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TASK 1. Power of One.

Twenty-four words have been omitted from this human interest story about ShelterBox, an association that provides kits for people struck by disaster. Write the correct word in the box below. An example has been done for you. There are NO extra words. (24x0’5 = 12 points)






In 1999 I 0) __ a disaster unfold on the evening news. As aid workers threw loaves of bread on the 1) __ and people scrambled after them, I asked my wife, “Why 2) __ they hand the bread to those people? They’ve lost 3) __ . Why should they lose their self-respect 4) __ ?” I got 5) __ a piece of paper and wrote down what I 6) __ need after a natural disaster: shelter, warmth, comfort, dignity. I 7) __ my local Rotary Club with the idea of giving 8) __ sturdy boxes that contained a 10person tent, blankets, pans, utensils and a 9) __ that could burn anything from diesel to oil paint. Since 2001, we’ve 10) __ enough money to send 75,000 boxes to 11) __ than 100 disaster zones in places like India, Congo and El Salvador. On Jan. 12, the alert 12) __ at our warehouse went off. An hour later we were 13) __ for Haiti. We tailor the box 14) __ to each crisis. A summer flood in Sudan 15) __ more mosquito nets than a winter earthquake in Nepal. Haiti is tropical, so we put in 16) __ blankets and added extra water-purification tablets. 17) __ Jan. 30, we had delivered 5,000 boxes to Haiti, and we are packing 5,000 more. All told, at 18) __ 500,000 people will benefit. The first tents 19) __ arrived in Port-au-Prince were used to 20) __ patients at a field hospital. Our boxes don’t just 21) __ tent cities. They build communities. 22) __ an hour of the tents going up, a mother starts hanging laundry lines and someone 23) __ sets up a mini-shop. Kids like the crayons and coloring books, 24) __ bring back a degree of normality. In Haiti, people are turning the green ShelterBoxes into makeshift cribs, tables and wheelbarrows. Imagination is one resource that isn’t in short supply. (Adapted from Tom Henderson. Time

0. WATCHED 1. ______________ 2. ______________ 3. _____________ 4. _____________ 5. _____________ 6. ______________ 7. ______________ 8. _____________ 9. _____________ 10. _____________ 11. ______________ 12.______________ 13. _____________ 14. _____________ 15. _____________ 16. _____________ 17. _____________ 18. _____________ 19. _____________ 20. _____________ 21. _____________ 22. _____________ 23. _____________ 24. _____________

advocating a nonviolent return to Shari'a while spinning off militant groups like Hamas and Egyptian Islamic Jihad. and now stands in the street outside the war palace. having gained power after an extraordinary chain of events. imposing another and finally bestowing the power to arrest on the Egyptian military. .TASK 2. "I say two months. 2.has split Egypt nearly as evenly as the Nile. It started when Morsi issued a Nov. C 1." Morsi told Time on Nov. the Brothers endured as the gravitational center of Muslim politics." says Ahmed Mohammed. He sits in a simple office lit by both fluorescent overheads and the sparkle in his eyes. 0 C . 22 decree placing himself above Egypt's judiciary. "They want total control. absorbing the ambitions of generations of E. ostensibly to ensure that the committee writing a new constitution had time to finish its work. the Ikhwan as it is called in Arabic . Outlawed for decades. by some extraordinary chain of H. language widely understood to mean civil B. 5. (5x1=5 points) A. always kept on a tight leash by the authoritarians who controlled the Middle East. 4 . who already filled Tahrir Square in D. smiling at the understatement. Big Brothers. Morsi responded with name-calling of his own. 3. which was elected to govern Egypt after the fall of Hosni Mubarak. the answer emerged: the Brotherhood. 28. There are 3 extra phrases. the committee went into a sprint. Finally. given the group's dubious historical idealistic Arab youth and the reputation apprehensions of the West F. it was one of the great questions of world politics: What would the Muslim Brotherhood do if. 4. The melee ended with 10 dead and tanks outside palace walls that by then doubled as a graffiti gallery. 2 . then shifted to the presidential palace. Time. What turned the body-shop repairman around were the events of the past three weeks. Protesters. He followed up with a series of contradictory edicts: lifting one decree. demanding that the Brotherhood's G. would rule Egypt with the same maddening ambiguity that defined its decades underground. the terrorist band Ayman al-Zawahiri brought into al-Qaeda. not duplicitous but rather dazed and man step down confused C. December 24 2013) 0. Write the letter of the correct phrase in the blank space." says Gehad el-Haddad. (Adapted from Karl Vick. who six months ago voted to elect Mohamed Morsi President 3 . in the last days of 2012. Five phrases have been omitted from this article about the Muslim Brotherhood. dividing its population once more over the numbers not seen since the fall of Hosni question of just what the Brothers really Mubarak want For most of a century. Having won the presidency with a narrow majority. which had warned that the country was careering toward "catastrophic consequences". The next day. 1 . a senior Brotherhood official. finishing its work in just 19 hours. it came to power in Egypt? The shadowy organization essentially created modern political Islam. 5 . dubbing the protesters "a fifth column" for old Mubarak supporters. "We're obviously not very good at building consensus. that was underground for about 30 years circumstances I. which dance with the alert intelligence required to cast events in a benign light. where they clashed with Brotherhood operatives. An example has been done for you.

The international scientific network coordinated by the World Health Organization did stellar work: the corona virus that caused SARS was discovered by researchers in Hong Kong. SARS emptied cities. Our friends. F. with only worried eyes visible. Right now scientists are struggling with a new SARS-like corona virus that has emerged in the Middle East. For a brief. Thanks to air travel and international trade. where the sick were piling up. It’s Gone Viral. That was our biggest piece of luck. handshakes and even air-kissing were shunned overnight. shut clown airports and caused more than $50 billion in damages despite the fact that it ultimately proved easy to slow. E. by computer in Vancouver. Ten years after SARS. but the truth is that the TIME staff in Hong Kong. There are 3 extra phrases. though. 0 H But it wasn't until doctors and nurses started to fall ill in Hong Kong's Prime of Wales Hospital that we began to understand what SARS was. Ten years on.m. but there's no guarantee that won't change in the future. scientists in Atlanta and ultimately decoded at 4 a. We heard reports about unusual illnesses in the mainland Chinese cities across the border and market runs on vinegar. G. grand hotels were left empty.S. And we were fortunate that the price we paid to learn those lessons wasn't as painful as it might have been. Five phrases have been omitted from this article about how quickly contagious diseases spread in today’s world. B. Hong Kong took on a fearful air. but around the world. Who could have realized that we were all so connected? I'd like to say that we saw it coming. Though thousands were sickened by the disease. neighbors and even co-workers hid their faces behind surgical masks. (5x1=5 points) A. the international health system tempered by SARS has been tested repeatedly – by the occasional skirmish with the H5N1 avian-flu virus and by the influenza pandemic that struck in 2009. the world has learned to contain contagions faster – but disease can spread faster too.were heroes. terrifying period until more was discovered about the virus we thought that it could mean a death sentence for untold numbers of people. the damage was done – not just in China. D. their rooms unlit and their restaurants vacant. I. During SARS. H. a virus that emerges in a small city in China can spread around the world in no time at 4 all.from the scientists in the lab to the doctors and nurses who lost their lives treating the disease . 3 The white coats . But SARS also showed the dark side of our increasingly interconnected globe. where I was working as a reporter in the spring of 2003 were as caught off guard as everyone else. More to the point. the most glaring failures were committed by China. Early reports suggest the virus can infect human airways even faster than SARS did. and what it could mean for the rest of the world. which kept the international community in the dark for months about the full extent of SARS. We even sent a reporter to hospitals in neighboring Guangzhou. The wealthy began to nervously decamp to holiday homes in the Thai islands. full of foreboding like the London that's described in the opening pages of Daniel Defoe's A JournaI of the Plague Year. which burst onto the global scene just a decade ago. broken down by U. As tourism dried up.TASK 3. that means that the medical mistakes of once country can matter to every other. And in a city that thrived on socializing and schmooze. though . An example has been done for you. So far the system has stood strong. giving the disease time to spread. Property prices plunged in apocalyptic proportions. C. Who could have guessed that a new virus would emerge from bats and civet cats –– to infect human beings? Or that a single sick doctor would travel to Hong Kong in late February and somehow manage to infect dozens of other people staying on his hotel floor – and that they would go on to spread the disease around the world? Or that a submicroscopic packet of viral genes would go on to kill nearly 800 people and bring cities like Hong Kong and Beijing to a virtual standstill? 2 But those are the lessons of SARS. killing seven people so far. they were able to largely halt the spread in a matter of weeks. once doctors learned to isolate infected patients. 1 We weren't alone in our ignorance of SARS. It wasn't until the brave Chinese doctor Jiang Yanyong told then TIME reporter Susan Jakes that scores of people in Beijing were sick with SARS that the Chinese government began to open up on the disease. The groundbreaking medical response to SARS underscored the value of interconnection and cross-border cooperation. which the Cantonese believe can ward off respiratory disease when boiled. By then. Write the letter of the correct phrase in the blank space.

Time. 4. But when it comes to the lottery of emerging diseases.researchers still don't know how easily it can spread. H 1. . 2. March 18. 2013) 0. luck won't always be with us. 5 That was our biggest piece of luck. 3. (Adapted from Brian Walsh. 5.

REQUIRES 16. ELSE 24. SURVIVORS 9. D 3. LEAST 19. A 2. WITHIN 23. FEWER 17. OUT 6. WATCHED 1. A 2. GROUND 2. CONTENTS 15. Big Brothers 1. CAN’T 3. WHICH TASK 2. MORE 12 SYSTEM 13. THAT 20. APPROACHED 8. MOBILIZING 14.KEY TASK 1. B 4. CREATE 22. BY 18. TOO 5. I 3. F TASK 3. B 5. It’s Gone Viral 1. STOVE 10. HOUSE 21. G 4. D . WOULD 7. EVERYTHING 4. Power of One 0. RAISED 11. I 5.