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The Unconscious Mind

Sergio Montanino
A psychologist named Sigmund Freud came up with the study of psychoanalysis, the branch in psychology that specializes in the study of the unconscious mind and how the subconscious of a person affect the tasks that need to be accomplished in daily life; among actions and interaction. Freud’s suggestion is that each human being has a suppressed evil in his or her subconscious, an evil that is easily released, and in my opinion, can be easily viewed in every single person. Our world is one filled with beauty and cruelty. Benevolent and malicious actions are seen every day, in every situation, yet one kind of action is displayed at a much greater rate: malevolent actions. Since the beginning of civilization, humans have been forming rivalries against each other that have resulted to injury or death or some other sort of negative effect. We have become the only species that kill our own kind for enjoyment, power, greed and many other words that define us. We are causing the obliteration of what surrounds us, of the nature we have been gifted with in this world obliviously. There is a minority among us that are conscious to what is happening, and there are others who are active in the cease of this negative influence we are spreading, but unfortunately there is one perfect word that defines our race: evil. The psychologist Sigmund Freud became aware of this deep, suppressed feeling we have. This evil we are born with can be seen and shown in examples throughout history, such as the Holocaust, the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, The Crusades, the War in Iraq, the Expansion of Israeli Territory, the Genocide of the Native Americans… These are just major events that have taken place in history and are known by the myriad majority, but there are cryptic events that are unknown to many people. Sigmund Freud mentions how this evil is kept suppressed. Due to my life experiences, I can honestly say I agree with his theoretical idea. Many people have a stronger sense of repression of this evil, and are less affected. Others, such as murderers for example, are not able to repress what we are capable of doing. But we cannot deny the fact that this malicious energy exists in us. This evil can tend to be so unconscious that you do not even notice it. The greatest example of so is the food we eat. We are so unconscious about it that we do not question what we are eating and how was the food we are eating treated. We are unaware to the fact that slaughterhouses are merciless against the animals occupying it. Suffering is endured and torture is applied. We are contributing to a greater evil without questioning to ourselves why. We kill other living beings (insects etc.) without creating a thought on what you just did. We as living beings must ask us this question: Are we allowed to kill other living beings for any other reason that is not self-defense? I strongly agree with the words of Sigmund Freud. We belong to a world with both beauty and cruelty, and our cruelty is causing the end of beauty’s existence. In order to change that from occurring, we must change who we are. We must become aware of what we can do, and we must be able to suppress it entirely and not cause malevolent actions without even considering what will the result be.