The use of our new, multifunctional swivel joint D2000 optimises nearly all liquid transports. The D2000 can be used universally Whether in the mineral oil, food or chemical industry, the D2000 meets the highest standards. Due to the sandwich design, the bearing module is separated from the product carrying components. Therefore it can be used as a standard swivel joint for nearly all media with temperatures ranging from –45 °C to +250 °C. • complies with TA Luft (German regulation for environmental protection) • split flanged design

D2000 HIGH LOAD CAPACITY & INTEGRITY. Due to the separation of product carrying parts, the material of the bearing module is produced for high load bearing capacity with the ball races being "deep" flame hardened. D2000 VARIANTS The D2000 can be used to fulfil customers own specific requirements. The material of the product carrying parts can have many variants and will depend on the media being handled. D2000 HIGH LEAK PROOF CAPACITY The D2000 achieves its sealing characteristics due to its smooth rotation and high bending moment characteristics. It fulfils all requirements of the "TA-Luft" (German regulation for environmental protection). D2000 MAINTENANCE FRIENDLY The bearing module and seals can be easily replaced: remove flange, change seal, replace flange - ready for use. All this without having to disassemble the whole loading arm! This is practical saving time and substantially reduces life cost.

D2000 COMPACT DESIGN The compact dimensions of the D2000 allows it to be used in "low profile" applications.

D2000 RELEVANT REGULATIONS The swivel joint is produced according to the requisite regulations for articulated pipework. It can also be adopted to comply with other specific regulations. D2000 LONG-LASTING The deep flame hardened ball races guarantee a long working life and low wear characteristics.

The Components:
BEARING MODULE –comprising – • outer bearing ring (yellow) • inner bearing ring (blue) • balls etc. two identical FLANGES (red) with bolts SEAL MODULE – "block seal" as standard

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co.3 = ball 4.6 6.2 = inner bearing ring 4.3 33. TN25 6SP.3 7.2 33.1 65 40 bar 60 bar -45 °C to +250 °C Following are the most common variants: Flanges carbon steel low temperature steel stainless steel aluminium Bearing Module carbon steel carbon steel nickel plated Sealing Module Perbunan Fluoroloy K Viton PTFE FEP EPDM Other materials for special applications are available on request. Coach House. E-mail: sales@loadtec. Kent.loadtec.6 7. Fax: +44 (0)1303 81 4040.3 33.9 33.2 9.1 8.1 = outer bearing ring 4.uk Web: www.co.2 weight (kg) 5.3 55 365 219. UK Tel: +44 (0)1303 81 3030.5 = product O-ring DN 50 80 100 150 200 A 98 98 98 160 180 ØB ØC D ØE 89 114 143 216 274 F 42 42 42 68 68 S 4 5. EMCO-QUALITY: deep hardened ball race for highest loads depth of hardness LOADTEC Engineered Systems Ltd.SWIVEL JOINT D2000 1 = flange 2 = screws 3 = block seal 4 = bearing module 4.4 176 88.4 = dust O-ring 4. The Stables.5 47 working pressure test pressure temperature 151 60.uk . Smeeth.4 205 114.4 302 168.

Fitted to the port is a pressurised gas system. Using an adapted flange arrangement. UK Tel: +44 (0)1303 81 3030. The purge gas has optional sensors to detect the flow in the system and trigger an alarm. This allows two seals to be fitted in the chamber. operators of powders and granule operations want to switch their handling methods to incorporate swivel joints or loading arms.Corrosive Applications A great deal of liquids that are classified as corrosive are being handled by loading arms. The D1131 swivel from Emco was the exception and provided users world-wide with trouble-free operations. D2000 – EFTE Lined . notifying operators that a maintenance schedule is required. D2000 – Abrasive Applications Increasingly. Coach House.uk Web: www. Historically many applications have been troublesome and needed high maintenance to maintain swivel integrity. The inter-space between the seals has a port that goes to the flange surface. Smeeth. It also means that the centre-line to centre-line distance in a style 40 swivel (2 x elbows) is 30% shorter than conventional solutions.co. Kent. The D2000 moves the benchmark for corrosive liquid swivels once again. E-mail: sales@loadtec. The Stables. LOADTEC Engineered Systems Ltd. This development of the D2000 means that the swivel can operate with full 3600 rotation and have a protective cover over the seal chamber. The difference between EFTE and conventional PTFE is that the lining is applied as a spray-on surface (3mm or 4mm depending on customer needs) and bonds to the swivel and elbows. The D1131 was an expensive swivel to produce and so the D2000 has a variant that allows it to be EFTE lined. the swivel is fitted with an oversize bearing module.loadtec.co. If the seal starts to wear.SWIVEL JOINT D2000 D2000 – Toxic Applications In situations where the liquid transferred is classed as toxic the D2000 has a variant that can provide safe transfer of the liquid without risk. the gas will pass into the liquid path – not the other way around. This removes the issue of slipping linings and spacer bolts. The gas (usually Nitrogen) is maintained at a higher pressure than the liquid in the line. preventing the media from abrading the seal and its working surfaces. Fax: +44 (0)1303 81 4040.uk . TN25 6SP.