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MLK - courage, sacrifice Ghandi - courage, sacrifice, standing up, etc Catcher in the Rye - Frustration, change, immaturity Hitler

- Power, corruption, propaganda Julius Caesar (play) - Pride, downfall Ender's Game - severe pressure, emotional distress, deception Marc Antony (in the play) - style over substance, manipulation, trickery Beloved - dwelling on/getting over the past, starting a new life, effects on human psyche Advertising/Marketing - How first impressions/how something is presented affects a person's view on something Brave New World - role of technology in people's lives, does personal freedom have to be sacrificed for a happy society?, etc Lord of the Rings is infinitely usable. Twain Novels are decent. Abe Lincoln- courage, working hard/persistence/self-made man Song of Solomon- self-discovery FDR - overcoming hardship, innovative Macbeth - discrepancy of appearance v reality (Fair is foul and foul is fair) Henry CLay – compromises Munich conference - appeasing others' wishes Frankenstein: dangerous knowledge, secrets of science, monster being rejected by society, abortion. The Great Gatsby: decline of America in the 1920s, deals with upper class throughout the novel. And Then There Were None: justice, guilt. Bill Gates/Warren Buffet: wealthy people who strive to donate to charities: money can or cannot be powerful - can argue either side; also, grew up with nothing, and accomplished a lot of things. Malcolm X: civil rights leader - anti-racism. The Once and Future King: force and justice, knighthood (bravery and becoming a man). Adolf Hitler: power/corruption/ambition.

that type of stuff. doing things to honor him and his gang.believing humans get what is just since God is just. etc.born into wealth but hated that lifestyle. goodness of man. ignorance. united we stand. realized the horror of it and founded a commission that tried to stop the arms race Vietnam . a "failure" . nomadic land.genius. Les Miserables . Also shows that every crisis is an opportunity in disguise. francis of assisi . The Scarlet Letter: sin. and my grandmother.redemption for lost innocence hector. launched the Global Environmental Movement Is it beneficial to avoid using technology?" and I used the Soviet-American Cold War/Arms Race as one example. The Outsiders: the rich and poor. loyalty .Bilbo who develops from an average. flaws of the criminal justice system attilla the hun . because Mongolia was a podunk. ordinary person into a hero.equality among race. downfall Rachel Carson . while Beowulf's other men have already fled. who avoids technology like the plague! st. Rosa Parks: anti-racism. Working together.courage. Fahrenheit 451: censorship. stood up for what she believed in .learning from our mistakes.Animal Farm: corruption/communism.potential of man. knowledge vs. father of the atomic bomb. when male and female interace = chaos.pride. identity.Wiglaf stays and helps Beowulf while the dragon ends up killing Beowulf. J. The Hobbit: heroism . abuse of power. Robert Oppenheimer . chose a life of poverty and love. persistence. The Giver. educating children's innoncent minds. Beowulf: bravery.individuality hercules. The Odyssey: temptation.he turned a ragtag group of warring tribes into the most terrifying force in Asia that sacked Rome. To Kill a Mockingbird: prejudice. King Lear: justice . divided we fall. Wiglaf never leaves his side. 1984.

protecting nature The Great Gastby . non conformity. simplicity. change. civil disobedience.Product of the environment Nineteen Minutes .Death of American Dream. social rules The Strnager .detached from world (you could use him for so many things) Napoleon/Hitler. Aung San Suu Kyi.Defining a person by a name.excessive pride Holden..don't judge a book by its cover My Name is Asher Lev .Standing up for what you believe in.Good intentions with bad actions.. She would make a good example for a lot of topics. logic v. because they're so dynamic that you can say a lot about them without necessarily repeating what everyone else said. . you make what you're worth The Importance of being Earnest . I said no and my example was that George Washington set the precedent that leaders were not supreme and they are in fact servants to the people.absurdity of life.creativity I guess. technology.Ends justify the means. capitalism.Loyalty My essay topic was something along the lines of should leaders be allowed exceptions to the rules. reality Chronicle of a Death Foretold .worked for me I feel like using presidents like GW or Abe are always good. etc is a Burmese woman.Boo from To Kill a mockingbird . An personal example for bravery..History repeats itself Kite Runner. society's fascination with violence Microsoft/Apple .Conformity The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail .. social rules Death of a Salesman .truth and objectivity Oedipus. freedom of speech.Loyalty John Rabe. democracy. Some people said it was generic but I got a 12 so.Two conflicting cultures Bave New World/1984 . even if they are popular choices. Anna Politskovskaya.

Ernest Hemingway (story of a man who decides to take upon the cumbersome role of a bomber in Spanish civil war. defies the norms ----> antagonist.John Steinbeck (shows the cruelty of man. Love this woman! Aung San Suu Kyi . audacity. running away from society) The Sun Also Rises .the epitome of the sexually liberated woman) For Whom the Bell Tolls .and if you read up a little bit about her the essay graders will be impressed by your knowledge of somewhat obscure current events.Wikipedia. the drunkard Pablo. competition over jobs.Dostoyevsky (for corruption. swindling. profligacy. who is obstinate to the "Ingles"'s ideas. recklessness. loose morals. man cruel to kin.) Grapes of Wrath . seduction. racism. epiphanies. 1920s. downturn of the . man deserting kin (Casey deserts Ruth). lost generation. the free encyclopedia beowulf faust (goethe) les miserables (hugo) crime and punishment (dostoevsky) stalin alexander the great turner's frontier thesis the great gatsby (fitzgerald) the metamorphosis (kafka) napoleon Brother's Karamazov . controversy. but later opens up. courage. immorality for Fyodor Karamazov) Huckleberry Finn .Ernest Hemingway (moral decadence.Mark Twain (for reflections. BRETT ASHLEY .

he is robbed by a Dutch pirate. He initially wanted peace.Jhumpa Lahiri (story of conflicting cultures.Voltaire (a story of a simpleton in love with a woman who pursues her all around the globe. vertical . Scott Fitzgerald (story of moral disintegration in the 1920s. TR and the Trust breaking (as well as the Big Stick Diplomacy) . this was a large section of the curriculum.F. corruption. it is meant to show the adversity faced by immigrant workers and factory workers during the early 20th century. in a country unfamiliar to your parents) The Jungle . and Upton . monopolies. After Lusitania & Arabic war was inevitable. TR was cognizant of the abuse of monopolies and immorality) HISTORICAL EVENTS Woodrow Wilson's reluctant declaration of war in 1918. and ridiculed in his proposal for marriage to Miss Cunegonde by her brother [for being a pauper]. as well as the corruption of politics. or The Interpreter of Maladies . trying to become independent. hedonistic or avaricious goals are solely guiding life. becoming successful.horizontal integration of companies) Candide . it exemplifies government intervention for the better of the public.) The Namesake. infidelity.) Great Gatsby . lack of government intervention. world is changing for the worse. His is a scrupulous fellow.for those of you who were in APUSH this year. growing up in parents' shadows. the intertwining political connection.Upton Sinclair (IS NOT INTENDED TO SHOW THE HORRORS OF THE MEATPACKING INDUSTRY. FDR and the New Deal you can't go wrong writing about the New Deal. though harshly treated by the vigorous world.

Biggest Loser. for instance: True Life. IF WE GET A QUESTION LIKE THAT OF THE MARCH 2011 TEST write from personal anecdotes. Reality Television. Gettysburg. Brave New World The use of technology to control society . Palin. Pequot war. film Princess Mononoke 1. Photography . Andrew Jackson. conservatism. Clarissa The immoral rake The rewards of virtue and the punishment of evil Enclosure Money 2. photos of Woodstock. Great Depression. terrorism. BIN LADEN'S DEATH. Conservatives. Indian removal act 1830.Famous photos you've seen. Lord of the Flies Innate savageness vs civilization Loss of Innocence 4. Reagan Era. Obama. laxity of 1960s. Survivor.Sinclair's FICTION novel exacerbated the tensions of the time. Jersey Shore. photos of 9/11. Revolutionary War. Corruption of Jackson's cabinet. TR also passed the Food and Drug Act of 1906 Other things to write about: Civil War. encroaching on Indian land. Puritan Church in America.

Macbeth Exceptions to the rule . The Crucible Reputation Blame and accusation Intolerance 9.Happiness vs truth Dangers of totalinarianism Alienation 5. Othello Accusation 11. The Catcher in the Rye Alienation Growing up 8. The Scarlet Letter The inevitable burden and consequence of sin Identity 7. Frankenstein Dangerous knowledge Seclusion because of physical characteristics Monstrosity 10. Of Mice and Men The predatory nature of human existence Idealized male friendship The impossibility of the American dream Loneliness and companionship 6.

courage. government controls all thoughts. government has telescreens and signs promoting “Big Brother”. hates the totalitarianism. led to nowhere. standing up to authority. Burden of knowledge for Hitler’s cronies. courage. Mahatma Gandhi: Fought for freedom of India. a party member named Winston Smith wants to overthrow it.Greed Sons and lovers SAT Essay Examples 1984 by George Orwell • Plot: Totalitarian government. a legendary society that wants to overthrow the government. • Themes: Standing up to authority. Government controls history. sacrifice. but too scared to do anything. etc. Ignorance led to innocent lives being lost. at the end he learns to love Big Brother (the supposed leader of the party) and accepts the government system. • Themes: TOTAL CONTROL. • Themes: Psychological Manipulation. Hitler: Wanted to take over the world. • Winston Smith: timid. Outsourcing: Many jobs are being outsourced to other countries because they are cheap. • Themes: Dangers of totalitarianism. Winston finally cracks and tells them to hurt Julia instead of him. shows materialism. they try to be indoctrinated into the Brotherhood. changes people’s pasts to suit their needs. Iraq War: Wrong decision. They are captured. • Themes: Opposition to authority figures. Sort of like a revolutionary. government controls everything. Martin Luther King: Fought for black rights. power. paranoid. Mikes blasting propaganda all the time. killed millions of people. Winston falls in love with a girl named Julia who works in his department. corruption. fatalistic. Holocaust: Did not realize fast enough that Hitler was mass exterminating Jews. even disloyal thoughts are punishable. . sacrifice. lack of knowledge led to innocent lives being lost. Always trying to protect himself. actions. citizens ignorant of the fact that they had no weapons of mass destruction.

Honestly. Donald Trump (Real Estate Mogul) 5. Richard Branson (Virgin Records) 4. self-made. Enron Scandal (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) 16. Lord of the Flies Macbeth Copied and pasted exactly from the list I made to prepare from. MLK.Spiderman (Movie): With great power comes great responsibility. but I used Gandhi.Cuban Missile Crisis) 11. NAFTA / CAFTA (Pros vs. Wall Street (movie – CAUTION: Rated R) 18. Alberto Fujimori 14. MLK. Jack Welch (General Electric) 7. I only had like 1984. Marketing/Advertising: First impressions make a big difference. 100 Great Examples (SAT Essay): 1. The Google Guys: Larry Page and Sergey Brin 8. Watergate Scandal 15. Steven Job (Apple Computers) 2. Hitler. Nelson Mandela 10. Capitalism vs. Ideologies: Liberalism / Communism / Socialism / Social Democracy 21. 13 Days (JFK. Bill Gates: Opposition to authority. I didn't use any personal examples. persistence. Gandhi. Andrew Carnegie 9. Smartest Guys in the Room: Enron (movie or book) 17. Michael Dell (Dell Computers) 3. Wall Street Crash of 1929 20. Howard Schultz (Starbucks) 6. Anti-Globalization Movement 22. Dot-Com Boom & Dot-Com Burst 19. Manuel Noriega 13. and Lord of the Flies. Cons) . LotF. Augusto Pinochet 12. out of these. and Macbeth memorized and I got a 12 on my essay. loss of innocence.

39. 42. 63. 46. etc. 65. 43. 49. 55. 30. 9/11 (e. Oprah Winfrey Martha Stewart. 62. 25. 26. 37. 58. 64. 38. 41.23. 34. 31. 51. NYPD/NYFD. 56. 59. 57. 44. 29. 53. 52.) Global Warming Hybrid Technology / Full Cell Technology Dependency on Foreign Oil Vietnam / Gulf / Iraq War French / Russian / American Revolution Patriot Act Singapore / China / North Korea (ideologies) Socrates / Plato (“the Republic”->our constitution) Glass Menagerie (movie or book) Death of a Salesman (movie or book) Birth of a Nation (movie) Great Gatsby (book) Scent of a Woman (movie) Macbeth (book) Merchant of Venice (book) 12 Angry Men (movie) Ethan Frome (book) Citizen Kane (movie) A Tale of Two Cities (book) Scarlet Letter (book or movie) Of Mice and Men (movie or book) The Count of Monte Cristo (movie or book) Metropolis (movie) 1984 (movie or book) Fahrenheit 451 (book) One Hundred Years of Solitude (book) Crime and Punishment (book) War and Peace (book) Inferno (book) The Oedipus Play (book) Othello (book) Don Quixote (book) Black Boy (book) The Brother Karamazov (book) Birth of a Nation (movie) Great Expectations (book) Little Women (book) The Metamorphosis (book) A Million Little Pieces (book) Vertigo (movie) . 33. 45. 48. 32. 35. post-9/11. 60. 24. 40. 47.g. 50. 27. 28. 36. 54. 61.

Niel Bohr 85. The Fall of Rome 75. The Great Depression 83. Friedrich Nietzsche 99. Robert Oppenheimer 89. The Scientific Revolution 80. Italian Renaissance 78. Lance Armstrong 71. High Middle Ages 77. Israel vs. Polk 91. The Civil Rights Era 84. Werner Heisenberg 98. The French Revolution 81. Pablo Neruda 100. The Enlightenment 79. Virginia Woolf 97. John Winthrop 96. Eva Peron . Joseph Stalin 94. Candide (book) 69. The Roman Empire 74. Sacajawea 92. Max Planck 90. Tiger Woods) 70. Sigmund Freud 86. Napoleonic Europe 82. Georgia O’Keeffe 88. Steve Prefontaine 73. Vladimir Lenin 87. James K. Woodrow Wilson 95. Palestine (the bloodshed) 68. Harriet Beecher Stowe 93. VJ Singh (vs. J. The World is Flat (book) 67. Muhammad Ali 72.66. Early Middle Ages 76.