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Welsh Cake Recipe Orange-Banana Smoothie Pops Recipe Oatmeal Pancakes Cutie Quiche Cakes Polka- ot Pea Soup Chocolate Cupcakes Watermelon Blaster !o-Bake Cheesecake Chocolate Pu""ing #y favourite $rownies chil"

Welsh Cake Recipe % "elicious little cake flavoure" with spice an" "rie" fruit& $ake" on a gri""le an" $est serve" warm an" sprinkle" with sugar. % real Welsh treat.

Welsh cakes ingredients
''(g)*o+ plain flour ,--g).o+ $utter /(g)0o+ caster sugar (-g)'o+ currants 1tsp $aking pow"er 2tsp mi3e" spice , egg % pinch salt % little milk to $in"

How to make Welsh cakes
SP4C5%675#%84-http9))"ia);isit<'-Wales)43plore)=ra"itions <'->istory)?oo"<'-Recipes),.<'-Welsh<'-Cakes<'-Recipe <'-?inal),.---'7foo"7WelshCakes7,@3A.ash3-R4P6%C47#4 >omema"e Welsh Cakes with orange $utter Sift the "ry ingre"ients Bflour& $aking pow"er& mi3e" spiceC together into a mi3ing $owl. Cut up the $utter an" ru$ into the flour. Stir in the sugar an" fruit& pour in the egg an" mi3 to form a "ough& use a little milk if the mi3ture is a little "ry. Roll

the "ough out on a lightly floure" surface to a$out the thickness of a $iscuit. Dse a pastry cutter to cut out roun"s. Cook the cakes on a grease" $ake stone or gri""le until gol"en. =he heat shoul" not $e too high& as the cakes will cook on the outsi"e too Euickly& an" not in the mi""le. Once cooke" sprinkle with caster sugar an" serve with $utter. %s an alternative you can try mi3e" "rie" fruit or tropical fruit. Some grate" lemon or orange rin" is also goo". %n unusual $ut "elicious a""ition is , teaspoon of laven"er flowers with some citrus +est. %"" a little orange Fuice& +est an" icing sugar to some soft $utter to serve with the Welsh cakes. ?in" out more a$out tra"itional Welsh recipes Enjoy this? Share it with friends

Orange-Banana Smoothie ops Recipe

>ere are some alternate versions of this recipe create" $y our won"erful community of chefsG 5ngre"ients
• • • • •

, containerBsC B/-ounceC 8reek yogurt ')0 cupBsC thawe" orange Fuice concentrate ' large $ananas Hest of , lime , ta$lespoonBsC fresh lime Fuice

irections Puree one 8reek yogurt& thawe" orange Fuice concentrate& $ananas& lime +est& an" fresh lime Fuice in a $len"er. Pour into si3 0-ounce mol"s. BWe use" mini $aking tins with Popsicle sticks& $ut you can also su$stitute paper cups.C ?ree+e until smoothie pops are soli"& a$out . hours. =o release pops& "ip mol"s into hot water until pops loosen an" sli"e out. 5f using cups& peel away paper. Reprinte" with permission of >earst Communications& 5nc.

Oatmeal ancakes

5n a small $owl& mi3 the eggs with the oil. 5n a me"ium-si+e $owl& com$ine the "ry ingre"ients. Stir the egg mi3ture into the "ry ingre"ients& then stir in enough orange Fuice to create a thick $atter. %"" choppe" nuts or "rie" fruit& such as apricots& if "esire". >eat the $utter in a large frying pan& then pour $atter into the pan $y Euarter cupfuls. Cook until "one& turning once. #akes A me"ium-si+e pancakes.

C!tie "!iche Cakes

Preheat the oven to 0/(I?. 8enerously oil or coat a ,'-cup muffin pan with nonstick cooking spray an" set asi"e. ivi"e the $rea" cu$es evenly an" place into the muffin cups Whisk together the eggs& sEuash& che""ar cheese& Parmesan cheese& an" $acon $its in a large $owl until well $len"e". Dsing a ,).-cup measuring cup& pour the egg mi3ture into each of the $rea"-fille" muffin cups. Bake until gol"en $rown& a$out '' minutes. Cool slightly& remove from muffin tins& an" serve with maple syrup or ketchup as "esire". ;ariation9 ?or a sweeter alternative& replace the 0 slices of whole wheat $rea" with 0 slices of whole grain cinnamon raisin swirl $rea"& an" replace the $acon $its with ' ta$lespoons of $rown sugar.

olka-#ot ea So!p

Step $
>eat oil in a me"ium saucepan over me"ium heat. %"" leeksJ saute& stirring occasionally& until leeks are softene" an" translucent& a$out ( minutes. %"" chicken stock& an" $ring mi3ture to a $oil. %"" peas& an" re"uce heatJ simmer until peas are $right green an" ten"er& a$out ( minutes. Remove from heat.

Step %
Puree using an immersion $len"er& or transfer mi3ture to the Far of a $len"er& working in $atches if necessary so as not to fill Far more than halfway& as hot liEui" will e3pan" when $len"e"& an" process until smooth. Season with salt an" pepper.

Step &
Pour soup into serving $owls. =o make polka-"ots& fill pastry $ag with sour cream. Pipe "ots onto surface of soup& an" serve.

Chocolate C!pcakes

Step $
Preheat oven to 0(- "egrees. 6ine ,'-cup stan"ar" muffin tin with paper liners.

Step %
5nto a me"ium $owl& sift together cocoa& flour& $aking pow"er& an" saltJ set asi"e. 5n a mi3ing $owl& cream $utter an" sugar until light an" fluffy. %"" eggs& one at a time& $eating

well after each& then $eat in vanilla. With mi3er on low spee"& a"" flour mi3ture in two $atches& alternating with sour cream an" $eginning an" en"ing with flour.

Step &
Pour $atter into cups& filling each 0). full. Bake until a toothpick inserte" in centers comes out clean& '- to '( minutes.

Step '
Cool in pan ( minutesJ transfer to a wire rack to cool completely& then sprea" with 4asy White 5cing using a ta$le knife or small offset spatula. ecorate with sprinkles& if "esire".

Watermelon Blaster

5ngre"ients 0 cups cu$e"& see"e" watermelon , ,)' cups straw$erries 0 ta$lespoons fresh lime Fuice , cup ice cu$es Sugar& to taste irections Step , Put watermelon& straw$erries& lime Fuice& ice& an" sugar if "esire" into the pitcher of a $len"er& an" $len" for ,( secon"s on high spee". B%lways put the top on the container $efore processing.C Stop machine& an" stir ingre"ients with a long woo"en spoon. Blen" for ,( secon"s more on high spee".

(o-Bake Cheesecake

Step $
Put graham crackers in a large reseala$le plastic $ag& an" crush them with a rolling pin until very fine crum$s form.

Step %
Pour crum$s into a me"ium $owlJ stir in sugar. %"" $utter& an" stir until well com$ine".

Step &

Press the crum$ mi3ture into a A-inch springform pan& sprea"ing it , ,)' to ' inches up the si"eJ press flat. Chill crust in free+er at least ,- minutes.

Step '
#eanwhile& make the filling9 Dsing an electric mi3er set at me"ium-high spee"& $eat the cream cheese in a large $owl until smooth. Beat in the con"ense" milk a little at a time& scraping the si"es of the $owl as necessary. Beat in the lemon Fuice an" vanilla.

Step )
Pour the filling into the crustJ smooth the top with a ru$$er spatula. Cover with plastic wrap& an" refrigerate until firm& ' ,)' to 0 hours.

Step *
Dnclasp si"es of pan& an" remove cheesecake.

Chocolate !dding Chocolate pu""ing is fun to eat -- Fust try to lick it off a spoon without smiling. 5t is also gloriously uncomplicate" to make. Our pu""ing recipe is simple& straightforwar"& an" short. Kou wonLt nee" any fancy eEuipment& Fust a talent for stirring. %n" most of the ingre"ients are alrea"y in your kitchen. Best of all& A-year-ol" Monathan Ba$oveC can "o most of the work an" cleanup himself& leaving "a" Mon free to lick the spoon. ?or the Pu""ing ' ta$lespoons cornstarch ( ta$lespoons granulate" sugar ' ta$lespoons cocoa pow"er ,)* teaspoon salt , cup heavy cream , ,). cups milk ' large eggs , ,). cups semisweet chocolate chips , teaspoon pure vanilla e3tract ?or the =opping , cup heavy cream , ta$lespoon confectionersL sugar =ools #easuring spoons 6iEui" measuring cup #e"ium-si+e saucepan Whisk #i3ing $owls& me"ium an" large Ru$$er spatula #i3ing spoon #easure out pu""ing ingre"ients $efore $eginning. Work time9 '- minutesJ chilling time9 .- minutesJ total time9 , hour irections ,. 5n heavy-$ottom me"ium- si+e saucepan& whisk together cornstarch& sugar& cocoa pow"er& an" salt. '. %"" the cream& milk& an" eggs. Whisk until com$ine". 0. Stir in chocolate chips. .. Set pan over me"ium heat. Whisk slowly an" constantly& making sure to scrape si"es of pan& Fust until pu""ing $egins to $oil& / to * minutes. (. % grown-up shoul" remove saucepan from heat an" transfer pu""ing mi3ture to a me"ium $owl. @. #ake ice $ath9 ?ill large $owl with ice an" a little water. Set $owl of pu""ing in ice& an" stir pu""ing until it starts to cool& a$out ( minutes. Stir in vanilla. Cover with plasticJ refrigerate until thick an" well chille"& a$out .- minutes or overnight. =o serve9 Whisk , cup heavy cream to form soft peaksJ whisk in , ta$lespoon confectionersL sugar. =op pu""ing with whippe" cream.

+y fa,o!rite -rownies

chil" %nother fun an" easy to ki"s recipe for 4asy Bake Ovens. Must the right si+e an" serving for little chefs. #y "aughters love their easy $ake oven an" enFoy coming up with al kin"s of fun treats they can $ake in them. 5ngre"ients9 ' ,)' ta$lespoons Sugar , teaspoons Oil ,)* teaspoons ;anilla e3tract . teaspoons Chocolate syrup ' ta$lespoons Plus , teaspoons ?lour irections9 Stir together sugar& oil& vanilla& chocolate an" flour until the $atter is smooth an" chocolate colore". Pour $atter into grease" an" floure" pan. Bake ,( minutes. When cool& cut them into we"ges or little sEuares. #akes @ we"ges or ,)' inch sEuares. chil" ♦