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“Analysis of Consumer Behaviour Towards Health Care Products

Submitted in partial fulfillment for MBA Programme 2008-2010 To, U.P Tec nical Uni!er"it#, $uc%no&

Su!mitted By"#
Pul$it %ittal Roll No& '()*)+''),

Su!mitted To"#
Mr. Vikhyat Singhal (Sr. Lecturer)



I declare that the project entitled “A ST-42 ON A HEA0TH CARE PRO4-CTS (Conducted on behalf of CO S!M"# $"%&VIO!#) under the guidance of %r& 5i$hyat Sin6hal 7Sr. Lecturer) 'ub(itted in partial fulfill(ent of the re)uire(ent for the a*ard of the degree of %aster of Business Administration to -ttar Pradesh Technical -niversity3 0uc$now i' (y original *ork + carried out during The Session 20103 and not 'ub(itted for the a*ard of any other degree, diplo(a, fello*'hip or other 'i(ilar or pri-e to any other in'titute, organi-ation or'ity by any other per'on.

Pulkit Mittal


ided (e throughout the cour'e of thi' project.e contributed directly or indirectly in (y project *ork. I get idea about %ealth Care Indu'try by thi' project.Ac$nowled6ement In preparation of thi' report by (e. Lecturer) for hi' .e' (e e0ten'i. I *ould like to take opportunity to e0pre'' (y gratitude to*ard' all of the( *ho ha. 1 . I a( thankful to Mr.e practical kno*ledge in (y career. %e ha' patience and critically gone through the 'ubject (atter. I feel great plea'ure becau'e it gi. Vikhyat Singhal (Sr. &t la't I *ould like to e0tend (y deep 'en'e of gratitude to (y friend'. colleague' and each indi.idual *ho directly or indirectly help (e during the project *ork.aluable in'piration and guidance pro.

..............3...../7 >& Conclusion33333333333333333333..............26 ....nter=retation3333333333333.81 5 .......& 4ata Analysis < ...Ta!le of Contents "# 2..76 +& Su66estions or Recommendations333333333333......45 )& Research O!9ective333333333333333333.24 :& Research %ethodolo6y 33333333333333333/1 .... E8ecutive summary333333.333333333333...82 *& Bi!lio6ra=hy333333333333333333333...84 (& 0imitations33333333333.& 0iterature Review 333333333333333333..

iour and en. the beha.iron(ent through *hich people carry out tran'action' in their life.iour i' gi.E8ecutive Summary Consumer Behaviour"# 4efinition" 9he official definition of con'u(er beha.en by the &(erican Marketing &''ociation a': the dyna(ic interaction of the affect and cognition.iour reflect' con'u(er'. Con'u(er beha. deci'ion' *ith re'pect to: 7 .

9he co(pany. (<rof.iron(ent ('(oothly or foggy political 'etting).ourable or o(inou' financial condition'). Con'u(er $eha. the price. con'u(ption.i'ion ad. (".er'e 'o(e of the'e 'tage'.ol. 9hi' (ay be the ca'e in high@in. a tele.iron(ent (fa.elop a product after buying itC %o* con'u(er e0e(pted fro( the product (or hi' packing) after it' u'ageC 8 .• • • the ac)ui'ition. ti( in the price of product).ing ne* purcha'e.iour. 2???) Con'u(er ti(e).ol. and idea' $y (hu(an) deci'ion (aking (o.e(ent purcha'e'.' (arketing (i0 a' for the product.iour. 262) 9hi' (odel i(plie' that con'u(er' pa'' through all fi.ol.iron(ent (technological progre'' or rece''ion). con'u(er' (ay 'kip or re. 9he political en. 9hrough the 'tudying of con'u(er beha. In lo*@in. the place and the pro(otion. Maggie >euen'.e' 'ti(uli *hich affect on hi' con'u(ing beha. 9hi' (odel 'ho*' the full range of con'ideration' that ari'e *hen a con'u(er face a highly in.iour 'o(e funda(ental )ue'tion' co(e' abroad 'uch a': • • • • • Bhy doe' con'u(er buy a productC %o* doe' con'u(er buy the productC %o* doe' con'u(e' or u'e the productC %o* doe' con'u(er de. /ive#Sta6e %odel of the !uyin6 =rocess" (Aotler 2??/'.ing purcha'e'. 9hi' 'ti(uli co(e' fro(: • • • • 9he financial en. 9he technological en. and di'po'ition of good' and 'er.e 'tage' in buying a product. =r. p.erti'ing 'pot or a handing@o.

perception'.iour' through a proce'' of 'ociali-ation in. regional identity) 6 .ing the fa(ily and other education in'titution'. Be can di'tingui'h 'e. %indi. Be can di'tingui'h: D ational group' (i((igrant'. 9he'e entitie' *ere in the pa't the nation' and could be in the future the ci. 2???) 9ho'e )ue'tion' find an'*er' through the 'tudy of the factor' that influence' con'u(er.iour i' largely learned. 9ho'e factor' and it' categorie' are the follo*ing: 1. Mu'li('.' beha. Con'u(er $eha. Orthodo0. <rote'tant'. preference' and beha. Mu'li(. Subculture: "ach culture con'i't' of '(aller 'ubculture' that pro.iour. "uropean' and non@"uropean') D #eligiou' group' (Catholic'. %u(an beha. de(ographical and p'ychological.iour. 9he gro*ing child ac)uire' a 'et of . and Ee*') D >eographical area' (#egion'. Chine'e). CULTURAL FACTORS Culture: Culture (or ci. cultural.ide (ore 'pecific identification and 'ociali-ation for it' (e(ber'.eral 'ubculture' in the different countrie'. 9ho'e factor' are 'eparated in four categorie': 'ocial.(<rof.ili-ation) i' the highe't entity of per'onal identification *ith the 'ociety.alue'.ili-ation' (Be'tern.ol. Maggie >euen'. =r.

p. 1/10 Social roles an& statuses: & per'on participate' in (any group' throughout life 'uch a' fa(ily. and they influence con'u(er deci'ion' (opinion follo*er). &'piration group' are group' to *hich a per'on *ould like to belong.idual' *hich con'titute 'ource of infor(ation for 'pecific product' and brand'.' attitude' or beha.2.itie' that a per'on i' e0pected to perfor( according to the per'on' around hi( or her. 1. entrepreneur) <eople *ith higher 'tatu' like to re(ain their po'ition. etc). 27/@271). on@(e(ber'hip group' are the group' to *hich a per'on not belong'. 'elf@concept.g. Be di'tingui'h different reference group': • • • • Me(ber'hip group' are the group' to *hich the per'on belong'. 2444.e a direct (face to face) or indirect influence on the per'on. $ut 'tatu' 'y(bol' . SOCIAL FACTORS Social class !Social classes are relati"el# ho$o%eneous an& en&urin% &i"isions in a societ#' (hich are hierarchicall# or&ere& an& (hose $e$bers share si$ilar "alues interests an& beha"iour) Social classes sho( &istinct *ro&uct an& bran& *re+erences in such areas as clothin%' ho$e +urnishin%' leisure acti"ities' auto$obiles' an& +oo& an& be"era%es. <eople choo'e product' that co((unicate their role and 'tatu' in 'ociety.iour of the per'on. but *hich influence the attitude' and beha.-OTL. 'ociability.iour are rejected.ary for 'ocial cla''e' and al'o geographically. 9he per'on.' po'ition in each group can be defined in ter(' of role and 'tatu'. . O*inion lea&ers: Indi.' reference group' con'i't of all 'ocial group' that ha. club'. & role con'i't' of the acti. #ole' and 'tatu'e' are at the 'a(e ti(e dyna(ic and 'tatic pheno(ena: • • 9hey change *ith the econo(ic and 'ocial progre'' (land o*ner.iourG (AO9L"#.idual that deter(ine' the *ay ho* he react'. "ach role carrie' a 'tatu' reflecting the e'tee( accorded to it by 'ociety. and organi-ation'. ? . PS2C3OLO4ICAL FACTORS Personalit# 9he total internal characteri'tic' of an indi. Re+erence %rou*: F& per'on.alue' or beha. =i''ociate group' are group' *ho'e . 'elf@(onitoring. (".R' 2000' *.

idual ha' for hi' e0terior appearance. hi' character and generally 'peaking *hat concern' the indi. occupation but (ay lead different life'tyle'. and 'pecial diet' in the later year'. 6elie+s an& attitu&es 9he total kno*ledge fro( ad. Moti"ation. PERSONAL FACTORS. Perce*tion 9he proce''. Occu*ation" & per'on. It con'titute' i(portant . (o't food' in the gro*ing and (aturing year'. & per'on.' con'u(ption pattern i' al'o influenced by hi' or her' and a''et' borro*ing po*er 24 . *ith *hich an indi. Life'tyle portray' the F*hole per'onG interacting *ith hi' or her' o. intere't'.iron(ent. but al'o per'onal e0perience'. Li+est#le It e0pre''e' the . hi' (ental facultie'. . Configuration of 'pecific belief' and attitude' for 'pecific product'. 'pecific brand'.en though for 'pecific production countrie'.ing in the *orld a' e0pre''ed in the per'on' acti. Li+est#le" <eople co(ing fro( the 'a(e 'ubculture.erti'e' or other pro(otion energie'.er their lifeti(e.cono$ic circu$stances con'i't of their: • • • 'pendable inco(e 'a.' life'tyle in the per'on. 9hey eat baby food in the early year'. organi'e' and it interpret' inco(e' of infor(ation *ith an ai( to create a rea'onable picture for the *orld. that the indi. 4.idual 'elect'.idual ha' in their life. and opinion'. e. 'ocial cla''. A%e an& li+e5c#cle sta%e" <eople buy different good' and 'er.' pattern of li. & *hite@collar *orker *ill buy other clothing and food a' a blue@collar *orker.alue' that an indi.ariable of (arket 'eg(entation. 'pecific retailer'.idual a' a 'ocial being.Sel+5conce*t 9he picture or the perception that each indi.idual @ con'u(er ac)uire' and (aintain' in hi' (e(ory.itie'.

iour in interaction *ith the factor' that influenced it can be attributed conci'ely *ith the follo*ing diagra(: Health Care Product %eanin6" 22 . *e can conclude that con'u(er. 9o 'u( up.• &ttitude to*ard 'pending and 'a.'

Consumers Behaviour towards various health care =roducts" Hollo*ing of the'e are the .ariou' health care product' related to con'u(er.!3ealth Care Pro&ucts are those (hich hel* the *eo*le to re5%ain their ener%# an& also hel*+ul in $akin% their health %oo& enou%h.' need':@ ?& Chyawan=rash In chya*anpra'h the'e t*o are the leader' in the (arket. people are able to *ork effecti.ely and efficiently and their i((uno 'y'te( *ork' better.ariou' 'y(pto(' again't our health.e that they 'hould buy big@ 'i-e of it becau'e a' an a.erage price i' le'' and they u'e it (o'tly in 'u((er 'ea'on and (o't of the( like >lucon@= (ore in co(pari'on of =abur >luco'e. .) 9hrough health care product'.& Honey 22 . )& 1lucose 4 It i' u'ed by the con'u(er' to gain energy in'tantly and they belie.ent . and the con'u(er' 'ay that *e u'e it to (a0i(i-e the re'i'tance po*er of our body and to pre.

ariou' type' of the e.erage price.' balanced (i0ture reju.ery day re)uire(ent' of a per'on and con'u(er' 'ay that they like to buy it' bottle becau'e there are /4 cap'ule' in that and on behalf of a.ital i' a co(prehen'i.ery day food 'upple(ent that ha' a balanced (i0ture of .ital.ita(in'. (ineral' and gin'eng.' %oney due to le'' price and they 'aid that *e like to purcha'e in big packaging' due to (ore con'u(ption. >in'eng i' a herbal e0tract.e e. . C. = and ".& Eno 2/ . $ @co(ple0.edic (edicine' and they 'ay that purcha'ing of pri.ita(in' &. price i' le''. nor(ally u'ed to added energy and *ell being. #e. and it al'o u'ed in .Con'u(er' u'e it to reduce fat a' *ell a' gaining of fat. 9he do'age of nece''ary nutrient' including . (ineral' and other trace ele(ent' co.ate brand.' honey i' better than =abur. :& Revital #e.enate' and 'trengthen' body organ' and help' (aintain e0cellent health.

Control' =y'pep'ia.e' indige'tion and (o't con'u(er' like to purcha'e it' 'achet due to le'' price and al'o ea'y to bring e.ery@*here.e' up'et 'to(ach and the after@ effect' of too (uch food. and e. >& Ha9mola "a'e' condition of flatulence.erage price in co(pari'on of 'achet. Increa'e' appetite.erybody i' a*are by it and (o't of the urban cu'to(er' like to buy it' bottle due to le'' a. +& Body 1row Su==lements 21 .%elp relie. %elp' in proper dige'tion and relie.

running and any opther aerobic or &naerobic e0erci'e and (o't of the( like Creatine on fir't priority due to it' brand na(e and al'o for it' )uality. Con'u(er' 'ay that if you *ant to build@up your body then you (u't ha. &ll of the'e are 244I pure phar(aceutical grade i(pro.e' your (u'cle'J perfor(ance during high inten'ity acti. (& Pudin Hara 25 .itie' 'uch a' *eight training.e the'e 'upple(ent'.&ll of the'e are the choice of the youth' *ho do the *eight@lifting.

Intended for con'u(ption during phy'ically acti.i'ion of <ep'iCo. no* a di. ?'& Chocolate Health 4rin$ for Children 27 .e occa'ion'. *& 1atorade It i' kno*n a' energy drink for the youth'. >atorade be.e' )uick relief fro( 'to(ach ache.ored non@carbonated 'port' drink' (anufactured by the Kuaker Oat' Co(pany. <udin hara i' co(pletely natural and 'afe and they like it' li)uid on fir't priority in'tead of tablet becau'e it' in'tant to u'e and re'ult' are better. 1atorade i' a brand of fla. carbohydrate' and electrolyte'.Mo't of the con'u(er' 'ay that =abur pudin hara gi. ga' and indige'tion. Mo't of the con'u(er' don.ailable in the (arket.t u'e it due to high@price' and they opt another 'ub'titute' a.erage' are for(ulated to rehydrate and repleni'h fluid. It' i' a tru'ted fa't action re(edy for 'to(ach di'order'.

Hollo*ing of the'e are the (ain chocolate health drink' for the children a.ailable in the (arket:@ 28 .

antage of econo(ically le'' price.9here $ourn.ery child like the'e chocolate drink'. 26 . Con'u(er' 'ay that a(ong't all of the'e drink'. $ourn.ita i' the leader of the (arket and each and e.ita i' be't and they purcha'e it' big packaging due to (ore con'u(ption and al'o ad.


e analy'i' of . 9o analy-e the beha.ior of con'u(er' to*ard' .ariou' %ealth@Care <roduct'.e u'e'. 24 . 2& &*arene'' of .ariou' %ealth@Care <roduct' a.ariou' %ealth@Care <roduct'.O!9ectives of the Research The main motto of the =resent study accom=lishes the followin6 o!9ectives "# 2. /.ailable in the (arket and their re'pecti. 9o (ake co(parati.

0iterature Review 22 .

the i((une 'y'te(. &n "nergi-er: &n energy boo't for that e0tra effort that 'et' the *inner apart. >luco'e@ = i' a ready 'ource of energy for the body ti''ue'. & natural Choice of a *inner. Honey. It co(e' under the category a' a food product Large't player in the branded honey (arket.ide' e''ential nutrient' to the body. It i' e'pecially good for children and 'port'(en • Honey %oney ha' been u'ed for it' (edicinal and therapeutic . protecting you fro( 85I of the total 'hare #ecently launched in con. =rink >luco'e@= regularly and get your'elf the po*er to *in. Chya*anpra'h an e. #efre'he' and energi'e' you to fight tiredne'' and fatigue cau'ed by 'u((er heat. ea'y@to@u'e ')ue-ee pack Hocu'ing on pro(oting food@led u'age. cough and cold.alue for centurie' in India.ery hou'ehold i(bibe the goodne'' of thi' natural *onder li)uid in their day@to@day life. & >uardian: <ro. it al'o enhance' your 'ta(ina along *ith general *ell being.There are so many =roducts re6ardin6 health care availa!le in the mar$et& Be can gi. co((anding o. Ae'ar along *ith 18 other tru'ted ingredient' It ha' anti@o0idant propertie' and 'trengthen' your bodyJ' internal defence (echani'(. 22 . 9hereby. 'tre'' etc. • 1lucose#4 & #epleni'he': Hor )uick reco.e the e0planation about the( in the follo*ing (anner:@ • Chyawan=rash Chya*anpra'h ha' &(la @ one of the riche't 'ource' of Vita(in C.enient.ery of energy lo't due to fatigue.eryday habit and 'ee your fa(ily healthy and happy al*ay'.eryday infection'. help' e. In addition.

e e.ita(in' &.e' up'et 'to(ach and the after@ effect' of too (uch food. &ll of the'e are 244I pure phar(aceutical grade i(pro. = and ". (ineral' and gin'eng. Increa'e' appetite.ery day re)uire(ent' of a per'on.e' indige'tion and (o't con'u(er' like it. <udin hara i' co(pletely natural and 'afe. running and any opther aerobic or &naerobic e0erci'e.enate' and 'trengthen' body organ' and help' (aintain e0cellent health. $ @co(ple0. >in'eng i' a herbal e0tract.e' )uick relief fro( 'to(achache. • Eno %elp relie.ital i' a co(prehen'i. nor(ally u'ed to added energy and *ell being.e' your (u'cle'J perfor(ance during high inten'ity acti. It' i' a tru'ted fa't action re(edy for 'to(ach di'order'.ery day food 'upple(ent that ha' a balanced (i0ture of .• Revital as ener6y !ooster #e. (ineral' and other trace ele(ent' co.itie' 'uch a' *eight the e.' balanced (i0ture reju. %elp' in proper dige'tion and relie. 2/ . and ".erybody i' a*are by it. #e.ita(in'. 9he do'age of nece''ary nutrient' including . • Pudin Hara <udin hara gi. • Ha9mola "a'e' condition of flatulence.ital. ga' and indige'tion. • Body 1rowth Su==lements &ll of the'e are the choice of the youth' *ho do the *eight@lifting. C. Control' =y'pep'ia.

• Chocolate Health 4rin$ for Children 9hey help' in the gro*th of the children and al'o build' up their 'ta(ina.i'ion of <ep'iCo. 21 . carbohydrate' and electrolyte'.our of the con'u(ption of the'e chocolate health drink' for the gro*th of children.e occa'ion'. no* a di. =octor' are al'o in the fa. and the children al'o like the ta'te of the'e chocolate health drink'. Intended for con'u(ption during phy'ically acti.ored non@carbonated 'port' drink' (anufactured by the Kuaker Oat' Co(pany.erage' are for(ulated to rehydrate and repleni'h fluid. >atorade be.• 1atorade ener6y drin$ 1atorade i' a brand of fla.

8 (illion hou'ehold' co(e' under lo* inco(e group ( NI # 24.erall) *ith a (arket 'hare of 22@ 2/I.' retail . are 'till an urban pheno(enon. &(ong the total 271.444 ).erall (arket 'hare. 9he'e Malt be.erage' category *ith a 74. Currently. 9he 'hare of bro*n drink' ha' increa'ed fro( about /2I to /5I o.8 (illion (iddle inco(e group (I # 14.en though the per capita inco(e in India i' lo* and it re(ain' a huge (arket. account' for 22I of the *orld.e (arket e. people of India co(pri'e different 'eg(ent' of con'u(er'. Market leader >SA al'o o*n' other brand' 'uch a' $oo't. and inco(e. 9he %ealth food drink' category con'i't' of *hite drink' and bro*n drink'.e year'.444 ). %ein-.elop(ent in India. 25 .illage'.444 to I # 54.ita i' the leader in the bro*n drink 'eg(ent *ith a (arket 'hare of around 25I. bro*n drink' (*hich are cocoa@ba'ed) continue to gro* at the e0pen'e of *hite drink' like %orlick' and Co(plan. >SA Con'u(er %ealthcare i' the (arket leader in the *hite (alt be.a. &n i(portant and recent de. 9hi' rural population i' 'pread all o. the young and the 'ick.eral ba'ic con'u(er good'.er the la't fi.' Milo and >CMMH. Malto. India i' a big country *ith 26 'tate'. follo*ed by 54.e' in rural area'.1 (illion lo*er (iddle inco(e hou'ehold' ( I # 24.e. 9hree@fourth' of India. accounting for the large't proportion of all India 'ale'. e. and contribute one@third of the national inco(e.erage'. the *orld.6 (illion hou'ehold' in India.444 ) and 5.7 (illion .olu(e 'ale'. (ainly con'u(ed by the old. South and "a't India are large (arket' for the'e drink'. 9he total (arket i' placed at about ?4.' population li. though. ba'ed on cla''. Hro( the (arket per'pecti.' utra(ul.444 to I # 64.' large't (alt@ba'ed drink' (arket. Bhite drink' account for al(o't t*o@third' of the (arket. in clo'e to 4.a and Vi. India i' a lucrati.6 (illion high inco(e group (OI # 64.' con'u(eri'( i' the e(ergence of the rural (arket for 'e.444). o.444). third o. 6. 64. 'tatu'.er one billion people and 224 dialect'Mlanguage'.' $ourn. Other 'ignificant player' are e'tlL. Cadbury.2 (illion upper (iddle inco(e group (I # 54. 9he'e drink' are traditionally con'u(ed a' (ilk 'ub'titute' and (arketed a' a nutritiou' drink.444 ton and i' e'ti(ated to be gro*ing at about 1I.444 to I # 14.India.en for co'tly product'.' Co(plan co(e' in 'econd (in thi' 'eg(ent.8I o. 2?.

alue' of a(bition and achie. only in India. care and affection. 9he'e . Such orientation to .Characteristics of the . e0i'ting *ith 'ha(poo' and toothpa'te. lu0ury brand' ha. Hor e0a(ple.alue' are far (ore do(inant that . &part fro( p'ychology and econo(ic'. e0tend' to the e0tended fa(ily and friend' a' *ell. ". Indian con'u(er' are al'o a''ociated *ith . 9hi' orientation in fact.ior i' )uite uni)ue.e(ent.ndian Consumer Behaviour 9he Indian con'u(er' are noted for the high degree of .en. <erhap'. $rand' *ith identitie' that 'upport fa(ily . hair oil' and tooth po*der 27 . one 'ee' traditional product' along 'ide (odern product'.alue orientation. Indian con'u(er' ha.alue ha' labeled Indian' a' one of the (o't di'cerning con'u(er' in the *orld. the role of hi'tory and tradition in 'haping the Indian con'u(er beha.e a high degree of fa(ily orientation. <roduct *hich co((unicate feeling' and e(otion' gel *ith the Indian con'u(er'.alue' of nurturing.alue' tend to be popular and accepted ea'ily in the Indian (arket.e to de'ign a uni)ue pricing 'trategy in order to get a foothold in the Indian (arket.

9he *orking *o(an today ha' gro*n out of her long@'tanding i(age of being the ho(e(aker. e0clu'i.ati.ery brand con'ciou' and *ould go only for the be't kno*n in the (arket. 9he objecti. go to club' on *eekend'. pro. 9hey look for durability and functionality but at the 'a(e ti(e are al'o i(age con'ciou'. 9hey are the darling' of e0clu'i. *hich ha' 'een a tre(endou' gro*th in the late ninetie'.e of the 'tudy al'o included identifying the deter(inant purcha'e factor'.ndian Consumers ?& The Socialites "# Socialite' belong to the upper cla''.ing' than 'pending.e to 'ettle for the (ore affordable one.e' belong to the (iddle cla''. Borking *o(en ha. cautiou' in their approach to*ard' purcha'e'. 28 .ing her'elf to be e)ually good. 9he con'er.e 'eg(ent i' the reflection of the true Indian culture. 9hey prefer high . 9hey are al*ay' looking for 'o(ething different.iour in the F%ealth Hood =rink (%H=)G product category.4ifferent Se6ments of . )& The Conservatives"# 9he Con'er. Pro!lem Statement 9he project had been undertaken *ith an objecti. but often ha.alue. the cu'to(er 'eg(ent' and the 'ource' of infor(ation they rely on.e product'.ati.ered under the 'tudy. 9he brand loyalty and '*itching *ere al'o 'tudied. 9he'e habit' in turn affect their purcha'ing habit' *here they are trying to go for the (iddle and upper (iddle le. 9oday.e e'tabli'h(ent'. 9he e0i'ting po'itioning of pro(inent brand' and the perception' a(ong different 'eg(ent' *ere al'o co. 9hi' 'eg(ent ha' opened the floodgate' for the Indian retailer'. 9hey are traditional in their outlook. 9he brand per'onality *a' al'o 'tudied a' a part of the project. 'he i' rubbing 'houlder' *ith (en. 9hey prefer to 'hop in 'pecialty 'tore'. 9hey go for high .e to under'tand the cu'to(er beha. .e their o*n (ind in deci'ion to purcha'e the product' that appeal to the(. they 'eek a lot of infor(ation before (aking any purcha'e. Socialite' are al'o .& The wor$in6 Aomen"# 9he *orking *o(an 'eg(ent i' the one.alue con'u(er product'. and 'pend a good a(ount on lu0ury good'. 'pend (ore ti(e *ith fa(ily than in partying and focu' (ore on 'a. if not better. Slo* in deci'ion (aking.el priced product'.

alent to a country *ith it' 'pecific 'ocio@econo(ic le. food habit'. dairy product'. the nutritional 'tatu' of the population 'ho*' 'ignificant .e(ent in nutritional 'tatu' i' 'ho*n by the reduction of the pre. are eaten@ deficiencie' are unlikely. an i(portant indicator of the 'ocio@econo(ic de.el. there ha' been an i(pro. legu(e' and nut' 'hould contribute to proper gro*th and de. 9hi' i(pro. the (arked i(pro. %o*e. lo*er (orbidity and i(pro.egetable'.ariety of food'. including fruit and .ailability of potable *ater.iou'ly a good 'ource of li)uid and 'upplie' fluid *ithout calorie'. 9he under@fi.e(ent of health facilitie'. a (ultitude of infectiou' di'ea'e' 'uch a' re'piratory and inte'tinal infection' a' *ell a' (alaria re(ain the (ain cau'e of death in 26 . Bater i' ob. 9hu'. Children need to drink plenty of fluid'.e (ortality rate (!5M#).ariation bet*een 'tate' 'ince it re'ult' fro( a . Variety i' i(portant in childrenJ' diet' and other 'ource' of fluid 'uch a' (ilk and (ilk drink'. there i' a period of 'lo* but 'teady gro*th. in the 2?85@8? period to 5/I in the 2?66@?4 declined fro( 262I in 2?72 to 225P in 2??1.egetable'.e energy to the diet.arying co(bination of factor'. each State i' practically e)ui. =ietary intake' of 'o(e children (ay be le'' than reco((ended for iron. In the la't 24 year'. Hro( 5 year' to adole'cence.e. e'pecially if it i' hot or they are phy'ically acti. a childJ' energy need' per kilogra( of body*eight are decrea'ing but the actual a(ount of energy (calorie') re)uired increa'e'. health infra'tructure' and co((unication facilitie'.e(ent re'ult' fro( not only change' in food intake but al'o 'ocio@ econo(ic factor'. increa'ed a. .elop(ent. poultry.ita(in C.ita(in' & and = and .n . fi'h.ide needed fluid'.Nutrition . calciu(. In children under fi. egg'. #egular (eal' and healthy 'nack' that include carbohydrate @rich food'. fruit juice' can al'o be cho'en to pro. a' the child get' older. lean (eat'.alence of under*eight fro( 7/I.e(ent in the nutritional 'tatu' of the Indian population.elop(ent *ithout 'upplying e0ce''i. and health and nutritional 'tatu' of a 'ociety.ndia &fter 1 year' of age. although in (o't ca'e' @a' long a' the energy and protein intake' are ade)uate and a . fruit' and . different ethnic group'. In India.e year' of age.

e enough ti(e to pay attention to their children.e (other' *ho do not ha. typhoid and hepatiti' are al'o fre)uent cau'e' of death during infancy and childhood.egetable'.ulnerable 'eg(ent of the population and their nutritional 'tatu' i' con'idered to be a 'en'iti.ndia has enormous under#nutrition and over#nutrition =ro!lems &'ia ha' the large't nu(ber of (alnouri'hed children in the *orld.e 'lightly increa'ed. O. *hile tho'e of other food' like 'ugar. *ith (alnutrition being an aggra. QjaggeryQ (unrefined bro*n 'ugar). Since the 'e.ed the attention they de'er. <re@'chool children con'titute the (o't nutritionally .iding (o't of the energy intake. 9he =ouble $urden of Malnutrition in &'ia *a' in'pired by the (a''i.e indicator of co((unity health and nutrition.e(ent in energy intake and 'ub'tantial reduction in (oderate and 'e. Si(ilarly. fat' and oil' and green leafy . the rea'on being that e. *hile 'hedding light on the e(erging double burden of co@e0i'ting under*eight and o.erity of under@nutrition. &t the other end of 'pectru( a(ong the affluent 'eg(ent of population. if there i' 2? .er@ force' behind the ground'*ell of the la't t*o decade' there ha' been 'o(e i(pro. (ilk and (ilk product'.entie' the con'u(ption of food' like pul'e'. they (ay ha.erage Indian diet re(ain' largely deficient in green leafy . In under@nouri'hed children rapid gro*th during adole'cence (ay increa'e the ' group' *ho ha.e challenge that thi' 'ituation currently po'e' for &'ia. adole'cent obe'ity i' increa'ingly beco(ing a proble(. tetanu'.egetable' ha. (eat.ating factor.e been no 'ignificant change' in pattern' of dietary intake. root' and tuber' ha' fallen. It de'cribe' the (ain dri.en not only to food but al'o to care and health. Moreo.e. and fi'h.elop(ent are one of the nutritionally . 9he a.en if children in the age group of 4@2 year' are able to get food.e. iodine and*eight. Cereal' re(ain the 'taple food in India pro. In the la't 24 year'. "(pha'i' 'hould be gi.ita(in &. it al'o re(ain' deficient in 'o(e (icronutrient' 'uch a' .ere under@ nutrition in pre@ 'chool children . 9here are t*o type' of nutritional proble(' @ one i' under@nutrition and another i' o. there ha.e not recei. Mea'le'. "arly (arriage and pregnancy *ill perpetuate both (aternal and child under@nutrition. and the linkage' bet*een the'e t*o different for(' of (alnutrition.children under fi. &dole'cent' *ho are undergoing rapid gro*th and de.

ery calorie the body get'. tre(endou' co(petiti. Bhen there i' (alnutrition.ide' fir(' *ith $rand loyal con'u(er' are le'' price 'en'iti. (ean' either too (any calorie' or the *rong type' of calorie' 'uch a' 'aturated fat' or highly proce''ed 'ugar that lead to obe'ity. In addition. 9hat i'.e A strong consumer franchise gives manufacturers leverage with retailers (Aaker 1991) 1.i.en *hen he take' only nor(al a(ount of food becau'e of the biological adaptation. for in'tance. Brand 0oyalty Selling to brand loyal2 cu'to(er' i' far le'' co'tly than con. brand loyalty pro. no a(ount of food *ill help pre. loyalty reduces the sensitivity of consumers to marketplace offerings.ent (alnutrition.e are undernouri'hed or (alnouri'hed. around 54 per cent of it' children under the age of fi. One in three babie' born in India *eigh 'ignificantly lo* becau'e their (other' are undernouri'hed.erting ne* cu'to(er' (#eichheld 2??7. 9he adult. thank' to the change in life'tyle and food habit'. In general.e *eapon'.er@nutrition proble('.e adapt to (alnutrition and 'carcity.eloping countrie' ha.e and tho'e *ho ' nutrition proble('. 9hi' adaptation that helped a (alnouri'hed baby 'ur.e under@nutrition and tho'e in "urope and orth &(erica ha. Many de. &' a re'ult. #o'enberg and C-epiel 2?6/)i. So(e lo*@ *eight babie' die and 'o(e 'ur. there i' a higher le. And.iron(ent. . the biological adaptation i' progra((ed to (a0i(i-e e. which for many businesses is the largest single asset.el of lo*er birth rate.e 'uddenly turn' out to be a (al@ adaptation *hen the baby beco(e' an adult. the o. $ut in urban area'. O. 2 /4 .e an enor(ou' a(ount of under@nutrition and 'ignificant o. etc.i. which gives the firm time to respond to competitive moves (Aaker 1991) 1. gain' e0tra *eight e. on the other hand. health 'y'te(' are under huge 'tre''.a'cular di'ea'e'. (Ari'hna(urthi and #aj 2??2) health@guaranteeing en. 9here i' thi' in@bet*een category *ith countrie' like India that 'till ha.i. In India. brand loyalty is a reflection of brand e uity. and children 'uffer fro( diarrhoeal di'ea'e'. *ho *a' (alnouri'hed in the pa' proble( i' 'hooting up.

however.ed )uality of food *ere in. but *ould buy the( if they *ere cheaper. Sen'ory re'pon'e' *ere al'o (atched to in'tru(ental analy'i' data. %o*e.ay (19$9) observed iv. health drink'.ie*' about health drink' and their 'en'ory perception'. 9hi' 'pend include' health 'upple(ent'. #e'ult' indicated that o. the ma/or limitation of behavioral measures is the failure to identify motive and the resulting confusion between brand loyalty and other forms of repeat buying. Health Related E8=enses %ealth Outlook 'ho*' that health enjoy' about ?. underlying loyalty. behavioral response. %&)iii' ()he biased.aluation. doctor' and con'ultant' fee'.. e*pressed over time. and purchase intentions.. 9he relation'hip' bet*een con'u(er'J a*arene'' of health drink. "ighty percent of the paneli't' felt that organic product' *ere too e0pen'i. but they (ay be o. evaluative) processes. and the (psychological (decision+making evaluative) processes. &bout ?2 per cent of thi' *a' out@of@pocket e0pen'e and only ? per cent ca(e fro( e(ployer' and in'urance. preferences. with respect to one or more alternative brands out of a set of such brands. price and percei. &naly'i' of the con'u(er. (edical in'urance. and is a function of psychological (decision+making. p. #onsistent with this definition are two broad categories of operational definitions. e*pressed over time. Con'u(er attitude' to health drink' are (ainly influenced by )uality attribute'. )he first stresses the (behavioral drug'.erall there *a' no relation bet*een paneli't' . "thical factor' are i(portant in 'o(e ca'e'.' drug purcha'e beha. As . by some decision+making unit.-typically a series of purchases.iour 'ho*' that 5? per cent u'e old pre'cription' and 2? per cent u'e o. (edicine'.er the 'tudy 'ho*ed that (o't of the people *ould not be likely to change their preference once they had (ade a product choice ba'ed upon 'en'ory /2 .!erhaps the most cited conceptual definition of brand loyalty comes from "acoby and #hestnut (19$%. )hese measures stress the cognitive (bias. )he ma/or alternative operational definition is based on consumer attitudes.e'tigated by te't' in.ol. regular check up' etc.e.1 per cent 'hare of the *allet of Indian con'u(er and i' on the ri'e for the la't three year'.ing 'erie' of con'u(er panel' and 'en'ory e. (eaning 66 cent of the con'u(er' indulged in 'elf@('tated.

but en.attribute'.e (pN4.e (1?I *ere non@ buyer' and /2I buyer') APPROACH TO THE PROB0E% /2 . $uyer' *ho belie.iron(ent.45). He* con'u(er'.e been reported for a range of attribute'. (ea'ure' of the )uality of health drink' a' percei.ed benefit. In thi' 'tudy. indicating that not only price.entional drink' ha. but they (ay be o.ance of any preconception' in perception'tated.e'tigate the relation'hip of objecti.ed that health drink i' good for the there *a' 'o(e confu'ion relating to the u'e of pe'ticide' and che(ical' in that.e )uality (ea'ure(ent' including 'en'ory attribute' and con'u(er perception of organically and con. 9hi' 'tudy ai(ed to in.alue for (oney. It i' *idely accepted that con'u(er acceptance of drink' i' (ainly deter(ined by their 'en'ory perception. 9hi' ha' i(portant i(plication'. di'tingui'hed health drink' by appearance or ta'te. *hile choice i' 'trongly influenced by the percei.ey belie.aluation (ethod'. or the rele.e that health drink i' better al'o think that it i' e0pen'i.e not been 'tudied.iron(ental protection *a' 'till the do(inant percei.e 'en'ory e. %o*e. and 55I thought that it i' healthier. "thical factor' are i(portant in 'o(e ca'e'.entionally produced health drink product'. &bout t*o third' of the con'u(er' that participated in the 'ur. &lthough co(pari'on' bet*een organic and con. $uyer' of health drink' *ere (ore likely to indicate that the appearance and ta'te are better. 64I of the con'u(er' percei.ed by con'u(er' u'ing objecti.ed health drink' to be too e0pen'i.ed . but al'o 'en'ory )uality of health drink (u't be con'idered in order to (aintain repeated purcha'e' by (o't con'u(er'.

certain other factor' that could lead to a gro*th of thi' 'eg(ent. 9he 'tudy on FCon'u(er $eha. 9herefore. and <ackaging *hich are included in the purcha'e influence factor' in the )ue'tionnaire // . nothing 'ee(' to be *orking.erify that the 'tep' . &' (entioned in the Literature #e. thi' category ha' gro*n only on pro(otion' and for no*.ery lea't. thi' re'earch 'hould be able to bring to the fore.ed need' of the con'u(er' fro( a health drink. the re'earch 'hould corroborate the e0i'ting a''u(ption' regarding the influencing factor'.ie*. *e 'tarted an e0ten'i. 9he 'ub'e)uent reading' helped u' under'tand the con'u(er pattern' and percei.olu(e' are in the right direction.e reading on the topic.ery fir't )ue'tion *e needed to clear in our (ind *a': FBhat doe' %ealth Hood =rink' (eanCG 9herefore *e narro*ed do*n to the (alt@ba'ed %ealth drink' like Bournvita and Horlicks. ouri'h(ent. ideally.ariou' player' are taking to 'ti(ulate . e0cept for pro(otion'.entually lead to an increa'e in (arket 'hare. &t the . . It 'hould be in a po'ition to . according to indu'try analy't'.dentification of information needed &fter fi0ing the objecti.e of thi' re'earch i' to identify the factor' that influence a per'on into (aking a deci'ion to buy a certain brand of (alt@ba'ed health drink. <alatability. 9he . and *ould e.O!9ective !ehind theoretical framewor$ 9he objecti.iourG thro*' light on the pre.alent con'u(er purcha'e influencer' like <rice.e.

<eer >roup talk' ( *ord of (outh) and choice of the children the('el. ouri'h(entG 'ho*' that the Indian con'u(er i' getting (ore and (ore health con'ciou' and thu' there i' huge potential for the health drink' in the Indian o*aday' there can be a nu(ber of 'ource' that influence a fa(ily in buying a %ealth =rink.' &d. /1 .ailable in bot the'e categorie'.ailable are the (o't popular. Be . Since the (alt@ba'ed health@drink 'eg(ent i' broadly di. In thi' proce''.i'ible and *idely a.ided into 2 categorie' @ bro*n (cocoa+ba'ed) and *hite. therefore it *a' decided to 'tudy the leading brand' did not 'ound authentic or did not differ (uch fro( other factor' *ere eli(inated.9he Literature on FIndian (arket.e a''u(ed that brand' that are (o't . 9he'e 'ource' can be pro(otion'. factor' that did not con. a' retailer' *ould 'tock only tho'e brand' that in. Be ha. =octor.i'ited retail outlet' in different part' of South =elhi to deter(ine the (o't popular brand'.oke (a0i(u( 'ale' &ll identified factor' *ere di'cu''ed and 'creened by the re'earch tea(.e'.ey (uch.

Research %ethodolo6y /5 .

analy'e' the re'ult' and co((unicate the finding' and their i(plication. refine.#e'earch al*ay' 'tart' *ith a )ue'tion or a proble(. etc. 9he (arketing proce'' ha' the follo*ing 'tep': 2. and the (ethod for collecting infor(ation.e' of the re'earch /. it follo*' a certain 'e)uence of re'earch action. and e. (onitor (arketing action'. It i' a 'y'te(atic and inten'i. Hor(ulating the proble(' 2. e0ploratory re'earch ha' been u'ed.e under'tanding of (arket a' a proce''.& Variou' Beb'ite' $ook' and Maga-ine' e*'@paper'.e re'earch plan 1. =e.e 'tudy directed to*ard' a (ore co(plete kno*ledge of the 'ubject 'tudied. in thi' re'earch I u'ed Secondary 4ata& RESEARCH + "R<LO#&9O#S #"S"&#C% &' there *a' a need to kno* the be't po''ible practice' regarding cu'to(er. Marketing re'earch 'pecifie' the infor(ation re)uired to addre'' the'e i''ue'.' perception and (ere de'cription of the 'ituation *ill not be 'ufficient. 9hi' re'earch *a' done through the Secondary 4ata Collection"# ?& )& . de'ign'.aluate (arketing action'. =ata collection techni)ue' 5.eloping objecti. The %ar$etin6 Research Process &' (arketing re'earch i' a 'y'te(ic and for(ali-ed proce''. It' purpo'e i' to )ue'tion through the application of the 'cientific (ethod. (anage and i(ple(ented the data collection proce''. cu'to(er and public to the (arketer through infor(ation@ infor(ation u'ed to identify and define (arketing opportunitie' and proble(' generate.e of the 'tudy de(and' the an'*er' of the )ue'tion'.aluating the data and preparing a re'earch report %ere. (onitor (arketing perfor(ance and i(pro. /7 . Marketing re'earch i' the function *hich link' the con'u(er. =e'igning an effecti. I prepared (y project a' E8=loratory Research type. a' the objecti. ".

nter=retation /8 .4ata Analysis And .

5 Lac 54I 5> Lac /6 .4 Lac 4 . 7Throu6h Secondary 4ataB 6I 22I /4I <2 Lac 2 .Statement ? "# &nnual Inco(e of the con'u(er' regarding their e0pan'ibility on %ealth care <roduct'.

iour to*ard' Chya*anpra'h& /? .Statement ) "# Con'u(er $eha.

It ha' anti@o0idant propertie' and 'trengthen' your bodyJ' internal defence (echani'(.a. Aatchur. 9hereby.6 g. it al'o enhance' your 'ta(ina along *ith general *ell being. %aritaki. &(la >reen@?4 g. Aakana'a T Sa'hti(adhu@4. La. &karkara@4. cough and cold. Ma'hapa(i.anti. Sata.2?5 g. protecting you fro( e.566 g. Mukta'ukti <i'hti(Siddhayog Sangrah)@4.n6redients" "ach 244g of =abur Chya*anpra'h &*aleha(Special) i' preparedMderi.47/ g.eryday infection'. 4osa6e" 22 to 21 g or one to t*o tea'poonful' according to age.227 g each. &garka'hta. >uruchi. >hrit@2. <unarna.266 g.22g.?64g. Make =abur Chya*anpra'h an e./?6g each. 14 .eryday habit and 'ee your fa(ily healthy and happy. 4a!ur Chyawan=rash" =abur *ith o. <u'hkar(ool. &'h*agandha.46 g. $an'lochan@4.ang@4. Ae'ar@4.226 g. Vidarikand@ 2. =alchini T 9ejpatra@4. agke'ar. 9il 9ail@2. eelka(al.227 g. $ala. <ippali@2.8?7g each. In addition. "laichi@4.422 g. Ae'ar along *ith 18 other tru'ted ingredient'.er 244 year' e0perience of authentic &yur. . the i((une 'y'te(. Mu'tak.9oday in the pre'ent 'cenario the'e t*o are the leader' in the (arket.ari@4. Stora6e" Store in a cool and dry place. Va'ak. 'tre'' etc.44?2 g and Sil. $hu(ia(laki. Chandan'aar@4. Varahikand. Ei.ed fro(: =a'h(ool@ /.1g. Aarkat'hringi.24g. =abur Chya*anpra'h ha' &(la @ one of the riche't 'ource' of Vita(in C.eda bring' you =abur Chya*anpra'h. &l*ay'. Mudgaparni. Sharkara@72. &bhrak $ha'(a(#a'tarangini) foil )'.

$e't *hen taken *ith (ilk.

Sona Chandi Chyawan=rash" "(a(i offer' 'ona chandi chya*anpra'h. Sona chandi chya*anpra'h *a' launched by hi(ani in 2??? po'itioned around the concept of Q'urak'hit tan, te- di(agQ. $a'ed on year' of re'earch by hi(ani ayur.eda 'cience foundation, 'ona chandi chya*anpra'h i' fortified *ith the 'uper po*er of gold T ' along *ith 52 rare herb' T (ineral'. Scientific *ay of herb collection, late't production (ethod' en'ure that the natural goodne'' of the herb' re(ain pre'er.ed. #ich in .ita(in' a, c, d/, calciu(, iron, protein, carbohydrate', 'ona chandi chya*anpra'h i' an e0cellent i((unity builder, it fortifie' the entire 'y'te(. >old, ' T 'affron the pri(e co(ponent', gi.e 'ona chandi a di'tinct co(petiti.e edge. Other highly effecti.e herb' like brah(i, haritaki, a(la, arjuna, apple juice, pippali etc. Make thi' chya*anpra'h a true Qeli0ir of lifeQ.


Between these ) sale of 4a!urCs =roduct is more and we can see it 6ra=hically in the followin6 manner"#

Dabur Chyawanprash (62%) Himani Sona-Chandi Chyawanprash ( !%)


Statement , "# Con'u(er beha.iour to*ard' >luco'e =.


=rink =abur >luco'e@= regularly and get your'elf the po*er to *in.erage and i' a.ery of energy lo't due to fatigue. %igh grade =abur >luco'e @= enriched *ith . =abur >luco'e@= *ork a' :@ & #epleni'he': Hor )uick reco. It i' e'pecially good for children and 'port'(en 1lucon 4" >lucon@= *a' introduced in 2?// and ha' been the category creator and do(inant (arket leader e. #efre'he' and energi'e' you to fight tiredne'' and fatigue cau'ed by 'u((er heat.1 I of pure gluco'e it i' ea'ily ab'orbed by the body and i' a. & >uardian: <ro. &n "nergi-er: &n energy boo't for that e0tra effort that 'et' the *inner apart.ita(in' and body 'alt.4a!ur 1lucose 4" "0tra refine. Bith ??.er 'ince.ey 2446.ita(in @= and calciu( for ea'y a''i(ilation and repleni'h(ent of e''ential . 11 . =abur >luco'e@ = i' a ready 'ource of energy for the body ti''ue'. >lucon@= i' a gluco'e ba'ed be.ide' e''ential nutrient' to the body. >lucon@= *a' adjudged a' the 27th (o't tru'ted brand in the $rand ")uity Sur. It 'tood at o. & natural Choice of a *inner.erage' >lucon@= con'u(ption cut' acro'' Socio "cono(ic Cla''e'.ailable in po*der for(.ailable for energy in'tantly./ a(ong't be. &ge group' and geographie' and reache' out to (ore than 1 Crore %ou'ehold' today.

Between !oth of them consumers say that HeinDCs 1lucon#4 is !etter than 4a!ur 1lucose and we can see it 6ra=hically in the followin6 manner"# "#ucon D (6$%) Dabur "#ucos% D ( &%) 15 .

iour to*ard' %oney. 17 .Statement :"# Con'u(er $eha.

18 .

16 .

alue for centurie' in India. %oney ha' been u'ed for it' (edicinal and therapeutic . =ece(ber 27) %&CC< certification. #a* honey i' filtered < cleaned of im=urities 'uch a' du't. ". co((anding o. 1? . 4a!ur . ea'y@to@u'e ')ue-ee pack Hocu'ing on pro(oting food@led u'age Euality Advanta6e &' the large't player in the branded honey ( 85I of the total 'hare #ecently launched in con. helping e. =abur ha' the back@up of *idely 'pread 'ourcing and 'tringent )uality control (ea'ure'4a!ur honey sourced selectively from the Himalayas. the P/A and international nor(' for purity =abur %oney scored the hi6hest on the main =arameters of honey =urity in a recent analy'i' of all Indian branded and unbranded honey &S%CO Certification for Kuality =abur %oney ranked J$e't $uyJ by C"#S ("0pre'' e*' Ser.ery con'u(er *ant' to u'e %oney in hi' or her life for pre. pollen and *a0 at 'tate@of@the@art facilitie' "ntire proce'' i' (echani-ed and untouched !y hands to en'ure hygienic condition' =abur %oney conforms 'trictly with all statutory reFuirements of A6mar$.ery hou'ehold i(bibe the goodne'' of thi' natural *onder li)uid in their day@to@day life =abur %oney launched a' a food product Large't player in the branded honey (arket.ariou' 'ource' for 'ho*ing the a.en ra* unfiltered honey i' of be't )uality. &h(edabad.ndia 0imited saw the =otential of honey !eyond its remedial value .&ll of the'e are the . the Nil6iris and the Sunder!ans forests Collection proce'' follows strin6ent Fuality chec$s to en'ure e.enting any type of health di'ea'e.ailability of %oney in the (

ate 'eller'. 54 .Seletion of =urchase decision of Honey !y Consumers"# Dabur Hon%y ($5%) '(h%r brand)s Hon%y ( 5%) *rom 'p%n Sourc%s (5+%) Mo't of the con'u(er' like to pucha'e it in loo'e fro( . &nd. the 'elling of =abur i' le'' becau'e price' are 'o (uch high and (o't of the con'u(er' are unable to afford it.ariou' retail 'tore' or pri.

iour to*ard' #e.Statement . 52 .ital."# Con'u(er beha.

#e.ital.e' endurance. &' a re'ult. #e. >in'eng ha' been acti. (ineral' and gin'eng. C.ita(in'. = and ". It i(pro.itality of 'y'te(' in the body.ery day food 'upple(ent that ha' a balanced (i0ture of . in fact. How can Revital hel= youG Bith the help of gin'eng. 52 . (ineral' and other trace ele(ent' co.e e. *eakne'' and fatigue. in fact.ital increa'e' the utili-ation of o0ygen in your body to the nor(al le.ita(in' and (ineral'. It i(pro. feel 'harp and acti. . coordination.e all day long. #e.ely re'earched in .ing the . It increa'e' phy'ical *ork capacity by countering fatigue and helping o0ygen tran'port to ti''ue (for producing energy) during phy'ical e0ertion. Sou *ill.ita(in' and (ineral' (e''ential con'tituent' of a balanced diet) and help' (aintain good health.' balanced (i0ture reju.ital i' a co(prehen'i. >in'eng i' a herbal e0tract. 9he do'age of nece''ary nutrient' including .er the e.4escri=tion" #e. you *onJt e0perience the condition that are tipical to tiredne''. Sou *ill. tolerance and co(patibility during 'tre''ful 'tate'. you *on. Revital has manifold !enefits " . concentration.t e0perience the 'ituation that i' typical to tiredne''. It repleni'he' .el'.itie' *hich re)uire 'kill. nor(ally u'ed to added energy and *ell being.ariou' part' of the *orld *here it i' taken a' food 'upple(ent for i(pro.ital increa'e' the utili-ation of o0ygen in your body to the 'tandard le. $ @co(ple0.enate' and 'trengthen' body organ' and help' (aintain e0cellent health. .ita(in' and (ineral'. .ita(in' &. feel 'harp and acti.ely re'earched in different part' of the *orld *here it i' taken a' food 'upple(ent for i(pro.e all day long. >in'eng ha' been acti. . . learning and (e(ory.el'.e' perfor(ance in acti. *eakne'' and fatigue.ery day re)uire(ent' of a per'on. Revital hel=s" Bith the help of gin' the 'trength of 'y'te(' in the body. &' an outco(e.

ital i' co(pletely 'afe and can be con'u(ed daily. 5/ .idual' *ho are hyper'en'iti. you (ay cut it open.ital can be taken by both (ale and fe(ale' o. Inca'e you find it difficult to '*allo* the cap'ule *ith a li)uid. 9he intake 'hould be at the (o't 2 cap'ule' a day.e to any of the ingredient' of #e.ita(in or (ineral deficiency a' *ell a' during pregnancy and lactation.ital i' . #e. Ahen should you not ta$e RevitalG #e. If #e.ital can be taken after the (eal' any ti(e during the day but preferably 'hould be taken after breakfa' 22 year' of age. It can be con'u(ed for 2@/ (onth' at a 'tretch and can one' again be 'tarted after 25@24 day'. pre'' the content' on the 'poon and (i0 a little ja( or honey before taking it.ital 'hould not take it. Indi.Ahat is the recommended dose of revitalG Eu't one cap'ule a =ay.ital i' not indicated for treat(ent of any 'pecific . How should Revital !e ta$enG #e.ital 'hould be 'tored belo* 25 degree centigrade and protected fro( light and (oi'ture.ital i' taken on an e(pty 'to(ach. How should you store RevitalG #e. #e.ital i' 'uitable for diabetic' a' it doe' not contain 'ugar Ahat are the =ossi!le side effects with RevitalG #e. heartburn or nau'ea (ight occur. #e. rare 'ide effect' 'uch a' indige'tion.ery *ell tolerated by all adult' in reco((ended do'e'.

4 (g 54.5 (g 2.Com=osition" "ach cap'ule' contain appro0i(ately: >in'eng "0tract po*er (%ighly Concentrated.2 (g 2544 I! 244 I! 2.4 (g 2.4 (cg Mo't of the con'u(er' o.5 (g 4.4 (g 2.4 (g 5.25 (g 4.4 (g 2.4 (g /.5 (g of root to <ana0 gin'eng ) Calciu( <ho'phoru' Vita(in C Herrou' Hu(arate Uinc (a' -inc o0ide) icotina(ide Calciu( =@<antothenate Vita(in " &cetate Magne'iu( (a' Magne'iu( Sulphate) <ota''iu( (a' <ota''iu( Sulphate) Vita(in $2 Vita(in $2 Vita(in $7 Mangane'e (a' Mangane'e Sulphate) Copper (a' Copper Sulphate) Holic &cid Iodine (a' <ota''iu( lodate) Vita(in & <al(itate Vita(in =/ Vita(in $22 85. 'tandardi-ed >in'eng e0tract corre'ponding to 222.4 (g 56.4 (g 24. Be can 'ho* it' con'u(ption for the'e people in the follo*ing (anner:@ 51 .4 (g /4.4 (g 5.4 (g 4.4 (g 24.5 (g 26 year' of age u'e it (a0i(u(.

Statement >"# Option u'e by the people for 'to(ach pain relief bet*een "no and =abur. 55 .%op#% us% -%.' <udin %ara..i(a# (52%) Don)( us% (4!%) #e't 16I of the people u'e another 'ub'titute product' offered by other co(panie'.

Dabur)s .ailability and co(parati. and e.ely le'' price'.erybody i' a*are by it. It' i' a tru'ted fa't action re(edy for 'to(ach di'order'.e' up'et 'to(ach and the after@ effect' of too (uch food. 57 . =abur pudin hara gi. <udin hara i' co(pletely natural and 'afe."no help relie.e' )uick relief fro( 'to(achache. ga' and indige'tion.udin Hara (65%) /no ( 5%) <udin %ara i' (ore con'u(able by people due to it' )uick a.iour to*ard' %aj(ola. Statement +"# Con'u(er beha.

Control' =y'pep'ia. Increa'e' appetite.iour to*ard' body gro* 'upple(ent'."a'e' condition of flatulence.e' indige'tion and most consumers like it. 58 . Statement ("# Con'u(er beha. us%s ($5%) us% o(h%r subs(i(u(% (!5%) Mo't of the people u'e other 'ub'titute' by *hich 'ale of %aj(ola i' le''. %elp' in proper dige'tion and relie.

' . 56 . Statement *"# South con'u(er.itie' 'uch a' *eight training. running and any opther aerobic or &naerobic e0erci'e. Cr%a(in% (45%) /ndura ( +%) 0ody-"row (25%) Creatine i' (ore tru'ted brand a(ong't the con'u(er *ho u'e the'e body 'upple(ent'.e' your (u'cle'J perfor(ance during high inten'ity acti. &ll of the'e are 244I pure phar(aceutical grade i(* to*ard' >atorade energy drink.&ll of the'e are the choice of the youth' *ho do the *eight@lifting.

iour to*ard' Chocolate %ealth =rink in re'pect of $ourn. Intended for con'u(ption during phy'ically acti. %orlick'. Co(plan.1atorade i' a brand of fla. Statement ?'"# Con'u(er $eha. $oo't. Milo. 1s%s "a(orad% (5%) 1s% ano(h%r subs(i(u(%s (&5%) 9he (ain cau'e of >atorade. no* a di. carbohydrate' and electrolyte'.erage' are for(ulated to rehydrate and repleni'h fluid.' a*arene'' and high price.' le'' 'ale i' lack of con'u(er.i'ion of <ep'iCo.ita. >atorade be.ored non@carbonated 'port' drink' (anufactured by the Kuaker Oat' Co(pany.e occa'ion'. 5? .

$ourn.ailable in the (arket. &ll of the'e are the (ajor health drink' in chocolate a. o* by the follo*ing graph *e can 'ee their hold in the (arket:@ 74 .9here.ery child like the'e chocolate drink'.ita i' the leader of the (arket and each and e.

Comp#an (24%) 0ourn.i(a (4+%) 2i#o ($35%) 0oos( (!35%) Hor#ic4s (26%) 72 .

Product Attribut!s #n"lu!ncin% t ! Purc as! &!cision 9he follo*ing product attribute' *ere identified a' influencing the purcha'e deci'ion' of the cu'to(er': a) b) c) d) e) f) ouri'h(ent Colour <alatability "cono(y Shelf@pre'ence <ackaging 72 . 9he t*o (o't i(portant factor' that e(erge out of the te't' o.erall are the FHa(ily doctorG and the influence of the FHa(ilyG.erti'e(ent' directed to*ard' the *ell being of kid'.ing kid' in the fa(ily. So(e product' ha. =octor' can al'o be an i(portant influencer or opinion leader and hence 'hould be targeted in the product pro(otion'. 9hu' it can be concluded that ad.e been pro(oting their product' u'ing co(parati.erti'e(ent' ha.Sourc!s o" #n"or$ation in"lu!ncin% t ! Purc as! &!cision a) b) c) d) e) f) g) &d. 9he t*o (o't i(portant factor' that e(erge out of the te't are FHa(ily =octorG and F&d.e an i(portant influence on the fa(ilie' ha.e that the t*o (o't i(portant factor' differ fro( the fir't 'cenario.erti'e(ent Children =octor Ha(ily <a't e0perience #etailer Bord of (outh 9he re'pondent' *ere a'ked to rank the factor' in order of i(portance.erti'e(ent' including te'tification' by the doctor'. 9hi' finding i' an i(portant i(plication for product place(ent.e ad. 9hi' can be ea'ily ob'er. & 'econd te't can be conducted in the 'a(e (anner taking only the ca'e' *here the people are ha. Be can 'ay that the health food drink' 'hould appeal to the co(plete fa(ily rather than only a particular age kid' or in turn the kid'. Be ob'er.ed fro( the large nu(ber of ad.erti'e(entG.

er there i' a 'ignificant different on the F ouri'h(entG and F"cono(yG product attribute' of health food drink'. 9he factor analy'i' of the'e attribute' i' done in the follo*ing 'ection. &' i' ob'er.ariou' group' differentiated by the follo*ing factor':@ a) b) c) d) Inco(e "ducation &ge Ha(ily 'i-e %o*e. it can be ter(ed a' HPurchase /easi!ilityC& 7/ .ariance of the (ean 'core' of the'e attribute' a(ong the .e of *hether there are children in the fa(ily or not.ery 'ignificant for people in the age group //@ it doe' not 'ee( to be . the F ouri'h(entG a'pect beco(e' particularly i(portant for people abo.e fro( the re'ult' that the t*o (o't i(portant product attribute' in (aking a purcha'e deci'ion are the F<alatabilityG and the F ouri'h(entG perception in the (ind' of the cu'to(er'. Be 'tudied the . %o*e. le'' than 24. 9he'e factor' turn out to be the 'a(e irre'pecti.e.e the age of 74. Factor Anal'sis o" Purc as! Consid!rations 9he factor analy'i' of the 6 product attribute' yield' the follo*ing / factor': • • • Hactor I: Pro$otion( S !l")Pr!s!nc!( Packa%in% * Econo$' Hactor II: Palatabilit'( Brand Hactor III: Nouris $!nt( Colour &' factor I enco(pa'' the acce''ibility and affordability of the product. It i' al'o i(portant for people *ho are young in age i.ed fro( the (ean 'core'.g) h) $rand I(age <ro(otion' Be ob'er.

it can be ter(ed a' H-tilityC& &i""!r!nt Brands on Product Attribut!s Hi.ey. of the product. it can be ter(ed a' H0i$ea!ilityC& &' factor III enco(pa'' the nutritional .ita although there are not (any taker' for the brand in our 'ur.ita Co(plan %orlick' Milo 9he nu(ber of re'pondent' *ho *ere con'u(ing the . 71 . 9hi' (ean' that the dark bro*n 'hining colour of $ourn.ey. &' *e can ob'er. 9he brand' included in the te't *ere: a) b) c) d) e) $oo't $ourn.ariou' brand' on different attribute' are a' follo*': a) Nourishment" %orlick' 'core' *ell abo. b) c) d) Colour" 9he t*o brand' *ith highe't (ain 'core' are again $ourn.e in the health food drink (arket. *hile the other brand' do not ha.alue and colour.ita 'core' the highe't on the econo(y a'pect clo'ely follo*ed by %orlick'. 9he 'econd brand 'urpri'ingly turn' out to be Co(plan abo.ita i' the (o't liked.ita 'core' (uch higher than other' going *ith the tradition' of Cadbury' tradition of ta'te.e all the brand' a' far a' the nouri'h(ent attribute of the product i' concerned.ita and %orlick'.ariou' product attribute' (entioned. 9he 'econd brand i' %orlick'.e $ourn. $ourn.e a large taking fro( our 'ur. Economy" $ourn.&' factor II enco(pa'' the palatability and brand .ed a' being co(petiti. 9hi' (ean' that the price being offered for the product i' percei.e (ajor 'elling brand' *ere te'ted on the .alue of the product. 9he re'ult' of the .e fro( the graph. Palata!ility" $ourn.ariou' brand' i' a' 'ho*n in the pie chart. an indicator of )uality.ita i' found to be the leading brand clo'ely follo*ed by %orlick' and Co(plan.

ery 'trong. Co(plan Milo.erall 'a(ple 'ugge't' that Brand %orlick' $ourn.e analy'i' re.e) Shelf =resence" 9he (ean 'core of thi' a'pect of %orlick' i' the be't follo*ed by $ourn. 9he'e re'ult' are di'cu''ed hereunder.e perfor(ance of the brand' on different para(eter'.e the re't of the( on the packaging a'pect perception.idually 'o a' to gauge the difference in their perception'.alue@'eeker'. 9hi' (ean' the ad. 9he M=S on o. 9he analy'i' *a' perfor(ed on the o.ailable and al'o *ith the different type' of packaging container' like p g) h) Brand . $oo't Positionin6 Attri!utes $rand.erall po'itioning of the'e brand'.ita. Promotional schemes" $ourn.erti'ing and i(age a''ociation' *ith $ourn.ita are . "cono(y.e attribute'. ouri'h(ent.ita 'core' the highe't on thi' a'pect.ita follo*ed by %orlick'. Colour Bhile the analy'i' on V. 7attribute5base& Multi 8i$ensional Scalin% .eal' the relati. Clu'ter 2 'ugge't' that 75 . 9he other clo'ely follo*ing brand %orlick' 'ee(' to be lagging on thi' a'pect. Attribut!)Bas!d +&S 9he tool u'ed for thi' analy'i' i' M=SR. 9hough the abo.erall 'a(ple' a' *ell a' on the 2 'eg(ent' indi. $oo't on the other hand 'core' high on thi' attribute. 9hi' ha' to do *ith the di'tribution of the brand' *hich appear' to be the be't for %orlick' f) Pac$a6in6" %orlick' and $ourn. 9hu' *e can *ell 'ay that the (arket leader' are the brand' *ho are 'coring high on all of the abo.ma6e" 9he (ean 'core for brand i(age i' the highe't for $ourn. 9hi' (ay be due to the range of SA!.ita 'core again abo.M8S09 *ould indicate the o. Shelf@pre'ence <ro(otion. Shelf@pre'ence <alatability.ita.' a.

Concerns "cono(y. and al'o indicate' the relati. Co(plan Positionin6 Attri!utes $rand.e 'trength of brand' on the ba'i' of (atch bet*een the 'eg(ent concern' and the po'itioning attribute'. Only about 24 + 25 I people change brand' 'o(eti(e'.ey (9hrough 'econdary data) *ere a'ked *hether they '*itched brand' often or 'tick to one brand. $rand Beak "cono(y.e table 'u((ari-e' the e0i'ting po'itioning in (ind' of V.ita for $oo't Milo. Strong <ro(otion 9he abo. <alatability Colour <ro(otion Stren6th So(e*hat Strong So(e*hat Strong Beak Beak 9he abo. Clu'ter 2 'ugge't' that Concerns Kuality.e fro( the pie chart gi. Value@for@(oney Brand Co(plan. Colour. Vpackaging.en that a .alue@'eeker'. 77 .. concern econo(y Brand Little %orlick' $ourn. %orlick' $ourn. ouri'h(ent <alatability. and al'o indicate' the relati. ouri'h(ent Shelf@pre' '*itch brand' of the health food drink. Be ob'er.ita Milo. Shelf@pre'ence. Bhile the analy'i' on V)uality@'eeker'.ed to be better on Vecono(y. Beak <ackaging.a't (ajority of people ne. and Brand Lo'alt' A$on% Custo$!rs 9he re'pondent' in the 'ur.e table 'u((ari-e' the e0i'ting po'itioning in (ind' of V)uality@'eeker'.e 'trength of brand' on the ba'i' of (atch bet*een the 'eg(ent concern' and the po'itioning attribute'. one of the brand' i' percei. $oo't Positionin6 Attri!utes Stren6th $rand.

9he re'ult of the 'ur.Brand switching 5% 6%.ey ($y 'econdary data) i' a' 'ho*n in the follo*ing pie chart. Brand P!rsonalit' 78 . Action if brand not present 2!% "o (o ano(h%r shop 5$% 0uy ano(h%r brand 8s4 r%(ai#%r (o buy 2$% .%r swi(ch brands 2!% Som%(im%s swi(ch brands 65% *r%7u%n(#y swi(ch brands &nother )ue'tion *hich *a' a'ked *a' that of the action *hen a retailer doe' not ha. 9hi' again indicate' that only about 24 + 25I of the cu'to(er' actually buy another brand *hen the de'ired brand i' not pre'ent in the 'hop.e a brand that the con'u(er *ant'.

T Vrugged...ed to VSophi'ticated. 9hu'. the'e brand' can be per'onified a' a Vrelia!leC and Hhel=in6C friend.9he attribute@ba'ed M=S of the trait@brand (atri0 'ugge't' that • VHorlic$sC < HBournvitaC are percei. T VCheerful. V%one't.ed to be V$old..ed to be VMode't. the'e brand' can be per'onified a' fun#lovin63 adventurous and darin6 youth. thu' it can be per'onified a' a charmin63 suave and chivalrous 6entleman& • H%iloC < HBoostC are percei. 9hu'.. • VCom=lanC i' percei. • product.ed to be Vtough. a' i' de'ired for a health 76 . T VSpirited. one of the brand' i' percei. #eliable.

CO:CLUSIO: &fter 'tudying the project I *ould like to conclude that:@ 7? .

• Co(pany 'hould u'e the tool of ad.ariou' co(panie'. • Co(pany 'hould focu' on 'ea'onal de(and of product'. 84 .erti'ing for (arketing the brand and the product. • 9he co(pany 'ho*' the po'iti.e trend in gro*th but it can be increa'ed (ore if it focu'e' on building the lo*er T (iddle cla'' fa(ily. • Con'u(er' are '*itching fro( one product to another due to change' in (arketing 'trategie' adopted by .

Hollo*ing are the reco((endation':@ 82 .ided *ith the u'eful data fro( the re'pondent'.Su66estions or Recommendations 9he 'tudy ha' pro. 9here ha' a lot to be reco((ended.

ariou' type' of 'i-e of health care product'. So(e co(panie' are paying lo*er (argin@profit to the dealer' by *hich they are not intere'ted in 'elling their product'.e cu'to(er' 'hould take the en)uiry about health care product' fro( re'pecti.ern(ent 'hould (ake 'o(e effort' to (ake people a*are about the health care product'. 82 . 9o capture the rural (arket. co(pany 'hould (ake '(all packing' regarding . • <ro'pecti.e 'ource'.• • 9here i' a need for better pro(otion of the %ealth Care <roduct'. • >o. • • So(e change' 'hould be (ade in the di'tribution channel of health care product'.

0imitations 0imitations" 8/ .

Currently there are .ariou' health care co(panie' *orking in India.  Time 0imitation # =ue to 'hortage of ti(e.  .So(e of the difficultie' and li(itation' faced by (e during (y training are a' follo*':  Perce=tion of the =eo=le towards Health Care sector I <eople 'till con'ider health care product' a' 'ynthetic product'. 81 .ncreased com=etition I 9oday the co(petition in the %ealth Care 'ector ha' beca(e .ery 'tiff. re'earcher could not con'ider the changing perception of con'u(er'.

Bi!lio6ra=hy Boo$s"# 85 .

* ***.co(M(apMprodM2442521.e0pre''healthcare(g( • ***.co(.ne'tle.ent'7. (2445). Ae! sites"# ***.tradekey. Q Marketing #e'earch: &n &pplied ***.co( ***.ent' ***.bu'ine'' ***.auM(ilo ***''healthcare(g( <ear'on "ducation ("le.'ht(l ***. <ear'on "ducation (Hourth "dition).co(Mk'@health@drink' 87 .ht(l ***.Co((erce@=ataba'e. <hilip (2445) QMarketing Manage(entQ.• Aotler. .(arketre' ***.enth "dition).an'*er'.

.i ii iii i.