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Opening sequence screenplay FADE IN (flickering as if there is an interruption in the signal): Ext. Close up on boots walking.

Camera follows the moving feet. Diegetic sound of footsteps along the path. CUT TO: BLACK BACKGROUND WITH CREDITS. An intertitle of ‘Produced by Ellie Williams’ nondiegetic music begins with slight rumble. CUT TO: EXT.BACK LANE Medium long shot of antagonist walking up the path. JAMES, a nineteen year old who has been travelling for a while to find work. FADE TO: EXT. TREE LINE BY FIELDS Long shot as the camera pans along the darkened tree line. In the diegetic sound we can hear wind and there is the non-diegetic soundtrack in the background. CUT TO: EXT. CONCRETE PATH Extreme close up of a puddle in the potholes. A splash in the water causes ripples and leaves titles behind. The diegetic sound includes the splash. FADE TO: EXT. SAME CONCRETE PATH FOR BACKGROUND In the foreground there is an overlay of a newspaper article about a ‘Mystery Death in Small Village’ and the article will include the title ‘SOUND BY SARAH WARD’ CUT TO: EXT. BACK FIELDS Medium close up of JAMES with his hood up. The camera will zoom so we are looking at him over his shoulder and

a shadow will be cast on his face so we cannot see his identity. The title ‘JAMES WEBSTER’ (the actor) will be at the bottom left of the frame. Only non-diegetic soundtrack. FADE TO: EXT. BACK LANE The camera is placed on the floor looking down the dark lane. A shadowy figure passes the camera and leaves the titles ‘EDITING BY HOLLY SHIPPEN’ behind. FADE TO: Black background with credits. Close up. Flash of another newspaper article with the headline ‘TWO FOUND DEAD’. Only non-diegetic soundtrack. Including screams in the sound effects. CUT TO: EXT. BACK LANE Medium shot of the side of JAMES with his hand down by his side. Titles ‘EVIE ROGERS’ appear along his fingers. JAME clenches his fist and titles disappear. Non-diegetic soundtrack. CUT TO: EXT. BACK LANE Long shot of JAMES walking towards the camera. The titles ‘MUSIC BY LUCY SMITH’ appears and crackles in the bottom right hand side of the frame. FADE TO: EXT. BACK LANE SAME AS PREVIOUS SHOT WITH NEWSPAPER OVERLAY. Close up of article ‘SHOCK MURDER IN SMALL VILLAGE’. Crackling as though there is a lack in signal. Crackling sound effects in the non-diegetic music. CUT TO: EXT. FILEDS IN AISKEW

Medium shot of JAMES resting on concrete block. Nondiegetic soundtrack. CUT TO: EXT. DARK TREE LINE DOWN BACK LANE Medium shot of dark tree line. The camera pans across the line of trees. CUT TO (WITH FLICKERING): EXT. RAILWAY TRACKS Medium shot of JAMES crossing the railway tracks. As he gets to the other side he glances behind him. Only the non-diegetic soundtrack will be heard. CUT TO: EXT. RAILWAY TRACKS Close up of the railway tracks. The titles ‘CASTING BY CHARLOTTE ROADS AND HOLLY SHIPPEN’ appear along the lines of the railway track. FADE TO: EXT. SAME AS PREVIOUS SHOT WITH NEWSPAPER OVERLAY Close up on newspaper article in the foreground with ‘MISSING FOUND DEAD’ in the headline. The visuals from the previous shot in background minus the titles. Slightly louder noises in the non-diegetic soundtrack. CUT TO: EXT. BARBED WIRE FENCE, BACKLANE Medium shot of a broken barbed wire fence with flickering during the shot. The non-diegetic soundtrack getting very gradually louder and crackling in the non-diegetic sound effects. CUT TO: EXT.BACK LANE Close up of JAMES’ feet walking towards the camera. As he reaches the camera it moves back with him. Only the nondiegetic soundtrack playing.

CUT TO: BLACK BACKGROUND WITH WHITE CREDITS. A white intertitle with another actors name ‘TONI KELLY’ at the bottom of the frame towards the right. Nondiegetic soundtrack. CUT TO: BLACK BACKGROUND WITH NEWSPAPER ARTICLE PALCED OVER THE TOP. Close up of an article that has the head title ‘WANTED’ and JAMES’ face next to it. Crescendo in non-diegetic music. CUT TO: BLACK BACKGROUND A close up of JAMES face with his hood up. There will be dark shadows so you cannot see him completely. Deep breathing in the sound effects as though someone is out of breath as though they have been running. CUT TO: (FLASH TO) BLACK BACKGROUND White intertitle on a black background of the movie title ‘WANDERER’ in the center, dominating the frame. Nondiegetic music cuts off as though it has been stopped.

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