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Autism Protocol for SCIO

By Gail Gillingham Wylie, owner and operator of Autism Consulting Service has a Masters of Science degree in Individual, Family and Marital Counseling Canada. Autism Protocol (though I don't really like that word as each person on the spectrum is unique and I spend most of my time following the lead of the machine when I work on the SCIO than any specific protocol.....but that seems to be the popular word so I am using it here). The Journey to Where I am Now Someone asked what to do about autism so I thought I would share what I know so far. Warning, this is long, but I think worth reading if you are working with anyone on the autism spectrum. I have been working with the SCIO for almost 4 years now trying to figure out the best way to work with autism and think it is time to share what I have learned with you.. But first, I believe that I should tell you a little about myself. In 1988 I was hired to work as a group home supervisor on a residential farm site that focused on serving people on the autism spectrum. I had no idea what autism was at the time and did not even the job existed until I was offered it. It was the most abusive place I have ever been in my life and I finally was fired for refusing to stop speaking up against the abuse. In the midst of this, I discovered a people, who I feel are "my people" and who I love in a way I cannot describe easily. The journey from there to here has been an amazing one, far beyond anything I could have ever dreamed for myself. I have 3 books on autism available which are sold throughout the world and I am known for the work I do in autism in every continent on this planet. I fully believe that the SCIO is the last step in this journey. I have dedicated the last 20 years to a crusade to understand autism as completely as I can. Most of this effort has been spent listening to those who are on the spectrum, for I truly believe that they know more about this than the rest of us, but I have also spent countless hours going through the research of the past and present, picking through to find what is meaningful and what based on the current thought of the day or theory of the researcher who has never spent any time with someone on the autism spectrum. I have also listened to the parents, the educators, the researchers and so on trying to make sense of everything because as a logical person, I fully believe that it all has to make sense. At this point I do believe that I have come to the end of the journey and have the answers but when I try to share them with anyone with power in this field (media, government, medical system, and so on) I face a wall. I have been silent for a time but I don't think I can wait any longer so am sharing this information in any way I can, in hopes that someone will listen.......with the full realization that there are many out there who have their own reasons for rejecting this theory. Parts of this letter are going out to the autism community in different ways so forgive me for when it becomes a little uneven. In the beginning I concentrated on how the sensory system was heightened, which, I

those who have difficulty processing sulphur in their bodies. those with a multiple of these problems and so on. I came across the EPFX through a number of "coincidences" (I have a habit of closely listening to these). the ability to detox.. But even when one does. The picture was bigger than that. It is here that one begins to start comprehending the vast variety in this field. It's been more .... This means that we must work with each case on an individual basis depending on the specific trauma and the long term effects of that trauma. and to realize that there is little likelihood that we will find one answer to the question of understanding autism. But this was not enough. Next I focused in on the problem of means we allow the person to interact comfortably in the world "in spite" of their heightened level of response. By this time I was fully aware that autism is NOT and never has been a "brain" problem or a "neurological" problem although that is the common rhetoric of the day.learned directly from those on the spectrum. I began to break down the people I worked with into categories based on significant symptoms and found that there are many different groups: those that secretin makes an incredible difference for. This does not mean we "cure" the problem. I began to look at the various biomedical concerns that were being spoken of by those on the spectrum and their families and caretakers and followed the work of the DAN doctors (a world wide organization called Defeat Autism Now) and so on. but with many..and that the variations in symptoms were a direct result of the specific type of trauma and the timing of the trauma. In fact there so many studies out there claiming the exact opposite of each other it's mind boggling to say the a vulnerable age: either in the womb or in infancy and that this trauma led to the breakdown of the immune system. and all of the neurological research that has been done since 1943 you will not find a single study that has been found to be significant in scientific measures and replicated by others to find the same thing. those with Candida. In 2005 I was introduced to the world of energetic medicine through a journey which started with me again listening to a number of people on the spectrum. As I am not a Doctor I could not really do anything meaningful with what I was finding but at least it was helping me understand. I was also learning that reducing the amount of stimulation from the environment and/or administering certain substances to the body (for example secretin for some people) would decrease the level of symptoms that the person exhibited which clearly indicated to me it was a not a neurological condition as we were not "fixing" the nerves in any way.... it is not enough. those with irritable bowel syndrome. We are not working with one problem. the gastrointestinal we have people with very busy brains that we bore to death because we believe that a lack of verbal communication indicates mental retardation and the inability to learn. I also learned that if we make adaptations in the environment. I started as a client and moved on to buying my SCIO in the spring of 05. and there is a lot of it. In the midst of this I theorized that autism was caused by trauma to the body.. Then I moved to the impact of stress/anxiety on the bodies of those with autism and again was able to open the door wider but again it was not enough. and so on and so on. those that the gluten/casein free diet helps.. If you look at all of the brain research..... This explains why so little of the autism research that has been done throughout the years is not significant at a scientific level. What a huge mistake! and how difficult it is to get through with this one with most professionals and families. we can do a lot to resolve their issues.

. The earlier we can begin this process. It only means that we make the body more comfortable from within.. At this point I am going to focus my attention on what we can do on the EPFX. The environment is also involved as whatever the child is exposed to will add stress to the body. However. the symptoms. The picture is very complex.. So. In the past most of the exposure happened in the womb which meant that there was limited access to the virus. They are available for sale on my website..... the virus may lead to a sensitivity in the auditory system of the child which may lead to ear infections which when treated with antibiotics leads to the death of the bowel flora (necessary bacteria) in our bodies which in turn leads to Candida which then leads to intestinal problems.. The changes that the individual makes in their own life will affect the process too. one also must deal all the trauma that has happened because of the virus over time as well as all the other trauma that has happened to the body from other genetic variables or environmental stresses in order to restore the body to it's full health. it cannot heal. so the work I do on the EPFX has to be done in conjunction with a lot of work in the rest of the lives of those on the spectrum. Our job is to figure out the individual blockages for the individual person and work on it on an individual basis.than 3 years now since I was first on the EPFX myself and I have spent this time continuing to work on understanding autism... once this is complete.. and the stress on the various organs of the body. The possibilities are endless. This is one of the reasons that the incidence of autism has jumped from 4 in 10.000 (late 80's) to 1 in 155 at the present time The specificity of the virus as well as the timing of the exposure for each individual is the reason that we have so many varieties in autism. At this point I believe that I have narrowed down the "specific trauma" even further. So what have I found? It appears that autism is the combination of a genetic weakness of a family based on an exposure to a virus (or viruses) in the past combined with the exposure to this same virus (or viruses) to a child who is at a vulnerable stage of their life: either in the womb or in infancy... Even more exciting than this is that now when we figure it out we can remove the "core" and also start the process of healing the results of the trauma.. both in the severity. If we continue to expose the body to high levels of environmental stress... the quicker the results but it is also helping the adults I work with. I have found that almost every type of virus (or viruses) is/are involved. etc. If you want to know more about the other things we need to put in place I would advise you to read my books.the level of stress in the environment of the individual also makes a big difference...for example if we have ... which appears as the miasm.. It also does not mean that we can ignore the other factors that I have mentioned above... The use of vaccinations changed the picture completely as before the chances of contacting the specific virus was slim and now the chances of actually missing the virus is almost impossible and gets worse as we add more and more types of vaccinations to the lives of our infants. This does not mean for one minute that we will "cure" autism or take away any of the many gifts that autistics have to share with this is this audience. this is only one example of what can happen and how the problems can pile up over time. for example.. At this point I have discovered how to pinpoint the exact virus (viruses) that led to the autism on the SCIO and how to clear the specific viruses from the system and to clear the genetic code which had created the weakness to the specific virus. and are different for each family based on their specific family history.

. 2008) I watched a report on the news about a research group claiming to have found the "gene" that causes autism. casein (milk products) and soy products before the gut is healed. It was based on the assumption that early intervention works with autism and that this gene has something to do with learning and that it has to be turned on in order for the child to learn. Early intervention practices that are being broadcast as the only "hope" for autistic children are based on providing a very limited means of communication which allows the person to share a very little of what they have learned with us. the ability to say one word. The truth is that the child would have picked up the knowledge without the early intervention. I am very comfortable with those on the spectrum and I have no need to "cure" them. However. but I was still searching for more as I wasn't solving anything over the long term. It does not free the person to express himself in a way that is meaningful enough to excel in our society. They believed that the early intervention is what causes the gene to be be turned on. but I am beginning to believe that it might be. and is able to share the limited amount they have learned with their therapists because of the intervention BUT it is not very helpful or meaningful in the long run. Last night (July 11. their symptoms will remain the same and may even get worse. I almost laughed except for the reality of how sad this story actually is. that we have indeed made a difference in their lives.what a load of crap! But it's out there because we have well meaning people who are trying to do their best to solve a problem they don't understand. Instead of listening to the people with autism. that they feel and that they think with us. The last 3 years have proved me correct in that assumption in many ways. they focus their attention on the claims of "scientific research" carried out by other people who don't have a clue about autism and who have not spent their time with people on the autism spectrum. but they don't fool those of us who are truly involved.someone who is filling up their body with toxins that are a result of leaky gut and this person insists on continuing to eat gluten (wheat and other grains).. The assumption that there is learning difficulty and that the child is mentally retarded allows the proponents of these types of treatment to claim success based on a very limited amount of communication. They cannot clearly and easily communicate what they have learned to us. This work with the viruses has changed all that. I hadn't thought so in the beginning. People with autism DO NOT have a learning disability of any kind.. In the beginning I focused on the theory that the EPFX would reduce the level of stress and anxiety in the person with autism to the point that they could be comfortable in this world and in reaching that point would be able to reach their full potential. Not only does the intervention with the EPFX. At this point I wonder if we can actually call this a "cure" for autism. But we haven't. they do have a major disability in communication. The claims of those who push the ABA type of intervention based on such incredibly low expectations may fool most of the people in the world who listen to the doom and gloom messages from the media and who never take the time to really get to know someone on the autism spectrum. who are experiencing the problem first hand. They may have difficulty learning in certain ways because of sensory issues. allow the body to begin the process of healing all of the trauma that has accumulated throughout the system . It is only when we open the door to them so that they are free to communicate everything that they can truly share all that they know.. The ability to point at an answer to a question. the ability to ignore the discomfort of eye contact long enough to comply with another's demands is NOT progress. This lack of communication leads the assumption that they know little. In fact they learn very quickly and to an extent that most of us cannot fathom.

It is the largest nerve in the body and connects the whole digestive system to the brain. lack of secretin to neutralize the stomach acid. a lack of imaginative play. Most people on the spectrum have hypoadrenia which means that their adrenals are not working as they should which directly results in a higher response to stress.. So how does this work in an individual family.. One of my clients was allergic to 495 different items when we started working with her. Hormones are often out of whack which means that the endocrine system has been compromised. I believe that one might really have to know autism to recognize this. lack of bowel flora to break down the waste and push it out of the system and so on.but there is not one gene coming up as the problem for every autistic client which means that even though Harvard claims it is the 16th gene and plan to develop ways to pre-screen during pregnancy based on that gene.. some none. or when they have a fever they show fewer autistic symptoms because in that moment the body is responding as it should. but I might be wrong. Allergies are common. I do know the children and adults I am working with well. We have to start by working on the stressed organs. And the lymph system and the thymus are not working well. It is also why we should be very careful with any detox program we institute because pushing out the toxins through weakened organs is only causing them more stress and what's more the toxins will only build up again because the body is not working well enough to get rid of them...... lack of enzymes to break down the food. The pancreas is stressed which leads to the lack of enzymes in the body which are responsible for digestion and for many of the others processes we need to survive. My autistic clients have very few reds.. My father was born during the great flu outbreak in 1918 which means that he was exposed to the influenza virus while in the womb. etc. (incidentally I am not finding that this is any greater than the typical person... He had four children and 11 grandchildren who are also considered NT (neurotypical..however one grandson has hyper acuity of the auditory system. There is a distinct difference in my clients in their ability to communicate but even more so their desire to socially interact with others.. casein and soy ending up acting as opium in the brain. they ain't going to catch everyone.. but maybe I am wrong. but the wall of communication and even more so social interaction seems to have crumbled. leaky gut (holes in the peritoneum ) which are caused by parasites and lead to the problem with gluten.which is lasting long term. And of course genetics. Most of the organs are severely stressed: the liver and the kidneys: which means that the body is not detoxing as it should which is why they are showing up with the heavy metals. The reticular formation in the brain is usually turned on which means that the person is a state of constant alert. The vagus nerve is also not functioning properly. which means the whole immune system is compromised. This child demonstrated many autistic symptoms such as head banging.this is how autistic people describe the rest of us).. An.. He was a very sensitive man but was never diagnosed with anything and lived a typical life for his generation. Is it the "cure"???? At this point I am not willing to claim that much. It's a BIG picture. The digestive system is stressed in so many different ways it is hard to believe. of course. we are poisoning ourselves as a species these days). and was very slow to begin to talk as a .the only grandchild whose mother experienced an extreme bout of the flu while he was in the womb. This is why they are "never" sick.. I will share my own experience. Other constants I am finding: first of all most of the bodies are not responding to much at all. so I can pick up the differences. We can turn this down which immediately lowers the stress level of the body. some one or two and most not more than 10.

Some of our clients do not watch a screen at all. We now have 9 great grandchildren in the family....I am constantly working to speed up the process but the trauma that happened to the body happened over time and it will take time to heal.. had they had one.. If not. Again one of these children went through a severe bout of influenza while he was in the womb and again he shows symptoms of autism: the first was his absolute fascination with ceiling fans. He was given a regular education so can compete with his peers at their level.. again. His doctors were beginning to voice concerns about his lack of speech and wanted to have him assessed by the autism specialists. make sure they are turned off when the clients are present and use alternative types of lighting if needed. Sitting and doing nothing for the length of time one is on the EPFX is impossible. Fans and so on are distracting. Thankfully he was not and is doing well as an adult because he has always known about his auditory differences and has made adaptations for head banging.. The EPFX is not a quick fix. art materials. This means that we will not be able to use him as an example of the work I am doing which is okay with me..and it is much cheaper over the long term and much more effective than any other autism treatment I have come across! Environment One of the most important things one must consider when working with a client on the autism spectrum is the environment in which one is working. etc. The more reduced all sensory input in the environment. be aware of autism and of his sensitivities so that he can develop his own coping skills that work for him well in the society.if we so choose. games.. I think it is important to note here that none of the children. will never carry the official label of autism. The second consideration we must take into account is the fact that people with autism have busy brains which need to be kept occupied. We have all sorts of toys. it is important to have the room that one is working in as calm and peaceful as possible. He. I would rather have him living in a comfortable body and be free to do whatever he wants to in life than to have my name put up in lights anywhere.. books. The exciting thing for me is that we now are in the position to make a difference. How many 2 year olds do you know who can work on 1000 piece puzzles along side adults and put the pieces in correctly. Keep decorations to the minimum. Instead we put him on the EPFX and he is progressing very nicely now. by the way. was very slow in all his developmental milestones. One does not need an official label to get to know oneself. grandchildren or great-grandchildren in this family have ever had a flu vaccination as we may have a different story for some of them. but he also was a head banger. keyboards and so on available for the children to . and was not talking at all at age two +.. lines his toys up. We have a television and DVD player set up with a large selection of DVD's for children to choose from but we do not only rely on that. Use shelves. Use pastel colours for decorating.. Listen carefully to whatever items you have in the room: clocks that tick loud enough for us to hear them may be very annoying.. if I can help it. very social and showing us how incredibly intelligent he is. not because I see it as an insult but because of the negative decisions that will be made for him by people who have no clue in his future if he is diagnosed...preschooler and would likely be given a diagnosis of autism today. He will however.. talking in full sentences... Remove the florescent lights if possible. to keep the clutter out of eyesight. puzzles. Due to the heightened level of sensitivity through the sensory system. the easier it is for the person to relax..

Parents also bring toys and DVD's from home when their child has a specific interest that will keep him/her occupied for the time they are on the EPFX. I always do the neural peptide stimulation and balance and the neural net on the NLP on the first visit and whenever stress reduction or anxiety comes up during the following sessions. body scan (aura). shaping (top neurotransmitters). auto varhop. IRD. whatever it is. colour therapy. I always go through and rectify the autonomic nervous system on the first session and again every time that stress reduction comes up on either the purple hints or on the Nelson Report. We also have a variety of books. . 2) stress in spine. 3) relax mind. First step: Go to the unconscious reactivity section of NLP and ask if 1: was the cause of the autism the virus miasm? 2: was the cause of the autism a virus? 3: was the cause of more than one virus? 4: were there any other miasms involved other than the virus misam? If it says yes. Parents are encouraged to bring items into the room and exchange them whenever needed. We respect their choice. The work listed above is all based on following the lead of the EPFX whenever possible. 1. short sarcodes. 3. 5. Others have no problem at all being hooked up. All of the above focus more on relieving the stress and anxiety level than they affect the actual autism. All of this is done in addition to my regular protocol which includes hololinguistic. Protocol The majority of time I spend on the EPFX is focused on following the lead of the superconscious as I believe that it knows far more than I do about the client I am working with. These people are a lot more sensitive to the frequencies than the typical person. and the yellow and purple treatments suggested on the therapy page as well as the treatment suggested in the lower right corner on the main matrix.entertain themselves with during the session. Often the clients need a number of different things at once to keep them busy. The third consideration one must pay attention to is the response of the client to the EPFX. 4) relax vision and 5) the autism and learning disability area which I believe is found under additional. disease dictionary. into the therapy room. A number of my clients claim that it is too much for them to have the harness on and so we do all their work through subspace. We have a collection of baskets available so that the stuff can be brought back and forth from the play area in the waiting room of our office. I always work on the reticular formation in timed treatments on the spinal page the first session and in any other session that comes up in any way as I find that they are often stuck in a high alert state most of the time. DVD's and mind type games for the adults to choose from. 2. However there are certain steps I have found to be useful in my work with those on the autism spectrum. 4. If the client is highly anxious when the session starts I begin by going to biofeedback and rectifying 1) stress in nerves. body viewer. or tell us not today. Others find that their sensitivity varies from day to day and will ask to be hooked up. I determine which one through yes/no questions.

6. and others that need to be exploded.. It appears that there are viruses and/or situations in which the viruses only need to be cleared. Then you type AUTISM in the purple hold tray and test both trays. or use them to gather more information which I do. Here I use the DNA protocol I learned from Levi Baxa to work on the DNA working with autism in one of the hold trays and virus miasm through the following process.. There I ask the question in the yes/no area: (for example:) Is the flu virus found on 5567 on the main matrix the cause of autism for Joe? I continue asking about the viruses until I have found all of the viruses involved. 2047. Typically the virus miasm is the lowest (top blue) on this list the first time I see a person on the autism spectrum.(dash) behind the word miasm you will get too much information to deal with. If it responds with no for any one. The results appear in the yellow bars at the bottom right of the page.. I note the matrix number and the name of all of the viruses that come up and go to NLP unconscious reactivity. I have just discovered that we can clear a virus (kill it) and that it may still be able to block healing because it is still present in the body. and the DNA in the Body Viewer. If one doesn't appear I repeat the process after hitting the virus tab filter so that I am only looking at viruses. and 5552 the only causes of autism in Joe's body? I clear the viruses by zapping them as a group or individually for 18 minutes on the main matrix. If another miasm has also been pinpointed as a source I do the same procedure with it. When it says yes I can move on to working with the DNA part of the picture. 7. To find which chromosomes are connected to which miasm and autism you bring up all the chromosomes by using the filter on the side of the main matrix. I will go back and zap it 9 minutes at a time until all are cleared. It is the same colour as fungus so a little harder to see than the other buttons. Clearing the autism from the DNA First of all: make sure that you have the lymph running in the background in the IRD. You pull it into the yellow hold tray on the right side of the matrix by clicking on it and moving it to the tray (it doesn't actually "come" with you but does appear in the tray when you get there)... You can either treat these by clicking on them.into the search bar you will pull up the list of miasms. If you go on the main matrix and type miasm. I complete this part of the treatment by asking if the source of autism has been cleared from the body. If you try this without putting the .I believe it says chromos. but not always. Then I will go back to the yes/no question and ask if each virus has been cleared individually. Reaching the "core" of the autism. so don't forget the dash. 7363. With the miasm in one hold tray and Autism in the other you check both trays . 8. On the main matrix I type autism in the top hold tray and then pull the virus sensitivity miasm into the bottom hold tray and test both trays together on the main matrix and note the virus that comes up. If the answer is yes I zap them for 9 minutes at a time until the yes/no question area responds with a yes to whether the specific virus has been exploded. Once the viruses are all cleared I return to the yes/no questions to ask if any of these viruses need to be exploded. (for example) Are the viruses found at 5567. We may have to explode the virus (break it into small pieces so that the white blood cells can devour it) in order for the blockage to be completely removed.

the results will appear on the yellow bars to the right. Make sure that you write down the numbers that appear as you will lose them as we continue this process. I find that there is a lot of repetition in this section. though I don't rectify any of the yellow treatments which appear more than once. Bring them down to the red hold tray at the bottom of the matrix and then work on four echo bars that appear.. or that another miasm is involved in some way... and two spaces between each chromosome: For example: 2 P 12 Q 18 P I have been taught a number ways to work on this PANEL. I have missed something and go back and start it all over again. once I have rectified them the first time. If the answer is yes.. the process is complete. Click on them one by one to treat.. birth.. the first year of life. The last step is to click on the telimore button to seal in the work you have done. A question would look like this: Did Jordan contact the virus numbered 2626 as found on the main matrix during gestation? The five time slots I question are conception.. Repeat this process for each of the chromosomes that come up. You can click on each chromosome to treat it individually is you choose.and the specific chromosomes will come up in the yellow bars at the bottom right of the page. Clearing the impact of the viruses historically: At this point I am working on the following with some of my clients and not doing this with others to see if this work is necessary . Now go to the DNA page which is behind trivector which is found on the therapy page. I have found that the answer is usually because I have either missed one of the viruses. If there is no grey button for DNA you can get it to appear by clicking on the atom. Make sure you are on the main matrix when you hit the echo buttons.hit scan and treat button once. Next bring each chromosome to the purple hold tray and click on the harmonic buttons that appear and then on each of the yellow treatments that appear. so find it confusing. At this point I am not seeing much of a difference so may forgo following these steps from now on) Determine the time of the exposure to the virus by asking questions in the yes/no area.. I do all of the harmonic buttons that come up.again. (the rectification number appears in the left hand top corner) When the rectification number comes to 100 or thereabouts and the scan and repair button turns grey. I always zap each yellow item until it is fully rectified no matter how many zaps it takes. Remove the ALL from the chromosome tray (top line) and replace it with the chromosomes that have come up leaving 1 space between the number and the letter. DNA tingle once and then Scan and treat until fully rectified. .. but found this method demonstrated by a practitioner who was trained directly by Bill Nelson so have decided to follow her lead . attempt electrical repair button once. Back to the yes/no question area to ask if autism has been cleared from the body... If the answer is no... gestation. When I get a yes I then ask if there was more than one contact to clarify it further.. the second year of life. Again click on these yellow treatments... I move on to the long term DNA treatment at the bottom left of the screen and treat it until reaches 100..

adrenals... In the midst of this I also pay a lot of attention to where the SCIO is leading me and work on whatever is suggested.. epilepsy is also a problem. pineal. In the case of some people with autism.. thyroid. didn't have a single virus come up during gestation (first page of the main matrix) and I am looking forward to what will happen during his first year.which indicates the virus that he was in contact with in conception was already causing stress in his life and he hadn't even been born yet. liver. I also have noted that one often needs to do a metabolic treatment in timed treatments for at least 5 weekly sessions and maybe more (one asks the yes/no question again.. has a conception.. Levi says to check the both circle in the gender area but I must admit that I stay with the gender of the person I am working with. I find that one needs to do a lot of work on the organs: vagus nerve. if one is done or not after five). I would ask if any specific miasms are connected to the epilepsy in that case and if it yes ask about each one by one to see which fits. On the next page put the birthdate and the birthplace of the person in as usual and save as a new patient.. etc. I was innitially told that these can take place one day after another so we don't have to wait but I have found that my clients were overloaded when I tried that. Then go down to Animal Testing at the bottom of the page (left side) and click on that Check the circle before "Other living thing" and then load and close.. A situation (as developed by Levi) looks like a regular session except for the fact you are working on a specific event. so now book them at least a week apart.I find it very interesting to compare what one finds in the present minute and the situations. His O reading during gestation was below 50... kidney. gestation and first year situation booked. Instead of the person's name you type "Jordan Frank's gestation" into the name area of the demographics page... so for example the child I am working on could probably repeat the whole process using epilepsy in the hold tray. going through all of the items that come up when I put it in the hold tray... At the end of all this I go to the yes/no question and ask if I have removed the cause of autism that happened during gestation from the body and if I have corrected the trauma that happened due to that virus during gestation.there was also a dramatic drop in varhop numbers from conception (all high) to gestation. always to a physical trauma on biofeedback (you find it on the Organs bar on the biofeedback page). pituitary... one of my recent clients indicated that the source of the . was full of virus during conception...... one has to be flexible and continue to come up with theories as to the connections when one is asking the yes/no questions... Allergies and toxins also seem to be a problem. hypothalamus. pancreas and digestive systems all seem to be compromised to some degree but each person in unique so one has to pay attention to what is coming up on the SCIO. I work on the specific virus that matches that situation by zapping it for 18 minutes. This was made worse by environmental stress as his mother was painting the house and laying new flooring. I book another session depending on the answer that comes up... I do a new situation for each of the time periods that came up in the yes/no questions.. For example.When I have determined what periods of time I need to work on I book them as situations... Step 3: rebuilding the body Once I have completed all the viruses in this fashion I will work on rebuilding the body in a number of different ways depending on what comes up on the SCIO.. For example: Jordan has very little in the way of virus showing up in the present... However.....

.not being toilet trained is often connected to high levels of copper and aluminum (below 40).... It appears that the "cause" was the original polio. etc. I work on them each individually in the order that they come up.not quite as relevant to the little ones who have not experienced all the social trauma that this diagnosis leads to.. Polio showed up in the additional treatment area on the IRD panel (misc) where I usually have skin running in the background.. I hope that this information is helpful for those of you who have clients with autism and don't have the time to put in the 20 years I have spent coming to a clear understanding of what it is. and even more so when the person is older. each person is an individual.the things that people have done (and continue to do) to those on the autism spectrum in the name of treatment and education throughout the years are absolutely horrific. I find that adrenals.and end up causing a lot of blockage too. For example: one client had one polio virus come up as one of the causes of autism and we cleared it.but again.. This is as far as I have come at this time. One can increase the enzymes on the SCIO until we get the pancreas... but this led to a weakness with the other two polio's which were also blocking his ability to heal.. kidney. Check of allergies/sensitivities especially to gluten. and limbic system are usually weakened but there can be many more depending on the life experience of the specific individual.. pancreas. . I will be continuing to work on this further and am willing to share what more I learn in the future. healed.. The next step is to rebuild all of the organs in the body that have been traumatized by the autism... Work on mineral. vitamin and amino acid deficiencies and excesses throughout this whole procedure. Took a long time to clear them. lymphatics.. liver.. and salicylates. I always do the minimum of 5 weeks and then ask whether we need to do more in the yes/no question area. Keep an eye on the additional therapy areas on the SCIO as they often offer clues to what we have to work on... Since then he is improving. Ask about medication? There is not a single medication out there that has been scientifically proved valid for anyone on the autism spectrum.. reticular system. casein... We will be supplementing secretin through a transdermal cream that is now available until we can get his pancreas to the point where it is producing enough for his body. It is very important to work on the emotional blockage. but that doesn't stop the doctors from prescribing meds which usually do more harm than good... I asked whether we need to clear this polio and it came up with two items (searched polio on main matrix to find them). The three mentioned are the main problems....epilepsy was due to a lack of amino acids which in turn was due to a lack of secretin.. We didn't see a lot of change in him even through the SCIO indicated that the autism had been cleared. In the meantime. vagus nerve. Be sure to clear the allopathic toxins if any of your autistic clients are on medication. It appears that the metabolic system is often compromised and work on it in the Timed treatments area for 5 -10 weeks in a row. One was poliomyletis and the other the polio vaccine.....these should be pulled from the diet until the healing is complete as they will also cause blockages if they are an issue..

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