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By David Cherubim. Copyright © 1999 e.v. All rights reserved.

Written in 1994 e.v. Los Angeles, CA, USA.

!TR"#$CT "!
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
In this scientific and technological age, the ancient Art and Science of Alchemy is looked !on as mere r ""ish of the !ast, a dark and fancif l clo d !on the sky of history. #et this, I vent re to say, is not the case at all$ and this I shall endeavor to demonstrate to yo thro gh %ords of !ractical insight and %isdom, since Alchemy, in o r modern school of tho ght, is the &r e Science of every %ise and !ractical Wo'an %ho lives !on the face of the earth. Alchemy is com!ara"le to the (reat S n of the Ages %hich ever shines "right in the infinite sky. It is not the fa lt of the S n if %e cannot see it$ it is d e to o%n lack of vision. #et the S n ever shines "right for those %ho have eyes to see, and in seeing the S n %e "ecome enlightened) *o% the %ord Alchemy is an Ara"ic term consisting of the article +al+ and the ad,ective +khemi.+ Aleister Cro%ley, the eminent (olden -a%n 'agician of the ./th cent ry, stated that this %ord means +that %hich !ertains to 0gy!t,+ and that a ro gh translation of it %o ld "e +The Egyptian Matter.+ &raditionally, Alchemy is s !!osed to have originated in ancient 0gy!t. Alchemists, also called 1ermetic 2hiloso!hers, recogni3e 1ermes &rismegist s, or + Thrice-great Hermes,+ as the legendary fo nder of their 4oyal Art, and 1ermes &rismegist s is identified %ith the ancient 0gy!tian (od &ah ti 5&hoth in the Co!tic6. Alchemy is called, among other things, the 7lack Art in reference to its alleged 0gy!tian origin. It is also called the 1ermetic Art or 1ermeticism in res!ect of its legendary fo nder. &he ancient Chinese %ere !erforming Alchemy as early as 8// 7.C. 7 t the science of Alchemy in China %as originally a s!irit al system, dedicated to a mystical end$ it %as later in the co rse of history that it took on other forms, %hereas in ancient 0gy!t the Art of Alchemy originated as a metall rgical craft. &he teachings of Alchemy as a s!irit al science can "e

fo nd in the sacred %ritings of the Chinese Sage Lao &3e, %ho %as the fo nder of the (rand 2hiloso!hy of the &ao. Alchemy !lays a vital !art in esoteric &aoism. It is, in fact, the secret tradition of &aoism, its inner teaching as o!!osed to its o ter !hiloso!hy. In the 7 ddhist 'ahayana Avatamsaka S tra reference is made to the alchemical 0li9ir of Life. It is %ritten in this S tra: + There exists a Hataka juice or essence. One measure of this solution can transform one thousand measures of bronze into pure gold .+ In the 1ind Atharva ;eda, %hich is older than 1,/// 7.C., there are also mystical %ords concerning the 0li9ir of Life. &he systematic !roc rement of this cele"rated 0li9ir constit tes the 'agn m <! s or (reat Work of Alchemy. &here is a legend %hich claims that Alchemy %as originally the Sacred Art of the Sons of (od mentioned in (enesis "efore the (reat =lood. &hese %ere the +=allen Angels+ or +=allen Stars+ of (od %ho mated %ith the %omen of earth and ta ght them their Sacred Craft. &here is another legend "ased on (enesis %hich states that A"raham %as the fo nder of Alchemy, as %ell as of the >a"alah$ that the Wisdom of Alchemy %as transmitted to his son Ishmael %ho %as "orn from 1agar, so that the Ara"s and S fis are the tr e holders of the sacred keys of the alchemical Art$ %hereas the >a"alah, %hich %as transmitted to A"raham?s son Isaac, %ho %as "orn "y Sarah, "ecame the sacred tradition of the @e%ish !eo!le. 2 tting aside all legend and myth, the act al fo ndations of the !hiloso!hic !rinci!les of Alchemy are to "e fo nd among the ancient (reeks, 7y3antines and Ara"s. &he !rinci!al (reek school for Alchemy %as fo nded "y Aosimos in Ale9andria aro nd the 4th cent ry A.-. Aosimos asserted that Alchemy %as the Sacred Art of the 0gy!tians. Alchemy traveled from Ale9andria to 7y3anti m in the 8th cent ry and it %as event ally ado!ted "y the Ara"s. After conB ering 0gy!t in the Cth cent ry the Ara"s contin ed their alchemical researches, and from the Cth to the 11th cent ries Alchemy %as introd ced to all the co ntries that they conB ered. =rom the 9th to 11th cent ries S!ain es!ecially "ecame one of the great 1ermetic centers of the %orld. Alchemists assert the famo s &a" la Smaragdina, the 0merald &a"le of 1ermes, to "e the chief e9!osition concerning their alchemical o!eration "y %hich they achieve the (reat Work of the S n. Legend has it that this 0merald &a"let %as discovered "y soldiers of Ale9ander the (reat in the hands of 1ermes? m mmy in the (reat 2yramid of (i3ah, %hich %as, according to legend, the &om" of 1ermes himself. 1ermes %as s !!osed to have engraved the sacred %ords %hich %ere discovered !on the 0merald &a"let. &he earliest record of the !hiloso!hy of the 0merald &a"le can "e fo nd in the Leyden 2a!yr s %hich dates "ack to a!!ro9imately D// A.-. and %as discovered in the year 1E.E in the tom" of an anonymo s 0gy!tian 'agician of Ancient &he"es.

Love is the law, love under will.




Alchemy is called the 4oyal Art 5Ars 4egia6. <f this there are three "asic ty!es. &hese are Artisinal Alchemy, the < t%ard Work$ 'ystical Alchemy, the In%ard Work$ and Se9 al Alchemy, %hich, after a certain manner, !artakes of "oth these methods of attainment. Artisinal Alchemy is dedicated to !rod cing the + external gold+ of material s!lendo r, %hereas 'ystical Alchemy is dedicated to !rod cing the + internal gold+ of s!irit al s!lendo r. In either case, the act al o",ect of the (reat Work is one: to man fact re the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers. It is %ith this stone that the Alchemist !erforms his transm tations, %hether s ch "e s!irit al or material in kind. In a n tshell, Artisinal Alchemy is the art of transm ting "ase metals into gold. &o attain s ccess %ith this material form of Alchemy, %hen com"ined %ith the mystical as!ect, is said to "e an o t%ard sign of the accom!lishment of the in%ard %ork of S!irit al &ransformation$ this is, in fact, its only , stification in the %orld of 'agick. =or gold is a material sym"ol of a s!irit al reality, ty!ified "y the S n of Light. (old is the !erfect metal of all metals, the most e9alted form of the mineral kingdom. It is, in fact, the al!ha and omega of the mineral kingdom. In the 2hiloso!hy of Alchemy it is asserted that all "ase metals are im!erfections of gold, and that all metals are ordained "y *at re to "ecome the 2erfect (old of the S n. &he "ase metals are " t accidental !henomena d e to an nfavora"le environment in *at re. &he Alchemist seeks to remove from all "ase metals their disorderly im!erfections or "ase characteristics to "ring them to their tr e state of nat ral order and to transm te them into the Living (old of Sol. Whether or not the Alchemist can act ally convert "ase metals into gold, I cannot honestly say. I have never %itnessed nor have I ever attem!ted to !erform this ty!e of alchemical o!eration, at least not in this incarnation. 'y !rinci!al , stification for even %riting a"o t this !artic lar "ranch of Alchemy is that this material form of Alchemy is sym"olical of the s!irit al and !sychological as!ect. In fact many have denied the validity of Artisinal Alchemy, stating that s ch is ! rely sym"olical of an interior o!eration that is s!irit al and !sychological in kind. &his may in fact !rove tr e to many of yo , " t from the scientific and magical !oint of vie% it %o ld "e " t an act of folly to deny the !ossi"ility of transm ting "ase metals into gold. &h s did 0li!has Levi, the famo s =rench 'ag s of the 19th cent ry %ho Aleister Cro%ley claimed to "e in a !ast life, %rite the follo%ing %ords: + es! gold can be made really and

1elveti s %as not convinced. 1elveti s. indeed. %ho %as a vicio s o!!onent of Alchemy. 1e de!arted shortly after this. Let s also take into acco nt 1elveti s 5@ohann =riedrich Sch%eit3er6. 7 t he did not ret rn. %hich is near Amsterdam. the 2hysicianIinI ordinary to the 2rince of <range. the stranger said: + ou see this po$der! $ell! "ir! there is enough of the %hilosopher&s "tone here to transmute forty thousand pounds of lead into gold . 1elveti s inevita"ly attem!ted the transm tation %itho t the assistance of the stranger.+ In 1H1E this scientist %as one day visited "y an ne9!ected stranger %ho gave to him a fe% grains of !o%der. " t %ith it he achieved nothing. a stranger a!!eared nto him %ho had %ith him a small ivory "o9 %hich contained a !o%der the color of !ale s l!h r. 7 t on the .+ . to his tter s r!rise.+ &his stranger did not give to 1elveti s any of the !o%der. When the stranger ret rned in three %eeks.a ghan died in 1HHH. it sho ld "e noted. When the lead !i!e melted his %ife dro!!ed the !o%der on to it. he confessed this fact to the stranger %ho la ghed and told him that if an act al transm tation %as to "e achieved the !o%der m st "e %ra!!ed in either a l m! of %a9 or !iece of !a!er to !rotect it from the f mes rising from the "ase metal. " t did say that he %o ld seek to o"tain !ermission from the Ade!t./ years. It is "elieved "y some that his real name %as &homas . %hich %o ld other%ise take from it the !o%er of transm tation. saying that he %o ld ret rn the ne9t day.G 1e claimed to have !erformed an act al transm tation of merc ry into gold.a ghan. 1o%ever.ilvorde and %ho visited 1elveti s in 1HHH at &he 1ag 1elmont %as. and it %as in this same year that 2hilalethes a!!eared in Amsterdam after many years of traveling. at %hich time he gave to @ean Lange his "ook +&he <!en -oor into the Secret 2alace of the Jing+ to "e translated into Latin. a famo s 7ritish 2hysicist and Chemist %ho en nciated the la% of the com!ressi"ility of gases . #t $as a saffroncoloured po$der! 'ery hea'y! and it glittered like splinters of glass . &he stranger ref sed his reB est. nor did he !erform a transm tation %ith it. It has "een asserted that the famo s Alchemist 0irenae s 2hilalethes %as the stranger %ho a!!eared nto van 1elmont in 1H1E at his la"oratory in .materially by means of the "tone of the "ages . 4egarding this !o%der.+ 1istory f lly s !!orts the !ossi"ility of this !henomenon. in the year 1HHH. convinced of the validity of the o!erations of Artisinal Alchemy after s ccessf lly !erforming a transm tation %ith the !o%der. did manage to !ilfer a fe% grains of the !o%der nder his fingernail. After this "ecame a kno%n fact. ho%ever. %hich %as contained and !rotected in %a9$ and at the end of a B arter of an ho r the lead %as s ccessf lly transm ted into gold. and he recorded and ! "lished this fact in his %ork +&he (arden of ' 1elmont also recorded that the stranger %as seeking to +convince an ill strio s scientist %hose %ork is an hono r to his co ntry. the transm tation %as s ccessf lly !erformed nder strict scientific o"servation in the official la"oratories. Sir Isaac *e%ton. and. for e9am!le. " t he did sho% 1elveti s some gold %hich he said %as the !rod ct of a transm tation !erformed "y an Ade!t. it %orked) 1e had first transm ted an old !iece of lead !i!ing %hich he ! t in a cr ci"le over a fire.+ . &hro gh the insistence and im!atience of his %ife.Cth of Se!tem"er. We cannot ignore the e9!eriences of those in the !ast %ho have either s cceeded in this s "lime %ork or %ho have %itnessed it first hand. took this "ook to heart and st died it for over . and demanded a demonstration. and if the Ade!t agreed he %o ld ret rn in three %eeks time. take into acco nt @ohann 7a!tista van 1elmont. the famo s 7elgian 2hysician and Chemist %ho coined the %ord FgasG from the (reek %ord Fchaos. Concerning this !o%der. van 1elmont recorded: +# sa$ and handled the %hilosopher&s "tone. it is kno%n that . Let s. the father of Classical 2hysics. &his Alchemist %as also m ch res!ected "y 4o"ert 7oyle. %hereas he !revio sly denied the !ossi"ility of this !henomenon.

in their efforts$ and Jelly. &he 'ystical Alchemist. and he sa% no harm in "oasting of his !o%er. also called the Alchemystic 2hiloso!her. "eing a sym"ol of the &r e Self. yet %ith the essential. -ee. @ ng %rote a %ell kno%n "ook called +2sychology and Alchemy+ 5198D6 and 4egardie %rote an ill minating "ook called +&he 2hiloso!her?s Stone+ 519DE6. *o% Jelly %as not a very modest man. 7oth of these a thors make it an evident fact in these "ooks that they envisage Alchemy to "e nothing more than a !sychological o!eration dedicated to a mystical end. seeking to hel! Jelly. let s take into acco nt the infamo s Sir 0d%ard Jelly.ail he %rote an alchemical treatise called +&he Stone of the Sages+. &he famo s 2sychologist Carl ( stav @ ng and the %ellIkno%n (olden -a%n 'agician =rancis Israel 4egardie %ere "oth inclined to inter!ret the o!erations of Alchemy from a ! rely !sychological !oint of vie%.6. 7eing na"le to nderstand the man scri!t. %ho. ho%ever. in 1888. 1e died as a res lt of these in. @ ng %as com!letely fascinated "y Alchemy. conferred !on him the rank of 'arshal of 7ohemia. ho%ever. &hey failed. 7oyle himself %as a lover of Alchemy. he secretly ret rned to London and contacted the astrologer -r. %ho %as a"le to deci!her it. 'oreover. he de!arted from Worcester for Wales %here he ! rchased for one !o nd sterling an alchemical man scri!t and t%o forms of a !o%der. magical !oint of vie% that this !hysical as!ect of Alchemy is also dedicated to a s!irit al ca se. he nevertheless did e9!o nd the se9 al secrets of Alchemy in his magick "ook +&he &ree of Life+ 519D. ries in 189C. 4egardie himself %as an Ade!t of Alchemy. *o% %ith regard to 'ystical Alchemy. &he 0m!eror.ect. %hose real name %as &al"ot. %hich is the ill mination of the a ra or So l of *at re %ith the . the ca!ital of 7ohemia. and "y it they s ccessf lly !erformed a transm tation. and the 0m!eror released Jelly. After "reaking the la% and having his ears cro!!ed. &his res lted in the develo!ment of a most !ec liar relationshi! "et%een Jelly and -ee %hich has left its strange mark on history. in this !artic lar case. yet he did attem!t to transm te "ase metals into gold. 7 t soon he %as im!risoned "y the 0m!eror for not "eing a"le to make more of the !o%der "y %hich he !erformed his transm tations. "eca se of Jelly?s s ccess. and he invested an immense amo nt of his time investigating the sym"ols and !rinci!les of this Art. %hich fact he admitted in 1HH1 in his im!ortant treatise called +&he Ske!tical Chymist+. " t al%ays ske!tical at heart. 7oyle also financed the ! "lication of *e%ton?s +2rinci!ia+ and he has "een called the father of modern Chemistry and the har"inger of the +Scientific 'ethod+.and %ho discovered the !art !layed "y o9ygen in com" stion. told the 0m!eror that he %o ld assist Jelly to make more of the !o%der. does not seek to man fact re the 2hiloso!her?s Stone to !rod ce the material gold of *at re. As a res lt of this he %as invited to !erform a transm tation in the co rt of the 0m!eror 'a9imilian II of (ermany. Sir Aleister Cro%ley asserted that he %as &al"ot in a !ast life. " t rather to !rod ce the -ivine (old of the S!irit.ect. " t he only managed to "rake "oth of his legs and t%o ri"s in the !rocess. #et in . the attainment of enlightenment. o t of fr stration. 0ngland. %hich he sent to the 0m!eror !romising to reveal the secret of the !o%der if the 0m!eror %o ld set him free. killed a g ard and %as again im!risoned "y the 0m!eror. one %hite and the other red. =rom the !oint of vie% of 'ystical Alchemy. Jelly therefore attem!ted to esca!e from . and tho gh he envisaged Alchemy to "e a !sychoImystical !rocess of initiation. 1e !erformed ! "lic transm tations in 2rag e. &o attain the 2hiloso!her?s Stone is. its form la and o!eration is s!irit al and !sychological in kind. did not "elieve him. the 2hiloso!her?s Stone is not a !o%der or any sort of material o".ail. @ohn -ee. " t rather is it a s!irit al o". &al"ot %as "orn at Worcester. from a man %ho took them from the tom" of a Catholic 7isho!. " t to no avail.

%hich is the First #atter o! the $reat %or& . &here are also seven alchemical 'etals %hich are linked %ith the seven traditional 2lanets of Astrology. In this they are slain and transformed. Anahata is the 1eart Chakra. &hese Chakras are sym"oli3ed "y seven Wheels ascending the s!inal col mn %hich the #ogi endeavors to initiate into %hirling motion. &his sym"ol re!resents the (reat Work of ddhi is the &hroat Chakra. ' ladhara is the 4oot Chakra. &here are seven ste!s to this internal initiatory o!eration of #oga. Ade!t s 'a. It is an essential o". in fact.ect of the training of the 'agician in the *e% <rder of the (olden -a%n to a%aken the J ndalini. 'ag s. as they re!resent the tr e initiation of the so l.or and Ade!t s 09em!t s$ and the White &riangle re!resents the three grades a"ove the A"yss called 'agister &em!li. As Lot ses they e9ist !side do%n ntil the a%akened J ndalini strikes !on them and makes them right side !. %hich are also called 2admas or Lot ses. th s %e call them occ lt 5secret6. re!resenting the creative force of re!rod ction or Se9 al 0nergy. and %ith this comes the !o%er to ill mine the %orld %hich is the -ivine (old of the S!irit. astrological and magical !rinci!les. Svadhistthana. &he 0astern System of J ndalini #oga affords s a "asic cl e into the interior o!erations of 'ystical Alchemy.ish dhi. %hich are names for the three alchemical 2rinci!les. giving s the n m"er seven. &he Chakras are secret centers %hich generate 2rana and are a !art of %hat is termed the S "tile or 0thereal 7ody. &he n m"er seven is of great im!ortance in 1ermeticism. &hese are called Chakras. &he Cross f rther re!resents the fo r elemental Chakras of #oga called ' ladhara. is the 'u(dali(i or Serpe(t )o*er of #oga. mind and "ody of the #ogi %ith the Celestial Light of the S n. there are seven in !artic lar %hich are of vital im!ortance in the Science of J ndalini #oga. 'ani! ra. In alchemical terminology the Cross re!resents the fo r soIcalled Aristotelian 0lements called =ire. *ote that there are seven letters in the %ords S l!h r.-ivine Light of Sol. are the occ lt centers of !sychic energy in the h man "ody. Air and 0arth$ and the &riangle re!resents the three 2rinci!les of &rimaterialism called S l!h r. And to corres!ond %ith these and other im!ortant conce!ts of the Se! is the 2ineal . Any !ro!er system of initiation m st necessarily a%aken the conscio s e9!erience of these centers at some level. &he J ndalini is Se9 al 0nergy II the Li"ido II also called Shakti 52o%er6 in the Sanskrit tong e. A. Ade!t s 'inor. 'ani! ra is the Solar 2le9 s Chakra. and there"y accom!lish this inner %ork %ith the Chakras. to a%aken their s "tle energies and vitali3e his conscio sness %ith their occ lt c rrents of !o%er. ! rified and consecrated. " t rather corres!ond to certain !arts of it. ill minating the so l. &hey are not really a !art of the h man "ody. 'oreover. It is "y this Se9 al 2o%er that the Chakras are literally transformed into verita"le centers of cosmic radiation. J ndalini #oga aims at the a%akening of vario s centers of !sychic force in the 0thereal 7ody. &he seven Chakras. &he Ser!ent 5J ndalini6 is a !hallic sym" and Sahasrara. and I!sissim s. &his is accom!lished "y %ay of a%akening the 2rimary *erve C rrent kno%n as the J ndalini or Ser!ent 2o%er. 'erc ry and . Salt and 'erc ry. and Anahata$ and the &riangle re!resents the three higher Chakras called . there are seven Ste!s of Initiation in the *e% <rder of the (olden -a%n. a (old Cross 546 s rmo nted "y a White &riangle 5D6. the Cross re!resents the fo r (rades of Aelator. Water. &he sym"ol of the *e% <rder of the (olden -a%n is. .itriol. Altho gh there is literally a Chakra for every nerve in the "ody. Svadhistthana is the *avel Chakra. &hese seven ste!s corres!ond %ith certain alchemical. &his S0C40& =I40. A. S ch is also the alchemical sym"ol for S l!h r %hich denotes the SECRET F RE o! Al"hemy.

nlike the S sh mna. "ehind the !enis6. . allo%ing for the ecstatic. L na. it is not really a *adi. (old and Sol correlate %ith the Sahasrara Chakra 5or alternatively the Anahata Chakra6.en s. that is. =or this soIcalled Chakra re!resents the &r e Self of the #ogi or 'agician %hich. &he inmost !art or centre of the Citrini is called the 7rahma *adi. ser!entine movement. and Sahasrara is the Cro%n Chakra. @ !iter. 'ars. start in the ' ladhara Chakra and rise to the A. 2rana moves or circ lates in the *adis. eternal "lossoming of the S !ernal Lot s of infinite !etals. Within the S sh mna is another *adi called the . *o% there are inn mera"le centers of 2rana in the S "tile 7ody called *adis %hich are commonly defined as *erves. &he seven 'etals and seven 2lanets corres!ond %ith the seven Chakras as follo%s: Lead and Sat rn correlate %ith the ' ladhara Chakra$ Iron and 'ars correlate %ith the Svadhistthana Chakra$ &in and @ !iter correlate %ith the 'ani! ra Chakra$ > icksilver and 'erc ry correlate %ith the Anahata Chakra 5or alternatively the Sahasrara Chakra6$ Co!!er and .na Chakra$ and. a hollo% !assage. in effect. " t. "y %ay of !ro!er initiation. In 1er ascension to the 7rahmarandhra She !ierces %ith ! issant !assion the vario s !etals of the Chakras %hich. 2ingala is to the right of the S sh mna and its nat re is solar and masc line. &hese Chakras are also linked %ith the seven traditional 2lanets of Astrology called Sat rn.a. only si9 are visi"le to the inner eye of the #ogi. <f the seven Chakra. making a tri!le knot. &he %ord *adi is derived from the Sanskrit root +nad+. 'erc ry. the soI called seventh Chakra they enter the S sh mna. ergo. &he J ndalini is aslee!. and Sol. lastly. <f these three the latter is the most im!ortant. ntil She is a%akened in the ' ladhara Chakra. Sahasrara. &here are three !rinci!al *adis of #oga. When Ida and 2ingala meet at the A. She enters the 4oyal Way in the S sh mna and rises thro gh it to nite in orgasmic ecstasy %ith 1er lover Shiva %ho is concealed in the 7rahmarandhra 5Sahasrara Chakra6. is sym"oli3ed "y the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers. 2rana is the vital. &hese are called Ida. " t a vivara. &he o!ening of the Citrini initiates the !rocess or makes o!en the gate thro gh %hich the J ndalini can enter the J la 'arga or 4oyal 4oad to the Cro%n Chakra. a"ove the an s and 8 cm. "lossom into "ea tif l and fragrant Lot ses of Light. creative energy in *at re %hich animates and maintains all life and it is the s "tle link "et%een the visi"le and the invisi"le. and again they are se!arated and. in Alchemy.Chakra. closing %ith 1er mo th the entrance to the S sh mna. Ida is to the left of the S sh mna and its nat re is l nar and feminine. &hat is. S ch is called 7rahmaI-vara. like S sh mna. Silver and (old. Ida and 2ingala. they are discharged of their 2rana %hich then rises thro gh the S sh mna to !enetrate and kindle the Sahasrara Chakra. In Alchemy these Chakras are linked %ith the seven 'etals called Lead. orgasmic . Co!!er. *adis are s "tle nerve channels of 2rana. S sh mna starts in the lo%est Chakra ' ladhara 58 cm. &in.ish dhi Chakra$ Silver and L na correlate %ith the A. When the J ndalini 5Shakti6 is a%akened. Iron. annihilated. then are all the Chakras made one in the "lissf l. 2 rification of the *adis is one of the most f ndamental e9ercises of #oga !ro!er.rini %hich contains yet another *adi called the Citrini. governed "y the c rrents of the S n and 'oon. And %hen Shakti em"races Shiva in the Sahasrara.en s correlate %ith the . and S sh mna. they rise %ith an inverse. #et it is %ith this Invisi"le Chakra that the #ogi or 'agician seeks to integrate himself. is an invisi"le and ineffa"le centre %hich cannot "e classified as a Chakra !er se. 2ingala. > icksilver. &he vario s !etals of the Chakras are *adis. %hich signifies motion. 1o%ever.

+ &his SECRET F RE is "oth male and female. also called . the Ser!ent 2o%er or J ndalini of #oga.alentine. in this connection. It is the Alkahest of 2aracels s %ho %as the famo s (erman S%issI"orn Alchemist. it is a scientific fact already established and rigorously demonstrable. %hich is not the common fire of *at re. &o transm te the "ase metals into the 2erfect (old of *at re or. It is %ith this S0C40& =I40 alone that the Alchemist ! rifies the seven 'etals and e9tracts from them the three 2rinci!les of Alchemy called S l!h r. as yo might gather.reat /ork. &h s did 0li!has Levi call it + the efficient and final principle of the . the Seed in the 'etals. said: +# could transmute the seas! $ere there enough Mercury . It is the Universal S!erm of Creation. S l!h r and Salt$ and J ndalini is linked %ith A+. that the %ord AA<&1 is com!osed of the first and final letters of the >a"alistic Al!ha"et. " t also S l!h r or Salt. In the Science of Alchemy. Salt and 'erc ry. the 7eginning and the 0nd of < r 4oyal Art. the Semen of Shiva. 1ell Water. constit tes the greatest victory in J ndalini #oga. the seven Chakras are linked %ith the seven 2lanetary 'etals$ S sh mna. in other %ords. is the Serpe(t )o*er %hich transm tes the "ase metals into the 2erfect (old of the S n. solar and l nar. it is a Watery =ire or a =iery Water. In !arado9ical lang age. This is not a hypothesis. $e use $ater . it is not only the =irst. concerning %hich 4oger 7acon.+ AA<&1 %as the name of the (rand Secret !ost lated "y 0li!has Levi. 1o%ever. &his. =or it re!resents the Al!ha and <mega. that is. the Alchemist m st discover for himself the S0C40& =I40 of Alchemy. and this gives s a cl e into the nat re of the S0C40& =I40 itself. %hich he also called the (reat 'agical Agent. a fifteenth cent ry (erman monk of the <rder of Saint 7enedict. " t the Inner =ire of S!irit %hich cannot "e seen %ith the eyes. concerning %hich he %rote: + This (gent! disguised by the ancient philosophers under the name of the )irst Matter! determines the forms of modifiable substance! and $e can really arri'e by means of it at metallic transmutation and the +ni'ersal Medicine.+ *ote. of @ohann 7a!tista van 1elmont. AA<&1 is also a name for the Stone of the Wise. 4osicr cian and 2hysician of the 1Hth cent ry. fiery and %atery in nat re. the 2rime Agent 52rim s Agens6. *o one can reveal to another the mystery of this S0C40& =I40$ it can only to "e discovered for and "y oneself. %hich ! rifies and dissolves the metals. It has "een said: +-hemists use fire for burning.+ &his Secret 0lement has a do "le nat re$ it is a dry heat com"ined %ith a %arm moist re. the SECRET F RE o! Al"hemy %hich is the )rime Age(t of the Caloric <!eration of the S n. em!loyed the %ord AA<&1 for the S0C40& =I40. and %hich he descri"ed as a salt. " t also the Last 'atter of o r %ork. 0li!has Levi defined it as the =l idic and Living (old of Alchemy. &he first real task of the Alchemist is to discover this =ireIWater 0lement. &he S0C40& =I40 of Alchemy is sometimes called 'erc ry.T-. It is the =ire Water. &h s it is called the =irst 'atter of o r %ork. the AA<&1 of the Sages. S ch is also called 2hiloso!hical 'erc ry. . It is %ritten in the Si9th Jey of 09od s: + Our "tone is an (stral )ire $hich sympathizes $ith the *atural )ire! and $hich! as a true "alamander recei'es its nati'ity! is nourished and gro$s in the Elementary )ire! $hich is geometrically proportioned to it. %hich is the (reat Arcan m itself.+ 7asil . &his S0C40& =I40. 0rgo. Ida and 2ingala are linked %ith the three alchemical 2rinci!les called 'erc ry. to o!en and transform the Chakras. a famo s Alchemist of the 1Dth cent ry.em"race of Shakti and Shiva %hich. or the AA<&1 of the Sages. it is also called the SECRET %ATER and is sym"oli3ed "y the (reat Sea. Ale!h and &av.irgin?s 'ilk and the Water of the Wise.

2hiloso!hical 'erc ry is the Salt or S l!h rated 'erc ry %hich is e9tracted from the =irst 'atter "y the s ccessf l a!!lication of the S0C40& =I40. %hen volatili3ed and fi9ed alternately.+ It %as the famo s (e"er 5@a"ir i"n 1ayyan6. said: + 1oubtless he is here speaking of O1! or (stral 2ight. !rod ces more gold. it is $ith Mercury abo'e all that the Magnetic (gent must be assimilated and as if incorporated . said: + Our . is a "lind. Here is the great mystery . or Astral Light is.old $hich possesses the desired 3uality can make gold and tint into gold.old is perfection . this S0C40& =I40 can "e given the name of any one of the three 2rinci!les. AA<&1 contains %ithin itself the three 2rinci!les of S l!h r. " t it is also a cl e into the nat re of AA<&1. . an Islamic Alchemist and S fi of the Eth cent ry.+ Aosimos of 2ano!olis. %hich is the 2rime Agent of < r 'a.+ And %hat is this (old %hich %e m st have to make more goldK In the +4osari m 2hiloso!hor m+ 5188/6. %hich is threefold. %ho !ro!osed that all minerals are com!osed of S l!h r and 'erc ry.that the 3uality becomes gold and it then makes gold . Levi informs s: + (ll that is material contains "alt! and all "alt can be con'erted into pure gold by the combined action of "ulphur and Mercury .+ Levi?s <-. the %ord 'erc ry is sed in a general manner. Salt and 'erc ry.+ &o this he added: +0y Mercury! # understand that mineral spirit $hich is so refined and purified that it gilds the seed of gold and sil'ers the seed of sil'er. %hen com"ined %ith gold. 0li!has Levi !ro!osed that these three alchemical 0lements. %hich are not act al chemical s "stances. It serves to indicate its !rimary nat re. It is divided into t%o "ranches %hich s!ring from one root. %hereas the root sym"oli3es Salt. %ritten "y an anonymo s a thor. it is said: +A r m nostr m non est a r m v lgi+ 5< r gold is not the common gold6. another Islamic Alchemist. commenting on this. even for 2hiloso!hical 'erc ry. %hereas the 'erc ry of &rimaterialism is called 2hiloso!hers? 'erc ry or > icksilver.+ &he 'erc ry referred to a"ove as the S0C40& =I40 is not the 'erc ry %hich goes to make ! one of the mem"ers of the alchemical &rinity of 2rinci!les. com!ose the .estic Work %hich. -e!ending on the conte9t of its nat re and a!!lication. of co rse. let s diligently take into acco nt the ill minating %ords of 2hilalethes: +#n addition to gold! $hich is the body and the male element in our /ork! another sperm is needed! $hich is the spirit! the soul! or the female. &he only similarity "et%een these t%o 'erc ries is that neither of them has any link %ith the chemical 'erc ry.+ 0li!has Levi. *o% according to the Alchemist 4aymond L lly 51. &hen came AlI4a3i. <ther from this they are se!arate s "stances. "alt and "ulphur are ser'iceable in the $ork only for the preparation of Mercury. %ho !ro!osed a third elemental ingredient. it looks like ordinary 3uicksil'er but is purer and more tenuous . tho gh B ite often. a famo s Alchemist %ho lived in the 4th cent ry. Salt is the fo ndation or root of this %ork$ and it is the means %here"y S l!h r is nited %ith 2hiloso!hers? 'erc ry. In color sym"olism. and of e3ually pure! stable! red sulphur that is incombustible.old is the perfect substance! composed of mercury! that is pure! homogeneous! brilliant! red. And 4oger 7acon informs s: + .+ In this may yo consider that the Salt to "e e9tracted from the =irst 'atter is d al in nat re$ it is a synthesis of 'erc ry and S l!h r.9I1D186: + #n order to make gold $e must first ha'e gold and mercury. and the root is "lack. &he t%o "ranches are sym"ols for S l!h r and 'erc ry. 0li!has Levi %rote: + To kno$ ho$ to extract from all matter the pure "alt $hich is concealed in it is to possess the secret of the "tone. the S0C40& =I40. " t rather are they the three modes of the o!eration of &he <ne &hing. In this regard. 4ather is it the 2hiloso!hical 'erc ry. &he (reek letter U!silon re!resents this d al nat re of Salt. one "ranch is red and the other is %hite. as %e have %itnessed a"ove..ho%ever. This element is fluid Mercury.

&his Salt is like nto a secret seed or s!erm %hich contains the other t%o 2rinci!les. and S l!h r is o t%ardly S l!h r " t in%ardly 'erc ry. =rom the !oint of vie% of @ ngian 2sychology. that the stone contains and is the !rod ct of S l!h r and 'erc ry. @ st as S l!h r is o t%ardly S l!h r " t in%ardly 'erc ry. and 0B ili"rated II re!resented on the Cad ce s of 1ermes "y the t%in Ser!ents and the central glo"e on the staff aro nd %hich the t%in Ser!ents ent%ine. In terms of J ndalini #oga. &his &ao.illa *ova. and Anima is 'erc ry or the Watery =eminine 2rinci!le of the 'oon.AA<&1 of the Sages. &he seven 'etals are formed from the com"ination of S l!h r and 'erc ry in the Salt of the 'etals. We are therefore instr cted to discover and e9tract the Salt from the 'etals and thro gh this are %e a"le to e9tract the S l!h r and 'erc ry from the same. 2aracels s said that everything in *at re is com!osed of these three 0lements. In the >a"alah these three 0lements are <-. and are therefore similar in their essential com!osition. &he Child of the inter!lay of #in and #ang. is to also e9tract the S l!h r and 'erc ry from the metals. S ch is the =irst 'atter of < r 'a.+ &he caverns of the metals can "e linked %ith the Chakras of #oga. %hich are also called (old and Silver. Salt is a synthesis of S l!h r and 'erc ry. declared: +-on'ert the Elements! and you shall ha'e $hat you desire . and . the nfolding of the C "e is the o!ening of a Chakra "y the J ndalini %hich e9tracts from it the 2rana %hich contains in itself the c rrents of the S n and 'oon. %hich is to e9tract it from the metals. st as the Anima is nconscio s in man and the Anim s nconscio s in %oman. <7 and A<U4. 0ach one of the three 2rinci!les are d al in nat re. In !sychological terms. &his stone. the e9traction of the 2rana from the Chakras that is accom!lished "y the J ndalini %hich is o r S0C40& =I40. &o e9tract the stone from the caverns of the metals is. a 1Dth cent ry Alchemist. S l!h r and 'erc ry are. in J ndalini #oga. and also the so rce of their "alanced activity. As stated a"ove. is also the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers that is o"tained "y e9tracting the Salt from the metals. or 1eavenly Salt.+ In the (olden &reatise of 1ermes &rismegist s it is %ritten: + #n the ca'erns of the metals there is hidden the "tone that is 'enerable! splendid in colour! a mind sublime! and an open sea. 4ecall. may yo note it %ell. 7y the nfolding of the C "e is this (reat Secret revealed. in this regard. 7 t 'erc ry is o t%ardly 'erc ry and in%ardly S l!h r. constit tes the attainment of the (reat Work. 2assive. S l!h r and 'erc ry are the Anim s and Anima. the cele"rated #in and #ang. &he 4ose that is in the centre of the C "e is the Secret of the Union of S l!h r and 'erc ry. %hich are the three modes of the o!eration of &he <ne &hing II the Active. is re!resented "y a C "e made of si9 sB ares. Sol and L na. and the difference "et%een the 'etals is "ased on the !ro!ortion of these t%o 2rinci!les in their com!osition. is the 'ystical &ao.estic Work %hich makes for the s "lime conversion of the 0lements %hich. s ch is the attainment of the "alance "et%een the t%o e9tremes of . &h s to !ossess kno%ledge of the nat re and a!!lication of one of these 2rinci!les is to !ossess the kno%ledge of all three 2rinci!les. and from this Salt do %e e9tract the S l!h r and 'erc ry to re nite them in the 1ermetic . In the sym"ol of #in and #ang it %ill "e o"served that #ang contains #in and #in contains #ang. =ire and Water. so is the Anim s the So l of a Woman and the Anima the So l of a 'an. As Arnold of . %hich is the Salt in metals. and to acB ire the 4ose on the Cross. st as 'erc ry is o t%ardly 'erc ry " t in%ardly S l!h r. &o nfold the C "e. Anim s is S l!h r or the =iery 'asc line 2rinci!le of the S n. so is 'erc ry concealed in S l!h r and S l!h r concealed in 'erc ry. &he 4ose is hidden in the centre of the C "e or =olded Cross$ it re!resents the (reat Secret itself.essel. in <riental 2hiloso!hy. S ch is the =olded Cross of si9 sB ares %hich is the 4osicr cian Cross %ith the 4ose in its centre. And .

let s each . 2 tting aside all modern day criticism of this theory. in %hich he made a critical e9amination of the Aristotelian theory of the elements.C. %hen 4o"ert 7oyle ! "lished +&he Ske!tical Chymist+ in 1HH1. as %e shall see. In this material form of Alchemy the sim!le adage holds tr e: + #t takes t$o to tango)+ &his constit tes the f ndamentals of Se9 al Alchemy. this theory of the ancients is a closed "ook. dge for o rselves %hether or not this ancient theory still holds any val e for s today %hen a!!lied to the (reat Work. or the t%o as!ects of the 2syche. =rom the !oint of vie% of modern day science. to %hich he added another element called 0arth. Let s no% take into acco nt the history of the develo!ment of the theory of the soIcalled Aristotelian 0lements %hich !lay s ch an im!ortant role in the 2hiloso!hy of Alchemy. %hich. Water is cold and moist. &his fifth element Aristotle called 1 le.C. and 0arth is dry and cold.6. 0m!edocles 549/I4D/ 7. &he form la of this (reat Work is f rther re!resented "y the geometrical sym"ol of the . 7 t from the !oint of vie% of 1ermeticism. as they are !ro!osed in 1ermeticism. %hich %e call < r 'aster Work and the La"o r of 1erc les.C. %hich he claimed to "e Water. cold. Ana9imines 58H/I8// 7. in other terms.6 !ro!osed that the element %as =ire. %ere the !rimary elements of the Universe. &he theory that all things %ere com!osed of these !rimary elements remained strong till the 1Cth Cent ry. " t !ro!osed that the element %as Air. Aristotle later !ro!osed another fifth element. " t rather do they denote em!irical !rinci!les %hich !lay a vital !art in the constit tion of o r e9istential lives. agreed %ith his theory. are not the elements %hich the ancients tho ght to com!ose the Universe. %ho !ro!osed that all things %ere com!osed of one element. " t most es!ecially the 'ass of the 1oly (host. for the a!!lication of this ancient theory takes on a ne% meaning in the %orks of 'ystical Alchemy. and that it %as the com"ination of these !ro!erties in !airs %hich !rod ced the fo r elements. this theory is still a sef l tool to "e a!!lied in the o!erations of the (reat Work. is a most !ractical !oint of vie%. %hich is a modification of the 0gy!tian Ankh.C. 2lato !ro!osed that 1 le %as the !rime matter of the Universe %ith fo r f ndamental !ro!erties of hot. &he %hole secret of this 'agn m <! s is sym"oli3ed "y the Union of the 4osicr cian 4ose and Cross. &his sym"ol is the same as the sym"ol for . 1eraclit s 58DHI4C/ 7. since in this "ranch of 1ermeticism the soIcalled Aristotelian 0lements are inter!reted in a different light than that of ancient science.en s. moist. the > intessence or 0ther. tho gh the theory of these elements is still !ro!osed in a similar manner as it %as done "y the ancients. and that Water. &he Cross sym"oli3es the 'asc line 2rinci!le and the Circle or 4ose sym"oli3es the =eminine 2rinci!le.conscio sness. Air and =ire. &his.6. and not in the literal sense %hen %e a!!roach it in this lesson %here it is a!!lied to the !ractical a!!lications of 'ystical Alchemy. is the c ltivation of harmony "et%een the t%o cere"ral hemis!heres of the "rain %hich are the S l!h r and 'erc ry of o r ne rological system.EID4E 7. &his theory commenced %ith a (reek 2hiloso!her named &hales 5H4/I84H 7. a contem!orary of &hales. and dry. 2lato 54. !artic larly in that "ranch of 1ermeticism called 'ystical Alchemy. &he elements of this theory. %hich he claimed to "e like fire.C. %hich is itself a com"ined sym"ol of the Cross and Circle. *o% from the !oint of vie% of Se9 al Alchemy the (reat Work is to man fact re the 2hiloso!her?s Stone "y the skillf l a!!lication of the se9 al act "et%een a man and a %oman. Let s therefore inter!ret this theory in the ill minating light of meta!hor. Air is hot and moist.6 !ro!osed that there %as more than one element. =ire is hot and dry.6 !ro!osed another element %hich he said %as the tr e 2rimary 0lement of %hich the other fo r elements %ere made.

&he !right triangle is the 2hallos. it is a sym"ol of %hat %e call + the Mystery of Mysteries+ and +the "ecret of "ecrets+.ect of 'ystical Alchemy.rand (rcanum of the "acred Mysteries. 0y its po$er! all manner of miracles can be accomplished. 'ystical Alchemy can "e !racticed thro gh the 0astern techniB es of J ndalini #oga. &he 1e9agram is a geometrical sym"ol of the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers. S ch is the magical form la of the 4ose and Cross. =ire and Water nited !rod ce the element of Air %hich is sym"olic of the 'erc ry of the Sages.reat /ork! the 4no$ledge of $hich is concentrated in the "ecret "anctuary of our Holy Order. 7 t there are vario s forms of alchemystical !ractice to attain the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers and to effect this S !reme &ransm tation. &his ancient sym"ol of 0astern origin is com!osed of t%o interlaced triangles indicating the Union of =ire and Water. As !revio sly e9!lained. 0ut most especially can it assist you in the attainment of the 4no$ledge and -on'ersation of your Holy .ect$ it is rather a s!irit al o".+ CHA'TER ALCHEMY ! 'RACT CE Let s "egin this !ractical !art of o r lesson %ith the s ". the Stone of 'erc ry. as . %hich %e call < r La!is 2hiloso!hor m. 0rgo. %hich is also sym"oli3ed "y the 1ermetic Androgyne or 1erma!hrodite %ho is the 'erc ry of the Sages. 0ut principally it represents the "tone of the /ise! the Medicine of Metals! and the Elixir of 2ife! $hich is the object of the . the 0li9ir of Life. "eing a sym"ol of the &r e Self. or of the 'erc ry that is !rod ced "y the Secret Union of S l!h r and Salt. 0y its po$er! the (depti of Magick can attain eternal youth! perfect joy! and true $ealth. In the sym"olism of the 4osy Cross. the 4ose is synonymo s %ith the 'oon and the Cross is synonymo s %ith the S n.reat /ork. conforming all things to hisLher &r e Will. &his system. it %as !roclaimed to the Candidate: + The -ross surmounting a Triangle has many special meanings. In the 2hiloso!hy of 'agick. 1o%ever. 0li!has Levi %rote: +*o$ the Triangle surmounted by a cross signifies in (lchemy the end and perfection of the . S ch is one of the central mysteries of the royal system of initiation in the *e% <rder of the (olden -a%n.ect. &he Ade!t of Se9 al Alchemy is one %ho accom!lishes the (reat Work of niting the 4ose and Cross or S n and 'oon to !rod ce the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers. there is a form of <ccidental J ndalini #oga. This "tone of the /ise is the "ecret of "ecrets! the . also called La!is 'erc ri s. the 2hiloso!her?s Stone in this "ranch of Alchemy is not a !o%der or any sort of material o". s ch is called +the attainment of the Jno%ledge and Conversation of the 1oly ( ardian Angel. And these t%o triangles nited into a single fig re sym"oli3e the Child of the 2hallos and Jteis. the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers. and the 'edicine of 'etals. &o acB ire this stone in 'ystical Alchemy is to attain the ideal identity of o r inmost nat re.uardian (ngel and in the accomplishment of your True /ill . It also indicates the nion of the 2hallos and Jteis.1e9agram. %hich is the central mystery of the &r e 4osicr cians$ and "y the !ro!er se of this magical form la %e may accom!lish the (reat Work and transm te the "ase metals into the 2erfect (old of the S n. %hereas the inverted triangle is the Jteis. Another im!ortant sym"ol of Se9 al Alchemy is the &riangle s rmo nted "y a Cross.+ And in the *eo!hyte Ceremony of the *e% <rder of the (olden -a%n.+ It is "y this attainment alone that the 'ystical Alchemist is a"le to transm te all "ase metals into the 2erfect (old of the S n.

a sym"olic "ook of SelfIInitiation. ho%ever.+ Unkno%n to many. In my o%n o!inion. &he Ser!ent em"races %ithin its coils the t%entyIt%o 2aths and it ascends from &av to Ale!h. In the 'asonic "ook +'orals and -ogma+. In &arot this <ne &eacher is &hoth. and %e end at the Ser!ent?s 1ead at the !lace of At / at the 2ath of Ale!h at the to! of the &ree of Life. "y Al"ert 2ike. to all intents and ! r!oses. the t%entyIt%o At of &hoth or 'a. the 1iero!hant !roclaims the follo%ing to the initiate: +The $ord 5elator is from the ancient Egyptian 5aruator! signifying 6"earcher for Hathoor. &h s did 0li!has Levi declare: + (ll secrets of the 8abalah and Magic! all mysteries of the elder $orld! all sciences of the patriarchs! all historical traditions of prime'al times! are enclosed in the Hieroglyphical 0ook of Thoth .+ It has "een said that the %ord &aro is derived from the 0gy!tian terms &ar 54oad6 and 4o 54oyal6.& Hathoor is other$ise called Het-Heru! that is! the House of Horus. " t concerning this I m st maintain a certain degree of silence. " t "y %ay of an invisi"le teacher %ho is. the S0C40& =I40 of Alchemy or the J ndalini of #oga %itho t %hich nothing can "e accom!lished. #et the nat re of this secret o!eration is so o"vio s that it is like a light that is so "right that it . &o travel this regal road %e %ork %ith the t%entyIt%o At of &hoth in accordance %ith the >a"alistic scheme of the &ree of Life. commencing o r alchemical . &he &arot is.reat /ork of doing your True /ill! that you may fulfill the 2a$ of Thelema . &here is. of co rse. in fact.rand /ord and the possession of the . The (lchemist of the Operation is the #nner "elf! the (thanor is the human body! and the )ire is the "acred )lame of the True /ill. %e find the follo%ing comment on !age CCC: +He $ho desires to attain to the understanding of the . This House of Horus is *ature Herself! the Temple of the Elements! of $hich you are a zealous student. and this e9tends to all other fields of the 1ermetic Science. &he Ser!ent in this o!eration is. the 1iero!hant !roclaims: 75elator is further the title of the assistant of an (lchemist $ho must keep the )ire burning in the (thanor or (lchemical )urnace. In the &helemic Ceremony of the Aelator. &he act al alchemical !rocess "egins %ith the =irst (rade of the Aelator. 0ach one of these initiatory ste!s directly corres!onds to the a%akening of one of the seven Chakras. another method of traveling the 4oyal 4oad. is sevenfold.reat "ecret! ought carefully to read the Hermetic philosophers! and he $ill undoubtedly attain initiation! as others ha'e done. lest I reveal %hat m st "e discovered for and "y oneself. (s a 5elator you must keep this )ire burning in your body and brain! by constant dedication of yourself to the . %itho t &arot the Art of Alchemy is a meaningless o!eration. %ho is the 'erc ry of the Sages.o rney %ith the Ser!ent?s &ail at the !lace of At MMI at the 2ath of &av on the "ottom of the &ree of Life. for %hatever %orth it may hold for yo . + &his comment contains one of the most im!ortant cl es to the !ractical nderstanding of the 4oyal Art and Science of Alchemy.or Arcana of &arot sym"olically descri"e a form of <ccidental J ndalini #oga or an alchemical o!eration of SelfI&ransformation. &h s the &arot is the 4oyal 4oad of Initiation. S ch is the 2ath of Initiation "y %hich the 'ystical Alchemist can attain the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers to effect the S !reme &ransm tation. or stages in %hat is called the + process of indi'iduation+ in the field of 2sychology. a method and means of reali3ing "y oneself the %isdom of one?s &r e Self %itho t the g idance of a visi"le teacher. the <ne &eacher of %hich every visi"le teacher is only a sym"ol.!revio sly e9!lained. &hey re!resent !artic lar stages in the (reat Work. having seven !rinci!al grades or ste!s of initiation. but he must take! for the key of their allegories! the single dogma of Hermes! contained in his Table of Emerald! and follo$! to class his ac3uisitions of kno$ledge and direct the operation! the order indicated in the 4abalistic alphabet of the Tarot.7 'oreover.

&o others it %ill seem a meaningless !ath. called the 2ath of the S n. &he great secret of Alchemy can "e s mmed ! in a fe% sim!le %ords: +All is <ne. She is *eschamah. is com!osed of three %ords %ith seven letters. %hich the ancient !hiloso!hers called =ire. the higher So l of *at re %hose formless form remains ! re and nchanged "ehind all change and diversity in form. 2rakriti is the So l of the World 5Anima ' ndi6. the =irst 'atter of o r %ork. According to &homas . In this tarotic alchemystic o!eration the >a"alistic scheme of the &ree of Life is not em!loyed in the same manner as it is in the o!eration that is e9!lained in the a"ove !aragra!h. the Signs of the Aodiac are images of archety!es in the Collective Unconscio s %hich can "e systematically evoked and conscio sly e9!erienced for the attainment of the 2hiloso!her?s Stone. Air.ects in *at re. as it is !erceived "y o r h man senses$ it is the !otential rather than the act al$ it is matter in its meta!hysical sense. note it %ell. In Alchemy it is asserted that the metals are com!osed of the =o r 0lements. It is only revealed to them %ho are d ly !re!ared to e9ec te its form la. In each of these methods the !rinci!al theme is the reali3ation of a single o".makes one "lind. &he Circle of the Aodiac. the secret s "stance of all visi"le and invisi"le o". is the Circle of Initiation.ali. &he Circle re!resents Unity. and th s it is concealed "eneath the veil of the o"vio s. %hich relate to the &hree 2rinci!les and =o r 0lements of Alchemy. the !rimal so rce of the three ( nas or > alities of *at re. As !revio sly e9!lained. %hich is not matter in the common sense. It is rather an o!eration that is inde!endent of the system of initiation that is o tlined on the &ree of Life. yet it does in fact !artake of the mysteries of this system after another manner. In this science there are seven traditional 2lanets and t%elve Signs of the Aodiac. the seven traditional 2lanets are linked %ith the seven Chakras of #oga and seven alchemical 'etals. also has a story to tell s.a ghan: +#f thou dost kno$ the )irst Matter! kno$ also for certain that thou hast disco'ered the "anctuary of *ature . and they also re!resent seven stages in the (reat Work. Like the images of the At of &hoth. Astrology. the <ne %itho t a second. &he alchemical 'etals themselves gro% in the "o%els of the earth nder the magical infl ence of the 2lanets. containing t%elve distinct Signs or stages. &hese t%elve stages are defined "y the nat re of the Aodiacal Signs themselves %hich have !lanetary and elemental attri" tions. +The s3uaring of the circle+ is one of the most im!ortant inter!retations and definitions of the (reat Work of Alchemy. She is the eternal essence in all things. the Science of the Stars. the =irst 'atter is called 2rakriti. and 0arth.+ &his is the meaning of the (reek motto +en to !an+ %hich. In the 'ithraic 'ysteries the initiate clim"ed seven metallic ste!s re!resenting his ascent into the seven 2lanetary S!heres. a Ser!ent forming a Circle "y s%allo%ing its o%n &ail and %hich "ears this (reek motto !on it. In the >a"alah. to the seven alchemical 'etals or Interior Stars. &he Signs of the Aodiac also re!resent distinct stages in the (reat Work. 'ost sevenfold systems of initiation are "ased on the astrological model of the seven traditional 2lanets. and the SB are re!resents the =o r 0lements of *at re %hich emanate from and ret rn to the Circle. and to the seven Ste!s of the (reat Work %hich are the seven (rades of Initiation. &he Circle that is formed "y this Ser!ent gives s a cl e into the nat re and o!eration of the (reat Work itself. also called the (reat 'other. &he act al differences "et%een the metals are the res lt of the !artic lar !ro!ortions in %hich the elements are com"ined in the . S ch is the Indivisi"le Self of the Universe. Water.ect: the &r e Self. and Aosimos defined Alchemy as the 'ithraic 'ystery. <ne of the sym"ols of the (reat Work is < ro"oros. " t there are t%elve of these stages instead of seven.+ In the #oga System of 2atan. 7 t this o!eration is only for the fe%. *o% this <neness or Unity of All is concealed in a secret s "stance called =irst 'atter 52rima 'ateria6.

&o attain this fifth element %e m st first ! rify or de!rogram o rselves. s ally "ecoming identified %ith them. or. ca sing an identification of conscio sness %ith the material !lane at the e9!ense of the s!irit al. In this case the elemental senses are to "e ! rified. *o !erson can do the %ork for s$ %e m st all do it "y o r o%n individ al efforts. has a direct link %ith o r &r e Self. o r &r e Self or o r desires. there"y red cing the metals to their ! re state of 2rima 'ateria. 0arth is the sense of to ch. What is needed first is for yo to reali3e yo r &r e Self "eyond yo r elemental senses "y eliminating yo r identification %ith them and their inn mera"le desires. We are al%ays %itnessing o r senses in the form of desires. &he fifth element of S!irit. When the &r e Self is attained thro gh its soIcalled ! rification. %hen %e rise a"ove the elemental senses. and "ecome a %itness rather than an animal. " t instead %e "ecome slaves to o r senses. Air is the sense of smell. *o% in 'ystical Alchemy the elements re!resent the h man senses. to re!rogram o rselves in accordance %ith o r &r e Will. =or the senses are the instr ments %hich %e m st se in the o!eration of the (reat Work$ they are the essential. creative vehicles of o r &r e Self %hich need to "e com!letely l strated and then magically consecrated to the &r e Self for the !ro!er e9ec tion and essential f lfillment of its &r e Will %hich is the attainment of the (reat Work itself. it means that heLshe is "eyond that thing. the metals can "e transformed into gold. (old itself is the nat ral res lt of a !artic lar com"ination of the elements. therefore %e m st "e the &r e Self to master them. " t %hole. In Wo'an this fifth element is called hisLher S!irit. &hen m st %e recreate or re!rogram o rselves in accordance %ith o r &r e Will. 7y ! rifying an o". &he other metals of Alchemy are also com"inations of the elements. then do %e transcend o r senses and gain the !o%er to master them. &he senses. 7 t first %e m st ! rify o r systems$ only then are %e tr ly fit and freely a"le to !ro!erly consecrate o rselves to the (reat Work. &he senses m st "e ! rified and then magically dedicated to the (reat Work if %e are to attain the same$ and this dedication m st not "e !artial. 7y e9tracting and ! rifying the elements in the "ase metals. in other %ords. or to recom"ine the elements to fit in %ith o r ne% !ers!ective. 'ystical Alchemy is a !ersonal science. 7 t if %e go %ithin and ackno%ledge o r &r e Self "eyond o r senses. And since a Wo'an?s "ody is hisLher o%n and not another?s. It is all a matter of %hat %e are identified %ith.ect of the =o r 0lements %e are left %ith a fifth element %hich %e call the > intessence and the =irst 'atter of o r %ork. it is then that %e are a"le to !ro!erly recreate o rselves. a s "lime and effective system of SelfIInitiation. &he la"oratory %herein to !erform and accom!lish this alchemystical %ork is nat rally the 7ody of Wo'an. 7 t this does not mean that %e have to give ! o r senses %ith all their delicio s desires. " t they are a !art of o r !ersonality %hich is the divine e9!ression of o r so l. nlike the others.metals. as . are material in nat re. &o de!rogram o rselves is not really an act of elimination " t of ! rification. Water is the sense of taste. it is a sim!le fact of *at re that only that Wo'an can %ork !on himLherself to accom!lish the (reat Work. and to effect the S !reme &ransm tation. as commonly a!!lied in the %orld. to re!rogram o r systems. for a%areness is transcendence. If a Wo'an can %itness something. and then "y skillf lly converting the act al !ro!ortions in the com"inations of the elements %hich constit te the life of the metals. We take into acco nt no meas re of the &r e Self %hich is "eyond the senses and desires. &he &r e Self is the ltimate so rce of the elements. =ire is the sense of sight. %hich is the Cro%n of o r alchemystical %ork. and in this !rofo nd reali3ation is the very act of ! rification. 7 t %e cannot reali3e o r &r e Self if o r senses are "o nd to the material %orld$ they m st "ecome the vehicles of o r &r e Self. We are not o r desires. <nly yo . and S!irit is the sense of so nd.

and nder the g iding light. It is a &helemic 'arriage Ceremony com!osed "y my o%n hand in the year 1991 e.+ I %o ld no% like to !resent to yo an alchemical rit al called +&he Ceremony of the S n and 'oon. &he instr ment or a!!arat s of the female o!erator is the C c r"ite or 4etort. it is a niB e contri" tion to the 'agick of &helema. &he 4ed Lion t rns White.v. 7 t eno gh of all this mystical talk) Let s no% tackle the more m ndane as!ect of Alchemy.essel. the White 0agle is the female o!erator. then is the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers man fact red. All essential %isdom "y %hich to achieve the (reat Work is to "e ascertained only %ithin yo $ no%here else %ill yo find the &r th. and the (l ten is the 'enstr m of the White 0agle. &his rit al is s!ecifically designed for the se of t%o !artici!ants. It is a Se9 al Ceremony designed to nite the S n and 'oon to !rod ce the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers. In this the Lion e9changes his 4ed 7lood for the White (l ten of the 0agle. 2et the +nion of the 9ed 2ion and the /hite Eagle be neither in cold nor in heat.*o$ then comes the time $hen the elixir is placed in the alembic retort to be subjected to the gentle $armth. the White 0agle for 1eh 5Water6.#f the . 'em"ers of the *e% <rder of the (olden -a%n are instr cted in the mysteries of Se9 al Alchemy "y %ay of +ceremonial sym"olism. and it is the first ceremony of its kind to o!enly .+ %hich im!resses on their minds the niversal form la of the (reat Work "y %hich they may "ecome Ade!t in < r 4oyal Art to accom!lish their &r e Will. As s ch. the Ser!ent for . and the 7rethren of the 4osy Cross.. &he 0gg %hich is laid "y the White 0agle is fertili3ed "y the Ser!ent. can calc late and follo% yo r %ay ! the (reat 'o ntain of 1ermetic Attainment. S ch is the cons mmation of the 4oyal 'arriage of the S n and 'oon in the 1ermetic . S ch is contained in the ancient Science and Art of Se9 al Alchemy. 7y it %e are a"le to !artake the S !reme Sacrament of the (olden -a%n. All essential g idance is %ithin yo . the (nostics.reat /ork be transubstantiation then the 9ed 2ion may feed upon the flesh and blood of the .alentine %rote: +2et the 2ion and Eagle duly prepare themsel'es as %rince and %rincess of (lchemy -. &he instr ment or a!!arat s of the male o!erator is the Athanor or = rnace. and to make Light. &he 4ed Lion is the male o!erator. or Inner Self. of the S n and 'oon. *o% %hen the 7lood of the 4ed Lion is one %ith the (l ten of the White 0agle. Love and Li"erty o r chosen they may be inspired. Aleister Cro%ley envisaged Se9 al Alchemy to "e the flo%er of 'agick and the key to the f t re !rogress of h manity. "y the magical ins!iration. and %hen the Ser!ent and the 0gg are !erfectly f sed..a single individ al.yea! may the Mother Eagle gi'e sustainment and guard the inner life .od! and also let the 9ed 2ion duly feed the /hite Eagle -. &hese are the 2riest of the S n and the 2riestess of the 'oon. the =reemasons. %hich %as the great secret of the 0gy!tian 'agicians. the Ser!ent is that %hich s%ims in the 7lood of the 4ed Lion.+ &his rit al contains the %hole secret of the (reat Work from the !oint of vie% of the material !lane. In this rit al the S n and 'oon are invoked in the 2riest and 2riestess %ho then nite in ecstasy to !rod ce the 2hiloso!her?s Stone.. 7asil . to create dynamic changes in accordance %ith o r &r e Will. the Initiates of 'ithras.av 5Air6. and the White 0agle t rns 4ed. In Se9 al Alchemy there are certain em"lems linked %ith the &etragrammaton.. the Jnights of the &em!le. resides. the <!hites. in the inmost centre of yo r heart %here yo r o%n 1oly ( ardian Angel. It is entirely a matter of yo r o%n !ractical a!!lication and devotion. and the (l ten for 1eh final 50arth6. &he =ire " rns ! the Water and the Water e9ting ishes the =ire. &hese are the 4ed Lion for #od 5=ire6. &o de!end !on any other thing than yo r o%n 1oly ( ardian Angel to accom!lish the (reat Work is to ins lt yo r Angel %ho is %ith yo to instr ct and g ide yo . Life.

oining of t%o so ls in * it and 1adit. the 2riest in the 0ast of the &em!le and the 2riestess in the West of the &em!le. . 7efore cond cting this 1oly Ceremony.ath Priest: 5In the 0ast facing 2riestess in the West. the 'agick 7ell. the 1oly <il. THE CEREM"!Y "( THE &$! A!# M""! 7eing a 4it al of 'arriage designed for the Con. that is. and &he 7ook of the La%. &hen shall they !osition themselves in their a!!ro!riate stations in the &em!le. the 2riest and the 2riestess sho ld meditate in their hearts !on verses DD and D4 of Cha!ter I of &he 7ook of the La%. The Arra(geme(t o! the Temple &he &em!le shall "e arranged accordingly.reveal the secrets of Se9 al Alchemy. nctions of &helema. niting hands as they do so. only to "e nderstood "y those men and %omen of the earth %ho live and "reathe in the Secret Sanct ary of the (nosis.6 &hen shall he a!!ly the 1oly <il to himself and the 2riestess shall do the same to herself.a*. %hose names are %rit %ith "lood in the Stone of 0ternity. t%o 'agical Links for the 2riest and the 2riestess 5t%o consecrated 4ings6. Let them !erform this 1oly Ceremony in accordance %ith these holy in. &o "egin this 1oly Ceremony of the S n and 'oon.. nction: +the rit als shall "e half kno%n and half concealed. =or it is a &r e Ceremony of the 4ose and Cross. &hey sho ld es!ecially meditate !on and ! t into !ro!er effect the holy in. t%o Cakes of Light.+ The )ro"lamatio( a(d the . having !on it a C ! of Wine. 'ale and =emale6. S ch are the 1oly 7rothers and Sisters of the 4osy Cross. Also they sho ld meditate in their hearts !on verse D8 of Cha!ter II of &he 7ook of the La%. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. the 'agick Wand. Li"er MM. facing each other.6 Do *hat thou *ilt shall be the *hole o! the . &hey shall d ly ! rify their "odies "efore they ro"e. The )reparatio( o! the Ceremo(y &he 2riest shall %ear a 4ed 5or White6 4o"e and the 2riestess shall %ear a 7l e 5or 7lack6 4o"e to sym"oli3e =ire and Water 5or Light and -arkness. In the centre shall "e the Altar. &hen shall they kiss. 52erform the 7anishing 4it al of the Star 4 "y. &he 2riest shall %ear a Lamen of the S n and the 2riestess shall %ear a Lamen of the 'oon. let the 2riest d ly "anish in the &em!le "y the !ro!er magical method. consecrating their Wills to this (reat Work of Union.

.ove To a""omplish our %ill o( earth as above5 %e promise a(d s*ear/ a(d i(!i(itely aspire/ To u(ite as o(e 66 our hearts desire5 By Fire a(d %ater *e *ill parta&e this hour The -oly Sa"rame(t o! #agi"& )o*er5 Priest and Priestess: A(d so shall *e *or& our %ill to 2(ite A(d attai( the 7ui(tesse("e o! this Rite5 This .ove is the .6 .a* o! . #a( o! the Su(1 Priest: t is my %ill to be"ome as . traces the Unic rsal 1e9agram of =ire.Priestess: 5In the West facing 2riest in the 0ast.ath *e promise8 this . &hen shall they nite hands a"ove &he 7ook of the La% on the 1oly Altar.ath o! . Priest and Priestess: ( !reedom *e ta&e this . .a*/ . Priest: %hat is thy %ill/ .ight/ to *hi"h *e aspire5 .ath a(d *e *ill 2(ite.ord o! the Fire/ Thou . and together they shall take the <ath. Priestess: The( seal thy *ords *ith a pre"ious 'iss A(d so shall *e u(ite i( i(!i(ite Bliss5 &he 2riest and 2riestess go to the Altar and the 2riest kisses his 2riestess on her li!s.ove u(der %ill. A(d *hat is thy %ill/ .ath *e s*ear As *e e(!lame ourselves *ith )rayer5 ( the 0ame o! Thelema 66 the . Priestess: %ill you ta&e a( . Priestess: A(d by *hat #agi"& Spell shall *e *or& our %ill1 Priest: By the Spell o! this Ritual3s #ysti"& Seal.ath to "omplete this Rite1 Priest: *ill ta&e the .(e. Priest: 5Advances to the 0ast.ady o! the 0ight1 Priestess: t is my %ill to sa"rame(tally 2(ite. and invokes:6 -oly art Thou/ .iberty/ As *e *ill/ So mote it be5 9 The (vo"atio( o! the Eleme(ts &he 2riest advances to the a!!ro!riate 0lemental B arters and invokes the 0lements "y %ay of the Unic rsal 1e9agram and the a!!ro!riate ver"al invocations.ord o! . Priestess: A(d *hat shall *e ma&e by this a"t 2(&(o*(1 Priest: A mysterious ob4e"t "alled the )hilosopher3s Sto(e5 Priestess: Art thou prepared to do thy %ill1 Priest: am prepared to a""omplish the $ra(d #ira"le.

ove To a""omplish belo* That *hi"h is Above5 9 The (vo"atio( o! the Su( a(d #oo( &he 2riest and 2riestess no% e9change stations.ord o! . Thou Flashi(g Flame o! Eter(ity/ Come Thou !orth *e say u(to Thee5 52riest goes to the So th. and invokes:6 -oly art Thou/ . Thou i(s"rutable Depth o! the Sea/ Come Thou !orth *e say u(to Thee5 5&he 2riest no% goes to the Centre of the &em!le.ord o! the Air/ Thou .iberty/ to *hi"h *e adhere5 . and declares:6 -oly art thou/ ye Eleme(ts Divi(e/ (vo&ed a(d i(spired to per!e"tly "ombi(e ( this Temple "o(se"rated to . . traces the Unic rsal 1e9agram of 0arth. Thou soul o! all !orms that *e see/ Come Thou !orth *e say u(to Thee5 52riest goes to the West.ord o! the Earth/ Thou . 1e then gives the Sign of the Cross.ord o! the %ater/ Thou . . . traces the Unic rsal 1e9agram of Water.i!e/ our esse("e o! birth5 .ord o! . so that the 2riest is facing 0ast and the 2riestess is facing West.ove a(d #ysti"& Rapture5 .ord o! . traces the Unic rsal 1e9agram of Air. Thou perpetual Breath o! E"stasy/ Come Thou !orth *e say u(to Thee5 52riest goes to the *orth. Priest: 5'akes Unic rsal 1e9agram of Sol and invokes:6 i(vo&e Thee/ . com!leting the Circle. Thou $lorious Su(/ To "ome Thou !orth that our %ill be do(e5 .ight illumi(e this Temple #a&i(g true the #agi"& o! this -oly Ritual5 Priestess: 5'akes Unic rsal 1e9agram of L na and invokes:6 .. and invokes:6 -oly art Thou/ . and invokes:6 -oly art Thou/ .et Thy .

ove *or& its #ighty Spell To ma&e as o(e/ both -eave( a(d -ell5 9 The Co(4oi(i(g o! the Su( a(d #oo( &he 2riest and 2riestess shall no% nite to !rod ce the 2hiloso!herGs Stone. &he 2riest shall do "est "y tracing the Sigil of the 'oon on the 4ing %hich he %ill administer to his Thy . and the 2riestess shall do "est "y tracing the Sigil of the S n on the 4ing %hich she %ill administer to her 2riest.i(vo&e Thee/ . that they may d ly charge their 'agical Links %ith the invoked C rrent of this Sacramental Ceremony of Love for the accom!lishment of their Will to Unite. &hey shall "e im" ed %ith the invoked force of the Stone. let the 2riest cons me the 0li9ir and administer the same nto his 2riestess.ove a(d .iberty 66 A #ysti" delight !or all eter(ity5 Priest and Priestess: . &hese links sho ld "e in the form of consecrated 'agical 4ings %hich shall "e %orn "y the 2riest and 2riestess as tr e tokens of their cons mmation of this Sacramental Ceremony. Priestess: 5When tracing Sigil of Sol. let him declare:6 This ri(g bless to u(ite my soul *ith the )riestess o! this -oly Ritual5 &he 2riest shall no% kiss the 4ing and !lace it on the !ro!er finger of his 2riestess. 9 The )ro"lamatio( o! the Ri(gs o! )o*er Priest and Priestess: 2po( our !i(gers there is #agi"& )o*er/ Ri(gs o! a Spell/ by *hi"h *e empo*er .ur %ill to u(ite i( . 9 The Chargi(g o! the #agi"al . Thou Soul o! 0ight/ To "ome Thou !orth that *e may 2(ite5 .i(&s A !ortion of the 2hiloso!herGs Stone shall "e sed to charge the 'agical Links %hich are designed to "ring a"o t the desired magical effect of this 1oly Ceremony. Priest: 5When tracing Sigil of L na. let her declare:6 This ri(g bless to u(ite my soul %ith the -igh )riest o! this -oly Temple5 &he 2riestess shall no% kiss the 4ing and !lace it on the !ro!er finger of her 2riest. When this is com!lete.

they shall then declare: Priest and Priestess: %e revel *ith 4oy i( this a"t o! <eal/ )arta&i(g the eleme(ts *ith .ur divided souls are *ed i( E"stasy.ove a(d .ove *e do pro"laim As .iberty5 Priest and Priestess: This *e pro"laim8 that *e are .These Ri(gs o! .ove u(der %ill5 &he 2riest and the 2riestess shall no% em"race their "odies in ! re !assionate ecstasy and . ending all %ith a sacramental kiss of delicio s delight as a final token of their 'ystick Love. : The $reat %or& A""omplished &he 2riest and the 2riestess shall no% strike the 'agick 7ell. ( the Su( a(d #oo( our %ill is do(e5 %e shall (o* "elebrate *ith %i(e a(d Ca&e This blessed 2(io( *hi"h *e u(derta&e5 : The Celebratio( o! the Su( a(d #oo( Priest and Priestess: %e parta&e the Ca&e8 *e parta&e the %i(e. The bread a(d the blood 66 sa"rame(ts divi(e5 Let the 2riest and the 2riestess no% !artake the Cakes and the Wine. When this is d ly accom!lished. they shall then "oth !roclaim: ABRA-ADABRA5 &his final Word of 2o%er seals this Sacramental Ceremony of Love %ith the 'agical C rrent of the (reat Work of &helema.(e. &he 2riestess shall hold the 7ell on high. and the 2riest shall strike the 7ell DI8ID %ith his Wand. "eing the gly!h of the .i(&s o! a )o*er *e do a""laim5 By their #agi"& *e e(!or"e our %ay To *or& our %ill both 0ight a(d Day5 : The )ro"lamatio( o! the 2(io( o! the Su( a(d #oo( Priest and Priestess: This *e pro"laim8 that *e are Bou(d ( #ysti"& .oy. of %hich it is a !ro!er magical gly!h. When this is d ly accom!lished.ove a(d Freedom )ro!ou(d5 . %e are ever 4oi(ed i( .

&hat %hich +&ho + shalt attain is yo r o%n (reat Work. love under will. %hich is the f lfillment of yo r o%n &r e Will. mind and "ody %ith the Life and Light of the S n %hich is the Eternal Spirit of the Golden Dawn. And this. from %hence it %as %ritten in the mind of a 'agician. &hen shall the 2riest and 2riestess de!art the &em!le in nison. &he Immeas ra"le Light is Jether. %hose .oice is Wisdom and %hose &ho ght is Light. Love is the law. 5Comment: &he 1ighest Will of All is to attain nion %ith &hat. &his is the 1ighest Will of All: Union %ith &hat. All things !artake of that great nion "et%een the h man and the divine$ all is a necessary !art of that great !lay of yo r o%n &r e Self. to do their Will among the legions of the living. It is the great 4e%ard of < r Lord 4aI1oorIJh it. And this can only "e achieved thro gh yo r &r e Will. shalt tho read herein the %ords of 1ermes &rismegist s. &he (reat Work is <ne: Attain &ho &hat. 5Comment: &he <ne is the 'any. o my "eloved "rethren of the (olden -a%n. &hrice greatest Lord of < r 4oyal Art and Science. the 2riest shall d ly !erform the 7anishing 4it al of the Star 4 "y 5Li"er MM. %hich is yo r &r e Self in action. in %hose 1oly Image it %as %ritten.'agick =orm la of the 'ystick Union of the 4ose and Cross. It is made of thirtyIsi9 verses in all. 'ayest tho !artake of the s!lendo r of its &r th. yo r 1ighest Self.estic <! s of the S n. It is the magical fr it of the Invocation of 1ermesI'erc ri sI&hoth. %ith hands . tasting the s%eetness of its Wisdom. CHAPTER III DE MAGNUM OPUS SOLIS (ON THE GREAT WORK OF THE SUN) *o%. "eing a manifestation of the (lory of 'erc ry. to fortify and ill mine thy so l. is 1is 1oly 7ook. o my "eloved "rethren. yo r Jether Self. All things are modes of e9!ression of &hat <ne &hing and Its 0ternal > est for Unity %ith Itself in the Immeas ra"le Light of Its Universal 1oliness. the &hreefold Lord of < r 'a..6 L BER ALKHEM .6. &o !ro!erly end this 1oly Ceremony. the 'agn m <! s of the S n. the first Se!hira on the >a"alistic &ree of Life %hich re!resents the #echidah or the &r e 0ssence of the so l.oined to sym"oli3e their going forth together to do their Will among the legions of the living$ yea. )THE B""K "( ALCHEMY* Received and scribed by David Cherubi ! "#$$ e%v% (C& en's (ri''en in "##) e%v%) 1. administered nto them %ho are chosen and nited in * it and 1adit. dedicated to 1is 4oyal Work. %hich is the All in All. &here are as many great %orks as there are stars in the Universe.6 . or yo r &r e Self.

7 t the &r e *at re of that <ne &hing is for each individ al to discover in hisLher o%n %ay. is this 1oly 7ook made !ossi"le for the children of men. &he 0ternal and Secret A"ode of L. &his 4oyal 7ook of < r &ranscendental Science %ill remain amongst men of this little earth for many generations to come. thro gh the many lives of thy fa"ricated karma.6 H. is the . &his alchemical "ook shall also infl ence. 5Comment: &he only valid tr th in the Universe is yo r &r e Self as indicated "y the dynamic motion of yo r &r e Will$ and yo r !hysical conscio sness is a necessary.M$ yea. the 2lace of the 2alace of 2erfection. and it shall "e the ca se of m ch s!ec lation among them. %hich has e9ercised a !rofo nd infl ence on many Ade!ts of the 1ermetic Art. &his 4oyal Work makes for the attainment of the 2hiloso!her?s Stone. 'any ade!ts in the f t re %ill nderstand this 1oly 7ook and a!!ly its secret gnosis to the accom!lishment of the (reat Work$ and there"y %ill they secretly !artake of the Ineffa"le 'ystery of the &r e Stone of the Wise. &h s they have delivered one of their o%n nto the %orld.+6 C. &he (reat Work of the S n is !roclaimed: Attain &ho the 'ystic Cro%n of the Ages) 5Comment: &he (reat Work of the S n is to attain o r Jether Self.D. 5Comment: &he <ne 'eaning of the &r e Self is in the Way of its &r e Will. made manifest for yo to accom!lish its <ne Will on earth. 7 t this is only a meta!hor for the S !reme &ransm tation of the h man into the divine.6 E. 1ere is a !ro!hecy of divinity. %ho is the Lord of < r 4oyal Science and Sacerdotal Art. Wherefore We charge ye to kno% the &r e *at re of &hat <ne &hing. defined a"ove as the &r e Self. %hich is hidden in the Sanct m Sanctor m of the 0ternal &em!le of the 1oly 'agick of Light. &herefore shall We also charge ye to kno% the <ne 'eaning of &hat <ne &hing. to initiate this kno%ledge in yo . All that another can do is to assist yo to the 2ath.M. &hat Alone is &r th$ and this that tho kno%est is a necessary com!lement thereof. many Ade!ts in the coming generations. in the 0ternal and Secret A"ode of L.6 8. to initiate this kno%ledge in the minds of men and %omen. 5Comment: &he Ageless Wisdom !ertains to the Se!hira called Chokmah on the >a"alistic &ree of Life. since it !artakes of the very essence of hisLher o%n niB e nat re. %hich is the All in All. as ye shall learn in the co rse of thine initiations. It is %ith this stone that the Alchemist can transm te all "ase metals into the 2erfect (old of *at re. &he &r e Will is the mystery of initiation and incarnation. It cannot "e reali3ed thro gh another$ it m st "e o"tained "y oneself. to the =inal Ill strio s S mmit of &hy &r e Will in the 0ternal and Secret A"ode of L. Chokmah is the Logos. As 0li!has Levi %rote in N-ogme et 4it el de la 1a te 'agieN: + The Great Work is something more than a chemical operation: it is an actual creation of the human Word initiated into the power of the Word of God Himself . only yo can master that kno%ledge in accordance %ith yo r o%n &r e Will. in a most !rofo nd manner. com!lementary !art of yo r &r e Self. 5Comment: It is in the nat re of the Secret Chiefs to instr ct all in the kno%ledge of their &r e Self. &hriceIgreatestI<ne.6 4.M is the 1ome of o r &r e Self. for oneself and in oneself. 7 t once yo are on the 2ath. 7 t of these many %ill come to an nderstanding of the (reat Work and there"y attain the Stone of the Sages. or 1ermesI'erc ri sI&hoth. 1ermes &rismegist s. %hich is a sym"ol of o r &r e Self. 7y the Ageless Wisdom of 1ermes &rismegist s. 5Comment: &his holy "ook can "e com!ared to the famo s 0merald &a"le of 1ermes. most s "lime for many f t re Ade!ts.

Ill stration: #o cannot convince a "lind man that there is s ch a thing as light.6 11. ca!a"le of great and vast transformations thro gh ! re m lti!lication and e9altation of their infinite and elastic elements of "ecoming. %hich constit te niversal creation. "efore and "ehind. a"ove and "elo%.6 9. &his is none other than 1is 1oly 7ook for the ill mination of the Ade!ts in the generations to come. &his 1oly 7ook is a fo ntain of tr th..+ &hese three . %hen discovered. &hese interior tr ths are %hat constit te the attainment of the (reat Work. "y %hich ye shall come to nderstand the Invisi"le Agencies %hich direct the hidden o!erations of the (reat Work thro gho t the infinite s!aces of Infinity. immanent yet concealed %ithin these s%eet celestial %ords of the vast s "tlety of the Cro%n of Creation. 5Comment: &he Invisi"le Agencies of Alchemy are s !ernal and niversal in kind. 5Comment: &his holy "ook is a tr e testimony of the Wisdom of the Secret 7rethren of the 4ose and Cross. &hese are the %ondro s and melodio s s!lendors of the Logos %ho is the Cro%n of Creation.Logos. and 7inah. let him hear the %ondro s and melodio s s!lendo rs of 1igh Wisdom. 5Comment: In the >a"alah these three Agencies are linked %ith the three S !ernal Se!hiroth on the &ree of Life. left and right. &hese secret s!lendo rs reveal the highest glory for the !erfect attainment of the <ne &r th in man. &he highest glory is the Jno%ledge of o r Jether Self. e9isting in %hat %e may call +the interior niverse. and "y %ay of yo r inner ear.ision of Wisdom. 5Comment: #o shall int it the interior meanings of this holy "ook in the ageless light and intelligence of the Logos. and %ith the Inner 0ar of &hy S!irit. &o reveal is to remove a veil. &hese S "tle Agencies are three in n m"er. &hey are the very forces of infinity. and of things heard %ith the Inner 0ar of < r S!irit. synergistic. !reservation and destr ction. and 1e is the &hreefold Lord !residing over the alchemical Art. &ho shalt discern the im!erisha"le golden s!lendo rs of these holy r nes of magick in the 0ternal . %hich alone makes for the !erfection of o r so l. and all things are " t com"inations and modifications of these Universal 2rinci!les.6 1. to nveil a 'ystery. 5Comment: &he interior !arts of this holy "ook are its tr e revelations. A greater fool is he %ho tries to convince him)6 1D. and also "y virt e of a certain key of kno%ledge %hich is n!rono nced and nrecogni3ed amongst the men of this little %orld of cor!oreal e9istence.6 14. &his key is o!enly revealed in the inter!retations that follo%. " t can only "e int itively reali3ed "y the interior ear of the S!irit. &hese are Jether. &hese are manifest in all things. =or all that is recorded herein is a tr e testimony of things seen %ith the Inner 0ye of < r So l. &hey are a"stract. cons!iratorial 2rinci!les %hich cannot "e defined in any concrete or linear terms. Chokmah. 1e that hath an ear to hear.6 1/. 5Comment: &he tr e teachings of this holy "ook cannot "e fo nd in the %ords %hich go to make ! its e9ternal form. %ith %orlds %itho t end. &hese three Se!hiroth are the hidden ca se of all transformation in the Universe. 7 t I have no !roof of this fact$ only !ersonal e9!erience can demonstrate the a thenticity of my %ords. and also "y virt e of a certain key of kno%ledge %hich. nlocks all the mysteries of < r 4oyal Art and Science. for they are "eyond all manifestation.

ho%ever. in !oint of fact. 5Comment: &he <ne Jno%ledge of the <ne &r e =orm la of these three Agencies is sim!ly the kno%ledge that they are <ne. Also note that atoms cannot "e created or destroyed$ they can only "e rearranged "y chemical reactions. Salt and 'erc ry %hich. and they are the hidden ca se of all celestial and terrestrial changes thro gh the m lti!lication and e9altation of the s "tle forces %hich are the niversal. AA<&1. #et there is " t <ne Jno%ledge of the <ne &r e =orm la of those &hree Arcane Agencies %hich constit te the accom!lishment of the (reat Work.6 18.6 1C. S l!h r.ect of many a school of tho ght. the <ne is the 'any. 5Comment: &he are many !aths %hich lead to the !erfection of the so l$ and since all !aths lead to the same !lace.6 1E. tho gh the theory of atoms did not "ecome a living !art of scientific thinking till the latter !art of the . f ndamental. according to 0li!has Levi. infinite in kind. " t to the so l it is a fact as sim!le as the nose on yo r face. &he atoms of one element differ from those of another element only in the n m"er of their !rotons and electrons. I m st em!hasi3e. they are all reflections of the <ne. the ne tron and the electron %hich are the three "asic indivisi"le com!onents or !articles %hich com!ose the Atom. &he !roton and the ne tron are contained in the central n cle s of an atom. and the three agencies %hich constit te AA<&1 can "e com!ared %ith the !roton. 7 t herein is a great and mighty misfort ne. can "e com!ared %ith the Atom. ninitiated 5Comment: As !ointed o t in the "eginning of these comments: the <ne is the 'any. %hich hath "o nd many candidates of < r 4oyal Art to the "alef l chains of ignorance and death. &his <ne Jno%ledge has "een the s ". It %as -emocrit s of A"dera O4// 7.6 1H. ne trons and electrons in one atom are identical to those in any other atom.Agencies are the very forces %hich constit te the (reat Work in "oth 'acrocosmos and 'icrocosmos. "eing as diverse as the stars in the Universe. &his may seem !arado9ical to the mind. *o% all atoms are identical in s "stance$ that is. internal str ct re$ the !rotons. &here is. &hese three 2rinci!les are nified selfItransformations and selfI!er!et ating !rod ctions of each other. 5Comment: &he three lesser agencies are. and there is nothing in *at re that is not a !henomenon of m lti!licity. that is. a f rther mystery. &here are also three lesser agencies %hich concentrate and synthesi3e the &hree 1igher Agencies into the inn mera"le %orlds of < r Infinite Universe. central instr ments of creation. &he <ne Jno%ledge of < r 4oyal Art is. are dangero s "eliefs %hich have corr !ted o r %orldvie%.C.P %ho !ro!osed the theory that all things %ere com!osed of atoms and em!ty s!ace. Again. the =irst 'atter of o r %ork. may yo note it %ell. < r Universe is m ltidimensional. every atom has an identical. yet nder the dire s!ell of monistic thinking. they are all reflections of each other. 'onism and monotheism. constit te the Stone of the Sages %hen they are thrice com"ined in AA<&1 "y a tri!le s "limation and a tri!le fi9ation. of co rse. %hich hath "een comm nicated !artially in diverse %ays thro gho t the aeons of time. and in each %ay tho shalt find a lesser form la of kno%ledge a!!lica"le to the <ne 0nd$ yet are all these lesser %ays " t mere reflections of the <ne &r e and Unkno%n Way of Attainment. %ith each %ay declaring itself the <ne A"sol te &r th. and o tside of this n cle s is the electron. =or many are the %ays %hich lead to the grand (olden 2alace of < r 'agn m <! s.

and +&he 0m!ress+ O&amasLSaltP. and 'erc ry is that %hich res lts from the dissol tion of the S l!h r in the Salt. S l!h r. and then there is 'erc ry. S l!h r is the 7lood of the 4ed Lion. 4a. the little Jing. S ch are called &amas O2assivityP. Salt reflects the essence of OActivityP and Sattva O0B ili"ri mP. &hese corres!ond %ith the At of &hoth called +&he 'ag s+ OSattvaL'erc ryP. 4a./.+6 . in fact. the Androgyno s or 'erc rial 2rinci!le called 4e"is or 4eg l s. %hich is also the Chymical 'arriage of S l!h r and 'erc ry. S ch is also called the 1ierosgamos of the S n and 'oon and the Con. or the 4ed Lion and the White 0agle. a scientific !rocess. and their <ne Will to Unite.1Eth cent ry. nctio of =ire and Water. the lesser is a reflection of the greater. &h s did Sir 0d%ard Jelly %rite in his NStone of the 2hiloso!hersN: + %n short! our whole #agistr consists in the union of the male and female! or active and passive! elements through the mediation of our metallic water and a proper degree of heat . %rote in N&he 7ook of &hothN: + Sulphur is Activit ! Energ ! Desire" #ercur is $luidit ! %ntelligence! the power of Transmission" Salt is the vehicle of these two forms of energ ! &ut itself possesses 'ualities which react on them . +&he 0m!eror+ O4a. tho shalt like%ise o"tain a holy glim!se of the &hree 1igher 2rinci!les of %hich We s!eak.+6 . Works of !hysical nion are.D.+ And in the N4osari m 2hiloso!hor mQ it is %ritten: + $rom a man and a woman make a circle! then e)tract from this a s'uare! and from this e)tract a triangle! and then make a circle! and ou will o&tain the Philosopher*s Stone. 0ach lesser !rinci!le is a sign of the higher. %hich is Water coag lated "y =ire. 5Comment: =ire re!resents the 'asc line or Solar 2rinci!le called 4e9. &here is fire. and there is %ater..1. and Sattva is 'erc ry. &h s it is %ritten: +As a&ove so &elow! and as &elow so a&ove! for the accomplishment of the #iracle of The (ne Thing. &he model of the Atom affords s a %ealth of information in this regard. 5Comment: In the se9 act is reflected the mystery of the o!eration of the three 2rinci!les. Salt is the (l ten of the White 0agle. &amas is Salt. the > een$ and Air. Salt and 'erc ry can also "e linked %ith the three ( nas or > alities of #oga 2hiloso!hy. or the Union of the =i9ed and the . S l!h r reflects the essence of Chokmah. <n earth shalt tho find these !rinci!les reflected and made es!ecially manifest in thy %orks of !hysical nion. the most s ita"le means of attaining an nderstanding %ith regard to the inner %orkings of *at re for the !rod ction of the 2hiloso!her?s Stone. in the ltimate sense. the Jing$ Water re!resents the =eminine or L nar 2rinci!le called 4egina. and 'erc ry reflects the essence of Jether. %hich are the three f ndamental modes of 0nergy.. " t after a certain manner most secret and most mysterio s. and there is salt. If tho canst discover the e9oteric o!erations of these three lesser !rinci!les of *at re. Aleister Cro%ley. and then there is Air: there is s l!h r. is the !rod ct of their nion.6 .as is S l!h r. 5Comment: &he three lesser agencies are reflections of the nat re of the three 1igher Agencies of the Universe.+6 19.6 . &o discover the e9oteric o!erations of these three lesser 2rinci!les of *at re is. Seest tho not the tr e nat re of these thingsK .asLS l!h rP.olatile. regarding these three 2rinci!les. &hese are the 'ale and =emale o!erators. 5Comment: As !revio sly indicated.

&hese are the &hree Ineffa"le 'ysteries of the 2alace of the Stars) 5Comment: Understanding is 7inah. *o% let it "e nderstood amongst the holy circle of Initiates that in thine o%n 1oly 4ose (arden there dominates these &hree 1igher 2rinci!les of the . All three of these greater !rinci!les are eB al in essence to one another$ there is no difference "et%een them in the meas re of infinity %hich they contain %ithin themselves: each one of these 1igher 2rinci!les is eB ally infinite. S ch are the &r e Jeys to the (olden 2alace of < r 'agn m <! s. kno%ing that none may nderstand my %ords %itho t already having in their !ossession the secret keys to this kno%ledge. no matter %hat is said on the s ".eil of Isis. and the oil. ineffa"le and s !ernal.+6 . &hey are incom!ara"le in nat re.ast Unkno%n of the Celestial 7eyond. %hen fo nd. &hey are also the eternal secrets of the (reat Lam! of Wisdom: there is the light.6 .C. /et to those who are vulgar! it is a secret even though the themselves possess it. Ah) tho hast not yet trained thy mind to com!rehend the treas res of earth. nor are they material goods$ " t rather are they holy treas res %hich.ect or ho% m ch of it is revealed. 7 t the &hree 1igher 2rinci!les of the Universe are "eyond these.The steps of the Stairwa are seven" the +a&oratorium is (ur Hol House of Song and (ur Hol .4.5Comment: *ot all are a"le to nderstand these alchemical mysteries. 5Comment: &he &hree 1igher 2rinci!les of the Universe are immaterial a"stract energies.6 . %herein are concealed the &hree 1igher 2rinci!les of the Universe thro gh their s "tle inter!lay in matter "y %ay of the three lesser 2rinci!les of *at re. the h man "ody. &ho shalt first sec re Understanding$ then shalt tho attain Wisdom$ and so shalt tho o"tain the Ageless Cro%n of 0ternal S!lendo r. Witho t these tr e treas res there is no life.8.6 .. scri"ed "y my hand in the year 19EE e.6 . the first Se!hira on the >a"alistic &ree of Life. "eing s "tle.H. 5Comment: &he 1oly 4ose (arden is. %hich remain nchanged in their vario s com"inations %ith each other and in the modifications of their manifestations in matter thro gh the activity of the three lesser 2rinci!les %hich are their direct reflections on earth.o rney to the s mmit of the (reat 'o ntain of 1ermetic Attainment.E. &he Lam! is held in the ?hand? of o r &r e Self %ho is . meta!hysical in nat re. make a man to sell all that he hath for them. In +&he 7ook of the 0lder Jings+. Here is the E)cellent Wa . and the lam! itself. 5Comment: &he tr e treas res of earth are the treas res of life itself. the second Se!hira on the >a"alistic &ree of Life$ and the Cro%n is Jether. &h s do I s!eak so fearlessly and o!enly regarding these alchemical mysteries.ose Garden! which thou knowest so well.v. no creation. of co rse. no evol tion. the La"oratory or La"oratori m of < r 'agn m <! s. to !ierce the . it is !roclaimed "y the 7rothers of the 4ose and Cross: + (urs is the Sevenfold Path of %nitiation: thou shalt transmute the &ase lead into the su&tle Aurum Solis & rising on the Stairwa of the Heavens in th Secret +a&oratorium on earth. "eing inval a"le elements in the constit tion of e9istence. 5Comment: &he Lam! of Wisdom is %hat g ides the so l on its . %hich are not material %ealth. the third Se!hira on the >a"alistic &ree of Life$ Wisdom is Chokmah.

&h s the great em"lem of the *e% <rder of the (olden -a%n is the 0agle %hose .ast Wings re!resent the Li"erty of the Ade!t to accom!lish the (reat Work. in fact. constit ting act al B ant m . and from these the remaining Se!hiroth. %hich constit te the Astrological &rinity of Scor!io.estic Work first ndergoes a critical death or disintegration !rocess. and this White &inct re transm tes "ase metals into the Silver of . emanate the three S !ernals. =rom them. &he nfit cannot recogni3e 1is Wisdom. the re"irth of the so l or stone. &hese are the Scor!ion. of co rse.9. the Ser!ent. a verita"le death and re"irth of its so l from one state of e9istence to another. na"le to see or com!rehend the o"vio s. %hich is also a ! rification of its so l. 0ach stage is a com!lete transformation of the stone.6 .eils of *egative 09istence %hich are "eyond the &ree of Life. comes a"o t ne9!ectedly$ it is an n!redicta"le event in the s!aceItime contin m. &hey are. It re!resents the (reat Attainment. are transm tations of a most !ec liar kind. 'ind and 7ody. or the three states of the stone. &ho shalt also kno% that the &hree 1igher 2rinci!les of %hich We s!eak are mysterio s revelations of a more Ineffa"le &rinity of Inscr ta"le Unity. Se9 al Alchemy. %hich can no% transfig re all "ase metals into the 2erfect (old of *at re. the Light that is even no% !on them. Chokmah and 7inah are " t reflections of three higher a"stract conce!ts. &he latter of these three is the astrological eB ivalent of the alchemical 2hoeni9 and 2elican. &hese are the three . as one %ho has attained the (reat Work and stands ready to ill mine all others "elo% 1im on the 2ath %ith the threefold teaching of the ages.6 D1. mind and "ody. Al"edo and 4 "edo. 7oth of these o!erations are com!rised of three "asic stages. &he 1ermit holds this Lam! on high that %e may com!rehend the threefold nat re of the (reat Work to ill mine o r 2ath and make "right o r %ays. &he three stages in 'ystical Alchemy. *o% the In%ard Work is threefold$ and the < t%ard Work is threefold. and Ain So!h Ao r O&he Limitless LightP. &hese three stages are re!resented "y three fig res. &he stone itself remains contin o s thro gho t the o!eration. Ain So!h O&he LimitlessP. m!s or a"r !t transitions from one state of develo!ment to another$ they do not necessarily follo% a logical !attern of change. %hich is the Synthesis of o r %ork$ and 4 "edo is S "limation. *igredo is the stage of -issol tion. #et only those %ho are tr ly fit for 1is &eaching can recogni3e 1is Wisdom. metamor!hic in nat re. and the 0agle. ho%ever. &hriceIgreatestI 'aster of the <! s of the S n$ and so shalt tho accom!lish the (reat Work of the Aeon. since they are "lind and st !id. &he Scor!ion is *igredo. 'ystical Alchemy and the < t%ard Work is. 5Comment: &he 1ermit is the image of 1ermesI'erc ri sI&hoth. 5Comment: &he In%ard Work is. of co rse. tho gh it is the nat ral res lt of o r %ork. " t the changes it end res are not connected %ith each other in any !henomenological or o"serva"le!resented in &arot "y +&he 1ermit+. %hich is the 2 trefaction of o r %ork$ Al"edo is Coag lation. *o% in this threefold e9!erimental o!eration the saline stone of < r 'a. 0ach stage. 0ach is a &hreefold Unity of So l. It then "ecomes the White &inct re of o r %ork.6 D/. St dy tho %ell this threefold teaching of 1ermesI'erc ri sI&hoth. and the 0agle is 4 "edo. called Ain O*othingP. or the 7lack. the White and the 4ed. 5Comment: &his seems to im!ly a mystery of >a"alistic significance in %hich Jether. &hese three stages are called *igredo. %hich is the ' lti!lication of o r %ork. the Ser!ent is Al"edo. %hich is a magical consecration of the stone.

S "limation makes for the immortali3ation of the stone$ it is the 2rinci!le of 0ternal Change.ection. 0 charist of the S n. Let the S n and the 'oon nite$ let them "ear an 1erma!hrodite) Let a child "e "orn: it shall "e the Stone of the Sages. SU7LI'A&I<*. the 0li9ir of Life. Soma. and an eternal traveler on the (reat Circle of 2er!et al Initiation. It is not ntil the stone is s ". &hese t%o keys correlate %ith the alchemical form la +solve et coag la+. the magical !er!et ity of the stone. " t only in !otential form. making of the stone an immortal so l. 0li9ir of Life. Ung ent. S "limation ltimately "ecomes an eternal selfIgenerating !rocess %hich regenerates the stone time and time again. S ch is called their 'agical Child and is the (reat Secret of Alchemy. &he 'agical Child is also kno%n as the Stone of the Sages.+6 D. 'ana. the second key. even here and no%. C<A(ULA&I<*. &hese t%o alchemical !rocesses res lt in the !rod ction of the 2hiloso!her?s Stone.ed Stone! floating upon the li'uid in the cruci&le . &he S n is man$ the 'oon is %oman$ and the 1erma!hrodite is the magical !rod ct of their nion. &he synthetic recom!osition of the stone is the coag lation of o r %ork$ it is the fi9ation of the volatile.ected to S "limation that it is com!letely regenerated and. 2o%der of 2ro.+ 4oger 7acon in his +'irror . S ch is the death and re"irth of &1A& %hich is like nto itself: s ch is the (reat 09!eriment of the 4oyal Art of the S n) -ISS<LU&I<* is the =I4S& J0# to the (40A& W<4J.+ &he analytical decom!osition of the stone is the dissol tion of o r %ork$ it is the volatili3ation of the fi9ed. 5Comment: It is "y the scientific a!!lication and e9ec tion of the threefold o!eration of Alchemy that the Stone of the 2hiloso!hers is to "e o"tained. Amrita.. the 'edicine of 'etals.+ In 'ichael 'aier?s +Chemical Secrets of *at re+. S ch is the mystery of Samson?s 4iddle: +What is sweeter than hone ! and stronger than a +ion K+ It is also the mystery of %hich 2aracels s %rote in N&he A rora of the 2hiloso!hersN: + The Son of Hamuel sa s that the Stone of the Philosophers is Water 1oagulated! namel in Sol and +una. Universal 'edicine. &his 1erma!hrodite is &%oIinI<ne$ SLhe is the 4e"irth of the S n and 'oon. and the effect of this !rocess is the e9altation of the 2hiloso!her?s Stone. ergo. As the (reek !hiloso!her 1eraclit s once said: + There is nothing permanent e)cept change. %hich constit tes its immortal e9istence. is the nification of S l!h r and 'erc ry %ith the aid of Salt. 2ill of 2o%er. and the 0li9ir of Life. 0li!has Levi %rote in N-ogme et 4it el de la 1a te 'agieN: + This stone is &oth one and manifold" it is decomposed & anal sis and recomposed & s nthesis. the third key. Wine of the Sa""ath. this threefold o!eration is re!resented "y the slaying of <siris "y his "rother Set. the key to o r immortality and orderly !er!et ation as an evolving s!ecies. and %hose holy image is the Solar 0agle. and 1is mysterio s res rrection in 1is son 1or s. ca!a"le of transm ting "ase metals into gold and conferring immortality. $rom this is it clearer than the Sun that the matter of the Stone is nothing else &ut Sol and +una . the Arcan m Arcanor m %hich constit tes o r tr e !o%er and %ealth on earth. %hich transm tes "ase metals into the Living (old of the S n. 1is revival thro gh the 'agick of 1is %ife Isis. -e% of Immortality. &hen it "ecomes the 4ed &inct re of o r %ork. is the m lti!lication of the stone "y re!eating the act al o!eration. 2ota"le (old. %n anal sis it is a powder! the alchemical powder of pro0ection" &efore anal sis and in s nthesis it is a stone . Universal Solvent. &he 1idden Stone of the Ages is th s o"tained. and the > intessence. it is %ritten: + The offspring of the Sun and #oon is the Philosopher*s .the 'oon. 'edicine of 'etals. In 0gy!tian mythological sym"olism. It is the ! rification of S l!h r and 'erc ry. 4ed &inct re. here and no%. %ho is the A r m A rea or (olden -a%n of < r 4egal Art.

I&4I<L is a *otariBon for + 2isita %nteriora Terrae . and 7inah. Salt and 'erc ry. that is. *et3ach. 5Comment: *et3ach. #esod and 'alk th are im! re. .alentines O7asil .+ . Also each rose !etal is of a different color$ fo r !etals are mi9ed.6 D8. Scent is Air. Also the &hreefold Unity A"ove is e9!anded into a sevenI!etalled 4ose$ and on each !etal there is inscri"ed in fire one of the seven letters of . And in each vision and voice there is concealed a divine s!lendor %hich !artakes of the nat re of the initiation that corres!onds thereto and %hich is ca!a"le of "eing inter!reted and defined in a variety of . in their s "tle inter!lay of orgasmic ecstasy. the sense of =ire. %hich is the eighth s!here of Celestial Wisdom. com"inations of the inter!lay of Chesed. And ho% is this achievedK + #ake the fi)ed volatile 3 unite the fugitive male with the fi)ed female. &he fo r o ter stages are the fo r gates to the 2alace of the Stars in %hich %e e9!erience the &hree Invisi"le 4ites of Initiation. All these inner s!lendo rs are different stages of < r 'aster <! s of -ivine &ransformation %hich can "e inter!reted in many %ays in many lands.6 D4. a secret dil ent salt. and to ch to it. Chokmah.I&4I<L re!resents the "alanced com"ination of S l!h r. (e" rah. concerning %hich he %rote: +Salt is the fire! the water that does not wet one*s hands . And in each vision and voice there is concealed a divine s!lendo r of ns!eaka"le transm tations of ineffa"le mystery and %onder. &hese fo r elements are manifestations of the seven Se!hiroth "elo% the A"yss %hich come forth from the Center of the Cross of the S n. 5Comment: Jether. &hese are Chesed.ectificando %nvenies (ccultum +apidem +. Chokmah. S ch form a sevenI!etalled 4ose %ith the letters . In the %ord . they are mi9ed !rinci!les. and 'alk th. (e" rah. &he com!letion of these seven stages of initiation make for the attainment of &1A& %hich e9ists "eyond the 2lanetary S!heres: it constit tes the transcendence of the 2lanetary S!heres and the s "seB ent attainment of the (nostic <gdoad. 1od. %hich is Latin for +.I&4I<L is contained the form la of the (reat Work "y %hich the Ade!t can attain the Secret Stone thro gh the rectification of the salt and its s "seB ent regeneration.+6 DD. *ote also that in the Sevenfold System of Initiation in the *e% <rder of the (olden -a%n O&helemic <rder of the (olden -a%nP there are fo r o ter stages and three inner. the seven Chakras of #oga and the seven traditional 2lanets of Astrology.I&4I<L is the name that 7asili s . and &i!hareth. %hich are reflections of Jether.+ 7asil em!hasi3ed a third 2rinci!le in the (reat Work %hich he called Salt. .of AlB imy+ %rote: +Al'uim is the science that teaches the preparation of a certain medicine or eli)ir which! if it is poured over &ase metals! &rings them on the instant to a state of perfection.I&4I<L inscri"ed in fire on its !etals. and 7inah. Also each !etal has a niB e scent. and the other three are virgin. &his is the vision and the voice of initiation. #esod. taste.alentineP a!!lied to the Universal Solvent.I&4I<L is a name for this third 2rinci!le$ it is also a name for the 2hiloso!her?s Stone. from the 2lace of the 2alace of the Stars in the midst of it all. 5Comment: In each Se!hira there is concealed a vision and a voice corres!onding to its o%n !artic lar nat re. &i!hareth.+ .I&4I<L. !rod ce seven other emanations or Se!hiroth on the &ree of Life. &o these corres!ond the seven 'etals of Alchemy. Colors !ertain to sight. And in each letter of fire on the seven !etals of the Sacred 4ose there is concealed a vision and a voice. and to ch is 0arth. 1od. All these come forth from the Centre of the Cross.isit the interior !arts of the earth$ "y rectification yo %ill find the secret stone. taste is Water.

oice of the Logos 1imself$ " t. . 5Comment: In this holy "ook are many mysteries of < r 4oyal and Sacerdotal Art revealed "y the .+ &his holy "ook is sealed %ith the S!irit of Wisdom itself.. Lord of < r 4oyal and Sacerdotal Art of Alkhemi. All rights reserved. 'ysteries revealed are mysteries concealed$ and none " t the Wise may deci!her them. &his 1oly 7ook of the 'agick of 1ermes is hermetically sealed$ and none " t the Wise may nravel its s "lime s!lendo rs of 1igh Wisdom for the accom!lishment of the (reat Work of the S n$ yea.%ays. for the accom!lishment of the (reat Work of the S n. -avid Cher "im. %ho is also the Wisdom of the (ods and the Logos of the Ineffa"le Unkno%n. So saith 1ermes &rismegist s. it is a tr e saying: + That which guides the Wise misleads the foolish.6 Co!yright R . &r e Wisdom and 2erfect 1a!!iness. the S mm m 7on m.6 DH. and only the Wise may int it and comm ne %ith that S!irit to attain the (reat Work.///I./1.