Economic Trend of Bangladesh

Various data is needed to give an actual idea about the condition of economy of any country. Economic trends refers the overall direction by which a nation`s economy is moving. Most business managers need to be aware of the prevailing direction of the economic trend for the product markets and countries in which they operate in order to make more accurate and effective plan for their own business & own country. After reviewing the economic data regarding some factors published by Bangladesh Bank ! have tried to overview the current economic trend of Bangladesh. "irstly the e#change rate between B$% and &'$ was B$% ((.()* &'$ + on ,une - ./+0. %he e#change rate of &' $ollar with B$% is (1.+- in ./+/2++. !t was (3..+ in ,anuary ./+0 & ((.33 in April ./+0. 4ompare to last few years the e#change rate of B$% has appreciated against many other international currencies including &'$ and has become stable too in last few months. !nterest rate fell to -./-5 in "ebruary ./+0 which is the lowest among all the months from ,anuary ./+.. $espite of /./+5 interest rate increase in March ./+0 the interest rate has started to fall continuously after August ./+. 6-.-)57. Another important inde# to review economic condition is international reserve which is also known as foreign e#change reserve. !nternational reserve has reached to the highest during April ./+0 68+19.3.+ million7 among last few years. %he inflation rate is comparatively high ++.+1 in .//92/3 and follows -.-1 in ./++2+.. But early in ,anuary ./+0 the rate of inflation is ).). and dramatically increases 9.0( in April ./+0. Early ./+. the unemployment rate is 9.0 & middle of the year it is 9... After that it is slightly down (.9 in $ecember ./+.. Early ,anuary./+0 it is (.3 & April ./+0 is decrease in (.). %rade deficit has decreased by 0/5 appro#imately between ,uly ./+. and March ./+0. %hough e#port 6including E:;7 has risen by 3.195 and import has fallen by /.995 from ,uly ./++ to March ./+0 the Bangladesh economy held 819)0 million trade deficit in March ./+0. <owever remittance flow is in decreasing trend. %here was an increase in the remittance flow in ,anuary ./+0 which was 8+0.).33 million. But it was not conveyed and B$ economy has vouched e#tensive fluctuation in last few months in the remittance flow especially in April ./+0 it has become 8++31.1/ million. %he nominal rate of =$: =>! per capita =$: and per capita =>! were +1.9.5 +-.-35 +0.0)5 and +1.+.5 in "? ./++2 +/+. respectively. !n fact the real rate of all these aggregate national income components during that period were ).0.5 (./05 1.3)5 and -.)(5 respectively which were not up to the prospective level. %here are the shortage of domestic food production narrow structure of e#ports failure in the invocation of much "oreign $irect !nvestment cumulative interest of loans continuous loss in the public enterprises poor infrastructure inefficient ta#ation high inflation rate political instability and the serious deterioration of law and order situation. $espite these problems some of the ma@or factors of the economic condition are not favorable in Bangladesh right now. %hough it faces some problems but it maintains a good =$: !nflation rate & &nemployment rate in last few years. 'ome economists say that if this growth of economic trend maintained properly Bangladesh will be positioned well in global economy very soon.

Assignment on Economic Trend of Bangladesh
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