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Power Grid Network Solution Overview

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and terminals. security and real-time dispatch. and reliability. EV Charge How to utilize limited optical fiber resources in MANs to improve network coverage? How to design a highly flexible network to accommodate new electric facilities? How to enable network access equipment adaptable to harsh environment? How to ensure security and reliability of the backbone network? Power Sales Network Power Integrated Data Network Huawei Smart Power Integrated Network Solution Power Communication Network Challenges >> > . It requires flexible scalability and high bandwidth.The backbone network requires low latency and high reliability. and the access network requires flexibility and auto-adaptation. management. It has strict requirements for reliability. How to provide reliable ultra-longdistance transmission? How to ensure network-wide reliability and uninterrupted system running despite a node failure? How to utilize optical fiber resources to improve network coverage? How to provide sufficient bandwidth for new dispatch services such as graphical terminals? Transformation Smart Substation Huawei Smart Dispatch Integrated Network Solution Challenges • • Dispatch Smart Dispatch System Power Synchronization Network Transmission Huawei Ultra Long Smart Transmission Network Solution Power Transmission Network • • Huawei Smart Distribution Network Solution Smart Power Grid Network Overview Power Integrated Data Network Features This network carries enterprise-wide data services like OA/ERP. This network needs large-scaled and longdistance transmission. providing network connectivity for electricity production. totally isolated from other networks. stability. marketing agencies and institutions. quality.Power Grid Network Huawei Electric Power Industry Solutions i t u l o S y r st Solution u d n I r e "ONE NET" Smart Power Grid Integrated Network n ow rk Solutio Smart Power Communication Solutions Generation Smart Power Plant • • • • etwo N d e t a r Integ Consuming 2 Solution Overview Huawei Smart Plant & Substation Integrated Network Solution Smart Dispatch Network Features This network is dedicated for power dispatch communication. How to ensure reliable and quality of enterprise-wide communication? How to design a highly flexible network that allows different terminals and services? How to ensure the quality and security of services not affected by each other? How to simplify management and maintenance of a huge number of network devices? Distribution DA Information Challenges • Smart Home Network Huawei Integrated Metro Network Solution AMI • • • Smart Distribution Network Features This network facilitates network communication of DA system and connects DA main stations. substations.

divided into real-time. and for other sites. • » Solution Highlights Integrated Solution Full integration of Intelligent Unified Integration Clock network resources NMS Platform Synchronization Improve network monitoring To carry high precision and management level clock signals Smart Dispatch High Performance IP Platforms Powerful and smooth evolution of business processes Integrated Network Smart E2E Failure Solution Smart MPLS QoS Scheduling Protect real-time & high priority services Detect & Protect Whole Network 200ms switch-over Huawei's smart integrated solutions for power dispatch network are dedicated to solve the power dispatch business concerns. achieves dispatch business proprietary quality assurance. to ensure dispatch service reliability. to implement long distance and high reliability forwarding. The nodes in core layer are fully redundantly configured to ensure dispatch business non-stop. As big and important substations/plants. » Backbone layer. connected by STP/ WDM and MPLS/IP network. more in line with real-time scheduling business needs. Access layer. single router with dual engines can be used. The network ensures its reliability by full redundancy and fast switch-over. is in big substations and other control stations. ensures safety isolation and high quality for key services. equipment and overall reliability design. MSTP/WDM transmission and router combination solution based on IP & optical transmission provides super-long distance high reliability. through the network. is in substations and power plants. . Power dispatch network is usually divided into 3 layers as following » Core layer. MPLS VPN is used for service isolation. The backbone routers. power dispatch system usually needs the dedicated network carrying services. to terminal all the substations and plants' dispatch VPN services. dual access routers can be used. to provide non-stop power dispatch service. in dispatch center and backup dispatch center. The refinement of service deployment with MPLS VPN and MPLS HQoS technology. Services VPN division is used with QoS scheduling parameters configured individually to ensure critical business low latency and packet zero loss. to provide standard synchronized signal. non real-time and emergency services. The access routers aggregate site's services and uplink to remote dispatch center. The source timer can be deployed in this layer.Power Grid Network Smart Smar Dispatch Integrated Network Solution 3 Solution Overview >> > atch Services For For PPower Dispatch ower Dispat ch Ser vices GPS Substation Monitor RTU Meter Voice Time Receiver t Disp Operation & Maintenance Station Dispatch Center GPS MPL S VP N Tu nnel NMS Policy Front-end Server processor SCADA main station Substation / Plant GPS Meter RTU Substation Monitor Production Management Voice nel N Tun P V S MPL Centralized Control Center Main Clock DTS PAS Server Server Receiver SCADA Backup station Voice Substation / Plant Time Solution Overview • For requirement of safety and reliability. Program based on 1588v2 solution can effectively achieve high-precision time synchronization between different power plants and substations.

This program used the topology of two identical flat network architecture. like SSU. and failure of any node must cause services switched to backup routing within 500ms. to meet power dispatch network high reliability requirement OSN 1800 OSN 3500 • OSN 550 AR 3260 • • AR 2240 • • • • OSN 8800 • • • • Power Enterprise core switch. BFD. 5 regions and 25 provinces. Xinjiang Tibet Hubei Hunan Jiangxi Sichuan Henan Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia Qinghai Inner Mongolia Beijing Tianjin Hebei Liaoning Eastern China Fujian Anhui Zhejiang Jiangsu Plane B Chongqing Shanghai • Solution: Huawei relies on its 10-years large-scale network construction experience. efficient and self-healing smart grid. to reduce TCO Dual power module and engines • • High capacity and long distance WDM system Integrating 40G/100G. and ASON technology Full redundant design. GR. FE RJ45. Huawei routers support 1588v2. NE40E routers are used in backbone of two planes. designed with high capacity and non-block switch. xPON. NSR. to achieve safe isolation of services. involved in the nodes in headquarters. including GE optical/electrical. to build the national backbone network based on dual-plane transformation. FXS. to provide better than 1μs precision synchronization Multi-service MSTP/SDH transmission system TDM/Eth/IP multiple type access. with high reliability and real-time insurance Flexible network salability in harsh environment The 3rd generation intellectual multi-service routers. etc. To achieve the goal of strong & smart grid. SGCC needed to build a national grid network backbone with very high reliability. • Benefits: Dual-plane construction of the backbone network greatly enhanced the reliability and stability of the whole network. Integrated switch and router. to reach 2T Multiple reliability technology Advanced QoS mechanism. to support the strong. with hot-swap service card Full interface type. Huawei complete MPLS H-QoS provided a safe business service quality isolation and low latency. used in substation access gateway Multi-core technology. PID. to provide precise clock synchronization function for future evolution. The whole network must eliminate single failure.Power Grid Network Power Smart Dispatch Network k Case se a C r o w t e N Transformation of the SGCC Dispatch Backbone ne kbo c a B h c t Dispa Plane A Shanxi Shandong Heilongjiang Northern China North eastern China Central China Schedule backbone Northeastern China Jilin 4 Solution Overview • Challenge: SGCC(State Grid Corporation of China) is the biggest Power Grid company in the world. Huawei's E2E high reliability ensured entire network 200ms protection switch-over. FE. In addition. E1/E3. Power Dispatch Network Products NE40E-X8 • • • • • • • • Dispatch network core/backbone router Maximum ports: 384GE/384FE/128×10GE • • Dispatch network backbone/access router Maximum ports: 144GE/144FE/48×10GE NE40E-X3 Full WAN/LAN Interface type. to ensure dispatch services safety and high quality Multiple reliability technology. including GE optical/ electrical. POS/CPOS. big capacity OTN cross. etc. T1/T3 and ATM Advanced MPLS H-QoS solution. to reduce TCO S9300 >> > . to ensure service quality Integrated FW and NetStream. serving 26 provinces and more than one billion population of China. Perfect PTP solution based on 1588v2. RS232. running two separate IGP routing planes with L3 VPN MPLS BGP.

Each unit's data. Solution Highlights Integrated Solution Full integration of network Intelligent unified resources Integrated VPN NMS platform Multi-services Integrated Improve network monitoring deployment and management level 400G New Router Platform Reliability Powerful and smooth Information Services evolution of business Smart Multi-Service availability and safety assurance processes Scheduling Multiple services high quality assurance Huawei smart integrated data network solution focuses on power multi-services deployment based on unified intelligent network platform. Dual routers are usually adopted to ensure services reliability. high reliability and intelligent management. to access remote informational VPN services. The core layer in HQ center aggregates the entire services by MPLS VPN. and uplink to remote manage center by MPLS VPN. setting up 2-levels core layer. Substations or other enterprise units are managed by regional center. Smart Integrated Data Network Multi-dimensional Solution . Backbone network. Campus network. which is in charge of corresponding regional office. to implement long distance high quality transmission. smart services scheduling. in HQ and regional manage center. • Power integrated data network is usually divided into 3 layers as following » » » Core network. nested VPN is adopted. with routers in big substation uplink to MSTP/WDM.Power Grid Network Smart Smar Integrated Data Network Solution 5 Solution Overview >> > grate For For PPower Information Services d ower Inform ation Serv IP Phone Access Switch Cooperation Backbone Router Monitor Core Switch Telepresence AP Monitor screen NMS Mobile Office Wireless Monitor SSL VPN FW Access Router MSTP/WDM Regional Manage Center t Inte Substation Policy Server NMS Media Server Regional Manage Center HQ Manage Center DMZ Web Email. as the regional center combines local VPNs into a big VPN and then uploads to HQ. Due to differentiation existing in each region. which provides powerful performance. voice and video services are aggregated by switches or wireless AP. composed by each enterprise unit's local information network and access network. DNS Servers NMS Core Router Policy Server FW MSTP/WDM OA Integrated FW Regional Manage Center IP PBX Media Server DC Stores SSL VPN Access Switch AR G3 Backbone Router MSTP/WDM Substation Solution Overview • 2-levels network architecture is proposed to adopted in integrated data network. including management and communication services.

and built up a solid foundation for the realization of reunification of a strong intelligence network.11a/b/g/n. providing flexible deployment options Intelligent network. 3G. 48×GE ports per slot MPLS HQoS to support multi-service high quality • NE40E-X8 S9300 • • • • WA603DN • • Power Enterprise core switch.4GHz/5GHz dual-band support. with hot-swap service card Full interface type. The network provided the conditions for carrying on the smart grid to provide informational services with high security. to reduce TCO Dual power modules and engines Aggregation and access switches. high capacity non-blocking forwarding Auto configuration. maximum support 600Mbps2. supporting ADSL. RS232. GE etc. to reduce TCO Suitable for indoor/outdoor wireless access Supports 802.backbone and access routers 100G platform with high capacity Maximum 16×10G. Power Integrated Data Network Products NE40E-X3 • • • • Core . to ensure service quality. FXS. automatic power adjustment and load balancing • • • • • • • • • The 3-rd generation intellectual multi-service routers. E1/CE1. Huawei set up national grid network by NE40E/20E series routers. to build integrated data network backbone. • Benefits: Integrated data network for SGCC provided high quality. 5 regional and 25 provinces nodes. to reach 2T Multiple reliability technology Advanced QoS mechanism. SA. security and reliability of WAN connectivity services for the national grid SG-ERP information system. used in substation access gateway. to carry enterprise informational services as OA/ ERP. involving Beijing HQ. Integrated switch and router. including video. Eudemon-X Series S5700 AR 2240 AR 3260 S3700 • WA653DN • >> > . one stop deployment Advanced NAC security mechanism Perfect SLA and OAM/Y. G. MPLS QoS solution are used to ensure data. xPON. High-speed BFD was used Shenyang Xian Northern China Northwest China Central China Beijing HQ Northeast China Eastern China 6 Solution Overview Shanghai Chengdu Wuhan • to detect failure in very short time. voice and other new business.SHDSL. FE RJ45. The full redundancy was designed to eliminate single point of failure. voice and video services keeping high quality. Wi-Fi. support for power-adaptive. including GE optical/electrical. with maximum 6Gbps capacity and 1500Kpps forwarding Multi-service interface. reliable and green power integrated data service bearer network.1731 technology to ease E2E network maintenance High performance enterprise FW. self-channel selection. Integrated FW and NetStream. designed with high capacity and non-block switch. Multi-core technology.Power Grid Network Power Information network cases ses a c k r o netw Network SGCC Integrated Backbone twork Ne • Challenge: SGCC aimed at the highly efficient. The entire network adopted mesh/half-mesh topology with MPLS VPN technology. etc. FE. Solutions: Three layers structure is adopted. integrated.

waterproof. to achieve high reliability. that effectively improves the utilization of fiber resources. and ONU is placed in the outdoor ring main units and other electrical equipments. through the RJ45 Ethernet ports or RS485 line connection terminals. OLT is placed in the substation communication room. responsible for their areas of DTU/TTU/FTU communication terminal equipment. The metro backbone adopts either SEP L2 ring protocol or IS-IS/OSPF IGP routing protocols.Power Grid Network Smart Smar Distribution Network Solution 7 Solution Overview >> > ributiServices For For PPower ADO o ower n ADO NMS t Dist Dispatch Center Distribution Main station Distribution sub station 110kv substation Distribution sub station Distribution cabinet 35kv substation Distribution sub station TTU RS232/485 RS485 DTU TTU TTU RJ45 FTU TTU Column switch TTU Opening and closing RMU Solution Overview • Distribution main station is deployed in dispatch center. with the ONU equipment specially designed of lightning protection. Huawei's xPON technology enables a single fiber pull away to 20 km. Network Solution Integrated Specialized Design Protection Solution for Power Non-stop guarantee Superior adaptability High performance for distribution to the external IP platforms services environment Powerful and smooth evolution of business processes . and anti-magnetic properties. Solution Highlights Integrated Solution Full integration of network resources Intelligent unified NMS Platform Improve network monitoring and management level Integrated IP+xPON Solution Enhance expansibility by efficiency of fiber Smart Distribution resource utility Huawei's intelligent power distribution solution fully considers the needs of adaptation to the environment. and sub-stations are deployed in 110kv/35kv substation. the master station is responsible for communication with the various sub-stations.

mature and reliable equipment • MA5621 • • • MA5603T Uplink: 2×GPON/2×GE (optical) or 1×GE (optical) +1×GPON Downlink:4×GE/FE+4×RS485/RS232 Support IEC60870-5-101. with the requirement of very high reliability and environment adaptability. The ADO network covering the entire city's power distribution network was established. to ensure 50ms switchover. ensure real-time forwarding Maximum 288GE/FE ports. working in 40℃~70℃ (7×24) Hand-in-hand protection to meet high reliability requirement 1:2(50/50. and to save significant cost. and switch capacity 2T Less than 20μs latency. 6 service slots and 2 uplink cards 4/8 ports GPON card. meet 10-years expansion • • • Backplane capacity 6T. communications cable extending along the power line distribution network of electrical equipment. and electromagnetic. Solution: After complete tests. ONU ring was placed in the cabinets and other outdoor power equipment. to ensure fast switchover SEP fast L2 reliance technology. DNP Dedicated design for power industry to meet harsh environment requirement. tolerant high temperature.10/90) / 1:4 / 1:8 / 1:16 / 1:32 / 1:64 SPL1101 • >> > . meet 10-years expansion S9312 Comprehensive L2/L3 IP/MPLS forwarding capacity. suitable for a variety of metro network Dedicated hardware supports BFD for everything. rain. and switch capacity 2T Less than 20μs latency.Power Grid Network Smart distribution network cases ses a c k r o tw Network neADO Zhejiang Hangzhou Power Company twork Ne • Challenge: Zhejiang Power Company was committed to develop real-time monitoring of remote control electric power running operation. CDT. high temperature. antimagnetic anti-lightning. ONU devices have a good environment for tolerance. GPON solution was used. OLT was placed in 110KV or 35KV substations and other communication rooms.30/70. 16 service slots and 2 uplink cards 4/8 ports GPON card. to ensure that the distribution system switch from passive response to active maintenance with fast fault.5/95. uplink 2×2 GE/10GE/STM-1 S9306 MA5600T 40Gbps per slots. Power Distribution Network Products • • • • • • • • • • • Backplane capacity 12T. lightning. 1:4 1300M 90 1X2 10 70M 200M ONU 84M 188M ONU 250M 500M ONU 300M 300M 500M 500M 200M 200M ONU ONU 1X2 10:90 90 iOLT1 A C C iOLT2 B B 1X2 10:90 500M 70M OLT1 D D 50 250M 180M ONU 1X2 50:50 170M 300M ONU ONU 500M 30M ONU ONU 85M MA5680 MA5620 1X2 50:50 200M 120M ONU ONU ONU 1X2 50:50 1250M 1:4 200M ONU 400M ONU 400M ONU 600M ONU 8 Solution Overview 50:50 1X2 51M 150M ONU 150M ONU 103M 150M ONU 51M 150M ONU 52M 200M 200M • • Benefits: GPON solution saved fiber resources. to enhance network coverage. uplink 2×2 GE/10GE/STM-1 • • Dual engines. Dual engines. Network in real time and high reliability enhanced customer experience. IEC60870-5-104/61850. ensure real-time forwarding Maximum 576GE/FE ports. to support 10G PON expansion Supports MPLS to adapt flexible network Global shipments of the first. Design by ODN significantly enhanced the user experience.

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