !or +y e!!ortsA I %ould consider a
"5F - .5F co++ission as !air co+pensation !or +y e!!ortsA
● ResiduaI Income. Residual inco+e can 2e de!ined as
inco+e derived not as a direct result o! your e!!ortsA 8or
e4a+ple@ you can sell %e2 hostin at ?15K+onth and et a
"5F co++ission@ %hich %or;s out to ?"K+onthA I! your
custo+er rene%s the ne4t +onth@ you %ill auto+atically et

A Guide to Internet Riches 34
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
another ?"@ %ithout any additional e!!ort on your partA In !act@
you %ill et ?" per +onth !or as lon as your custo+er
Another %ay you can earn residual inco+e is !ro+ the
e!!orts o! your re!erralsA :ost a!!iliate prora+s have at least
a "-tier structure@ allo%in you to earn so+e co++ission
!ro+ the sales o! your re!erralsA
A %ord o! advice i! you are plannin to 2uild a 2usiness !ro+
the residual inco+e !ro+ your re!errals - hope !or the 2est
2ut prepare !or the %orstA A !ull )5F o! your re!errals %ill
pro2a2ly sit on their 2ehind and do a2solutely nothin %hile
)F +ay 2rin in a sale or t%oA &nly 1F@ i! you are luc;y@ %ill
per!or+ %ellA
● Advertising. #here are +any %ays you can earn
advertisin revenue !ro+ your siteA You can enter into a
private deal %ith another %e2+aster to display his 2anner
on your site !or 4 dollars per +onthA &r@ you can Boin a
2anner e4chane and display 2anners !or cashA
You can +a4i+i1e your advertisin space 2y introducin
popups@ popunders or slidein ads@ 2ut the eneral rule o!
thu+2 is - one is +ore than enouhA :any sur!ers !ind these
irritatin 2ut %ill pro2a2ly tolerate one@ 2ut not +oreA
*o%ever@ %ith ad rates 2ein rather lo%@ advertisin
revenue %ill Bust supple+ent your inco+eA ,nless you have
a very popular site@ your !ortune %ill not 2e +ade in
● Subscription. I! you have in!or+ation that sur!ers %ill pay
to access@ then you can consider a su2scription-2ased siteA
Sur!ers %ill pay a one-ti+e !ee@ or +onthly !ee@ to have
access to your siteA &r you can have a !ree site@ 2ut a
su2scription-2ased ne%sletterA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 35
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Domain Name
You Bust have to reister a do+ain na+eA A site %ithout its o%n
do+ain na+e loo;s unpro!essionalA It loo;s li;e you are a here-
today-one-to+orro% type o! siteA
I %ould really thin; t%ice 2e!ore 2uyin !ro+ or trustin such a siteA
Besides@ i! your %e2 host oes out o! 2usiness@ a lot o! your
pro+otion e!!orts %ill 2e %astedA
Be!ore decidin on a na+e@ use the !ollo%in tips to ive you an
idea o! ho% to choose a 2etter na+eA
Your Domain Name ShouId be Catchy, Short
and/or Easy to Remember
#a;e a na+e li;e <MeliBoo;sAco+<A
#hin; you can re+e+2er it?
/o% i+aine that you have 2een sur!in the %e2 !or the last hour
loo;in !or a certain 2oo; and have 2een encounterin na+es li;e
<Boo;s-n-SuchAco+<@ <:yBoo;sAco+< and
$o you thin; <MeliBoo;sAco+< %ill stand out?

A Guide to Internet Riches 36
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
I donCt thin; soA
/o%AAAho% a2out a 2oo;shop 2y the na+e o! <8at2rainAco+<?
Bet you can re+e+2er itA ItCll pro2a2ly stic; li;e a leech to your
+indA I thin; youCd 2e hard pressed to !oret itA
#hatCs the ;ind o! na+e you %ant !or your siteA
Make Sure it is Easy to Pronounce and Easy to
#hin; o! <9uittinYour=o2Aco+<A ItCs easy !or you to tell your !riend
the na+e o! this site over the phone@ riht? YouCd Bust say@
<9uittin your Bo2 dot co+<A
*o% a2out a site %ith a na+e li;e <Good=o2s4,Aco+<? Gonna 2e
a 2it o! a pro2le+@ riht?
Also@ donCt use hard to spell %ords li;e@ <avalanche< or
Word o! +outh can 2e a ood %ay o! pro+otin your siteA #ry to
+a;e it easier !or sur!ers to spread the %ord a2out your siteA
Try For a Generic Name
Generic na+es are na+es li;eE
You et the ideaA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 37
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Generic na+es are reat 2ecause sur!ers +iht type it in %ithout
ever ;no%in a2out your siteA
Say@ you have a co+pany that sells +onitors at
%%%A+onitorsAco+A I! a sur!er %ants to 2uy a +onitor@ he +iht
Bust type in <+onitorsAco+< to see %hat co+es upA :ore tra!!ic !or
-ractically all the eneric na+es %ould already have 2een ta;en
up 2ut you can try !or na+es that are not in co++on use 2ut is
very co++on in your !ield o! 2usiness or e4pertiseA
Try to Start the First Character of Your Domain
Name With "A"
/ot al%ays possi2le 2ut do it i! you canA &r at least try to et the
!irst character as close to <A< as possi2leA In !act@ it %ould 2e even
2etter i! you can start %ith a diitA
Why the !uss %ith the letter <A<?
:any directories list sites sorted 2y their do+ain na+esA Sites
%ith <A< in their do+ain na+e %ill 2e very close to the top o! the
listA EH

A Guide to Internet Riches 38
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Site Design
#he desin o! your site depends on +ultiple !actors@ includin your
2usiness@ your product@ +ar;etin anle@ etcA -ro2a2ly %hat I can
do here is outline in eneral %hat is i+portant in +ost sites and
you %ill have to !ill in the detailsA
Don't Reinvent the WheeI
-ro2a2ly the !irst thin you %ant to do is to visit so+e o! your
co+petitorCs sitesA It %ill ive you an idea o! %hat your site could
loo; li;e@ %hat !eatures you %ant !or your o%n site and serve as a
startin point !or the desin o! your siteA
Ease of Navigation
In +any cases@ you donCt read a %e2 site li;e you %ould a novelA
You donCt start !ro+ pae 1@ continue to pae "@ and so onA
You %ould pro2a2ly <read< a site li;e you %ould a re!erence 2oo;A
:ay2e you %ill read the introduction to et an idea o! %hat the
2oo; is a2out@ and then you %ill s;ip to the ta2le o! contents to loo;
!or the location o! the in!or+ation that you needA In so+e cases@
you +ay turn to the inde4 at the 2ac; o! the 2oo; to see %hat
paes o! the 2oo; the in!or+ation you %ant is re!erred toA
/otice the naviation aids - the ta2le o! contents and the inde4A
#he !irst %ill 2e !ound at the 2einnin %hile the second@ i!
availa2le@ at the end o! the 2oo;A #his is a standard o2served 2y all
Operation Quick Money Handbook 39
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Your site should 2e as easy to naviateE
Main Menu. You should have a +enu@ located either at the
top@ le!t or riht@ that directs users to the various sections o!
your siteA #his +enu should 2e availa2le !ro+ every pae o!
your site@ and at the sa+e locationA
Site Map. I! your site is relatively lare@ and you !eel that
users +ay have a pro2le+ locatin the in!or+ation they
%ant even %ith a +ain +enu@ consider includin a site +apA
Site +aps ive +uch +ore detail than the +ain +enu and
users %ill have an easier ti+e locatin the in!or+ation they
Search Engine. I! your site is a very lare site@ includin a
search enine is a ood ideaA

Fast Loading Pages
:any %e2+asters %ill have 2road2and or ca2le connections and
they tend to !oret a2out the poor souls still strulin %ith dialupA
It is 2est that you ;eep the si1e o! your paes as s+all as possi2le
to acco++odate the users %ith slo% connectionsA A eneral
uideline is to ;eep the si1e o! your paes 2elo% 155;A
-retty raphics are nice to loo; atA But unless your site is a2out
raphics@ itCs pro2a2ly 2est to ;eep it to a +ini+u+A It distracts the
users !ro+ your site@ and increases the load ti+e !or your paesA
$onCt !oret to opti+i1e the raphics that you useA #he Bpe raphic

A Guide to Internet Riches 40
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
!or+at is a co+pressed !or+atA You can choose to co+press it as
+uch or as little as you %antA #he +ore you co+press it@ the
s+aller it 2eco+es@ 2ut the i+ae is o! a lo%er DualityA
#o opti+i1e your =-0Gs@ start %ith a =-0G o! accepta2le DualityA
Save the =-0G %ith +ore co+pression and vie% itA I! the Duality is
accepta2le@ save it aain %ith even +ore co+pressionA $o it until
you et an i+ae %ith unaccepta2le DualityA #he i+ae 2e!ore that
%ill 2e your opti+i1ed i+aeA
/ote that you cannot o !ro+ a lo% Duality i+ae 2ac; to a hih
Duality i+aeA So re+e+2er to save your hih Duality i+aes into
a separate directory 2e!ore tryin any opti+i1ationA
We discussed consistency reardin the location o! your +ain
+enuA #his consistency should e4tend to all areas o! your siteA In
other %ords@ your !onts@ color sche+e@ 2uttons@ etc@ should 2e the
sa+e !or all paes o! your siteA
#he co+puter on your des; is called a -C@ or personal co+puterA
Whenever I a+ as;ed %hy a particular co+puter 2ehaves in a
strane %ay@ I %ill re+ar; that the co+puter is called a <personal
co+puter<@ and thus %ill e4hi2it its o%n personalityA EH
Si+ilarly@ sur!ers vie%in your site %ill also have their o%n
personal co+puter@ %ith their o%n particular co+2ination o!
so!t%are and hard%areA #here!ore@ it is 2est to test your site under
as +any di!!erent types and versions o! hard%are and so!t%are as
Operation Quick Money Handbook 41
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Browsers. Althouh I0 is the do+inant 2ro%ser@ so+e o!
your users +ay 2e runnin other 2ro%sers li;e /etscape or
8ire!o4A #est your site in as +any di!!erent 2ro%sers as you
canA Also@ donCt !oret to test it under di!!erent versions o!
the sa+e 2ro%serA
Screen ResoIutions. $onCt !oret to test your site under
di!!erent screen resolutionsA
Java and ActiveX. :any sites depend on =ava or ActiveN
to display properlyA I! your site needs a =ava ena2led
2ro%ser@ try it %ith =ava disa2led and see ho% it loo;sA I!
possi2le@ it is 2est that your site %ill !unction correctly even i!
the users have =ava or ActiveN disa2ledA

A Guide to Internet Riches 42
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Search Engine Optimization
,nli;e %hat so+e search enine opti+i1ation co+panies %ould
have you 2elieve@ opti+i1in your %e2 site !or the search enines
is not that hardA #he !ollo%in uidelines +ay not et you the !irst
position in the results !or your ;ey%ord phrase@ 2ut it should put
you %ithin the !irst or second paeA #hatCs e4cellent@ considerin
that !or so+e co+petitive ;ey%ords@ there are literally +illions o!
:a;e a list o! ;ey%ords that your custo+er %ill use to search !or
your siteA 8or a site a2out online 2usinesses@ the list %ould loo;
so+ethin li;eE online@ 2usiness@ ho+e-2ased@ opportunity@ etcA
8ro+ the ;ey%ords@ you can !or+ ;ey%ord phrases li;e online
2usiness@ or 2usiness opportunityA #hese phrases are %hat you
e4pect your custo+er to type into the search enine@ and %hat you
are oin to opti+i1e your site !orA
Meta Tags
#he +eta tas o! interest here are the <title<@ <description< and
<;ey%ord< tasA 8or the <title< and <description< ta@ +a;e sure you
include your ;ey phraseA #he <;ey%ord< ta is not so use!ul and
search enines larely inore it@ pre!errin to decide !or
the+selvesA /evertheless@ it doesnCt hurt to include a <;ey%ord<
ta %ith all your ;ey%ordsA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 43
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Domain Name
You can consider includin your ;ey%ords into your do+ain na+e@
li;e 04cellent&nlineBusinessAco+A
Web Page
Include your ;ey%ord phrase as close to the top o! the pae as
possi2leA And donCt !oret to repeat it a couple o! ti+esA
I! you have any raphics on your pae@ include an <alt< ta and see
i! you can !it your ;ey%ord phrase as part o! the te4t o! the <alt< taA
Directories and FiIe Names
$onCt Bust na+e your directories and *#:7 !iles %ith a@ 2@ c@ etcA
Give the+ descriptive na+es li;e 2usiness@ online@ etcA *elps you
in your search enine ran;ins@ and +a;es your %e2 site easier to
+aintain laterA

A Guide to Internet Riches 44
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Promoting Your Website
I %as havin a conversation %ith a so-called Internet +ar;eter
so+e ti+e aoA I as;ed hi+ a2out his Internet +ar;etin
techniDues@ hopin to pic; his 2rainA
*e loo;ed at +e and saidE <#ra!!ic e4chanesA<
&;ay@ althouh tra!!ic e4chanes are Duite useless !or so+e sites
2ut since his site is a2out Internet 2usinesses@ I conceded that
tra!!ic e4chanes is a via2le +ar;etin tool !or his siteA
<But@ ho% a2out your 2etter ideas? :ay2e those that ta;es a 2it o!
ti+e that you havenCt otten round to i+ple+entin yet? :ay2e %e
can %or; toetherA<
*e loo;ed at +e %ith a 2lan; stare and I reali1ed that he has 2een
solely usin tra!!ic e4chanes to pro+ote his siteA
,n!ortunately@ a lot o! +ar;eters !all into his cateoryA #hey %ill
concentrate on one or t%o techniDues@ to the e4clusion o! all
othersA $onCt 2e li;e the+A
#here are a thousand and one %ays to et visitors and +ost o!
the+ are !reeA You %ill still need to do a lot o! %or; to et the
visitors@ 2ut this is the arena %here your inenuity really co+es into
playA 7earn a2out the 2asic techniDues and concepts@ co+2ine
the+ i! appropriate@ add in so+e o! your o%n ideas@ and you %ill
have a ;iller +ar;etin planA
7et +e o throuh so+e o! the +ore co++on +ar;etin
Operation Quick Money Handbook 45
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
Search Engines and Directories
8or search enines@ I %ould reco++end Bust ettin a list o! the
top 15 search enines and su2+it your url +anually to all o! the+A
I! you %ant to su2+it to the s+aller enines@ see i! you can !ind an
auto+atic su2+ission serviceA #he tra!!ic you et !ro+ the s+aller
enines are +ini+al and itCs Bust not %orth the ti+e to su2+it
individually to the+A
,nli;e search enines@ %hich %ill cra%l your site and inde4 it
auto+atically@ directories are run 2y hu+an editorsA Aain@ Bust pic;
the top directories and su2+it +anually to the+A $o ta;e the ti+e
to read their su2+ission uidelines so that your su2+ission %ill not
end up in the trashA And donCt !oret to start the title o! your site
%ith an <A<@ i! possi2leA LH
Spend a 2it o! ti+e loo;in !or directories that caters to your
particular +ar;etA Such directories +ay receive a lot o! tareted
visitors and a listin could +a;e a 2i di!!erence to your 2otto+
Traffic Exchanges
As a +e+2er o! a tra!!ic e4chane@ you visit other +e+2ersC sites@
and earn creditsA You assin the credits to your o%n site so that
other +e+2ers %ill visit your siteA
#ra!!ic !ro+ these e4chanes are usually not o! a hih Duality@ as
+ost are %e2+asters see;in to earn credits !or visits to their o%n
sitesA *o%ever@ i! your %e2site or 2usiness is a2out +a;in
+oney online or caters to %e2+asters@ pro+otin on tra!!ic
e4chanes +iht Bust 2e %orth your %hileA

A Guide to Internet Riches 46
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
PTR Sites
-#R or paid-to-read-e+ail sites are sites that pay their +e+2ers to
receive e+ail !ro+ you@ or to visit your siteA As %ith tra!!ic
e4chanes@ e!!ectiveness is li+ited as the +e+2ers are +ore
interested in ettin paid than in your site or your e+ailA
Pay Per CIick Search Engines
You pay a certain a+ount !or each clic; !ro+ the search enine to
your siteA Can 2e pretty e!!ective in so+e cases 2ut try to o only
!or the 2ier eninesA #here is a reater chance o! !raudulent
clic;s !ro+ the s+aller eninesA
When you are %ritin your advertisin copy !or --C enines@ 2e
+ind!ul that you are payin per clic;A Word your copy in such a
%ay so that only people %ho are interested in your product %ill
clic; on the adA
Link Exchanges
:any sites have a lin; e4chane directoryA #he %e2+istress %ill
lin; to your site in e4chane !or a lin; !ro+ your site to hersA #he
idea 2ehind lin; e4chanes is that the +ore in2ound lin;s you have
to your site@ the +ore the search enines %ill !avor you and the
hiher you %ill 2e in their resultsA
7etCs !ace it@ +ost visitors to your site %ill never returnA 0ither they
donCt li;e your site@ or there are too +any si+ilar sites !or yours to
stand out@ or they !orot your do+ain na+e@ or one o! hundreds o!
Operation Quick Money Handbook 47
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
other reasonsA A ne%sletter is a ood %ay to re+ind the+ o! %ho
you are and %hat you stand !or@ and to et the+ to visit your site
You ;no% the !e% lines !ound at the end o! an e+ail detailin the
senderCs %e2 site@ e+ail address and +ay2e a short advertisin
+essae? #hatCs the senderCs sinatureA
,nsolicited advertisin is usually !ro%ned on on the %e2 2ut a
sinature at the end o! an e+ail +essae@ or !oru+ postin is
per!ectly accepta2leA
Participating in Forums
8ind a !oru+ or !oru+s relevant to your site or 2usinessA 7ur; !or a
%hile to 2e !a+iliar %ith the rules o! the !oru+A I! you !eel that the
!oru+ +e+2ers are your taret +ar;et@ then start participatinA
Re+e+2er that use!ul and constructive posts are oin to %in you
+ore !riends and !ans than 2latant advertisinA By all +eans@
include your %e2 site in your sinature@ 2ut in the !oru+ postin@
2rin up your %e2 site only i! it is relevant to the discussionA
In ti+e@ you %ill 2eco+e a respected +e+2er o! the !oru+A #hat is
the 2est advertise+ent o! allA
Writing ArticIes
Writin articles is a reat %ay to et tra!!ic !or your siteA -ost the
articles on your site@ and include a s+all resource 2o4 at the end o!
each article %ith your na+e@ ,R7 and a short description o! your
siteA Allo% other %e2+asters to reproduce it on their o%n sites

A Guide to Internet Riches 48
Chapter ": Ho# $o ou Start an Online Home-Based Business!
provided the articles re+ain unchaned and your resource 2o4 is
#he techniDues outlined are a+on the +ore co++only usedA
:ost are e!!ective to so+e e4tent@ 2ut they can 2e +uch +ore
e!!ective %hen adapted to your particular siteA
8or e4a+ple@ I et +any lin; e4chane reDuests at +y site at
9uittinYour=o2Aco+A Rather than Bust lin;in to the+ and
!orettin a2out the+@ I include their na+e@ e+ail and site details in
a data2aseA 0very ti+e I start a ne% site@ I can include their site in
a lin; directory and e+ail the+ invitin the+ to e4chane lin;sA I! I
have an e2oo; to pro+ote@ I can also include it in the sinature o!
the e+ailA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 49
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
Chapter 3
ExampIes of OnIine Home-Based
We are no% close to the end - the end o! the 2einninA In the past
couple o! chapters I have iven you a short overvie% o! %hat it
ta;es to set up an online 2usiness@ !ro+ choosin a do+ain na+e@
to ettin a product@ to settin up a site and actually +a;in
/o% is the ti+e to put it all toetherA #he !ollo%in sections %ill
introduce you to . di!!erent individuals@ and the type o! online
2usiness they plan to startA I have tried to +a;e the e4a+ples as
diverse as possi2le@ so that you can see the +any possi2ilities
availa2le to youA
#he !irst person youCre oin to +eet is 7arry@ a secondhand car
sales+anA *eCs pretty ood at his Bo2@ 2ut he doesnCt see hi+sel!
sellin cars !or the rest o! his li!eA So@ he has turned to the Internet
!or the /e4t Great &pportunityA
/e4t %ill 2e " ood !riends@ Mit and MatieA Mit is an advertisin
copy%riter !or a lare ad aencyA She has al%ays har2ored
a+2itions o! startin her o%n aency and since she has Bust Duit
her Bo2@ has decided that no% is the ti+e to stri;e out on her o%nA
#he last person is 0d%ardA *e is a co+puter prora++er %ith an
avid interest in chaos theoryA *e has developed a co+puter +odel
o! the stoc; +ar;et@ 2ased on the pre+ise that the +ar;et is a

A Guide to Internet Riches 50
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
chaotic syste+@ %hich has an uncanny ;nac; o! predictin the
direction o! the +ar;etA
#he narrative style is intentionalA You %ill et a !eel o! the
individuals@ and ho% the 2usiness is +erely an e4tension o! %ho
they are and %hat they ;no%A
Operation Quick Money Handbook 51
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
The Opportunist
7arry has 2een online !or a year or soA *e has +ade the rounds o!
the so-called <2usiness opportunities< and have lost +ore +oney
than he +adeA But despite those set2ac;s@ he ;no%s that there is
+oney to 2e +ade - only that there is not oin to 2e an easy %ay
to do itA *e has decided to a2andon the et-rich-Duic; sche+es
and set up a proper online 2usinessA
*e doesnCt have a lot o! +oney to spend@ and he has a Bo2@ so he
canCt %or; on it !ull ti+e - not at the start at leastA It should 2e
so+ethin he has so+e interest in so it %onCt 2e too 2orinA Should
he sell a product? *is o%n product or so+e2ody else product?
:ay2e he should Bust sell advertisinA But %ith the rates so lo%@ he
%ill need a lot o! tra!!ic to et a decent inco+eA
A!ter thin;in it throuh !or a %hile@ =oe decided that he %ants a
<clean-cut< 2usinessA *e has thouht throuh %hat he needs to sell
his o%n productA *e %ill have to handle custo+er inDuiries@
pay+ents@ shippin@ re!unds@ and a %hole lot o! other stu!!A #hatCs
pretty +essyA I! he %ere to sell other peopleCs stu!!@ and Bust earn
co++ission@ that %ill 2e pretty clean-cutA
But aain@ %hat product?
*e ;no%s that products relatin to Internet +ar;etin sells pretty
%ell i! properly +ar;etedA But it see+s that every2ody he ;no%s is
an Internet +ar;eter@ so the co+petitionCs oin to 2e pretty
intenseA So+ethin relatin to !inance li;e insurance@ stoc;s or
loans +iht 2e Duite lucrative 2ut he ;no%s ne4t to nothin a2out
such stu!!A *e s+iled thin;in a2out hi+ ivin so+e2ody else

A Guide to Internet Riches 52
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
!inancial advice - <Gonna advise the+ to 2an;ruptcy<@ he thouht
And then it struc; hi+A *e %ill sell irlsA Ahe++JAnot porn 2ut
datin servicesA #here are tons o! leiti+ate datin services on the
%e2 that pays you %ell %hen you re!er a +e+2er@ even i! it is a
!ree +e+2erA You et paid even 2etter i! that +e+2er uprades to
a paid +e+2erA
Bein a 2it o! the ladies +an hi+sel!@ he ;no%s a2out attractin the
opposite se4A *e can start a ne%sletter a2out datinA It can tell
a2out ho% to dress@ or spea;@ %hat to do on a !irst date@ ho% not to
appear too eaer@ and lots o! other ood stu!!A
:ost datin services o!!er a ready-+ade site !or their a!!iliates so
he does not have to %orry a2out desinin his o%n siteA As !or the
site !or his ne%sletter@ he can pro2a2ly et his co+puter !riend to
put toether a si+ple one pae site !or hi+A But even %ithout the
ne%sletter@ he can %rite articles to pro+ote the datin servicesA
Summary of Larry's PIan
Start the 2usiness on a part ti+e 2asis@ %hile holdin a !ull ti+e
Bo2A 7earn the ropes o! the 2usinessA As inco+e !ro+ the 2usiness
increases@ Duit the Bo2 and concentrate on the 2usiness !ull ti+eA
$atin services@ or to 2e +ore speci!ic@ +e+2erships to online
datin servicesA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 53
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
Write articles a2out datin@ relationships and such stu!! and su2+it
the+ to relevant sites and ne%sletters !or pu2licationA In addition@
he can put toether a si+ple site to attract su2scri2ers !or hi+
?155 - ?"55 per +onth ta;en !ro+ his !ull ti+e inco+eA
?35 per +onth %ill 2e spent on %e2 hostin@ do+ain na+e
reistration@ autoresponders@ ad trac;in and Internet +ar;etin
?35 per +onth %ill 2e spent on reistration !ees !or the services
that he is pro+otinA *e rec;ons that the 2est %ay to pro+ote
those services is to have a !irst hand e4perience o! the servicesA
#he rest o! the +oney %ill 2e used in paid ads in related
ne%sletters and %e2 sitesA
Income Stream
*e %ill 2e paid %hen so+e2ody sins up !or a !ree or paid
+e+2ership at a online datin serviceA Also@ i! he has enouh
su2scri2ers and can !ind interested advertisers@ he can sell
advertisin space in his ne%sletterA

A Guide to Internet Riches 54
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
The Copywriter
Matie couldnCt help s+ilin as Mit realed her %ith choice details o!
%hat transpired on the day she %al;ed out o! the o!!iceA See+s
that a client %as unhappy over the results o! an ad ca+pain and
her +anaer had i+plied that MitCs copy%ritin s;ills needed a little
2rushin upA *e actually had the audacity to suest that she
consider a re!resher course at the local university>
&ne thin a2out Mit - you can tell her her hairCs a +ess or her
shoes are the uliest you have even seen@ and she %ill Bust rin
sheepishly at you and tell you that sheCs 2een %or;in a little too
hardA But tell her that her copy%ritin s;ills are not up to par JAA
Matie %as lad she %as not on the receivin end that dayA
<*eCs already called to apoloi1e and even o!!ered +e a s+all rise@
and I ;no% he Bust said it to appease the client@ 2ut IC+ not oin
2ac;A I thouht it throuh and JA you ready !or this? I a+ oin to
start +y o%n ad aencyA<
It too; a +o+ent !or Matie to reali1e that her 2est !riend %as not
;iddinA She has no dou2ts as to her !riendCs a2ility to run an ad
aency@ 2ut she ;no%s that Mit is passionate - very passionate -
a2out copy%ritinA Matie ;no%s that she %ill 2e roped in to <assist<
in the runnin o! the aency 2ut in no ti+e at all@ she %ill 2e
runnin the %hole sho% %hile Mit %ill 2e sittin in her corner
so+e%here doin her copy%ritinA
/ot that Matie +inds 2ein the <2oss< 2ut itCs oin to 2e a 2i ris;
!or Mit@ !inanciallyA An ad aency needs a posh o!!ice@ ood location
and talented people@ all o! %hich costs 2i 2uc;sA MitCs onna have
Operation Quick Money Handbook 55
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
to di deep into her nest e@ and then so+eA And there is no
uarantee o! successA
Matie has 2een thin;in o! usin MitCs copy%ritin s;ills to set up a
s+all 2usiness onlineA #he !inancial ris; is +uch lo%er and they
can reach a +uch %ider rane o! custo+ersA Matie decided that
no% %ould 2e the ti+e to 2roach the su2BectA
<Actually@ ICve 2een thin;in alon the sa+e linesA But instead o!
settin up the usual 2ric; and +ortar 2usiness@ letCs do it in
cy2erspaceA All you have to do is to %rite the ads@ and I %ill et the
products@ place your ads@ tal; to the custo+ers and collect the
+oneyA $onCt %orry@ ICll ive you a s+all co++ission - i! your ads
are oodA<
<You %ish> ItCs oin to 2e !i!ty-!i!ty or you are %al;in ho+e
<&h yeah> ICll Bust call your 2rother@ you ;no% heCs Bust dyin to pic;
+e upA<
&ver the ne4t !e% hours@ in 2et%een 2outs o! ood-natured teasin
and !riendly rivalry@ they +anaed to !or+ulate a planA Mit %ill
identi!y a +ar;et se+ent %ith ood potentialA Matie %ill search the
net !or products in that se+ent that o!!ers a!!iliate prora+sA #hat
%ay@ they do not have to ;eep stoc;s or even purchase the product
- they si+ply earn a co++ission %hen their leads purchase the
productA Mit %ill %rite advertisin copy !or the product %hile Matie
%ill loo; !or online e1ines and %e2 sites to post adsA 8or a start@
they %ill re!er custo+ers directly to the productCs %e2 site@ althouh
they plan to desin their o%n site and sell their o%n product at a
later dateA
Matie intends to trac; the response to their ads@ so that they can
tell %hich sites or e1ines ive a 2etter response and %hich one o!
MitCs ads per!or+ 2etterA #hey can then increase their R&I Greturn
on invest+entH 2y !ocusin on those sites@ e1ines and ads@ and

A Guide to Internet Riches 56
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
2eco+e even +ore pro!ita2leA
Summary of Kit and Katie's PIan
In eneral@ Mit %ill ta;e %hat she ;no%s - %ritin ads - !ro+ an
o!!line environ+ent to an online oneA
/o predeter+ined productA General uideline %ould 2e a product
thatCs relatively easy to sell@ o!!ers an a!!iliate prora+ and pays a
ood co++issionA
Matie %ill !ocus on placin paid ads in tareted e1ines and %e2
/o !i4ed +onthly e4pensesA 04penses per ad ca+pain %ill 2e
deter+ined on an ad hoc 2asisA
Income Stream
Inco+e is 2ased on the product they are currently pro+otin@ and
the co++ission it paysA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 57
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
The Computer Programmer
It %as Bust ' +onths ao that 0d%ard ran his !irst si+ulation %ith
his ne%ly co+pleted Chaotic Stoc; :ar;et Si+ulatorA #he results
%ere i+pressive - %ith the syste+ +a;in +oney in 1) out o! "5
*e re+e+2ered 2lo%in a cool ?355 that niht ta;in his parents
and ' sisters out !or dinnerA All he told the+ %as that he stu+2led
on so+ethin 2i and that there %ill 2e lots +ore dinners li;e that
soonA Since they %ere ettin a !ree +eal they decided to si+ply
eat !irst and as; Duestions laterA
In the !ollo%in days@ as he ran !urther si+ulations %ith +ore data
and +ore +ar;ets@ 0d%ard 2ean to reali1e that he had Bu+ped
the unA #he syste+ %as actually %innin trades in only a2out
73F o! the ti+eA And once you include real li!e tradin !actors li;e
the 2id-as; spread@ slippae and the tradin co++ission@ the
nu+2ers loo;ed %orseA
8inally@ a!ter another ' +onths o! testin and prora+ re!ine+ents@
version " o! his prora+ is readyA It has +anaed to ta;e
everythin the 0d%ard can thro% at it and still sho% a relatively
healthy pro!it o! 3F per +onthA #here are so+e +ar;ets that the
syste+ cannot trade relia2ly@ li;e thinly traded or very volatile
+ar;ets@ 2ut it can !ilter those +ar;ets out 2e!ore tradinA
#oniht@ 0d%ard %ill ta;e his !a+ily out !or the second ti+eA #hey
are oin to try out the ne% =apanese restaurant across the street
!ro+ %here he is currently %or;inA

A Guide to Internet Riches 58
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
#o+orro%@ 0d%ard %ill start <sellin< his so!t%areA 8irst@ he %ill
have to et so+e2ody to desin and prora+ his siteA *e already
;no%s %hat he %ants !or the siteA It %ill 2e a su2scription-2ased
site %ith the su2scription set at ?155 per +onthA *e intends to o!!er
a trial su2scription o! ?15 !or the !irst +onth so that they can 2e
assured o! the accuracy o! his predictionA #he site +ust 2e a2le to
receive credit card pay+ent and +ust 2e a2le to 2ill the custo+er
%hen his su2scription is upA *e +ust also 2e a2le to upload his
daily analysis onto the site %ithout too +any hasslesA #here %ill
also 2e an a!!iliate prora+ that pays ?"3 per +onth !or each
As !or pro+otion@ 0d%ard ;no%s e4actly %hat he is oin to doA *e
%ill o to the local stoc;2ro;in o!!ice - heCs ot so+e !riends there
- and o!!er every one o! the 2ro;ers a !ree +e+2ership to his siteA
&nce they !ind out the value o! his site@ they are de!initely oin to
reco++end his site to their clientsA #he 2ro;ers %ill earn
co++ission as their clients trade@ in addition the ?"3 a!!iliate
co++ission@ %hile he %ill +a;e +oney !ro+ the su2scription !ees
and the 2ro;erCs clients %ill +a;e +oney !ro+ his trade
Summary of Edward's PIan
Advice on tradin the stoc; +ar;etA
0d%ard %ill use his o!!line connections at the local stoc;2ro;in
o!!ice to +ar;et his site to the 2ro;ers and their clientsA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 59
Chapter %: &'amples of Online Home-Based Businesses
0d%ard %ill have to pay a %e2 desiner or a %e2 desin co+pany
to desin and prora+ his siteA A site li;e his could cost any%here
!ro+ a !e% hundred to a !e% thousand dollarsA
?35 or less per +onth %ill 2e spent on %e2 hostin and do+ain
na+e reistrationA
Income Stream
0ach +e+2er o! his site %ill pay hi+ ?155 per +onthA

A Guide to Internet Riches 60
Chapter (: )rticles
Chapter 4
Articles are a reat %ay to delve into topics that are i+portant 2ut
not Duite su2stantive enouh to +erit a chapter 2y itsel!@ or %hen
you si+ply %ant to ive an overvie% or su++ary 2ut are not
prepared to o into detail@ or si+ply to introduce a related su2Bect
that@ %hile i+portant@ is not relevant to the su2Bect at handA
#he !ollo%in articles %ill !ocus +ore on su2Bects li;e persistence@
deter+ination and thin;in out o! the 2o4 %hich@ %hile not directly
related to the startin and runnin o! online 2usinesses@ are very
i+portant %hen the inevita2le road2loc;s@ set2ac;s and o2stacles
occur@ and pure rit is all that you have le!t to ;eep you oinA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 61
Chapter (: )rticles
Are You Living on an IsIand of Fear?
by Dave CoIe
In the +ovie@ <#he Casta%ay<@ #o+ *an;s played the role o! a
8ed04 delivery +anA *is Bo2 %as to !ly all over the %orld +a;in
sure that the pac;aes %ere delivered on ti+eA
&ne !ate!ul trip !ound his caro plane !lyin throuh a nasty stor+
so+e%here in the +iddle o! the South -aci!ic &ceanA #he plane
crashed near a tiny@ deserted islandA #he only survivor %as *an;sA
,pon a%a;enin the ne4t day@ *an;s !ound hi+sel! all aloneA
Alone %ith nothin e4cept the clothes on his 2ac;A
So picture thisE no +atches@ no tools@ no !ood@ no shelter@ no
co++unications@ only 1 s+all !lashliht alon %ith a !e% pac;aes
containin so+e useless ite+s that had %ashed up on shoreA
*e learned to survive a +eaer e4istence sleepin in a s+all dar;
caveA *is !ood ca+e !ro+ coconuts and the !e% !ish he +anaed
to catchA
#o+ *an;s %as captured and held prisoner on an island %ith
see+inly no hope o! ever escapinA 0very day the island dictated
to hi+ ho% he %as to liveA
*e %as trapped on that island 2ecause he sa% no %ay o! escapeA
*is !ears o! losin %hat s+all sense o! security the island provided@

A Guide to Internet Riches 62
Chapter (: )rticles
as despica2le as it %as@ prevented hi+ !ro+ tryin to escape to a
2etter li!eA A li!e he ;ne% e4isted@ 2ut no% only drea+ed a2outA
7oo;in out over the vast e4panse o! the ocean@ he constantly
thouht a2out that 2etter li!eA But those thouhts soon returned to
seein the opposition and co+petition that prevented hi+ !ro+
returnin to %hat %as riht!ully hisA
4 lon years later@ #o+ *an;s +ade a decisionA *e had ro%n sic;
and tired o! havin a nothin li!eA It %as either die a no2ody@ oin
no place@ on a no%here island@ continuin to live a strulin and
piti!ul hand to +outh e4istence@ orAAAAAAdie tryin to escape to a real
#he -aci!ic &cean %as the o2stacleA *is opponent %as his o%n
!ears o! overco+in that o2stacleA
*e +ade a plan to escapeA #he day arrived and *an;s set sail
a2oard a +a;e shi!t@ rin;y din; ra!t o! los tied toether %ith tree
2ar; and video tapeA
*e +et every adversity the South -aci!ic could thro% at hi+A It
%asnCt easy@ 2ut !inally@ the rescue ca+eA
#he +ovie portrayed a very intense dra+aA An analoy o! %hat li!e
is li;e !or +any peopleA #housands o! !ol;s every day !eel trapped
in a no%here li!eA #hey !eel li;e their li!e is 2ein %asted@ li;e they
are oin no%here@ on a no%here island %ith little hope o! escapeA
0very day these people trude o!! to a 2orin and hopeless Bo2
that o!!ers only an e4istence 2ut no real sense o! satis!action in li!e
as acco+plishin anythinA
#hese people ;no% there is a 2etter li!e out there@ a li!e they so
desire@ yet it see+s so !ar a%ayA #hey are trapped on their o%n
island o! despairA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 63
Chapter (: )rticles
*eld there@ not 2y the island itsel!@ 2ut 2y their o%n !ears o! not
2ein a2le to overco+e the adversity and opposition that lies
2et%een the+ and their drea+sA
A !e% do escape !ro+ that islandA #hey are the ones %ho !inally
2eco+e sic; and tired o! livin a %asted li!e@ they are the ones %ho
overco+e the !ear insideA
#hey start out !ro+ their island@ not really ;no%in i! they %ill +a;e
it or notA But they loo; at that sea o! di!!iculties sDuare in the eye
and say@ in the un!oretta2le %ords o! Ad+iral $avid 8arraut@
<$a+n the torpedoes@ !ull speed aheadA<

$aveCs 0-1ine provides you %ith valua2le in!o on ho%
to +ar;et your online 2usiness and ho% to +a;e
+oney onlineA All su2scri2ers et 1 8ree ad every
%ee;A Get your 8R00 su2scription todayA

A Guide to Internet Riches 64
Chapter (: )rticles
FAQ - How Do I Make A Lot Of Money On
The Internet?
by David Lim
Question: I need to +a;e a lot o! +oney real !ast and I sa% in a lot o!
advertise+ents that the Internet is a ood place to do thatA
Answer: #hatCs riht@ this is the riht place to +a;e a lot o! +oneyA
Question: So@ ho% do I start?
Answer: =ust o to GooleAco+@ type in <et rich Duic;< and visit the sites
that co+e up and you are on your %ayA
Question: &;ay@ I !ound an interestin site that says I can 2e earnin
thousands a +onth %ithin days o! sinin up %ith a2out 1 hour o! %or; per
Answer: *++AAAAonly thousands a +onth and you still need to %or; an
hour a %ee;? #hatCs a little conservative 2ut Duite all riht !or a startA Go
ahead and sin upA
Question: Are you sure? #he +oney is reat 2ut IC+ not sure i! IC+
Duali!ied to do the %or; reDuiredA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 65
Chapter (: )rticles
Answer: $onCt %orryA #he %e2site is pro2a2ly !ully auto+ated so it %ill do
the sellin !or youA You do not need any e4perience or Duali!ications at allA
Question: I donCt understandA I! the %e2site is !ully auto+ated and it does
the sellin all 2y itsel!@ %hy a+ I needed?
Answer: Well@ you are needed to do so+e ad+inistrative chores@ and to
lo in to your account and chec; ho% +uch you have earnedA
Question: #he ad+inistrative chores should 2e Duite si+ple since I do not
need any e4perience or Duali!ications to do the+A WonCt it 2e 2etter !or the
%e2+aster to contract out the %or; to !reelance %or;ers or auto+ate the
tas;s? *e can earn +uch +ore that %ayA
Answer: #he %e2+asters o! such sites have already earned +any
+illions o! dollarsA &ut o! the oodness o! their hearts@ they %ant to ive
so+ethin 2ac;A
Question: I! thatCs the case@ %hy do I need to pay ?4)A)3 per +onth?
ShouldnCt he o!!er it !or !ree?
Answer: Well@ the +oney is needed to run the %e2siteA
Question: IsnCt that a little e4pensive !or a %e2site? /or+al hostin !ees
are %ay lo%er than thatA
Answer: #hatCs to cater !or the tra!!ic your %e2site is oin to etA
Question: *o% is +y %e2site oin to et tra!!ic?
Answer: =ust tell your !riends@ and as; the+ to tell their !riendsA

A Guide to Internet Riches 66
Chapter (: )rticles
Question: I thouht you said I didnCt need to do any sellinA
Answer: You donCt need to do any sellinA =ust et your !riends to co+e to
your %e2site and it %ill do the sellin !or youA
Question: But I donCt have a lot o! !riendsA
Answer: You donCt need a lot o! !riendsA =ust tell . o! your !riends@ and
+a;e sure they tell . o! their !riends@ and +a;e sure your !riendsC !riends
tell another . o! their !riendsA A!ter 15 levels@ you %ill have 6637" people in
your do%nlineA
Question: Wo%> &;ay@ I Bust sined upA
Answer: Good !or you>
Question: I ot +y !riends to visit 2ut they %ant to ;no% %hat IC+ sellinA I
%as so cauht up %ith all the +oney that I a+ oin to +a;e that I didnCt
thin; a2out that product that I a+ actually sellinA I %ent 2ac; to +y site@
and 2ro%sed the %hole site 2ut it really doesnCt say +uch a2out the
product that IC+ sellinA
Answer: #his is the InternetA You do not need a product to +a;e +oneyA
Question: :y !riends really li;e +y %e2site 2ut they are not oin to part
%ith their +oney %ithout ;no%in the product they are purchasinA #hey
are sayin that any %e2site that says you can +a;e +oney %ithout sellin
anythin is pro2a2ly a pon1i sche+e or a sca+A
Answer: Your !riends are o2viously not Duali!ied to sin upA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 67
Chapter (: )rticles
Question: But the %e2site said that no e4perience or Duali!ications is
needed to sin upA
Answer: Yes@ 2ut the %e2site pro2a2ly +eant that you must have no
e4perience and no Duali!icationsA Your !riends are o2viously e4perienced
and Duali!ied@ and are not suita2le to sin upA
$avid 7i+ is the %e2+aster o! 9uittinYour=o2Aco+@
a 2usiness resource !or the entrepreneur loo;in to
start@ or ro% an online ho+e-2ased 2usinessA
#his article +ay 2e reprinted !reely@ provided this
resource 2o4 re+ains intactA

A Guide to Internet Riches 68
Chapter (: )rticles
"I am Never Losing Another Job!"
by Karen GoodaIe
ICd never !oret the day that Mathy approached +e on that rainy
April +orninA #he o!!ice had 2een 2u11in %ith ru+ors a2out the
co+pany closin do%n 2ut no2ody see+s to ;no% anythin
concreteA Mathy@ %ith her penchant !or cuttin it short and sharp@
si+ply said t%o %ords@ <ItCs con!ir+edA<
#hat %as in April o! 1))6A It %as +y third Bo2 loss in 13 yearsA
/eedless to say@ I %as devastatedA I ;ne% I %ould need to !ind a
ne% <Bo2< to +a;e ends +eetA But I didnCt %ant to lose yet another
I had also started thin;in +ore a2out %hat +y li!e %ould 2e li;e
%hen I %as ready to retire in the !uture@ since ICd never had a Bo2
%ith a co+pany that o!!ered a pension plan@ or retire+ent 2ene!itsA
It %as then that I +ade a decision to start loo;in !or a ho+e
2usiness that %ould eventually ive +e +ore control over +y
inco+e@ and to +a;e +y <o%n< Bo2 securityA
I had 2een a <ho22y< candle +a;er !or several years@ and +y !irst
idea %as to try e4pandin it into a s+all 2usinessA
I rented a space at a cra!terCs +all and had a !airly ood eiht
+onths there until the cra!terCs +all suddenly %ent 2an;rupt@ and I
had to +ove out> I %as discouraed@ 2ut still not ready to ive up@
so I desined a %e2 site at %%%Aheaven-scentAco+ to sell +y
candles onlineA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 69
Chapter (: )rticles
#he online co+petition %as touh@ 2ut I %as a2le to 2uild a s+all
retail custo+er 2ase@ and several %holesale accountsA I +ade
candles durin the su++er@ even %hen it %as )5 derees@ to 2e
ready !or the local !allKholiday cra!t sho%s@ and did the 8ar+erCs
:ar;et durin the su++er@ even thouh very !e% people %anted to
2uy candles in hot %eatherA I had to add +ore and +ore <ne%<
thins to ;eep up %ith the co+petition@ 2ut all I really ended up
doin %as spendin +oreAAA and +a;in less>
It too; +e a %hile 2ut I !inally had to accept that +y candle
2usiness %as not ever oin to <+a;e< +e any real +oney@ and I
%ould 2e luc;y to Bust 2rea; even do%n the roadA
I %ent online searchin !or a 2usiness opportunity I could %or; at
part-ti+e@ %hile still +a;in a valiant atte+pt to turn around +y
candle 2usinessA
8ro+ %hat see+ed li;e <+illions< o! 2usiness opportunities@ I
happened upon a %e2 site that 2eloned to an Independent
Associate %ith the Wat;ins Co+pany@ and e+ailed hi+ !or +ore
in!or+ationA I had 2een usin Wat;ins products !or a nu+2er o!
years@ and si+ply loved the+>
What I learned a2out the Wat;ins 2usiness opportunity itsel!
i+pressed +e Bust as +uch as the products had@ and I didnCt even
loo; at any other opportunitiesA I Bust ;ne% that Wat;ins %as the
one !or +e> I learned that Wat;ins is ran;ed a+on the top ten
ho+e-2ased 2usinesses in /orth A+erica 2y Business Startups
:aa1ine@ Success :aa1ine@ and 04ecutive 8e+ale :aa1ineA
When I started +y Wat;ins 2usiness I %as +ainly interested in
doin online +ar;etin@ since I %as %or;in a !ull-ti+e Bo2@ plus still
strulin %ith +y !ailin candle 2usinessA
It %asnCt easy at the 2einninA I spent +any sleepless nihts
%or;in online@ doin advertisin to 2uild a custo+er 2ase@

A Guide to Internet Riches 70
Chapter (: )rticles
ans%erin e+ails@ phone calls and helpin other ne% Wat;ins
Associates ettin started %ith their o%n 2usinessesA
I also started a Wat;ins 01ine ne%sletter includin +onthly recipes@
product specials and +onthly contest %ith no% over 755
In less than " years I had reached :anaer level %ith Wat;insA
Althouh I %ould li;e to ta;e credit !or +y success@ +uch o! the
credit +ust o to Wat;ins itsel! - a co+pany %ith a 1.3-year history@
and a solid reputation !or DualityA
In =anuary "55. I earned an all-e4pense paid vacation to Ireland
%ith Wat;ins@ and in =uly "55. reached Bron1e :anaer level %ith
the co+panyA I a+ !inally +a;in +ore %ith Wat;ins that I +a;e at
+y Bo2@ and loo; !or%ard to !inally Duittin +y <day Bo2< in "554 to
%or; Wat;ins !ull-ti+eA A!ter 3 1K" years I love the products@ and the
2usiness even +ore than %hen I started> I canCt tell you ho% reat it
!eels have so+e <control< over +y o%n !uture>
#houh Wat;ins %onCt 2e the <riht< 2usiness !or everyone@ I hope
that +y story %ill at least encourae others that are loo;in into
startin an online@ or ho+e 2ased 2usiness to ;no% it is very
possi2le to 2e success!ul at it>
:y 2est advice on 2ein success!ul in %hatever 2usiness you
choose isE
O1 -- I! you have a cra!t ho22y@ and %ant to turn that cra!tKho22y
into a 2usiness@ I %ould do as +uch research and 2usiness
plannin as possi2le on ho% you %ill +ar;et your products@
advertisin costs@ ti+e reDuired@ etcA A ho22y that has lo% cost
supplies and is so+ethin that %ould 2e popular any ti+e o! year
could +a;e %onder!ul products !or a 2usinessA
O" -- I! you decide to o %ith an esta2lished co+pany@ and +ar;et
Operation Quick Money Handbook 71
Chapter (: )rticles
their products@ choose a co+pany that has a solid reputation 2y
doin so+e research !irstA Choose a co+pany %hose products you
%ill 2uy yoursel!A I! you %ouldnCt 2uy the products you sell@ you canCt
e4pect others to either> Besides@ usin the products you o!!er ives
you the <!irst hand e4perience< %ith the products@ and you %ill 2e
+uch +ore co+!orta2le in reco++endin the+ to your custo+ersA
O. -- &nce you choose your 2usinessAAA Bust donCt ive up> :any
people start a 2usiness@ and e4pect to +a;e a <co+plete livin< at it
in Bust a !e% +onthsA #his Bust isnCt oin to happenAAA 2ut i! you can
learn to appreciate every little 2it o! e4tra inco+e you earn in the
early +onthsA I! you earn ?"3 the !irst +onthAAA %hy not add this to a
+ortae pay+ent@ or pay an e4tra ?"3 dollars on a credit card 2ill@
or even save !or your ne4t vacation> As you continue to %or; on
your 2usiness you %ill 2e a+a1ed at ho% it %ill ro% !or you over
several years>

Maren Goodale is a +anaer %ith Wat;insA She is
loo;in !or%ard to Duittin her day Bo2 and %or;in
%ith Wat;ins !ull ti+eA
8or +ore in!or+ation on Wat;ins products@ or the
2usiness opportunity@ please visit her site atE

A Guide to Internet Riches 72
Chapter (: )rticles
How to EffectiveIy Manage Your Time
When You Work From Home
David Lim
:anain your ti+e e!!ectively is a very i+portant s;ill %hen
%or;in in the o!!iceA But %hen you are %or;in at ho+e@ %ith its
varied distractions@ entertain+ent and co+!orts@ and %ithout a 2oss
loo;in over your shoulder@ e!!ective ti+e +anae+ent 2eco+es
even +ore i+portant i! you are oin to et anythin done at allA
#he !ollo%in tips should ive you a heads up in the perpetual !iht
to et +ore thins done in less ti+eA
Have a Fixed Time For Important Tasks
Schedule a !i4ed ti+e o! the day !or your +ost i+portant tas;s and
+a;e sure that you are at your +ost e!!ective at that ti+eA I! you are
a niht person and is not !ully a%a;e until the sun is hih up in the
s;y@ donCt schedule the +ornin !or your i+portant tas;s 2ut the
a!ternoon insteadA
#ry not to ta;e any phone calls or +a;e any appoint+ents durin
the ti+e that you have allocatedA Also@ let your your clients@
2usiness associates or !riends ;no% that you are per!or+in tas;s
vital to your 2usiness durin this ti+e so that %ill ;no% to leave you
Operation Quick Money Handbook 73
Chapter (: )rticles
Set Time Frames For Tasks
A !riend told +e a2out the ti+e %hen she +oved into a rental
apart+ent %ith Bust " suitcasesA &ne year later@ %hen she had to
+ove out@ she had to rent a truc; to +ove all her stu!!A It is a %ell
;no%n la% o! natureAAAsortaAAAthat thins %ill e4pand to !ill the space
availa2le !or itA
Si+ilarly@ the ti+e you ta;e to co+plete a tas; %ill 2e a2out the
sa+e as the ti+e availa2le !or the tas;A In other %ords@ i! you have
. hours !or a tas; that %ould nor+ally ta;e an hour to co+plete@ I
can practically uarantee you that you are oin to ta;e +uch +ore
than an hour to co+plete the tas;A
So@ set a ti+e !ra+e !or each tas; that you %ant to co+pleteA :a;e
sure that itCs reasona2le so that you donCt have to rush
unnecessarily@ 2ut donCt +a;e it too lon eitherA
EIiminate Distractions
#hat +eans no &prah@ no household chores and no chattin on
:S/A 0li+inate any ti+e %asters on your des;@ in your dra%ers and
on the shelves around youA *ave only the thins you need !or %or;A
In case you are %onderin@ ti+e %asters %ould include photo
al2u+s@ Ga+e Boys and novelsA And donCt !oret to cleanup your
co+puter o! distractions as %ellA
Prioritize Your Tasks
At the start o! each day@ spend a !e% +inutes at the 2einnin o!
the day to list do%n the tas;s that you plan !or the dayA Arrane the
tas;s in the order o! the +ost i+portant to the least i+portantA Start
on the +ost i+portant tas; !irst and !inish it 2e!ore continuin %ith
the ne4tA #his %ay@ even i! you canCt +anae co+plete all your
tas;s !or the day@ you %ould at least have the +ost i+portant tas;

A Guide to Internet Riches 74
Chapter (: )rticles
Re+e+2er@ this is +eant to save you ti+eA #hereCs no need to 2e
really precise as to %hich tas; is +ore i+portant than the otherA I!
you canCt decide@ Bust pic; one or toss a coinA
Create Work Hours
Althouh you are %or;in at ho+e %ithout a 2oss loo;in over your
shoulder@ that does not +ean that you can %or; as and %hen you
!eel li;e itA #he ood thin a2out %or;in !ro+ ho+e is that you can
ta;e a day o!! %hen you need to@ and you can orani1e your
%or;day around your other schedules %hen necessaryA
But enerally@ it is 2est to have a !i4ed ti+e each day durin %hich
you %or;A $urin your %or;in hours@ you should only do %or;
related thins and nothin elseA I! there are ;ids in the house@ try to
+a;e the+ understand that you are not to 2e distur2ed durin your
%or;in hoursA &r@ 2etter yet@ see i! you can schedule your %or;in
hours %hen they are not in the houseA
Track How You Spend Your Time
At the end o! the day@ you and your %or; or 2usiness is uniDueA And
so is the %ay that you spend your ti+eA ,lti+ately@ the 2est person
to !iure out ho% to +a4i+i1e your ti+e is yoursel!A So +a;e an
e!!ort to ;eep trac; o! the %ay that you spend your ti+eA Get a diary
and note do%n ho% you spend each hour o! your %or;in dayA
A!ter a %ee; or so@ loo; throuh the entries !or %ays that you can
+a4i+i1e your ti+eA In particular@ loo; out !or tas;s that you spend
+uch +ore ti+e than you should at the e4pense o! +ore i+portant
Operation Quick Money Handbook 75
Chapter (: )rticles
The 80/20 RuIe
#his is pro2a2ly the +ost i+portant ruleA &! all thins that you do@
or the clients that you service@ or the advertise+ents that you run@
"5F %ould pro2a2ly 2rin in 65F o! your inco+e or resultsA So@
spend a little ti+e and !ind out %here the "5F lies@ and concentrate
your e!!orts on +a4i+i1in that "5FA

$avid 7i+ is the %e2+aster o! 9uittinYour=o2Aco+@
a 2usiness resource !or the entrepreneur loo;in to
start@ or ro% an online ho+e-2ased 2usinessA
#his article +ay 2e reprinted !reely@ provided this
resource 2o4 re+ains intactA

A Guide to Internet Riches 76
Chapter (: )rticles
Physics Exam
#he !ollo%in concerns a Duestion in a physics deree e4a+ at the
,niversity o! CopenhaenE
<$escri2e ho% to deter+ine the heiht o! a s;yscraper %ith a
&ne student repliedE
<You tie a lon piece o! strin to the nec; o! the 2aro+eter@ then
lo%er the 2aro+eter !ro+ the roo! o! the s;yscraper to the roundA
#he lenth o! the strin plus the lenth o! the 2aro+eter %ill eDual
the heiht o! the 2uildinA<
#his hihly oriinal ans%er so incensed the e4a+iner that the
student %as !ailedA #he student appealed on the rounds that his
ans%er %as indisputa2ly correct@ and the university appointed an
independent ar2iter to decide the caseA #he ar2iter Buded that the
ans%er %as indeed correct@ 2ut did not display any noticea2le
;no%lede o! physicsA #o resolve the pro2le+ it %as decided to call
the student in and allo% hi+ si4 +inutes in %hich to provide a
ver2al ans%er %hich sho%ed at least a +ini+al !a+iliarity %ith the
2asic principles o! physicsA
8or !ive +inutes the student sat in silence@ !orehead creased in
thouhtA #he ar2iter re+inded hi+ that ti+e %as runnin out@ to
%hich the student replied that he had several e4tre+ely relevant
ans%ers@ 2ut couldnCt +a;e up his +ind %hich to useA &n 2ein
advised to hurry up the student replied as !ollo%sE
Operation Quick Money Handbook 77
Chapter (: )rticles
<8irstly@ you could ta;e the 2aro+eter up to the roo! o! the
s;yscraper@ drop it over the ede@ and +easure the ti+e it ta;es to
reach the roundA #he heiht o! the 2uildin can then 2e %or;ed out
!ro+ the !or+ula * P 5A3 4 t sDuaredA But 2ad luc; on the
<&r i! the sun is shinin you could +easure the heiht o! the
2aro+eter@ then set it on end and +easure the lenth o! its shado%A
#hen you +easure the lenth o! the s;yscraperCs shado%@ and
therea!ter it is a si+ple +atter o! proportional arith+etic to %or; out
the heiht o! the s;yscraperA<
<But i! you %anted to 2e hihly scienti!ic a2out it@ you could tie a
short piece o! strin to the 2aro+eter and s%in it li;e a pendulu+@
!irst at round level and then on the roo! o! the s;yscraperA #he
heiht is %or;ed out 2y the di!!erence in the ravitational restorin
!orce # P " pi sD root Gl K HA<
<&r i! the s;yscraper has an outside e+erency staircase@ it %ould
2e easier to %al; up the staircase and +ar; o!! the heiht o! the
s;yscraper in 2aro+eter lenths@ then add the+ upA<
<I! you +erely %anted to 2e 2orin and orthodo4 a2out it@ o! course@
you could use the 2aro+eter to +easure the air pressure on the
roo! o! the s;yscraper and on the round@ and convert the
di!!erence in +illi2ars into !eet to ive the heiht o! the 2uildinA<
<But since %e are constantly 2ein e4horted to e4ercise
independence o! +ind@ undou2tedly the 2est %ay %ould 2e to ;noc;
on the BanitorCs door and say to hi+@ CI! you %ould li;e a nice ne%
2aro+eter@ I %ill ive you this one i! you tell +e the heiht o! this
#he student %as /iels Bohr@ the only person !ro+ $en+ar; to %in
the /o2el pri1e !or -hysicsA

A Guide to Internet Riches 78
Chapter (: )rticles
Why do Most PeopIe FaiI to Make
Money on the Web?
by David Lim
Success in any venture@ %hether online or o!!line@ 2i or s+all@ can
al+ost 2e 155F assured@ iven enouh ti+e@ drive and capitalA
But %e live in an i+patient society - people to +eet@ places to o@
thins to doA #his Internet venture is Bust one o! +any thins that
you %ant to doA
You Bust %ant to <et it done<@ or succeed@ and +ove onA
So@ %hat is the Duic;est and 2est %ay !or you to do it?
#he !irst step %ould 2e to study those %ho have co+e 2e!ore you@
and !ailedA 8ailure@ in itsel!@ is not 2adA #here are +any success!ul
persons %ho have said that it is !ailure that have 2rouht the+ to
%here they are no%A
But !ailure is a %aste o! ti+eA
So@ ta;e so+e ti+e to loo; throuh the !ollo%in e4a+ples o! ho%
people have !ailedA Study the+ and +a;e sure you understand %hy
they !ailedA You %ill save a lot o! ti+e and +oney@ 2y not +a;in
the sa+e +ista;esA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 79
Chapter (: )rticles
MLM Programs
You +ay 2e lured 2y :7: prora+s pro+isin easy +oneyA #he
advertise+ents %ill typically have %ords li;e <prelaunch<@ <!orced
+atri4<@ <spillover<@ <e4plode< and <et in early<A
#he advertise+ents %ill enerally ive the i+pression that the
prora+s are ne%@ and that i! you et in no%@ you can sit 2ac; %hile
so+e2ody else 2uilds your do%nline@ or does the %or;@ !or youA
I suppose there +ay have 2een so+e rare cases %here you reap
the re%ards %hile so+e2ody else does the %or;@ 2ut +ost o! the
ti+e@ those e4pectin easy +oney %ill 2e disappointedA
,nless you have so+e insider in!or+ation@ 2y the ti+e you !ind out
a2out a Glaunched Bust +inutes aoH prora+@ +any thousands
2e!ore you %ould have !ound out a2out the sa+e prora+AAAand
they %ill 2e sittin in the choice spots that you thouht %as yoursA EG
#here is ood +oney to 2e +ade in leiti+ate :7: prora+s@ 2ut it
still 2oils do%n to pure hard %or;A
Shopping MaIIs
So+e have 2uilt shoppin +alls %ith a %ide assort+ent o!
productsA #hey have stoc;ed the +alls %ith everythin !ro+ pencils
and rulers to the ;itchen sin;@ and +oreA #he rationale is that %ith a
%ide selection@ there %ill 2e so+ethin !or every2odyA
#hey %ill proceed to pro+ote their +alls in !ree classi!ieds@ 88A
lin;s and 2anner e4chanesA So+e +ay even pay !or advertisinA
#hey %ill et a tric;le o! tra!!ic !ro+ their advertisin@ 2ut +any o!
the+ %ill not even sell a sinle ite+>
We2 sur!ers are enerally +ore interested in loo;in !or speci!ic

A Guide to Internet Riches 80
Chapter (: )rticles
in!or+ation rather than shoppinA I! you %ere to o!!er the+ %hat
they need !irst@ and then atte+pt the sale@ you %ould pro2a2ly do
very +uch 2etterA
#hat +eans 2uildin a site or +all %ith a narro% !ocus@ caterin to a
speci!ic audienceA
Paid to Surf the Web
#here are +any sites that %ill pay you !or practically anythin that
you do online@ includin readin e+ail@ visitin sites@ searchin@
chattin@ playin a+es and even listenin to the radioA
I uess you can +a;e a couple o! 2uc;s !ro+ such prora+s 2ut I
donCt thin; any2ody has +anaed to +a;e serious inco+e !ro+
such prora+sA
Automated Marketing Systems
And then there are those +ar;etin auto+ated syste+sA Invaria2ly
they %ill start %ith %hat you already ;no% - that Internet +ar;etin
is hard %or;@ that it isnCt easy to succeed@ and that it ta;es a lot o!
And they %ill tell you that +ost %ill eventually !ailA
#hey %ill continue 2y clai+in that a!ter years o! e4peri+entin@
they have co+e up %ith an auto+ated syste+ that does the
recruitin@ sellin@ +ar;etin or %hatever else neededA A syste+
that uarantees your successA
All you have to do is to !ollo% their syste+ to the letter@ and you are
on your %ay to richesA
#here are +any variations on the a2ove the+e@ too +any to o into
Operation Quick Money Handbook 81
Chapter (: )rticles
hereA Generally@ you %ill 2e as;ed to pay a one-ti+e !ee@ or a
+onthly !ee@ or do so+e runt %or; and you %ill et a re%ard that is
ridiculously disproportionate to the %or;@ or intellience@ or +oney
that you put inA
I! you are te+pted@ as I have 2een@ as; yoursel! this DuestionE
<I! I did develop such a syste+@ %ould I sell it at such a lo% price?<
<I! I did develop such a syste+@ %ould I 2e sellin it at all???<
I BuiIt a Great Site But Nobody Came
#here %ill 2e so+e that have done their ho+e%or;A
#hey %ill have decided on the the+e !or their site@ reistered their
do+ain and 2uilt their siteA #hey opti+i1ed their paes !or the
search enines and su2+itted the+A #hey approached %e2+asters
o! si+ilar sites and e4chaned lin;sA So+e +ay even have started
a ne%sletterA
And then they %aited !or the +asses to co+eA
#hree +onths passed and a tric;le o! tra!!ic started to co+e into the
Another three +onths 2ut the e4pected torrent o! tra!!ic Bust re!used
to +ateriali1eA And they ave up in disustA
Actually@ this roup o! people had it rihtA But they %ere too
#he process o! ettin decent tra!!ic to a site is li;e !allin do+inoes
- the !irst !allin do+ino %ill hit the second one@ %hich %ill hit a third@

A Guide to Internet Riches 82
Chapter (: )rticles
%hich %ill hit a !ourth@ and so onA #he do+inoes !all one at a ti+e@
not all at the sa+e ti+eA
Si+ilarly@ it ta;es ti+e !or you to pro+ote your site and et it listed
in the search eninesA #his %ill 2rin in so+e tra!!ic resultin in
+ore people ;no%in a2out your site and +ore lin;s to your siteA
Which leads to a 2etter ran;in in the enines and +ore tra!!icA
Which leads to even +ore lin;s leadin 2ac; to your site and an
even 2etter ran;in in the search eninesA 7eadin to even +ore
tra!!ic andAAAAI thin; you et the pictureA LH
But all this ta;es ti+eA It pro2a2ly +ay ta;e up to a year 2e!ore you
can et any sort o! decent tra!!ic to a ne% siteA
IC+ sure that you can thin; o! lots +ore %ays that a person can !ail
on the InternetA &n the %hole@ I thin; you %ill aree that !ailures can
pro2a2ly 2e traced 2ac; to one or +ore o! the !ollo%in !actorsE
● A lac; o! understandin o! Internet +ar;etinA
● A lac; o! driveA
● A lac; o! patienceA
● GreedA
We are all su2Bect to the a2ove <sins<A Get it under control and you
WI77 start +a;in +oney !ro+ the %e2A

$avid 7i+ is the %e2+aster o! 9uittinYour=o2Aco+@
a 2usiness resource !or the entrepreneur loo;in to
start@ or ro% an online ho+e-2ased 2usinessA
#his article +ay 2e reprinted !reely@ provided this
resource 2o4 re+ains intactA
Operation Quick Money Handbook 83
)bout the )uthor
About the Author
I a+ the %e2+aster o! 9uittinYour=o2Aco+@ a site a2out startin
and runnin an online ho+e 2ased 2usinessA -ro2a2ly the 2est
thin a2out this site is that it tells it li;e it is@ %ithout any o! the hype
that is so typical in other si+ilar sitesA
I also run " other sitesA 8ore4AsAnInvest+entAco+ is a2out
+anaed !ore4 invest+ent accounts and Wac;y-Bac;roundAco+
presents so+e rather a+a1in 2ac;round te4turesA

A Guide to Internet Riches 84
You are here2y iven per+ission to ive a%ay or sell this e2oo; in
its oriinal@ un+odi!ied and co+plete !or+A
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stored in an archiveA
#his e2oo; +ay 2e distri2uted on C$-R&: dis;s@ dis;ettes or any
other electronic +ediaA
#his e2oo; is a co+pilation o! di!!erent %or;s 2y di!!erent authorsA
#he copyriht !or their %or;s are retained 2y the individual authorsA
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Rebranding Info
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