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Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

How do you know you are saved? What is your appetite?

Natural man has nothing to do with this

Must be saved in the first place in order to hunger and thirst for righteousness 1 Corinthians 2:14, Eph. 4:17

Need to define: Hunger and thirst gives us a sense and expresses of deep, constant, recurrent intense longing that we need to satisfy. The necessities that we cannot live without. Present Active Hunger: Peinontes: To long for something that is for the sustenance of life. Simple desire for a meal to starvation brought on by poverty or disaster. An intense desire other than for food deemed necessary for well being. Famine;long term, persistent hunger or starvation , results vary (natural: Genesis 41:5, Military: 2 Kings 7:12, Personal Deficiency: John 6:35 Two fold: earthly produce or spiritual nourishment. Similar Examples: Lazarus Luke 16:19-31 Assumed response: 1 Cor. 4:11, Rev. 7:16, 49:10 Present Active Thirst : dipsontes 1) Physical that may cause physical suffering: Matthew 25:35, 37, 42,44, John 4:13,15 and 19;28, Romans 12:20) 2) & 3) For water of life (John 4:14, 16, 3) Righteousness

Righteousness; dikaiosunen In Judaism righteousness became primarily a human activity a human virtue alongside other virtues. To practice “justice” was defined as “being merciful”, “giving alms”, or “praying” (Matt. 6:2) The pendulum swung too far… (like a making a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich) What makes a perfect peanutbutter and Jelly Sandwich? That there the peanut butter and Jelly covers the entire slices of bread. No white showing! Righteousness also came to mean “the fulfillment of legal obligations.” The concept of righteousness as relationship was replaced by a legal ideal. The Law was held to be a collection of judicial ordinances; God was believe to be the Supreme Judge who would evaluate “righteousness in terms of a man’s deeds/ On the basis of God’s judgment He would either vindicate or condemn the man. Thus salvation totally depended upon man’s ability to do deeds of righteousness and to keep the law.

Matthew 6:2 (Practicing Righteousness) Covenant relationship: Parties Terms Conditions The fulfiller of their side of the covenant; faithfulness to the covenant relationship. The just live in faithful obedience to the covenant and seek God’s grace. The independent and unified look at Righteousness!

The balance is that these acts or practices, are to be best understood as responses to God’s forgiveness rather than a means to His favor. Here we have another transition, Righteousness will not be based upon attempting to earn, or to convince God to love you more because of your good works, it will be surrounded, bathed and built on a relationship. Luke 1:74 Personal: a. b. To be imputed Righteous in Christ Everyday living (“Right” conduct) born out of faith in God.

a. By holding to your side of the bargain (See Duet. 6:25) God: Declares and exercising perfect Righteousness Righteousness is solely experienced because of God’s soverighn act, His “gracious and decisive intervention for man in Christ.

Associated terms and perspectives: Just God, (Psalms 7:11). The Lord is altogether just by nature and by proclamation of His word. (Romans 2:11) Pleading your case to the Righteous Judge (Jeremiah 12:1)

Often and common definition is; Being declared “Right” before God….

The reasons and Benefits for longing for and being Righteous: Righteous proceeds faith. Faith always comes first according to salvation. Once salvation is established, the one saved is now considered righteous before God. Not by any work, deeds, convincing or strong arming, but simply by faith. Hebrews 11:7 God protects the righteous Psalms 5:12, 7:9, 34:15 Righteousness leads to God’s favor in this life as well as in death; Duet. 6:25, Proverbs 12:28, Proverbs 11:4-10, 13:6 God’s righteous judgments are also His saving Justice. Micah 7:9, Acts 17:31 Holy Spirit’s Role regarding Righteousness John 16:8-11 Summary: You were declared righteous (a fulfiller when you were saved. Righteousness is present in the life of the believer who lives in faith that God’s justice/ judgment/salvation will usher in a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness dwells (2 Peter 3:13, Revelation 19:11)

It is not passive it is to be pursued (like meekness) 1 Timothy 6:11, 2 Timothy 2:22.

There must be activity within the relationship of your covenant with Christ that produces fruit called Righteousness or righteous living and may at times produce suffering. 1 John 2:29, 3:7,10, 1 Peter 3:14

Ephesians 4:17 Future Passive Satisfied (Chaorasthesontai), receive it in full,; See also Luke 16:19-31