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S. the activities of the QIP/CDC would not have been successfully carried out. IIT Guwahati and Dean (Academic). of courses were conducted on different topics during the year . and 02 numbers of teachers have joined for the advance Ph. Out of fourteen nos. D. without their active cooperation. Thanks are also due to staff of the QIP and the administrative and accounts staff of the Institute. programme. The overall guidance of the Director. QIP 2 . The support of AICTE is also gratefully acknowledged. (Prof.PREFACE The present report briefs about the activities of the overall Curriculum Development Cell and the Quality Improvement Programme at IIT Guwahati during the year 20092010. of the institute.Five courses had to be dropped due to non receipt of Grant in Aid during the financial year. The valuable support of the members of the Advisory Committee is also greatly acknowledged. Talukdar) Coordinator. IITG in the CDC activities is highly appreciated. Tech. of selected QIP short-term courses only 09 nos. During this year 05 numbers of teachers have joined the M.

New Delhi has been in operation at the IIT Guwahati since 2003-2004. Quality Improvement Programme is being implemented with the objective of upgrading the expertise. which is used as base documents by many institutions. presentation slides and to write text books on various subjects. Department of Education.  Curriculum Development : The major QIP Centres are provided assistance to organize workshops for Curriculum Development. This leads to Model Curriculum. the facility of pursuing Masters Degree programmes has been extended to approved polytechnic teachers also. 3 .  Short Term Programme : In order to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the teachers working in the different institutions in the country. Recently. qualification and capabilities of the faculty members of degree level technical institutions. Certain selected institutions offer Masters and Ph. Government of India.Quality Improvement Programme Objectives & Programmes Quality Improvement Programme (QIP) of the Ministry of Human Resource Development. faculty member of AICTE approved institutions are given opportunity to upgrade their qualifications. The major activities under the QIP include:  Masters and Doctoral Programme : Under this scheme.D Programmes to the faculty members and they are paid scholarships and contingency grant by the Council. under the sponsorship of All India Council for Technical Education. Besides. AICTE provides Financial Assistance for organizing short term training programmes in the emerging areas of Engineering Technology / Pharmacy / Management etc. faculty members of the institute are given a small grant to develop lecture notes.

2009 One Mathematical week Methods in 7 Dept. Rajesh & Dr. Santosh 25 Biswas Dr. A.K. of Participants Dr. 2009 One Week VLSI Design. Dept. Dr. of Civil Methods for Water 4 Engg.K Sarma June 15and Management.K. Rakhi Chaturvedi & Dr. Anugrah Singh Dept. Deka & Dr. Bora 32 . of Ranjan Tamuli 2 From Natural Biotechnology Resources. Rajib Kr. Dubey. 19. 2009 Dr. A. of CSE 6 Verification and Test June 812. of Biotechnology No. 2009 One Computational Fluid week Dr. 2Waste Management 6. V. Engineering 2009 4 Dr. Utpal 21 Bora Principal Faculty Approaches To The 23 Screening Of One Dr. 2009 One Role of week Dept.The following activities took place in the financial year 2009-2010: Short Term Courses List of Short Term Courses done under the financial year 2009-2010 are: Topic 1 Advances in Drug Discovery Period One week July 2024. 2009 Department Dept. J. of ECE Electrical June 2-6.P. of Civil Environmental 5 Engg. Bhattacharjya One & Optimization Week Dept. Geotechnology in Nov. July 1317. Chemical and June 8Petroleum Engineers 12. 30 22 22 Dr. Resources Planning Dr.K. of Dynamics for 3 Chemical Engg. Bioactive Molecules Week Dept. Sreedeep S.

Mathematical Chakrabarty Dept.Dept. of Participants Curriculum Development Projects 19 234 The following CD Cell projects for financial year 2009-2010 under QIP Scheme were undertaken: Sl. Lecture notes Slides Refinery Process Design Analysis & Identification in Rotor Bearing system: Slides in PPT Dr. Bora & Dr.Pinakeswar Mahanta.No. Rajiv Tiwari.Dept. 7 Dr. of ECE Preparation of Textbook “Digital Control Systems”. Akhilesh Kumar Maurya. of Physics Dr.N. of ECE Slides Lecture notes Slides 5 Dr. of ME Dr. 2009 Total No. Amit Kumar Mishra. Dept. S. of HSS 2 3 4 Dr. of ME 10 5 .Liza Das. Dept. Name of the Proposer & Dept.P. Anil Verma Dr. 2009 One week 40 Centre for Energy Dr.of 9 Methods. 1 Dr.Fuel Cell and 8 Hydrogen Technology One week Sept. of ECE Preparation of Textbook Concepts of Engineering Thermodynamics 6 Dr. Tripathi. 1418. of CE Lecture notes VLSI-DSP 8 Lecture notes Traffic Engineering –A manual for data collection and analysis 9 Dr. Rama Gopal Uppaluri Dept. Pratima Agarwal. Dept. of HSS Type of project Slides Title of the project Cultural Theory and Practice Management of Organizational Behaviour Thin Flim Technology Probability and Random Process Dr. of Chemical Engg. N. Dept. Bora. S.Dept. P.K. Somanath Majhi.Dept. Dept. Modeling Mathematics and Optimal Control June 2-6.

Name No.College. Name No. Engg. Bikaner Sl. Programme for July 2009 Department ECE ECE ECE ECE ME Name of the Parent Institute Govt. -05 06 12 02 03 05 33 Ph. Tech.Ds who have joined the QIP Programmes since inception No. Of Candidates Admitted to Ph. Kaur Rajesh Kr.Assam Sl. 1 Vivek Lukose 2 Triptimoni Borah Summary Information of The Number of Teachers Admitted to Ph. Arunachal Pradesh Balasore College of Engg. College. Rout Madhusudhan Mishra Mithun Kr.. Kerala 01 2. -03 07 08 03 05 02 28 Completed M. Thrissur Jorhat Engg. Ph.D. Gujarat ITER.D 1. Patan. State No. and M. Admissions: The following students have been joined to different departments: A.Tech.D. Assam 01 Total: 02 B. 2 3 4 5 Jayanta Kr. D. Ojha Year-Wise and Cumulative Data of the Number of M. Admission to M.Ph. And Tech.Techs and Ph. Tech. Of Candidates Year 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 Total: 6 Admitted M.Tech.No. 1 Nakum Suresh N. Bhubaneswar NERIST.D. Guwahati State-wise for the Year 2009-2010 Sl. Advance admission to Ph. ------01 -05 -11 02 02 -19 02 . College. Orissa CET. programme for July 2009 Department ECE Civil Name of the Parent Institute Jyothi Engg.D Programme Under QIP at Indian Institute of Technology.

11.Tech 06 --01 01 01 01 15 01 03 01 01 01 01 33 No.D Students. 13 14 Assam Andhra Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh Jharkhand Karnataka Kerala Manipur Orissa Tamil Nadu Uttar Pradesh Gujarat Sikkim Bihar Rajasthan Total: 28 7 . 3.Year-Wise and Cumulative Number of Short Term Courses Year 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 Total: No.Tech and Ph. 4. Of Courses 04 11 12 12 14 13 09 75 State-Wise Distribution of QIP M.D 13 01 02 -03 01 01 04 01 -01 01 1. 2. 12. Sl. 7. 6. 5. Of Candidates Admitted In M. State No. 9. 10. Of Candidates Admitted In Ph.No. 8.