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Honors Chemistry

Name: Nicole Lui Period: 3 Date: Nov 17, 2013
U n i t 3 : y ! e s o " # e a c t i o n s

Reaction Prediction and Observations
$or the "ollo%in& reactions, in your la' note'oo(

a) Predict the !roducts o" the reaction and 'alance the e*uation+ ') Descri'e the o'servations you %ould ma(e %hile the reaction !roceeded+ c) Determine the ty!e o" reaction+ ," it is a redo- reaction, determine %hat is o-idi.ed and reduced+ /&) solid co!!er is added to silver nitrate solution E*uation: Cu0s) 1 22&N33  22& 1 Cu0N33)2 0a*) B/$3#/: co!!er is a 'ro%nish shiny metal, silver nitrate is colorless and clear solution A$ /#: co!!er a!!ears to disa!!ear4 crystals o" shiny silver metal a!!ear4 the solution color turns to 'lue5&reen 0due to the !resence o" Cu 21 ions) T6P/: 7in&le #e!lacement5 #edo- Cu is o-idi.ed and 2& 1 is reduced4 2 electrons %ere trans"erred+ 1+ 2 solution o" co!!er 0,,) chloride is electroly.ed+ 3'serve the t%o electrodes+ /*uation: CuCl20a*) 889 Cu0s) 1 Cl20a*) :e"ore: Clear 'lue solution

2"ter: :u''les and co!!er !reci!itate y!e: Decom!osition 0," a!!lica'le: o-idi.ed; Cl2 reduced; Cu) 2+ <inc metal and iodine solid are mi-ed and react in the !resence o" %ater 0%ater is not a reactant) eacher demo /*uation: <n0s) 1 ,20s) 889 <n,20a*) :e"ore: 2"ter: <inc !o%der and silver !ellets in %ater Clear yello% solution

y!e: Com'ustion5synthesis 0," a!!lica'le: o-idi.ed; <n0s) reduced; ,2 )

3+ <inc iodide solution is electroly.ed+ ,n a !etri dish, dissolve a small amount o" .inc iodide in 20 mL distilled %ater+ /lectroly.e the solution %ith the cor( %ith 2 !ins and the 'attery+ 2"ter o'servin&, add in 3 dro!s o" starch solution+ /*uation: <n,20a*) 889 <n0s) 1 ,2 0a*) :e"ore: 2"ter: y!e: <n0a*) ) 6ello% solution %ith silver !o%er and .inc iodide =rey solid !reci!itates at the end o" the electrode %ire Decom!osition 0," a!!lica'le: o-idi.ed; ,2 reduced;

>+ 7odium metal is added to %ater+ eacher Demonstration /*uation: 2Na0s) 1 2H230l) 889 H20&) 1 2Na3H0a*) :e"ore: 2"ter: y!e: 7ilver sodium is in %ater :u''les "rom hydro&en &as 7in&le #e!lacement 0," a!!lica'le: o-idi.ed; Na0s) reduced; H)

Test for Gases $or each o" the "ollo%in& test, ma(e additional o'servations o" %hat !rovides a !ositive test "or the &as !roduced+ ?+ @a&nesium metal is added to hydrochloric acid+ 7and a !iece o" ma&nesium metal+ ,n a medium si.e test tu'e, add 2 cm o" hydrochloric acid and the ma&nesium metal+ Use your "in&er to close the to! o" the test tu'e %hile your !artner li&hts a %ooden s!lint+ Auic(ly !lace the 'urnin& s!lint into the test tu'e %ithout touchin& the li*uid+ /*uation: 2HCl0a*) 1 @&0s) 889 H20&) 1 @&Cl20a*) :e"ore: 2"ter: y!e: @a&nesium metal in hydrochloric acid $i..y %hite 'u''les 7in&le #e!lacement 0," a!!lica'le: o-idi.ed; @&0s) reduced; H)

est "or Hydro&en &as: Put it ne-t to a lit candle and it should ma(e a B!o!B sound+ Com'ustion reaction "or hydro&en &as: 2H20&) 1 320&) 889 2H23 0&) C+ Hydro&en !ero-ide 0H232) decom!oses+ 2dd some dro!s o" !otassium iodide solution to a'out 2cm dee! hydro&en !ero-ide in a test tu'e + /*uation: 2H2320l) 889 2H23 0l) 1 32 0&) :e"ore: 2"ter: Colorless hydro&en !ero-ide li*uid !lus !otassium iodide :u''les comin& out o" the solution

y!e: Decom!osition

0," a!!lica'le: o-idi.ed; H2 reduced; 32 )

est "or o-y&en &as: Put a "lame over the test tu'e and it %ill 'ecome 'ri&hter 7+ 7olid co!!er 0,,) car'onate is heated and one o" the resultin& !roducts is 'u''led throu&h lime%ater+ 0 eacher Demonstration)+ /*uation: C320&) 1 Ca03H)20a*) 889 CaC330s) 1 H230l) :e"ore: 2"ter: =as 'u''lin& throu&h lime%ater Lime%ater chan&ed "rom colorless to mil(y %ater5solution 0!reci!itate) est "or car'on dio-ide &as: ," it 'u''les in

y!e: Neutrali.ation lime%ater