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Handbook insert – Undergraduate September 2011

Essential information for all undergraduate degree students
Coventry University’s undergraduate degrees are designed within a common modular ramework and are governed by the University’s !cademic "egulations# $here are also %eneral "egulations that cover general procedures and codes o conduct and issues such as health and sa ety# $he Academic and General Regulations are available or consultation on the "egistry’s section o Coventry University’s Student &ortal 'https())cuportal#coventry#ac#uk *# +ull te,ts are also available in your +aculty)School- the .ibrary- !cademic "egistry- /uality 0nhancement Unit and the Students’ Union# Which Regulations apply to you? ! new undergraduate curriculum ramework was introduced across the University rom September 2001# Students undertaking courses operating within this new curriculum ramework are governed by a set o !cademic "egulations re erred to as 23ode C’# Students who commenced their studies before September 2001 will generally be governed by 23ode 4’ o the !cademic "egulations# $hese will apply mainly to students who are undertaking a part5time programme or who have taken a year out# 6 you are in any doubt- your Course !dministrator will be able to advise on which version o the !cademic "egulations apply to your programme# $hese notes outline the main eatures o the regulations and provide guidance on the areas listed below# 6t is very important that you read them and continue to revisit them and understand your responsibilities during the course o your studies# ! 4 C 7 0 + % H 6 9 : $he modular ramework Changes to your individual programme o study Coursework assignments !cademic dishonesty &lagiarism and how to avoid it( Citing sources and re erencing in your academic writing 0,aminations 8hat to do i you e,perience illness or other circumstances that a ect your studies)e,ams !ssessment boards- reassessment and results !wards and classi ications "eviews and appeals 7ata protection and consent to process in ormation

;ou will be supplied with a student handbook or programme speci ication and module guides relevant to your course 'either paper5based or in electronic ormat* which contain important in ormation on the structure and speci ic re<uirements o your course and modules# ;ou must read these documents( amiliarise yoursel with the in ormation- and re er to it throughout your studies- especially when sitting e,ams and preparing coursework assignments# +ailure to consult this in ormation will not constitute an acceptable de ence in the case o your ailure to comply with the re<uirements# By enrolling at the University, you accept and agree to abide by the University’s Academic and General Regulations, codes of conduct and other provisions, and accept your responsibilities as a student !ou also accept liability to pay fees at the appropriate level and by the due date "#EA$E %&'E( All official e)correspondence from the University *ill be sent to your #ive+E,U email account Guidance on ho* to access this account is available from -' $ervices section of .oventry University’s $tudent "ortal /https(00cuportal coventry ac u12 3ailure to access information that is sent to your #ive+E,U email account *ill not constitute an acceptable defence in the case of your failing to comply *ith re4uirements !ou are re4uired to chec1 your inbo5 on a regular basis 6n order to meet the re<uirements o the U: 4oarder !gency all international students are re<uired to go to the students centre and present their 67 card when re<uested# +ailure to do so may put your visa at risk# A 9 '6E 7&,U#AR 3RA7EW&R8 7odule levels and credits

0ach undergraduate module is assigned a level- denoted by the initial character o the module code 'H- =+- 1- 2- >- or 3*# .evels 1 to > correspond roughly with each year o a ull5time undergraduate programme
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ear 2 etc#*# H level modules are normally studied by students on 4$0C Higher national courses 'HBC)7*# = level modules normally apply to a oundation year or pre5degree course.ception o those courses that lead to a licence to practise.preparation or presentations and seminars.ull5time undergraduate degree students who commence their course on or a ter September 2001 are re<uired to take and pass one !ddCvantage module in each o the three years o the course# $hese modules provide opportunities or the development o employability and career management capabilities and support or &ersonal 7evelopment &lanning 'please see #D below* 3odule may have pre5re<uisites 'e#g# a speci ic 2!’ level or prior success ul completion o another module* or co5re<uisites 'when you have to study a speci ic module at the same time as the one chosen or speci ied*# < 'he 7odule -nformation . and a copy of your course document and0or programme specification as you may have to provide this information after you have graduated.method o assessment.evel 3 modules are normally associated with taught postgraduate and 3asters courses# 3odules pre i.ed with an 2!’ belong to the University’s !ddCvantage suite o modules 'please see #D below*# $he credit rating or all modules is calculated according to total student e ort e.e.the indicative content.employability competencies and personal development)career management skills will undoubtedly give you the !ddCvantage over other newly <uali ied graduatesG !ou are re4uired to ta1e and pass at least one Add.2. 7odule .Handbook insert – Undergraduate September 2011 'i#e# level 1 in .vantage modules ) 8ith the e.pand your work related skills and employability competencies# 6t o ers a range o care ully selected and structured modules to help you develop these employability competencies and includes opportunities or personal development planning and building career management skills# $he combination o academic revision etc# Under the current undergraduate curriculum ramework '3ode C* a 2single’ module is 20 credits 'i#e# 200 hours total e ort*# 3odules will normally be delivered in 20.10.level 2 in .vantage module in each of the three years of your course 6n ormation about the !ddCvantage scheme including how to register on your !ddCvantage module is available via the Career and 0mployability section o Coventry University’s Student &ortal 'https())cuportal#coventry#ac#uk*# )var)www)apps)conversion)tmp)scratch?1)1@A1022A>#doc 2 .vantage $cheme $he !ddCvantage Scheme has been developed to help you e.tutorialsseminars. and "rogramme $pecification 7etails o most o the modules being o ered during the academic year can be ound on the 3odule 6n ormation 7irectory 'http())mid#coventry#ac#uk* or via "egistry’s section o Coventry University’s Student &ortal 'https())cuportal#coventry#ac#uk*# $he module descriptor sets out the aims and intended learning outcomes o the module.essential and recommended reading and other in ormation# !ou must 1eep a copy of the module descriptor for each module that you study.coursework.irectory /7-.our course will be made up o modules# $hese modules are described by the University in the ollowing way( 7andatory – these are a compulsory part o your course and normally have to be passed or your named degree &ption – these are selected rom restricted lists de ined or your course 'e#g# you must study one rom list ! and two rom list 4*# Add.pected or success ul completion# Ene credit normally represents 10 hours total e ort# $otal e ort includes lectures.escriptors.D0. *hen applying for some =obs or further education and training > Add.guided and independent study.or @0 credit unitsF some 10 credit modules are permitted to support career development# ! ull5time student will normally register or 120 credits in an academic year# !ny student registered or ewer than 100 credits shall normally be eligible or certi ication as part5time# : 7odule status .although they may be studied by students on stage 1 o some degree courses whilst + level modules are normally associated with +oundation 7egrees# .ear 1.presentations.

locally arranged phase tests etc# .-?-.or are below.our tutor will advise you whether any *ord limit is a guideline.ceed.pected o you# !ou are re4uired to attempt all assessed aspects of your course at the first opportunity -f you don’t and you do not have a valid deferral 'a process that a student must ollow in advance to gain permission to de er their assessment due to e. you must discuss this *ith your .applying or an e.! .ou will be given a schedule o what you will have to do at the beginning o each module.&UR$EW&R8 A$$-G%7E%'$ $he term 2coursework’ is used to describe any type o assessed work that alls outside o the de inition o e.tension to the deadline or re<uesting de erral o assessment and penalties may be applied or e.the re<uirement by 10J or more# 6n September 2011 the University will be launching a new coursework assignment handling systemdesigned to ensure accurate submission records are maintained# +rom September you will be able to access a new assessment area in SE.together with guidance on what is acts.amination# $his may include essays.ou may however only withdraw rom modules in which you have not completed any assessments# 6t is essential that this withdrawal process is completed by <9 7arch or all modules that inish in 9une# +or modules that inish at other times. the module *ill sho* as a @fail’ on your results and *ill appear on your final transcript !ou must ensure that your course details are correct in our records by <9 .ou are e.imumor a minimum.oventry University’s $tudent "ortal /https(00cuportal coventry ac u12 $here are standard procedures or handing in your work. available from your 3aculty.ecember 'his should be done via the $tudent &n)line Academic Record $ystem /$&#AR2 *hich is accessed via the student portal /https(00cuportal coventry ac u12 Any errors after this date may cause problems *ith the scheduling of your e5aminations and processing your results 6 you wish to change your mode o attendance rom ull5time to part5time. .6A%GE$ '& !&UR -%.containing programme and submission details# +or group )var)www)apps)conversion)tmp)scratch?1)1@A1022A>#doc > .you will need to print o a pre5 illed coversheet.or whether your ability to write within the word limit is actually part o the assessment o the piece o work concerned# 6 the limit set is a ma.ourse 'utor or "rogramme 7anager or ma1e a one)to)one appointment *ith a Withdra*al Advisor *ithin the $tudent .UA# "R&GRA77E &3 $'U.entre 'here are clearly defined procedures that need to be follo*ed 3ailure to comply *ith these may mean that you are not eligible for a refund on your tuition fees and you may have to pay bac1 your student loan !ou *ill also still be liable for your accommodation costs "lease see the UniversityAs *ithdra*al boo1let for further information.i you wish to change your module selection a ter >1 Ectober your only option is to withdraw rom your course or reduce your programme by withdrawing rom a particular module or modules# .oventry University’s $tudent "ortal /https(00cuportal coventry ac u12 .or vice versa.then a penalty o 10J o the mark or that piece o work will be applied to those pieces o work that e.then you must notify your 3aculty0$chool immediately Changes shall normally only be e ective rom the date o such noti ication# -f you decide to *ithdra* from the *hole course.!" to obtain details o submissions or the entire year# 6nstead o completing an !ssignment Submission K 7eclaration +orm.dissertations)proIects.Handbook insert – Undergraduate September 2011 B .it is normally by the +riday o the week three5<uarters o the way through the module# -f you =ust stop attending a module and do not *ithdra* officially.ceeding any word limit set# .tenuating circumstances* you *ill not be allo*ed a resit attempt "lease see the @7a1e your 7ar1’ page on . $tudent $ervices or on the Registry’s section of .presentations.pected to inalise your choice o modules by the end o the irst week o the session# Howeveryou may make changes your module selection 'i there is provision or option modules on your course* within a given period o time 'normally one month*# -f you *ish to ma1e any changes it is essential that you discuss them *ith your course and0or module tutor as soon as possible $he UniversityHs Careers Service may also be able to provide valuable in ormation and guidance to help you with your decision# 6n the event that a change is agreed your tutor will complete a module change registration orm and ask you to sign it# $his is then processed to amend our records to show your new programme o study# +or modules that ollow a normal academic year structure.laboratory)studio work.

deceit.dissertations etc# are double5marked as a matter o course# +or other assessmentsonly a sample o work across a range o marks will be subIect to the internal moderation process# $here may be written comments on some o your assessed work which indicates that it has been included in the moderated sample# .between two or more students. A.a group leader and group member coversheet will be availableF online submissions will be submitted through the normal there is a change o writing style each time# 6 you do not re erence your work correctly.amples o such dishonesty include collusion alsi ication. .ou must use the appropriate application orm to re<uest an the preparation and production o work which is then submitted as individual work# 6n cases where one 'or more* student has copied rom another.thereby avoiding a charge o plagiarism# 6t is always obvious when a student has copied words rom a te.identical.images etc# and the work o others. *ithout an authorised e5tension you *ill receive a mar1 of BC for that piece of *or1 !ou *ill ho*ever be eligible for a resit attempt at the assessment at the ne5t available opportunity 3arked work will be returned to you with eedback indicating the strengths and weaknesses o that assignment# $he marking o all assessed coursework tasks is subIect to internal moderation# Some written assignments.tension# $his is available rom the administrative o ice responsible or the module# $his orm must be accompanied by original.t without re erencing.ollusion includes the conscious collaboration.tension or the same piece o work# -f you submit an assessed piece of *or1 late.without o icial approval.'see section E belo* *.supportingdocumentary evidence in all cases 'photocopies are not acceptable*# $his evidence should take the orm o a doctor’s note or some other documentation 'e#g# counsellor’s report*# $he completed documentation should be handed in before the due date o the assessment# .or e.our re<uest will be considered and i it is accepted you will be given a new date by which you must complete and hand5 in your work# 6t is not possible to apply or a second e.eaders use computer so tware to check students’ work or potential plagiarism or improper citation# $elf)"lagiarism is the reuse o signi icant. not for bad planning of your time 'heft or loss of course* unauthorised means# 0.both 'all* students involved may be penalised# $he boundary between legitimate co5operation and unacceptable collusion varies according to the type o work involved# Sta setting the assessment e.proIects.images etc# as i they were your own# 6n order to make clear to readers the distinction between your words.or nearly identical portions o your own work without acknowledging that you are doing so or without citing the original work# )var)www)apps)conversion)tmp)scratch?1)1@A1022A>#doc D .eceit includes misrepresentation or non5disclosure o relevant in ormation.E7-.ercise will issue clear guidance on how much co5operation is acceptable# 3alsification includes the presentation o ictitious or deliberately distorted data in.surveys or proIects# $his also includes citing re erences that do not e.Handbook insert – Undergraduate September 2011 submissions.detailed in your module guide# .or between a student's* and another person.-$6&%E$'! !cademic dishonesty covers any attempt by a student to gain un air advantage 'e#g# e. or failure to 1eep bac1)up files are not valid reasons .it will come across as i you had HstolenH words or ideas rom other sources# 3any 3odule .or or another student.tra marks* or her)himsel .laboratory work.then you may apply or an e5tension to the submission deadline o normally up to three calendar weeks# E5tensions can only be given for genuine e5tenuating circumstances and medical reasons.ou must ensure that you manage your time too meet coursework submission deadlines# 8ork submitted a ter the deadline will receive a mark o 0J# Should un oreseen circumstances arise.plagiarism and cheating in e.aminations# .including the ailure to disclose any cases o work being submitted or assessment which has been or will be used or other academic purposes# "lagiarism is the act o using other peopleHs is essential that you re erence your work ore the due date o the work.

and shows your ability to adhere to academic standards#  Good referencing practice displays intellectual honesty because the reader can see which elements o the writing are o "e erences help a marker to credit originality in your work#  Good referencing practice allows your readers to locate and consult the sources you have used and enables you to go back to consult sources you have used in previous papers you have written#  "oor referencing practice means that your writing is not ounded upon clear evidence. -'( .t citations and a ull .most websites are produced by a corporate author# $his also applies to such organisations that write essays.-%G -% !&UR A.including ideas.ou will be penalised or plagiarism o either sort at Coventry University#  )var)www)apps)conversion)tmp)scratch?1)1@A1022A>#doc M .which means presenting someone else’s work as your own# &lagiarism can be accidental or intentional# .ou must cite and re erence every piece o in ormation that you borrow rom another source because it is the intellectual property o the individuals or groups o people who have produced it# !ll statementsopinions.internet pages. WR-'-%G %athering in ormation rom a variety o sources orms an essential part o most academic writing.charts.described.and statistics# 8henever you use in ormation rom other sources you must document the source in two ways( • • &rovide an in)te5t citation o the source in the main body o your writing 0nter the source in the #ist of References at the end o your document .ist o "e erences is taken into account when assignments are marked# "oor referencing practice can give an impression o intellectual dishonesty because it is unclear to readers which in ormation has been borrowed rom another source# 6n the worst case this is plagiarism /see section .this is known as a 2corporate author’ and must be treated in the same way# +or e.copying rom other candidates.aminations*or assisting another student to do so# 6t includes( taking unauthorised materials into e.etc# which you have taken rom someone else’s work 'books.images.reproduced.and it is important that you reference these sources in the re4uired style !ll writers borrow material rom other sources at some ormation.devise 6$ coding etc# Why cite and reference?  Good referencing practice makes your writing scholarly and authoritative# 6t demonstrates that you have researched your topic well.our co5operation is e.aminations. *ith the ma5imum being e5clusion from the University $hould academic dishonesty be proven after graduation the student *ill have their a*ard rescinded E "#AG-AR-$7 A%.etc#* should be acknowledged.t citations and .A.amination papers# 6n the event o an allegation o cheating you are advised to contact the Student Union !dvice Centre immediately a ter the incident# 6t is in the best interests o all students or the University to maintain the good reputation o its awards# .graphs.paraphrased or directly <uoted by you# 6 the source is produced by an organisation or an o icial body instead o authors.E7-. it is hard to persuade your reader that your arguments are well5 ounded# !lso be aware that the <uality o your in5te.and unauthorised access to unseen e.videos.Handbook insert – Undergraduate September 2011 Re)presentation is the submission o work presented previously or simultaneously or summative assessment at this 6nstitution# .$L programmes.-'-%G $&UR.and which are borrowed# Clear in5te.pected in actively protecting the integrity o the assessment process# 6t is the duty o all students to observe high personal standards o academic honesty in their studies and to report any instances o malpractice o which they become aware# 'he minimum penalty for a proven case of academic dishonesty is usually a mar1 of Dero in that module.heating is de ined as any attempt to gain an un air advantage in an assessment 'including e. 6&W '& A?&-.ample.whether the work is mentioned.images.Iournalslectures. above2.E$ A%.impersonation.plagiarism.

ams have a di erent schedule*# $here is a special reassessment period during late !ugust and early September# -t is essential that you do not boo1 holidays or ma1e other commitments during these periods .amination is outside these periods please contact your course tutor at lease one month in advance o the scheduled date# )var)www)apps)conversion)tmp)scratch?1)1@A1022A>#doc 1 .uk) 3 EEA7-%A'-&%$ !ou are re4uired to attempt all assessed aspects of your course at the first opportunity -f you don’t and you do not have a valid deferral you *ill not be allo*ed a resit "lease see the @7a1e your 7ar1’ page on .etc* should not be brought to e.ams during the special reassessment period# 6 your e.or during any other assessment or reassessment period as advised by your course and module tutors# 'he e5amination timetable is not closely lin1ed to the teaching timetable and you may find that you have t*o e5aminations on the same must inform your 3aculty0$chool *ell in advance of the e5amination period $he administrative o ice normally responsible or your course will be able to advise whom you should contact# $he deadline or special conditions re<uests is >1 9anuary or e.including general conduct be ore and during the e. or on a $aturday # $he timetable or the main e.amination to compensate or your late arrival# $he invigilator will e. card to each e5amination $he main e5amination period is during 3ay and 9une each year although many e.ou may not eat.amination.pencil cases and audio e<uipment# .ams during the main period and mid59uly or e.amination and is available to answer any <ueries you may have# .amination.ou should always ensure that you have the correct e.oventry University 6arvard Reference $tyle is Coventry University’s recommended ormat or documenting the sources you use in your academic writing# Some tutors and subIect groups may re<uire you to use an alternative re erencing style# 6 you are unsure.disability 'physical or sensory* or or religious reasons.aminations.amination cards.Handbook insert – Undergraduate September 2011 'he .aminationsF however.sweets and so t drinks are permitted in moderation# .please contact the administrative o ice responsible or your course immediately# .amination halls# .purses.aminations scheduled at the same time.caw@coventry.computers.ou should note that there have been the ts o personal possessions rom student’s bags le t at the back o e.programmable process are available in the %eneral "egulationsthe ull te.ou are advised that all valuable items 'e#g# mobile phones.tra time at the end o the e.t o which is available on the internet# -t is very important that you are fully a*are of these regulations and that you follo* them at all times !ppendi.accept responsibility or the loss o private property le t or lost on University premises# 6 you need special e5amination conditions due to illness.a ter which it will be removed by the invigilator or collection by you a ter the session# &rogrammable calculators and portable computers are not permitted in the e.amination you must remain silent.and not leave your seat until an invigilator has collected your script# .drink or smoke during e.oventry University’s $tudent "ortal /https(00cuportal coventry ac u12 +ull details o the regulations that govern the ensure you understand the <uestions.lucky mascots.ams take place at other times as well 'your course tutor will advise you i your room and will be con iscated# !t the end o the will not be permitted e.and the procedures or dealing with cases o academic dishonesty# &olicy statements on the use o calculators and dictionaries in e.aminations are given in appendices A and 10 o the %eneral "egulations# "lease ensure that you al*ays ta1e your $tudent may use a bilingual dictionary or the irst 1M minutes o the e.amination period may be accessed via the "egistry’s section o Coventry University’s Student &ortal 'https())cuportal#coventry#ac#uk at the end o the Spring term# -t is your responsibility to ma1e sure that you have the correct information for your modules as misreading the timetable is not accepted as a valid reason for missing an e5amination 6 you ind that you have two e.plain the procedures or the e.aminations# $he University cannot in any circumstances.amination room that could aid cheatingF this includes you may not be permitted to start late# 6 you do arrive late and are allowed to paper# 6 your irst language is not 0nglish.ou are not able to take anything into the e. 1 o the %eneral "egulations covers all aspects o the e.ask your module tutor# 6t is your responsibility to ind out whether your tutor re<uires you to use a di erent re erencing style# +ull guidance on using the Coventry University Harvard "e erence Style is available rom the !cademic Support section o Coventry University’s Student &ortal 'https())cuportal#coventry#ac#uk*# For more information please contact the Centre for Academic Writing (writing.ou should always arrive in plenty o time or your e.heavy clothing.

' !&UR $'U.our course handbook should give you ull details o the local procedure or this# 6 illness or other circumstances a ect your ability to meet a deadline or handing in assessed coursework or your ability to sit an’s note etc#*# 'his is a re4uirement of the procedures .ternal may be declared void and urther assessment will then be carried out at a later date# -f you do not adhere to these rules you may be accused of cheating and appropriate penalties may be applied G W6A' '& .$.Handbook insert – Undergraduate September 2011 6 there is a ire alarm or other emergency during the e.perts rom outside the University* are associated with each S!4 and &!4# $his is part o a national system that ensures that standards are comparable across all U: Universities# ! ter S!4s have rati ied the marks or all the modules.your results will be released via the Student En5line !cademic "ecord System 'SE.or by re5taking the whole o the module with a new enrolment 'which may be essential i it involves )var)www)apps)conversion)tmp)scratch?1)1@A1022A>#doc N .amination.!"*# Enly inal year students or students e.and your &!4 has reached a decision about you regarding progression or award.ample.iting the course will be sent results noti ication letters# 6 you do not pass all your o your modules and you have made an attempt at all assessed aspects o your work at the irst opportunity.our +aculty)School may re<uire you to complete a orm i you are unwell or a short while 'e#g# a coldmigraine*# .amination period your results will be considered and your position reviewed# $his is done at two levels( at a SubIect !ssessment 4oard 'S!4* and at a &rogramme !ssessment 4oard '&!4*# $he results or each module are considered at a S!4 that determines whether the components o the module assessment reach the re<uired standard# ! S!4 has the power to raise or lower marks or all students taking the module i it considers it to be appropriate# $he inal mark recorded or your courseworkor e.E -##%E$$ &R &'6ER . REA$$E$$7E%' and RE$U#'$ ! ter each e.-R.aminers 'subIect e.please leave the room calmly and <uietly# .& -3 !&U EE"ER-E%.tension o a coursework deadline 'normally to a ma.aminationthen you should make an appointment to see your %& and obtain certi ied evidence 'e#g# medical certi icate.ou should not take anything with you and must not tal1 to other students# 6 there is any talking during an alarm the e.these procedures allow you to re<uest a* an e.may di er rom the total o the marks that you have received during the year# ! &!4 considers the results o each student on a particular course and makes decisions on progression and awards# 0.tenuating circumstances# $hese may be accessed rom the "egistry’s section o Coventry University’s Student &ortal 'https())cuportal#coventry#ac#uk*# 6n brie .the &rogramme !ssessment 4oard may permit you to be reassessed# Under the regulations that currently govern the undergraduate curriculum ramework.imum o three weeks*F b* a de erral o assessment or a coursework or an e.E$ '6A' A33E.amination# All such re4uests must be submitted before the hand)in date of the course*or1 or the date of the e5amination and they must be accompanied by appropriate corroborative evidence Eriginal copies o the evidence should be submitted 'photocopies are not normally accepted*.amination.and all documents rom medical practitioners must have a genuine practice stamp imprinted to con irm authenticity# -t is not possible to accept retrospective evidence 'he handing in of a course*or1 assignment or attendance at an e5amination *ill be regarded as a declaration that you *ere fit for the assessment and no subse4uent claims for e5tenuating circumstances regarding that assessment *ill be accepted "e<uests or de erral o assessment will be considered by a University 7e erral &anel in the +aculty)School in which you are enrolled# 6 A$$E$$7E%' B&AR.U7$'A%.i you do not pass all o your modules you may be reassessed by either re5sitting the assessment without re5enrolment on the module.-E$0EEA7$ 6 you are unwell and eel that the illness is a ecting your ability to complete work or attend an should consult the detailed guidance on the procedures or dealing with e.

.the &rogramme !ssessment 4oard may consider you or an alternative award i this is available# 6 you do not obtain the re<uired number o credits or an Honours 7egree.A'-&%$ $he classi ication boundaries or +irst Class.some o the rules will be slightly di erent# $he ollowing two methods are used to calculate your Honours 7egree classi ication and the higher result is awarded Either the average percentage mark o the 100 credits worth o modules with the highest mark at level > or above Or the average percentage mark o the 220 credits worth o modules with the highest mark at level 2 and above# $ome courses re4uire specific modules to be included in the classification calculations even if they do not carry the highest mar1s /e g final year pro=ect2 6 you do not meet the speci ic re<uirements or your named award.laboratory or studio work*# .#A$$-3-.or make an appeal against a &rogramme !ssessment 4oard decision.Handbook insert – Undergraduate September 2011 group.evel 3 l 6ntegrated 3asters D@0 100 plus 100 plus 100 plus 120 7egree with Honours >10 100 plus 100 plus 100 Unclassi ied 7egree >00 100 plus @0 plus @0 7ip o Higher 0ducation 2D0 100 plus 100 Cert o Higher 0ducation 120 100 B4 3ode 4 regulations re<uire di erent minimum module pass re<uirements# &lease re er to your Course !dministrator# $hese credit totals are the minimum University re<uirements# $he speci ic re<uirements or your course may e. A""EA#$ 6 you wish to re<uest a review.M0J and D0J respectively# 7ode .ou will be entered automatically or the resit's* at the ne.7ipH0 or CertH0*# $his 2cascade’ o awards should be e.the original module mark will be used in the classi ication calculation# AWAR.t available opportunity# ! urther reassessment attempt is associated with this repeated module# 8here a module is repeated.t available attempt# "eassessment by resit is restricted to one attempt# $his must normally be completed within the resit period associated with the academic session in which the module was studied and ailed# 6 you do not succeed in redeeming the ailure's* via may be considered or a lower award 'e#g# unclassi ied the discretion o the &rogramme !ssessment 4oard.evel > .Upper Second Class.based on the marks.grades and other in ormation )var)www)apps)conversion)tmp)scratch?1)1@A1022A>#doc @ .ou should then send your re<uest to !"%!ppeals#regQcoventry#ac#uk within 10 working days o the receipt o the o icial noti ication o your results# 7isagreement with the academic Iudgement o an !ssessment 4oard in assessing the merits o an individual piece o work or in reaching a decision on a student’s progression or on the inal level o an award.plained in your course handbook)programme speci ication# G RE?-EW$ A%.10J.evels 1 must put your case in writing and provide ull supporting documentation stating your grounds or re<uesting a review# . F 'he minimum module pass re4uirements for 6onours and .ower Second Class and $hird Class Honours 7egrees are may register.evels 2 .ceed these minima and are described in your course handbook) programme speci ication# 6 you were admitted with Oadvanced standingP.then complete reassessment in all components is re<uired# Eriginal marks are not taken orward to combine with repeat marks# $he overall module mark or a reassessed module will be capped at D0J 'or the original module mark will be retained i this was higher*# 6 you have to resit a inal year module or an Honours award.i#e# without studying both the irst and)or second stages o your repeat the module's* at the ne.$ A%.egree etc Academic A*ard 7inimum credits to be passed $ota .

!ppendi.which will assist the University in ensuring e<uality o opportunity# $he disability in ormation supplied will be shared with relevant sta o the University in order to provide you with the best possible support or your studies# &lease note that the University may contact you by post or by electronic means such as telephone.ata "rotection Act 9HHI Coventry University will process your personal data or any purposes connected with your studies.your health and sa ety whilst on University premises and or any other legitimate reason# $his may include compilation o data regarding your attendance at the University# 6n ormation about you may be disclosed to other bodies as re<uired by law.e<ual opportunities legislation and the University’s "ace 0<uality &olicy# 6n ormation on student admissions and progression will be publicly availableF however.'-&% A%.#php)content)view)1>1)1@0)1)1)# .or i any subse<uent appeal is still in progress.Child Support !gency*in ormation sharing partners and present)potential employers# Ene such body is the Higher 0ducation Statistics !gency 'H0S!*F urther in ormation about the uses or which H0S! processes personal data can be ound on the H0S! website at http())www#hesa#ac#uk) in ormation 'date o birth and 67 numbers* will be disclosed to the UniversityHs service provider or validation purposesF 'g* names will be included in pass lists and may be displayed on noticeboards# $he University may hold in ormation about you which constitutes 2sensitive data’ as de ined in the above !ct.such as in ormation about your ethnic group.ou have the right to opt out o receiving marketing material by post or by electronic means.government agencies 'eg Home E ice.and to the UniversityHs agents or the purpose o administering our own surveysF 'b* to Coventry University StudentsH Union to enable the Union to issue your BUS will not be possible to identi y individuals rom this in ormation.return lost propertydeal with disciplinary matters and contact you in relation to service provision development.including in countries where the rights o data subIects are not protected by law# 6 you wish.te.our contact details may also be passed to the Higher 0ducation +unding Council 'H0+C0* or its agents or the purpose o administering the national student survey. 2# $he "egulations are available on the "egistry’s section o Coventry University’s Student &ortal 'https(00cuportal coventry ac u1 *# &lease note that i you have submitted a re<uest or a review o your results.Handbook insert – Undergraduate September 2011 relating to the student’s per ormance.and publication o awards in local newspapersF 'e* publication o your email address on the University’s web site# $his means that the in ormation will be available worldwide.cannot in itsel constitute grounds or a re<uest by a student or reconsideration# !ny alleged inade<uacy o supervision or in other arrangements during a period o registration as a Coventry University student is not admissible grounds or review# $he ull details o how to re<uest a review or appeal ollowing the publication o your results is available in the !cademic "egulations.ou would there ore not be entitled to continue with your appeal# 8 .relevant health records and the disability classi ication which you supplied to the University# $he ethnicity in ormation supplied will be used to comply with the re<uirements o H0S!.and you can e.ting or email# .or crime prevention or detection purposes.or in order to comply with our obligations as a sponsor o migrants licenced by the U: 4order !gency# 7isclosures will also be made by the University as outlined below( 'a* to authorised bodies such as sponsors.representation and democracyF 'c* to debt collection agencies acting on behal o the University in the event that you owe money to the University which is not repaid within the appropriate time rameF 'd* release o results to ormer schools)colleges.A'A "R&'E.E$$ -%3&R7A'-&% 3air processing statement ) .you should consider care ully be ore accepting your award)attending an !ward Ceremonyas acceptance)attendance will indicate agreement with the award# .&%$E%' '& "R&.you may opt to have your address withheld by emailing directoryQcoventry#ac#ukF ' * i you elect to make on5line payments to the University. .ercise this right by contacting the sender o the communication# 6 understand that by signing my enrolment orm 6 consent to the uses o my personal data as described above# )var)www)apps)conversion)tmp)scratch?1)1@A1022A>#doc A .

ata "rotection Act 9HHI Coventry University StudentsH Union collects in ormation about students in the normal course o its operations# $his in ormation is only used or business relevant to and in the interests o the StudentsH Union and its members# Students are entitled to access any in ormation held on iles within the StudentsH Union in accordance with the 7ata &rotection !ct# Coventry University StudentsH Union may share in ormation about students with Coventry University rom time to time# "lease note that this information is not part of the formal University Regulations -n case of conflict of interpretation.Handbook insert – Undergraduate September 2011 $tudents’ Union $tatement F . the formal regulations ta1e precedence September 2011)S!S )var)www)apps)conversion)tmp)scratch?1)1@A1022A>#doc 10 .