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List of Philippine laws

This article contains a partial list of Philippine laws. Philippine laws have had various nomenclature designations at different periods in the history of the Philippines, as shown in the following table: Designations used for Philippine laws Nomenclature Abbrevia Form of government Dates Designation tion Act Act Philippine Government under U.S. !"##$!"%& ule 'ommonwealth Act 'A Philippine 'ommonwealth !"%&$!"() *atas Pambansa *P +odified Parliamentary epublic !",-$!"-& Presidential .ecree P. epublic under martial law/ epublic !",0$!"-) Presidential PP epublic under martial law !",0$!"-) Proclamation 12ecutive 3rder 13 epublic under !"-) Provisional !"-)$!"-, 'onstitution Presidential PP epublic under !"-) Provisional !"-)$!"-, Proclamation 'onstitution epublic Act A epublic !"()$,0, !"-,$ present The following table lists of Philippine laws which have been mentioned in 4i5ipedia, or which are otherwise notable. Designa Date Passed Result tion Act !)") September ), 6nown as the 7lag 8aw, this law proscribed the Philippine flag and !"#, banned the use of the Philippine national anthem. The law was repealed in !"!". Act !,"# 3ctober !0, Permitted the *anco 1spa9ol$7ilipino to change its name. The name !"#, change too5 place on :anuary !, !"!0 into today;s *an5 of the Philippine <slands. Act !-,) August !-, +ountain Province was established with Amburayan, Apayao, *enguet, !"#*ontoc, <fugao, 6alinga, and 8epanto as sub$provinces. Act !"&0 The province of *atanes was reestablished. Act 00-# 7ebruary 0!, +arindu=ue was reestablished as a separate province. !"0# Act 0,!! +arch !#, !"!, 1stablished most of the modern$day provinces of the Philippines: the province of 'amarines was split into 'amarines >orte and 'amarines Sur and the province of *ohol was created. Act 0-,! 3ctober 00, epealed the 7lag 8aw and legali?ed the use of the Philippine flag and !"!" national anthem. Act %(%) >ovember 0-, 1stablished the Philippine 8ong .istance Telephone 'ompany @P8.TA !"0with the bill granting it a &#$year charter. Act %-!& .ecember -, The evised Penal 'ode. !"%# Act %-0, 3ctober 0-, .eclared the last Sunday of August as >ational Beroes; .ay. !"%! 'A ! .ecember 0!, The >ational .efense Act of !"%&, which created an independent !"%& Philippine army. 'A %" 3ctober 0!, 1stablished Camboanga 'ity. !"%) 'A )% 3ctober 0!, An act providing for the ways in which Philippine citi?enship may be !"%) lost or reac=uired. 'A %-0 .ecember &, The 1nglish words to the Philippine national anthem were made !"%official. 'A (,% :une !,, !"%" evised >aturali?ation 8aw. 'A &#0 3ctober 00, 1stablished Due?on 'ity. !"%" 'A )%:une !(, !"(! Provided for the publication and distribution of the Official Gazette.

Separated A5lan from 'api? +ade *iliran a sub$province of 8eyte. !")% August -.0 >ovember ). but are overthrown by the 1. . subGect to the provisions of this Act.# September !.) amendments to the !". !"&) April -. Petroleum Act of !"(" An act converting 'agayan de +isamis into the 'ity of 'agayan de 3ro. !"() 3ctober &. !"&" :une !#. !")& :une !-.ecember 0. !".efined the metric system and set the basis for the implementation of the metric system in the Philippines.SA evolution.0 . !"(. !")# :une !".avao.ecember %.% A )%"& A )%") A )(%# *P *P &( *P !00 *P !-& *P --# *P --! *P --% :uly !&. <fugao. bringing 'ora?on A=uino and Salvador 8aurel to power. *enguet. !")% :une !". The province of Camboanga is split into Camboanga del >orte and Camboanga del Sur.. evision of the Tariffs and 'ustoms 'ode of the Philippines esetting the 8ocal 1lections from >ovember ". !"-.! :une !. !". ecto. A ))%& A ))%) . The province of Surigao is split into Surigao del >orte and Surigao del Sur. Set the date of April . 7erdinand +arcos and Arturo Tolentino win the election. Press 7reedom 8aw @now 5nown as the Sotto 8awA. Act appropriating funds for the operation of the Government of the Philippines. Assert that the first mass in the Philippines too5 place at a site on 8imasawa. !". !"-! as the date for a plebiscite to ratify the !"-! amendments to the !".. !")# :une !-.A! A !( A &% A -& A 0)& A %#& A %%% A %-. !"&# :une ). !"(" :une !&. !"(:uly !. 12tended the area of Due?on 'ity. !"&# :une !). Set the date of :anuary %#. !". 1stablished the Philippine Feterans *an5 1stablished the pace for land reform in the Philippines. !"-& .ecember %. 7ormed the provinces of 6alinga$Apayao.% 'onstitution of the Philippines.-) A %&!A %-(( A (0## A ()"& A (". 3diongan. and +ountain Province from the earlier +ountain Province ..evelopment *an5 of the Philippines. 1stablished the 'entral *an5 of the Philippines." +arch !#.!! A !(!( A 0!(! A 0. A &0! A &%. !"-! +arch !). 'harter of the . Public Assembly Act of !"-& 3mnibus 1lection 'ode of the Philippines Set the date of 7ebruary . !". omblon 'onverted the town of Surigao. 8andban5 was formed from this law. !")) :une !. !"() September . . +odern Philippine Standard Time was also instituted under this law.%% A 0.. Surigao del >orte into a city 3il <ndustry 'ommission Act 'harter of the >ational Power 'orporation +ade Si=uiGor an independent province. The anti$wiretapping law. Provides that a natural$born citi?en of the Philippines who has lost his Philippine citi?enship may be a transferee of private land... !".ivided Agusan into Agusan del >orte and Agusan del Sur 'reation of *arrio 'laro +. !"). !"() :une !&." A &### A )!%( A )!. !"() 3ctober 0". !"(:une !-. !"-& 3ctober 0%. Southern 8eyteE declare the site a national shrine.ecember !&.% 'onstitution of the Philippines. to :anuary !-. !"-) as the date for a SNAP Election for President and Fice$President.. A . !"-& . August %#. !"-0 . 'hanged the name of the province of Tayabas to Due?on. 'hanged the name of the province of .eclared >aga 'ity a chartered city.ecember 00. !"-# as the date for a plebiscite to ratify the !".avao del >orte to . for use by him as his residence.. !"&0 April 0&.ecember %.eclared Due?on 'ity the capital of the Philippines. .

. 'hanged the name of +anila <nternational Airport to >inoy A=uino <nternational Airport. !"":anuary %!." A -00% A -0"% A -%&% A -(%A -(. 'reated the 'ordillera Autonomous egion.ecember -. !""% . :anuary %!. !""! :une !(. >ovember 0. !"":anuary %!. <t mandates the creation of an autonomous government to be headed by a egional Governor.!&) A . !"-" August (.! A -(. !""( April &.H The >ew 'entral *an5 Act 'harter of the .!#( A . !"":anuary %!.ecember 0-.eclared >ovember & as a non$wor5ing holiday for the province of >egros 3ccidental to commemorate Cinco de Noviembre. HAn act providing for the repatriation of 7ilipino women who have lost their Philippine citi?enship by marriage to aliens and natural$born 7ilipinos.!)# A . .)%A . 7ebruary !#. . !""! August !(. !"") . See Cordillera Administrative Region.ecember -.ecember ". the capital of .0 A -(. !"-.)(A . !"". motto.#(0 A . !""7ebruary !0.%( A ).%& A ). into a city. Split the province of . 'reated the <sland Garden 'ity of Samal in . was held and invalidated the act. which was officially inaugurated on >ovember ). H.# A -(.. Provided for an 3rganic Act for the 'ordillera Administrative egion @'A A.)) !"-. !""% . !"-" A . !""7ebruary !#.. and for other purposes.avao. The Anti$ ape 8aw of !"". !""# in 'otabato 'ity.A -!. amending for the purpose epublic Act >o. creating the province of 'ompostela Falley. the day >egros became free.avao into two.uGali. !""& 3ctober 0%. .H 'onverted the municipality of +ari5ina." A -("! 7ebruary !(. coat$of$arms and other heraldic items and devices of the Philippines.-%0 :une !%. !"-. Set up a system of initiative and referendum.% A -(.#" A ). !""( !"--. rationali?ing system losses by phasing out pilferage losses as a component thereof.ecember 00. !"-" August !. 'reated the Autonomous egion in +uslim +indanao @A ++A. !""- . 'reated the municipality of *raulio 1.A ))%" A ))(& A ). . !""! 3ctober !#. 7oreign <nvestments Act of !""! 'ommission on the 7ilipino 8anguage Act +ini$Bydro 8aw H8ocal Government 'ode of !""!. A .avao province by combining the municipalities of Samal. !"-" 3ctober 0%. held on +arch ".epartment of 1nergy 1lectric Power 'risis Act HAnti$electricity and 1lectric Transmission 8ines/+aterials Pilferage Act of !""(H / an act penali?ing the pilferage of electricity and theft of power transmission lines/materials. !"") :une ). !""& +arch 0-. Prescribes the manner in how to fill a vacancy in the 'ongress of the Philippines. . and for other purposes. !"". *aba5.H HAn act further liberali?ing foreign investments.eregulation Act of !""-H / An act deregulating the downstream oil industry and for other purposes Prescribed the code of the national flag.ivided 6alinga$Apayao into 6alinga and Apayao provinces. +etro +anila into a city. September %#.-. 'onverted the municipality of Tagum. and 6aputian.#(0. !"". !"".to ratify the bill.! A -!.avao out of several barangays in Panabo and 'armen. anthem.ownstream 3il <ndustry . !""! September !0. . A plebiscite. The <ntellectual Property 'ode of the Philippines @Philippine copyright lawA.)&% A . <t creates a egional Assembly that will enact laws of regional application and a regional Gudiciary composed of a supreme court and lower courts.

0##% +ay 0). 0##& A "0)0 A "%%( A "%%& A "%%. !(0.of the >ational <nternal evenue 'ode of !"". 0##% +arch -. !#-. !#). +ay 0(. establishing for this purpose the *iofuel Program. !!". . !"":une 0%. !!. !!(. :une 0(.of the >ational <nternal evenue 'ode of !"". %(. and for other purposes. !!!.ecember &. 0##) :anuary !0. peaceful and credible elections through fair election practices. !(&. *ecame the 7irst 'ity of *ulacan HP ' +oderni?ation Act 3f 0###H / An act providing for the moderni?ation of the Professional egulation 'ommission. amending for the purpose 'ommonwealth Act >o. 0##0 >ovember !%.". and for other purposes. !#". !!0. . 0### . Bowever. 0##! :une -. 0##. Subse=uent foreign pressure by the 7AT7 and by other nations resulted in this act being amended. 0##0 :une . and for other purposes HAnti$Traffic5ing in Persons Act of 0##%H / An act providing for policies to eliminate and punish human traffic5ing. H8ateral Attrition Act of 0##&H / an act to improve the revenue collection performance of the *ureau of <nternal evenue @*< A and the *ureau of 'ustoms @*3'A through the creation of a rewards and incentives fund and of a revenue performance evaluation board and for other purposes An act amending sections 0. orderly. A -"-! A "##) A "#!& A "!%) A "!%" A "!)# A "!)( A "!)& A "!. especially women and children. An act increasing the e2cise ta2 rates imposed on alcohol and tobacco products. H*iofuels Act of 0##)H / An act to direct the use of *iofuels.. as amended. 0##! +arch !". Also 5nown as the He2panded value$added ta2H or the H1$ FATH law. an overwhelming maGority of Due?on 'ity residents voted InoJ to the bill. appropriating funds therefor. 0##! September 0". appropriating funds A "0#- A "00& August 0". !!%. this act gives the protection of the law to women and children suffering from domestic abuse. 0##0 7ebruary !%. !!). !""". 0%. and 0-. 0%).(" A -.avao into a city. 'onverted the municipality of Panabo. !(!. <nspired by the life of . 0##& A "%(# +ay 0&. !0!. !!#. !(-. !(%. 0##! +arch &.rugs Act of 0##0H H*arangay +icro *usiness 1nterprises @*+*1.sA Act of 0##0.. !#. as amended. HPhilippine 'lean Air Act of !"""H / An act providing for a 'omprehensive Air Pollution 'ontrol Policy and for 3ther Purposes 'onverted the municipality of San :ose del +onte. HSynchroni?ed *arangay and Sangguiniang 6abataan 1lections esettingH / An act resetting the *arangay and Sangguniang 6abataan 1lections.ecember 0!.angerous . and 0-.. The act repealing the death penalty.. !&!.A -&%& 7ebruary 0%. 0##& A "%() A "%). e2tending the term of officeof *arangay and Sangguiniang 6abataan 3fficials and for other purposes. honest.. amending for the purpose sections !%!. H'iti?enship etention and e$Ac=uisition Act of 0##%H / An act ma5ing the citi?enship of Philippine citi?ens who ac=uire foreign citi?enship permanent. 0-. in the succeeding plebiscite on 3ctober 0%. !""" September !#. )%.. H7air 1lection Act of 0##!H / An act to enhance the holding of free. 0##! :une -. 0##( :anuary 0&. HSynchroni?ed *arangay and Sangguniang 6abataan 1lectionsH H'omprehensive . *ulacan into a city. !((." A "!-" Provided for the creation of the 'ity of >ovaliches comprising the !& northernmost barangays of Due?on 'ity. replacing the sentence with the sentence of life imprisonment and reclusión perpetua.H H3verseas Absentee Foting Act of 0##%H / An act providing for a system of overseas absentee voting by =ualified citi?ens of the Philippines abroad. establishing the necessary institutional mechanisms for the protection and support of traffic5ed persons. 0##% A -. amending for the purpose certain laws and for other purposes HThe Administrative >aturali?ation 8aw of 0###H HAnti$+oney 8aundering Act of 0##!H. as amended. H1lectric Power <ndustry eforms Act of 0##!H / An act ordaining reforms in the electric power industry. Also 5nown as the Hsin ta2H law.olores 8oren?o. 0### 7ebruary !0. 0##( .

0#!# +arch 0). 0#!# therefor.eclaring it as the >ational University. 7airness and Accuracy of 1lections. >ational 'ultural Beritage Act of 0##". The Buman Security Act of 0##. . --!. The University of the Philippines 'harter of 0##-. -(%). epublic Act >o. 0##. !"">ational or 8ocal 1lections and in Subse=uent >ational and 8ocal 1lectoral 12ercises. HAmending the 1lection +oderni?ation ActH / An act amending epublic Act >o. Also 5nown as the holiday economics law. 0##7ebruary 0%. +arch ). April 0". 1ntitled HAn Act Authori?ing The 'ommission on 1lections to use an Automated 1lection System in the +ay !!. <t established the Philippine egistry of 'ultural Property . with the 'agayan de 3ro iver as a natural boundary. as amended.A "%)" :anuary 0%.! A "%. to 1ncourage Transparency. 7ree 8egal Assistance Act The Agri$Agra eform 'redit Act.istrict of 'agayan de 3ro 'ity into two districts. 0##. amending for the purpose *atas Pambansa *lg.0 A "("0 A "&## A """" A !#### A !##)) 7ebruary 00. providing funds therefor and for other purposes An act dividing the 8one . 0#!# 7ebruary 0%. The act that mandates the celebration of certain public holidays to the nearest wee5day. and for other purposes. :uly 0&. A "%. 0##. 'redibility. .!)) and other related elections laws. 0##.

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