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>Requisition Creation When a employe require material , he will create requisition, it is nothing but a formal request to buy something (like inventory material, office supplies etc) needed for the enterprise. There are two types of requisitions.

1)Internal: provide the mechanism for requesting and transferring material from one inventory to other inventory. 2).Purchase Order: Unlike Internal requisition . Purchase requisitions are used for requesting material from supplier. For Requisition backend effected Base Tables are 1.po_requisition_headers_all 2.po_requisition_lines_all 3.po_req_distributiions-all >RFQ(request for quatation) : once requisition is approved then RFQ will be created. it has 3 types 1.standard Rfq: this will be created for items, which we will purchase only once not very often.

quantity. In Backend effected Base tables for PO: 1. a)Standard PO: For all the purchase orders we will use standard PO as the type where we will specify terms and conditions.header level: Po_headers_all 2. one quation will selected as purchase order and we will sent this PO to supplier as per terms and conditions supplier will supply the material. where we will find terms and conditions and item prices may or may not.shipment level: po_line_locations_all Once RFQ will be sent to multiple suppliers and then we will receving the quotations from supplier s then the company will do the quote analysis.. Those are 1. We can give purchase order based on some terms and conditions.Planed Po: is long term agreement from a single supplier.line level: po_lines_all 3.2.po_headers_all 2.po_lines_all 3.Bid Rfq: this will be created for the large and expensive items where we will not find any discounts and no price breaks. c) Blanket PO: It is an agreement between supplier and customer.Catalog Rfq: this will be created for the items. Here we don't know about the items.po_line_locations_all 4. d). we can give purchase order from specific supplier in specific period. > Purchase Order: is nothing but a order to get the items and goods from supplier. on b).Contract PO: is nothing but agreement b/w supplier and customer.po_distributions_all .. 3. item price. Whenever buyer(customer) is required material he will release Purchase order as per that supplier will supply material. if delivery schedule is not confirmed. delivery schedule and so. In back end date three tables are effected corresponding this RFQ form. we will create planed Po. we have 4 types of PO. it is repeating process. which we are purchasing frequently where we can get the price breaks and terms and conditions.

3.Inspection Required(4-way->Po-Receipts-Inpection-Invoice).rcv_shipment_lines After Creation of Receipt AP and Inventory interfaces will be affected.make the payment and generate accounting transactions. while creating the purchase order we have a an option that is Match approval like we have 3 types of Receipts 1. for this effected tables are  Ap_invoice_payments_all     Ap_checks_all Ap_Bank_acounts_all Ap_bank_branches Ap_check_formats .rcv_shipment_headers 3.>Receipts: It is one of the purchasing document will be created while receiving material from supplier. In this we are having 3 steps.creation of invoice and Approve the invoce For this effected tables are  ap_invoices_all  ap_invoice_lines_all ( it is only in R12). which are going to update both Ap and Inventory modules.rcv_transactions 2. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Account Payables: In this company is paying amount to the supplier. 1.Standard Receipts(3-way->po-receipts-Invoice).  Ap_invoice_distributions_all 2. In back end data base effected tables for Receipts are 1. 2.Dircet Delivery(2-way->Po-Invoice).

Submit the Standard Concurrent program called as Transfer to GL and Enter two input parameters From date and To dates.distribution_id=aida.vendor_id=pha.po_headers_interface 2.PO From Po_Vendors pv. Then Copy the request id of Journal import. from po_distributiions_all pda.po_lines_interface 1.po_distribution_id. Then switch to GL super user Responsibility and Enter request id of Journal import in batch field then select the find button. Then Automatically system will submit the journal import program.Po_headers_all pha where pv.po_requisition_interface_all----------------for requistion ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: no direct join b/w Requisitions to Receipts.Ap_invoice_distributions_all aida where pda.3. so we can join Requisition -Po-Receipts Note: how can u know pariticular invoice number purchaser order Join b/w AP -Po we can know.vendor_id . Note: Join b/w Vendor . For this effected tables are GL_JE_HEADERS GL_JE_LINES GL_JE_BATCHES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTER FACE TABLES FOR PO 1. it will show the payment details.