Gazette Date: 31/12/2012 Last Date: 06/02/2013 Category No: 735/2012 - 736/2012

FIRST NCA N TIFICATI N Applications must be submitted online through the official website of the Commission after 'ONE TIME REGI TRATION'! Candidates who ha"e alread# registered can appl# through their profile! $! %epartment '! Name of (ost ,! cale of pa# & Education & )igh chool Assistant *Arabic+ & `14620-25280/-

-! Number of .acanc# & %istrictwise Cat !No! /,01'2$' Cat! No! /,61'2$' Note: i+ Applications must be submitted through the official website of the Commission after 'One Time Registrration'! Candidates who ha"e alread# registered can appl# through this profile! Otherwise the applications will be summaril# re9ected ! ii+ Applications submitted b# candidates belonging to the communities other than those notified will be summaril# re9ected! No re9ection memo will be issued! iii+ eparate Ran:ed list will be prepared for each districts in pursuance of this notification! Ran:ed list thus prepared and published b# the Commission; shall remain in force until candidates are ad"ised and appointed against the "acancies earmar:ed for the abo"e communities; but remain unfilled due to paucit# of the candidates during the currenc# of the Ran:ed 5ist published for the post in the following districts! Name of %istrict 3asaragod Alappu7ha %ate of (ublication of Ran:ed 5ist $6!$2!'22< '2!2/!'2$$ Categor# No! </1'226 -61'22< 3asaragod 4 5atin Catholic 4 $*one+ Alappu7ha 4 O8C 4 $ *one+

i"+ The selection in pursuance of the notification will be made on a re"enue district basis; sub9ect to the special conditions laid down in G!O!*M + No! $0-1/$1(%; dated '/!0!$=/$! A candidate ad"ised for appointment in one re"enue district from the Ran:ed 5ist prepared is not eligible for transfer to another district unless he1she completes fi"e #ears continuous ser"ice from the date of commencement of ser"ice in the former district! E"en if transfer is allowed after fi"e #ears; it will be sub9ect to the rules in G!O!*Ms+No!-16$1(%; dated '!$!$=6$! Candidates alread# in Go"ernment ser"ice holding this post in an# one district are prohibited from appl#ing again for this post; but the# can appl# to higher posts when notified! 0! !et"o# o$ a%%o&'t(e't: Communities onl#+ %irect Recruitment *from candidates belonging to 5C; O8C

G!O! *M + No! 6$-1601Edn! %ated 2=!$$!60 and G!O!*M + No! '-. Militar# ran: and Militar# address of their husbands and produce the same as and when reDuired b# the Commission *G!O!*M + No! 02=16.*both dates included+ are eligible to appl# for this post! >including the rela?ation as per para ' *i+ of General Conditions@ Note&4 Aor conditions regarding other age rela?ation please see para ' of the general conditions e?cept para ' *i+ /! )*a+&$&. if the# possess the prescribed Dualifications! oldiers in acti"e ser"ice and those wor:ing in 8ase establishment are included under the terms of Cawans Ei"es of Cawans should note in the application that the# are Ei"es of Cawans! uch candidates should obtain proper certificates from the Officer commanding staing the Name. Eednesda# up to $'!22 Midnight! 10.The candidates who claim concessions on the basis of an# of the reason mentioned in para ' of the General Conditions should state GAre #ou eligible for age rela?ations as G#esH on the online application and gi"e details in the space following! Otherwise the applications are liable to be re9ected presuming that the# are o"er aged candidates! Bpper age limit after allowing the rela?ation as per rule should not e?ceed 02 #ears of age * ee para ' of General Conditions+ =! 5ast date for receipt of Applications&!26!2'!'2$.!o#e o$ Se'#&'g a%%+&. 3erala! Note& *i+ (ost Graduates in Arabic are also eligible to appl# if the# possess 8!Ed18!T15!T! *ii+ 8!Ed shall be in the concerned ub9ect <! (ECIA5 CONCE ION REGAR%ING A((OINTMENT AN% AGE 5IMIT *i+ (reference will be gi"en as laid down in G!O!*M + No!021/21(% dated $'!'!/2 and G!O! *M + No! =1/<1G!Edn! %ated '$!$!/< to the wi"es of Cawans in the matter of recruitment as Teachers.6! Age L&(&t: $<4-. Onl# Candidates born between 2'!2$!$=6= and 2$!2$!$==.1661Edn! %ated '/!0!66+! *ii+ Airst Class couts and Guides will be gi"en preference in the matter of appointment as Teachers *G!O!*M + No! $''1/01G!Edn! %ated '/!20!$=/0 and GO *M + No! 021/21(% dated $'!2'!$=/2+! *iii+ Teachers of the Go"ernment (rimar# F Nurser# chool who are graduates F are otherwise Dualified will be e?empted from upper age limit *G!O!*M + No!$<01/21Edn dated $<!-!$=/2 F G!O!*M + No! -661/21Edn dated $$1$$1$=/2+! The# should produce proper certificate from authorities concerned as and when reDuired b# the Commission!' :Candidates shall register as per 'ONE TIME REGI TRATION ' s#stem on the Official Eebsite of 3erala (ublic er"ice Commission 'www!:eralapsc!org' for appl#ing for the post! Candidates who ha"e registered shall appl# b# logging in to their profile using their Bser4 I% and password! Candidates shall clic: on the 'Appl# Now' button of the respecti"e .at&o':*$+ A degree in Arabic *or Arabic as one of the optional sub9ects under pattern II of (art III+ and 8!Ed18!T115!T conferred or recognised b# the Bni"ersities in 3erala OR *'+ A Title of oriental 5earning in Arabic awarded or recognised b# the Bni"ersities in 3erala and certificate in 5anguage Teacher's Training issued b# the Commissioner for Go"ernment E?aminations.Edn! %ated $=!=!$=6-.

communit#. )all Tic:et of eligible candidates will be made a"ailable in the website of the 3erala (ublic er"ice Commission! Candidates are instructed to download their )all Tic:et as per the instructions in the website! *Aor %etails including photo. if reDuired! Candidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrec# of password! 8efore appl#ing for a post. I% card etc! please see the General Conditions gi"en+ ./IN 0 S1CR1TAR0 21RALA .-C.posts in the Notification lin: for appl#ing for a post! No application fee is reDuired! Candidates can "iew and ha"e a print4out of the details in the profile b# clic:ing the lin: Registration Card. age etc! ha"e to be produced as and when called for ! $$! Address to which applications are to be sent : www!3eralapsc!org $'! If a written test1OMR test is conducted as part of the selection. candidates must ensure correctness of the information in their profile! The# must Duote the Bser4 I% for further communication with the Commission! Applications once submitted will be recei"ed as pro"isional and particulars shall not be deleted or altered after submission! Applications submitted not in accordance with the conditions of the notification will be summaril# re9ected! %ocuments to pro"e Iualification.3/LIC S1R4IC1 C !!ISSI N .