General Questions for INVESTMENT BANKING 1.

What is the mobility across industry groups and product groups within the firm? For instance, can I after some time (say 1 or 2 years) mo e from an !"# role to a corporate finance role or from the healthcare sector to the $!$ sector? 2. In all in estment ban%s there is a &china wall' between the in estment ban%ing side and research and trading. What is the interaction of the In estment ban%ing team with the research and other departments and how does %nowledge sharing ta%e place between them? (. #fter a while in any in estment ban%, an employee gets assigned to an industry co erage group. Industry groups are formed based on the mar%et perception of &hot' areas. What happens to an a erage employee if he)she* • +ets assigned to an area in which there is relati ely less business at the moment. For e,ample telecom in India became hot a couple of years bac%, before that there was hardly any acti ity. In such a case does this person get an opportunity to get in ol ed with deals in some other industry group? • $!$ is one of the primary thrust areas of most In estment ban%s. What if I get assigned to the $!$ sector now, de elop s%ills in this sector and the sector goes out of the mar%et-s fa our after (./ years? 0ow do I then mo e to another sector and de elop s%ills in a new industry from scratch? /. $raders are %nown for ha ing a typical life of 1.12 years before they mo e out. Is there any such burn.out time for in estment ban%ers too? If yes, what are the %ind of e,it options that ban%ers typically ha e? 3. #re mo ements to ban%ing from sales)research)trading possible and ice. ersa? Why? 4. In estment ban%ing is generally belie ed to be the most ulnerable to mar%et ups and downs. What has been your e,perience)obser ation regarding this?

What is the e. What will the thrust regions for the In estment ban%ing team going ahead? What is the commitment to #sia <acific and India? =<! has been oted >o. Morgan Chase & Co. of people from different le els. 1 in #sian !"# e.uities and debt? . What steps are being ta%en)will be ta%en to accomplish similar a similar feat in capital raising also? =< !organ would be ha ing uni. no. • • • • • • • • • For how long does a new recruit wor% in a generalist role before being assigned to an industry team? 0ow is the organi5ation structured within In estment 6an%ing? 7pecifically. based on the <<$ and some articles that I ha e read about the firm.ecuted by another office? I belie e that that there is a (42 degree e aluation program in the organi5ation.ue strengths in this area gi en its balance sheet strength.uired to become >o. is the accountability also team specific rather than indi idual specific? =<! has singled out $!$ as the thrust area for the future. 0ow does this culture permeate the in estment ban%ing business gi en the hea y emphasis on team wor%. long. 2 in capital raising too both in e.tra effort re. =apan by $hompson Financial 7ur ey. inno ation and global distribution capabilities.standing relationships. or are there separate teams for 7yndicated Finance. 9ebt 8apital !ar%ets and :. that =<! has an entrepreneurial culture. 1 or >o. how is indi idual performance e aluated? I thin%. role of the senior analyst 8ould you tell me about the training program for new hires in In estment ban%ing? It was mentioned during the <<$ that the program is spread o er a period of time. are !"# and 8apital raising the two product groups. +i en the strong team culture in the firm.uity 8apital !ar%ets within capital raising? What is the hierarchy within the In estment ban%ing group? 0ow do teams typically get formed for a deal? $eam si5e.P. 0ow does this wor% and what are the s%ill sets that one is trained to de elop at each stage? What is the geographical mobility within the firm? 0ow often does one get to wor% on a deal which is being e..Questions for J.