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An experienced and creative digital marketing professional, I craft online campaigns that connect audiences with brands and

transform consumer intent into action. With a rich work and academic background in writing, social media marketing, and account management, I have a lot to add to the conversation. Let's chat.
Find me here . . . newpupinthepack dianamedmundson!, "#" $astleforbes %&uare, 'ublin " or ()*"+((*",

.asters $ertificate in /ublishing
Marketing & Editing DU Publishing Institute, University of Denver, (2011 Denver, !olorado, U"

.arketing 3 .edia -xperience
What I've been up to recentl4...
1nline .arketing .anager, F5W .edia 6Aug 7("7 to Aug 7("*8

0achelor of Arts $um Laude

English #riting & $eligious "tudies DePau% University (200& ' 2011 (reen)astle, Indiana, U"

Awards and 1rgani2ations

Eli *illy, full ride s)holarshi+ Indiana !ollegiate Press ,sso)iation• .est /+inions !olu0n 2010, 1irst Pla)e 2a++a 2a++a (a00a "orority .la)k and (old ,lu0ni .oard

1:# Media is at the forefront of 0ulti0edia +ublishing5 I %as res+onsible for gro%ing digital )ontent sales using integrated 0arketing )hannels, in)luding e!$M 0ailings, banner ads, +rint, P$, so)ial 0edia & "E/5 I )reated, e;e)uted and 0anaged integrated 0arketing )a0+aigns fro0 start to finish, in)luding )o+y%riting and art dire)tion, +ro0otional +lanning, %eb analyti)s, budgeting to re+orting $/I, %hilst a)ting as the a))ount 0anager to our authors and retailers5 My i0+a)t- :7<= revenue gro%th in 20125

What I used to do...
.arketing "+e)ialist, Inter%eave Press (1eb 2012 to ,ug 2012

Additional %kills
/+inions #riter for 3he DePau%, 4 yrs5 1eatures Editor for 6er!a0+us, 1 yr5 Eye on the #orld, 7 nonfi)tion +ie)es , Mid%estern $evie%, 2 fi)tion +ie)es .logger and travel 8ournalist

Inter%eave is one of the fastest gro%ing )raft +ublishers in the U"5 I %as tasked %ith dire)ting +rint & e'book 0arketing a)tivity that in)luded online and +rint ad )reation and +la)e0ent, )o+y%riting, so)ial 0edia, P$, )oordinating author events and signings5 I re+resented the +ublishing house at high +rofile events in)luding the 3>>, trade sho% %here I built relationshi+s %ith retailers & )onsu0ers5 My i0+a)t- *aun)hed 21 ne% titles and gre% revenue :1?=5

Mi)rosoft /ffi)e "uite, Photosho+, Drea0%eaver, InDesign, and .asi) 63M*

9ow I got started...
.arketing Intern, Fulcrum /ublishing 6Aug 7("" to 'ec 7(""8


Photogra+hy- I +refer to take +i)tures %ith 1ul)ru0 Publishing fo)uses on +reserving the history, )ulture and environ0ent of the ,0eri)an #est in +rint and digital books that 0y )a0era, not 0y +hone5 ins+ire readers to think differently5 I assisted in develo+ing their 0arketing +lan, %riting +ress releases, 0anaging e!$M 0ailings *ive Musi)- .est served on the ro)ks at and building an online +resen)e through so)ial 0edia and $ed $o)ks ,0+hitheater in !olorado5 blogging5 !y)ling- 3%o %heels 9 four %heels5 My i0+a)t- "e)ured national P$ )overage for the book laun)h of .oyd >orton@s "erengeti, featured on >.! ne%s and in the 6uffington Post5