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Guilatco vs.

City of Dagupan

Facts : 1. On July 25, 1978 in Dagupan City, w il! Flo"!ntina Guilatco was a#out to #oa"$ a %oto"i&!$ t"icycl! at a si$!wal' locat!$ at (!"!& )oul!va"$ *a national "oa$, un$!" t ! cont"ol an$ sup!"vision of t ! City of Dagupan+ acci$!ntally f!ll into a %an ol! locat!$ on sai$ si$!wal'. , !"!#y causing !" "ig t l!g to #! f"actu"!$.

2. - ! incu""!$ a total of (1.,...... in all !" ospitali&ation, %!$ication an$ ot !" !/p!ns!s, as ot !" "!c!ipts w!"! lost o" %isplac!$ $u"ing !" confin!%!nt in t ! two ospitals. 0!" pain p!"sist!$ !v!n aft!" !" $isc a"g! f"o% t ! ospital on Octo#!" 9, 1978 to t ! p"!s!nt an$ still w!a"ing c"utc !s an$ t ! Cou"t as actually o#s!"v!$ t at s ! as $ifficulty in loco%otion.

1. (!tition!" fil!$ a civil cas! fo" $a%ag!s. , ! ,"ial Cou"t o"$!"!$ t ! City of Dagupan to pay plaintiff, $is%iss!$ t ! plaintiff2s co%plaint as against $!f!n$ant Cito 3ng". 4lf"!$o G. ,angco5 an$ $is%iss!$ t ! count!"clai%s of $!f!n$ant City of Dagupan an$ $!f!n$ant City 3ng". ,angco, fo" lac' of %!"it.

6. On app!al #y t ! "!spon$!nt City of Dagupan, t ! 4pp!llat! Cou"t "!v!"s!$ t ! low!" cou"t fin$ings on t ! g"oun$ t at no !vi$!nc! was p"!s!nt!$ #y t ! plaintiff7app!ll!! to p"ov! t at t ! City of Dagupan a$ 8cont"ol o" sup!"vision9 ov!" (!"!& )oul!va"$.

:ssu!: ; !t !" o" not t ! City of Dagupan is lia#l! fo" $a%ag!s. 0!l$: <!s. , ! City of Dagupan, as pu#lic co"po"ation, fo" $a%ag!s a"ising f"o% in=u"i!s suff!"!$ #y p!$!st"ians f"o% t ! $!f!ctiv! con$ition of "oa$s is !/p"!ss!$ in t ! Civil Co$! as follows : Article 2189. Province, cities and municipalities shall be liable for damages, for the death of, or injuries suffered by any person by reason of the defective condition of roads, streets, bridges, public buildings, and other public works under their control or supervision.

:t is not !v!n n!c!ssa"y fo" t ! $!f!ctiv! "oa$ o" st"!!t to #!long to t ! p"ovinc!, city o" %unicipality fo" lia#ility to attac . , ! a"ticl! only "!>ui"!s t at !it !" cont"ol o" sup!"vision is !/!"cis!$ ov!" t ! $!f!ctiv! "oa$ o" st"!!t. :n t ! cas! at #a", t is cont"ol o" sup!"vision is p"ovi$!$ fo" in t ! c a"t!" of Dagupan an$ is !/!"cis!$ t "oug t ! City 3ngin!!". , ! sa%! c a"t!" of Dagupan also p"ovi$!s t at t ! laying out, const"uction an$ i%p"ov!%!nt of st"!!ts, av!nu!s an$ all!ys an$ si$!wal's, an$ "!gulations of t ! us! t !"!of, %ay #! l!gislat!$ #y t ! ?unicipal )oa"$. , us t ! c a"t!" cl!a"ly

in$icat!$ t at t ! City in$!!$ as sup!"vision an$ cont"ol ov!" t ! si$!wal' w !"! t ! op!n $"ainag! ol! is locat!$. .