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Dear GOP Leader Eric Cantor of The House of Representatives/ Chairman Issa of the Gov.

Oversight/ Chairman Goodlatte Chairman House Judiciary Comm. Please read these two post/links given below and consider my testimony as a key to stopping Obamacare through the legal demand that ACTS of Congress first must be signed by a qualified President according to the demands of the U.S.C. for the Office of the President to become law. Eliminating the Race Card of Obama and the Partisan Politics on O's Eligibility. Letter to Sen. Harry Reid released Oct 31st according to the time period mentioned. Thank you for this consideration. The factual evidence is overwhelming and I as a candidate for President in the Democratic Party was subject to injury without Judicial Hearing from the United States Supreme Court Judy v. Obama 12-5276 twice 2012, and January 2013. I have no other recourse but to appeal to Congress to hear the evidence and facts with my standing on the principle of eligibility of the Office of the President untainted by 'race' because I first in 2008 took Sen. McCain to court on his eligibility prior to his receiving the nomination. This will make a difference as it’s the principle I've held up as a candidate without regard to race, the main complaint of mainstream media. I am a candidate willfully run-over against the laws of our Constitution and I demand a House Hearing to relay the U.S. Supreme Court Clerks 6 month delay in giving me a case number only after 2 other cases from Georgia came to the Court with no Presidential candidates so as to slide my case in with theirs as "without standing" and strategically placing the court "out of session" to hear my case. If I had been given a case number without any problems or changes made I would have been heard the session before the election. The damages I've suffered compel justice Sir. I should not have to bear this burden of injustice especially with the legal and professional witnesses of law and order testifying to my cause and complaint. I await your response and answer to my request with a "Yes" or "No". Sincerely, Cody Robert Judy Contact Info. 801-497-6655/

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