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Read and choose the correct word to complete the sentence: Brad Pitt ____________ blond hair.

Seleccione una respuesta. a. have b. are c. is d. has 2
Read and choose the correct word to complete the question: A: is your grandmother? B: She's 76, she is still a strong woman.
How old

Read and choose the object that doesn't belong to a living room:

Seleccione una respuesta. a. lamps b. sofa c. stove d. coffee table 4
According to the audio, choose the best answer for the question: What time does the man get up?

Seleccione una respuesta. a. at 6.00 a.m b. at 4.00 a.m c. at 7.00 a.m. d. at 5.00 a.m

a. long black hair c. on the top 8 Select the correct question for this sentence. Seleccione una respuesta. No. Seleccione una respuesta. they doesn't. 6 Read and choose the correct word to complete the sentence: Paola Turbay has ___________. Yes. straight blond hair b. b. they do.5 Choose the correct words to complete the sentence. a. they don't. according to reading 2: The coffee table is __________ the rug. on b. a. No. behind d. according to reading 1: Do they live in a small house? Seleccione una respuesta. according to reading 2: The object next to the stairs is a mirror . under c. . short blond hair 7 Select the correct word to complete the sentence. c. long red hair d.

Does she have green eyes? b. They eat dinner. 9 According to the audio.d. She helps the kids with their homework. She goes shopping for groceries. b. Seleccione una respuesta. c. She has brown eyes. What color are her eyes? 11 Choose the best option. Does her eyes are brown? c.30 p.m? Seleccione una respuesta. What is her eyes' color? d. a. She has to take their children to school. c. d. a. according to the audio: What does he do with his family around 6. select the correct answer for the question: What is one thing the man doesn't mention about his wife? Seleccione una respuesta. they does. She works in the garden. a. d. They read books. They play games. 10 Read and choose the correct question according to the sentence: A:_______________________________________ B: No. she doesn't. Yes. b. 12 . They watch the news.

is Homer's wife. 15 Read and choose the correct word according to reading 1: The Simpsons have a big comfortable brow n sofa. a. behind the stairs. c. choose the correct sentence: Marge Simpson _________________________. wears a white shirt. characteristic b. on the stairs. c. Seleccione una respuesta. a. has long blond hair. under the stairs. aspect 13 According to reading 2. a. in front of the stairs. . d. the word "feature" means: Seleccione una respuesta. body part d. d. is very intelligent. 14 According to reading 1. b. similarity c. there is a sofa: Seleccione una respuesta. b.According to reading 1.