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Cargo, pre-loading/pre-discharging and bunkering plans completed Port area weather forecast monitored Radio na igation warnings monitored "a igation publications re iewed# Pilot book $ight list %ide and current book &ailing direction '()/Port Routing &chemes



(&% and other manuals re iewed# +uide to Port ,ntr"a igational (anual - .ridge procedures Cargo (anual - )perational procedures

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$ocal regulations re iewed Charts corrected and up-to-date Re2uired charts and publications laid out and read4rri al message sent to agent 4pproach to pilot station or anchorage planned and charted Re ised ,%4 at pilot station sent to agent .erthing plan completed. Contingenc- plans de eloped for engine or steering failure (ain engine and bow thruster 6if an-7 controls tested in all modes of operation Primar- and back-up steering gear tested 8eck machiner- and mooring e2uipment tested and read.oth anchors read- for dropping 8epth meter energised and tested. 8epth alarm set. "a igation e2uipment energised and tested as appropriate# Radar 4RP4 +P&

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9:; tested <alkie-talkies tested 4ppropriate entries made in the Chief )fficer=s $og .ook and the ,ngine $og .ook Re2uired flags and signals read-. <histle checked. ,2uipment failures reported to the (aster and the authorities as re2uired Radio working fre2uencies determined for 9:; and :; as necessar-

ook Radio working fre2uencies set for port control. course recorder and engine order recorder (aster/Pilot 'nformation .R. tugs. 3*. 35.>change Cards prepared Pilot hoist ladder rigged and tested )fficer assigned to super ise pilot boarding (aster/Pilot card and associated information e>changed. 3/.meeting informed of all port approach plans 4ppropriate watch t-pe set and recorded in the Chief )fficer=s $og .ook %he <atchkeeping )fficers during the port entr. 3!. .made in the Chief )fficer=s $og . terminal. pilot boat. 21. 2 / 2 2/. radio room. understood and acknowledged Re2uirements. 33. Clocks s-nchronised for bridge. 30. 32. procedures and information e>change for pilot to pilot relief agreed Personnel at stations for mooring and/or anchoring Communications with anchoring and mooring stations tested (ooring procedures re iewed on bridge and at mooring stations Remarks# )fficer (aster . Port entr. 23.meeting held and entr. 20. etc. 31.