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Bamboo Hooded Scarf

December 27, 2009 at 12:45 pm (Free Patterns, Projects, crochet) Tags: scarf, bamboo, o!a Dea, te"t#re, $orste! $e%ght &arn

' $as (oo)%ng thro#gh m& !o$n(oa!e! patterns for an %nterest%ng st%tch to #se on m& bamboo hoo!e! scarf an! came across *arah+s b(og, ,(oom%ng Patterns- The st%tch pattern on her !%shto$e( %ntr%g#e! me- ' .#%c)(& $or)e! #p a s$atch an! fo#n! o#t that ' abso(#te(& !etest ma)%ng a ro$ of s(%p st%tches on top of another ro$ of s(%p st%tches- *o ' !ec%!e! to mo!%f& the !es%gn a (%tt(e b& #s%ng s%ng(e an! !o#b(e crochet st%tches %nstea! of s(%p st%tches an! ha(f/ !o#b(e crochet- The res#(t (oo)s a(most the same- 0%th f#rther e"per%mentat%on, ' !ec%!e! ' co#(! ma)e a ro$ of s(%p st%tches (oose(& eno#gh that ' co#(! #se %t per%o!%ca((& for a!!%t%ona( te"t#re- *o, than) &o#, *arah for a great %!ea1 0%tho#t f#rther a!o, here %s m& pattern for the ,amboo 2oo!e! *carf-

Bo# $%(( be $h%p st%tch%ng the scarf together from the fo(! !o$n 115.h 241. t#rn<o$ 2: *c %n 1st 5 sts.h 1. t#rn<o$ 2: *c %n f%rst 7 sts.amboo 2oo!e! *carf *%3e: 455 (ong from top of hea! to one en! of scarf " 6 1725 $%!e ater%a(s: 8bo#t 5 *). t#rn<o$ 4: <epeat ro$ 2. t#rn<o$ 4: Dc %n ne"t 4 %n (ast 7 sts. !c %n ne"t A sts. !c %n ne"t A sts=. t#rn<o$ 4: *( st %n ea st to en! of ro$.=*c %n ne"t 5 sts. r%ght s%!es fac%ng each other. *%3e ' crochet . p(ac%ng 42 sc across en! of scarf. &arn nee!(e 9a#ge: 14 st %n pattern : 45. ch 2.. $or) from = to = to (ast 7 sts.amboo or other $orste! $e%ght &arn. s%mp(& om%t the step $here &o# se$ the s%!es togethero!a Dea .' !%! a (%tt(e (%ght b(oc)%ng'f &o# $o#(! (%)e to ma)e j#st the scarf.0ea?e %n en!s. 16 ro$s %n pattern : 45 .<epeat from = to = to en! of ro$. !c %n ne"t 5 sts= to en! of ro$. t#rn<epeat ro$s 2 thro#gh 4 ten t%mes<epeat ro$s 2 an! 4>ast ro$: *c %n ea st to en! of ro$.0ea?e %n a(( threa!s@n r%ght s%!e. !c %n ne"t 5 sts=.of hoo).Fasten offFo(! scarf %n ha(f.Fasten off.. attach &arn at one corner an! $or) across ro$s. = sc %n ne"t A sts. ch 1.Dc %n ne"t 5 sts.h 1. ch 1.*c %n 2n! ch from hoo) an! ea ch across.=*c %n ne"t 5 sts..Fasten off0or) other en! of scarf %n the same $a&.