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Story by Pen Densham Screenplay by John Watson & Pen Densham

Trilogy Entertainment Group in association with: WARNER BROS. INC. 4000 Warner Boulevard Burbank, California 91522

FIRST DRAFT July 10, 1990 © 1990 WARNER BROS. INC. All Rights Reserved

PRINCE OF THIEVES FADE IN: SUNSET The glowing orb ripples like a blood-red eye. BLACK, ROBED FIGURE A face of the ages. Dark, wrinkled skin. Wizened, almond eyes. He howls at the sun. His voice ECHOES across the sky. The Moslem call to prayer. Hundreds of feet below his tower, a mud-walled city of minarets and mosques. A human ants' nest. Scurrying to their devotions. EXT. TWELFTH-CENTURY ARAB CITY - ESTABLISHING SHOT INT. DUNGEONS - SUNSET Pervasive blackness. Moans of men in pain. Dripping water. Rats. Filth. The nadir of human degradation. Bedraggled white men, POWs from the Crusades, caged together with Arab cutthroats. Jailers wrench two crusaders from their cell. ROBIN OF LOCKSLEY and PETER DUBOIS. Their appearance reeks of long imprisonment, but remnants of their noble heritage still glimmer in their faces. Peter is so frail he can barely walk. INT. TORTURE CHAMBER - SUNSET A furnace. Torture instruments glow red hot. Chained victims. A massive INTERROGATOR scrutinizes the two white men. Indicates a rat-faced lowlife, who points at Peter, jabbering in Arabic. INTERROGATOR He says you stole his bread. PETER It is a lie. I caught him stealing ours. The lowlife jabbers some more. The Interrogator debates.

INTERROGATOR Cut off the infidel's hand. The jailers haul Peter to the chopping block. (CONTINUED)

2. CONTINUED: ROBIN No!... I took the bread. PETER That's not true. ROBIN They're not interested in truth. You are too weak, Peter. You would not live through it. The Interrogator stares into Robin's eyes. INTERROGATOR Sacrifice for the weaker? How noble... As you wish... Cut off this one's hand as well!... But first... He indicates an Arab prisoner, who is dragged forward. His struggling hand is laid on the executioner's block. INTERROGATOR Show them the courage of Allah. The prisoner's face braces for the pain. A red-hot scimitar flashes down. The hand flips into a basket. Twitching. Robin is next. His composure fails. He flops to his knees, crying. The Interrogator laughs. The jailers unlash the thongs on Robin's hand. They stretch it out, forcing it down. Robin goes limp, sobbing. Peter catches his eye... Robin winks. The scimitar. Drawn from the coals. Spitting flame. Arcs down. Robin is suddenly galvanized. ROBIN And this is English courage. He hurls his holders aside. Swings upward, driving his fast into the executioner's throat. Grabs the sword. Slash. His thongs melt like butter. A jailer leaps at him. Steaming, the scimitar slices into the man's chest. Despite his bindings, Peter wrestles the Interrogator. Knife pressed to his throat, Peter is forced against the furnace. At the last second, he flips the man into the fire. Screaming. PETER That's for five years of hell. (CONTINUED)

covered in tattoos. RAISED VOICES and RUNNING FEET.) Peter frees himself. Peter loses his sword. Set me free. curved scimitar. Hmm! ROBIN Not bad. (CONTINUED) . Robin acknowledges the man who shouted the warning. This is a pruning hook. yelling fury.. Heavily-muscled arms and chest. Robin eyes the PETER ROBIN What I would give for an English sword. the wall. Peter grabs tongs from the fire and smolders his opponent with a backhand. SARACEN Free me and I will show you a way out. shaven-headed SARACEN.. He runs the man through. Robin ducks away.S. An imposing. Robin.. Two more guards attack.. propelling a guard into a pit. His opponent moves in for the kill. shears the axe handle in two. No. Slams the jailer's head into VOICE (O. Robin sidesteps. Behind you! Warned. Robin slashes.3. but they are still outnumbered. ROBIN You speak English? SARACEN The king's own. SARACEN For pity's sake. CONTINUED: A jailer aims a scalding blade at Robin's back. PETER Don't trust him. Commotion outside. A guard swings at him with a giant axe. Even his bald head is ornamented. Mine is a sentence of death. While fighting.

you are dead men. carrying torches. ROBIN . ROBIN He makes a point. A narrow opening to their left. SARACEN You will need to be yet faster. half crawling in the dank water. tunnel.. Robin! ROBIN Whatever blood is in his veins. my friend. they splash through. Guards drop down from above. This way! He beckons them to the back. The orange smoke is choking. Half running. The door bursts open. SEWERS . SARACEN You are fast..4.NIGHT They wade through foul water up to their waists. (CONTINUED) Blocking A hidden door leads into a SARACEN PETER More guards rush in.. That makes a man fast. the way. ROBIN Five years I've waited for the smell of free air. Robin lops off its head. He slashes the man free. INT. he does not deserve to die here. A snake lashes out for his face.. Fire arrows land around them. A good point. The Saracen leads. CONTINUED: ROBIN Why should we trust you? SARACEN If you don't.

is impaled on the spikes. A pursuing guard tumbles down the sewer chute. The Saracen intercepts the blow. they slide headlong. SNAPPING it with one mighty twist. Robin helps Peter up. PETER (coughing) Thanks. SARACEN Allah be praised. Peter falls. I misjudged you. Robin grabs at the walls to break the fall. They're picking up speed. They're outside the prison wall. he reappears... Flames illuminate the walls. brother. Losing purchase. Gasping for air. The three men press themselves against the wall. ARAB STREET . bracing it against the sides of the tunnel. Using the spiked guard as a ladder. He turns his sword crossways. Sparks fly. but it works. SARACEN Hold your breath. EXT.. as a squad of mounted soldiers thunders right over him. Robin climbs. thrusting a blazing torch at his face. (CONTINUED) . A pursuer descends on him.. SARACEN Save your breath. The man hurtles by. ROBIN God willing.. we may now be safe. as a brake. they find the tunnel veers steeply downward.5.. A bloodcurdling scream.NIGHT Robin's head appears. granite tube. rusted spikes jut out from the walls ahead. A slippery. ROBIN Amen. No use. ducks back down. Sharp... Grabs the man's neck. alive with a loathsome mass of crawling slime. Removes a grating. All clear. The sword cuts into Robin's chest. A draft of fresh air from the roof of the tunnel. CONTINUED: Poison air.

He fells the first Arab. Peter. Make his sacrifice an act of honor. Swear you will protect her for me. Raising his sword. He reels. Peter pulls an insignia ring from a hidden pouch in his clothes. Robin looks despairingly to the Saracen.fired from the prison wall. Peter charges at the oncoming soldiers. Fighting like a man possessed. Peter is swallowed in a sea of enemy soldiers. CONTINUED: Swoosh. Tell them I died a free Englishman. An arrow pierces through Peter's chest -. For England. ROBIN Hold on to my shoulder. Tell them I love them. Peter faces the oncoming soldiers. SARACEN His wound is by the heart. It is mortal. Shouts of alarm. PETER Take this to my sister. my little sister.. cannot save him. Robin leads him under the wall for protection. brandishing his sword.. PETER Leave me. Peter shakes him off. PETER SARACEN Come now! Do not fail your friend. Soldiers approaching.6. PETER My mother. We Robin knows it's true.. . Thrusts it into Robin's hand. Come. ROBIN We must hurry. The Saracen pulls Robin away. Swear it. Summoning hidden resources of strength... Robin! ROBIN (reluctantly) I swear it. They vanish into the night..

ROBIN Robin of Locksley. SARACEN Our way is together. This strange man has a sense of humor. SARACEN Only Allah can do that. You know a short route to England.. ROBIN And if I don't want you? SARACEN You have no choice.. He grins broadly. Resigned. Offers his hand. SARACEN My name is Aslan. ROBIN Go your own way. I must stay with you until I save yours. England? ROBIN Why? SARACEN You saved my life. ROBIN I go to England. Aslan? CUT TO: . Robin takes the proferred hand. He grins. With the speed of Allah. ROBIN Farewell. God speed you on your way. unless you think you can kill me.7. SARACEN Then I go to England.LATER Robin and the Saracen catch their breath. I relieve you of your obligation. DESERTED ALLEY . friend.

A peasant. Towers shrouded in night mist. KENNETH. Remus.. DUNCAN.. ENGLAND) Eerie shapes. Seated at a table. Locksley unsheathes a dagger. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. White light on water. ragged. VOICE (O. Duncan. Another man grabs him from behind. ENGLAND INT. He's bleeding from a face wound. he holds Kenneth back. A bone clunks on the floor. please! LOCKSLEY It is alright. LORD LOCKSLEY. He glances at a portrait over the fireplace.. LOCKSLEY CASTLE . An old DOG SNORES at the fireside. SUPERIMPOSE: LOCKSLEY CASTLE. smoking. Empty chairs surround the vast table. Grey.S. Distinguished. desperate. The door bursts open. waking him. EXT. wine goblet in hand. The moon reflected in the moat of a small castle. Master. SHOUTS. (CONTINUED) . Locksley's craggy-faced retainer.8. Obscures it in the folds of the Bible. The dog jumps. KENNETH (high anxiety) My Lord. Robin. (to Kenneth) You are Kenneth of Cowfall? The peasant falls to his knees. I Licking the bone gratefully. I am sorry you were disturbed. but still strong. Proud. Smoke curls from a chimney. Weaving. Older than his master. he pores over a wonderful illustrated Bible. Reading to himself for solace and strength. the dog looks in the direction of the voice.. O.) Enough of that din.NIGHT FIRE CRACKLES in an open hearth. Hackles rise..S. DUNCAN You must wait. My Lord! KENNETH Help me. can't think.. LOCKSLEY CASTLE (NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Hams and a half sheep hang. A deep sense of loneliness.

daughter. CONTINUED: KENNETH They've taken my Gwen. Trust Dark clouds race CUT TO: EXT. WOODED TRAIL Kenneth checks the ground. my Lord. across the moon. DUNCAN There is an evil LOCKSLEY Good will overcome. stay! moon tonight. in that. in armor. My son is dead. Duncan attempts to detain him. Master. lead the way. Crosses himself. In masks. Duncan looks up. Kenneth. DUNCAN You cannot go alone. He kicks his horse into motion. Lord Locksley mounts.9. Let My LOCKSLEY That may be too late.NIGHT Steam pours from the nostrils of a black charger. (touches his wound) We tried to stop them. Locksley waits. LOCKSLEY What is this place? (CONTINUED) . LOCKSLEY CASTLE . EXT. me ride for help. LOCKSLEY Who has taken her? KENNETH Men on horses. Duncan. KENNETH They came this way. Master. Onward then.

wafted on the wind. ablaze with flames leers at them like the mouth of hell.. all arranged on stakes. Pure carnality. Kenneth turns to run. Drinking.. From the crest of the rise. others with rotting female tresses. LOCKSLEY I trusted we were rid of such evil a century ago. the hillside glows. staring eyelessly into the night. A medieval orgy. They move on.10. They are to dissuade the faint of heart. Locksley reacts -. CONTINUED: KENNETH Nearby the Gregor Caves.. He's face to face with the maggot-eaten skull of a goat. Some male. Ahead. Before the cave. Dancing. A crucifix sculpted into the hilt. Beyond it. a circle of stones. The reveler is ecstatic. man. A living Hieronymous Bosch DEMON. A girl is dragged from the cave. fur-covered arms and legs. Faces ashen. Reveling. An unearthly SCREECH. a gruesome host of half-skinned human skulls. Kenneth buries his head. Lord Locksley and Kenneth watch in horror. Kenneth creeps forward. Think of Gwen. A hand grabs him. KENNETH (petrified) Is it the devil? LOCKSLEY If it is. Its clawed hands slash across a reveler's back. The creature tastes the blood. I have some Christian steel that will test his hide. A cave opening. Men and women in masks and loose robes. Grotesque gargoyle head. (CONTINUED) KENNETH . they peer down into the craggy valley. horns. He draws his sword. Cries out. Strange primitive CHANTS. drawing blood in vicious streaks. Locksley ties his nervous horse to a tree.a hint of fear. A miniature Stonehenge. A creature leaps into the circle of stones. rimmed in eerie light. Parting undergrowth. Druids. LOCKSLEY Steady..

11. CONTINUED: Gwen? Kenneth nods. The Demon shrieks, dervishing around GWEN, who is carried onto the central plinth stone. A pagan altar, the shape of an elephant's head with its trunk raised. A masked figure stands at the head of the altar. The high priest of the dark rite. The girl's body shudders as blood-red liquid is forced down her throat. The Demon's voice is husky and hideous. DEMON Come, my virgin flower. Hypnotized by the creature's voice and snake-like movements, Gwen stretches herself out. A single beam of sunlight slices through the mist, like a laser. The first light of the rising sun, it strikes directly on the altar, tracking down towards the girl's heart. The Demon's raised talons close in on the white flesh of her neck. Gwen's eyes are open wide, in a trance. The crowd of revelers encircle the plinth. Awed anticipation... A warrior's yell! Sword raised, Locksley THUNDERS in on his CHARGER. The terrified crowd parts. The Demon screams like a banshee. Kill him! DEMON Kill him! Locksley. He beats orders to armed guards, spear. Locksley hacks left and right. LOCKSLEY

The followers throw themselves at them off. The high priest issues who run to intercept. One aims a the shaft in half. Cuts men down Reaches the altar stone. Gwen! LOCKSLEY Up, girl, up!

Gwen shakes off her trance. The Demon launches itself at Locksley. Talons rip flesh from his face. With all his strength, Locksley hurls the creature down. LOCKSLEY In the name of God! His broadsword swings in a mighty arc. Slices across the gargoyle's skull. Clean through half the face... Impossibly, the demon rolls back to its feet. (CONTINUED)

12. CONTINUED: The head is an elaborate mask -- beneath are the yellow skin, white hair, and burning red eyes of an albino crone. Screaming vitriol, the hag is unharmed. Momentarily stunned, Locksley regains his senses, hauls the girl onto his charger. The guards close in. Locksley spurs his horse. Rides for an opening. The masked high priest stands resolutely in his path. Brandishing a burning branch. The horse is freaked. Rears. Locksley and the girl are thrown. Unarmed, Locksley charges the man. Slams him into the cave wall. The mask falls. Locksley gasps in recognition. LOCKSLEY Nottingham! The SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM. Powerful build, black beard, cruel intensity in every feature. NOTTINGHAM You are an unwelcome surprise, Locksley. LOCKSLEY The King shall hear of this, Nottingham. I think not. Locksley is surrounded. One by one the men reveal their faces. Locksley backs up in shock, recognizing them. God help us. NOTTINGHAM One day all England will worship with us. Never. The crone spits venom in his face. DEMON I am Mortianna. You will die with my name on your lips. Locksley's agonized cry fills the valley. On the hillside, Kenneth averts his eyes. Turns to run. Five masked figures block his way. LOCKSLEY LOCKSELY NOTTINGHAM

13. EXT. ENGLISH SHORE - DAY A twelfth century French sailboat at anchor. its sail. A cross on

A longboat rows to shore. Robin stands in the prow, in a pilgrim's hooded robe. He gazes at the approaching land. Unable to wait, he leaps into the surf and wades to the beach. He kneels, pressing his hands and face into the soil. Home. ROBIN Thank you, Lord.

Aslan steps from the boat, sniffing the air. The French sailors keep their distance from him. Robin takes his hand. ROBIN My friend, you have escorted me home. I beg you to free yourself of your vow. Return with the boat. I know how heavy your heart must be, this far from your family and native land... ASLAN (SARACEN) Because I love them so dearly, I cannot dishonor them. A sailor creeps up behind Aslan, club in hand. ROBIN I thought you'd say that. He nods to the sailor, who swings the club down. The Saracen sidesteps, grabs the man's arm and flips him into the surf. He turns a cold stare on Robin. ASLAN No man controls my destiny. Especially not one who attacks downwind and stinks of garlic. Robin laughs. The Saracen remains intense.

ASLAN If our positions were reversed, I would have done the same. Only I would have succeeded. He smiles broadly. Robin claps him on the shoulder.

ROBIN Come, Aslan. By nightfall we will celebrate your honor when we dine with my father.

None but the woman and children. with leashed hounds. Pillaging. you look fat enough. Norman swine! A BOY of 12 springs from nowhere. GISBORNE You owe the sheriff three bushels of flax. GISBORNE Is that so? We hear he is very much alive./INT. FANNY. Outside. sir. GISBORNE For starving people. Hiding out in the forest. others on foot. The soldiers join in his laughter.14. FANNY You starve us. Fanny pounds her fist on his legs. He probably ran away to escape your scolding tongue. First the drought. More soldiers. (CONTINUED) FANNY . thrusting a hay fork at Gisborne's throat.except that one of his ears is missing. GISBORNE (to Fanny) Where is your mate? The man they call Little. Children scream and run. laughing. EXT. Gisborne kicks her down. SOLDIER (emerging from the hut) He's not here. A soldier clubs at them. FANNY He died last winter. He coldly addresses a pregnant woman with a child in her arms.DAY CRASH! An armored foot splinters the door of a farmer's hovel. Searching. We recognize his face from the Druid ceremony. Vandalizing. Some on horses. GUY GISBORNE: An impressive figure on horseback. Strikingly handsome -. now you take what food we have left. Incensed. PEASANT'S COTTAGE .

Give us some pleasure before you die. (CONTINUED) . Is this how you repay the Sheriff for his protection? WULF (BOY) Like a wolf protects sheep. Either he dies or you die.15. and a deer carcass. FANNY We needed the meat. Like a deer. They tear at each other in their effort to rip at the glove. Wulf backs off.. GISBORNE Poachers hang. others examine his hiding place. Wulf! Gisborne drags the boy to the carcass.. GISBORNE You have deprived us of a hunt.. boy. a bow and quiver. WULF My mother lies to protect me.. boy. CONTINUED: FANNY No. A secret thatched door. He cups his hand in the deer's blood. He tosses his bloody glove to the dogs. built into the side of a haystack. Gisborne dismounts. GISBORNE Seize him! While two soldiers grab the Boy. Wulf! Don't! 'Twill only make it worse. Wulf's face. I killed it. GISBORNE This is Lord Nottingham's deer. Smears it on FANNY GISBORNE The hounds know the scent well. GISBORNE Run. No. Nostrils flaring with repressed hate.

brooding.16.. I ask again. COUNTRY ROAD . walks two paces behind him. Why? You broke the law? You were a rival for power? . Robin is buoyant. The Saracen. ROBIN You speak my language. CONTINUED: To the accompaniment of the HOUNDS' savage HOWLS and the horrified screams of his family. the instrument of evil? ROBIN Our races have fought for a hundred years to prove that point. ASLAN Then I trust it is safer to appear as your slave than as your equal. A woman? (CONTINUED) . ASLAN Those are my burdens. Clearly.. why were you to be executed? The Saracen maintains a moody silence.. ROBIN So. You fell from favor. You have the diplomacy and honor code of a nobleman. GISBORNE ROBIN Why must you walk in back of me? ASLAN In your land am I not the infidel? The unbeliever.. I must continue with my guesswork. Yet you refuse to tell me about your home and family.DUSK Nearing home.. You are highborn? Probably... ROBIN For an 'infidel' you have uncommon clarity of thinking.. Unleash them! EXT. Wulf runs.

CONTINUED: The Saracen reacts. almost imperceptibly. sky. Is there no sun in your cursed country? ROBIN You dog! You painted old dog! What is her name? ASLAN Which way is East? Her name? East? Her name? East?!!! Robin folds his arms. the Saracen stops. ASLAN It is close to sunset. but Robin knows he's right. that's it! Aslan is silent. ROBIN Who is she? The Mullah's daughter? . right? No reply. Another man's wife?. ROBIN Your people must marry women chosen for them by others. ROBIN By the Lord.17. Aslan unfolds a prayer rug. (CONTINUED) ASLAN ROBIN ASLAN ROBIN Examines the darkening . That's it! ASLAN Endless clouds. that he would be willing to die for them.. Is that not so? Ignoring him.... ROBIN They say there are Arab women of such beauty that they can possess a man's mind. A standoff.

the boy Wulf runs toward them. Shrouded in his pilgrim's hooded cloak.. boy.18. The tree quivers. A hound savages his leg. Jasmina. I'm five miles from home.. Robin surreptitiously steals a crossbow from one of the soldiers' horses. ROBIN ROBIN Hold!. Ah.. I am curious as to what manner of creature is so fearsome that it takes six men to attack it.. ducks behind a tree and clubs the leading dog with a branch. Was she worth it? ASLAN Worth dying for... panting with exhaustion.. Deer don't climb trees..... GISBORNE You're not playing by the rules. he approaches them.. The soldiers surround the tree. The boy clambers precariously onto the highest branch. Shall we teach him to fly? Cut it down! The soldiers hack at the trunk. ASLAN Kneels.. BAYING of HUNTING DOGS.. Perhaps he thinks he's a game bird. Wulf swings into the branches. Aslan throws his rug on the ground. Are you sure? ROBIN I would know blindfolded. CONTINUED: ASLAN Damn you!. The other hounds close in. Jasmina! ROBIN Is she beautiful? ASLAN Which way is East? That way. (CONTINUED) . In the distance. Robin stands smiling over him as Aslan begins his prayers...

pilgrim.. CONTINUED: GISBORNE Stand back. Ah ha! A small boy.. This is the Sheriff's land. Gisborne gestures to the largest of them. whatever is in it also belongs to me. A truly dangerous animal. This is my land. who's still at his prayers. stranger.. Kill him! Aslan! vow. ROBIN Have we treed the devil himself? Let me see.. the crossbow. GISBORNE Chop down the hooded fool. ROBIN Wrong. ROBIN (backing up) Perhaps we could discuss this.19. Shoots from the hip. He's dead before he lands. Chop it down! ROBIN The man who strikes that tree dies.. The bolt thuds through the man's armor. Robin lifts his cape. GISBORNE I grow dangerously tired of your wit. The soldier raises his sword. More surprised than scared. and my tree. GISBORNE I advise you to move on. Therefore. The men stop in mid-swing. He glances nervously at Aslan.. ROBIN It's time to redeem that GISBORNE GISBORNE Set the dogs on him! (CONTINUED) . This is no affair of yours.

freezes. A wave of flashing steel. lost in his prayers. CONTINUED: Aslan ignores him. Locksley! No! Robin drives the point into Gisborne's rear. His sword falls. Backed up to a tree. His sword strikes flesh. ROBIN I hope there's enough of me to satisfy you all. Two men fly back. hooded stranger.20. Gisborne thrusts. Robin reacts too slowly. kicks out Gisborne's legs. Like lightning. ROBIN Aslan. Slams one foot on the man's sword arm. from his arm. The Saracen remains head down. A moment of silence. sword pressed to his back. Robin raises his sword. leaps.. WHUMPF! The bolt flips the dog handler into the vicious pack. The man Pray. he grabs a branch and kicks out. the other on his throat. Robin lifts the other arm -. Gisborne. get off your damn knees! I have four of them cornered. He lunges at a third. he soon will be. GISBORNE Well.a second concealed crossbow. Robin spins. Dead or not. GISBORNE Robin of Locksley! ROBIN On your knees. allow me to know your name before I run you through. Robin unsheathes his sword. Robin ROBIN Blood flows (CONTINUED) . Aslan!! Gisborne is on him. GISBORNE Please.. Robin sidesteps and hurls the fourth onto a sharp tree stump. Or did we see him steal a glance? Gisborne signals his men to attack. He obeys. Throws back his pilgrim's hood.

still alive. ROBIN Have no fear. then leave me to be butchered. or any time I'm outnumbered six to one!! ASLAN You whine like a mule. Barely. colliding with Aslan as he folds his rug. ROBIN (to Aslan. (CONTINUED) . ROBIN Which does not include prayer times.21. boy. Dismissive. furious) You worthless savage! You travel ten thousand miles to save my life. Gisborne takes off. fingering a crucifix around his neck. Runs off into the woods. Aslan examines Robin's wound. ASLAN (laughing) The conquering hero returns. Why did you let their leader go? ROBIN After six years of the stench of death. I have no stomach for needless blood on my hands. Reacts in shock at the sight of the strange Arab. ASLAN I will fulfill my vow when I choose. Wulf climbs cautiously from the tree. meal times. ROBIN You are ASLAN A flesh wound. CONTINUED: ROBIN Now get off my land. And tell your cousin the Sheriff what happens to his scum when they pick on my people. Keeps running. The boy nervously eyes Robin and the Saracen.

Robin stares. Duncan. old man emerges. He smashes furniture. Gutted and deserted. Beyond that hill lies the prettiest little castle in all Christendom. Aslan's humor is infectious.NIGHT Ruins.MEDALLION round the corpse's neck. Robin stumbles over ROBIN Hello! His VOICE ECHOES around the fallen battlements... Noooooo! A paroxysm of rage and grief. hot food. he leans against the wall. LOCKSLEY CASTLE .22. In the silence. ROBIN I should have been here.. The moon hovers ominously over the once-proud castle. ROBIN Come. Aslan places a hand on his shoulder and points.. Slams his fists relentlessly into the wall. ROBIN .. Pained. Aslan looks on. Father! Heartsick. Moat drained. (CONTINUED) The Locksley crest. Robin's anger relents. CLOSE . Spent. struck dumb with horror. A hunched. my strange friend. debris. Robin draws his sword. Warm hearths. Warm and soft like Jasmina's embrace. CONTINUED: Ha! ROBIN It was you he was scared of. ASLAN With feather pillows? ROBIN With feather pillows. Suspended high on a tower wall is a decaying human corpse.. Towers demolished. they hear an eerie TAPPING. Burned to the ground. real beds. walking with the aid of a staff . EXT. The dark courtyard.

ROBIN Did they have witnesses? DUNCAN Just one.. Kenneth of Cowfall. ROBIN Who did this to you. the night in silent rage. is it you? A miracle. Look at him. scarred. The Bishop decreed all the Locksley lands forfeit.. CONTINUED: ROBIN (shaking him) Damn you. ROBIN Did you believe the charges? DUNCAN Not even when they took my eyes. Duncan? DUNCAN Guy of Gisborne. carrion for the crows. Duncan steps into the moonlight. Robin holds the old retainer to his chest.23. ASLAN Easy. With the sheriff looking on. I thought God had abandoned us. ROBIN You left my father to hang like a common thief. Duncan. He signed a confession before the Bishop of Hereford. ROBIN What has happened? DUNCAN They say they captured him worshipping with the Druids. Stares into His face crudely- . Why didn't you cut him down? DUNCAN Master Robin.

He bade me warn you not to harm his people.NIGHT Torches illuminate Nottingham's face. NOTTINGHAM CASTLE . GISBORNE I met a hooded man today.24. His Lordship is not to be disturbed. He shoves the Sentry aside. Away. She timidly GISBORNE NOTTINGHAM Cousin. When Gisborne enters. His name? GISBORNE Robin of Locksley. his manicured hand distractedly strokes a semi-naked girl. NOTTINGHAM Who bade you cover up? He smashes his fist into his chair. EXT. She sits at his feet like a frightened dog. Guy of Gisborne strides up curving. EXT. battlements. Chilling cruelty in Manson-like eyes. I trust you justify your intrusion with news of profound value. His attention is riveted on a dark niche in the corner of the courtyard. fool. she covers up. Cliff-like INT. A long corridor leads to a guarded oak door.NIGHT Face like thunder. (CONTINUED) NOTTINGHAM . UNEARTHLY SOUNDS emanate from the blackness. stone steps. A forbidding fortress.NIGHT Marked contrast. NOTTINGHAM CASTLE . Seated. uncovers. SENTRY Sir Guy. CASTLE BATTLEMENTS .

monkey-like figure dances INTO VIEW. She rattles the platter. A wrinkled. NOTTINGHAM What do you see? MORTIANNA Change the seat of power. The girl flinches in horror. GISBORNE This whelp bested five of my men in the blink of an eye. wearing a necklace of human fingers. This girl could best him. a PIGLET. SQUEALING mass. she hisses out her incoherent visions. Blood spurts into an ornate. A knife flashes.25. sacred platter. GISBORNE (stunned) You brought her here? Quiet! The crone's fingers dart into a bag. NOTTINGHAM Your men were probably drunk. How? (CONTINUED) MORTIANNA NOTTINGHAM NOTTINGHAM .Runes. Emerge with a writhing. you survived. The sheriff pats Gisborne's hand like a child's.. He is a whelp. mouth frothing. Carved bone dice -. Mortianna shakes the contents of a pouch across the bloody dish. NOTTINGHAM Move the capitol to Nottingham? Excellent. if not for her incredible agility. CONTINUED: NOTTINGHAM Ha! The prodigal son returns. cousin? Yet Heavy scorn.. The rune symbols dance in trails of blood. A connoisseur. The voice from the darkness becomes a loud CHANT. You might think she was a hundred years old. Nottingham follows her every move. Eyes vacant. London? Change it. MORTIANNA.

intensity. CONTINUED: MORTIANNA Ally with royal blood. Gisborne. And victory? MORTIANNA Much blood will be spilled.26.a death's head symbol. What else do you see? Armies. MORTIANNA Who have you seen?! She shakes him. The dice spins and lands again. Lands -. NOTTINGHAM Put someone on the throne and rule through him? Who? MORTIANNA That is not revealed. The idea takes shape in Nottingham's mind. NOTTINGHAM Ally with royal blood. Again the grinning skull. Whose? CLOSE SHOT A dice splashes blood. Men and weaponry in great numgers. Whose? MORTIANNA Yours. Mortianna hammers the platter. (CONTINUED) The hag runs at NOTTINGHAM NOTTINGHAM NOTTINGHAM MORTIANNA Mounting . Screams spittle in his face. BACK TO SCENE The tray smashes to the ground.

. She whimpers. NOTTINGHAM Kill them both. Mortianna trembles like an epileptic. He continues to stroke her. A darkskinned foreigner. Gisborne is thunderstruck. GISBORNE Locksley has a companion. Exceedingly well. terror. Nottingham gently takes the girl's hand. who shrinks away. I swear it. CONTINUED: GISBORNE (freaked) No one. MORTIANNA (frantic) And the painted man! Kill him. I have seen no one. Prove to Locksley that your survival was his last mistake. (CONTINUED) . Mortianna. NOTTINGHAM You have done well. A painted man. You lie! MORTIANNA A man. MORTIANNA The painted man.27. Spins. Her trembling subsides.. No one shall harm you. Kill them! MORTIANNA Kill them! He Eyes wide with She throws herself at Nottingham for protection. caresses her. as if fearing invisible intruders. He had the marked skin of Islam. NOTTINGHAM Cousin. Mortianna reaches out bloodied fingers towards the young girl. NOTTINGHAM What is wrong? MORTIANNA I have seen my death. He haunts my dreams.

Father. there is great power. I should have been here at his side. my child. DUNCAN He loved you till the end.. CONTINUED: Draws it to his mouth. (looks to Aslan. He was right. GISBORNE It is madness bringing the hag here. Robin hammers a crude cross over a hillside grave. Mortianna grabs the terrified girl's wrist. Duncan and Aslan stand at his side. NOTTINGHAM Now.DAWN Red shards of sunlight slice through mist-shrouded trees. as if to kiss it. He called the Crusades a foolish quest. You have earned her.. Heads bowed. Gisborne will surely seek revenge. drawing blood. and bites down viciously. ROBIN Our last words in this world were spoken in anger.28. then back to the grave) Please forgive me. The girl screams. Mortianna's kisses will seem soft. said it was vanity to force other men to our religion. NOTTINGHAM Fear not for my sanity. LOCKSLEY CASTLE . He never gave up hope of your return. Guy. ROBIN I failed him. DUNCAN You must leave. (CONTINUED) ROBIN Drags her . head north to safety. Leave me. For in madness. (to Mortianna) Take her. like an angel's. EXT. young master. away.

But one man can achieve nothing against so many. Aslan watches from the shelter of trees. Robin stands drenched at the grave side. DUNCAN He still stands vigil? Like a rock. he would never have left. DUNCAN A curse on the Saracens! Were it not for their ungodly ways.. Leave me. Duncan heats a stale chunk of bread over the ashes of a small fire. no.29.LATER Pouring rain. friend. DUNCAN I do not recognize the style of your voice. He leads the old man away. ASLAN It surprises me that one who curses others so readily has lived so long. You would need an army. Duncan offers half the bread to the Saracen. CUT TO: GRAVE SIDE . CONTINUED: DUNCAN I know what you're thinking. friend.. DUNCAN What manner of name is Aslan then? ASLAN A fine Saracen name. Come. Are you Irish? A Cornishman? Er. This would never have happened. (CONTINUED) ASLAN ASLAN ASLAN ROBIN .

him. I will not rest until I have restored my father's name. Wait! Too late. yes. Rain and blood mingle. Duncan? A blind man. Or until I am dead. I have never witnessed a storm of such duration. and a fool. CONTINUED: Lord. Spitting bread.30. But eat in peace.. I take no offense. Why. FOREST PATH . The three men stomp through mud and ASLAN Aslan runs to ROBIN We make a fine army. do we not. Robin slashes the dagger across his palm. Streaming onto the grave. pray? (CONTINUED) ROBIN . ASLAN Then Allah truly is great. When does summer come to this land? ROBIN This is summer. an Arab.. no! He chokes in shock. wet army. ASLAN A fine. (a whisper) . rain. ROBIN I swear by my own blood. (glances at Robin) By the prophet! What is the man doing? Robin raises his dagger over his wrist. EXT.DAY Ooze sucks at feet. DUNCAN ASLAN Lord.

31. Open up! A pause. and weather that would curse the end of the earth. She slams the hatch again. ASLAN What is this place? ROBIN Peter's home. We will all quickly be dead. Aagh! He shouts through the hatch. An OLD WOMAN's OLD WOMAN ROBIN . Aslan. surrounding a thatched mansion. ROBIN You despair too soon. face. It is nearly seven years since we left here together. (CONTINUED) Robin jams in his hand. DUBOIS MANSION . ROBIN A hatch opens. The hatch slides back. and I shall be rid of my vow. over his bruised fingers.DAY Robin pounds on the door. They approach a stone wall. EXT. No beggars! The hatch slams shut. CONTINUED: ASLAN No food. no shelter. ROBIN Tell the mistress of the house that Robin of Locksley is at her door. Robin pounds again. OLD WOMAN Her ladyship is not at home. We shall find food and shelter here among friends.

She waits imperiously behind the locked door. But for now I am real enough. Who are you? Dim lighting. CREAKING FOOTSTEPS on the balcony. (CONTINUED) . The three start forward. DUBOIS MANSION . Robin. Maybe she isn't. The door opens a crack.. ASLAN The hospitality here is as warm as the weather. shivering. GIRL Robin is dead. Robin refuses. Robin reluctantly withdraws his hand. Wait here. They wait. You lie. OLD WOMAN Portraits of Her bony finger points at OLD WOMAN ROBIN I am Robin of Locksley. Instantly the hatch slams.. Remove that hand. CONTINUED: ROBIN Is the child Marian at home? OLD WOMAN Maybe she is. Just you.32. OLD WOMAN Leave your weapons. ancestors. He waits. Deer heads. Robin cannot make out who it is.DAY The hall. ROBIN I may meet my maker soon from lack of sustenance. INT. GIRL Boar heads.

. we are already well protected. ROBIN You know I am not one of them.. sin.ouch! (CONTINUED) . GIRL Thank you. CONTINUED: GIRL Step into the light. Now remove yourself from this household. am I to dance next? Who are you? GIRL I am the maid Marian. these are lawless times. Step forward.. A figure steps behind Robin. Marian! ROBIN . There are outlaws villainous enough to kidnap and ransom a relative of his. Besides. Marian.. child. I am sworn to protect you.. Turn around. Rotten teeth. ROBIN Allow that years of war and prison may change a man. Wait. Sticks a sword in his back.33. so I may see how you have changed.. GIRL (laughs) Protect me? Robin of Locksley was nothing but a spoiled bully. ROBIN Then show yourself. knew each other well. ROBIN By heaven. For we GIRL With the king away. Fat. She moves into the light. GIRL (turning away) As you can see. Ugly as ROBIN Er. the years have been kind.

horns get shorter. The front door CAVES IN.. Robin hurls the deer head at the mask. KITCHEN Liquid tumbles into a goblet.. smashes it into the wall. Slides across the floor. INSIDE Chunks of horn fly. The knife drops. drawing a dagger. a beautiful YOUNG WOMAN. Rips off an antlered deer head. The three men at a table (CONTINUED) ROBIN . The battle is over. Aslan stumbles through. Robin moves for it. Robin croaks through clenched teeth. Slams an elbow. just in time to see the woman's knee fly up into Robin's crotch. the door. Grabs the dagger hand. Robins faces the man -. Robin darts to the wall. with a metal fighting mask. CONTINUED: The sword is jabbed into his back.34. YOUNG WOMAN As she was saying. CUT TO: INT.. The figure gestures towards the door. ROBIN You are truly courageous against an unarmed man. Long hair tumbles down. we have no need of your protection. Robin parries and thrusts. Robin folds.clad in back. Robin sidesteps.. he charges. OUTSIDE The SOUND of the fight indoors. Robin retreats. Gaining advantage. The young woman stands over Robin. The sword drops. but the man intercepts. Marian. in the kitchen. The Aslan hurls himself at Left with just the nubs. Robin wrenches off the mask. It doesn't give. Defends himself as the attacker slashes at the horns.

DAY Rock-strewn hills. I found my father dead. Robin glares. MARIAN I will forward your condolences to my mother. MARIAN How do I know you didn't abandon him there to save your own skin. She turns her back. MARIAN Why would he wish me to be protected by the boy who burned my hair when I was a child? ROBIN We were together five terrible years in a Saracen prison. The Sheriff denounced him as a Druid and took our lands. who pretended to be Marian. Robin and Marian walk. ROBIN Marian. (CONTINUED) . Stunning. SARAH. Grazing sheep. DUBOIS MANSION . Aslan laughs. MARIAN The people fear the Druids so much they'd believe anything. who glances at Robin -"Help!" Marian arrives. She is shocked. I'm sorry. An impish grin. Flashes a lusty smile at Aslan. CONTINUED: The fat girl. Robin hands her Peter's ring. MARIAN I trust Lord Locksley has recovered from his indisposition. He searches for a way to reach her. ROBIN On my return. EXT. Nottingham would have me burned at the stake as a witch if he thought he could possess my property. Anger and anguish in her voice. serves. Sun peeking through clouds. In a gown.35.

36. CONTINUED: ROBIN Why do you not join your mother in London? You would be safer there. MARIAN I will not retreat. Besides, I have no interest in life at court. Gossip-mongering and currying favor. Here I am my own person. ROBIN The you must allow me to be your guardian. MARIAN I do not need a guardian. She turns to face him. Streaming tears.

MARIAN My brother is dead. You cannot take his place. Robin grabs and holds her. ROBIN Marian, I don't want to replace him. MARIAN What do you want? Their eyes meet... a sudden intimacy between them. Robin moves closer. Marian begins to respond, then pulls away. MARIAN This is wrong. She runs back to the house. Robin stares after her. Aslan appears in the doorway with Duncan. ASLAN Robin! The old man hears horses. Approaching fast. He runs to a bluff... a column of soldiers snakes up the hillside. ASLAN Twenty or more. In battle armor. MARIAN Soldiers coming here? your protection? Is this (CONTINUED)

37. CONTINUED: ROBIN I killed some of the Sheriff's men. I fear I have placed you in danger. MARIAN I can take care of myself. There are horses in the stable. Go! Aslan runs into the stables. ROBIN I'm not leaving. Marian ices him with a glare. Aslan reappears, with two bareback horses. Soldiers appear on the crest, led by Gisborne... With a mischievous grin, Marian runs to the soldiers. Stop them! horses! MARIAN They're stealing my

ROBIN Damn the girl! Aslan, can you ride? In answer, Aslan grins. Leaps onto a horse. With a single swift move he hoists Duncan up behind him and digs in his heels. The mare leaps forward, and over the estate wall. He can ride. He heads his horse at the wall. It stumbles. Barely clears it. Stones fly. Robin struggles to hold on. Marian stands directly in Gisborne's path. GISBORNE You have been sheltering outlaws, Lady Marian. MARIAN They're thieves, you imbecile. Bring back my horses, or the Sheriff will know of your cowardice. Gisborne knows she is lying. (CONTINUED) ROBIN

38. CONTINUED: GISBORNE You're lucky he didn't steal your virtue too. (to his men) A crown to the man who brings me Locksley's head. He leads the pursuit. Marian's hair. A SOLDIER hangs back. Grabs

SOLDIER A kiss for me, Saxon bitch. Kiss this! She unsheathes the dagger from under her skirt. the blade into his wrist. MARIAN Try me again, if you want to leave a hand behind. Shocked and pained, the man gallops away. Marian looks down at her dagger hand. It shakes violently. CUT TO: EXT. STREAM Water erupts under hooves. Aslan fords a stream. Duncan hangs on for dear life. Robin strives to keep up. Half a mile behind Gisborne splits up his men. Trying for a short cut, Robin finds himself at the steepest part of the river gorge. His horse balks at the drop. Robin flails at his mount with hands and feet. It backs away. ROBIN Damn you, animal! Aslan shouts from the far bank. ASLAN Treat it like a woman. Robin continues to hit his horse and hurl abuse. Closing in, the soldiers unfurl their crossbows. A flight of BOLTS WHISTLES ominously close to Robin. He must jump or die. ASLAN Have you never had a woman? Gently, man. Soothe it! (CONTINUED) Jabs MARIAN

Scramble up the other bank. cursing your name and squealing like a stuck pig. Robin launches the frightened animal into space. Robin enthusiastically pats the horse's neck. Easy. touch down. He pats the horse soothingly. I love you! The first two pursuers misjudge their leaps. Softly. That's a lie! (CONTINUED) ROBIN . ROBIN What is your pleasure. Gisborne? GISBORNE It was I who strung your father's corpse to the castle gate. I know! The animal edges forward. Hooves flail. ROBIN You survived one meeting. CONTINUED: ROBIN Of course I've had a woman! Come on. GISBORNE (yelling) Robin of the Hood! Son of the devil worshipper. My pleasure will be in doing the same to you. Another wave of crossbow bolts. ROBIN I know! Robin urges the horse at the steep ROBIN The soldiers reload. mounts land sprawling in the riverbed. Our next Their ROBIN GISBORNE Your father died a coward. will be your last.39. ASLAN With your knees. drop... easy. pretty one.

I'll lame this mare if I ask her to go any farther. Gisborne yells at his men to follow. curious. Robin pulls up and dismounts. Seeing no followers. realizes they are still in the distance.. It rears in fright. Robin watches. SCOPE POV The soldiers are close! BACK TO SCENE He reacts in shock. Robin regains control. A primitive telescope. he is losing his judgement. He gently extracts the shaft from his horse. Scatters them. CONTINUED: Incensed. Pulls out two shiny clear pebbles and a square leather hide. Open land turns to scrub. Rolls the pebbles into the tube and holds it to his eye. Robin puts the device to his eye. Robin and Aslan ride flat out. ASLAN (shouts) Come. Prepares to defend himself. BACK TO SCENE ASLAN Here they come. Aslan opens his pouch.40. SCOPE POV Through the scope we see the movement on the hill behind them. the men Gisborne split off. are climbing the embankment towards him. Robin! He is trying to anger you into a trap.. Six soldiers. Then (CONTINUED) . Rides right at them. Look. and takes off again. A shaft pierces the flank of Robin's horse. Robin clings on. ROBIN We have lost them.

or become ghosts ourselves. slowing as they enter the forest. He remounts.. ASLAN Arab science. CONTINUED: ROBIN Is this Arab magic? No. sir. ASLAN How did your uneducated kind ever take Jerusalem? God knows! Aslan laughs. Gisborne curses his men. He replaces the tube in his pouch. sword. Gisborne's men thunder up. trees.. Peering around them in trepidation. damn you! There are only three of them. urging them on. Eerie HOWLING and RATTLING of bones.. He wraps his scarf over his mouth. ROBIN Either we take our chances with the ghosts. They race into the trees. ROBIN They're not following. Aslan draws his DUNCAN Banshees. GISBORNE Come on. DUNCAN Sherwood is haunted. (CONTINUED) . SOLDIER It's not the men we fear. Master.41. they slowly rein in. They say they fly in your mouth and suck you dry of blood before you can scream. Robin points towards an endless expanse of ROBIN ROBIN We can lose them in the forest. Robin looks back.

Behind you! Aslan slashes out. Pulls out a string of hollowed wooden tubes -. No. Catapults him to the ground. The red-jacketed young turk. ROBIN Here are your ghosts. Unnerved. His laughter is broken by a piercing YELL. ROBIN Robin cracks up. A redjacketed figure swings down out of a tree on a rope. CONTINUED: Be quiet! ROBIN Listen. The bushes are instantly alive.WINDCHIMES. Duncan clings to his back. scythes and hayforks. there! Aslan flails. WILL SCARLET (singing) Ring around the rosie! Aslan! Aslan makes no move to intervene. Twelfthcentury Hell's Angels. A child's toy put to good use. armed with cudgels. You scare easily. wild-eyed men. WIND GUSTS the trees in angry waves. futilely. Shaggy. I can ASLAN Cease your mad laughing. ROBIN And there! Robin points. my painted Saladin. He blows over the hollow end. A low chilling MOAN.42. Duncan. Wheels at the sounds. ASLAN Allah protect us from the evil spirits. striking only air. (CONTINUED) ROBIN . Robin reaches into the branches. Dozens of such strings on all the trees. feel them. WILL SCARLET. Emits deathly SHRIEKS. Aslan smites around him with his scimitar. leaps around Robin. The HORSES WHINNEY.

We all fall down.) Yeah. The giant extends a vice that passes for a hand. Beg for mercy. JOHN LITTLE What are ya.. Tax? ROBIN For what? WILL SCARLET For passage through Sherwood. Bestman? JOHN LITTLE Bestman o' the ROBIN You lead this rabble? WILL SCARLET We waste time. mate... rich man.. Tax him.. Seven feet of grinning. Will kicks at Robin. who tries to grab him. ROBIN I will pay no tax. CONTINUED: The woodsmen eye the bizarre stranger. He pauses. woods. I mean up! A towering figure. His whole body shakes when he laughs. bollocks. which is often. Will skips out of range. Robin. you? ROBIN Robin Hood. Robin looks up.S. (CONTINUED) . checking the faces of the angry peasants... Atishoo. ROBIN I beg of no man. muscled brute. WILL SCARLET Atishoo. Robin falls. m'old cock? ROBIN Er. Who are John Little.43. Besides. His eyes twinkle with merriment.. Which of you scum has guts enough to face me man to man? VOICE (O. . Hauls Robin to his feet.Hood. I have nothing but my cloak and my sword. keeping their distance from him.

JOHN LITTLE Naw ya don't. I believe. laddie. JOHN LITTLE I'd love to. Robin draws his sword. WILL SCARLET You must be Robin of Locksley.44. JOHN LITTLE Sacred to us too. father! ROBIN This man is your father? Tell him how I saved your hide from the Sheriff's soldiers. He reaches for the medallion. Laughing heartily. John pulls it away. That deserves some gratitude. is either a fool or a liar. John snatches the medallion back from ROBIN That is sacred to me. (CONTINUED) . Little shakes him like a doll. This here'll feed us for a bloomin' month. The blackguard who abandoned us to Nottingham's plundering. A boy pushes his way through the throng. Little rips it from Robin's neck and tosses it to Scarlet. (he bites the metal) Ahah! Gold! The men cheer. mate. Something CLINKS. CONTINUED: WILL SCARLET A man who travels with two servants and claims he's without money. He grins hugely. Wait. ROBIN You will have to fight me for it. WULF I know him. Robin's father's medallion. mush. Will. WILL SCARLET And this one is a liar. Grabbing Robin.

my friend. Robin swings a fist into the giant's gut. DUNCAN I recognized some of the voices. He walloped six o' Sheriff's men? Is that so? Another grin. JOHN LITTLE And for the laughs. Cannonballs the other fist into Robin's stomach. Hoists Robin off the ground with one arm. (CONTINUED) ROBIN ROBIN JOHN LITTLE . John doesn't flinch. ASLAN Your avenging army. That rabble? ASLAN All they need is a leader. Glares furiously at Aslan. he lunges for Robin's wrist.45. Will administers one final kick before leaving. Many were from your father's farms. Wrenches the sword free. CONTINUED: WULF Be careful. He fights like a demon. Aslan! Aslan shrugs. Robin staggers to his feet. ASLAN You seemed more in danger of losing your pride than your life. Robin folds. Locksley. Licking his lips in anticipation. Bends it into a pretzel. Thanks for the taxes. WILL SCARLET Oh dear! The little rich boy is lost for words. They disappear into the tree. The woodsmen find this hysterical. Father. ROBIN Son of an Arab whore! Once again your assistance was invaluable.

help him. mate. FOREST CLEARING . A very large ASLAN Defeat him and they will follow you. (CONTINUED) . DUNCAN I hear the voice of a spoiled child. it will cost you a gold medallion. ROBIN Allah has taken your brains. No one crosses without paying tax. CUT TO: EXT. JOHN LITTLE Just bugger off. I suggest you cease your brave talk of revenge and flee to the north. Robin stands on the bridge. Master Robin. Stop in their tracks.46. brandishing a long wooden staff. JOHN LITTLE Ain't I hurt you a bloody nuff for one day? WILL SCARLET If he's in a hurry to end his mortal misery. ROBIN You. too? You expect me to fight that behemoth? DUNCAN Your father would expect you to act like a man.DAY A large tree trunk spans a swift-flowing river. ROBIN This is my bridge. huh? ROBIN If you wish to cross. one. CONTINUED: ROBIN They have a leader. The ragged band of woodsmen approach the makeshift bridge.

gets in some shots of his own. grinning. m'old cock. Their staffs lock. The spectators rush to the bank. Driven back. which Robin blocks deftly. The woodsmen cheer loudly. who grins like a fan at a boxing match. when Robin's staff splits in two. John waits. mate? WILL SCARLET Don't fool with him. JOHN LITTLE Swimmin' time again. John Little? Or should I call you 'Little John'? John grabs a hefty.. Disappears under the foaming water. Agility is beginning to prevail. John comes at him again. bridge. John waits. John chuckles with every swing. all blocked. It's strength against strength. (CONTINUED) . Aslan watches impassively. With one mighty thrust. John swings in a giant arc. Get him! John charges. No sign. John storms at Robin. Staffs thrash. John loses balance and falls to his knees. Wood splinters from the impact. The coup de grace. Robin teeters.. CONTINUED: ROBIN You don't have the courage to face me again. ol' chum. Lands heavily. Robin follows up.47. Back and forth. Robin glances back at Duncan and Aslan. JOHN LITTLE Lil' wet behind the ears. John responds with heavy swings. Brute force versus agility. Robin scrambles back onto the bridge. Robin fends him off. gnarled staff. Falls. Strides to the JOHN LITTLE Alright. The giant is off-balance. Robin is no match. Robin ducks. blow for blow. John hurtles him into the stream. Lands a couple to the ribs. Robin connects a blow on John's foot. Enjoying the time of his life. does not re-emerge. pummeling. Robin allows him time to right himself. You wanna nuther good wallopin'? His confidence melting.

A rabble. 'E were a brave 'un. JOHN LITTLE I'll be buggered. He hands Robin back the medallion.. JOHN LITTLE ROBIN He submerges again. John topples headfirst into the water. His hands clamp onto John's ankles. Help! JOHN LITTLE Cain't bloody swim. Surfaces in panic. The water only reaches his chest. Robin pulls his head above water. Robin heaves with all his might. JOHN LITTLE Robin Hood.NIGHT A BONFIRE CRACKLES. John passes Robin a jug. Chuckling loudly. (CONTINUED) . argue. ROBIN Now put your feet down. ROBIN Pay me the tax. Robin holds his head just above the surface.. then his feet hit bottom. SHERWOOD FOREST . he swoops Robin up in his arms and carries him to the bank. A tense pause while all wait for Little's reaction. EXT. ROBIN Do you yield? The terrified giant sputters. Do you yield? Yes! Good. John struggles. CONTINUED: JOHN LITTLE Bloomin' shame. Suddenly Robin arcs up out of the water.48. ya got balls o' solid rock. and fight. The woodsmen drink. flailing with arms and legs. Mead. eat. LITTLE JOHN Made it m'self. Goes under again.

ASLAN With regrets. Real honey. drink! 'Twill put hair on your bloomin' chest. John points to a short fellow with the build of a tree trunk. mate. Wulf. lad. but my faith prevents me from partaking in such enjoyments. I thank you. I owes ya m'life. John. LITTLE JOHN What is it. boy? Speak up! WULF I wanna thankee. LITTLE JOHN An Englishman's mead not bleedin' good enough for ya? ASLAN On the contrary. who drinks Wulf cautiously approaches Robin. LITTLE JOHN C'mon. LITTLE JOHN Your bloody loss. grins. Little John. John . heartily. The impact is instant. Wulf tries the brew. Lord Locksley. I am glad I chanced by in time to help. Sneezes royally. ROBIN You owe me nothing. He swigs. (CONTINUED) He turns LITTLE JOHN Dead bees. green and runs. He takes the jug back. I decline. His father cracks up. CONTINUED: ROBIN (drinks) A fine brew. he hands the contaminated jug to Aslan. Passes the jug on to Duncan.49. ROBIN Tell me about your men. spewing all over the brew. Oblivious. He spits black objects from his mouth.

Sire. you have the face and hands of a farmer. Hal strikes out angrily at his tormentors. Robin turns to the next man at the ROBIN Your name. CONTINUED: LITTLE JOHN This stumpy one 'ere's David o' Doncaster. he starts to pull down his pants. Bull. Proudly. ROBIN How do you come by the name. and I'd be glad to have you at my side in a fight. BULL 'Cuz I be so long. I wager you are a strong and honest man.50. ROBIN Hold! Hal. and crack up at Hal's embarrassment. but he stutters too badly to get out a comprehensible word. The next man who makes light of you will have to answer to me. Drunken laughter. Bull? BULL 'Cuz o' my size. No. There is murmuring around the group. friend? The man's bald pate blushes scarlet as he tries to respond. LITTLE JOHN That be Hal Brownwell. fireside. ROBIN Save it for the ladies. The others make hiccup and belching sounds. ROBIN How is it there are so many of you in hiding? (CONTINUED) . but the lads call i'm Hal Hiccup. ROBIN Because you are short? Nay. We calls 'im Bull. but no one elects to try it.

LITTLE JOHN We show as much as a toe outside the forest.51. ROBIN To lead you. my friend. I reckon. CONTINUED: LITTLE JOHN We're outlaws. ROBIN How do you fare? LITTLE JOHN We get by. ROBIN We must organize. Win by guile. ROBIN While the Sheriff steals your land and your families starve? LITTLE JOHN What in bloody blazes'd ya have us do? ROBIN Your ghosts will only keep his men at bay so long. Soon the Sheriff will hunt you down and hang you. Blasted Sheriff says we owes 'im taxes. You must fight back. to Will. LITTLE JOHN 'We'? Ya lookin' to join us. I doubt that in their hearts they believe him capable of such a horror. ROBIN There are many here who knew my father to be a kind and generous man. they'll slaughter us like bleedin' sheep. . matie? No. Robin turns (CONTINUED) 52. Murmurs of agreement from around the fire. Got prices on our 'eads. WILL SCARLET Ha! I would never be led by the son of a Druid. every man jack.

Pay 'im no 'eed. Will gets up.CONTINUED: ROBIN What is your name. Robin sits. LITTLE JOHN Ya're a daft bugger. cursing. Drink up. I am a rich man's son. EXT. mate. 'E's full o' piss and wind. brooding. Laughing loudly. The man's our guest. cuz tomorrow ya mayn't be so lucky! Tomorrow I shall best ya an' crack that blasted noble head in two. WOODSMEN'S CAMP . I. covered with rags and hides coughing and sneezing. (CONTINUED) . This 'ere load o' rubbish agin the Sheriff's bloomin' army? Ya must be bloody jokin'. laddie. ROBIN He is right to distrust me. he throws back his head for a long draught of mead. Locksley. I have done no honest labor. He wakes. LITTLE JOHN That there's Will Scarlet.SUNRISE A steady trickle of RAIN drips from leaves onto the nose of the sleeping Saracen. I'll give ya that. LITTLE JOHN Stuff a flippin' cork in it. We can win. But today I am as poor as any of you. became an outlaw. friend? WILL SCARLET Count me not a friend. And when I killed Gisborne's men. too. LITTLE JOHN Ya're full o'bloody wind an' all. Will. Nottingham has stolen all that I own. Angrily pushes his way out of the group. but ya're a brave 'un. ROBIN And I believe we will. Robin Hood. All around him the woodsmen lie on the forest floor. A sorry mess.

with the aid of his staff. ASLAN To build kennels? He sullenly stalks away. holding his head. ROAD TO NOTTINGHAM . Do they still give alms to the poor at the mass? DUNCAN They do. ROBIN Too much mead.DAY Robin taps his way through the crowd. CITY GATE . ROBIN Then I must ask you a favor. Seriously hung-over. The old man groans awake. A man's hand reaches into it and spreads it over his clothes. clothes ragged. EXT. And his face -. These days the need for mercy is greater than ever. who is asleep at his side. Robin shakes his head. you! Robin keeps going. Hey.Robin. CONTINUED: ASLAN (gloomily) I have led you wrong. dressed as Duncan. Spins GUARD What (CONTINUED) . These men live like dogs. old friend. Learn what? ROBIN They can learn. This is no army.53. He rouses Duncan.DAY Duncan walks alone. Body stooped. Aslan is right. A hand clasps his shoulder. EXT. Ahead is the main gate to the walled city of Nottingham. Fresh horse manure. ROBIN Good. I believe. him 'round. day is it? DUNCAN Sunday. English dogs. a pathetic figure. Past the piercing stare of the armored GUARD at the gate.

Yeech! GUARD Get away from me. sir. A magnificent stained glass window. Among them. the poor and afflicted. Standing crushed together. Help him to stamp out the curse of the dread Druids who would seize from us our children. The sermon ends. Begging hands reach out. BISHOP We beseech thy blessing. you stink! ROBIN Pardon my blindness. Robin hobbles away. bedecked in ermine. In the ornate pulpit. NOTTINGHAM CATHEDRAL . Grant him the wisdom to guide and protect our glorious city. Old and young.54. Robin. (CONTINUED) . INT. Starving children. but most especially on our noble Lord Nottingham. trying to look blind. GUARD My God. Lord. hiding a smile. sniffs his soiled hand. on all your people. BISHOP Grant him also the strength to bring to justice the lawless men who threaten its safety. Nottingham and Gisborne sit piously among the congregation of nobles and wealthy merchants. As the nobles file out. I'm The Guard He launches a kick in Robin's rear. the BISHOP OF HEREFORD. The rear of the church.DAY Jesus hangs from the cross. CONTINUED: GUARD Do I know you? Robin gazes into space. even as wolves steal the lambs from their mothers. The Guard tries to wipe off his hand on the wall. always falling down. the poor are galvanized.

2. For my baby. 5. ROBIN Under the Sheriff's law. (glances back at the Sheriff) Nottingham is mounting an army. MARIAN (recognizing him) This is dangerous. Etc. VARIOUS Alms! Have mercy. ROBIN Alms for a blind man. for mine. MARIAN He's put a price on your head. ROBIN So you care for my safety? MARIAN No. Marian passes some coins to the mother of a small child. CONTINUED: 1. ROBIN Is that all? I have not annoyed him enough.55. that's a badge of pride. How much? MARIAN A hundred gold pieces. The rich drop a few mites. ROBIN How do you know? (CONTINUED) ROBIN . I do not wish to be seen with an outlaw. 3. For one who cannot see your beauty. 4. fine sir. milady. Pity. sparking a mad scramble. Soon he will offer ten thousand. MARIAN For ten thousand I would turn you in myself. A hand grabs her wrist. Church officials roughly keep order.

Send for me as 'Robin Hood. my lady. he slips into the crowd as Nottingham arrives. Kisses it. but there's no limit to the man's ambitions. ROBIN Care to join me? With a grin. He raises her hand.' Robin! What? Take a bath.56. ROBIN What is he planning? MARIAN I don't know. CONTINUED: MARIAN He has rounded up every blacksmith in the county. as he did the girl's in the castle. ROBIN . NOTTINGHAM You have been meeting with young Robin of Locksley. (as she tries to hide her shock) My cousin tells me the knave deprived you of some horses. He has them holed up in the castle making swords and armor. (as Sheriff heads towards them) Go! ROBIN If you need me. (CONTINUED) MARIAN MARIAN Do something for me. I will be with the woodsmen. A most disagreeable experience. MARIAN (recovering) Yes. NOTTINGHAM You shine like the sun.

and I promise you he will be brought to justice. I will hang him from the walls with his own entrails. The Sheriff walks alone towards a side door. Lord Nottingham. Marian deflates with relief. (CONTINUED) . With a swift move. The Sheriff smiles sourly and takes his leave. When he does. He will return. the King has many enemies both abroad and at home. my dear Sheriff. my lord. my lord. he will wish to reward his faithful subjects. King Richard. I could give your needs my most personal attention. the beggar grabs the Sheriff in a headlock. NOTTINGHAM My dear. MARIAN I would like to see that. MARIAN Fear not. BEGGAR (Robin) Alms. My cousin. will be deeply moved to hear of your concern for my welfare. NOTTINGHAM Alas. MARIAN I thank you. a woman of your refinement is not safe living alone. Robin watches from a distance. Slides Nottingham's own dagger to his throat and drags him out of sight.57. but for now I prefer to stay in my family's ancestral home. If you would consent to bring your household within the city walls. Nottingham makes to shove the man aside. The Sheriff places his hand possessively on her shoulder. I fear for his safe return. For subjecting you to such treatment. CONTINUED: NOTTINGHAM I deeply regret it. from the heart. That gleam of insanity.

A YELL from across the church. I swear by God I shall visit on you threefold in return. Your avenging angel. ROBIN If I kill you. ROBIN Remember young Robin of Locksley. Gisborne has spotted them. (CONTINUED) NOTTINGHAM . you will hang. NOTTINGHAM If you kill me. NOTTINGHAM Why should I? ROBIN Because for every harm you do. As long as I live. Robin digs the knife a little deeper. CONTINUED: ROBIN A hundred crowns. and you will return his lands to me. I will hang happy. You Robin draws blood. Nottingham starts to struggle. You will renounce the charges against my father. A chance to right your wrongs. Sheriff? Meet Robin Hood. NOTTINGHAM I'm listening. Your nemesis. ROBIN I am here with a blade at your throat. Sheriff? insult me. A chance you do not deserve. Empty words. ROBIN From this day forward you will cease to tax my people.58. NOTTINGHAM What do you want? ROBIN I want to give you a chance. you will always know that I could be here again.

59. CONTINUED: Your answer? Never, fool. ROBIN Then it will begin.. Gisborne yells orders. the wall. Robin hurls Nottingham against NOTTINGHAM ROBIN

EXT. NOTTINGHAM CATHEDRAL - DAY Robin runs to the courtyard and leaps on the Sheriff's horse, which is held by a stunned groom. He rides through the busy marketplace. A crossbowman tracks him. A sure shot. Marian spots the danger. She fakes being tripped and stumbles into the bowman. His bolt flies harmlessly into the air. MARIAN (innocently) Please excuse my clumsiness. Robin charges for the city gate. As he passes, he kicks the guard who hasseled him into the wall. EXT. WOODSMEN'S CAMP - DAY Men gather around as Robin dismounts, admiring the horse. ROBIN A personal loan from the Sheriff. ASLAN (furious) You should not have left without me, Englishman. ROBIN How so? You have not raised a finger to protect me. ASLAN Before I had a choice. ROBIN It was my choice to do this alone. (CONTINUED)

60. CONTINUED: ASLAN A foolish risk. If you had been killed, I would be cursed for eternity for failing to fulfil my pledge. ROBIN Aslan, if I didn't know better, I would swear you were worried about me. EXT. NOTTINGHAM CATHEDRAL The Sheriff maniacally spits out orders to Gisborne. NOTTINGHAM Starve them out. Slaughter their livestock. I want to see Locksley's own people fighting each other to bring him to us. GISBORNE I swear he will not live to see the next full moon. EXT. HAMLET - DAY A SQUEALING HOG is loaded onto a wagon. SOLDIERS round up the livestock. An old FARMER protests. FARMER Go' bless ya, sir. Leave us the sow. She's with young 'uns. The next litter'll feed us through the winter. SOLDIER You've heard of Robin Hood? Yes, sir. The Soldier brutally kicks the old man to the ground. SOLDIER Then pray he is brought to us before winter. EXT. WOODSMEN'S CAMP - DAY A trail of refugees. Women and children carry their belongings into camp. (CONTINUED) FARMER

61. CONTINUED: Wulf runs to greet his mother and siblings. of woodsmen confronts Robin. WILL SCARLET You brought this misery on us, Locksley. We can barely feed ourselves. LITTLE JOHN Sheriff hasn't left us a bloody pot to piss in. ROBIN Then we shall take from him and his rich friends. This provokes a barrage of protests. The men are angry. A contingent

WILL SCARLET Brave talk, Locksley. I say we take the rich boy in. Murmurs of general agreement. ROBIN Will, do you think the Sheriff will give everything back after I am gone? WILL SCARLET He will give us the reward, and our pardons. ROBIN Alright, Will. You can take me in on one condition. You must fight me. You may use the Sheriff's horse and arm yourself as you please. I will fight on foot. Unarmed. Unarmed? ROBIN If you lose, you will accept me as your leader. If you win, you may take me in. Dead or alive. WILL SCARLET Dead, Locksley. CUT TO: WILL SCARLET

your back. His sword slashes. Will wheels his horse. Secretly grabs a handful of sand. Little John and his wife. WOODSMEN'S CAMP . Guard ROBIN I am grateful for your concern. Woodsmen form a primitive circle of spectators. Will confidently jokes with his cronies. He DUNCAN And you have given him the means. Loses his sword. Robin leaps to his feet and yells at the top of his lungs. to trample him. Yells at Will. the HORSE rears. The men cheer like a big fight crowd. Fanny. blinded. Will struggles to stay in the saddle. Robin falls to his knees. keep to themselves. Robin rolls aside. friends. still blinded. but I have to prove to them it is possible to overcome unequal odds. (shouts) I am ready. Robin scrambles away. Robin seizes the moment and runs to a water trough. as if checking the horse's legs. ASLAN This man has true purpose.DAY (LATER) Hands tighten a girth. Will rides right at him. he grabs Will's arm. (CONTINUED) . Swings into the saddle and digs in his heels. Will bends. WHINNYING wildly. Will flings the sand in Robin's eyes. WULF Will is ruthless. Aslan and Duncan.62. Robin clutches his hands to his face. while Wulf openly talks with Robin. Robin's POV is blurred. Will. Closing in. EXT. Reacting to the sound. Ducking the blade. Panicked. A blow glances off his shoulder. his muscled skin ravaged with scars. Robin. means to kill you. Will spins back to the attack. Robin is stripped to the waist. Douses his face. A flashing hoof grazes Robin's chest.

Robin stands his ground. Suddenly. you little piss pot. Robin ducks right under the horse's belly. Jus' bugger off. ROBIN Thank the Lord you are not endowed like Bull. more and more frustrated. Robin lets go. A strong hand grasps Will's arm as he is about to strike. The point quivers in the ground below Will's crotch. CONTINUED: ROBIN Come on. Will flies backwards off his mount. (CONTINUED) . Laughter spreads. Will is incensed. Robin sidesteps. Now let's hear what ya got to bleedin' say. LITTLE JOHN Bollocks. Robin strikes. Do your worst! Will grabs a spear from a bystander. Will. he clowns a tug of war. The crowd is convulsed with laughter. Will wriggles in terror. The crowd falls silent. Robin ducks and weaves. Will! Will! ROBIN You aim like a girl. Enraged. Unbalanced. Will.63. skulks away. ROBIN The horse is smarter than you are. Will strains and tries to kick Robin away. Robin Hood. who grabs a heavy staff and runs at him. Does not see Will. eh? Overpowered. easily evading Will's repeated charges. Will lunges. as Robin plays hide and seek around the horse's legs. Some of the men laugh. Robin snatches the spear and raises it over his fallen adversary. Here. Grabbing the end of the spear. his pants rip open. With a defiant glance. Impaled. Will relents. he LITTLE JOHN Ya got us by the short and curlies. Will stabs wildly. Robin catches his breath.

DISSOLVE TO: EXT. gold. How many? Two wagons. . a cart loaded with a tax wagon. ASLAN Here they come. and wheels.DAY Autumn. He grabs the telescope. orange. He has their attention. and red. LITTLE JOHN 'Ow in bloody blazes are we gonna do that? ROBIN We are going to tax him. 'ow many? (CONTINUED) BULL mounted soldiers. The forest is a mosaic of green. ROBIN ROBIN They usually have five. where a ragged group of woodsmen lies nervously in ambush. CONTINUED: Robin scans the faces. SCOPE POV A phalanx of barrels. ROBIN Nottingham has taken from us everything we own. Bull calls up from below. The wagon is an armored box on crossbow slits in the side. Now we are going to start taking from him. with commands the BACK TO SCENE ROBIN This is no ordinary convoy. his telescope raised. FOREST ROAD . A giant eye in a circle of glass. Guy of Gisborne escort. Twenty? ASLAN Twenty escort.64. Aslan.

They ride in single file. The beer cart is steered by a fat red-faced FRIAR. beating their way through the tangled branches. steering the wagon off the road. Kick down the two drivers and take the reins. More woodsmen break from cover. sending the Friar hurtling back among the barrels. trying to discern the enemy. Another camouflage screen is lifted into place. The others spin in confusion. Momentum carries many of them over the cliff. The soldiers slash wildly at the thick screens. (then. raising a giant screen in the soldiers' path. The woodsmen run into the trees. The horses swerve. four woodsmen reload their longbows. BACK ON ROADWAY Robin and Aslan swing down from the trees onto the tax wagon. raucously singing hymns and quaffing from a jug. as other men haul on ropes. John whips the horse. A soldier is hit. Together they run down the hill. Little John leaps onto the beer cart. Run down a narrow path. The archers inside are unable to fire at them. about ten. The runners dive into the trees. CONTINUED: ROBIN Er. the runners leap into a trench. Gisborne eyes the forest. Dressed in green. The Friar slams his head and drops unconscious. More arrows fly. At the forest edge. which he repeatedly dips into one of the barrels. More soldiers fall. (CONTINUED) ROBIN . to Aslan) Why scare them? They can't count anyway. ARROWS WHISTLE in. ASLAN And they call me the barbarian. their faces camouflaged. covering their route. driving the cart after Robin. The Friar yells and drops his jug. Lift up matted screens of brush and grass. keeping low. Let's go.65. The mounted soldiers charge them. It's as if they disappeared. on the edge of a twenty-foot drop to the river gorge. Gisborne urges his men to pursue. As the horsemen close in.

Searching and cursing.DAY Robin climbs onto the tax wagon's roof. Drowning rats. The woodsmen press around. longbows aimed directly at them. Both banks are men in green. who steers the tax wagon into the river. I give you my word you shall go free. I feared as much. a swordblade jabs up through the roof. panic.66. near his feet. The lock snaps. The trunk is filled to the brim with glittering gold coins. The Friar is at the bottom of a struggling heap of bodies. ROBIN This treasure had a purpose. Get off him. LITTLE JOHN (awestruck) I'll be buggered. Water floods in through the slits. ROBIN Surrender your weapons. He signals to Aslan.. EXT. The Friar clambers to his feet. FOREST CLEARING . Little John pries open the lid. In answer. CUT TO: COUNTRYSIDE Sparks. ROBIN He's a man of the Robin drags the men off. ROBIN Ah. from inside. He rides frantically back and forth. Inside. An axe pounds into the lock of a strongbox. (CONTINUED) . Cheers of celebration. Reacts in astonishment. CONTINUED: Gisborne races back to the road. We Angry shouts He turns at the sound of a brawl from the Friar's cart. cloth. must find out what. What they see stops them dead. the wagons are gone.. The bowmen scramble out. Around him are strewn battered and winded woodsmen.

FRIAR Lord bless me. This sparks a chorus of comments. if you wish them to share in the good Lord's brew. Aye. FRIAR Well. ROBIN Surely the Lord has the charity to spare a few barrels to good Christian men. tax him. loosening his grip on the reins.. sir. These sinners were attempting to steal these libations destined for the monks of St. Smites Robin with it. are these your men? I had mistook them for common thieves. sir. Catherine's. He indicates his cargo of barrels. (CONTINUED) BULL . Reverend Friar. ROBIN (grabbing the bridle) A moment. the Friar mounts the cart. he pulls out a club. CONTINUED: FRIAR The Lord's blessing on you. I must hasten on. ROBIN My men are thirsty and have much to celebrate. Ignoring him. but duty beckons. You travel with poor company when you travel with Nottingham's soldiers. FRIAR A thousand pardons.67. that many of the libations have found their way into your own esteemed person. Kindly step aside. sir.. Casually reaching under the seat. kind sir. The Friar relents. my reverend friend. ROBIN It appears to me.

ROBIN Yield yourself! He dives onto the Friar and hammers his head into the ground. Dazed. slowly raises his head from the grass and ambles forward. knocking Robin's legs out from under him. Robin can barely breathe. CONTINUED: FRIAR . knave. FRIAR Confess that Friar Tuck is a better. Robin staggers. Desperate. Tuck howls. Gets a holy sandal full in the face. Lord. grabs for a weapon. FRIAR Protect me. Never! ROBIN Whoomf! FRIAR Yield to Friar FRIAR FRIAR Yield. Smashes the Friar's head with his drinking jug. Hurls his full body weight on top of him.68. ROBIN You leave when I say. (CONTINUED) . Giddyup. as obese as his driver.. I say! Tuck. Whooomf! Yield! He bounces on Robin's stomach. The Friar whips up the horse. holier.. The woodsmen are enjoying the spectacle. He sweeps his foot. Robin extricates himself. Scrambling to his feet. Robin grabs for the fat man's leg. Robin bites the Friar's leg. Robin runs after them and dives at the Friar. nag! The Friar's horse. and braver man than thou art. toppling him from the cart. you must best me for it. the Friar glances skyward.

Robin eases off. Friar. grunting with strain. FRIAR I'd rather roast in hell. Tuck? are the meek of the earth. He folds his hands in a moment of prayer. to minister to these men and their families. He flicks the reins. ROBIN Well. The little hamlet of half-built huts. hungry faces.69. for teaching me humility. CONTINUED: ROBIN Yield to Robin Hood. CUT TO: FRIAR TUCK strapped into the traces. The Friar checks out his flock. What do you say? The Friar struggles to his feet. He reviews the motley faces of his potential flock. (CONTINUED) . ROBIN What do you say now. I accept. A woman curtsies. Friar Tuck. ROBIN Giddyup. FRIAR The Lord moves in mysterious ways. He punches Robin in the gut. His eyes light on the grinning Saracen. Jeer the roped soldier-prisoners. steering the cart into camp. Sweating profusely. children touch his robe in wonder. Tuck holds up a hand in surrender. Lord. FRIAR (feeling his head) Thank you. Here Tuck surveys the hopeful. Women and children rush to greet their men. We have need of an honest man of God. pulls the beer cart. another crosses herself. His horse contentedly follows.

70. LITTLE JOHN Cain't get a bleedin' squeak outa 'em. Tuck's barrels supply the refreshment. ROBIN Buy yourself a new son. but you may. Stephen. CUT TO: EXT. ROBIN (reasonable) I believe you. LITTLE JOHN Reckon the Cap'n knows summat. Robin and Aslan pass out coins to each family. FARMER Thankee. Rob. ASLAN Perhaps it is time for some heathen persuasion. Deer carcasses roast. he's got it into his barbarian brain that you know a whole lot more than nothing. John indicates the two prisoners roped to a nearby tree. Rob. Robin. but stubborn ol' cocker 'e is. CAPTAIN Spare your breath. BULL They'd be spittin' it out good if they'd knowed anythin'. But this Arab here. Little John and Bull approach. CUT TO: CAPTAIN OF SOLDIERS stares up at Robin defiantly. WOODSMEN'S CAMP A blazing fire. CONTINUED: ROBIN You will not regret it. FRIAR Aye. I know nothing. (MORE) (CONTINUED) .

. He hasn't eaten in weeks. Robin tries to restrain Aslan. who definitely has more flesh on the bone. CONTINUED: ROBIN (CONT'D) And when he gets like this.71. brandishing his scimitar. Little John runs over. CAPTAIN For Godsakes. (CONTINUED) ROBIN . John. Aslan leaps INTO VIEW. Stripped to the waist. yes. Aslan explores the Captain's body with his hands. if they will not tell what they know.. more meat. Drags him to his feet. . Fatter. get him off me! ROBIN (very deliberately) No. not this one. ROBIN I cannot stop him. is hurled aside. Robin. The other soldier.... CAPTAIN (rising terror) What does he want? You. The Captain tries to back away. Aslan. ROBIN I strongly advise you to talk. A butcher checking meat. is struck dumb with horror. LITTLE JOHN Kill 'em aye. LITTLE JOHN (urgent) No. Aslan. Blood-curdling SCREAMS from behind the wagon where Aslan has dragged his victim. no! They be God-fearin' men. Then silence.. Besides. but not like this. With one swing of his sword. How about this other one?. With a hair-raising war cry. then they must pay the price. Snarling. as Aslan turns his attention to him. drooling at the mouth.. Aslan slices through the man's ropes. 'Tain't Christian. The Captain's face pales.. he's very hard to reason with.

72. INT. Turning to Robin. LITTLE JOHN Gonna laugh my bloody balls off.NIGHT The walls shake with Little John's laughter. Blood drips from his lips. trained to kill from birth. CAPTAIN What does he say? ROBIN Well. CAPTAIN No. Just keep him away. CONTINUED: The demented Arab slowly reappears. WOODSMAN'S HUT . Aslan shouts in Arabic and gesticulates wildly at the Captain. God. Keep him away! BEHIND WAGON Bull holds the other prisoner. except that he's missing a glove... muffling the man's mouth and trying to suppress his own laughter. didn't 'e? ROBIN Thanks to our cannibal friend. on the end of which is the soldier's glove. (CONTINUED) . the man's arm. Beside them lies a large chunk of venison. Aslan repeats his wildman act. he says that he doesn't care for the way your friend tastes. The man is unharmed. The Celts are savage tribesmen. and he wants you. LITTLE JOHN Sure changed the color of 'is britches. munching on a chunk of venison. He munches the flesh from a long bone. BULL Why'd the Sheriff be sendin' gold north o' the border? ROBIN To hire mercenaries. roughly. no! I'll talk.

disappeared. Sweat. Paying no heed. the Romans built a bleedin' great wall to keep 'em out. we can assume he is planning a little war. (CONTINUED) ASLAN LITTLE JOHN . cousin. Agin' who? England.. And the gold? GISBORNE Well. NOTTINGHAM Yet again you are the sole survivor. Any losses? GISBORNE All the men are gone.. His eyes glint with the reflections of the smithy's fires. INT. it er. In Sherwood Forest. So much stronger than our native blades. cousin? Interesting.NIGHT Sparks.73. NOTTINGHAM Spanish steel. The Sheriff inspects his weapon factory. Smoke. CONTINUED: LITTLE JOHN Aye. A DOOR CRASHES open behind him. BULL What does 'e want wi 'em? ROBIN Since he also has every Smith in the country working in his castle. It's blade whitehot. FOOTSTEPS. GISBORNE We were ambushed. he draws a sword from a furnace. CASTLE ARMORY . Nottingham tests the sword against an anvil.

He places a hand reassuringly on his cousin's shoulder.74. (turning to the horrified smithy) It is indeed fine steel. passes it to an old villager. clothing to the villagers. VILLAGER An' Go' bless Robin 'Ood. We cannot allow this outlaw to make fools of us. we must be strong. NOTTINGHAM And I cannot allow a lieutenant to fail me. FRIAR God bless you. Robin Hood? GISBORNE They were woodsmen. VILLAGE . chickens. Their weapons are prominently displayed. Without warning. FRIAR Ah.DAY A small procession. Wulf and Hal pass out flour. friar. the good Lord giveth and the good Lord taketh away. EXT. Robin Hood. blankets. Both vehicles laden with supplies. Tuck swigs from a jar. dressed in green. CONTINUED: The Sheriff looks at Gisborne for the first time. Tuck drives his cart. They says as 'ow none o' the Sheriff's cronies dare go within miles o' Sherwood for fear o' havin' their pockets pinched. NOTTINGHAM Cousin. sir. OLD WOMAN Unless Robin Hood takes it first! (CONTINUED) NOTTINGHAM NOTTINGHAM . Bull the tax wagon. he drives the blade into Gisborne's belly.

The procession passes two of the Sheriff's mounted soldiers... He attempts to hide. MARIAN You send men to drag me from my home in the middle of the night.. Bursts. FRIAR Good morrow. HOOFBEATS. As you wish. MARIAN I will decide when my propriety is compromised.. let me finish this bath you wished me to take. Bull and Hal. as Robin dives in naked. er. Then I'll explain. MARIAN I demand an explanation right now! ROBIN If you will be patient. brothers. Lady Marian. Marian jumps down. CONTINUED: Laughter.. (CONTINUED) ROBIN .. In response.DAY Water.75. MARIAN (to Robin) How dare you! ROBIN Good morning. FOREST POOL . They glumly watch as Tuck raises his jug in greeting. sparkling with sunlight. too late.. she starts pelting him with stones. like some slave girl? Is this the way the famous Robin Hood treats a lady? ROBIN Ah well.. Four horses emerge from the trees. I could spare your propriety by. EXT. Bull has a black eye. He luxuriates in the cool water. with Marian and her servant Sarah sandwiched between them.

We rob Nottingham and give back to the poor. splitting it in two. kids playing. mates. Marian is speechless. LITTLE JOHN Take a gander at this 'un. Robin leads her into a hut. MARIAN How dare you expose yourself to me?! She slugs him.. others working on defenses. the beginnings of a village -.purses. Little John slaps Wulf on the back and beckons everyone over. fancy coats and. Marian is impressed. She casts a contemptuous look over his muscled body. CONTINUED: He wades bare-ass naked out of the water towards her. EXT. but not about to admit it. Robin stumbles backwards into the water.. Bull throws back the lid.. (CONTINUED) . BULL The big 'un did the same to me. Wulf takes aim. jewelry. men practicing archery and swordplay. LITTLE JOHN (to Wulf) Right m'lad. ROBIN Nottingham robs the poor.DAY An arrow flies into a bull's-eye. weaponry. At Robin's nod. Bull grins. camouflaging a giant pit.. the treasure chest. Let's see how close you can git to that bugger. Inside is a trove of captured loot -. Little John lowers his crossbow. glistening with water. gesturing to Sarah and pointing to his own black eye. MARIAN This better be damned important.women doing laundry. Never seen nuthin' like it in my bloomin' life. crudely marked on a tree. WOODSMEN'S CAMP . delighted at his shot. His arrow slices clear through his father's arrow.76. Robin leads Marian through the camp.

ROBIN Somebody has to take a stand. These young ones. (CONTINUED) . is he? While he is away. holding a bouquet of wild flowers. She checks the faces. We need to warn King Richard. A beat. CONTINUED: MARIAN Do you think he's going to let you get away with all this? The man is without mercy. You can get word to him. MARIAN Nottingham would not dare challenge the King. He would believe you. MARIAN Now you want me to participate in your folly? A little girl approaches. he may lose his country.77. Touched. Marian kneels to accept the offering. ready to go. Her eyes meet Robin's. MARIAN You're taking a stand with the lives of these people. He will annihilate you. Is there a hint of concern for him also? MARIAN What do you want from me? ROBIN Nottingham was sending this gold to buy reinforcements from the Celtic tribesmen. CUT TO: BOUQUET protrudes from Marian's saddle. She is mounted. (Marian masks her concern) You are Richard's cousin. ROBIN The King is not in England to be challenged. Sarah giggles as she takes her leave of Bull.

INT. There is no one to whom I would rather entrust your safety. my Lord. my dear lady. you are most welcome. INT. Give him some warm food and a real bed. she rides away. but he may be useful to you. Marian seals . a letter.DAY The letter is held in the pudgy. but one of vital importance. BISHOP I understand. MARIAN Duncan. CONTINUED: ROBIN (to Marian) I am sending Duncan with you. A lavish office.78. He hands the letter to a solemn courier. MARIAN It is a personal matter. Robin laughs and speaks to Marian in a stage whisper. I grow tired of his bellyaching. BISHOP'S CASTLE . ROBIN (calls after her) Will you send word to the King? MARIAN I'll think about it.DAY A globule of red liquid. (CONTINUED) A signet ring. DUNCAN Hah! I have endured more hardship in my lifetime than any man here. ROBIN Don't tell him I told you. DUBOIS MANSION . This is my most trusted emissary. jeweled fingers of the Bishop of Hereford. Taking the lead rein from Duncan's horse.

Surprised. Wulf runs up to Little John in panic. MARIAN I appreciate your concern. my Lord. WOODSMEN'S CAMP . BISHOP (a beat) As you wish. The courier bows in acknowledgement. the courier glances at the Bishop. they shoot warning arrows. fire by night. Robin uses a stick in the ROBIN We have to be ready to move camp at any time. The only way we can be attacked is from the Nottingham Road. Marian indicates MARIAN My lady-in-waiting will accompany you. and him alone. but Sarah is an accomplished rider. You must give this directly into the hands of the King. We hide lookouts in the trees.79. Father! dying. Whistles by day. EXT. dirt. here and here. BISHOP My dear. I could not vouch for her safety. CONTINUED: MARIAN You will travel to France immediately. Sarah. I must insist that she goes along.DAY An informal council of war. Mother's . WULF Come quick. If they see soldiers. The journey is fraught with danger.

Fanny's chest is covered with black squirming creatures. continuing his work. Tuck jumps at him. John kneels beside her. Fanny screams. (CONTINUED) . both the Bible and the Koran instruct us to preserve life. FANNY 'S not like t'others. Whips back the blanket. it pains me so. with Robin. Tuck raises an arm to strike Aslan. looks up from Fanny's side. to Tuck) Ya're sittin' thar like a fat sow. man. Tuck Hush. He is the devil's seed. John is paralyzed with confusion. taking her head. leeches! He starts to pull the parasites off. ASLAN By Allah. she and the child will die. Robin blocks the blow. m'lass. LITTLE JOHN (angrily. LITTLE JOHN Ya'll be fine. ASLAN Blood is like air. God.DAY Fanny Little writhes in agony. ASLAN Fool.80. FRIAR Get away from her! Aslan pushes him away. Tuck appeals to Robin. Aslan gently touches the mother's stomach. FRIAR He lies. sent to lead us astray. Help her. INT. WOODSMEN'S HUT . Aslan appears in the doorway. John. Oh John rushes in. FRIAR The child comes early. help her! FRIAR I am doing all I can. If she loses blood.

LITTLE JOHN ASLAN Bring me a needle. She nods. I can help her. FRIAR Do not listen to him! kill her. you damned savage? ASLAN (to John) If you will allow me. All business. I suggest you let the Arab try. thread. too. And the child. Aslan speaks to Wulf. advice.81. she will certainly die. a skinning knife. FRIAR Then it will be on your head. (as John is undecided) If I am wrong. So be it. then returns to Aslan's side. (CONTINUED) . FRIAR What do you know. He storms out. Wulf runs to obey. and they die. water. pleading for ROBIN The good Friar has done all he can. He will ASLAN If you do not listen to me. Fanny cries out. and burning ashes. It cannot be born without help. then you may take my life. They whisper. CONTINUED: ASLAN (soothing) Your baby has not turned. I have warned you. It will not be without danger. John looks horrified. John's eyes meet his wife's. John looks to Robin. Robin eases him outside.

MUFFLED GROANS.... Is she gone? (CONTINUED) ROBIN Wulf restrains him. CONTINUED: ROBIN What are you going to do? ASLAN The child must be taken out by the knife. ROBIN ASLAN (to Fanny) Are you ready?.. The knife? ASLAN I have seen it many times with horses. not good..82. ROBIN Horses? By the Lord. He lifts the red-hot knife from the ashes. what are her chances? ASLAN After wasting so much blood. hold her steady. the barbarian is killing her. INSIDE The mother heaves. hover and wait. OUTSIDE Little John paces. FRIAR I tell you. Robin. From inside. Aslan holds up a piece of wood. then drops.. Families . Wulf comes out of the hut. ROBIN Now you tell me! Wulf runs back in. Bite down on this. John moves to the hut.

. Tuck sits miserably to one side. Robin.. He picks up the needle and thread. drawing his knife. behind Aslan. He faints. Raises his blade. my lady. Aslan slices his own wrist. Tuck jumps to his feet.. FRIAR I would be honored. Aslan appears at the hut door. The two wrists clasp together in the universal sign of brotherhood.83. hold her skin together while I sew her up. FRIAR You are a good man. Everyone cheers. the woman's abdomen. ROBIN What did you say? Aslan holds up a bloody struggling infant. Robin appears. breast. a WAIL! Aslan mutters something in awed Arabic.. Tense silence. He hands Aslan the knife and extends his bloodied wrist. Tuck stares at Aslan.. Watches.. Bloody and exhausted. Aslan places the child on her ASLAN ASLAN Your son. CONTINUED: Aslan ignores him. holding his newborn child high for all to see. Heads turn. unsteadily.. Robin cannot watch. FRIAR This day God has taught me a fine lesson. my barbarian friend. ready to intervene. (MORE) (CONTINUED) .. Robin's eyes turn to CUT TO: LITTLE JOHN marches among the cheering families. and slices down across his own wrist. It is a boy. The mother revives. keeps working over Fanny's body.

Marian is alone.MARIAN'S CHAMBER .NIGHT Marian enters stealthily. Sarah and the courier. A sudden gust extinguishes her candle. Sarah draws alongside. she calls out. is grabbed from behind. unconscious.KITCHEN .NIGHT Flickering candlelight. HAMMERING and SHOUTING from a distant part of the house. A candle in one hand.DAY Hooves fly along a track. Nicodemus. She sighs with relief. courier reins in. Sarah leans down to look and the courier cudgels her across the neck. MARIAN Off. Go find mice. reading. Who is there? MARIAN Duncan! The INT. COUNTRY ROAD .... A (CONTINUED) .84. looking for scraps on the kitchen table... INT. CONTINUED: FRIAR (CONT'D) We shall open a barrel together and I shall do my damndest to save your heathen soul. She falls from the saddle. A cat. ASLAN Alas. DUBOIS MANSION . She shoos him down. DUBOIS MANSION . Something leaps at her!. I merely combined the ingredients. brother. Do you dare to insult his works? EXT. SARAH What is wrong? COURIER My horse seems to be favoring a foreleg. FRIAR Our God made this brew.. masked SOLDIER. I am not permitted. a drawn dagger in the other. Unnerved.

too many.. She reaches for her dagger. . CONTINUED: SOLDIER We meet again. intersected by brown roads and tracks. We are LOOKING AT a detailed scale model of Sherwood Forest in. she raises a hand to loosen the string on her dress. grabs a pepper bowl. Resignedly.the man who attacked her earlier. Duncan is shoved through the door...85. FOOTSTEPS. With the other hand she reaches behind her. There were She stares at the invaders with studied calm. Lays his blade against her chest. gentlemen? I remember no masked ball on my calendar. drives the point clean through his chest. MARIAN Is there something you need... OVER an expanse of green. he grabs his face. He reveals a large scar on his wrist -. Screaming. He slashes with his sword. dragging the servants.removes his mask -. my lady. masked soldiers converge from both sides of the house. DUNCAN I am sorry. CUT TO: AERIAL SHOT FLYING LOW OVER treetops. or I will do it for you.... wench. She backs to the fireplace. SOLDIER You owe me favors.. She drops the sword. grabs a spit of roasted chickens. SOLDIER Drop your blade. He prods her with his sword. MARIAN You are still overmatched. soldier. Bare your breasts. He hurls her against the table. Flips the contents into his face.. He stares in shock at his own blood pouring from the cooked fowls pinned to his breast.

Nottingham toys with a white rat on his arm. Deep tribal scars on his cheeks. He slowly raises the visor. These are the men who revealed their faces to Lord Locksley in the Druid ceremony. INT. GREYBEARD BARON It is impossible to attack him in the forest. NOTTINGHAM How can we control all England if we cannot control our own county? The people are turning him into a hero. He is cunning. It is a mistake to ally ourselves with foreigners. NOTTINGHAM Welcome. His helmet is the head of a dragon. Sounds of COMMOTION outside. We have tried everything. He is no threat. Framed in the doorway is a colossus in black armor. Then we must be be able warning NOTTINGHAM will be more cunning. CELTIC CHIEFTAIN I want the heads of the men who stole my gold. REDHEAD BARON My Lord Nottingham. The door swings open. CASTLE CHAMBER .86. I must protest. Implacable ferocity in his eyes. We may not to intercept his next to the King.NIGHT The Sheriff and SIX BARONS are gathered around the model. sir. We were discussing how to rid ourselves of those very men. The outlaws who band with Robin Hood. REDHEAD BARON Forget about Locksley. I rid of him. GREYBEARD BARON What can these Celts do that we cannot? (CONTINUED) .

FRIAR Come. Grabs a burning log. A toast to all of Jehovah's children. An awed silence. Aslan sways and topples at the Friar's feet. We must bring him out and destroy him.. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. (CONTINUED) Refills it. He resists all our assaults with traps and devices. the Friar follows. The Baron backs away in fear. and again. then calmly touches the log to the model. The trees ignite. Robin and the others watch in amusement..NIGHT The campfire. again. you son of Saladin. .. ASLAN Come. NOTTINGHAM This rat Hood has hidden out in the forest. while he robs us blind. The log spits sparks as the Chieftain raises it above his head. The Sheriff watches the flames. A toast to all of Allah's children. mimicking him. Equally drunk. The saved and the damned. Aslan shrieks a war cry.87. The true believers and the fat infidels. He stares unblinking at the Baron.. delighted with the demonstration.. swigging from a jug. The Chieftain watches impassively. Tuck looks at Robin.. WOODSMEN'S CAMP . holding the log to his hand for a full three seconds. He downs the entire jug in one long draught. CONTINUED: The Chieftain strides across to the fire. The Chieftain cuts off its escape. Heaves up all over the holy sandals. setting fire to more trees. Tuck scoops another jug and hands it to Aslan. holy man. howling. ASLAN This must be a truly evil potion. Nottingham grins. the RAT SQUEALS in terror and runs. fascinated. He deposits his white rat onto the model. Tuck laughs and drinks. Dervishes 'round the fire. to make the soul feel this good. The rat has scurried into the shelter of the model trees.. and drives it into his own palm..

Robin runs up with Aslan. Fighting his emotions. CONTINUED: FRIAR How can these Arabs hold Jerusalem when they can't even hold their brew? DISSOLVE TO: EXT. FOREST LANE .. FOREST LANE . he is truly wise. He kneels beside them. He clutches his temples. Tuck snores. over a body. Silence. Robin shakes Aslan. ASLAN (wincing) If it was Jehovah who created this brew. who grabs for his weapon.. ROBIN The dancing demon! Good morning. Robin clasps a dead hand.DAY Bull and Hal are crouched in the roadway. The hangover hits him like a mallet.DAWN A masked soldier gallops along. ROBIN They need help. Do you know where they meet? (CONTINUED) Robin reacts. An ARROW WHISTLES into a tree. ground. Hurls a bundle to the . ROBIN Are you sure it was a Druid mask? (as Bull nods) Damn them to hell! They must have Marian. EXT. He built the punishment into the crime. WOODSMEN'S CAMP . BULL A bloke wearin' a mask o' the Druids rode by. EXT. Tossed 'im down.88. The body is Duncan.DAWN The Friar and the Saracen lie head to head on the dewey grass.

I 'eard tell. your servant.CIRCLE OF STONES No one visible. ASLAN We will go there. Debris. BACK TO SCENE Robin climbs silently down the rocks into the stone circle. He hands Robin his telescope. then. moves cautiously forward. he spies a woman's form. ASLAN (considers) Take my eyes. lying face down. CAVES SQUAWKING ominously. ASLAN You forget yourself. CUT TO: EXT. I I am not ROBIN Then be my friend. There is blood on the sacrificial altar. There are women and children here in greater need of your courage. Smoke rises from ashes. ROBIN No! You stay here. Through the opening of the cave. POV THROUGH SCOPE . CROWS burst from the trees. He dismounts. CONTINUED: BULL The Gregor Caves. ROBIN (under his breath) Marian! (CONTINUED) . Robin rides up the path to the caves that his father took. dammit! will go alone. Checks the ground. Horse tracks. Remnants of a recent ceremony.89.

Reaches out his hand. her voice hypnotic. Eerie WATERY sounds. Angelic. CAVE . VOICE (O. the dark smoke-filled recesses of the caves. Why. The liquid trickles over his lips. covering his ears... grips his chin. MARIAN Death is not to be feared. INT. Floating towards him.) Robin!.. Weakly.. Before he can react. Embrace it. Squints around him.S. Her features are BLURRED.he wakes. Your soul is mine.. Marian? (CONTINUED) ROBIN MARIAN Her hand MARIAN . Robin! A figure in a flowing white robe. forcing his mouth open. Drink this. Marian lifts his face to hers. Drink. You will obey my every word. Sarah! A shadow falls across Robin. He tries to speak her name. You belong to me.. Robin tries to push away the cup. Her LAUGH ECHOES around the cave. Do you understand? Her face is inches from his. Robin crawls away. Skin chalk-white from loss of blood. Listen to me. Robin. his subconscious sounding alarms. a cudgel stuns him into blackness. as if hundreds of lost souls are laughing with her. The walls weave. like the CRIES of drowning men. He tries to focus. He tries to stand. Marian. MARIAN Look at me. He tries to pull away.DAY Robin's eyes -.90. Turns the body over. CONTINUED: He runs forward.

He is kissing the wrinkled lips of Mortianna.. trying to make sense. In the cave mouth are Wulf. Your confession will be witnessed by the Bishop of Hereford. He gives himself to her.. curved the guards scurryMARIAN (CONTINUED) . his arms are lethal windmills. He pulls away. and Aslan.. something changes in his vision. MORTIANNA (horror) The painted man! Aslan's war CRY RICHOCHETS off the cave walls. A scimitar in one hand. CONTINUED: MARIAN Because you love me. clutching his back. Mortianna retreats... Her face starts to shrivel -. (as Robin struggles) Say it! ROBIN (sinking) I love you. You consort with the devil. (cackles) Your resistence is strong. then cries out.91. A guard forces Robin's hand across the page. He shakes his head. Sign this. bow in hand. Through his BLURRED vision. Their lips meet. strong arms grab him. Say it. Kiss me.. (as quill is forced into his hand) You are a Druid like your father.. we see he is surrounded by masked men. ing into the depths of the cave. Her eyes glow red. a straight English sword in other. You love me.. An arrow lodged between his shoulders. ROBIN (slurred) Where is Marian? MORTIANNA She is with friends. Bull kneeling beside Sarah's corpse. but useless. The masked are cut down left and right.

EXT. Aslan stumbles at the edge of a deep crevasse. Robin is staggering. BULL Ya be sure Sarah gits a Christian burial. The man's SKULL CRACKS against the rocks. For a second their eyes meet. I know of only one cure.DAY Aslan carries Robin outside.then is gone. who murmurs his dying words. battling far superior odds. Wulf stays in the mouth. hatred. He drops to one knee. ROBIN (groggy) Marian? Aslan runs to the back of the cave. A furious melee.. flailing at heads with his quarterstaff. Aslan runs to Robin's side. Slaps him on the back and forces his fingers down his throat. mumbling incoherently. slams Robin violently across the other. searching. There are herbs that can alter a man's brain. (CONTINUED) WULF ASLAN . charging like his namesake. GREGOR CAVES . fear -. Promise me. Bull peers cautiously into the darkness. Behind him. and lunges.venom. clambering down the steep rock. Far below he sees Mortianna. A sword is driven through Bull's gut. Soon they are the only two left standing. Aslan grabs the attacker by the neck and pile-drives him into the cave wall. Robin is slumped against a rock. CONTINUED: Bull joins the fray.92. picking off men with deadly accuracy. She hisses -. glassy-eyed. one of his victims crawls back to his feet. Bull and Aslan mow down the enemy like hay. His arm blocks the light from his eyes. ASLAN They have poisoned you. boy.. Behind you! Too late. as Wulf hurries to Bull's. Wulf is crouched beside Bull. I promise. howling in rage.

ROBIN Because of you. CONTINUED: ASLAN It worked for me this very morning. ASLAN It is fortunate that I did. another good man is dead. with Robin propped up in front of him. COUNTRY LANE . ASLAN He urged me to bring him. A huge cloud of smoke is darkening the sky. He was a brave man and I grieve for him. EXT.93. Praise be to Allah that I do not grieve for you also. you can leave.DAY Distant THUNDER. The forest! ROBIN Ride! Now . ROBIN You have fulfilled your vow. ROBIN You ignored my request. Or for my broken vow. ROBIN To hell with your damn vow. Wulf shouts and reins in. Aslan rides the third. (as Robin heaves) You will thank me for this later. Ahead of them. He points into the distance. Three horses. ASLAN I am glad you are feeling better. leading another with the bodies of Bull and Sarah draped across its back. ASLAN Your gratitude warms my heart. First Wulf's.

. COUGHING. WOODSMEN'S CAMP . Little John vainly attempts to instill calm. Two woodsmen.DAY Fire. and them damn screens ain't worth nothing. Quit yer bloody bellyachin'. stumble into one of their own camouflaged pits. SCREAMING. Scared and injured woodsmen careen out of the trees. The other is the black-clad Celtic chieftain. Over 'ere! We must make a stand. EXT.94. John. WILL SCARLET (running up) It's burning for miles. Hal runs to join them. It's hotter than hades. At a shouted order. LITTLE JOHN 'Ere. another wave of flaming arrows ignites the trees.. Will. confusion. Disarray. lads. He sits as still as a rock. John tries to gather the ablebodied men to his side. LITTLE JOHN Ya'll be jus' fine. in full armor. Behind the crossbowmen are two figures on horseback. I'll LITTLE JOHN Bollocks. WILL SCARLET Where's that damn Locksley? swear he betrayed us. blinded and choking. Acrid black smoke pours across the clearing. Blazing rampant. Along a hillside are hundreds of crossbowmen with fire arrows. Full retreat. stuttering. SHERWOOD FOREST . LITTLE JOHN Damn y'all! Ya're no more use than a load o' wet farts. One is the Sheriff. Most of them keep on running. (CONTINUED) . Hideous screams as they're impaled on hidden stakes. Lil' smoke ain't gonna kill ya. EXT.DAY Chaos.

. WILL SCARLET What are we gonna do. With only a short flick of his head. signalling his own foot soldiers to advance. elts! Celts? WILL SCARLET Where? HAL HAL HAL (pointing behind him) Gggg. Nottingham rides up to the Chieftain. headpieces the faces of wild animals. Amidst the smoke and chaos. HILLSIDE .DAY The bloodcurdling cry fills the sky. CHIEFTAIN We came to fight... I need prisoners.. LITTLE JOHN C. NOTTINGHAM Nevertheless. Nottingham waves his arm. arrayed behind their Chieftain. Instantly a tumultuous chilling roar from his warriors. Cccc. God help us. the Chieftain spits.. CONTINUED: C.. NOTTINGHAM I want prisoners...95. The Chieftain does not turn his head. A loud CLAP of THUNDER. EXT. An awesome sight. cccc. Clad in hides and skins. Cowards?. ccc? What the bloody hell ya sayin'? Cows?.. Little John's small band is gathered at the edge of the clearing. They charge forward.... painted arms and faces. The Chieftain raises his sword.DAY Celts. EXT... Standing in eerie silence. SHERWOOD FOREST . John? (CONTINUED) .

. FRIAR This holy man believes in doing God's work with his hands. He snatches a quarterstaff. Aslan blocks his way. ROBIN What are you doing? way! Out of my ASLAN I saved your life. EXT. CONTINUED: LITTLE JOHN Stop 'ere and flippin' well fight 'em. steers it right at the heart of the enemy. grabbing his reins. The Sheriff's armed hordes swarm over the embattled woodsmen. The men are encouraged.DAY Aslan reins in. damn you! ASLAN Does the witch still have possession of your senses? If we meet up with the survivors we may yet give them some help. LITTLE JOHN Let's give 'em a bloody good wallopin' an' all. FOREST ROAD . that's what. lads? Half-hearted support from about a dozen men. stay here. lads. In the valley below. the forest is ablaze. And do some damage to the enemy. Whadya say. ROBIN Out of my way. (CONTINUED) . ROBIN Wulf.96. John slaps him on the back. He climbs onto Wulf's horse. reveren'. I need your horse. LITTLE JOHN Nay. I will not let you give it away for no purpose.. including Tack. Ya best be goin' wi' the wenches.

Bleeding from several wounds. SHERWOOD FOREST .DAY The Sheriff's men stomp through the burning forest. They urge their horses into EXT. inspiring his men. turn and fire again.. including Will. FRIAR Surely you would not harm a man of the cloth? The man swings. They retreat. cutting down the enemy. Tuck glances heavenwards.97. challenging them. From the other side of the flaming trees. Lord. suddenly his attackers are hurled aside. Little John is surrounded by four Celts. when Aslan cuts him down. You would? you. The Scotsmen are awed by this giant. spitting out expletives. They back into a clearing. a gallop. is surrounded and surrenders. The others fight on. Little John's men pick off shots with their longbows. slashing with his sword. FRIAR Then to hellfire with He pummels the man to the ground with his staff. Defiant to the last... Hand-to-hand combat. LITTLE JOHN 'Bout bleedin' time. Tuck is confronted by a wild-eyed Celt. (CONTINUED) . The Celtic mercenaries charge at them across the open ground. mush. The woodsmen are broken into two groups. his assailant is delivering the lethal blow. One group. The woodsmen drop their bows. (an afterthought) And thank you. He spins. Little John storms and shouts. Relents. FRIAR Thank you... Tuck sidesteps. CONTINUED: Robin debates. Robin rides right through them. Allah. Tuck is driven to the ground. Woodsmen are being decimated..

(CONTINUED) . All around them lie slain Celts and woodsmen.. who gasping for breath. Tuck. Both men topple to the ground simultaneously. SHERWOOD FOREST . LITTLE JOHN Git the bleedin' 'ell outa there. Robin manages a relieved smile. CONTINUED: Aslan is a wild man. Starts picking off stragglers. He attempts to pursue. and wounded shoulder. he doesn't see a Celt swing at his back.DUSK A shovel breaks dirt. ASLAN It was a fiendish mind that planned this campaign. but is intercepted by two more Celts. Throws the man's armor and weapons into a growing pile. Steering his horse with just legs and knees. but Wulf's arrow pierces the man's adam's apple. he slumps over the giant's unmoving form. Aslan strides over. ya li'l bugger. Robin digs a grave.98. The smoking clearing is a mass four men seem to be alive. LITTLE JOHN Don't 'ee start bleedin' blubberin'. is slouched against a tree Hal. Wulf is being dragged away by three of the Sherrif's men. Suddenly all is quiet. He freezes in mid-air. Aslan charges between the two Celts. Aslan. The momentum is turning. Tuck blesses the bodies of Bull and Sarah. before toppling at John's feet.. EXT.. When John turns back. and struck down. of fallen bodies. His father spots him. who kneels clutching his Robin dismounts and runs to Little John. Overwhelmed and exhausted. or ya'll make me bloody vomit. Slashes down with both swords. Distracted.. The clearing is transformed into a cemetery. he strikes out with both swords to left and right. Only Robin. Beyond exhaustion. Wulf appears at the edge of the clearing. Aslan drags a Celt's corpse into a grave.

Dignity masking his terror.. INT. NOTTINGHAM Torture him. Putrid ankle-deep water on the floor. Wry smile. ASLAN This war is the God of Abraham against the forces of evil. (MORE) (CONTINUED) . Nottingham enters the torture chamber where the captured woodsmen are chained. ROBIN Well. You fought better than twenty English knights.. And you? NOTTINGHAM Pain or death? The next PRISONER -Nottingham appears to FIRST WOODSMAN NOTTINGHAM SECOND WOODSMAN (PRISONER) (pure terror) .NIGHT A heavy key turns in a lock. Followed by guards. CONTINUED: ROBIN You were an honor to your countrymen today. Nottingham walks up to the FIRST MAN. you see. The man is dragged away by guards. NOTTINGHAM (wry smile) Would you prefer pain or death? Death... consider. Torture him.. the war is over. ROBIN There is too much blood on my hands. it makes no difference. among them Wulf and Will Scarlet. Bolts drawn back.99. Aslan. pain.. CASTLE DUNGEONS . Er. He stares across the desolate clearing. walls encrusted with dried blood and grime.

and then you will all be hanged. NOTTINGHAM If you fail. If he doesn't. Your Celtic mercenaries failed. Nottingham places his sword point against Will's throat. Your army failed. He will believe me. WULF He knows you always hated him. Will tries to smile. NOTTINGHAM Why would I need you? WILL SCARLET All your attempts to kill him have failed. You will all tell me all you know about Robin Hood. He withdraws the blade.100. WULF WILL SCARLET And if I succeed? (CONTINUED) . WILL SCARLET He is a trusting fool. he will kill me and you have lost nothing. Then we will catch your beloved Robin Hood and do the same to him. He would never suspect me. drawing his sword. WILL SCARLET I will kill him for you. Will. no! Nottingham strides up to Will. CONTINUED: NOTTINGHAM (CONT'D) You will all be tortured. NOTTINGHAM And you can succeed? WILL SCARLET I am one of his men. traitor. I will personally cut out your lying tongue. Nottingham slides his blade between Will's teeth.

. ROBIN (raging) Damn you. It was you who gave these men pride. who sits alone... ROBIN I gave them nothing but false hope. Tomorrow we will disperse. Robin fingers his father's medallion. Can't you understand that? Go home. who numbly depressed even to drink. Go back to your own kind. SHERWOOD FOREST . (CONTINUED) ASLAN . their feet. (to a guard) .. staring vacantly into the darkness. Bitterly around a small fire. And you? ROBIN I am no longer your responsibility. Fanny little ones asleep by their the jug to Tuck. You must go home and win your Jasmina. torture him! He turns back to Will. Too Aslan folds his prayer rug and walks over to Robin.NIGHT A winter's night. Not the time for argument. Aslan stares at him.101. rips it from his neck. John drinks and passes shakes his head. CONTINUED: NOTTINGHAM His friends will. I want you out of my life. cold. Arab. ROBIN My pride brought us to this. then turns away. NOTTINGHAM It will look better. friend. A smile of mock apology. EXT. These people can move south and start over. ASLAN No. Sad figures huddled tends to John's wounds. ASLAN That is for me to decide..

MARIAN Kiss me.. CONTINUED: ROBIN Damn you. Duncan. It is Robin. the executioner peels back his hood.. full. too. The white moon against the black sky. An executioner. Another noose.. it catches on a low-hanging branch. Another -. trying to drive away the horror. her face shrivels into the cackling features of Mortianna. The LAUGHTER BECOMES the sound of a RUNNING RIVER. (CONTINUED) . The executioner hauls on the rope and Wulf's features contort in the agony of death. Next. Gloating.. a coward and a fool. The round medallion has become a noose. DISSOLVE TO: ROBIN'S FACE DISTORTED in water. the last thing Robin sees before his eyes close into troubled sleep.. His laughter blends with that of Mortianna in a hideous cacophony. Another -. CUT TO: NOVEMBER MOON Watery. Robin's father. The noose tightens on her neck. In the noose appears Wulf's face.102. Why? LOCKSLEY Why have you betrayed me? Before he pulls the rope. another face.. You reared He hurls the medallion. He stares accusingly right AT us. The FOCUS SHIFTS TO the medallion.Bull.Marian. dangling in its center. DISSOLVE TO: ITS NEGATIVE IMAGE -.a black circle against a white sky.. Robin. Father.. he hauls on the rope... Robin is washing. As she dies.

Will's throat. Aware of his presence. Aslan. John.103.. Hal. John loosens his hold just enough for Will to splutter out.. at first indecipherable.. Hal. with kids clinging to her skirts. Out of the mist steps a figure. WILL SCARLET LITTLE JOHN No bugger 'scapes the Sheriff. (CONTINUED) . and we'll put the bleedin' weasel outa 'is misery. CONTINUED: The first streaks of light fight their way through a thick. ask 'im if Wulf be still alive. e. And will you? Before Will can answer. others arrive. morning mist. John. LITTLE JOHN I'll wring yer scrawny neck. ROBIN How did you escape? WILL SCARLET I promised to kill you. Will! I was. Fanny. Will Scarlet. Y. ROBIN Let us hear what he WILL SCARLET Grabs ROBIN ROBIN I thought you were taken. wait. Will is choking.. LITTLE JOHN Git us a rope. FANNY Afore ya kill 'im... Quickly. Tuck. 'nless 'e's linin' 'is bloomin' pockets. I'd be doin' yer a bloody favor an' all. has to say. Little John runs up. unable to speak. Robin looks up.

Even anyone who so much as utters his name. ROBIN Let him speak. WILL SCARLET Their deaths are a warning.104. string 'im up. John reluctantly moves his hold from Will's neck to his shoulders. lifts Will's shirt. Will eyes the accusing faces. HAL Let's sss. WILL SCARLET Ten men in all. 'E'll 'ave a bloody blade on 'im somewheres. At high noon. CONTINUED: ROBIN A traitor sneaks in and out under cover of darkness. or child. Man. His whole skin is lacerated with deep gashes and fresh burns. LITTLE JOHN WILL SCARLET I bring a message from Nottingham. Our men are to be hung in the square on Saturday.. Hal. Hal searches. Bugger me. Ready to listen. too. He steps back. brass. Anyone who associates with the outlaw Hood is to suffer the same fate. Fanny drops her head on John's shoulder. Will walked in and announced himself. LITTLE JOHN Search 'im. FANNY What about my boy? The boy. (CONTINUED) . woman. LITTLE JOHN (dismissive) 'E always did 'ave balls o' Aye..

eh? What lucky wench gits to play with the Sheriff's codpiece? Will turns his gaze directly on Robin. How so? WILL SCARLET I've never trusted you. WILL SCARLET The hangings are to be part of the celebration for the Sheriff's marriage. What I wanna know is. and then with King Richard gone. Locksley. of course. are you gonna finish what you started? (CONTINUED) ROBIN . prised. he takes the bloody throne. Will? WILL SCARLET (sly grin) Not straightway. Lady Marian. CONTINUED: FRIAR Robin Hood! Robin Hood! Robin Hood! (chuckles) May as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. ROBIN What is your intention.105. Everyone reacts with shock. that's no secret. Only Robin appears unsurWILL SCARLET ROBIN You were to use this news to get close to me. LITTLE JOHN Marriage. FRIAR He takes a bride of royal blood? LITTLE JOHN Aye. and then kill me? Right. Will? WILL SCARLET That depends on you.

meee. ROBIN And if I stay. We're all bloody in. Grim-faced peasants watch. Among them -. will you all stay with me? Robin checks the other faces. All eyes on him.Fanny Little. He can't get it out. FRIAR If my heathen brother stays.. silhouetted against the setting sun. Little John covers Hal's mouth. HAL Mmmm. What LITTLE JOHN 'E's in. point. friend.. EXT.. A heavy sack dangles from the rope. NOTTINGHAM TOWN SQUARE .106. would you have me do. CONTINUED: Robin is on the spot.. I will kill you. springing the hatch. ROBIN There's your answer. Will presses his WILL SCARLET Will ya stay and keep us fightin' till every man jack of us is dead? Or will you run like the spoiled little rich boy I always took you for? ROBIN You present quite a choice. The black-armored Celt tests a gallows. I stay. Will? WILL SCARLET If you run. ASLAN To the end.. finish it.DUSK Ten gallows.. We . Will. tttt. Daft buggers.

107. EXT. CHIRPS. grant us victory.DUSK The sound of the gallows ECHOES inside the damp. let us put prayer aside and help our gods in a more practical manner. Aslan snatches it back. INT. FRIAR Lord. and the victuals to celebrate it with. which is turning black. The light in the cell melts to total darkness. SHERWOOD FOREST . Wulf and the other woodsmen are chained to rings in the floor. often. The purple sky is turning black. Robin walks up.. I must reveal to you the mysteries of the black powder. DISSOLVE TO: BRANCHES Sunlight glistens on frost-laden branches. But.. FRIAR Will you pray with me. (CONTINUED) A COCK ROBIN . DUNGEON .. son of Allah? ASLAN I have prayed for you.DAWN In the troubled human realm. my brother. gimme the pluck to die proud. He fingers his wooden crucifix.. WULF If it be your biddin' that this be my last night o' life. and if you're as smart as I believe you are. Before Tuck can react. An' look 'ee kindly on my folks an' the young 'uns. Aslan is crushing charcoal into a mixture of yellow powder. Tuck says his morning prayer. Tuck approaches. stone walls. Tuck takes a bowl of the powder close to the fire to examine it. Lord. Wulf lifts his eyes to a chink of light high in the wall. grant us the courage to endure.

but to save all England. A moment of bonding... but.. A moment of tension before Will takes the proferred hand. Robin reaches out and shakes Aslan's hand. But I am honored to be going to battle in this company. (pushes past Little John) Robin. no glorious banners. But if there was. clasping each man's hand as he speaks.. ROBIN We have no armored knights. LITTLE JOHN Ya gone bleedin' cracked. LITTLE JOHN What in blazes ya doin'. wi' my mother... ROBIN We may be only six men. I would surely be one. Tuck falls on his ass in terror. woman? Where's the little 'uns? FANNY Them's safe. CONTINUED: Will it work? Aslan throws a handful of powder into the firel A fireball rips ten feet in the air.. He moves on to the others. ROBIN (impressed) You are truly a wizard. I been to town an' seen the scaffold and the guard towers. (chuckles) . Seven! She strides towards them from the trees. Today we fight not just for the lives of our friends. ASLAN There is no such thing.108. girl? (CONTINUED) FANNY ROBIN ..

. CASTLE CHAMBER .DAY . INT. He slowly wipes off the spittle.DAY Boots clack confidently down a stone corridor.. waiting to meet unspeakable ends. Dark... You are overwhelmed with happiness. Swathed in a pink glow.. A brilliant. INT. smoke-filled. and slaps her hard. Marian is strapped in a chair. NOTTINGHAM How is my bride? Marian smiles as he leans toward her. and spits in his face.109. Animals in cages. Breath billows from the mouths of the sentries.DAY The gallows.. NOTTINGHAM Ah. NOTTINGHAM . wintry morning. ya big ox. Mortianna's apothecary. Foul things in jars.. neither.CORRIDOR . show me the exact location of the scaffold. The Sheriff decked in wedding finery. Tell 'er. CONTINUED: FANNY You go an' birth eight babies and then you can come an' tell me 'bout hurtin'. LITTLE JOHN Ya should be bloody well mindin' the other seven.. Robin starts to draw a diagram on the ground with a stick.. ROBIN Fanny. He enters. flanked by two armed guards.. (CONTINUED) . I ain't gonna sit aroun' an' let one o' 'em die. Rob. NOTTINGHAM CASTLE . EXT. Little John double-takes.

her red eyes demented. CONTINUED: MARIAN (calm. Mortianna squats on the floor besides a platter of blood. Nottingham watches with amusement. We are to be married within hours. NOTTINGHAM What do you see in the portents? Mortianna rocks on her heels. uncowed) I will never marry you. Ours! NOTTINGHAM Di not give me riddles. despair. How can we be in danger? (CONTINUED) MORTIANNA . New faith. woman. As you predicted.110. MARIAN Get away from me. there will be darkness. She slumps forward. Hold her! Marian struggles against her bonds. Clasps the dice-like runes. I will not... Mortianna pours the blood-red liquid down her throat. gagging and choking. augh! The guards viciously restrain her. MORTIANNA If there is no union. thirty of the northern barons will pledge me their support as king. Mortianna emerges from a dark corner.. until the drug takes its effect. She chants. The blood of the lion and the house of Nottingham. forcing her mouth open. bearing the goblet she used at the Druid ceremony. New souls. NOTTINGHAM (to Mortianna) When we are married. clutching her taloned hands to her sides. fingering the bloody stones. death. you disgusting hag. MORTIANNA The union. Marian fights. She stares at Nottingham.. New power.

NOTTINGHAM (shouting) Tell me how it will result. The bold will prevail. to be bold. You are my son. Points her bony finger at his MORTIANNA Without me. NOTTINGHAM Confound you.DAY Masses stream in. A GUARD stops him. EXT.111. CONTINUED: MORTIANNA The blood does not lie. Father? FRIAR The Lord's finest brew for the good Nottingham's fighting men. the people would hunt you down. Mortianna runs at him. Tuck drives a cartload of barrels. It has a mighty kick. Now is not the time to doubt. a fleabite. Now is the time to believe. crone. (CONTINUED) . You are straw. fool. (as Nottingham laughs) Laugh. I stole a babe in this very castle. CITY GATE . and killed it so that you might rise in its place. They give wide berth to a Celtic warrior in a boar's head helmet. Soldiers prod and harness the passing peasants. rip out your black heart and burn it. I birthed you from this body. MORTIANNA I have told you what I know. heart. you are nothing. a speck. (Nottingham is too shocked to react) Together we are strong. Without my protection. GUARD What you got there.

until he catches. The Sheriff strikes down with his armored hand.. Now.. crumples.. Hands yank Will to his feet. NOTTINGHAM Stretch his neck with the others. Soldiers hurl abuse. here? Where ? Will struggles to get free of his holders. NOTTINGHAM Ah..DAY Wulf blinks at the sunlight as the prisoners are led out. the people are too cowed to show support. Did you succeed? WILL SCARLET I found his lair. Dazed. is here! NOTTINGHAM Locksley. he tries to speak.. unnoticed. CONTINUED: GUARD (smiling) I'll warrant.. He.He. who rides over. grabs Will by the collar. Nottingham turns away. A yell attracts Nottingham.. Holds his head high.. WILL SCARLET .. WILL SCARLET Call off your dogs. EXT. and drags him to his side. Will is being shoved back by guards. but alas he still lives. Fanny glances at her son. On horseback. encircled by guards. Pass. DUNGEON GATE . WILL SCARLET Sheriff! My Lord Sheriff! I have word for you! Of Robin Hood! Nottingham shouts to one of his mounted guards. Disinterested.. NOTTINGHAM Release him!. the turncoat. crosses herself and scurries into the castle. the Sheriff and his baron cronies watch the outlaws progress with cruel amusement. where is he? (CONTINUED) Will .112.

Someone tries to intervene. the NOTTINGHAM Put Hood in my hands. scaffold. (CONTINUED) WILL SCARLET Just . If I tell you. WILL SCARLET With the reward. screaming in blind rage. Voices in the crowd plead to let him be. I will go free. Nottingham's jaw tightens. NOTTINGHAM (to Will) You'll get your reward. He is going to free the prisoners and stop the wedding. Make way for the Lord's business. gets hurled down. FRIAR Out of the way. Throw him down. kicking and beating. CONTINUED: WILL SCARLET I want your word. you go free. Soldiers grab Wulf. NOTTINGHAM Damn your worthless hide! tell me where he is. WILL SCARLET He is concealed. Seeing Will. NOTTINGHAM (scoffs) We will find him. Wulf charges at him. in front of these witnesses. The crowd parts unwillingly. SCAFFOLD Tuck urges his ancient nag towards the scaffold with his cargo of barrels. The reward! The parade of prisoners reaches them. Eyes the prisoners. Ten thousand crowns.113. Where is he? CUT TO: EXT.

He slips frequently. NOTTINGHAM Step down. (CONTINUED) He watches them . FRIAR This man will rot in hell as a knave and a liar. clinging by one arm.114. CONTINUED: Across the square. He stretches. CITY PARAPET . Falls.DAY A massive oak stands near the southern wall. The rope doesn't reach his fingertips. sire. FRIAR As you wish.DAY The prisoners are led to the scaffold. from his beating. starts to climb the wall itself. EXT. EXT. where the hooded executioner waits.. along with the Chieftain. A large figure climbs to its uppermost branches. Will points urgently in Tuck's direction. Little John. friar. Tuck glares at Will with unconcealed hatred.DAY Will leads the Sheriff to Tuck's cart. He scrambles from the tree. These are libations for the celebration of your lordship's nuptials. nervously. Among them the cursed Robin Hood.DAY Fanny lowers a knotted rope over the battlement. CITY WALL . his body smashing into the wall. Wulf staggers. without footholds. desperately grabbing at the rope. CITY SQUARE .. John clings to the outer wall. CITY SQUARE . Is there something amiss? NOTTINGHAM This man claims you have outlaws concealed in these barrels. EXT. EXT. Above him it's sheer. Nottingham's men encircle Tuck's cart. loses balance. He swings. Far below.

The Sheriff's attention turns to the scaffold. . He nears the top. SENTRY What is your business. where the first victim is escorted up the steps -. CITY SQUARE . He slumps unconscious. With all her might.. EXT. Likes a good 'angin'. Twice.. A drum roll. The Sentry looks.DAY John strains. who eases her path. A hush falls. I do. strikes a flame.DAY Wulf crosses himself as the executioner steers him to the noose. then turns back to her. WOUNDED SOLDIER Give room for a fightin' man and his ma. Fanny blocks the man's view. There are many barrels. only a few outlaws.115. just as a SENTRY approaches. striking out with his treebranch crutch. EXT. I wanna see the bastards walk on air. his head bandaged. Luvly view up 'ere. CONTINUED: NOTTINGHAM Break one open! FRIAR (nervous) Why waste fine vintage. And a WOUNDED SOLDIER. Step aside..Wulf. m'dear. my lord? A cask is shattered. Tense. Three times.. Fanny rams his head into the stone battlement. ain't it? She gestures below. woman? FANNY Ain't doin' no 'arm.. Tuck pulls a tinder box from his robes. or I'll make ya. WILL SCARLET Try another. wine torrents out. except for a rotund old woman who is barging to the front. notices the rope. heaving his giant frame up the rope.. CITY PARAPET .

The executioner's eyes glint through the slits.DAY John struggles over the battlement. impassive.. Collapses. A figure leaps onto the platform. ready to plunge. Robin! Wulf dangles. fumbles for an arrow.DAY The scaffold is impregnable... The rope snaps tight.116. The executioner falls. Wulf steps to the trap. His hands wrench at the (CONTINUED) ... Fingers close on a bowstring. but the Chieftain leaps forward... Celts and their Chieftain guard the platform itself.. choking cord. The Sherriff's men surround the base. The Chieftain stands. the wounded soldier throws aside his crutch. His eyes close. EXT. strangling.. ya gurt lug. Fanny screams. the fuse-cord burns.. Little John yells. CITY SQUARE . The executioner encircles Wulf's neck with the noose.. FANNY 'Bout time. Another grasps an arrow. An arrow flies.. slices through the executioner's eye slit. Wulf's body plunges. Little John celebrates.. releases the trap. CITY PARAPET . She wrenches the longbow from his back. A hand tightens the noose. SPARKS! Tuck ignites a fuse-cord leading to one of the barrels. Nottingham intently watches Wulf. EXT. FANNY We be too late..

. No stutter this time! guards. KAABOOM! The GUNPOWDER in the barrel EXPLODES. (CONTINUED) LITTLE JOHN . CONTINUED: The burning fuse-cord reaches the barrel. Tuck hurls the smoking barrel thundering towards the Sheriff.. Whips off her wig. Mass confusion.. Let's fight 'em! WOODSMAN Hal! What happened to your stutter? HAL It's gg... SCREAMS of panic.. g. They watch Wulf struggle to his feet. The Chieftain smites at Robin. Amidst the smoke.... by the Celt with the boar's head. Soldiers fly.. HAL Here. Hal fells him... Another figure on the platform. He passes out weapons from a bundle under his arm. FROM PARAPET John and Fanny peer down as the smoke clears... ya mug. Nottingham urges his horse over his own men in his effort to escape.. Spotting it. Fight fair. The boar's head helmet tumbles... his blow is blocked. The woodsmen join battle with the The Chieftain cudgels his Celt attacker across the head. By God.. Slashes the ropes of the other prisoners. Robin's sword slashes through Wulf's rope. revealing Aslan...117. He hauls him onto the platform.. Impostor! CHIEFTAIN You dishonor the clan. Aslan retreats. the old woman. Spewing smoke and wood.. HAL Take that. It's Hal. fending off the Chieftain's shattering blows.. A Celt sneaks up behind him.. ggg.oh crap! A guard attacks..

who.. The sword smashes wood.. Desperate.. shoot them! Bolts ricochet Crossbowmen on the opposite parapet fire. It EXPLODES. kicking out. armed and mounted. all around Little John and Fanny. a tug of war. ON SCENE Robin leaps and swings from gallows to gallows.. Aslan rolls aside.118. The Sheriff. Up there! GREYBEARD BARON No mercy. (CONTINUED) . the roles reversed. Grits his teeth. Aslan and the Chieftain are locked in mortal combat. where the blade cuts in. Will battles the Sheriff. flails at Will. knocking Will to his knees. Drop-kicks a soldier. The Sheriff rears his horse.Or don't fight at all.. ON SCAFFOLD Wulf guards the steps... CONTINUED: He aims. Aslan stumbles back and falls.. The Chieftain swipes at his head. takes his sword.. Sends two Celts hurtling down the trap hole.. Will leaps on him. beating back all comers. Will grasps the sword.. Nottingham topples from his horse. slashing down.. Tuck surrounded. dodges in and around the horse's legs. The Greybeard Baron spots Little John and Fanny on the parapet.. rolls another smoking BARREL.. shaft. His blows have no effect on the Scot's black armor. The Sheriff lunges. unarmed. ON SCENE Aslan evades the charging Chieftain.. ignoring the pain. Blood pours from Will's hands. He suddenly lets go. A reprise of his own fight with Robin. hooves flail. picks off the Celt with a LITTLE JOHN . and whirls back at the Chieftain.

ASLAN You talk too much! He leaps. many join the fray. insanely.. CHIEFTAIN I am rock. Robin attempts to follow. written in your blood. Grabbing weapons from fallen soldiers. his life's blood gushing from both sides of his neck. I am iron. You can kill my body. Nottingham heads for the castle. you butcher? The Sheriff's men drag Will off before he can choke him. Join Robin Hood. into Will's belly. trying to rip it off. rams the arrow through the Chieftain's mouthpiece. The onlookers are inspired. NOTTINGHAM Here's another message to Robin Hood. CONTINUED: WILL SCARLET Pain or death. fool. Against a tyrant. yet I fight for you. out the back of his neck. but you cannot kill our spirit. He swings from the noose.. using the rope to vault over the surrounding soldiers. Raging. As he lands.. The Chieftain grabs his helmet. The Chieftain knocks Aslan down. Aslan plants a foot on the slain warrior. Scrambles over and tears it out. He topples. he is waylaid by one of the barons and his men. Join me now. Nottingham climbs to his feet.119. WILL SCARLET It's over. I am your Aslan spots one of John's arrows protruding from a dead Celt's back. ASLAN Englishmen! I am not one of you. Will is held by four men... He drives his sword repeatedly. He finally drops. It's Hood! REDHEAD BARON Get him! Aslan loses his sword.. death. (CONTINUED) .

120. Nottingham hurls him Angry peasants EXT.DAY The Sheriff marches through. LITTLE JOHN Come on. he staves off the redhead baron's vicious assault. CASTLE . ya bleedin' pansies. CASTLE PARAPET . ya ckicken-'earted buggers. CASTLE GATE . LITTLE JOHN Excuse me. (CONTINUED) . INT. Suddenly peasants are swarming over his attacker. Weakening. Ya mind if I borrow this? He's backed up against a battlement.DAY Crossbow bolts fly. outnumbered five to one. pinning soldiers and peasants alike. He can't shoot fast enough. The gate slices down like a guillotine. As they descend on him. pursue.MAIN CORRIDOR . Little John ducks and weaves. fool! He hacks at the ropes. issuing orders. aside. Robin sees with dismay that the portcullis is closed. EXT. while spinning and firing at the men advancing at him from both sides. Grabs his sword. NOTTINGHAM Lower the portcullis! Now! A guard winds down the giant gate. m 'old cock. he leaps from the battlements onto a soldier's back. The baron is dragged off and trampled down. Ya milksops. NOTTINGHAM Too slow. CONTINUED: Nottingham runs through the castle gate.DAY Robin and the others try in vain to lift the portcullis. Fighting his way towards the gate. Friends! ROBIN We must raise the gate.

The Bishop is dragged in.. INT. Her eyes faraway. Tuck. We must escape. The Sheriff's face appears in the reflection.DAY Surrounded by flickering candles. BISHOP They are rebelling.DAY Robin leaps onto Tuck's cart. Marian sits before a mirror. The crucifix on the altar is upside down. Guard it with your lives. Blood flows. Marian stands before it. ROBIN Light all the barrels. CASTLE GATE . Come! NOTTINGHAM It is time for the union. in deep trance. NOTTINGHAM Marry us. She is The guards roughly haul Marian to her feet. Mortianna screams and slashes her talons across the Bishop's outstretched hands. Bring the bishop to my chapel. . now blasphemously transformed to the practice of black magic. Mortianna sensuously combs the bride's hair with her taloned fingers. MORTIANNA Face them. INT. Frightened. BISHOP Is is madness to delay.. between the Sheriff and Mortianna. Christian. CASTLE CHAMBER . or face me. oblivious. CONTINUED: NOTTINGHAM Seal the entrance. CASTLE CHAPEL . In a white wedding gown. The BATTLE SOUNDS ECHO. (CONTINUED) .DAY Once. that rabble will not dare go against us. When I am declared king.121. lifeless. EXT.

FUSES smoke and CRACKLE. For justice! INT. Robin rides the old nag like a charger. He swings a soldier around. steering the rumbling cart across the yard. For Jehovah! For brotherhood!. she grabs a poker and smashes him over the head. CONTINUED: Robin snaps the reins. Soldiers and armed servants converge to block his way. Robin bursts through. He grabs her and pushes her into the open cooking fire. Down corridors. INT. against three attackers. Alone. CASTLE KITCHENS . EXT.122. Leads his cheering. Jump! Tuck jumps. ASLAN For Allah!. At the last second. Holds him as a shield. CASTLE FORECOURT . daring to take on the Sheriff's hated men.. ROBIN (grabbing a servant) Where is she? Where is Lady Marian? (CONTINUED) ROBIN . Robin strikes.. flings statues. The servants stare in shock. ragged fighters through the open gate. Desperate. Aslan's a whirlwind. Out of the smoke.. The BARRELS EXPLODE! The portcullis is blown to kingdom come. he slashes the reins and leaps onto the horse's back. A chef comes at Fanny with a knife.DAY Fanny is chased into the kitchens by a vengeful soldier.. Robin steers the wagon at the gate. Each blow for a cause..DAY A door SLAMS back. using the man's own sword against his companions. striking out in all directions. CASTLE HALLWAYS . In seconds.DAY Hal and the others battle against huge odds. searching. topples a suit of armor down on his pursuers.. Tuck lights barrels... all three are down and Robin is off and running.. vaults.. Bouncing in the back. Up the stairs. More peasants join them.

Do you. He hurls the man aside.123. Mortianna moves to her side. FRIAR (pious) My son. He smashes one by swinging the heavy door into him. Tuck runs down the dark passageways. fearful. bloodied. Suddenly he is confronted by the jailer. Before him. JAILER I'd rather go to hell! WHAM! Tuck takes the lethal cudgel full in the chest. INT. The armed guards charge him.DAY Carrying a flaming torch. Robin is struck in the thigh. blood pouring from his leg. Robin prepares to fight him. CASTLE CHAPEL .. take. CONTINUED: The man refuses to speak. an awesome sight. run! Run! ROBIN It's me. sees six men guarding the private chapel's arched doorway.. dozens of pitiful men in cages. Marian Dubois. Marian remains immobile. there is a holy war being waged outside. Release all these wretches and God shall surely find you a place in heaven. Robin. taking down a third.. Robin looks up the corridor. (CONTINUED) . the Bishop rushes through the service. Like a vulture. A cruel behemoth of a man. Tiring. the Sheriff waits. hurtles a pew at another..DAY Sweating... Ah! ROBIN There is my answer. DUNGEONS . Flies back.. Marian.your bodies to be bound in immortal wedlock. BISHOP . Robin backs in.. fencing with four remaining soldiers. carrying a spiked club. The chapel DOORS SHATTER inward. INT. He springs off another pew.

Grinning.. Locksley? He raises his sword to reveal its handle. NOTTINGHAM No companions? No army? You rush to your death for the sake of a woman. Exhausted. parrying desperately. FRIAR The Lord helps those who help themselves. and a miniature powder keg. INT. NOTTINGHAM Appropriate I should use it to kill you with.. The tide The jailer is LITTLE JOHN Wulf! I told ya to keep outa the fightin'. I would find you no matter what. DUNGEONS .124.. blowing the jailer through a wall. he pulls open his robes. CONTINUED: ROBIN I warned you.. with fire in his eyes. but undaunted.DAY Tuck picks himself up from the floor.DAY John is in deep trouble. A savage. Recognize this. The KEG ERUPTS. accomplished swordsman... amazed. Robin's father's sword. (CONTINUED) . EXT. Lust has turned you into a fool.. FRIAR Give my regards to the devil. He holds it to his flaming torch and tosses it to the jailer. Robin is driven back. turns. Stupified. Someone attacks his assailants from the rear. the man catches the smoking bomb. PARAPET . A crucifix sculpted into the hilt. LITTLE JOHN Ya gutless bloody sissies. don't you think? He lunges.. revealing chest armor .

room. LITTLE JOHN Well. Couldn't help myself. HAL Go' bless ya. No! HAL Fight on.. Fight! He sees a familiar pair of holy sandals marching towards him. Dying.. Tuck. heathen! The man spins to strike back. Dozens of ragged prisoners.. armed with chains and torture implements. grinning.125. ya'll get a bloody good wallopin' if we get 'ome.DAY The chef raises his knife. Wulf sends an attacker plummeting off the parapet. The Sheriff's soldiers are regaining the advantage. The peasants are giving up.. let's see how well I taught ya. For now. Tuck leading a barefoot army. Tuck flails a chain at a Celt. CASTLE ... CONTINUED: WULF Sorry. EXT. your countrymen rise against the Sheriff. (MORE) (CONTINUED) .DAY A crossbow bolt strikes Hal between his shoulder blades.KITCHENS . He falls.. dropping their weapons. FRIAR Repent. Father. freezes. FRIAR Sinners. beware! God's avengers are at hand. Fanny appeals to the whole FANNY Listen! Outside. CASTLE FORECOURT . Aslan! INT.. Hal manages a weak smile.

Suddenly it's havoc. knives. Robin lashes out. a war cry! Aslan. Ali akbar! Amen! MORTIANNA (seeing Aslan) Agh. followed by Tuck. (CONTINUED) FRIAR ASLAN .. Robin pile-drives Nottingham into the wall. CONTINUED: FANNY (CONT'D) Is there one man or woman here who does not hate him? Who has not suffered at his hand? (to the chef) Turn that on the Sheriff and his bullies. A deadly pause.. Kicks the Sheriff in the gut. Into the fray comes Fanny Little. a split-second opportunity!.. fighting with pots. Fools like you never learn..126. A blow slices Robin's arm. INT. weakening. Nottingham gloats. Robin is beat. NOTTINGHAM You should have stayed away. leading a rabble of servants and kitchen staff. brooms. chops down his sword hand. CASTLE . Locksley. The populace has turned. hooks. and bedpans. EXT.CHAPEL . pans. Flying food and cutlery... Aslan attacks the other men. His father's sword clatters to the floor. Robin is cornered. Two of his men scramble back to their feet. Whirling swords in each hand.. His sword flies from his grasp. the painted one! Nottingham glances over..DAY A full-scale riot. A woman cook dumps the giant wedding cake right over the chef.DAY Nottingham slashes maniacally. CITY SQUARE .

in God's name. The Bishop surreptitiously draws a dagger from his robes. Screeching. too late... Grasping the spear where it enters his side. he pulls with all his strength. Mortianna creeps up on Aslan. concealed dagger in hand. (CONTINUED) FRIAR . Tuck punches the Bishop so hard. Robin tries to evade the blows. ROBIN (glimpsing her) Watch out! Aslan spins. I swear it. He cries out and slides to the floor. Tuck blocks his path. The Bishop. approaches Tuck. FRIAR So! You sold your soul to the devil? BISHOP No. In acute pain. Back on the defensive. A taloned hand grips a spear.BALCONY . BISHOP (innocently) I am sure you would not strike a man of the cloth. Peers down at the battle.. CONTINUED: The Bishop makes his escape. Mortianna drags Marian out onto a balcony. Mortianna drives the spear into Aslan's side.127. EXT. Aslan struggles to his feet.. CASTLE . Think again! Without an eyeblink's pause. FRIAR Blasphemer! You accuse innocent men of Druid worship while you practice the black arts yourself. Robin cannot pursue. She spins in shock at Aslan's voice. Nottingham uses Robin's distraction to regain his sword. he flies back THROUGH a stained-glass WINDOW.DAY Mortianna hauls Marian against the battlements.

He swings it again. right through Nottingham's heart.128. Her talons groping at his face. INT. hissing. EXT.DAY Robin grabs Marian. Carefully lifts her face. The man shudders. Aslan strains to the last ounce of his will and heaves her over the battlements. CASTLE BALCONY . She screams hideously as he thrusts it right through her chest. like a stake.. Kneels at Aslan's side. Nottingham tries to squirm away. ROBIN This is for my father. Let me go! MARIAN Who are you? (CONTINUED) . she crawls up the spear's shaft. CONTINUED: ASLAN What you fear is not below. forcing it further through her body in her effort to get at him. pulling her back.DAY Sword raised. The Sheriff hits the floor. CASTLE CHAPEL .. slamming Nottingham across the temple. She lashes out. He drives the sword down. Robin grabs his father's sword. screeching. With an ear-splitting shriek. He charges at her with the bloody spear. Tuck rushes outside. Drained. Robin has the altar's crucifix in his hand. Her madness is superhuman. Clutching. Raises it two-fisted. she plummets to the ground. NOTTINGHAM What can your puny God do for you now? The blade comes whirring down. and is still. clang! It's blocked. Nottingham has Robin backed against the altar. Robin spots Marian swaying on the edge of the steep parapet. Robin stands over him. With strength beyond all reason. A spitfire. Her lifeless eyes suddenly flash.

EXT. ROBIN Aslan.. His smile fades. way I see fit. and storms at him. Draped over his shoulder. pounding her fists on his chest. She leaps to her feet. He runs over. (CONTINUED) ROBIN FANNY . Cradles Aslan's head. Little John arrives. Marian looks about her.DAY Robin emerges from the castle. She folds against Robin's chest.. Are you 'urt? It will mend. is that you? Any She stumbles out of the fountain. Marian is kicking and beating at him. the chaotic aftermath of battle.129. his huge arms enfolding Wulf and Fanny. Reality gradually sinks in. Robin? MARIAN Oh God. He reaches the fountain in the center of the square and tosses her into the freezing water. enjoying the show. CITY SQUARE . A crowd gathers. mate. CONTINUED: ROBIN (restraining her) I'm your sworn protector. Slips and tumbles back.. ROBIN I think she's feeling better. my friend. LITTLE JOHN We done it.. We clobbered the buggers. yelling. Water streams from her bridal gown. MARIAN How dare you?! Robin grins at the crowd. He spots a group kneeling beside the fallen body of Aslan.

and mark it with a cross as big as this castle. Marian joins him. you son of satan. CATHEDRAL . Catherine's Cathedral with a thousand monks chanting prayers for your miserable soul. Robin. deserve each other. Brother Tuck. FRIAR (kicking him) A fine friend you are! By the grace of Allah and Jehovah we have won the day. Around them cheering grows. CONTINUED: ASLAN I'm going home the easy way. lay you in your grave with a pig for a companion. There's life in the heathen dog yet. and you want to give up the ghost. Please! ASLAN It hurts when I laugh. Look after him. and I swear I'll bury you as a Christian in St. ROBIN (laughs) Here. progress. I'll pickle your remains in mead.130. A wedding is in (CONTINUED) . Tuck. FRIAR See. FRIAR (shaking Aslan) You die on me. You Robin stands. Robin Hood! CROWD Robin Hood! DISSOLVE TO: INT.DAY A VOICE ECHOES from the vaulted roof. till the whole crowd is in unison. You hear me? ASLAN (weakly) I have no strength.

Robin bows. Marian curtsies. where KING RICHARD and members of his court are sitting. Marian.. ROBIN We are deeply honored by Your Majesty's presence. Robin laughs. Lord Locksley. KING RICHARD May I kiss the bride? ROBIN Who would dare refuse his king's request? KING RICHARD (kissing Marian's cheek) You look radiant.) By the power vested in me by God's holy church.. Robin and FRIAR (whispers) Hurry. KING RICHARD It is I who am honored. They kiss. I now pronounce you husband and wife. Tuck is performing the ceremony before the happy couple. CONTINUED: FRIAR (O. Ride her better than your horse.. Thanks to you I still have a throne. ASLAN (whispers) My friend. He and Robin embrace. They continue down the aisle. a word of advice. The husband draws back the bride's veil. cousin. past the smiling congregation.131. long. FRIAR You may kiss the bride. They break the embrace. . We waste good celebration time.. Waiting by the door is Aslan. They pause at the front pew. turn to the congregation and start down the aisle.S.

Robin and Marian step out into the sunlight. At a signal from Little John... FADE OUT. EXT. FIREWORKS. THE END . The crowd cheers. the ex-outlaws shoot flaming arrows into the sky.132. NOTTINGHAM CATHEDRAL .DAY WEDDING BELLS PEAL...

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