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GS-Infiniti consults is an Organisation Development Consultancy evolved from experiences accumulated from Organisation Development, Leadership and Management

Training and Consultancies. GS-Infiniti Consults has a mission of helping Organisations to strengthen their capabilities themselves to their desired state. Our vision is facilitating Organisations to a healthy and desired state. As an Organisation Development Consultancy, We emphasize Openness, trust and collaborative effort with our clients. We emphasize on feelings and emotions as well as ideas and concepts We endeavour to meet the needs of individuals and the Organisation as a whole. We are aware that people are complex with differing needs, not just requiring physical resources.

We facilitate the opportunities for people to develop towards their full potential. Our Practice Areas: 1. Change Management This area is aimed at developing the Senior
Executives in highly competitive industries, Consultants and Project Managers. The objectives for this course include: Helping Participants to diagnose their organizational problems. Helping participants to assess organizational readiness to undertake change. Designing interventions to transform organizations. Managing complex changes in organizations. Teaching participants how to mobilize support and resources to transform their organizations. 2. Training Development and Management This is aimed at developing Consultants, Training and Development Managers, Human Resource Practitioners and NGO Staff. The Objectives of this programme include helping participants to: Undertake Training Needs Assessments. Undertake Cost Benefit Analysis to justify investment in staff Training. Design Training Programmes. Facilitate Training Delivery. Evaluate Training Impact. Prepare Training Reports


Market Training Services. Strategic Planning

This Programme is suitable for Senior Executives of Private and Public Sector Organisations, Senior Marketing Executives in Highly Competitive Industries and Consultants. The Objectives for the introduction of this programme including helping the participants to: Diagnose an organizational readiness to undertake a strategic planning intervention. Design and facilitate a strategic thinking workshop. Use analytical tools to formulate strategies to outperform Competitors. Create a common sense of purpose in an organization 4. Client Relationship Management This aspect of our programme is targeted at Relationship managers in Highly Competitive Industries. Senior Marketing Executives and Consultants